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Hartford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Thursday, December 7, 1972
10 Cents Per Copy
109 Students Listed
On PCHS Honor Roll
:. William E, By rum, principal
of Perquimans County High
School, released the following
honor roll list for the grade
period ending November:
I th Grade
"A" Honor Roll
Darlene Riddick
Wayne Tarfcenton
Valerie Perry
Debbie Meads
Susan Banks -"A-B"
Honor Roll
, Texine Stallings
Marv Rrvant
Tanya Spear
Larry Felton
Pattv RiHftinb
. Susan Rogerson
Deborah Lowe
OPage Walker
Anne Winslow
Martha Cnntnn
Paulette Johnson
Priscilla White
Danny Meads
Cheryl Walton
Douglas Harrell
, Dwaine Hinton
Diane Rogerson
10th Grade
"A" Honor Roll
Ruthie Ward
17. .1 V -
"A-B" Honor Roll
, Helen Banks
Olga Halsey
Homeria Jennette
Angela Stallings
Terry Chappell
James Nixon
Waverly Copeland
June Jordan
Bill Berry
Dion Dale
Carolyn Felton
Gloria Riddick
Jackie Overton
Marjorie White '
Tammy Speaker
Stephanie Cozier
David Trueblood
Rita Byrum "
Ruby Felton
Cathy Evans
Brenda Smith
llth Grade
"A" Honor Roll
Diane Eure
"A-B" Honor Roll
Charlie Harrell
Glenn Phillips
Brenda Mansfield
Darlene Stallings
John Symons
Roger White
Janet Bunch
Lois Eure
Sarah Bowser
Specialist StudyShore
Erosion Problem
A team of USDA Soil Con
servation Service specialist are
studying the shore erosion
problem on the rivers and
sounds In Eastern North
Carolina. Tuesday the team
visited the Albemarle Area.
Selected sites were observed in
Chowan, Perquimans, Tyrrell,
Washington and Bertie Coun
ties. -.-Y'.,;.. '-
The objective of this study is
to determine the extent of the
problem and to correlate the
effects of such factors as soil
types, prevailing winds, etc.
Once this basic information is
htalmut COB will ha In a
position to formulate standards
for measures that can be
recommended to land users to
cope with the problem ac
cording to Robert G. Jessup,
SCS State Conservation
Engineer In Raleigh. ;
The team is using 1938
aerial photographs and com
paring these with 1070
photographs to determine the
annual rate of erosion in terms
of acres lost and feet of
shoreline. For example on the
Leigh Farm in Perquimans
Judy Harrell
Anita Rouse
Trena Terry
Wilma White
Gerry Tillett
Wilson White
Deborah Nixon
Kay White
Sue Proctor
t2th Grade
"A" Honor Roll
"A-B" Honor Roll
Worth Dale
Reginald Jennings
James C. Barcliff
Willie Faye Dale
Faye Knight
Kathy Marren
Gail Proctor
Aline Riddick
Jenny White
Carroll Barber
Allen Lassiter
Bill Newbern
Eddie Winslow
Vickie Chappell
Gail Eure
Karen Overton
Sara Winslow
Ronnie Brothers
Pam McDonald
Jennifer Byrum
Brad Fields
Diane Winslow
Susan Humphlett
William Bowser
Ernest Chappell
Craig Sutton
Ruth Stepney
Lois Perry
Tony Winslow
Lucy Frierson
Freda Godwin
June Lane
Eva Newby
Cleopatra Perry
Edward Leicester
Mary B. Ward
Ben Berry
Nathan Felton
Sybil Bateman
Paula Harrison
Valerie Jordan
Diane McDonald
RobinPerry ..
Juanita Turner
Frances White
Zip Code Books
The Hertford Methodist
UMYF will be selling zip code
books at the price of .50 each.
Any one wishing to purchase
one these books may do so by
contacting Jenny White at 426
7181, Suzanne Stokes at 426-5655
or Mr. W.A. White- 426-7824.
County 36 acres of land has been
lost in the above period or a loss
of 200 feet of prime water-front
land. Soil types are being
studied to determine if some
soils eroded more easily than
others. The specialist are also
studying the effectiveness of
existing shore erosion control
measures such as bulkheads,
jetties, and vegetation. .
