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lows'ills, r.-;iru:.a im;
Hertford, Perquimans County, N.C., Thursday, Sept. IS, 1977
Daniels Gets
Uooletsit Ceverior
Jimmr Greet b ss
Manl the jMMMMt of
Boaster Ketm t. Dasiels.
Jr. f Elaabeis CKjr to (Jb
Stat rnu Ua. Cwemta
wa. Daniels remu the
fvi Sotaloral District
eprud of Bt i aloft,
.BorCa. CsMea. Chovas,
Camtack, Dart. Cites.
BarUori. Hyat. Morthsnp
toa. PaiquoUak. Per
iaaai. Tyrrell and
Tt swrpeor at the e
alasiaa is to stony sad
matt recoasMadstiaas for
djrectiea ad IrgulatkM
ceacersisg tat parks
Library XJ pdate
Bookmobile Schedule
Tt bookmobile win be operating In the Belvidere and
Whttestos areas of Perquimans County on Friday, Sept. 16
ad every third Friday thereafter.
Deotiaatioa Arrives Departs
Great Hope Cherch 10:00 a.m. 10:30a.m.
Hooter's fort Pentecostal 10:45 a.m. 11:15 a.m.
0. A.Ckappeirs Store 11:20 a., , 11:50 a jn..
CJ. Stalling' Store : 12:05p.m. 12:35p.m.
Up River FrieadiCharch 12:50 p.m.' 1:20 p.m.
Laydeas Start V 1:35 p.m. 2:05p.m.
Bailey Swamp Wesleyai Cb arch 2:15p.m. 2:45p.m.
ML Siasi Baptist 2:55p.m. 3:25p.m.
Story Hour '
Tkc Friday Boraing story hour for preschoolers ages 3-5
viU be held Iron 10-11 a.m. A lot of the regular participants
have recently goat oa to kindergarten and aow there is
plenty of room for additional story hdur participants.
': Parents cat sUy at the library with their child during the
; story how or raa errands and pick their child up af 11 a.m.
New Books
.v vv
Dart Lady by Louis Auchineloss is the story of the toll
take on a woman by her rise to power over 30 years in New
Yerk's offices, apartments, and suburbs.'
Tba Frtack Hutbtad by Ethel Gordon tells the story of
stolea birthrights Involving huge family vineyards in
France and the stntggl for control that tears a family
apart- ' . ...
t Th Voir la tbt Clmdi by Bon Faust is a story of park
rangers searching for lost mountain climbers In the face of
t blizzard and a sniper.
Child of to timing by Pauline Gedge is a novel set in
sncieat Egypt chronicling the rise to power of a woman
phareas over her husband and Ulegimate brother's rightful
.". claims. , ... ) y,-, ,
sTba Cmksxzi Corerlj Howard Kaplan tells the story of
aa agiej ft scat to rescue the Jewish ghetto in Syria.
; . Ctrtt.a i trple: America 'a Black Elite by Stephen Birm
'. h"a.3 examines conflicts between the old guard of black
1. educators and philanthropists and the nouveaux
Xrkrs such as the millionaire executives behind black
"cations and products. '. - "
I d Lore To, But Wbat'tt Wear by Polly Bergen is a
eoir.pkte woman's clothing guide for anytime and
anya here wtichfoes into the why's, not just the what's, of
ne 'ett PoUot Fltneta and Diet Book has individual pro
grams tyse ana sex.
Tt Kar la Ce Trtachea by Alan Lloyd is a well il
lur'ratedhlorycfWorldWarl.. -
lLt Kti Li'e ty Dora Hamblin is the behind the
see-:s I '-;ry tf LL magazine.
IZtSJef- i JT.'. ftyTerrclMiedanerisanovelin-volv'..-i
a trial i.r c:Jr following an operation which is
suceet..J la that &e patient lives and recovers, but
without tcrssuL : .
RGoreation DepL.
system in North Carolina.
