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The Lighthouse
It's movie time again at The
Lighthouse SOS E. Church Street. We
have two Alms, "So Little Time," (or
the youth and "Rainbow" (or the
children. Ministry begins at 7:30 p.m.
this Friday.
Saturday, The Anchormen will be
back to minister in song. Take a
stand and show your support by
coming out at 7:30, or by turning your
radio to WCNC at <:00 p.m. Call at
! 335-2141 k 335-7036, and let us know
, you're standing with us.
"Not everyone that saith unto me,
j' Lord, Lord, shall enter into the
kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth
the will of my Father which is in
heaven." Matthew 7:21.
Upper Elver Friends Meeting
Up River Friends Meeting on Road
1208, twelve miles north of Hertford,
will have Revival Meeting October 24
through SO, each week-night at 7:30
and Sunday night at 7. Loyd Pugh,
Pastor of Bethesda Friends Meeting
near Dunn, NC, is the guest
A native of Greensboro, Pugh is a
graduate of Malone College, Canton,
Ohio. He has served as a pastor or
youth director in several North
Sunday School lesson
The Remit: New Persona
EphetUni 4: 17-5:2
1 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if any man be in Christ,
he is a new creature: Old things are
passed away; behold, all things are
become new . " ( 1 Corinthians 5:17)
Today's lesson is the fourth and
last lesson in a series entitled "God
Redeems His People." In the first
lesson we asked, "Why would God
need to redeem His people unto
Himself?" and we learned the
problem was sin. Mankind had
sinned, which created a chasm
between him and God.
In the second lesson, we asked,
"Why would God want to redeem
mankind unto Himself," and saw the
motive was God's love. In the third
lesson we asked, "How would God do
it," and learned that the means was
through His Son Jesus, who paid the
sin debt by His death on the cross,
thus enabling people to be redeemed
and saved.
In today's lesson, the question is
asked, "What happens when those
who, through faith, believe that Jesus
died for the sins of man?"
The scriptures given for today's
lesson tell us that the result is that
people become "new persons."
According to the Apostle Paul they
become new creatures.
They have been born again. When
we become Christians we are new in
more ways than one. First, we are
different than the old person we used
to be. Our wishes, our motives, our
characters, our thinking, our talking,
our acting ? "all things become
Second, we are new in the sense
that we are young. We are beginners
and we need to grow and mature. We
need to develop wisdom and
character and strength and goodness
? to grow in favor with God and man
and to mature in Christ.
The Apostle Paul, in writing his
letter to the church located in
Ephesus, Greece, notes that we are
called to a new life as new persons.
He points out some things that we
should not do and, also, some things
that we should do.
Read the entire chapter of
Ephesians 4 to get the full picture. I
urge to do so. First, he speaks of the
old way of life.
The Old Way
Ephesians 4:17-19
Before describing our new way,
Paul gives us a glimpse of the old
way we have left behind. It is
characterized by vanity, ignorance
and wickedness. Vanity is wor
thlessness or uselessness.
People who have turned inward
and are selfishly motivated, thinking
Methodist host bazaar
* The women of Hertford United
"Methodist Church will hQld their
annual bazaar and luncheon at the
?church on Wednesday, November 2.
? Handicrafts, foods, stationery and
imported items are among the many
'types of items which will be on sale
beginning at 10 a.m. Chicken salad
luncheon will be served at 11 : 30.
The public is cordially invited to
the bazaar. Tickets for the luncheon
may be obtained from the UMW
Johnson White Insurance Co.
can now offer 25% Deviation on
Homeowner policies and add an
additional 16% on new homes.
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426-7705 Becky & Allen Winslow
"To Serve You Is A Real Privilege" ^
We members of the Thomas O. Harrell family
would like to express our appreciation to all of
those who share! our concerns during his ex*
tended illness and his recent passing. The many
cards, the array of beautiful flowers, the abundant
Sharing of food, the visitations, and the prayers,
were truly received with a sincere thank you.
Thelma S. Harrell
T. Stanton Harrell
Carolyn H. Winslow
only of themselves, and their own
pleasures and desires. They lack the
vision of goodness and greatness in
service to God and their fellowman.
Ignorance! That is what cuts the
heathen off from the love of God.
They do not know that God gave them
life. In Ephesians 4:20-24, Paul then
speaks to the transformation which
takes place when one has been
converted ? he is to be transformed
from the old ways to the ways of God.
The New Way
Ephesians 4: 25 & 5:2
It is God who made us and it is He
who makes us over. We cannot
transform ourselves from sinners to
saints. Paul outlines things that we
are to do if God is to take us as new
creatures and shape us into His
He gives a whole list of things that
we are not to do. These belong to the
old person. The neww way is a way of
truth, self-control and helpfulness,
things that have lasting qualities.
Paul then sums it all up in verse
two of chapter five; "And walk, in
love, as Christ hath also loved us. and
hath given Himself for us an offering
and sacrifice to God for a sweet
smelling savor."
On November 8th
Bill Cox
For Mayor
Your support will
be greatly
Paid for by the
Committee to Re-Elect Bill Coi.
