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Interdenominational Sunday School lesson?
The Meana: God's Son
Rom ana S:21-X; 5:?-U;
Coloaalana 1 : 13-14
"For all have tinned and come
short of the Glory of God." (Romans
Our studies are now centered in the
theme "God Redeems His People."
Today's lesson is the third in the
series. The first lesson dealt with (he
reason God would need to redeem His
people ? their problem was sin.
The second lesson dealt with why
God would want to redeem His people
? His people ? the means: His Son,
Jesus. So we see in these three
lessons the problem, the motive and
the means involved ip God's
redemptive plan.
The Scripture given for today's
lesson is taken from the pen of the
Apostle, Paul, his letters to the
Romans and to the Colossians. We
now come to consider the means of
our salvation. It is brought about
through God's Son.
Verse eight of chapter five
describes it, "But God commanded
His love toward us, in that, while we
were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
Christ paid the debt for mankind's
Let's back up for a moment to the
children of Israel and the Old
Testament. To 'the Israelites God
gave His law to tell them how to do
right, but they did wrong. The law did
not make them righteous: it merely
showed them how unrighteous they
They could have been righteous by
obeying God's laws and commands
but they did not. So how can sinners
become righteous?
Church news
Great Hope and Center HiU Baptist
Churches would like to announce Fall
Evening Worship services. Great
Hope will host services on the first
and third Sundays at 7:30 p.m.
The community is invited to share
in programs, films and sermons that
continue to lead us to Our Lord Jesus
Center Hill will be host church on
the second and fourth Sundays.
The Elizabeth City Chapter of
Women's Aglow meets Saturday,
October 15, at 9 a.m. at Tucks. Come
bring a friend and enjoy the
fellowship continental breakfast for
Regular morning services at
Saunders Grove Baptist Church
begin at 11:30 a.m. with Rev. Jerald
Perry Sr. of Onmunity Temple in
Windsor, N.C.
First Baptist Church school begins
t 9:45 a.m. with Supt. Sis. R. B.
Gihbs. Morning worship begins at
11:00 a.m. with the pastor, Rev. J. H.
London, preaching on the subject
"Harvest Time." The Senior Choir
will sing under the direction of Sis.
Barbara J. Shannon.
The Perquimans County
Fellowship Union will convene
Sunday at 7 p.m. at the New Haven
Baptist Church. Rev. Joseph Leroy
Wills, pastor of Pools Grove Baptist
Church will preach. Saunders Grove
Baptist Church will be in charge of
Rev. J. H. Lodnon is asking that a
special offering be given on behalf of
the union to Mrs. C. A. Proctor.
Choir dedication set
Choir Dedication Sunday will be
celebrated at Hertford United
Methodist Church on Sunday, Oc
tober 16 at 11:00 a.m.
Miss Caroline Wright, organist
choir director, will be presenting
each of the choirs. The schedule of
practice is as follows:
Youth ? Monday at 4:00; Primary
? Tuesday at 4:00; Adults ? Wed
nesday at 7:15; Juniors ? Thursday
Plans for the Thanks and Praise
Musical to be presented on Sunday,
November 18 at 7:30 are already
underway. All interested persons are
invited to be a part of this music
Roman* S: 21 -X
The righteousness of God Is what
we need. The lawi provided a way,
but people would not live by them. So
God provided a way in which all
people could escape the penalty of
their sin through His Son, Jesus.
Chapter three, verses 22 and 23 say
it plainly: "Even the Righteousness
of God which is by faith of Jesus
Christ unto all and upon all them that
believe. For there is no difference:
For all have sinned, and come short
of the Glory of God."
Jesus' death on the cross justifies
our righteous relationship with God.
That is how we sinners become
Romans 5: *-11
As Christians we are justified,
made righteous. That is what the
Apostle Paul tells us in the first part
of today's text. In the last part of that
text Paul tells us that we cannot
boast about our righteousness, for it
is not due to any goodness, or power
of our own.
It is a gift from God. We do not
deserve it, but God graciously gives
it to us because we believe in His Son.
We have peace with God and rejoice
in the hope of sharing His Glory in
A word from . . .