Other areas for considera
Uo by the commission in
clude state and federal
fuadinf . land acquisition,
development and operation
f exlsiting parks, and pro
jected needs for placement
of new parks.
In announcing the ap
pointment Green praised
Daniels, a hanking execu
tive, as a valuable addition
to the commission. He will
Join Senator James B. Gar
rison of Albemarle, Senator
Rachel G. Gray of High
Point and Senator Joe H.
Palmer of Clyde, on the
" .a ar.d Pa.' s Department
i aa ejea k; "e L.;s coming
,tbirectt;::J3 The Little
Over $36,000
Allocated To EMS
More than $36,000 has
been allocated to the
Albemarle area for
emergency medical
Bill Undefkofler, Re
gional Coordinator of
Emergency Medical Ser
vices (EMS) In Region R,
has announced that
136,732.20 will be awarded
to eligible emergency ser
vices providers in the area.
This figure exceeds that of
any other region in North
Carolina. : ,
Funds will, be used for
equipment - andor minor
renovations, to hospital
emercency services.
Facilities to which awards
are granted must provide
25 per cent of the cost of
equipment purchases
andor renovation.
Bill Cox, Mayor of Hert
ford, has proclaimed the
week of Sept. 17-23 as Con
stitution Week and urges
all citizens to study the
document and express
gratitude for the privilege
of American citizenship.
The special week notes
the 190th anniversary of the
adoption of the Constitution
by the United States.
Nationwide, the week is
being celebrated with a
similar proclamation by
President JimmyCarteiv-
The Hertford Police
Department has released
the following report of re
' centactivities: ' " .
Joe Alen Harrell of Rt. 3,
Box 621, 'Hertford was cited
' for speeding at a rate of 39
mph in a 25 mph zone by Of
ficer R.L. Harvey on Sept. 5
on Church Street.
''. Martin Edward Bateman
of Rt; 2, Hertford was cited
Sept. 9 by Officer J.R.
.Logan for running a stop
sign at 10:43 p.m.
Lenton Calvin Holley Jr.
of Rt. 1, Box 101-A, Tyner
was charged, with speeding
89 mph in a 25 mph zone by
Officer Harvey on Sept. 11
on Church Street, v .
Joan Krause Twiford of .
110 Wynne Fork CourfJ"
Hertford was arrested by
Officer Harvey Sept. 9 on a.
. . .
nsir s rtirpotort nv rim.
ci, t.h.'hnM
Magistrate J.D. Young who
released her on her own
Wallace : Hill of 315
Market St., Hertford was
arrested Sept. 9 by Officer
Harvey for, assault and
battery. ' ) "
Grandy White of King Stiv
Hertford was arrested by
Chief Marshall Merritt and
Sheriff Julian Broughton at
8:45 p.m. Sept. 9 at the Per
quimans.: High School
Athletic Field for public in
toxication; disorderly con
duct and resisting arrest.
He was -placed in the
Albemarle District Jail. ;
Francis1 J. Gebo of 218 .
: Melton Ave.; Ballston Spa, 1
N.Y. was arrested for driv s.
- under the influence by
-t J.C. Boyce at 5:45 1,
-t. 10. He was'
. i the Albemarle
. Jail under a $200
. !or Reynolds of
x 24, Creswel!
l ruck a parked
i II;rr:s Shaping
:"-;l'tr ;t. 11.
itr" ita
ii 1. 1,
r .
The Albemarle Regional
Planning and Development
Commission (ARPDC) will
apply for the funds which
will then be designated to
eligible applicants.
Eligible applicants for
these EMS funds in the ten
county area are Albemarle
Hospital, Washington Coun
ty Hospital, Chowan
.Hospital, and the Outer
Banks Health Center. Ad
ministrators of each i
hospital have been in
formed of the available
Civic Calendar
Hertford BPW Club meets.
Hertford Fire Department meets.
' .
The Hertford Lions Club will meet and be holding the
annual light bulbs and broom sale.
