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Volume 33, No. 38
Hertford, Perquimans County, N.C., Thursday, Sept. 22, 1977
Mle For Reelection
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FOR REELECTION Mrs. Elizabeth Winslow, super
visor to the county Board of Election goes over the
necessary forms with T. Erie Haste Jr. who has filed for
reelection to his seat on the Hertford Town Council.
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ARPDC Board Meets:
Manpower Discussed And
Officers Are Elected
The. Manpower Program
was again a topic of discus
sion when the Board of
Directors of the Albemarle
Regional -Planning and
Development Commission
(ARPDC) met Thursday
night in Elizabeth City.
It was pointed out that 100
to 110 Manpower Program
participants are out of
work. The employees were '
released as of Sept. 16 in
order to get audits com
pleted before the:' state
takes over the program
through a joint effort of the
Em ploy m ent Security
Commission and the
FILES John Beers has -filed
for reelection to a
four-year term on the Hert
ford Town Council for the
Nov. 8 election. ,
Economic Improvement
Council according to Floyd
Spellman, Manpower
Director for the ARPDC
: The workers are now
employed by different
governmental units, in
hospitals, at schools, in nur
sing homes, at nutritional
sites for the elderly, and by
the ARPDC. ,
At the Thursday night
Board meeting, E.V.
Wilkins of Roper asked how
the contract with the state
in progressing and if
' anyone from ARPDC had
approved the new pilot pro
In the upcoming Nov. 8 election, two members of the
Hertford Town Council are up for reelection. Both can
didates have filed to be reelected to their Council positions
which is a four-year term.
Last Friday, John Beers took the necessary steps to have
his name included on the ballot. Beers hasr served on the
Town Council, being continuously reelected since the mid
1950's. He is vice-president of J.C. Blanchard Co. of
Hertford and also serves as Vice-Mayor for the Town of
In a statement regarding his bid for reelection, Beers
said, "I've always been interested in the community and.
its betterment. If reelected, I would try to continue to do
my best to serve the people to the best of my ability as I
have in the past."
Also up for reelection is T.
Hertford Hardware & Supply
to his council seat on Monday.
In a statement regarding his bid for reelection, Haste
said, "There are many rules and regulations imposed on
towns and local governments by state and federal govern
ment. Administering these rules and regulations has
become a complex responsibility. Since I was elected to the
Hertford Town Council four years ago, it has been a con
stant learning process to prepare myself and become
knowledgable enough to hecome qualified to pass judg
ment and offer assistance on these and other matters.
There is still much to learn and changes are made daily. I
look forward to the possibility of continuing as a member of
the Council and preparing myself to meet these
challenges." Haste is up for reelection for a second term in
office.; ... . " .
gram which was approved
at the last meeting.
Chairman ITS. Monds
said, "I haven't seen a copy
of the contract and don't
know how they are expec
ting to fill the slots for
employment." Wilkins said
. that he hopes "each govern
mental unit will get their
fair share as they are hav
ing to pay a percentage of
' the worker's salary."
,; Bill Gardner of Edenton
said, "ARPDC has given
. away all authority over the
program and if we don't
like the way it is proposed
to be run, we don't have any
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Erie Haste Jr., president of
Co. Haste filed for reelection
Elections held at the
Thursday night meeting of
the Albemarle Regional
Planning and Development
Commission (ARPDC)
resulted in the election of
those pictured above, from
left: R.S. Monds of Hert
ford, chairman; Lester
Simpson of Perquimans
; County, secretary
treasurer; and Donald
t Bryan 5 6f Dare .'County,
vice-chairman. (Photo
; courtesy of Pat McCleney,
The Daily Advance)
say so until time to renew
the contract."
. Robert Whitley, execu
tive director . of ARPDC,
said, that the employees
' being released are in no
way guaranteed another
job through the pilot pro
gram scheduled to begin on
Oct. 1.
He said they "just have to
wait and see what is hap
pening" at this point.
Monds said that "ARPDC
has been caught up before
in three-day deadlines and
that, they really don't know
half the time what they are
having to approve until it is
too late. He said this case
is a good example of
ARPDC's approving a pro
ject without having read
In other business, officers
In the coming year were
elected by the 12 of the 57
board members present.
The current slate of officers
' was reelected.: iy.,Wj
Members then discussed
a report on the HUD-701
Land Use and Housing Ele
ment proposed contract
and the board voted to
spend some $8,000 to con
tract a planner to get the
necessary work done by the
February deadline. .
