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Volume 33, No. 28
Hertford, Perquimans County, N.C., Thursday, July 14, 1977
In an effort to warn other
property owners, Charles
Lentsch of Rt. 1, Hertford, a
resident of the Snug Harbor
community of Perquimans
County, has informed The
Perquimans Weekly ot a re
cent robbery at his home.
Lentsch, who lives in a
mobile home, was on vaca
tion from May 16 through
July 6. Upon his arrival
home, he found the following
items had been stolen: the
tires from his automobile, a
small television set, two
watches and two watch
Hertford Police
File Report
The following report of re
cent actions taken by
members of the Hertford
Police Department has been
filed by new Hertford Police
Chief, Marshall Merritt:
Daniel Louis Cooper, 35, of
208 King Street, Hertford,
was arrested for throwing
acid or alkali on July 6. The
arrest, two counts, was
made by Officer J.R. Logan.
Cooper was released on
$1,000 bond.
Thomas C. Riddick Jr. of
P.O. Box 62, Winf all, was ar
rested by Officer Logan on
July 9 and charged with
disorderly conduct. Riddick
was released on $300 bond.
George Louis Sutton of Rt. ,
3, Hertford was arrested
July 10 at 12:55 a.m. for
driving under the influence
of alcohol. He was released
on his own recognizance.
The arrest was made by
Patrolman R.L. Harvey.
North Carolina beef pro
ducers who registered in
June to vote in the national
. beef referendum have
through July 15 to cast their
The votes will be taken at
the local Agricultural
Stabilization and Conserva
tion Service (ASCS) office in
Over 3,000 Tar Heel pro
ducers registered and are
eligible to vote. Nationally,
some 300,000 cattlemen
registered for the first self
assessment referendum
ever held by the beef
Up for approval is a beef
market development plan
which calls for financing by
an assessment of one-third
of one per cent of the value
of a beef animal at the time
of sale.
North Carolina State
Deadline Announced
For Beef Referendum
IN ITS 37TH SEASON - Paul Green's
"Lost Colony" opened its 37th season on
June 17 and will continue to play nightly
Suriays until Aug. 27. Kestcrs of the
ciz'Joor drama's cast pictured above are
(I. tor.) seated: Iniiaa mai&a, Eleanor
cases. Lentsch reported the
incident to the Perquimans
County, Sheriff's Depart
ment. Sheriff Julian
Broughton reported that in
vestigation is continuing in
the case.
Lentsch also reported that
a neighbor in the Snug Har
bor area, Charles Heff of
Portsmouth, Va., had the
following items stolen: a
coffee table, a dining room
set, and some small tools. A
third mobile home in the
same area was not involved
in the incident.
Curtis Shambry Jr. of 314
Covent Garden St., Hertford
was cited at 9:05 a.m. on
July 9 for following too
closely by Chief Merritt.
Ryson James Taylor of
Hertford was charged with
operating a motor vehicle
without an operator's
license following an acci
dent July 8 at 3:55 a.m. at
the north end of the old iron
bridge on Church Street. Ac
cording to Patrolman J.R.
Logan, the Taylor car,
traveling south on Church
Street, struck the bridge
railing and bounced into the
northbound lane and was
struck by a truck operated
by Clarence C. Chappell III
of Rt. L, Belvidere. Estimate
of damages placed the
Taylor car at a total loss and
the Chappell truck at $2,000
damages. Both drivers were
transported to Albemarle
Hospital by the Perquimans
County Rescue Squad.
University agricultural ex
tension livestock specialists
explain that, under the pro
posed program, 30 cents of
each $100 sale would go into
the beef market develop
ment program.
The money would be col
lected automatically, but
the selling producer could
have his 30 cents returned
upon request from the 68
member Beef Board.
The board, which will be
made up of cattlemen, will
use the funds to finance beef
research, education and
promotion. A number of
farm commodity groups
currently have similar pro
grams. Some of these are
cotton, eggs, tobacco,
oranges and soybeans.
Two-thirds of those voting
In the referendum must ap
prove for the development
plan to become effective. At
least Ijalf of those who
registered must vote in
Mrs. Taylor
Is Selected
Mrs. M.B. Taylor has
been named "Kiss Your
Baby" Campaign Chairper
son for Perquimans County,
according to George W. Lit
tle, State Campaign
Chairperson, North
Carolina Chapter, Cystic
Fibrosis Foundation. The
CF Foundation supports
research in children's lung
damaging diseases such as
asthma with lung damage,
chronic bronchitis, bron
chiectasis, childhood em
physema, and cystic fi
brosis, the most serious of
More than 6,000,000
American children suffer
-with one or more of these
lung-damaging diseases of
which there are 150,000 in
North Carolina alone. Many
of these youngsters are
treated at the Duke CF
Center which is supported
by the Foundation.
order for the referendum to
be valid.
Additional details regard
ing the referendum and the
proposed program are
available through local of
fices of the Agricultural Ex
tension Service, ASCS,
livestock associations and
the state office of the N.C.
