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Volume $7, No. 14
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Hertford, Perquimans County, N.C., Thursday, April 2, 1987
Pictured above are all the students from Perquimans High School who participated in the math contest at ECSU.
Students win math contest
Perquimans High School has won
first place in a district math contest
which was held March 26th at Elia
beth City State University.
Students from Perquimans High
School competed in all categories in
cluding Algebra I, Algebra II, Geom
etry, and Comprehensive Math.
The contest consisted of each stu
dent taking an 80 minute written
exam in his or her area. Students
were then ranked according to scores
in their area, and overall.
Perquimans High School placed
first overall in the senior division of
the contest outplacing such schools
as Currituck High School, Hunt High
School, Wilson, N.C., J.H. Rose High
School, Greenville, N.C., and North
eastern High School.
Several of the students who com
peted will now move on to regional
math contests which will be held
throughout the region in such places
as Washington, N.C., and Rocky
Students were selected to compete
in the district contest by the math
faculty at the high school which in
cludes Mrs. Anne Flippen, Robin
Ward, and Kathleen Brickhouse.
Students from the high school will
also be competing in a math contest
on April 16th at East Carolina Uni
The contest will be similar to the
one held in Elizabeth City, but differ
ent students will be competing in the
The winners of the contest were as
follows: Algebra I: Stuart Rayburn?
2nd place, Selena Overton? 3rd
place, Leonard Mansfield? 4th place,
Valerie Burke? 6th {dace, and Yvette
Lee? 13th place. Algebra II: Kevin
Lewis? 3rd place, Joanna Haskett?
4th place, and Terri Baker? 10th
place. Geometry: Lori White? 14th
place, and Angel Adams? 16th place.
Comprehensive Math: Misty Kuno?
5th place.
All five students who won a place in
Algebra I will be going on to regional
competition, two students will be
continuing on from the Algebra II
group, and one will go on from com
prehensive math.
Pictured above are the math contest winners. Left to right
front row are Misty Kuno, and Terri Baker. Back row: Stuart
Rayburn, Kevin Lewis, Leonard Mansfield, and Selena Over
ton. They are pictured with the winning trophy.
Youngsters offer aid to fellow student
An unusual event occurred in the
^ lives of two Perquimans County
youngsters last Thursday.
Paul Keoun, and Linda Felton had
the opportunity to assist a fellow stu
dent, and utilize their knowledge of
life saving techniques.
While enroute home last Thursday,
Linda a sixth grader at Hertford
Grammar School, noticed that a fel
low student, Ramon Coleman, also a
sixth grader at Hertford Grammar
School, who was sitting in the seat in
' front of her was apparently choking
on something. Ramon had attempted
to get the attention of the bus driver,
Demetria Felton, but was unable to
do so. When Linda realized that Ra
mon was having a problem breathing
she began hitting Ramon on the back,
and yelled for her sister Demetria to
stop the bus.
After Demetria gained clearance
on the road and stopped the bus,
Linda with the help of the other stu
dents took Ramon from the bus. She
than located the landmark for the
Heimlick maneuver, and attempted
to administer it to Ramon; however,
Linda was not strong enough to dis
lodge the object from Ramon's throat
so Paul Keoun, a seventh grader at
Union School, stepped in to help.
Paul, who at the time was taking a
CPR course at Union under the in
struction of Mr. Sid Eley, Science
teacher, Mrs. Carolyn Spivey, Spe
cial Education teacher, and Mrs.
Logan, Emergency Medical Techni
cian, and teacher's assistant, has
been taught Cardiopulmonary Resus
citation, and the Heimlick maneuver
for use on adults, children, and in
fants. Paul proceeded to perform the
maneuver on Ramon, and according
to H. B. Miller, a member of the res
cue squad who arrived at the scene,
Linda and Paul's efforts dislodged
the object to allow some passage of
Mr. Miller stated that when he ar
rived at the scene Ramon's airway
was particially open. Some particles
of the object were still in Ramon's
throat, but he was able to breath
more freely. Mr. Miller dislodged the
object completely. Miller added that
Linda and Paul did a fine job in as
sisting Ramon.
Because of their quick thinking,
and heroic efforts, Ramon was able
to breathe sufficiently until the Res
cue Sqaud arrived.
Both Linda and Paul have stated
that everything happened so quickly
that they didn't hdve time to think
about what they were doing. They
just did what Lhey knew they needed
to do to help Ramon.
Ramon was treated and released
from the Winfall Medical clinic.
