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Campbell receives
Reynolds Award
p Howard B. Campbell, Health
J; Director of the Pasquotank
? District Health Department waa
? preaented the prestigious Carl V.
? Reynolds Award daring the Awards
Banquet of the Annual Meeting of the
North Carolina Public Health
Association on September 22 in
The Reynolds Award is bestowed to
the individual member of the North
Carolina Public Health Association
? ?rho has made the greatest con
r tribution to public health in North
S Carolina during the past year,
k During the past year, Mr. Camp
I bell has worked diligently with the
? Division of Health Services,
p Department of Human Resources
p and the General Assembly to assure
? maximum funding for the provision
t of services by local health depart
? ments throughout the State,
?r He has served through the North
Z. Carolina Association of Local Health
m Directors as a major liason with the
X National and North Carolina
Associations of County Com
missioners and the Maternal and
Child Health Section of the Division
of Health Services.
He has been instrumental in the
review process of the recodification
of the Public Health Law before its
introduction in the Legislature.
On the local level, Mr. Campbell
continues to provide services, which
are not usually available in rural
counties, through a district health
department and a ten county
Developmental Evaluation Center
which includes two Speech and
Hearing Satellite Centers.
He is also maintaining and ex
panding a unique health department
based transportation system which
makes it possible for clients to reach
clinics and specialized services as
far away as Greenville, Chapel Hill
and Norfolk, Virginia.
Mr. Campbell's dedication to the
health and well being of the citizens
of his health district exemplifies the
concept and character of public
health in North Carolina.
F oundation grants
award to Hotline
Z The Elizabeth City Foundation has
Z awrded a $2,000 grant to the Outer
1 Banks Hotline to assist with the non
21 profit crisis counseling
Z organization's planned expansion
1 Into the five-county Albemarle region
Z this fall.
Z Hot line was established in June
Z 1980 to help bridge the gap between
jj people needing assistance and the
Z limited resources available in this
? *re*
? Currently, Hotline's twenty trained
? volunteer peer counselors offer free
' and confidential short-term coun
"J seling eo- a -nearly 24-hour basis to
?* persons in Dare County.
? Last month, with the help of a
? $1,200 matching grant from the Outer
Z Banks Community Foundation and
* local contributions, a toll-free ex
? tended phone line from Hotline to
Z Hatteras .was installed, making
* services more accessible to the
? people of Hatteras Island.
- Nancy Griffin, Executive Director
? of Hotline, said she expects a similar
* toll-free phone line to be in place by
Z iate October which will extend
?? telephone counseling, information
?and referral services to Currituck.
? Camden, Pasquotank, Perquimans
* and Chowan Counties.
? Over the last three years, Hotline,
? sometimes described as an
L "emotional rescue squad," has
Z handled calls concerning suicide,
depression, rape, drug and alcohol
^ abuse, family violence, problem
Z pregnancy and sexuality, as well as
generalized problems of transience.
?? For the last several months,
? Hotline has averaged over 100 calls
? per month and expects the numbers
of calls to increase significatly with
i the addition of the new toll-free lines.
Z Hotline also acts as an information
?aod referral link to other service
providers in the area. In several
J recent cases. Hotline has worked
"'cooperatively with Albemarle
? Hoepline, a crisis service for women
rwho are victimes of rape or spouse
"Both agencies want the publice to
be more aware of the different kinds
of help we can provide," Griffin
stated. "Right now, Hotline is in the
process of contacting agencies, civic,
school and church groups throughout
the Albemarle region ot let them
know about our services."
Griffin added that Hotline is
always looking for new volunteers.
"We're beginning to recruit and set
up screening interviews now for
another training session this fall."
Anyone interested in becoming a
Hotline volunteer or arranging for a
speaker should call the Hotline
business office at 441-6066.
W. G. Gaither Jr., Chairman of the
Elizabeth City Foundation, said the
grant to Hotline was made possible
by the generosity of the late Pauline
Clark and that the Foundation hopes
its assets will grow in value so that
the Foundation can be of greater
service to the community.
New program at NCNB
NCNB Natinal Bank began a new
program October 1 that allows
customers to design their own cer
tificates of deposit, selecting any
deposit amount from $1,000 on up and
any term from seven days to five
"This new program allows our
customers to take advantage of
deregulation, and tailor certificates
of deposit to meet their specific
financial needs," said Ken Reynolds,
NCNB marketing vice president.
