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Volume 57, No. 50 USPS 42S-M0 1 Hertford, Perquimans County, N.C., Thursday, December 3,1987 30 ,
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Ruritan convention
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Drug contest winners
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Drug problem addressed Monday!
Johnny Rogers addresses a group of local citizens about the
increasing drug problem in Perquimans County, and the for
mation of a coalition to help in dealing with the problem at a
meeting on Monday evening. Anne Flippen, Wallace Nelson,
and Johnny Rogers spoke and the meeting and provided
much useful information on this increasing problem.
Area citizens come together to discuss
growing problem and its solution
Over 100 parents, teachers and con
cerned citizens gathered on Monday
evening at the Perquimans County
Rescue Squad building to discuss and
begin organizing a drug coalition for
Perquimans County.
Anne Plippen, Wallace Nelson, and
Johnny Rogers addressed Monday's
gathering, and offered insight to a
growing problem facing teenagers,
and youngsters in our area.
Plippen opened Monday's meeting
and presented the group present with
some startling statistics concerning
the drug problem in the northeastern
region of North Carolina.
The survey which was compiled by
the state department of public in
struction polled a cross section of
11th and 12th graders in the area as
well as some younger students, and
took over a year to complete. Plippen
briefly reviewed the survey results
and reported the following to those
gathered Monday. 60 percent of all
Uth and 12th graders have tried to
bacco, 33 percent are users, 32 per
cent have tried smokeless tobacco, 4
percent are users, 78 percent have
tried alcohol, 56 percent are users, 53
percent have tried marijuana, and 26
percent are users.
Plippen told Monday's gathering
| that the drugs listed in the above sur
vey results are "gateway drugs",
and that they are just the beginning
It's time nnce again for the annual
Peiquimans County Chris tmans Pa
rade sponsored by the Perquimans
I County Jaycees.
This weekend the streets of Hert
ford will come alive with the sights
and sounds of Christmas as the Ch
ristmas parade steps off from Per
quimans County High School at 2:00
"Christmas Memories" is the
theme for this year's parade, which
will feature approximately 30 entries
including the Perquimans County
High School Marching Band, the Per
I quimans County Middle School Band,
and the Northeastern High School
Marching Band from Elizabeth City.
Prizes for this year's parade en
tries will be given in two categories.
Civic organizations will be Judged,
and chuch organizations will be
judged. First and second prize will be
given in each category. First place
winners will receive $25.00, while sec
ond place winners will receive $15.00.
Judges for this year's parade floats
y are Anzie Wood, Reverend George
Wilmore, and Mr. Gene Boyce.
This year's parade will follow the
same parade route as in past years
traveling down Eden ton Road Street
from the high school to Grubb Street,
where the parade will turn right, then
it will travel down Grubb Street to
Church, turning right onto Church
Street, it will travel through down
town Hertford to Dobbs Street, turn
right on Dobbs Street and travel back
to the intersection of Eden ton Road
Street and Dobbs Street, turning left
and returning to the Ugh school.
Entries for the parade are still be
ing accepted. For information on ob
taining a parade entry form contact
this year's parade chairman, Phil
Harris at OS-&M7 or Joe Elliott at
Make p??"? now to attend this
parade on Saturday, December 5th at
2:10 p.m.
of the problem.
Flippen also presented some statis
tics from the study, which showed
students are frequently using alco
hol, and that approximately 14.49
percent of the students surveyed
stated they had driven with other stu
dents who were drinking and driving.
Flippen stated Monday that it is
important that the schools, churches
and the community come together to
provide our young people with sup
port groups and other options.
"Youngsters are making the wrong
choices, and we need to help them
make the right choices", said Flip
Also included in Monday evening's
program was a presentation by two
students at Perquimans County High
School, and a student at Perquimans
County Middle School on the drug
problem locally. The students fielded
questions from the gathering, and of
fered their opinions on the drug prob
lem in our local schools, peer pres
sure, and their ideas of how parents,
and teachers as well as other people
can help.
Wallace Nelson, a member of the
governor's council on drug and alco
hol abuse spoke to the group concern
ing the council and it's activities.
Nelso told those present, Monday,
that the council suggested to the state
that local coalitions be formed to help
combat the problem.
Johnny Rogers of the North Carolina
Department of Human Resources
also spoke to the gathering Monday
concerning the coalition process.
Rogers addressed the needs of a co
alition, the formation of a coalition,
and also addressed the drug problem
in the area.
Rogers who has been working in
the drug field since 1973, told the
group that currently 25 counties in
the state have coalition groups which
are functioning, and that many other
counties are in the process of getting
groups underway.
