North Carolina Newspapers

Volume 33, No. 48
Hertford, Perquimans County, N.C., Thursday, Dec. 1, 1977
NEW OWNERS - Pictured
above are the new ownfcrs
of the newest business in
Hertford, Hertford Ap
parel, LTD. Left to right
are Marshal Tyndell and
Jerry Holt, owners, Joe
Nowell, Roger Cretcher,
Commerce and Industry
Division of N.C. and Hert
ford Mayer Bill Cox.
These people enjoyed a
delicious lunch served at
Anglers Cove Restaurant
last week while meeting the
new owners of Hertford Ap
parel, LTD.
Hertford Lions Club will meet at 8 p.m .
+ + +
American Legion will meet at 8 p.m.
+ + +
America* Legion Aux. will meet at 8 p.m
Annual Christmas Parade at 4 p.m.
+ + +
Parksville Ruritan Club ? BBQ Chicken supper and auc
tion at the Ruritan Building in Winfall.
Holiday Island Civic League will meet at 1 p.m. at the
Club House.
Hertford Town Council meets at 7:30.
+ + +
Perquimans County Commissioners meet at 10:00 a.m.
+ + +
Winfall Town Council meets.
Winfall Fire Department meets.
+ + +
Perquimans County Board of Education meets.
Whiteston Homemakers meet.
+ + +
Hertford Rotary Club will meet at 6:30.
+ + +
Perquimans Masonic League meets.
+ + +
Parksville Ruritan Club will meet.
Perquimans Jaycettes meet.
Hertford Grammar PTA meets
+ + +
Perquimans County Jaycees meet.
On November 17, 14
Seniors participated in a
"Business Horizons
Workshop" held at Chowan
College in Murfreesboro,
N.C. Areas of participation
were in accounting and
finance, office manage
ment and fashion and
design. Seniors par
ticipating were Priscilla
Smith, Cora Jennings,
Linda Archer, Anna
Modlin, Shirley Copeland,
Cheryl Jones, Mattie Jones,
Gloria Johnson, Lisa
Skinner, Vivian James,
Alexander Moore, Brenda
Walton, Agathia Wills and
Elnora Rose.
The students were ac
companied by James S.
Midgette, guidance
RALEIGH - Catholic
Social Services, Inc., a
social service agency
licensed by the State of
North Carolina and spon
sored by the Roman
Catholic Diocese of
Raleigh, has announced the
establishment of a branch
office in Hertford. This of
fice will offer services to
the people of 14 counties in
the northeastern section of
the state: Gates, Hertford,
Halifax, Martin, Washing
ton, Tyrrell, Hyde, Dare,
Chowan, Perquimans, Pas
quotank, Camden, Cur
rituck and Bertie Counties.
Sister Barbara Gerwe
and Sister Gloria Gilman,
both Daughters of Charity,
will staff the branch office
and make their residence in
Hertford. Sister Gerwe
points out that this is the
first branch office of
Catholic Social Services.
She is delighted that the
agency is able to take this
new step. Sister Gilman
agrees. "I think it's impor
tant to be with the people of
the area and to be available
to them, "she said.
When asked to outline
their principle work in the
area, Sister Gilman said
they would first have to
Trassess the needs and
make sure we don't
duplicate existing ser
vices." Studies indicate
that there are needs for
human services in the area
which are still unmet by
agencies afready working
The sisters emphasized
that their services will be
available to anyone in the
area and will not be limited
to Catholics. They will work
with th? Catholic parishes
in Ue area and hope to en*
courage parishioners to be
involved in reaching out to
meet the needs of the
poor through service and
Catholic Social Services
is a licensed adoption agen
cy. The sisters have ex
perience in working with
family problems, problem
pregnancies and basic
social needs.
The sisters will reside in
Hertford in the building
which also serves as St.
Victor's Church. "The
reason we chose Hertford
Sister Gerwe said, "is
because it is central to the
Honor Roll
Mr. Donald J. Parrotte,
Headmaster of Albemarle
Academy has announced
the Academy's honor
students for the second six
weeks grading period, they
are: Mark Griffin, Mario
Parker Cheason J jr., president of College of
the AJbemarie, preaenta a plaque to
Thoaaa W. Willis, director of the Eaat
Carolina University Regional Develop
ment Institute, in appreciation of the
I dedicated aaaiatance which he gave to the
[?college in preparing the application for a
Inderal construction grant in the amount of
MlLf million which was recently approved
by the Economic Development Ad
ministration. The grant, in conjunction
with other state and local funds, will allow
COA to construct a new 75,000 square foot
building on Ha Technical Center campus.
The presentation highlighted a dinner
meeting held last week by the community
college's hoard of trustees. Gerald F.
