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I be :k to lings icent can lat's iaily It is and ) we WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1973 TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS EOTERTAINMENT NEWS PAGE 5 *"*''f''*'*f^nrrrrnrnrrrrrrrrroTvoTrvyTr!r^^ DAY & TIME CHANNEL 2 GREENSBORO 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 110:30 11:00 11:30 I SUNDAY 6:00 6:30 I 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 I MONDAY 6:00 6:30 7:00- 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00- 10:30 11:00 11:30 I TUESDAY 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 NEWS EVENING NEWS NIGHTBEAT LATE MOVIE NEWS EVENING NEWS NIGHTBEAT LATE MOVIE NEWS EVENING NEWS NIGHTBEAT LATE MOVIE EVENING NEWS NEWS - RATHER CHANNEL 12 WINSTON-SALEM NIGHTLY NEWS NBC NEWS CHANNEL I HIGH POINT NIGHTLY NEWS TONIGHT SHOW NIGHTLY NEWS NBC NEWS NIGHTLY NEWS TONIGHT SHOW NIGHTLY NEWS NBC NEWS SAN AND SON NIGHTLY NEWS TONIGHT SHOW WEEKEND NEWS NIGHTBEAT LATE MOVIE RETROSPECTIVE SUNDAY NEWS NIGHT NEWS LATE MOVIE NEWS EVENING NEWS NIGHTBEAT LATE MOVIE NEWS EVENING NEWS NIGHTBEAT LATE MOVIE WEEKEND NEWS NIGHTLY NEWS EYEWITNESS EVENING NEWS Digging It With Doddy-Oh Doomed Unless Changed Tnrmrt m m »>» vrrrnrmrTvrrrrrrirrrT^^ rrrinnnnnnnrnrrtrrrrrnnrrrtrrrinrr^^ Stars Continued from Page 2 will be concerned with the numbers 7, 3. and 4. Do not get -involved in arguments in the A.M. Remian silent and you will learn much. EYEWITNESS ABC’s WIDE W EYEWITNESS EVENING NEWS | Hello Gang, If you will pay close attention you will notice that our top ten is almost the same as our last, and that is because according to request and sales they practically maintained their status standing rating and therefore look as they are solid hits, so twenty-five years ago. The Friendly Five was organized by the late Leon Scott. Under his leader ship, the Friendly Five traveled far and wide to various parts of the country singing God’s praises. Because these if TODAY IS YOUR five young men believed in BIRTHDAY you tend to be what they were doing, the forceful, dynamic and Pisces "The Fishes” {Feb 20-Mar 20) There are some who are trying to confuse you with small talk and causing you to lose your balance tem porarily. Don’t be a softy. Don’t give up, that’s the story of success. Your lucky number is 4, keep that in mind. By Richar Moore GREENSBORO, N. C. — A college curriculum specialist predicted here that interest in black studies programs will suffer a quick death unless these programs are radically changed. "The idea of offering black studies programs had potential," said Dr. Geneva Gay, director of African Studies at the University of Texas. "But today, I don’t see any reason to be optimistic about the survival of black studies programs. Dr. Gay was the weekly summer lecture speaker at A&T State University. She related the demise of many of the less than four-year old black stud- Continued on Page 7 Freezone Is for corns that hurt. Absolutely painless. No dangerous cutting, no ugly pads or plasters. In days, Freezone eases the hurt,..safely helps ease off the corn. Drop on Freezone—take off corns.I I’ll list them as they stand have turned down several brimming with self-confi- EYEWITNESS ABC’s WIDE W EYEWITNESS EVENING NEWS I EYEWITNESS ABC’s WIDE W W. W. SPORTS REASONER this time. Before I list them tho’ I’d better hip you to a complete switch on our artist this time, because I think they are a very deserving group, now heres our top ten before the story. 