. An ARPDC committee
will meet tonight, Sept 22
at Soundview Restaurant at
which time representatives
from across the state are
expected to attend to give
input Into a study of
balanced Growth and
Sec. --') Development.
Whitley , said, "The
gyvzc :. r Llasclf may even
aii:r J." . w . .
Members of the Executive Committee of the newly formed
Northeastern Rural Health Development Association, Inc.
were elected ath the first meeting of the organization held
recently. Serving on the committee are, from left to right:
New Health
Steps Are Being Taken
EDENTON For more
than 40,000 residents of the
large, six-county area of
northeastern North
Carolinaaccess to a new
and innovative health care
delivery system may be
just around the corner, ac
cording to a newly
organized group of local
business, government and
civic leaders who met in
Hertford Sept. 12.
The name of the group is
the Northeastern Rural
Health Development
Association, Inc .
(NRHDA). It is a nonprofit
corporation and is com
prised of 18 representatives
from Bertie, Chowan,
Gates, Perquimans, Tyrrell
and Washington counties.
"We're here tonight to
give serious consideration
to means whereby we can
develop and improve the
health care delivery system
in the counties where we
live and work," said T.B.H.
Wood, and Edenton farmer
and businessman who was
elected president of the
Following adoption of
by-laws, election of of
ficers, executive commit
tee members, directors and
professional advisory com
mittee members, Wood in
troduced Dr. C. Clement
Lucas, an Edenton physi
cian, to discuss the pro
posed plan, y
"Since moving here three
years ago, I have become
increasingly concerned
with the health care needs
of the people in this region
of the state," Said Lucas.
"Several months ago,
Edenton dentist Dr.
Richard Hines and I began
' discussing ways in which
we felt the present system
of health care might best be
improved. We believe the
concept wt will outline
briefly tonight and hope
Hertford Project Is Submitted
The water-based recreational facility for the Town of
Hertford is among the package of 13 North Carolina pro
jects that Governor Jim Hunt has recommended to the
Coastal Plains Regional Commission for funding in fiscal
year 1978. The package would provide $1,209,655 in CPRC
funds for a variety of locally sponsored activities in the 45
state's Coastal Plains counties. : '
The proposal for Hertford is for $47,500 to be used toward
the $173,000 water-based recreational facility.
The Coastal Plains grants will be used primarily in sup
plements to other grants being made by federal and state
agencies. Total cost of the 13 projects, including local
matching funds, is $7.7 million.
The Central Plains Regional Commission is made up of
Transportation Board Offers
' RALEIGH - North
Carolina Transportation
' Board: Members Marc
Basnight and T.G. Joyner
: recently announced the for
mation of a speaker bureau
available to groups or clubs
in C:8 counties of North
amnion, Hertford, Gates,
Currituck, Camden, Pas
quctank, Perquimans,
'fir '
Care System :
fully in ' greater detail
several weeks from now, is
a very practical and
workable one."
Lucas then explained that
there were two parts to the
plan. "First," he said, "Dr.
Hines and I have already
begun plans to construct a
25,000 square-foot, private
clinic to be located near
the Perquimans-Chowan
county lines."
This will be a "fee-for-service"
clinic, he,, noted
and wlir be staffed by
fulltime physicians, den
tists, respiratory and
physical therapists, a phar
..iacist, and health
educators. He added that
recruitment of professional
personnel for the clinic is
already underway and that
he and Dr. Hines expect the
facility to open within the
next 8 to 12 months.
The second part of the
plan outlined at the Sept. 12
meeting by Dr. Lucas
directly involves the
newly-formed North
eastern Rural Health
Development Association,
"We propose that this
organization (the NRHDA)
consider opening at least
two clinics, one in Tyrrell
County and one somewhere
in the northern Perquimans
or Gates county area," he
said. "These clinics would
be operated by the NRHDA
but would be linked via a
complex computer hookup
to the private clinic which
Dr. Hines and I are
In turn, he noted, the pro
fessional staff at the
private clinic could spent'
part of their time in service
at the two clinics operated
by the NRHDA.
"In effect what we are
proposing," Lucas
acknowledged, "is the
merger of the private prac
Chowan, Betiie, Martin,
Washington, Tyrrell, Dare
and Hyde. - '
: Basnight and Joyner ;
noted that the purpose of
the speakers' bureau was to
inform area residents about
the upcoming $300 million
Highway Improvement
Bond Issue to be voted on
November's, 1977.