White, board chairman, is in the
foreground. (COA photo)
Howell, Sandy Sawyer,
Blair James, Donna
Fraizer, Eric Grossman,
Jeff Jennings, Mark
Maxwell, Pete Smithson,
Jimmy Spivey, Gail
Boothe, Marilyn Bright,
Karen Forbes, Kim Forbes,
Kathy Glover, Alfred
Sanderlin, Marion Harrell,
LuAnn Jordan, Joe
Sanderlin, Chris Baker,
Eva Smithson, Kent
Copeland, Laurie White,
Lou Anne Forbes, Vickie
Godfrey, Betty Bell. Sarah
Harrison, Missy Larabee,
Natalie Roberts, Renee
Barclift, Kevin Cruise,
Michele Cherry, Amy
Hastings, Mary Ann Long
Danny Sloop, Larry
Larabee, Carl Turner,
Denise Banks, Greg Har
rell, Sean Roby, Jonathan
Crank, Robert Harrison,
Cara Lynn Tarr, Marga
Massey, Donna Winslow,
Van Boothe, David Benton,
Tim Wood, Ty Poston, Mike
Baasett, Barbara Hulett,
Marsha Roberts, Angle
Godfrey, Sharon Haskett,
Tammy Lane, Suzanne
Spivey, Mike Walker, Daryl
Morgan, Betsy Bagley,
Teresa Duncan, Le Ann
Etheridge, Allen Forbes,
Brian Jennings, Dean
Lane, Bonnie Sanderlin,
Cindy Brifht, Peggy Sue
Burgess, David Hass, Clay
Manos, Wrenn Trotman,
Gaye Morgan, Cheryl
Sawyer, and Carol Spencer.
Board Of Education Meets
The Perquimans County
Board of Education held its
regular meeting Monday
night, discussing several
In the policy area, the
question of over night field
trips brought up at the last
meeting was discussed
briefly. A related policy is
being developed for con
sideration by the board.
It was announced that
necessary budget amend
ments will also be
presented at the next
In matters, the Board ap
proved the employment of
Elsie Thomas as interim
teacher at Central Gram
mar School for Brenda
Winslow who is taking a
leave of absence.
Several items in the pro
gram area were discussed,
one of them being annual
testing and competency
testing. Superintendent Pat
Harrell presented an up
date of the status of this
statewide program em
phasizing the need to
prepare now for the testing
to take place in the spring.
Harrell also explained
that a six co-alliance for
progress proposal would
provide a full-time com
munity education coor
dinator for the six counties
and funds for each county
to have a part-time person
in this area.
A new program proposal
was also discussed at
length. Chairman Clifford
Winslow explained that
Chowan County has re
quested Perquimans and
Gates counties to consider
the concept of a career or
occupational center to
serve students in all three
counties. The center idea
allows for the offering of
courses that individual
schools could not offer on
their own, most of which
would be vocational in
nature. The board passed a
motion to meet with the
other two counties, express
ing an interest to further in
vestigate the possibilities of
this proposal.
The Board also went on
record congratulating the
Perquimans High School
football team on its out
standing season.
Also in the program area,
it was announced that
$3,643.99 has been allocated
as the county's share of
state monies for a com
munity based alternative
program. Also, CETA funds
in the amount of $34,000
have been allocated to the
local system.
The last item in the pro
gram area to be discussed
was state and southern
association accreditation.
The Board approved a mo
tion to meet with ap
propriate personnel to find
out what would be involved
in having the local system
Several items were
discussed in the area of ad
ministrative operations,
two of which related to im
provements at Central
Grammar School. The
Board approved a motion to
provide new roofing to the
C.G.S. main building ex
Brown Is Elected
The manager of
Albemarle Electric
Membership Corporation,
Hertford, has been elected
to the board of directors of
North Carolina EMC, a
statewide organization
representing the state's 28
rural electric cooperatives.
Edward E. Brown, Jr.
was elected for a two-year
term on the nine-member
board in a reorganization
of the statewide EMC
He will take office Jap. 1,
when the association's
new structure becomes
Under the new structure,
the EMC association will
consist of three
cooperatives: N.C.EMC,
the newly chartered N.C.
Association of Electric
Cooperatives (N.C.AEC)
and Tarheel Electric
Membership Association
N.C.EMC will conduct
only those activities related
to power supply, including
negotiations with private
power companies over bulk
power rates. This corpora
tion previously handled
power supply matters as
well as other association
Those other functions,
such as government rela
tions, communications and
personnel development,
will be taken over by.
TEMA will continue as
the EMC's central
materials purchasing and
supply operation, uirder the
direction of a separate
nine-member board of
As an EMC manager,
Brown will also serve on the
56-member N.C.AEC board
of directors, which consists
of the manager aid a board
member from each local
EMC across the state.