Both the staff and students of Hert
ford Grammar School, and Perqui
mans Union School are extremely
proud of Linda Felton, and Paul
Seminar to focus on leadership for minority women
A seminar focusing on leadership
skills for rural minority women will
| be held on April 25, 1987, at the Albe
marle Commission Building in Hert
ford, North Carolina. This seminar is
designed to encourage rural minority
women to become involved as volun
teers and community leaders.
The theme for the seminar is "Pos
itive Thinking For Leadership" and
win feature several outstanding
speakers who will address the idea of
positive thinking and leadership. Hie
\ speakers for the seminar will include
Mr. Ralph Mitchell of Merritt, Mitch
ell Associates. Mitchell who resides
in Pittsboro, North Carolina is an out
standing motivational speaker that
leaves the audience on the edge of
their seat, ready to go out and get
things done. Attorney Ronald G.
Penny of Penny Barnes and Rodgers,
Elizabeth City, North Carolina, will
be on hand to discuss ways to support
one another as we take on leadership
roles. Mrs. Gloria Mitchell, former
Social Worker and Supervisor of So
cial Workers will discuss how self-es
teem and spiritual values help create
positive thinking. Mrs. Mitchell re
sides in Perquimans County.
Dr. Brenda Allen, Leadership De
velopment Specialist, Agricultural
Extension Service will be the lun
cheon speaker. Allen is the statewide
coordinator for the Leadership De
velopment Program For Rural Mi
nority Women.
Mark your calendars now and plan
to attend because this seminar may
be what you have been looking for to
help build confidence in yourself and
develop your capabilities as a leader.
The seminar will began at 9:15 a.m.,
at the Albemarle Commission Build
ing (ARPDC) in Hertford. A charge
of $5.00 covers lunch and must be
paid to the Perquimans County Ex
tension Office by April 8, 1987 to en
sure lunch reservations for partici
For information on how to register
for this seminar contact Mrs. Estelle
Felton at 426-7697. Don't miss this op
portunity! Call Now!
(This seminar is being sponsored
locally by the Perquimans County
Extension Service, and is open to any
person regardless of race, color, age,
national origin, handicap, sex or reli
/ ?Governor discusses
expansion off bases
RALEIGH -Governor Jim Martin
has directed the N.C. Department of
Administration to coordinate an in
depth review of a U.S. Navy request
to expand Military Operation areas
9 over Eastern North Carolina.
In addition, the Governor has writ
ten the U.S. Navy to express the
state's concerns regarding the ex
pansion proposals known as Cherry I
and Core.
The Department of Administration
has been coordinating a comprehen
sive in-depth review of the draft En
vironmental Impact Statement Con
cerning these expansion propoaals
r Tlie Departments of Transportation,
J Juktice, Natural Resources and Com
m unity DovdopHMfli, and A grim I
ture have also worked together to re
view the project.
"I understand the U.S. Navy's
needs and I certainly believe in a
strong military," Governor Martin
said. "But my point of view focuses
on the welfare and safety of our citi
zens and that is why I have asked for
a detailed analysis of this issue."
Environmental concerns surround
ing the of military opera
tion include the noise effects on dti
xens and wildUf e and the dtsbrfaance
of the charaocter of the Cape Lookout
nomic effects on commercial fishing
operations utilizing aerial spraying
are also beta* studied.
Pictured above is Pdul Keoun who came to the aid of his
fellow student last weekwhen he was choking on the bns. Paul
assisted Linda Felton in partially clearingthe child's airway.
Area school officials
meet with legislators
Area legislators were on hand Mon
day to discuss current issues in edu
cation with local school officials.
Representatives Vernon James,
Pete Thompson, and Senator Marc
Basnight met with members of the
board of education, School Superin
tendant, Pat Harrell, central office
employees, Principals, Vice Princi
pals, and members of the career lad
der steering committee to discuss
and review current and upcoming is
sues in education.
Mr. Clifford Winslow welcomed ev
eryone, and thanked the legislators
for offering the county the opportu
nity to hold such a meeting.
The group discussed upcoming
bills in the legislature which will ef
fect education such as the bill which
includes the possible levy of an addi
tional one cent sales tax which would
be earmarked for school construc
All three of the legislators stated
their support of the bill.
Rep. James stated that he is in fa
vor of this bill because it will allow
small counties the opportunity to fu
fill some requirements of the basic
education plan, specifically the re
quirement for 13 percent more class
rooms in the upcoming year. Mr.
Thompson stated that he also sup
ports this bill, and added that it will
allow school boards to use these addi
tional funds to pay off existing bonds
if needed, rather than just providing
money for new school construction.
The legislators added that although
they support the bill, they are unsure
if the bill will pass. They stated that
many of the republicans in the gen
eral assembly are opposed to any ad
ditional taxation.