James H. Canterberry, Area
Conservationist at Edenton said
that shore erosion is probably
the largest source of soil erosion
in the Albemarle Area. "It is
also destroying some of our
most valuable land. No doubt
with increased pressures on our
water-fronts for homes and
recreation areas, the shore
erosion problem in going to
become even more acute."
. Participating in the study
were Chester Bellard, Deputy
State Conservationist, John
Hungerford, State Resource
Conservationist, Robert Jessup,
State Conservation Engineer,
John. Rice, Asst. State
Engineer, Harry Gibson, Area
Engineer and local Soil Con
servation Service technicians.
Sunshine and several hundred children County Chamber of Commerce held their
greeted Santa as he visited Hertford last Annual Christmas parade.
Fridav afternoon when the Perquimans
Marching Unite and several floats from lliijh School am) continued to downtwon
the Albemarle Area participated in the Hertford on "uWuri is ' ..'soiiio!; Cytcr.
parade which began at the Perquimans
Christmas Season Opens
In Hertford With Parade
The Perquimans County
Chamber of Commerce wishes
to thank anybody and
everybody who participated in
last week's Christmas parade,
making it another successful
seasonal event.
Particular thanks go to
Walter Humphlett and Jimmy
Stallings for directing the
event, getting it off on time and
keeping it well organized and
There was a lack of band
music this year because those
Dickerson, inc.
- Has Low Bid For
Perq. Road Work
Bids totaling $13,644,920.38
were received today by the
State Highway Commission.
There were 30 projects in 34
counties involving more than
278 miles of road im
provements. All apparent low bids will be
reviewed by the State Highway
Commission when it meets in
Raleigh, on Thursday,
December 7.
A complete list of projects
and apparent low bids for
Perquimans, Chowan, Camden
and Pasquotank Counties is as
follows: 37.15 miles of sand and
asphalt base and surface,
bituminous conrete surface and
bituminous seal coat for
resurfacing 11 sections of
Primary Roads and 2 sections
of Secondary Roads. $383,066.05
Dickerson, Inc. of Monroe, N.C.
Final completion date is Oc
tober 1, 1973;
American Legion
Auxiliary Meets
The American Legion
Auxiliary of William Paul
Stallings Unit 126 will meet
tonight at the home of Mrs. L.D.
Myers for their regular meeting
and exchange of Christmas
gifts. Everyone is asked to be
it "
generally participating John
A. Holmes High School of
Edenton and Elizabeth City
State University were both
playing during half-time that
weekend during the New York
Jets football game.
The floats this year were
some of the very best. Church
I participation came from Hert
ford Baptist Church and The
Young Believers. The BPW
participated with two floats.
We had our own and other
marching units vintage cars
Crusade Donations
The Perquimans County Unit
of the American Cancer Society
has been busy for the past few
weeks working its Crusade for
funds. The goal set for
Perquimans County and the
town ofiHertford is in the
amount of $1,500.00. To date
$1,342.30 has been donated. The
Crusade hopes to reach its goal
and go over it if possible.
Any worker who has not
completed his or her list is
asked to make an effort to do so
as soon as possible so they can
successfully complete their
If there are any persons who
have not been contacted and
wish to contribute may do so by
contacting Mrs. Warner Marire,
Mrs. C. F. Murray or Miss
Hulda Wood, the Crusade
This Crusade is for such a
worthy cause and no doubt a
great many families have been
Christmas Concert
The Perquimans County High
School Glee Club will present
their annual concert of sacred
Christmas music on Sunday,
December 10 at 3 p.m. in the
school auditorium.
The program will consist of
traditional carols, anthems and
A prelude of instrumental
music will begin at 2:45 p.m.
The public is cordially invited
to attend this celebration and
begin the season with the true .
meaning of Christmas.
, -4
' - r - v a i
' h I ,"' , I
our very own pride and joy,
Jim 'Catfish' Hunter and, of
course, our good friend from the
North Pole.
It was a beautiful day
weather-wise, and a good day
otherwise thanks to everyone
who participated and to those
who viewed the parade. Oh
and appreciation to those
parents who took care to see
there were no pea-shooters or
noisemakers to mar the en
joysient of others.
Total $1,342.30
touched by the dreaded cancer
disease. So, support the
program as much as you can.
Your donation will be greatly
The Crusade chairmen thank
all the workers who donated
their time for the Crusade and
hope they feci a bit of.
