North Carolina Newspapers

Volume 33, No. 39
Hertford, Perquimans County, N.C., Thursday, Sept. 29, 1977
Filing dates for can
didates in the November 8
municipal election will
close at noon on Oct 7.
People may register
Monday, Wednesday and
Friday in the Election Of
fice located in the
Agricultural building on 104
Dobb St., Hertford, from 9
a.m. to 5 p.m. People who
have moved in the city
limits or to another
precinct should check to see
if they are registered cor
rectly. Recently, approximately
225 names were purged
from the election books for
Education Policies
Are Adopted
The Perquimans County
- Board of Education met in
regular session Sept. 19 to
discuss and take action on
the following matters.
In the area of policies,
formal action was taken to
approve policies on the
following: use of school
buildings, facilities and
equipment; salary pay
ment in 12-month option for
all school personnel; sick
leave and disability in
cluding maternity leave;
personnel evaluation; pro
hibition of the use of
alcoholic beverages in
.school (public) buildings;
and discussion was heard
on development of a staff
reduction policy to have on
hand when needed with ac
tion to be taken at the next
board meeting, v -, -. .
In personnel matters, the
Substitute Teachers'
Workshop Scheduled
A substitute teachers'
workshop will be held for
those persons interested in
doing substitute teacher
work in the Perquimans
County School System.
That workshop is planned
for Oct. 6 at the Per
quimans County Office
Building from 9 a.m. until
In an explanation of the
purpose and requirements
of the workshop, Super
intendent Pat Harrell said
that all persons interested
- in substituting must attend
ithe workshop session. The
only ones exempt from this
requirement are those per
sons with previous teaching
experience in the Per
Is Named Key
To coordinate the
agricultural activities of
the N.C. Bankers Associa
tion in this area,, R.L.
' Stevenson has been named
County Key Banker for Per
quimans County, .
NCBA President John A.
Forlines Jr. has announced
School Calendar
Oct. 10 Teacher Employment Day
Oct. 11 - End of 1st six weeks
Oct. 25 End of 2nd school month
Nov. 22 ': End of 3rd school month ft 2nd six weeks
Nov. 23 - Teacher Employment Day
Nov. 24,25 Thanksgiving Holidays , v
Dec. 20 v i Christmas Holidays begin at close of school
Dec. 21-30 Christmas ft New Year's Holidays .
rJan.2 School begins after Christmas Vacation
Jan. 4 . End of 4th school month
Jan. 18 End of 3rd six weeks 1st semester '
Jan. 19-20 .' . Teacher Employment Days '
Feb. 3 End of 5th School Month
Tiar. 3 ' . End of 6th school month ft 4th six weeks
liar. 6 '' Teacher Employment Day
I!ar. 24,27,28 Easter Holidays "
rr.6 ' - End of 7th school month
Z; r.20 End of 5th six weeks
- r, 24 Teacher Employment Day
I :y5 .. End of &a school month '
i2 End of 8th schwl month and 6th six weeks -'
?5 ' v TeacLar Employment Day , ' '
5 Teaser Er.r'-yr :si Day W day
, : AznudVacstl-aCi;- 1 ,
not voting for a period of
four years.
State bond issues and
constitutional amendments
will also be on the ballot for
all voters in Perquimans
In addition to the town
posts, another issue to
come before the voters in
Perquimans County is a
referendum on the question
of issuing bonds for con
struction and renovation of
school buildings.
The books will close for
registration for the
November election on Oct.
7, at 5 p.m.
board approved the em
ployment of Paul Ward to
the full-time position of
Reports in the programs
area were presented on the
county schools' music pro
gram and the new schedul
ing at Perquimans Union
School. Figures on the
1977-78 Perquimans School
enrollment were also
The Board also discussed
the upcoming North
Carolina School Boards
Association (NCSBA) con
vention and the Alliance for
Progress (AFP) computer
project and Rockefellar
Before adjourning, the
Board discussed, at length,
organizational plans for, the
upcomfng';ehool bond
quimans County School
Harrell also pointed out
that pre-registration to at
tend the workshop is re
quired. For effectiveness,
the workshop attendance
will be limited to 40 people
and registration will be
handled on a first come,
first served basis. Those in
terested may pre-register
by phoning the Board of
Education office at
426-5741. Harrell added that
if the expressed interest is
such that all cannot be
handled in the Oct. 6
workshop, a second
workshop will be scheduled
at a later date. '
Those persons attending'
the substitute teachers'
workshop will be added on
that Stevenson will serve as
County Key Banker during
the next 12 months. (He) is
Executive Vice President
of People Banks ft Trust Co.
in Hertford.
Forlines, who is chair
man and president of the.
