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Volume 33, No. 29
Commissioners Meet:
Hertford, Perquimans County, N.C Thursday, July 21, 1977
Steps Will Be Taken
For October Bond Vote
Among action taken when
the Perquimans County
Board of Commissioners'
met in regular session Mon
day night was authorization
to apply for the school bond
referendum to be held in
Ctk Ahav At ilia Kticlnoee cab.
www tuv iuuuivuu uva
sion, the Board voted to
authorize County Attorney
John Matthews to take the
necessary legal steps to call
for the $1.85 million bond
referendum for renovation
and construction at Per
quimans County High
School. : The -;. Perquimans
County Board of Education
requested that the bond
referendum be held in
In other matters, Howard
Maxwell, General Manager
of Holiday Island represent
ing the Holiday Island Pro
perty Owners' Association,
Inc. was present at the Mon
day night meeting to request
a take-over by the state for
maintenance of approxi
mately .7 miles of road.
Although the area is owned
by a private citizen, the
Association has right of way
to that section. The Commis
sioners agreed to file this re
quest on the group's behalf.
Maxwell also requested the
Commissioners to enforce a
speed limit for boaters in the
Holiday Island canal. The
question was raised con
cerning the Board's legal
ability to enforce such a
limit. While no action was
taken, the matter will be
looked into further.
In other business, the
Board of Commissioners
1 Y ) I
WCD J To Feature
Hertford Broadcast
Terry Jones, owner and general always felt that the two towns could
manager of WCDJ radio in Edenton, an
nounced this week that' the Edenton
radio station will broadcast live every
Tuesday morning from the Winslow
Blanchard Motor Co. in Hertford.
The purpose of the broadcast is to pro
vide Hertford and Perquimans County
residents with more adequate radio ser
vice according to the station owner. The
program will consist of county wide
church and civic announcements, inter
views with local personalities and com
munity leaders, and commercials from
local businesses. The local broadcast
will be held from 10 a.m. until 12 noon on
Tuesdays. Popular disc jockey Stan
"radio" Atamanchuck will emcee the
Concerning the new program, Jones
said, "While growing up in Edenton I
made many friends in Hertford and have
benefio by more . communication with
one another, I am proud to offer the ser
vices 01 wuuj to our mends in Per
quimans County. WCDJ has served the
Albemarle since 1955 and we want to
continue and even improve on that
The first program, scheduled for next
Tuesday, July 26, will feature interviews
with three Perquimans County citizens.
Featured w,ill be newly appointed
Hertford Police Chief Marshal Merritt,
Town Manager and Hertford Mayor Bill
Cox, and local business leader, Mrs. Jo
Dixon who owns and operates J-Dees
Ceramics & Gifts with her family.
Any local resident having church and
civic club announcements to be included
on the program is encouraged to mail
them immediately to WCDJ, P.O. Box
180, Edenton. N.C. 27932.
Savings Bond Sales
In County Reported
Series E and H Savings
Bond sales in Perquimans
County during the first half
of 1977 were $40,596. This
represents 49.2 per cent of
the county's goal of $82,460
according to R.L. Steven
son, County Volunteer
Chairman. 4
Sales of Series E and H
Savings Bonds in North
Carolina amounted to
154,580,671 for the first six
months of 1977, 5.3 per cent
highter than in 1976 and the
best for the period since
1945. , This represents 46.3
per cent of the state's dollar
goal of $117,800,000. Second
quarter sales of $26,662,529
were recorded, 4.1 per cent
higher than the April-June
period last year.
, Nationally, E and H Sav
ings Bond sales amounted to
$4.11 billion for the first six
months of 1977, five per cent
higher than in 1976 and the
best for the period since
1945. Second quarter sales of
$2.06 billion were recorded,
seven per cent higher than
the April-June period last
year. The resulting net cash
inflow total sales minus
total redemptions, including
accrued interest was $510
million for the six-month
period, the largest in 28
Winslow Named
RALEIGH - Cecil E.
Winslow of Winslow
Blanchard Motor Co. in
Hertford will serve as
1977-78 County Area Chair-
man for the North Carolina
Automobile Dealers
Association. Announcement
of his appointment was
made recently by NCADA
President Richard B.