'satisfaction for having done
such a good job. '
Toys Of Christmas
Past Exhibit
The museum of the Albemarle was the scene of a happy
occasion on Sunday, December 3rd., with the opening of
the "Toys of Christmas Past" exhibit. The Museum en
tertained over 100 guest "
Mrs. Monfort Haslam, shop manager, Invites you tocome
and see a splendid display of gifts made in our area.
Meet Monday
A Resolution from the
Citizens of North Carolina to
Expand the East Carolina Uni
versity School of Medicine was
adopted by the Board of
Perquimans County Com
missioners Monday at their
regular session.
In other matters of business,
the Board accepted the
resignation of Julian Powei! as
County Tax Supervisor.
The budget was amended on
the amount of $1,000.00, to be
funded with excess Beer and
Wine taxes.
Board members re-elected
for the new year were Lester
Simpson, Chairman; R.S.
Monds, Jr., Vice Chairman;
S.M. Whedbee, County At
torney; and Julian Powell,
Peoples Bank and Trust Co.
was named the official
Depository for funds belonging
to or collected for the County for
the year of 1973.
R.L. Spivey was appointed by
the Board to serve as a member
of the Albemarle District Jail
Commission for a period of 2
years, with term beginning
January 1. 1973.
Rites Held For
Miss Ethel Nixon
Miss Julia Ethel Nixon, 87, of
121 W. Grubb St., died Saturday
at 3:20 P.M. in the Chowan
Hospital following an 11 weeks'
A native of Perquimans
County, she was the daughter of
the late Cornelius and Mrs.
Adeline Ward Nixon.
She was a member of the
First United Methodist Church,
the Women's Society of
Christian Service of the church
and Virginia Chapter No. 22,
Order of the Eastern Star.
Before her" retirement she
worked as a secretary with the
Virginia Railway Co. for 30
Surviving is a sister, Mrs.
Lucille Satchwell of Hertford.
Funeral services were held
Monday at 11:00 in Cedarwood
Cemetery by the Rev. Milton
Mann, pastor of the First United
Methodist Church.
The casket pall was made of
pink roses, pink carnations,
white chrysanthemusms and
Pall bearers were Noah
Gregory, Charles Eley, Sidney,
Eley, Willie Ainsley, Emmett
Landing and Cecil Edward
Swindell Funeral Home was
in charge of arrangements.
Pap Smears Begin
All women should have a Pap
Smear Test for cancer every
year. If you have not had this,
test, talk with your family
doctor or call the local health
department. A Pap Smear
Screening Test will be given on
the second and fourth Thursday
from 9 a.m. till 11 a.m. at the
Perquimans County Health
Department in Hertford.
Anyone desiring an ap
pointment is asked to call the
Health Department at 426-5488.
1- -
Judge Homer Presides
At District
Judge Fentress Horner
presided at the regular session
of Perquimans County District
Court on Wednesday and
disposed of the following cases:
McKinley Jones, charged
with assault on Elsie Jones, was
taxed with costs;
Richard Bennett, charged
with driving under the influence
of intoxicating liquor, 90 days
suspended, $125.00 and costs,
surrender driver's license for 12
months an appeal was noted
and the case was placed on the
Superior Court Docket;
Ruby Warneryones, charged
with driving under the influence
of intoxicating liquor, 6 months
suspended, $300.00 and costs,
surrender driver's license for 2
years An appeal was noted
and the case was placed on the
Superior Court Cocket;
Charles W. Cartwright,
charged with driving under the
influence of intoxicating liquor,
90 days suspended, $125.00 and
costs, surrender driver's
license for 12 months An
appeal was noted and the case
was on the Superior Court
Alonzo White, charged with
assault with a deadly weapon, 6
months suspended, on condition
R. L Stevenson
Named County
Key Banker
To coordinate the agricultural
activities of the N.C. Bankers
Association in this area, R.L.
Stevenson has been named
County . Key Banker for
Perquimans County.
NCBA President L.R. Bowers
of Whiteville has announced
that Mr. Stevenson will serve as
County Key Banker during the
next 12 months. He is Executive
Vice President of Peoples Bank
& Trust Company in Hertford
For 27 years the N(CBA has
received national recognition
for its far-reaching program of
service to agriculture in North
Carolina. President Bowers
noting the work of bankers in
behalf of agriculture, thanked
the 100 County Key Bankers for
their role in this record.