1. I Believe In You 2. Baby I’m Missing You 3. Soul Makossa 4. Loving On Borrowed Time 5. Where Peaceful Waters Flow 6. So Very Hard To Go 7. Wildflower 8. Here I Am Take Me 9. Angel 10. If You Want Me To Stay offers from various re- dence and initiative. You cording companies to have a cheerful and change their beliefs and optimistic outlook on life, record in the other g capacity to dominate in aspects of the music social situations and a industry. But as before marked ability to in stated. the Friendly Five fiuence the feelings and stuck to singing Gospel attitudes of others. You not easily discour- iriusic and now with their new album there’s the aged, have a strong liking possibility the group will others, and place a now gain the success they high 'value on friendship. so rightly deserve The Friendly Five is now managed by the very You are a go-getter and a self-starter in every sense of the word. You itch to energetic, Pernell McGriff gg^ going and are irked by who feels he has a special idleness. The one thing responsibihty to this group’s future, and under his managerial responsi bilities he has encouraged the members to write Well there you are for original songs, some of the top ten for this time, which are featured in this and I’m sure you will find album, them satisfactory in your collection. My pick single for this time is by a group that’s you find exceedingly difficult: To slow down and take it easy. Fields in which you could make an outstanding success: Business management, organization work, engi neering or in any branch WEEKEND NEWSj EYEWITNESS WEEKEND NEWS TONIGHT SHOWIbLACK OMNIBUsj EYEWITNESS NIGHTLY NEWS EVENING NEWS NBC NEWS NIGHTLY NEWS TONIGHT SHOW NIGHTLY NEWS NBC NEWS EYEWITNESS ABC’s WIDE W EYEWITNESS EVENING NEWS NIGHTLY NEWS TONIGHT SHOW EYEWITNESS ABC’s WIDE W called the Four Mints its titled “Do You Really Love Me". It’s on the Capsoul label and it's a gas and has the ingredients to be winner all the way. Better pay attention to it, it’s going to be the record baby. My pick albun this time a complete switch although I do not play gospel or spiritual on my show because I’m a R&B disc jockey, but after listening to the album in the confines of my home I thought enough of it to choose it as my personal pick to click in the gospel field, hence our story the album “Sinner Man You Gan’t Hide” by the Friendly Five; so there they are, the top ten, our single record pick to click, our pick album. I hope you will dig on everything, because there it is. Our story this time is about the young men that recorded our pick to click album. The Friendly Five and “Sinner Man You Can’t Hide”. The Friendly Five is a group of young men who are dedicated to singing gospel music, some HELP WAKTED~ • Moteriol Handler • Finishing Room Help • Upholstery Sewer — (Hourly rate) • Cloth Cutter —• (Hourly rate) We Offer: Excellent fringe benefits — Above average pay — Regular overtime. If you are not satisfied with your present job, why not check with us. Apply at office, or call 885-5004 for appointmenf DAVIS FURNITURE INDUSTRIES 602 W, Linden Drive — High Point, N. C. An Equal Opporiunify Employer E7-I3-: WmiK WilEilE The Big Money Is! BOSS A DOZER RUN A BIG RIG • Men of al! ages can qualify, No previous experience. No need to leave your present job. Learn by correspondence and field training. We have the pros to train you and the newest equip ment to train you on. A.merioan. TreLinirxa: Serv'loee of High Point, N. C. Dial Collect (919) 886-5927 > • Approved for Veterans Training. Train through your G.t. benefits. The album which they recently recorded, and Dear Miss Hill: will soon be released has My son is born under six of their originals the Zodiac sign of Aries, tunes. What would be the most OK, fellow friends, suitable career for him to constinents, pals, and follow, and can you tell dues and blues, you’ve me a little about his had it for this time, and character? I’m hoping you enjoyed