Cattlemen's Association in
Raleigh, N.C.
To Close
The management of
Darden's Department Store,
located on Church Street in
Hertford, has announced
that the store will be closed
for the entire day on
Wednesday, July 20.
The closing will be
observed for employees to
participate in the annual
Dare, and Wano, Manteo's son. Kneeling
is Wanchese, seated is Queen Elizabeth
I. Standing are Old Tom. Sir Walter
Ra'.e'-X Simon Fernando, Agona, Gov.
White and John Borden. (Photo by
Foster Ccott) , , ......
- mt
' ' s
' V;
- y, , i4
The signs of lung
damaging diseases are
recurrent wheezing, persis
tent coughing, excessive
mucous, pneumonia more
than once, excessive ap
petite but poor weight gain,
and clubbing of the finger
tips. In addition to the
above, cystic fibrosis signs
may also include salty taste
of the skin, persistent bulky
diarrhea, and nasal polyps.
To Attend
Ava Garrett, State
Manager of Historic Eden
ton, Inc., has been chosen to
attend the Victorian Society
Summer School in London,
England for three weeks.
The course is sponsored
jointly by the Victorian
Society in America and the
British Victorian Society.
The scholarship course
will be concerned with the
history of Victorian ar
chitecture in Britain; with
some emphasis on the later
Victorian period and its in
fluences on American ar
chitecture. There will be lec
tures by some of the leading
scholars and experts in the
architecture, art and social
and religious history of the
period. These will be com
plemented by visits to many
of the major Victorian
buildings and monuments in
London and elsewhere in
Ms. Garrett hopes to bring
back a better knowledge of
the Victorian world so that
she can help develop a grow
ing interest in preserving
Victorian architecture in
Edenton has a large
number of structures built
during the Victorian era and
Ms. Garrett would like to
see this part of Edenton's
history developed more.
Such prominent buildings as
Wessington House (1850)
and St. Anne's Church
(1857) are considered Vic
torian. Jubilee and the
Paine Houses were built
during the Victorian Age
also. '
It is the hope of Historic
Edenton's site manager to
make the people of Edenton
and the surrounding area
more aware of their total
history and architectural
range available in the town.
Winslow Involved
In Summer Training
Stan Winslow, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Clifford Winslow of
Belvidere, has accepted a
position with the Extension
Service in Bladen County,
This is an "in service
training - program" which
will continue during the
summer months He will be
Ghaf fin Presides At
District Court Session
Judge John Chaffin
presided at the regular ses
sion of Perquimans County
District Court and heard the
following cases:
The two charges were con
solidated for judgment in
the case of Samuel Milton
Rogers, who was charged
with violation of restriction
of operator's license to
operate 30 miles of Creswell,
and another charge of
speeding and being on the
wrong side of the highway.
The defendant was fined $50
and cost in each case;
Ronnie Harper, charged
with assault and battery
was told to voluntarily
return to Cherry Hospital
and to remain there until
Library Update:
Bookmobile Stops Belvidere-Whiteston Area
The Pettigrew Regional Library Bookmobile will be
operating in the areas around Belvidere and Whiteston on
Friday, July 15. Residents are urged to visit one of the new
community stops to see this newer, larger vehicle. The
following schedule can be clipped and saved. See last
week's Perquimans Weekly for the three-month schedule
for the entire county.
Bookmobile Route Belvidere-Whiteston Area
Stops on Friday, July 15; Aug. 5 and 26; Sept. 16
Location Arrives Departs
Great Hope Church 10a.m. 10:30a.m.
Hunter's Fork Pentecostal Church 10:45a.m. 11:15a.m.
O.A. Chappell's Store
C.J. Stallings Store
Up River Friends Church
Lay den's Store
Bagley Swamp Wesleyan Church
m. binai Baptist Church
Mory Hours
There will be three childrens' programs this week.
Wednesday from 10 to 11 a.m. for grades 1-3; Thursday
from 10 to 11 a.m. for grades 4-6; and Friday from 10 to 11
a.m. for preschoolers and kindergarten. The summer
reading derby is still being led by Brian Braymiller with 54
books and eight free Hardee's hamburgers and two free
Hardee's Big Twins. This program will continue through
Aug. 15. More participants are welcome.
New Books
New books have come in much faster lately and not all
will appear in this column, but some of the best include :
Code Name Zorro: The Murder of Martin Luther King by
Mark Lane and Dick Gregory examines the possibility of
conspiracy in the assasination.
Fire Seasons: A Baseball Companion by Roger Angell is
one of the best baseball books in years.
The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough is a romantic
sage of a family which begins in Australia and ends 50 years
later in the Vatican.
On Sen. Morgan's Staff :
Copeland of Hertford,
is serving a summer intern
ship in the Washington of
fice of United States Senator
Robert Morgan. He has been
working in Morgan's office
since June 13 and will con
tinue on a part-time basis
until mid-August.