Bowers called attention to the
projects that are sponsored by
the association such as the
Annual Farm Credit Con
ference which will again be held
in Raleigh, February 5-6, 1973,
the two-week school at NC State
University for young farmers
who are provided scholarships
given by their home community
banks, and the co-sponsorship
of the Land Judging Meet in the .
interest of soil conservation. He
also reported that the banks of
North Carolina continue to lend
more money to farmers than
any other institutional group of
A Look Backward
By Virginia White Transeau
November 1934
Perquimans Weekly to be
published every Friday, Mrs.
White Editor. "Having become
thoroughly convinced that
Perquimans County not only
needs, but that its people ear
nestly desire a good weekly
newspaper, Mrs. W.E. White,
for several years editor of a
Hertford newspaper, had
decided to launch an entirely
new paper in Perquimans. This
is the first issue, which has
taken the name of THE
Every effort will be made to
make the paper as newsy and as
informative as possible, to the
end that the publication may
reflect credit on the com
munity. The paper will be
published every Friday. The
first issue is being distributed to
every home in Hertford and to
all box holders in the county.
The subscription price will be
$1.25 per year, payable in ad
va x:e, but as an introductory
offer this price will be reduced
to .75 cents for one year for a
limited time.
Ladie's Night of the Hertford
Rotary Club, was held Tuesday
night at the Hotel Hertford. The
pay costs of court and Doc
tor's and Hospital bills of Ethel
Flythe ($128.00 to date);
Charlie Leroy Welch, charged
with driving under the Influence
of intoxicating liquor, 90 days
suspended, $100.00 and costs,
surrender driver's license for 12
months (subject tb restricted
driving privileges);
Seth Lee Shannonhouse,
Freddie Shannonhouse, Willie
Shannonhouse, Jr., Annie
Shannonhouse, Jeremiah
Shannonhouse, and Elmer Key,
Jr. all found guilty of assaulting
an officer an appeal was
noted and the cases were placed
on the Superior Court Docket;
Milford Reginald White was
taxed with $25.00 and costs on a
speeding charge.
Birthdays And
Civic Meetings
America Robertson t
Eddie Williams
Margaret A. Brewin
"Little Bud" Miller
Joseph C. Perry
Edward Leicester
Millie White
Peggy Ambrose
Tom White
Wesleyan Service Guild
Belv.-Ch. Hill Firemen
Hertf d Town Council
Marching Unit Parents
Anderson Methodist Men
Pamela Jean Sawyer
Jackie Ward
Murray E. Dail
Betty B. Hurdle
Horace R. Long
Hertford Rotary Club 6:15
Masonic Lodge 8:00
Perq. Horse & Pony Club
Whiteston H.D. Club
Wayne Ward
Vann Harris
Janice Y. Boyce
Mary Ann Long
Mrs. Lenna F. Griffin
Kimverly Vanette Rouse
David Saunders
Hertford Grammar PTA
John L. Thatch
Tim Byrum
Pat Proctor
Brenda K. Walton
Hotel served the kind of dinner
for which it is famous. Judge
Walter H. Oakey, Jr. president
of the Rotarians presided, and
the address of welcome as made
by J. Emmett Winslow, Jerry
Newbold, popular tenor, sang
"LittleGray Home In the West"
and "Drink To Me Only With
Thine Eyes,". Mrs. W.E. White
entertained with humorous
readings. There was a lot of
singing, with Mrs. R.M. Riddick
at the piano. Each lady present
was presented a beautiful
vanity case. Those present
included Mr. and Mrs. Walter H,
Oakey, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. CP.
Morris, Mr. and Mrs. D.S.
Darden, Mr. and Mrs. F.T.
Johnson, Mr.- and Mrs. J.
Emmett Winslow, Mr. and Mrs.
Dick Hines, Mr. and Mrs? A.W.
Hefren, Dr. and Mrs. C.A.
Davenport, Mr. and Mrs. E.W.
Lordley, Mrs. R.M. Riddick
Mrs. W.E. White, J.M. Newbold,
R.T. Brinn and Silas Whedbee. '
The Perquimans High School
football team went down to
defeat Friday afternoon on the
local gridiron when the Edenton
High School went back with an
84-0 victory. The most out
Standing player for Perquimans
was Carl Britt.

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