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For referendum
Beef producers urged to register
Perquimans County beef
producers must be registerd
between Jan. 28 and Feb. ( in
order to be elibible to vote in
the national beef "Checkoff'
referendum scheduled Feb.
Producers may register and
vote at the Perquimans
County office of the
Agricultural Stabilization and
Conservation Service (ASCS)
located in the ARPDC
building, 512 South Church
Street, Hertford.
Registration and voting can
be completed by mail if in
formation and ballots are
requested in advance.
The referendum will
determine if producers want
to establish a nationally
coordinated beef research and
information program to be
fmanced by a "checkoff" or
Most organized groups
within the beef industry, in
cluding the N.C. Cattlemen's
Association, favor the
A similar referendum failed
to receive the necessary two
thirds vote required for ap
proval in 1977, although North
Carolina producers voted 86
percent in favor.
Nationally, the favorable
vote wis juit over X percent
Changes made by Congress
in the enabling legislation will
make approval easier in 1M0.
Only a simple majority will be
required for adoption of the
beef research and information
The program would be
funded by assessments based
on the value of cattle sold.
During the first two years of
the program, assessments
could be up to two-tenths of 1
percent of the value, or 20
cents per $100. After two
years, an increase of up to
five-tenths of 1 percent could
be requested.
The program would be run
by a beef board composed of
up to <1 producers
representing each state or
geographic area o I the nation.
In addition, there would be on
the board as many as five non
voting consumber advisors.
Perquimans County ASCS
Director, Tommy Riddick
urges Perquimans County
procuders to register during
the designated Jan. 29-Feb. 6
period in order to be eligible to
vote, whether they are in
favor of the proposal or op
posed to it.
N.C. Soil Conservationists convene
The North Carolina
\ssociation of Soil and Water
Conservation Districts
honored State Senator Melvin
R. Daniels last week by
naming him the Con
servationist of the Year.
Mr. Daniels was cited for his
work in the creation and
adoption of many agricultural
and conservation related bills
for the Albemarle area.
The 37th annual State
Meeting of the North-Carolina
Association of Soil and Water
Conservation Districts was
held in the Pinehurst Hotel
and Country Club, January 6
9. The convention opened with
a memorial and Vesper
Service lead by State
Association Chaplin, Rev.
Charles Bullock.
The first assembly was held
Monday morning with Hilton
E. Meklburg, from Yuma,
Colorado, Vice-President of
the National Association of
Conservation Districts
(NADC) delivered the keynote
address. On Monday night, a
number of awards were
presented including the
"Conservation Firm Family
of the Year", The Johnston
District received this honor
and the conservation fanner
was awarded a trip to
Phoenix, Arizona, by the
Good-Year Tire and Rubber
Company, to visit their test
farm there and observe
methods of farming.
Sessions continued on
Tuesday with Commissioner
James A. Graham from the
North Carolina Department of
Agriculture speaking to the
Attending the meeting from
Perquimans County were:
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lassiter,
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Williams
and Mr. and Mrs. George
WINFALL, N.C. 426-5224
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with General
Statutes 163-33-(8) that the Primary Election will be
held May 6, 1 980 and the Second Primary, if necessary,
will be held on June 3, 1980, within the County of
Perquimans, North Carolina. The hours will be 6:30
A.M. until 7:30 P.M.
CANDIDATES seeking Party nomination in the First
Primary, May 6, 1980 may filein the office of the Board
of Elections beginning at 12:00 noon, January 7, 1980, ,
and not later than 12:00 noon, February 4, 1980^
pursuant to General Statues 163-106-c.
liM . 2 - {L , iS
Jean Winslow
As usual, this time of the year, our weeping fig (Ficus
benjamin*) shows signs of stress, that is, too many leaves are
falling. This is beeaise of a location which does not offer
enough light in the winter. So I moved it to a brighter spot, and
that should do the trick.
Weeping figs are in a large group of popular plants called
epiphytes, a Greek word meaning "oo a plant," which is highly
descriptive of the manner in which this family flourishes.
These familiar houseplants have a natural home high above
the dense shade of tropical rain forests. While this obviously
suggests that epiphytes love high humidity, it is incredible how
well they will survive the dry conditions of modern bousing.
Here's a Hst of epiphytes (you'll be surprised at bow many
you know): bird's nest fern, Boston, sword, staghorn and
rabbit's foot ferns, windowleaf, Spanish moss, wax plant
(Hoya), mistletoe cactus, lipstick plant, rubber plant,
mistletoe fig and weeping fig.