Bank of Granite, Granite'
l L 'W- 'j - r
Governor Jim Hunt's coordinator for the conference on
Balanced Growth and Economic Development, is shown
outlining county conferences at the Thursday night Region
R meeting. (Staff photo)
Haven Group Organizes ;
EDENTON - The Haven
Group, Inc., has been
established here as a
multi-disciplined organiza
tion to develop, as well as
provide services to, health
care and retirement
Announcement of the for
mation of the group by local
interests and the opening of
an office at 102 E. Queen St.
was made today by John A.
Mitchener Jr., chairman of
the board and treasurer.
the list of approved
substitute teachers pro
viding Board of Education,
approval is received. That
approved list is then used
by the principals in the
county's school system.
Harrell emphasized the
point that attendance at the
workshop is not an
automatic guarantee that a
person will be called to
substitute during the year.
Attendance only allows the
person to be added to the
approved list of substitute
In order to attend the
substitute teachers'
workshop, an individual
must have a minimum of a
high school education or its
Falls, called attention to
the projects that are spon
sored by the association
such as the Short Course in -Modern
Farming at N.C.
State University for young
farmers who are provided
scholarships given by their
h"me community banks,
and the co-sponsorship of
the FFA Land Judging
Meet in the interest of soil
As of January 1, 1977,
Forlines noted that banks in
North Carolina provided
$215,184,000 in non-real
estate loans and
$109,683,000 in real estate
loans for a total of
$324,867,000 in loans to
farmers by banks, based on
the American Bankers
Association's annual farm
, credit study.
Also, the North Carolina
Bankers Association
through its agirculture
committee scheduled a
Special Agricultural Con
ference on Drought, realix
. ing the critical importance
of adequate credit for state
As of January 1, 1977, 83
of the state's SO banks held
farm loans, Forlines said.
Also, Mitchener revealed
that the corporation pro
poses to construct a center
for senior citizens on
Paradise Rd., adjacent to
Cape Colony Haven, Inc.
During further organiza
tion of the corporation, L.F.
Amburn Jr., was named
President; John F. Habit,
vice-president; and James
E. Lewis, executive vice
president and secretary.
They are the sole owners of
stock in the corporation
Amburn and Habit are
also president and vice
president, respectively, of
Cape Colony Haven, Inc., in
Edenton, and Outer Banks
Haven, Inc., in Nags Head.
Mitchener and Lewis take
on additional respon
sibilities at the manage
ment group, with Lewis ser
ving as chief adminis
trative officer as well as re
maining as administrator
of the local nursing home.
Donald E. Young, assis
tant administrator at Cape
Colony Haven since it
opened in February, moved
to The Haven Group as ad
ministrative assistant and
purchasing, agent. Mrs.
Emily G. Amburn, a
registered nurse, is direc
Harrington Is
Jimmy Green1 has reap
pointed Senator J.J.
"Monk" Harrington of
Lewiston to the N.C. Traffic
Safety Authority. Harr
ington represents the First
Senatorial District com
prised of Beaufort, Bertie,
Camden, Cfcwan, Cur
:( rituck, Dare; Gates, Hert
ford, Hyde. Northampton,
Pasquotank, Perquimans,
, Tyrrell ' and h Washington
Counties. -
The purpose of the
authority is to undertake a
thorough analysis of the
State's tra.'.'ic problems. It
shall a!c! make -an inven
- tory and appraisal what
Growth & Development
Conferences Planned
sentatives from Region R
gathered at Soundview
Restaurant here last
Thursday night to hear
plans for the Governor's up
coming conference on
Balanced Growth and
Economic Development.
Speaking before the
group was Robert Wood Jr.,
Governor Jim Hunt's coor
dinator for the conference.
Wood spoke to the represen
tatives who make up the
recently activated county
committees to study
economic development in
each of Region R's 10
Wood pointed out that the
first step in the conference
is the organizing of the
county committees, one for
each of the 100 counties in
North Carolina. These
county committees will
then hold a local conference
tor of training and systems
with the new organization.
Previously she was assis
tant director of nursing at
Cape Colony Haven.
Mrs. Salli Blum is chief
bookkeeper and Lynette
Byrum is a bookkeeper in
that department. Mrs. Bar
bie Britton, on leave, is
With Lewis and Young on
board, Mitchener noted, the
team has the benefit of two
licensed nursing home ad-
v mimstrators. Both have ex
. tensive health care
; experience.
v i He said the organization
' is fortunate to .have
available Mrs. Ambnrn's
talent for bedside n-j'rsing
as well as organization and
"The owners of Cape Col
ony Haven are gratified
over the acceptance of our
concept of health care
delivery since the facility
here opened earlier this
year", Mitchener said.