Brown, who has been
secretary-treasurer of this
board since lait March, will
continue in that post until
the three corporations hold
a joint annual meeting next
Members of the N.C.EMC
and TEMA board* were
selected from the member
ship of the N.C.AEC board
on a regional basis.
eluding the auditorium. Ap
proval was also granted on
a motion to revitalize the
driveway running behind
C.G.S. in an effort to cut
down on the safety and traf
fic problems existing now
due to cars and buses all
loading and unloading in
front of the school.
On a request from the
Perquimans County
Recrecation and Parks
Department to use facilities
at Perquiamans Union
School for Midget basket
ball, the Board voted to
develop a contractual
agreement on the matter.
The school calendar was
discussed briefly concern
ing Jan. 2 being the return
ing day for teachers and
students following the
Christmas Holiday. Board
members are considering
changing this and will take
action following an in
formal survey.
It was announced that the
National School Boards
Association will meet
March 31-April 5 in
Anaheim, Calif.
The Board also approved
a request to have school
close at 2:30 p.m. on Friday
(tomorrow) due to the
annual community
Christmas Parade.
Before adjourning, the
Board discussed at length
the followup action
necessary following the
defeat of the $1.85 million
school bond referendum
while no action was taken,
several alternatives were
considered with several
pending questions being
C hristmas Parade
To Be Held
The annual Perquimans
County Christmas Parade
scheduled for tomorrow,
Dec. 2 at 4 p.m. should
prove to be one of the
largest and best ever.
At press time, approxi
mately seventy partici
pating civic clubs, chur
ches, individuals and
organizations had joined
the planned parade.
Participants will assem
ble at the Perquimans
County High School at 3:15
and the parade will begin at
4 p.m. This year's parade is
being sponsored by the Per
quimans County Jaycees
with assitance from the
Perquimans County
Chamber of Commerce.
The parade route this
year will be as follows:
Participants will leave the
high school and head north
on Edenton Road Street,
proceed east on Grubb
Street, will then continue
south on Church Street, and
westward along Dobb
Street. The parade will then
travel south along Edenton
Road Street and will end up
at the beginning point.
Cash prizes will be
awarded to the first, second
and third place floats.
There will be a first and se
cond place trophy awarded
for the best band or unit of
60 or more members and a
first and second place
trophy awarded for the best
band or unit of less than 60
members. Five judges will
review the entries as they
pass in front of the court
house. Judges are Ray
Ward (Chief Judge) of the
Perquimans Weekly, Terry
Williams of WCDJ Radio
station and Allan Asbell of
Peoples Bank, Edenton. To
add the female touch, re
maining judges are Thelma
Elliott, and Shirley
The parade will include
approximately 25 floats
bands, clowns and many
other suprises which should
keep the crowd entertained.
One of the highlights of
the annual Christmas
Parade is the visit by Santa
Claus. Tomorrow, he will
be on hand to delight the
young and the young at
heart. Santa will stop
downtown at the courthouse
green with goodies for the
With Christmas less than
a month away, let us, the
people of Perquimans
County usher in the Holiday
Season, the Christmas
Parade and Santa Claus ?
tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Library Update
The bookmobile will be operating in the Bethel and
Harvey's Point section of Perquimans County this Friday
and every third Friday thereafter on the following
Destination Arrives Departs
Edenton Farm Supply 9:30 10:00
Bethel Baptist Church 10:10 10:40
Snug Harbor Club House 10:50 11:20
Holiday Island Club House 11:40 12:10
Southern Shores Club House 12 : 30 1 : 00
Hertford Beach 1:05 1:35
Wynnefork Development 1:45 2:15
Perquimans Library 2:20 2:50
Gabby 's Restaurant 3:00 3:30
Story Hour
Your preschool child is invited to our regular Friday
Story Hour from 10-11 a.m.
The following memorial books have been placed in the
memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Myers Relfe; THINGS I
REMEMBER in memory of Mrs. Lillie Belle Sawyer; PRO
Thomas Blouut Sumner; and THE CRUSADERS IN THE
HOLY LAND in memory of Mrs. Shellie White.
CHASE THE WIND by E.V. Thomas is a love story set in
the early days of the British trade union movement.
THE WITCH HILL MURDER by Pauline Winslow is a
detective story in which a Scotland Yard detective in
vestigates the murder of hit best friend and on his wedding
novel about a new breed of criminal, the "able criminal"
who might use a tax shelter investment service to gain
material for a blackmail operation, etc.
is a suspense novel involving a highjacked ocean liner and
international efforts to avert a tragedy.
REFINER'S FIRE by Mark Helprin is a complex novel
about a foundling who crows np and travels around the
world in a path that draws him back to his own origins in
the 1173 October War.

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