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Volume 57, No. 23 USPS 428-Q?0 Hertford, Perquimans County, N.C., Thursday. June ?, 1987 30 <
Spelling Bee winners
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Perquimans victorious at
Special Olympics
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Senior citizens
picnic held
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Good Eye!
Above Todd Hunter takes a ball during the play-off game homer to assist Perquimans in their win against the Bruins,
against Camden on Fridaynight. Hunter hit a three-run
Pirates move into the third round of play-offs
The Camden High School Bruins
received a jolt last Friday night as
the Perquimans Pirates defeated
them 7-4 to advance to the third
round of the state 1-A baseball play
The winning runs of the game
came in the bottom of the sixth inning
when Tim White, a senior whacked a
two-run homer out of the park, the
homer was White's first and only
home run of his high school baseball
Going into the sixth inning the Pi
rates were down 4-3, but Derrick
Rogers lit the fuse to spark the Pi
On Wednesday evening, June 10th,
the Perquimans County High School
seniors are scheduled to graduate
from Perquimans County High
School at eight o'clock p.m..
Miss Linda Barclift, will represent
the graduating class as valedicto
rian. Linda is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. C.D. Barclift of Winfall, North
Mr. Bruce White, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Bruce White of Tyner is the
class salutatorian.
Representative Charles Evans, a
member of the North Carolina House
of Representatives, representing the
district will deliver the commence
ment address.
Graduation exercises are sched
uled to be held at Memorial Field on
the high school grounds. In the event
rates when he hit a long ball doubling
off the center field fence. Mark Stan
ton than hit a single right down the
middle of the infield which advanced
Rogers home with the tying run for
the Pirates.
A bunt by David Abernathy moved
Stanton into the scoring position, and
when the Bruins' pitcher, Bigbie,
mishandled Abernathy's bunt he sin
gled on the play.
The Bruins seemed to come alive
for a short period of time in the sev
enth inning when they threatened the
Pirates, but Brad Hurdle, the Perqui
mans pitcher got it back together and
Linda Barclift
of inclement weather, graduation
ceremonies will be held in the Per
struck Camden's Racy Harrison out
to smash Camden's hopes and end
the game.
Camden had begun the game on a
strong note scaring a few Perqui
mans fans when they scored in the
third inning with a home run by Mike
Whitehurst over the left field fence.
Moments later Bigbie their pitcher
hit a home run out towards center
field making the score 2-0, but that
wasn't enough for the win.
The Pirates rallied and responed to
the Bruins' challenge when Todd
Hunter hit a home run in the third
inning. With two runners on base
Bruce White
quimans County High School gymna
Perquimans county area named
bicentennial community by state
During the coming years Ameri
cans will join together to celebrate
the bicentennial of the United States
The Constitutional Convention met
in the Summer of 1787, thus setting
the nation on a path for the next two
cepturies, and for 200 years now we
have continued our historic journey.
We continued to search and invest
the constitution with meaning and
To commermorate the two hun
dredth anniversary of the constitu
tion, the North Carolina General As
sembly established the twenty -one
member North Carolina Commission
on the Bicentennial of the United
States Constition, and communities
across the state are fanning local
committees to plan activities and in
crease public awareness.
The commission and began work
ing in early 1966, and will work along
with the committees until 1968 when
North Carolina will celebrate its rati
fication of the United States Bill of
Locally, a committee has been
formed to work and (dan activities to
commerate bicenntennial of the con
stitution, and Perquimans County
has been designated a bicentennial
hire. William Nixon, Route 4, Box
24, Hertford will serve as chairman
of the committee, and will be work
ing throughout the year to make the
community more aware of this im
portant celebration.
With the addition of Perquimans
County over 1104 communities have
been designated by the commission
as "Bicentennial Communities".
"Active involvement and willing
participation of our nation's local
governments will be the key to the
success of the Bicentennial," said
Chief Justice Warren E. Burger,
Commission Chairman.
Mrs. Nixon and the other members
of the local committee will be plan
ning and coordinating Bicentennial
activities in Perquimans County
throughout this time in conjunction
with national events which are
planned. The committee has recently
presented four pictures depicting the
signing of the constitution to area
The committee is looking forward
to good community support. Their
next meeting will be held on Tues
day, June 9, at 7:30 p.m., at the Per
quimans County court house.
Heritage days scheduled In June
rerquimans uuniy neniage s
Day, June 13, 1987, will be a veritable
feast of historical events depicting
the influence the Perquimans River
had on the early settlement of the Al
bemarle. A tableaux written by Per
I quimans historian, Raymond A.