"This has promoted us to
propose the new facility
which will provide a service
to our fellow citizens
needing a lesser degree of
(See HAVEN, page 10)
nm. 1
" M
ts correctly being done by
each official agency,
survey available resources
and facilities and deter
mine what additional pro
grams need to be instituted
or existing programs
In announcing the reap
pointment, Green praised
Senator Harrington, a
veteran legislator and in
dustrialist, for his past
work with the Traffic Safe
ty Authority and expressed
his assurance that Harr
ington would continue to
make a valuable contribu
tion as a member of the
on balanced growth and
economic development.
These local conferences
will give each county an op
portunity to elect delegates
to the governor's con
ference to be held in early
January. These delegates
will take the county's
report to the state level. It
is suggested that the county
conferences be held bet
ween Oct. 4 and Nov. 4. This
will then give the coor
dinator time to gather the
information and have it
compiled for input at the
state level. Each county
report will then go into a
regional report. These
regional reports will repre
sent the state's three
regions: coastal, piedmont
and mountain.
From the state level, the
reports will then go to the
Naticnal Conference plan
ned for early 1978 at the
White House.
In his Thursday night
remarks, Wood emphasized
Center To Be Constructed
ARTIST'S DRAWING - Shown above is
aa artisfs drawing of the proposed center
for senior citizens to be constructed on
Grimsley To Speak At
Dinner Honoring Squad
Joseph W. Grimsley,
Secretary of the N.C.
Department of Administra
tion, will serve as guest
speaker for a dinner honor
ing members of the Per
quimans County Rescue
The dinner is being held
Thursday night, Sept. 29 at
the Hertford Grammar
School cafeteria beginning
at 7:30 p.m. in honor of the
squad's tenth anniversary.
Sponsoring the honorary
dinner is the Perquimans
County Jaycees.
Grimsley is a native of
Wilson County and holds a
Bachelors degree in Inter
national Studies from the
University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill and
a Masters degree in Inter
national Relations from
George Washington Univer
sity. His involvement in state
politics has been varied. He
served as 1976 campaign
director for the Jim Hunt
for Governor Committee;
served as Special Assistant
to Lt. Gov. Jim Hunt in
1974-75; served as Assistant
Secretary for Program
Coordination with the
Department who now heads
in 1973-74; was campaign
director for Hunt's bid for
Lt. Governor in 1972;
served as Assistant N.C.
g Field Director for the
! Coastal Plains Regional
'.; Commission in 1968-70; and
- has five years of experience
in different positions with
the Peace Corps.
, , "The Department of Ad
ministration has always
: been the nuts-and-bolts
agency doing many things
that affect other agencies,"
: Grimsley said recently. "It
was something taken off the
v governor's back and put in
to the framework of this
: department. This is
something that everyone
' gradually creates," he ad
the importance of each
county conference being
organized now. He said,
"The most important point
I can get across at this time
is that we're limited in
time." Wood explained that
all the scheduling has been
set up in order to work with
the national conference
date. Concerning the local
conferences, Wood said,
"We want the county con
ference to be an open con
ference to be attended by
anyone in the county who
wants to come." He en
couraged the conference
appointees to "get the word
out" and encourage the
public to participate and
speak up. Wood also went
over a suggested agenda
for the county conferences,
but pointed out that the
agenda is flexible and
urged the local represen
tatives to add or delete
where necessary in order to
have the local meeting
meet local needs.
ded.' "Governor Carter so
in Georgia. The only dif
ference is that sometimes
the department is in the
governor's office in other
states." -
Few people outside of
state government fully
know the Department of
Administration's scope, but
it covers many important
areas. Simply described as
the department which im
plements many of the
governor's programs, with
the Secretary often called
the Governor's right arm,
Administration draws up
the state budget, is cus
todian and guardian of
state property, furnishes
services, buys everything
State Secretary of Administratjpn
Wood added that Gover
nor Hunt has promised to
commit himself to be in at
tendance at 20 to 25 of these
100 county conferences.
Wood said that dates
needed to be set quickly in
order to obtain speakers.
The county conferences
will be held by the county
planning committee (those
in attendance) who will in
turn elect a local chairman
for the local conference.
Members serving on those
committees represent the
agricultural extension ser
vice, league of
municipalities, county com
missioners and industrial
development committees.
The planning committee
for Perquimans County is
made up of Eill Cox, Mayor
and Town Manager for
Hertford; Lester Simpson,
Chairman of the County
Commissioners; and
Richard Bryant,
agricultural agent.
Paradise Road in Edenton. adjacent to the
existing Cape Colony Haven, Inc.
from paper clips to com
puters, administers the
State Personnel Act, is the
state's principal planning
agency, supervises the con
struction of state facilities
and acts as liaison from
state to federal government
and from state to local
government, among other
"I guess in some ways,
coming out of a close
political relationship with
Governor Hunt through two
campaigns, I know a lot
more about what he wants
to do and how to use the
tools of this department to
do those things," Grimsley

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