As you can see, these plants grow with their roots partially
exposed, snd since they must be kept well aereated, they
should never be left water-logged, and never transplanted
deeply into soil. Potting mixture for these plants should be
light with a lot of organic material. .
list Vom Ptopetty With
William F. Ainsley
Hertford, N.C.
Dial 426 - 7659
? Premium quality
? Over 1000 colors
? Dries quickly
? High hiding, washable finish
? Soapy water cleanup
The annual stockholders'
mooting of Hertford Sav
ings and Loan Association
will bo hold Wednesday
evening , February 13,
1980, 7:30 p.m? at the of
fice of the Association,
121 North Church Street,
Hertford, N.C This meet
ing Is called for the pur
pose of electing officers
and directors of the en
suing year, and transact
ing any other business
that might come before
the meeting .
The {eras like a little dude, with good humidity , while most
of the others prefer more light How clever they are in coo- 1
serving water, as they spend their natural Uvea being dreo- ?
ehed by mooaoons at the top of the forest canopy, only to battle ^
searing sun and wind the next week as the forest dries out. u
That wooly appearance on, aay, the ataghora fern la caused ~'n
by a layer of complexly branched hairs that hold a thick in- ?
sulating layer of stLQ air next to the leaf. The white color helps
It to absorb less radiatkm, more reflected light energy causes
leas heating of the leaf and less water loss. Some have huge
roots that wind around anything close to them and can aurvive
only on the heavy dew of the atmosphere.
David Lee, an expert on rain-forest plants, reports that he'
has seen weeping figs and rubber plants growing on buildings
in Southeast Asia, becoming so large they even split the con- ?
crate. Agreaaive rascals, aren't they? But in our habitat I
doubt you will ever have to issue commanda like "Down,
Ficua," or "Head that Hoya off at the pasa..." Obviously, the
history of these plants is bizarre, but if we realise how they
grow in the forests we will better understand their needs. ; / ,
As we anxiously await the next growing period, there are
still things to do besides sit by the fire. (I love it, I love it, It's so .
cosy.) ^
Remember our feathered friends with water and seed.
Turn that compost.
Split that wood, ?
Get a little laxy
You ain't doing what you should.
All property subject to Ad Valorem Taxation shall be listed
annually as prescribed by law.
The regular listing period will begin on Wednesday, Jan
uary 2. 1980 and end on Thursday, January 31, 1980.
List during the regular listing period and save ten per
cent penalty.
Mrs. Pool Byrum, List Taker
Belvidere Community Building
Mrs. Charles Ward, List Taker
C.R. Ward's Store /
Oras Winslow, List Taker
Courthouse, Hertford
Mrs. Anna Newton, List Taker
Winfall Community Building
Dates and times for these 4 townships are:
January 2. 3. 4, 9, 10. 1 1. 16. 17. 18. 23.
24. 25. 28. 29. 30. 31 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
January 5. 12. 19. 26 8:30 A.M. to IKK) P.M.
Melvin Eure, List Taker
Duronts Neck Past Office
and Woodville Fire Department
NOTE: Listing at
2 places.
Dates and time for the New Hope Township are:
January 3. 4, 10. 1 1, 16. 17. 18 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
January 5, 12, 19, 26. 9:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.
January 23, 24. 25
January 28. 29. 30. 31
9HK) A.M. to 3*00 P.M.
3:00 P.M. to 9rfK> P.M.
Machinery Act of 1971, 6.S. 103-308, duty to list; pen
alty for failure
Every person in whose name any property is to be listed under
the terms of this sub-chapter shall list the property with the
tax supervisor or proper list taker within the time allowed by
law on an abstract setting forth the information required by
this sub-chapter.
In addition to all other penalties prescribed by law, any
person whose duty it is to list any property who willfully fails or
refuses to list the same within the time prescribed by law shall
be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed
five hundred dollars ($500.00) or imprisonment not to exceed
six months. The failure to list shall be prima facie evidence that
the failure was willful.
Any persdn who removes or conceals property for the purpose
of evading taxation or who aides or Obets the removal or con
cealment of property for the purpose of evading taxation shall
be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed
five hundred dolars ($500.00) or imprisonment not to exceed
six months.
G.S. 105-277.1 excludes from peroperty taxes the first seven
thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500) in assessed value of
n certain property owned by North Carolina residents aged 65 or
older or totally and permanently disabled whose disposable;
income does not exceed nine thousand dollars ($9,000). The'
exclusion covers real propert occupied by the owner as his or
her permanent residence and/or household personal property
used by the owner in connection with hit or her permanent
residence. Disposable income includes all moneys received
other than gifts or inheritances received from a spouse, lineal
ancestors, or lineal descendants.
Perquimans County Tax

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