Rogers reemphazied the impor
tance of forming a coalition, and
stated that he would be available as
often as possible to meet with the
group and aid them in endeavors.
"You have a committment from me
that I will work with you in every way
possible," said Rogers. " I want to
help you form this coalition, and
combat the drug problem in Perqui
mans County."
Following Monday's gathering
those interested in participating with
the coalition were asked to attend a
meeting on December 14th at 7:00
p.m. at the rescue squad building. At
that time committees will be formed,
and the coalition will establish its ob
Shoes Galore opens!
Shoes Galore located at Harris Shopping Center in Hertford held their ribbon cutting and grand
opening celebration on Friday, November 27th. Above Mayor Bill Cox, center cuts the ribbon as
the staff of the business looks on. Pictured left to right are: Nolan Snow, Mrs. Joyner, Bill Cox,
Debra Siano, owner, and Bryant Perry, Perquimans County Chamber of Commerce president.
Also pictured are Mrs. Siano's children, left to right: Joey, Angela, and Tony. Shoes Galore is
open every day except Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and offers a full line of shoes and
4-H achievement night held
The Perquimans County Extension
Office sponsored their annual 4-H
Achievement Program on Monday,
November 90th at the Perquimans
County Extension Office.
This year's achievement program
was presided over by Cherie Webber
and Dena White of the Indian Riders
4-H Club, and featured special
guests, the welcome was given by
Tiffany Nixon of the Town'n Country
4-H Club, pledge* were led by Shi
londa Whidbee of the Pooles Grove 4
H Club, parade of all the county 4-H
clubs, devotion was led by Leslie
Godfrey, Creative Craften Club, and
a slide show was presented by Jus
nita T. Bailey, Home Economics Ex
tension Agent, 4-H.
The Mgmght of the evening was
the recognition and presentation of
?wank, which was presided over by
Mr. Archie Miller, President of the
Perquimans County Extension Advi
sory Council. The following 4-H
clubs, 4-H club members, and adult 4
H leaders received awards: Jason
Harrell was recognized for being a
district, state, and grand national
demonstration winner, Damion
Burke and Jimmie Jordan were hon
ored as district demonstration win
ners for their demonstrations on en
tomology , and electricity
respectively The 4-H corn yield con
teat winners were 1st place, Jason
Harrell, 2nd place, Leah Harrell, and
3rd place, Kevin Roberts. Outstand
ing 4-H club members were Deena
White, Indian Riders, Leah Harrell.
Town 'n Country, and Damion Burke,
Pooies Grave. Outstanding county 4
H'er was awarded to Damion Burke,
uutsuinaing county 4-n leaaer was
Sherry Harrell, Town 'n Country.
Outstanding county 4-H club was
awarded to Pooles Grove. Outstand
ing 4-H record book awards went to
Cherie Webber, 1st place, senior divi
sion, Chad White, 2nd place, senior
division, Deena White and Jimmie
Jordan, 1st place, junior division,
and Renae Owens, 2nd place, Junior
division. Also during the evening sev
eral of the adult 4-H leaders received
service awards. Mrs. Emma Buifce
was honored for 27 years of service,
Sharon Godfrey was honored for
seven years of service, and Mary
White was honored for four years of
A special thank you and doting for
the evening was presented by Keri
DrotdowsU of the Creative Crafters
Winslow, Harrell
attend state meeting
Clifford Winslow, Chairman and
Pat Harrell, Superintendent, from
the Perquimans County school sys
tem joined approximately 800 North
Carolina local school board mem
bers, superintendents and others in
Charlotte, N.C., at the Adam's Mark
Hotel, November 11-14 for the 18th
Annual North Carolina School
Boards Association Conference.
"Increasing Student Achievement
Through Better Boards - mans hip"
was the theme of the conference. All
speakers and workshops were of
fered with this key objective in mind.
Lt. Governor Bob Jordan spoke at
the Saturday morning, November 14,
closing session as did NC Teacher of
the Year Cynthia Zeger from Salis
bury City Schools and NCSBA Exec
utive Director Gene Causby.
Other speakers of note included Dr.
William Pur key, professor, UNC
Greensboro School of Education, and
Dr. Jon Ericson, provost, Drake Uni
versity, Des Moines, Iowa. Dr. Pur
key spoke on "Inviting School Suc
cess" and Dr. Ericson offered an
entertaining presntation on "Making
the Best of Parliamentary Proce
dure .