The Perquimans County Jaycettes will hold a bake sale
from 10 a.m. until at Harris Shopping Center. Cookies,
cakes, pies and other homemade items will be on sale.
The Hertford Business arjd Professional Women's
(BPW) Club will sponsor a yard sale from 9 a.m. until 1
p.m. at Noah Gregory's Garage.
The Snug Harbor Civic League meets.
The Perquimans County Board of Commissioners meet.
. - .
A meeting of the Marching Unit Parents' Club will be
The Hertford Rotary Club will meet.
The Belvidere-Chappell Hill Ladies Auxiliary will meet.
, Perquimans Masonic Lodge meets.
The Snow Hill Whitehat Homemakers Club meets.
The Belvidere-Chappell Hill Volunteer Fire Department
will hold its annual auction sale from 7 p.m. until. The
public is invited and may bring donations to be auctioned.
The proceeds will go to benefit the department. The annual
crowning of the department queen will also be held.
Beamon Presides In District Court Here
Judge Grafton Beamon
presided at the regular ses
sion of Perquimans County
District Court on
Wednesday and heard the
following cases:
Dennis Petaway was
found not guilty of appear-'
lng to be intoxicated;
; Edgar Lee Lane II, was
found guilty of simple
possession of marijuana
was placed on probation
with general conditions for
two years and given a fine
of $50 and cost; :.
Milford Darnell Jones
made his first appearance
on charges of breaking and
entering and larceny, and
Probable Cause Hearing
was set for Oct. 12;
In reciprocal support ac
tion, George Barnett was
found to have an arrearage
Ul uc uciciiuaui was
t nrnwrpn if. iimv as.ii iwmhiv
I J 1. ... IA --.
r-j t
'beginning February 11,
1077 TnHtfA Rikamnn alcn
pun8 the defendant of
willful contempt of court
and ordered him to be in the
custody of the Sheriff for 25
days with execution stayed
on condition that he pay $80
Hi?' -
1 r.LL
r- '-
FAST APPROACHING The scenes above remind area
s tht der '! lingerirg summer weather, Fall is fast ap-
r . . :'. V At l"ft, p; np!;ins at:d squash line the front yard of the Alton
rs ci Rt. 4, Kcrt:.. - waiting to be sold. At risht, this harvest
The Region R Emergen
cy Medical Services Coun
cil, chaired by Graham
Pervier of Currituck Coun
ty, has been mandated by
the State Office of EMS to
coordinate and compile ap
plications from the area
prior to submitting them to
the state through ARPDC
by December 1.
Funds are to be made
avialable to ARPDC no
later than March 1, 1978 for
obligation or expenditure
no later than June 30, 1978.
that day and on September
28 he is to pay balance of ar
rearage and to continue $20
payments. The defendant
was rescheduled for further
hearing October 26;
Merrill Carlyle Lamb,
charged with driving under
the influence (2nd offense),
received a fine of $135 and
cost was ordered not to
operate a motor vehicle
in North Carolina for 12
Wyonne Skinner, charged
with assault and battery,
was given a five-day jail
sentence suspended for two
years, and a fine of $20 and
cost. The defendant was
told to remain on good
behavior, not to assault or
threaten Shirley Johnikens
- during the period
suspended sentence:
Shirley Johnikens,
charged with simple
assault and assault and bat
tery, was taxed with cost of
the court, and was told to
remain on good vehavior,
not to molest or assault
Wyonne Skinner. Prayer
for judgment was continued
for 12 months;
T&f. '-T-?fj
Layden, Chamber of Commerce Vice
President, is shown discussing the annual
membership drive at the Chamber Board
of Directors'-Monday night meeting. At his
Chamber Kicks Off
Membership Drive
The annual membership
drive was kicked off Mon
day night when the Board of
Directors of the Per
quimans County Chamber
of Commerce held its
regular meeting.