Winslow, Jr. will present some of
these events at Missing Mill Park,
beginning at 11 a.m. Exhibits by the
North Carolina Whikflife Commis
sion, the North Carolina Marine Re
sfturrns fnmmtwliia. and Mitt Pwrpii
mans County Restoration
Association will also bo seso at Miss
ing Mill.
The day-long program begins with
k the Hertford Walking Tour which
) starts at the Municipal Building An
conducted, ana alter uiai, seu-guiaea
tours are suggested.
The Holiday bland Yacht Club,
Perquimans County's first and only
Yacht Club, will enter the festivities
with a light-hearted account of some
of the things which may have taken
place in the county's first few hun
dred yeers. Past Commodore Ed
ward Allen will lead the flotilla which
will Invade Hertford from the mouth
of theriver just as Burnridas' troops
did in 1889. Representatives Vernon
James and Pete Thompson, and Sen
ator Marc Basnigbt will probably in
tercept this Armada of Pleasure
Boats at some point In the invasion.
At S p.m. Mtehael B. Alford, Ora
tor, Waterfront Research at the
wui restore uie aay to its proper His
torical importance with a program at
the Perquimans County Library.
This will feature the shad boat, and
other historical boats of the Albe
Heritage Day at North Carolina's
oldest house, Newbold- White (ca
1886), will demonstrate seventeen tb
oentury crafts by local craftmen
Joyce Hobba, Fannie Beales, Mark
Cartwrlght, and Emily Harrell. Spe
cial heirloom quilts will be displayed
throughout the house by the Perqui
mans Quitters Club. The David
Newly House, an 1830 Carolina
Coastal Cottage, is also to bo shown.
An English STrawberry Tea will be
gin there at 4 p. m.
Commissioners meeting held
The Perquimans County Commis
sioners met on Monday morning and
took care of largely housekeeping
Bids for the Sheriff's car which was
sold were opened by the board. Mr.
John E. Piland received the car with
a bid of 1713.00. Other action com
pleted by the board of commissioners
included: approval of a budget
amendment for the Board of Educa
tion transfering money from current
expense to capital outlay for the ad
ministration and warehouse building
project, the board also adopted seve
ral resolutions including a bond reso
lution to confirm the interest for the
school bonds. FHA purchased the
bonds at 5.75 percent, a resolution
proposed by Dare County to stabilize
Oregon Inlet by a dual jetty system,
and a resolution proposed by the Al
bemarle Commission asking for sup
port for the Northeastern Highway
Ed Nixon came before the board to
discuss several planning board is
sues, but no significant action was
taken on these issues.
The County Commissioners also
discussed the removal of the water
meter at Holiday Island, Wayne
Floyd and Mr. Thomas Nixon re
ported that they felt the meter could
be easily moved, and the board will
now take the necessary steps in pre
paration for its relocation to Holiday
Island's property.
At the conclusion of Monday's
meeting the board scheduled two
meetings. The board scheduled a
public hearing on the 1967-88 county
budget. The meeting will be held on
Monday, July 15th, at 7:30 p.m. at the
court house. The board also sched
uled a meeting for last night,
Wednesday, to discuss county per
sonnel matters.
There being no further business the
meeting was adjourned.
Police complete joint
investigation of break-ins
Hunter hit the first ball thrown to him
out over the center field fence mak
ing the score 3-2 in favor of the Pi
Pirquimans held on to their lead
until the fifth inning, but when Bigbie
hit his second home run of the game
the Bruins went up 4-3.
In the sixth inning Brad Hurdle
walked the bases loaded with two
outs, but Hurdle struck out Camden's
Mike Whitehurst for the third out,
ending the inning, and thus ending
the game.
Several players played a major
role in Friday night's win.
The Hertford Police Department
and the Perquimans County Sheriff's
Department reported Tuesday that
they have completed an investigation
which recovered over $1,070.63 dol
lars worth of stolen items.
The investigation began Sunday,
May 17th, when Mr. William Byrum,
Principal at Perquimans County
High School called the police to re
port a break-in at the high school.
The break-in took place while Mr.
Byrum was inside the building, and
after calling the police Mr. Byrum
apprehended one juvenile. Two other
juveniles got away.
Shortly after Mr. Byrum called the
police, officer R.L. Harvey re
sponded, and arrived at the high
school. Officer Harvey took the juve
nile into custody, and on Monday a
thorough investigation was begun by
Officer Harvey, Officer Spence, and
Sheriff's Deputy Perry.
As a result of the investigation it
was discovered that five break-ins
had actually taken place, resulting in
some $1739.14 in stolen items, and
$426.00 worth of damage to the
school. The investigation revealed
that two of the break-ins occurred in
April and three occurred in May.
Two of the break-ins were never re
ported. In those two cases the police
believe that the door at the high
school was intentionally left open for
someone to get into the building, and
apparently there was no sign that a
break-in had occurred.