Parker of Morehead City.
passed a motion to adopt the
Implementation and En
forcement Plan in connec
tion with the Areas of En
vironmental Concern and
to submit the plan to
the Coastal Resources
Before the Board ad
journed, County Accountant
D.F. Reed Jr. presented a
Report of Financial In
formation as required by GS
159-33.1 which is to be sub
mitted to the Local Govern
ment Commission.
The Perquimans County
Marching Unit is in the pro
cess of conducting its An
nual Community Birthday
Calendar Campaign. The
project is continuing from
July 22 through Aug. 10. Pro
ceeds from the calendar
sales are used to offset ex
penses of the all-girl unit.
A member of the unit or
the unit's Parents Club will
be contacting residents
throughout the county while
this project is underway.
Residents are reminded to
only make contributions if
given a receipt from the
Marching Unit,
r For anyone interested in
placing an' order for the
community calendar, Mrs.
Janet Bunch may be con
tacted at 4 2-2894 or any
member of the Perquimans
County Marching Unit can
take an order.
In Va.
Susan Ann Smith who
holds the title of "Miss
Portsmouth" will be a con
testant in the "Miss
Virginia" State Pageant to
be held July 23 in the
Roanoke Civic Center in
Roanoke, Va. WTAR televi
sion, channel 3, will be
broadcasting the pageant
live beginning at 8 p.m.
Miss Smith is the grand
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Smith of Belvidere and
Mrs. Norman Elliott of
Also, performing in the
pageant is Hugh Raiford
Copeland, son of Mr. and
Mrs. E.O. Copeland of
Belvidere. More details con
cerning Copeland's ap
pearance appear on page 8
in this issue.
. i
E- r : : 1
U -i
Perr uimans County '4-H members
: Car 9 Felton and Reginald Stepney
were delegates to the State 4-H Electric
' Ccr.-ecs at the University of North
Cf- ft Charlotte, July 11-13. Mrs.
U.Z.I. . r, Lxteasion Agent, and Eiy
Wooten, Commercial Representative
with the Virginia Electric and Power
Company (VEPCO), accompanied the
delegates. The 4-H'ers were selected for
achievement in their electric projects.
VEPCO sponsored their trip to the Elec
tric Congress.
This car driven by Robert
Bond of Norfolk, Va. landed
U . UV VUAV V HIV. A V-t Ctt I apf Fji
4Uiuiu unci last 'Ty- fl
Thursday morning after the J$L Y f,
driver attempted to take the V .
curve traveling too fast. A rti32i
tree in the water prevented :Srv5$ M.-iV
the vehicle from sinking Jv ' f XV- .
deeper than the depth of its SSSt V '' W
7lt' r , I
1 .ii-tlXt --
1 Ml r,ZiXk
lit Wl ' m. b : i
Hertford Police Chief
Marshal Merritt checks the
Bond car following removal
by a wrecker. The driver
received only minor in
juries. Damage to the car
was estimated at $800. (Staff
photos by Kathy Newbern)
O. -
Causeway Area Is Site
Of Another Gar Accident
The causeway area north of the S-shaped bridge in Hert
ford has been the scene of two automobile accidents in less
than one week. The first, involving two vehicles, occurred
July 8 and was reported in last week's edition of JTie Per
quimans Weekly.
The most recent accident in the area occurred last
Thursday at 10:20 a.m. Robert Bond of 2129 Vinent Avenue
in Norfolk, Va., was traveling south on the causeway
heading into Hertford when he entered the curve at a high
rate of speed, ran off the road on the right, struck a guard
post and went into the Perquimans River where he struck a
tree at the edge of the water and came to a halt. Bond
received minor injuries and was transported to the Hertford
Medical Clinic by the Perquimans County Rescue Squad.
Investigating the accident was Hertford Police Chief Mar
shal Merritt. He commended rescue squad member H.B.
Miller for stopping at the scene and rendering first aid to
the injured driver. Two unknown men who removed the
driver from his vehicle which was partially submerged,
were also commended. The driver was charged with ex
ceeding a safe speed
The Hertford Police Department also reported two other
recent accidents.
Willard Michael Perry of Rt. 1, Hobbsville was charged
with a safe movement violation following an accident on
July 16 at 9:30 p.m. on Barros Alley. According to in
vestigating Officer Boyce, the Perry vehicle backed into a
vehicle operated by Emma Pegram East of Camden. There
were no injuries. Damage to the East car was estimated at
$350; $25 estimated damage was done to the Perry vehicle.