. . . Mt. Sinai
Who's in charge around here?
I've often entered a group and
had to ask such o question.
Maybe we should look at our
lives like that. If you had a re
play of your life, would it look
orderly and with direction? Or a
confused mess? No wonder terms
like stress, depression, burn-out
ore on everyone's lips. All the
wrong people are in charge. Man
cannot run something he knows
nothing about. God created man.
Who would know better than Him
how life should be run?
You can get out of the "rat
race" if you will call upon Jesus
Christ. He can pick up the pieces
and organize your life occording to
his plan for your life. You will have
to answer to him sooner or later,
why not now?
"And Jesus came and spoke unto
them saying, All authority is given
unto me in heaven and in earth."
(Matt. 28:18)
Answer last week Esther. Who is
the king that built Bethlehem?
You are welcome to worship
with us any Wednesday night 7:30,
Sunday 10-11:00. Our young peo
ple meet 8:00 Tuesday night. If
you need a ride let us know.
George Wilmore, Pastor
Mt. Sinai
So. Baptist Church
Save a buck!
Annual subscription fees to
The Perquimans Weekly
will increase by'l00 effective
October 1, 1983
ln-county subscriptions will be $8.50
Out-of-county subscriptions will be $9?50
Subscribers may renew their
papers at the old rate from
now through October 15.
Newsstand prices will increase
to 25* per copy. Effective
with the first issue in October.
j4 ? ? i /' .< ..
enew now and Save!
But, let's look at the word "saved"
tor a moment. Saved fron what, to
what? Doe* this mean that we will
not sin anymore? Read verses 9-11
again. Through the shedding of
Jesus' blood we are justified to have
our sins forgiven ? and shall be
saved from the wrath, or the penalty,
for those sins.
We are reconciled to God
(redeemed) and saved t?V heavenly
life in eternity. Our tins made us
enemies of Cod. The death of Christ
atoned for those sins. By God's Grace
and our faith, our sins were forgiven
and taken away. Our slate has been
wiped clean, our joy is in God.
Colossi ans 1:13-14
These two verses of our text
summarize what Paul has been
saying in this lesson. The Scripture
used the word "translated," the
modem word would be "tran
God has rescued us from the power
of darkness, that it, the domain of
Satan and sin, and transferred us to a
different realm, the realm and rule of
His Son, Jesus.
Our life is changed and we should
live the life of a transformed person.'
Our way of living should now be
suited to being a citizen in the
Kingdom of God.
Jehovah's Witnesses plan assembly
The Hertford congregation
Jehovah's Witnesses ha* made plans
to attend a circuit assembly of
Jehovah's Witnesses that will be held
Saturday and Sunday, October IS and
16, at the Martin County Auditorium
in Williamston.
More than 1,000 Witnesses and
interested persons from nine other
congregations are expected to at
The theme of this assembly, ac
cording to load minister, Kelly Bond
is "Recommending Ourselves As
God's Ministers."
"This circuit assembly program
will ehlp us appreciate and fulfill our
responsibilities as God's Ministers,"
he said.
Principal speaker for this event
will be Louis R. Beda, district
representative for more than 25,000
of Jehovah's Witnesses in North
Carolina and Virginia.
Sunday at 2 p.m., Mr. Beda will
speak on "What Future Is There For
You?" Commenting about this ad
dress Bond said: "Jehovah, the God
of Purpose controls the future. None
can compare with him in accurately
foretelling the future. Nothing can
change his purpose."
"God, is now emphasizing a pur
poseful future for obedient mankind
and such a future can be ours," he
? For Your Information
Dear friends,
You can arrange a
fund specifically to pa/
for funeral and burial
expenses for one or
more members of your
family. Such a Funeral
Trust Fund, invested
with a bank or savings
and loan, earns interest
to keep pace with in
flation. We are familiar
with state laws govern
ing the prefinancing of
funerals and can pro
vide information on
setting up your Funeral
Trust Fund.
Woodland St.
Hertford, NC
b20%?, :
All Fall and
> Thursday,
1 Friday and
\ Saturday only.
426-5620 7

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