A word from . . .
. . . Mt. Sinai
The family in America has gone
through many changes since the
fifties. There ore more working
mothers, teens have become more
independent and fathers won't
take charge anymore. Divorce will
get one of two marriages.. Of all
the suicides in America forty per
cent will be teens or younger.
The family wos created by God
Who but Him would know better
how to keep it together?
Mt. Sinoi Baptist Church is
hosting o family enrichment week
end Nov. 4, 5, 6 at 7:30 each
night. Ron and Lynda Benson are
both Seminary graduates, called
of God to minister to families. If
your family is in trouble there is
hope. The marrioge vows you
took before God are for life. God
can see your marriage through.
You may not hove family pro
blems now or you may have pro
blems and , don't know It. Many
pitfalls that cause family tension
can be avoided b'jt ore often
overlooked. If you love your
family, you owe it to them and
yourself to , know more about
family management.
Join us Wednesday night 7:30,
Sunday morning 10:00 and 11:00
for praise and worship.
Answer last week: 2 Chron.
Who are the Sons of thunder?
George Wilmore, Pastor
Mt. Sinai
So. Baptist Church
Carolina Friends Churches.
He is also a gifted soloist and will
provide some special music. Besides
the singing by Up River choirs and
other groups or individuals, there
will be music by choirs of neigh
boring churches.
Pastor Rendel Cosand will lead the
singing, with Miss Johnnie White as
organist and Rick Pronto as pianist.
Pastor Cosand and the people of Up
River Meeting invite the public to
this special series of meetings.
Snug Harbor
Community Church
On Sunday, October 23, at 3 o'clock,
The Snug Harbor Community Church
will have a service of dedication for
the beautiful organ given in memory
of James "Jesse" Ricks by his
The program will include a mini
concert with organists Andy Hum
pherys, Caroline Wright and Eddie
Hauck performing.
Berea Church of Christ
Berea Church of Christ, Route 3,
Hertford, will hold a revival October
23 through 28.
Norman Miller of Bath, N. C. will
be the guest speaker. He ministers at
St. Claire's Church of Christ in Bath.
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace
Miller, Route 2, Hertford.
The public is cordially invited to
attend beginning at 7:30 nightly.
ChappeU Hill Baptist Church
Chappell Hill Baptist Church will
be having their annual Harvest-Time
Revival starting Sunday night, Oc
tober 23, and continuing through
Friday night, October 28. Rev.
Damon Wyatt will be the evangelist
for the revival.
Rev. Wyatt is pastor of Sweethaven
Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Va.
He is a well known evangelist, chalk
artist and vocalist. He also ministers
through television and radio in our
Also sharing during this week of
revival will be Mr. Buddy Gibbs, a
well known vocalist in his own right.
The Chappell Hill Chancel Choir will
be singing each night, along with
other music personalities from the
(Elifton Sc (Elifton Monuments
Call Anzie at 335 1570 or 264-2572
(after 5 p.m.) for a shop or home
appointment and let her tell you
how we personalize each monument
we sell.
When you buy from Clifton & Clifton Monument*:
fOU see the memorial you h?c purchased:
fOU determine the lettering and carving style from our large selection!
fOU approve the complete layout of your memorial prior to cutting!
fOU are asked to be at the cemetery to see your stone erected on five foot pilings of cement!
Ve make sure that every step of production is approved by YOU, leaving nothing to chance!
It is our pleasure to serve you. please come
by and visit us
Hours: Mon. Fri. 8:00-5:00 Sal 8:00-12:00 333-1370^
Iwj. 17 South
kcross from
foistlini Pines
The Annual Harvest-Time Revival
is a time of renewal (or the Chappell
Hill Baptist Church family as well as
for many more from the surrounding
community and for whoever will
come in humility seeking renewal
with God.
The public is invited to come and
share in this time of evangelistic
The church is located on state road
1002 between Belvidere and Center
Hill (Tyner), approximately two
miles from Belvidere. Rev. Billy Old
is the pastor.
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church School will
begin at 9:45 a.m. Superintendent R.
B. Gibbs will be in charge. Morning
worship begins at 11:00 a.m. with
Rev. J. H. London preaching on the
subject: "The Church ? The Body of
The Senior Choir will sing under
direction of Sis. Mary L. James,
The Wynn's Grove Baptist Church
will install their newly elected
Pastor, Rev. Walter A. Davis of
Elizabeth City. The bus will leave
First Baptist Church at 4: 15 p.m.
Services start at 5:00 p.m. Rev.
John G. Trotman and Cornerstone
Baptist Church will be in charge.
= For Your Information
Dear friends,
What to tell the
children when a death
occurs in the family?
The answer ? tell
them "the truth". A
simple explanation of
the fact that death
occurs eventually to
all living things is
the most wholesome
for the child. It is far
better than pretending
that grandma has
merely "gone away for
Dress Shop
PHONE 426-5745
The Perquimans
Perquimans County'* Only Netm/taper
For And About Perquiinnnx People
Exxon Products
Hertford, N.C.

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