A one-car accident occurred July 17 at 9 a.m. on Wynne
Fork Road. A late model station wagon operated by Brenda
Halsey Privott of 113 Wynne Fork Court, was traveling east,
ran off the road on the right, ran into the ditch, traveled ap
proximately 400 feet and struck a culvert. The driver was
not injured and the vehicle was reported as a total loss. In
vestigating the accident was Officer Boyce.
Other recent activities of the Hertford Police Department
include one arrest, investigation of two break-ins, and the
issuance of two citations.
Arrested July 13 and charged with disorderly conduct was
Kenny Felton of 110 King St., Hertford. The arrest was
made by Officer Logan. Felton was released on his own
The first of the two reported break-ins occurred July 10 at
Keel's Trading Post, located on the corner of Grubb Street
and Hertford-Edenton Road. Entry into the building was
was made through a rear window, according to the police
report, and approximately $200 in coins was taken. Chief
Merritt stated that the case is still under investigation.
The second reported break-in occurred July 11 at 8 p.m. at
a mobile home adjacent to Murray Motor Parts on Dobbs
Street in Hertford. One juvenile has been arrested in con
nection with the incident. Investigating was Officer Boyce.
Four tires valued at approximately $220 were recovered. In
vestigation is also continuing in this case.
James E. Harrison of 3128 12th St., N.E., Washington,
D.C. was charged with speeding at the rate of 68 mph in a 55
mph zone on U.S. 17 By-Pass by Police Officer Harvey on
July 17 at 4:55 p.m.
Randy Neil Wood of 313 E. Burgess St., Elizabeth City,
was cited by Officer Harvey for speeding at the rate of 69
mph in a 55 mph zone on U.S. 17 by-pass on the same day at
Recognizing the need for
continual cultural improve
ment in the community, the
Lyceum Committee at Col
lege of the Albemarle will
embark on a new venture
this summer which could in
volve most of the residents
in the seven-county region
served by the college.
Jerome Rhees, committee
chairperson, announced
today that for the first time
in the history of COA's
cultural promotion program
which has previously been -carried
on primarily for the
benefit of the student body,
a campaign will be con
ducted to give individuals a
chance to sponsor the
1977-78 Lyceum series.
Rheese said that patrons'
memberships will be offered
at special rates for the com
ing season. ; i
During the remainder of
July and the month of
August.- volunteers
representing ' community
civic organizations in the
area and committee
members will distribute the
colorful folders that
describe the events which
have been planned. In
terested Individuals may
send the subscription forms
included in the folders with
their remittance to the
chairperson at the college
and in turn will be issued
season tickets prior to the
first, production in
Rhees said the sponsors'
memberships will sell for
$7.50 each which will
amount to a substantial sav
ings when compared with
regular box office prices for
admission' to the per
formances. He said that
through the sales of
memberships, the commit
tee will have the added
financial means to contract
for more performers of high
quality for the next season. '
"It is conceivable," Rhees
said, "that with the solid
support of the residents in
the seven counties that we
serve, COA's Lyceum pro
gram can ultimately
develop into one of the finest
series of any cultural im
provement effort in north
eastern North Carolina."
He said that growth of the
project to the level of ex
cellence visualized by the
committee would be a slow
process. In urging the
public's participation, the
chairperson said the extent
of its success depends upon
the steady growth of support
from individuals who are in
terested in a well-rounded
series of entertainment for
themselves and their
Four major attractions
have been scheduled to form
the nucleus for the 1977-78
season. They include Soleil,
a spectacular computer pro
grammed laser light and
music production on
September 16; Richard Col
lins, concert pianist on
November 7; "St. John Pas
sion" presented by the com
bined music departments of
COA and the University of
North Carolina at Chapel
Hill on March 19; and a
lively theatrical production
by either Half-Penny
Theatre or the Vagabond
Players to complete the
Rhees, chairperson
of COA's Lyceum commit
tee, explains material to
volunteer workers who met
last week to get the college's
Lyceum series member
ship campaign underway.
Several community leaders
are expected to distribute
the material among
members of civic clubs and
individuals in the seven
county region in an effort to
build COA's cultural series
for the benefit of all of the
area's residents. (COA
( 1

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