Copeland's work has in
cluded assignments with the
Senator's Banking and
Finance Committee, and
helping with legislative
research dealing with the
Consumer Product . Safety
Commission. In addition, he
has attended meetings and
luncheons with various
lobbyists and industry
According to Copeland.
the pace in Washington is
always "pretty hectic," but
he says "things usually
seem to work out well." He
admits that the workings of
working with pest manage
ment, 4-H leaders, and other
services offered. The pro
gram is under the direction
of Ralph Sasser.
' Winslow will be a senior at
N.C. State University this
fall. He is majoring in
discharged. Prayer for
judgment was continued un
til Sept. 28. The court will
review status when the
defendant is discharged. He
was taxed with cost of the
Chester Alfred Judkins Jr.
was found guilty of
operating a motor vehicle
while license was revoked
and received a six-months
sentence, suspended for
three years, a fine of $400
and cost, and was told not to
operate at motor vehicle in
North Carolina until
he is duly relicensed
by the Department of
Motor Vehicles. An appeal
was noted and bond was
New Service
11:20 a.m.
12:05 p.m.
12:50 p.m.
1:35 p.m.
12:35 p.m.
2:45 p.m.
and Programs
Copeland Serves As Intern
the Senate and the city are
impressive but says that he
has found "real people"
among the Senators and
staffers he has met.
Copeland is a rising senior
' 3 jy
? m PI'S
A i ) a
Kaplafka, (right) Lions District
Governor for 31J, was the special guest
at the Hertford Lions Club meeting held
Thursday night. Bill Tice, (left) outgoing
president of the local club, was named
Region I, Zone II chairman for the
District 31J Lions at that time. Incoming
president of the Hertford Lions Club is
Richard I. Denny was
found not guilty of assault
and battery;
Jake Matthews, charged
with assault and battery on
a female, was given a nine
months sentence suspended
upon payment of a fine of
$300 and cost, was told to re
main on good behavior, not
to assault Willie Riddick,
and make restitution of all
medical bills mentioned in
the case;
Jesse Haywood Bundy,
charged with driving under
the influence of intoxicating
beverage (third offense),
received a 12-months
sentence suspended for four
years, a fine of $600 and
cost, was told to surrender
Routes Begin
Lucifer Land by Mildred and Katherine Davis is a novel
set during the American Revolution when family tragedy
takes a frivolous girl into the midst of a brutal war.
The Book of Lists is a list of lists of everything from the 10
toughest tongue twisters to the 10 worst generals; from the
10 biggest robberies to the 10 most dangerous airlines, etc.
Man in Africa by Colin Turnbull is a far ranging study of
past and present societies throughout the continent by a
noted anthropoligist.
Pink Collar Workersby Louise Howe deals with the world
of women's work, not careers, but work as performed by
waitresses, store clerks and secretaries.
Sea view Manorby Elissa Grandower is about a young girl
who serves as a companion to a rich m an's neurotic sister.
The Bonnet Laird's Daughter by Barbara Annandale is
about a Scottish beauty in love with an American rebel.
Two Ra vens by Cecelia Holland is a novel set in medieval
Iceland when that country was a land of fierce, nordic
The Secret of Fire Five by Jack Olsen is a mystery involv
ing a special squad of firefighters and a visious arsonist who
sets bums ablaze.
The Shad Treatment by Garrett Epps is a novel of
Virginia politics with characters who seem very familiar.
Lord Apacheby Robert Steelman is a western involving a
proper gentleman who is captured, initiated, and adopted
by the Apaches.
Fishbait: The Memoirs of the Congressional Doorkeeper
by William Miller is an anecdotal history of the Congress
in recent years by a man who was not always overly
The Children's Rights Movement by Beatrice Gross
details the abuses children endure in the name of protecting
their rights.
Without a Trace by Charles Berlitz is one of those
mysterious Bermuda Triangle books.
Talking to Myself by Studs Terkel is a memoir of people
and events by the county's main chronicler of the working
The Messengerby Mona Williams deals with the mystery
surrounding an old cabin on an off-coast island in Maine.
at Duke University in
Durham, N.C. where he is a
member of Beta Theta Pi
Fraternity. He is majoring
in history and political
science, and expresses in
his driver's license to the
Clerk of Superior Court, and
not to operate a motor vehi
cle until relicensed by the
Department of Motor
Vehicles. An appeal was
Therman Banna Dunbar
was taxed with a fine of $5
and cost on a speeding
Jack West Whitley was
found guilty of having im
proper equipment and was
taxed with a fine of $5 and
Raymond Earl Jones was
found not guilty of a charge
of driving on the right of
highway; and
Robert D. Kramer III was
taxed with cost on an inspec
tion violation.
terest in law and political
processes in the United
Copeland is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Willard Copeland
of Hertford.
Billy Williams. District Governor
Kaplafka was installed to that office on '
July 2 when the International Lions '
Clubs convention met in New Orleans.:
La. with over 50,000 members attending.
Lions are ranked as the world's largest'
service organization. (Staff photo by.

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