NCNB currently offers six types of
certificates of deposit to individual
customers ? three and a half years,
two and a half years. 18 months, six
months, 91 days and Flexi-Term of
seven to 31 days.
Under the new program,
customers will choose their own term
for time deposits, from seven days to
five years. They will also choose the
specific amount they want to deposit,
from $1,000 and up.
The interest rate the certificate
will earn will be based on the com
bination of term and amount of
money the customer chooses,
Reynolds said. Certificates with
longer terms and certificate* in
greater amounts normally will earn
more interest than shorter term,
small certificates.
"What it boils down to is that
deregulation has given us the op
portunity to offer our customers a
high degree of flexibility in our
certificates of deposit," Reynolds
"Deregulation gives banks many
more opportunities to be innovative
in the products and services they
offer," Reynolds said.
"At NCNB, we plan to use our new
authority under deregulation to offer
customers as many financial ad
vantages as possible. The changes in
our certificate of deposit program is
one example of these advantages."
Effective October 1, the Depository
Institutions Deregulation Committee
(DIDO eliminated the interest rate
ceilings on almost all time deposits,
except regular savings.
As part of this deregulation, DIDC
is also reducing the minimum
required interest penalty for early
withdrawal. On time deposits of 32
days to one year, the penalty is being
reduced from loss of three months'
interest to loss of one month's in
And on time deposits of more than
one year, the penalty is being
reduced from loss of interest for six
months to three months.
Banks are allowed to impose
penalties greater than the minimum
required by law, but NCNB will
implement only the minimum early
withdrawal penalty.
low It All"
? ~ JM. 3, Box 109
HERrFORD, N.C. 27944
Cole announces plans to open
new law practice in Hertford
On October 5, Janice McKenzie
Cole was sworn in as an attorney
licensed to practice law in North
Carolina by Judge Herbert Smalls in
the presence of Judge Herbert O.
Phillips at the County Courthouse in
named rep
Bonnie K. Edwards of Rocky
Mount has been employed as Eastern
Regional Representative for the
North Carolina Affiliate of the
American Diabetes Association. The
announcement was made recently by
Ellen Henson, Executive Director.
Prior to joining the ADA staff,
Edwards, a Nashville native, was
Office Manager of People's Bank
West Office in Rocky Mount. She
attended Hardbarger Business
College and the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill.
She has been active in community
affairs, having worked on the YMCA
Membership Drive, Heart Fund, and
Rocky Mount Chamber of Com
Edwards duties will include
recruitment and orientation of
volunteers, developing new chapters
and assisting existing chapters,
serve as liason between chapters and
the Affiliate, workshop coordinator,
assisting in the development and
implementation of programs and
fund raising.
She will be servicing the
Perquimans County area.
% ^
U.S. 17 SOUTH PHONE 335-54C8|
Elizabeth City, N.C.
FCX Grabb St Extd.
Hertford. NX. 426-577lW^ ?
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Elizabeth City.
Cole was introduced to the court by
William T. Davis, an attorney
practicing in Elizabeth City.
She moved to Hertford this year
with her husband, James Carlton
Cole, a native of Elizabeth City. Cole
intends to open her office in Hertford,
for the general practice of law.
Cole was formerly an Assistant
United States Attorney in the
Eastern District of New York. She
was licensed to practice law in New
York State after receiving her law
degree from Fordham University in
New York City.
She also holds a B.A. degree in
government (which she recieved
summa cum laude) and a Masters
degree in public administration from
John Jay College of Criminal Justice,
part of the City University of New
Prior to entering the U.S. At
torney's Office, Cole held a wide
variety of jobs which included two
years as a police officer with the New
York City Police Department.
While in the U.S. Attorney's Office
she prosecuted violations of the
federal laws which included
violations of the narcotic, im
migration, copyright, postal,
counterfeiting, interstate theft and
agriculture laws.
In addition to being licensed to
practice before the state courts in
New York, Cole is also admitted to
practice before the federal district
courts in the Eastern and Southern
Districts of New York and the United
States Court of Appeals for the
Second Circuit.
Ms. Cole's office telephone number
is 426-8282.
Plumbing, Heating, A.C.
Electrical Contracting
Waterheaters, Sales-Service,
Sharpening Service
"One Call L
C?H "Hatch"
Pair Is
Even Better.
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