The group also discussed salary in
creases for teachers in the upcoming
year. Basnight who sits on the educa
tion committee reported that he feels
teachers can expect a two to four per
cent increase in their salaries this
year. Basnight stated that he would
like to see teacher's salaries in
creased by about $2500.00 to the na
tional average, but added he did not
know when or if that would happen.
Rep. James stated that over the
years the state has added many new
programs to our educational system,
programs which have added additio
nal expense. The money used for
some of these projects, in the past
had been available for teacher salary
The career ladder for teachers was
also discussed at Monday's meeting.
The legislators asked for feedback on
the program from the teachers pre
Members of the county's steering
committee for the career ladder pro
gram expressed some concerns of
the county's teachers, and stated that
they feel the pilot period of the pro
gram needs to be extended. They also
stated they feel teachers are more
comfortable with the program this
year than they were last year. One
issue that the steering committee,
and Chris Barber, who is the head of
evaluating teachers for the program
in the county stated is that there is
not enough time for proper evalua
tion of teachers currently. They
stated that formal evaluations can be
conducted, but that there is not al
ways enough time to provide teach
ers with hints and information on
how they can improve and become
better teachers.
Anne Flippen, a member of the
steering committee also told Senator
Basnight that the evaluators don't al
ways see all the effort that a teacher
puts into his or her work. She stated
that some of the teachers are frus
trated because the evaluators only
see them for one class period, and
may not even see a whole lesson
The group also discussed some
other issues such as the no pass- no
play legislation, no pass- no drive leg
islation, the drop rate, and issues fac
ing the state board of education.
At the conclusion of the meeting
the legislators thanked everyone for
their comments and opinions, and of
fered their continued support of edu
Burke selected
Damion Burke, a nineth grade stu
dent from Perquimans County High
School, has been selected for the 1987
North Carolina Bandmasters Asso
ciation, Junior High School All-State
Honors Band. A Band Clinic and Con
cert for this group of students will be
held April 24, 25, and 26th at North
Carolina State University at Raleigh.
The Junior High School Honors Band
consists of the top 83 student musi
cians in grades 7 through 9 from
throughout the state.
Damion, who was selected on
Tuba, is 15 years old and was a mem
ber of the 1987 All-Eastern District
Junior High School Symphonic Band
which met at East Carolina Univer
sity in February. Selected by audi
tion, Burke placed 1st in the East and
State on the Tuba. He is the sixth stu
dent in as many years from Perqui
mans to be selected for the Honors
Band, and a student of David Ziem
Besides his music studies Burke is
also a member of the school JV Foot
ball team. He is a member of the Per
quimans County 4-H Club and attends
Poole's Grove Baptist Church.
Damion is the son of Emma and
Clarence Burke.
Ziemba honored
David Ziemba, Band Director of
the Perquimans County School's
bands has been selected to conduct
an all-regional band concert.
The concert band will be com
prised of junior high students from
Martin, Tyrrell, and Washington
counties, and the concert will be held
Wednesday, April 8th at the
Williamston Civic Center.
"I am very excited about conduct
ing and working with these bands for
this special event," said Ziemba.
Pearson Music Company, of Dur
ham, North Carolina will be sponsor
ing the regional clinic, and Ziemba
was selected to conduct the concert
by the band directors from the
schools involved because of his ex
pertise in the field.
Band rehearsals for the event will
be held the day of the concert, April
8th, from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon
and again from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 in
the afternoon. The concert will begin
at 7:30 p.m. that evening.
Mr. Ziemba has also been selected
to conduct the all eastern district
concert band in February at East
Carolina University School of Music.
The all eastern district band will be
comprised of students from through
out eastern North Carolina.
Buoy regulations outlined
In May of 1986 the N.C. Division of
Marine Fisheries adopted new gill
net buoy and identification regula
tions which apply to all coastal wa
ters including the Perquimans River.
These new regulations went into ef
fect on March 1st, and require two
yellow buoys on the ends of each net
or net set, which shall be of solid
foam or other buoyant material.
These buoys are too be no smaller
than five inches in diameter and five
inches in length. One of the buoys on
each end of the nets is to be indenti
fied by engraving or attaching metal
or plastic tags to the buoys.
Crab pots must also be identified in
coastal waters. A solid buoy of any
color except yellow, minimum size of
five inches by five inches must be at
tached to the pot. Owner identifica
tion is also required on all crab pots.
The Perquimans River is full of
nets and will soon be filled with crab
pots as it gets wanner. Boaters and
others who are in the river are urged
to stay dear of net and pots to avoid
damage to both.
For more information on theae reg
ulations call toll free 140048-X32
between 8:30 and 5:00 p.m., Monday
, through Friday.

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