it. Anxious Mother So keep on reading my stuff and also listening to Dear Anxious: the radio, it will help you Your son is dominated with a lot of decisions, by the planet Mars, I’ve gotta go now, but whose subjects are born before I do, here is my leaders. They are op- thought for this time: timistic, original in out- A man told his butcher, look, lovers of freedom. “I just got your bill and Suitable careers are you made a mistake. I educational or engineer- ordered a rolled roast, not ing work, scientific re- a Rolls Royce. (Translated search, agriculture, med- that means, with prices as icine, pubhshing. Your they are today, it’s no son will be lucky in wonder ladies are wear- speculation if he can curb ing Mini-Skirts, They his tendency to make snap can’t afford to put more decisions. His love life will material in them!! be stormy into his middle See you next time, so I years ... and sorry to say, gotta say looka, pooch, it seems he will have a baby. I’ll be digging on spot of trouble with the you next time. law in the middle 70s. I'm still your main man! Oscar “Daddy-oh” Alexander Radio, W.A.I.R. 7 p.m. - 12 mid. MYRTLE DESK COMPANY NEEDS SKILLED FURNITURE CRAFTSMEN and INTERESTED TRAINEES to lielp manufacture fini furnituri We offer Steady Employment Good Wages Dependent Hospital Insurance Free Hospital Insurance ACROSS 1. Sounding, as bells 8. Naval title 10. Potato (dial.) 11. Leaves out 13. Decorate 14. Wood- shaping machine 15. Fortify 16. Owned 17. Half an em 18. Folder 21. Skill 22. Hint 23. Pole 25. Beast of burden 27. Qualifica tion tests 31. French article 32. Pigpen 33. Insolent talk (slang) 34. Harangue 36. Lizard 38. More sagacious 39. Tardier 40. Portends 42. Compensa tion DOWX 1. River into Chesapeake Bay (posa.) 2. Arabian chieftain 3. So be it! 4. Behold! 5. Excessive veneration, CROSSWORD 6. A wanderer 25. Below 7. Pluck 8. Unit nucleua ^(mil.) 9. Anesthetic 10. South African Dutch 12. Dispatched 16. Pronoun 19. Chinese perfecture 20. Literate 21. Fawns upon - 24. Hawaiian bird ifjo mi 3 5 Vv ? V v!^ A s tbo 1 3 1 II a (J n 5 a V )a V N : mo IlV s' H 1 iMn 1 ^ y c li ttO 9 In dpp wc -i (naut.) 26. Fine line of a letter 28. Rail, way (abbr.) 29. Pre vail ing conditions 36, Genus of 30. Mast lily 32. Cubic meter 37. Wanders 35. Hebrew about idly stringed 41. British instrument (abbr.) INTERESTED IN A NEW JOB? • Knitting Machine Fixers • Knitters • Hosiery Inspectors • Toe Seamers Openings on all shifts • Earn while you learn • Good starting pay • Opportunity for ad vancement • Hospitalization benefits • Vacation pay • Profit sharing retirement plan. ADAMS-MILLIS HOSIERY COMPANY An Equal Opportunity Employer THIS IS USE IT Training Holiday Pay Free Wfe Insurance myrue Vacation Pay Retirement Plan MYRTLE DESK COMPANY TAYLOR STREET HIGH POINT, N,C. Q APPLY 8;00 A.M.. 5:00 P.M. ^ OR TELEPHONE 88S-4021 An tquo/ opportvnify tmpfoytr I TTie Air Force. Its an education with pay. And you choose the kind of job you want. Want to learn a job skill? The Air Force is a great industrial and technical school. Working professionals teach you. People who ... already mastered their skill. And, you get good pay right from the start while you're learnmg. You wind up with a skill that will qualify you for a good job with a secure future. In the Air Force. Or later if you wish, as a civilian. Also, if that's what you want, the Air Force offers a lot of ways to complete your education — while you're getting paid. The Air Force makes a lot of things possible. Find out Start by calling: CONTACT: MSgt. Don Dixon Post Office Building, High Point, N.C. 882-3810 Find yourself in the United Stoles Air Force • r • ■if 1 * .... ‘ •M j

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