A highlight of the conference was
the presentation of certificates of
achievement to local school board
members throughout the state. These
award winners have obtained certain
levels of training in order to be better
board members. Credits are given
for participation in the various
NCSBA training activities and semi
nars as well as for their service to
school children at the local, state and
national levels. The number of cred
its earned determines whether a
member receives a "Certificate of
Achievement", a "Certificate of Ad
vanced Achievement", or a "Certifi
cate of Excellence." One hundred
thirty-eight certificates were
Further, certain local school board
members were recognized by their
colleagues in other ways. One board
member in the state received the
mo6t prestigious award, the "Ra
leigh Dingman Award". The "Super
intendent of the Year Award" was
presented to one superintendent who
had been nominated by his-her local
board of education. Eight other
members received membership on
the "NCSBA All State School Board",
an honorary board established to rec
ognize one outstanding board mem
ber from each of the eight school
board districts.
A Candidate's Reception was held
on Thursday, November 12, in the
Adam's Mark Hotel. Candidates for
governor, It. governor and state
school superintendent participated.
Senator Bill Martin (D-Guilford)
and Representative Martin Nesbitt
(D-Buncombe) offered remarks dur
ing a Legislative Session on Friday,
November 13, at 11:00 a.m. Senator
Martin is the vice-chairman of the
Senate Appropriations Committee on
Education and is a member of the
Senate Education Committee. Rep
resentative Nesbitt is the chairman
of the House Appropriations Commit
tee on Education.
Officers for 1987-99 were elected at
the Delegate Assembly on Friday af
ternoon. They are: president, Shelby
Shore of Yadkin County; first vice
president, Bob Cabaniss of Cleveland
County; second vice-president,
James Mebane of Guilford County;
and Treasurer, Howard Dorsett of
Montgomery County.
Elected for a second term on the
NCSBA Board of Directors was Mary
Ellen Maxwell of Currituck County,
Jimmy Raper of Beaufort County,
Bobby Rex Kornegay of Wayne
County, Nehemiah Smith of Rocky
Mount, and Hardy Caldwell of Hen
derson County. Elected to serve as
new directors were Betsy Sloan of
Harnett County, Jack Briggs of Da
vidson County, Pershing Wall of
Greensboro, and Joe Mingo of Kan
Clinics were held on Thursday and
Friday afternoons, November 12 and
13. Topics included: "Flexible Bene
fits for School Employees," "Issues
in School Construction," "Board's
Role in Personnel," "New Minimum
Undergraduate Admissions Require
ments," "Excellence in Education:
Brevard Elementary School," "Ba
sic Education Program and Its Im
pact on Local Financial Effort,"
"There's a Student with AIDS in
Your School," "Excellence in Educa
tion: Mooresville Junior High
School," "Career Development: A
Positive Effect on Children," "Edu
cating At-Risk Students," "How to
Select an Architect," "Lead Teacher
Pilots," "Excellence in Education:
Manteo High School," "FLEMS: A
Second Language Instructional Ap
proach that Works."
Finally, the NC Association of Edu
cators and the NC School Public Re
lations Association presented their
annual awards for excellence in
school communications and public
relations. This was done at the Fri
day awards luncheon.
The North Carolina School Boards
Association is a non-profit organiza
tion serving the 140 local boards of
education in North Carolina. The 910
local school board members deter
mine the policies which govern the
education of over 1 million children
attending the public elementary and
secondary schools in the state.
Open house scheduled
The Perquimans County Board of
Education has announced that they
will be holding a Christmas concert
and open house at Perquimans
County High School on Sunday, De
cember 13th beginning at 2:00 p.m..
Dr. Craig Phillips, North Caroh
na's Superintendent of Public
Schools will be on hand for the event,
which will include brief comments by
Dr. Phillips, concerts by the PCHS
band and chorus, and tours of the
building. Light refreshments will be
The public is invited to attend.
Chamber banquet set
The Perquimans County Chamber
of Commerce will celebrate their
25th anniversary on December 7th at
their annual chamber banquet.
This year's banquet will be the 25th
annual banquet sponsored by the
chamber, which was chartered in
1962. This year's banquet will be held
at Angler's Cove. The social hour will
begin at 6:00 p.m., followed by dinner
at 7:00 p.m..
This year's program will feature
highlights of chamber years gone by
presented by former presidents of
the chamber of commerce. Enter
tainment for the evening will be pre
sented by the Bob Thomas Trio.
Tickets for the chamber's, annual
banquet and 25th anniversary cele
bration are $8.50 and can be pur
chased at the chamber office or by
calling 426-5657. All reservations
must be made by Monday, November
Make plans now to come out and
celebrate with the Perquimans
County Chamber of Commerce on
Monday, December 7th.
Area weather forecasters are calling
for cool clear weather over the next
few days. Days should be cool fol
lowed by cold nights.
Temperatures will feature lows in
the 20s and highs in the 40s.

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