1 A
OUin B. Sykes of Edenton, Robert E. Lee of Gatesville,
T.B.H. Wood of Edenton, Mrs. Farn Voliva of Columbia
and Lester Simpson of Hertford (Perquimans County). Not
pictured is Cy Rich of Edenton.
tice of medicine with a
public body in developing a
public trust for the delivery
of healthcare."
There would be several
advantages in such a
merger, according to
Lucas. By working
together, the two public
clinics and the large,
privately-owned clinic can
provide 24-hour profes
sional medical service to
persons in a wide
geographic, area who
heretofore have had to
travel as many as 40 miles
to see a doctor.
The second primary ad
vantage he pointed out, is
the fact that recruitment of
young, health care profes
sionals would be enhanced
by the availability of such a
During a discussion
period, Lucas admitted that
not all of the details of the
program have been worked
out as yet. And he told those
present that he and Dr.
Hines would like to meet
again with them in several
weeks and present a more
concrete proposal.
In discussing the matter,
one board member, Vincent
Collura, an attorney from
Gatesville, commented that
for three years people in
Gates County have been
working to establish a rural
health center and that they
are just now beginning to
make headway.
"I fully support and com
mend the initiative these
two doctors have taken," he
stated. "And, if we continue
to work together this pro
gram can be a meaningful
and viable part of our com
munities in less than a year
or two."
The board later voted to
ask Drs. Lucas and Hines to
prepare a formal proposal
and to seek federal, state
and private funding grants
the governors of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,
Florida, and Virginia, and Claud Anderson, the Federal
Co-chairman. Each state's annual investment package
goes to the full commission for final approval.
The largest grant recommended by Governor Hunt is for
$233,000 to Pamlico County for a $4,230,000 county water
Other grants, in addition to Hertford's, include : Roper -$100,000
toward a $1,034,500 municipal sewer project;
Turkey $66,175 toward a $404,100 municipal water pro
ject; Beaufort County Technical Institute $94,580 toward
a $1,029,277 learning resources center; and Southport
$50,000 for the renovation and berthing of the Frying Pan
Lightship Museum. , .
The public is urged to
contact the - following by
telephone to arrange for a
presentation to their groups
and clubs: Marc Basnight
-919-473-3474; T.G. Joyner
- 919-536-3097; or Division '
Engineer: F.W. Adkins Jr.
Secretary of Transporta
tion Tom Bra$haw said,
to help the two satellite
clinics during their first
three years of operation. It
was also suggested and ap
proved that contacts be
made with the commis
sioners in the counties in
volved regarding funding.
NHDA Treasurer Ollin B.
Sykes of Edenton pointed
out that forms have been
filed requesting the
organization be given
federal and state tax
Exemption status.
Serving on the NriDA
Board of Directors are:
T.B.H. Wood, Edenton;
Robert E. Lee, Gatesville;
Mrs. Fran Voliva, Colum
bia; Ollin B. Sykes, Eden
ton; R.L. Stevenson, Hert
ford; Terrance W. Boyle,
Edenton; L.F. Amburn,
Edenton; Bill Cox, Hert
ford; Lester Simpson, Hert
ford; George P. Cowper,
Gatesville; Frank V. White
Jr., Edenton; Cy Rich,
Edenton; Walter Oakes,
Columbia; Heber Alligood,
Creswell; Mrs. George W.
Long, Hertford; Webster
Simons, Edenton; Vincent
Collura, Gatesville;
and Shedrach Booker,
Members of the NRHDA
Professional Advisory
Committee are: Dr. C. Cle
ment Lucas, Edenton; Dr.
Richard Hines, Edenton;
Ila Gray White, Hertford;
Charles Woodard, Hert
ford; Wood Farless, Merry
Hill; Bill Burgess, Winton;
H.B. Glover, Plymouth;
Howard Campbell,
Elizabeth City; Will
Harper, Greenville; John;
Carlisle, Edenton; and Ms.
Susan Keyes, Greenville. I
Organizations and in-'
dividuals wishing to assist
in raising funds for the two
publicly-owned and
operated clinics can con
tact Ollin Sykes at his
Edenton office. .
"We feel it is absolutely
critical that the citizens of
North Carolina understand
the issues surrounding the
Hlffhwav Imorovement
Bond Issue and its impact
on the future for our State.
Bradshaw also served as
Chairman of the Board of
Transposition. ft

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