Also as a result of the investigation
two adults and three juveniles have
been arrested. The two adults are
William Archibald Jones, a white
male, age 16, of 211 Church Street,
Hertford, and Bobby Frank Thomas,
Jr., a black male, age 18, of 207 Hyde
Park Street, Hertford.
Both men waived probable cause
hearings, and are out of jail on bond.
This case will be heard in Superior
court on July 6th in Perquimans
Summer reading and activity
program planned this summer
The Perquimans County Extension
Office, the Perquimans County Li
brary, and the Perquimans County
Parks and Recreation Department
are jointly offering a program this
summer entitled: "S. 0. A. R." into
Summer Fun '87".
"Soar into Reading" is the theme
for the 1987 statewide Summer Read
ing Program which is endorsed by
Governor James G. Martin and state
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Dr. A. Craig Phillips. The program
will involve thousands of children at
local libraries across the state, and
will provide various activities for
their enjoyment.
Locally throughout the summer,
fun and educational activities will be
sponsored by the Extension Offices
and the Perquimans County Depart
ment of Parks and Recreation as well
as those activities which will take
place at the library.
The extension office will be offer
ing such courses as "The Magic Mi
crowave", "Meet the Reptiles and
Amphibians", "Sheep Criters",
"Sweet Corn Start to Finish", and
"S.O.A.R." Into Fun Day". Children
are welcome to sign up for as many
activities as they desired. Pre- regis
tration for these events will be held
one week in advance, and any fees
charged for the activities will only be
refundable if some one can be se
cured to fill the vacant position.
The library will be providing activ
ities for all youths in grades kinder
garten through eighth. Reading will
be encouraged with prizes, certifi
cates, and recognition. Several spe
cial programs are also planned to di
pict the library's unlimited
possibilities for adventure. The spe
cial programs planned include:
"S.O.A.R. Into Origami", "What You
Don't Know Could Burn You",
"S.O.A.R" Into Adventures with
Sheep", "S.O.A.R. Into Adventures
with Pigs, "S.O.A.R. Into A Cele
bration", and "S.O.A.R. Into Paper
Crafts". All of the libraries programs
will be free and open to all reading
program participants, as well as,
other interested patrons of the li
Above Mrs. William Nixon, Bicentennial Committee Chair
man, shows Ms. Jeanne White, Register of Deeds, the letter
proclaiming Perquimans County a bicentennial community.
As a part of America's 400th Anni
versary, the Friends, Episcopalians,
and Baptist of Perquimans County
celebrated the history of their de
nominations consecutively starting
in 1984.
The Methodist will highlight their
history this year on August 16, 1987,
at 3:00 p.m., at the New Hope United
Methodist Church. It was at New
Hope that Mehodism had its begin
ning in Perquimans County.
The celebration of America's 400th
Anniversary will conclude on August
18, 1987, the anniversary of the birth
of Virginia Dare, the first child of En
glish parentage born in the new
Academic awards banquet held Tues.
On Tuesday, May 26th, the Perqui
mans County Schools held their 4th
annual Academic Awards Banquet,
honoring those students who have
achieved academic excellence.
172 students and their parents gath
ered at Union School for the Banquet.
The program included a lovely meal
which was cooked and served by the
Perquimans County food service
workers, entertainment by the
P.C.H.S. chorus, and Jazz Band,
guest speaker, Dianne Minton, and
the presentation of awards.
Mrs. Minton, a teacher, works with
the North East Regional Education
Center, and was teacher of the year
for district one. Mrs. Minton spoke to
crowd offering words of encourage
ment and praise for their academic
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Athletic awards banquet held Thurs.
On Thursday evening, May 28th,
members of Perquimans High School
athletic teams, their parents, school
officials, and members of the athletic
boosters gathered in the high school
gymnasium for the 1M647 athletic
The program began with words of
welcome delivered by Mr. Bill Flip
pen. Mr.Harrell Thach offered the in
vocation. Following the invocation
guest dined on barbeque and fried
chicken. The dinner was sponsored
by the Perquimans Athletic Boosters
Following dinner the presentation
of awards was made. Ms. Rogers
made a presentation to the junior
varsity cheerleaders, Ms. Manning
honored the varsity cheerleaders,
Mr. Thach honored the junior varsity
football team, the girls basketball
team, Mr. Downing honored the var
sity football team, Mr. Whitley and
Ms. Rogers honored the junior var
sity basketball team, Mr. Webstar
honored the varsity basketball team
and the track team, and Mr. Flippen
presented awards to the girls Softball
team, and the other awards which
were presented at the banquet.
Winners of athletic awards were as
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