Chamber Vice-President
Doulgas Layden who is
heading the drive reported
that there are currently 149
chamber members and new
prospects totaling 25 will be
A business session was
held following discussion on
the membership drive.
In action taken, the
Board approved a recom
mendation to contribute
$500 to the Recreation and
Parks Department to help
offset the expenses of
awards or trophies for the
recreation program this
year. 7.-
In other business, the
Board approved Friday,
Dec. 2 as the date for the
annual Christmas parade
providing that date does not
The court appointed an
attorney for Victor Askew,
who was charged with
larceny in general;
Prayer for judgment was
continued for 12 months in
the case of Steve Smith,
who was charged with
trespassing. The defendant
was taxed with cost of the
Probable cause was
found at the Probable
Couse Hearing of Curly
Butts, who was charged
with breaking and entering
and larceny, and the case
was placed on the Superior
Court Docket;
William Henry Askew,
charged with abandonment
and non-support, was given
a 90 day sentence
suspended for three years,
with cost, was ordered to
pay $20 for use of children
beginning September 2
(Julia-Ann and Tommy)
and like sum each week to
Margaret Elizabeth
'" John Melvin Kirby,
charged with driving under
the influence (2nd offense),
received a 90 day sentence
left is Mary Sue Roach who was named
acting executive secretary for the
Chamber during the business session.
(Staff photo by Kathy M. Newbern)
conflict with the Edenton or
Elizabeth City parades.
It was reported that the
Annual Chamber of Com
merce Banquet will be held
Nov. 14 with Congressman
Walter B. Jones as guest
speaker. Tickets to the ban
quet, to be held at Angler's
Cove Restaurant, will be
$7.50 per person or $15 per
In discussing the need to
order membership plaques
for the new chamber year,
a motion carried that the
same style be used again
but green in color.
A donation in the amount
of $25 to the Museum of
the Albemarle was also
A lengthy discussion was
held on the upcoming elec
tion of , Board members.
That election will be held at
the next meeting scheduled
for October. The current
by-laws state that two
directors must be elected
from each township. The
question arose whether the
suspended for three years,
a fine of $200 and cost, was
told to surrender his
operator's license to the
Clerk of Superior Court,
and not to operate a motor
vehicle until relicensed by
the State. An appeal was
noted; Clyde Ray Mc
Cutter, charged with aban
donment, was placed on
Probation for two years,
was ordered to pay cost and
was told to continue to sup
port his children. The State
reserves the right to move
for final judgment upon
good cause shown;
John Richard Godfrey,
charged with driving
without caution to endanger
persons or property, was
given a fine of $25 and cost;
Ralph Fay Nixon,
,,.., . ,. . .
setting brings to mind cool nights and the rustling of leaves. This scene is
at the home of the M.H. Elliott Jr. family, also on Rt. (Staff photos by
Kathy M. Newbern) . ' .
township is the area where
the individual resides or
where he or she works.
President Waldo Winslow
volunteered to look into the
matter and report back to
the Board prior to the mail
ing of ballots to chamber
Ann Young reported on
progress at the U.S. 17 park
and said members of the
high school agricultural
classes have agreed to
build a bridge to be used
Brochures promoting
Perquimans County were
discussed and it was
decided that updated ones
are needed.
Before adjourning, the
Board approved a motion
naming Mrs. Mary Sue
Roach acting executive
secretary for the Chamber
of Commerce. That action
was necessary when the
former executive secretary
failed to notify the Board of
plans to report back to
charged with being in
volved in an accident
resulting in property
damage, was given a fine of
$25 and cost;
Frank Edward Kennedy
and Harry Jackson Gibson,
both charged with
speeding, were taxed with
James Monroe Allen was
found guilty of speeding
and using an expired
operator's license. He was
given a fine of $50 and cost;
Rupert Edwin Swayne
was taxed with a fine of $40
and cost on a speeding
Gordon Dale Meads
found not guilty of
Catherine Reynolds
(See COURT, page S)
......... i!

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