* Volume 8 SPARTA, ALLEGHANY COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1933 Number 38 State and Nation NOT THERE FOR VISIT Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 31.— Carrying requisition papers foi Col. Luke Lea and Luke Lea, Jr., Solicitor Zeb. V. Nettles, of Ashe ville, N. C., arrived in Nashville tonight and planned to seek an appointment tomorrow with Gov. Hill McAlister. Asked if he expected to take the Leas back with him to North Carolina where they were con victed of violating the state bank ing laws, Nettles replied: “I wouldn’t want to come over here on a visit this time of the year.” JEFFRESS NOT IN FAVOR OF CUT Raleigh, Jan. 31.—“Gentlemen, if you want to find a chairman at 93,800 a year for the highway commission, it will be all right with me,” E. B. Jeffress, " now chairman of that commission, told the house salaries and fees com mittee which this morning re ported favorably a bill cutting highway employes’ salaries on a sliding scale offered by Douglass, of Wake. Jeffress’ present salary ts $6, OOO per year. ADVISES AGAINST KILOWATT LEVY. Raleigh, Jan. 31.—The Alumi num Company of America today advised the legislature against enactment of the Moore bill to levy a one mill per kilowatt hour tax on the production of all elec tricty. Such a tax, the finance com mittee was told, would make profitable manufacture of alumi num impossible in North Caro lina. INTRODUCE 50-HOUR WEEK BILL Washington, Jan. 31.—An am bitious legislative attempt to spread employment by compelling nil industry and business to limit working time to five six-hour days a week, was put up to the house today, but its chances of reaching a vote this session were dim. MORE POSTMASTERS APPOINTED Washington, Jan. 31.—North Carolina postmasters appointed today were: Clayton, Van D. Duncan; Clin ton, Malcolm J. Thornton; Ellen bohio, Sidney A. Padgett; Mur freesboro, Cephys Putrell; Park ton, Alfred A. McDonald; Rocky Point, David J. Lewis. WILL SHARE SEAT AT CABINET TABLE arm Springs, Ga., Jan. 31.— iident-elect Roosevelt will ask his running mate, the outspoken John N. Garner, of Texas, to share a seat at the cabinet table as a part of his vice-presidential office. Rome, Jan. 31.—Italy agreed today to participate in a new ex amination of the war debts as quickly as possible after the in auguration -of Franklin D. Roose velt as President of the United States March 4. SHERIFF HAMPTON ABSOLVED OF FRAUD North Carolina Supreme Court Upholds Ashe County Court The Supreme Court of North Carolina upheld, Wednesday of last week, the decision rendered in Ashe County in July of last year, in the case of J. A. Weaver and others against ex-sheriff J. W. Hampton in which the so-styled tax payers head ed by John Weaver and several oth er prominent men of that county, • charged Mr. Hampton with defraud , lag the county of a sum in excess oi ./fifty thousand dollars. At a special / session of court in Jefferson Iasi •/ summer, Mr. Hampton was freed ol all such charges. An appeal wai taken and the Supreme court lps now upheld the decision of the Ipg| BHf. court. ITALY WILL DISCUSS DEBTS Four Highly Respected Alleghany Citizens Are Carried Away By Death Ex-Sheriff McMillan, Mrs. Phoeba Thompson, Mrs. Dora Hayes „and Mrs. Joe Billings Are All Buried Wednesday. Latest Deaths Makes Total of Six Which Have Occurred Within the Past Two Weeks So far as history discloses, Alle ghany has never lost as many citi zens in so short a time as within the past few weeks. The hand of death has taken six well-known citi zens, including Mrs. S. W. Brown, Col. R. H. Hackler and on Wednes day of this week, four were buried the same day. EX-SHERIFF E. L. McMILLAN The passing of E. L. McMillan on last Monday night, took from this community one of the most popular figures in the county. He was not only a useful man in a business sense, but he was taken from his family at a time when his careful advice and care seemed to be most needed. He has been very popular in poli tics for the past several years. He was appointed to succeed his broth er at the time of his death to fill the office of Register of Deeds for this county and was elected for two terms to this office. He was elected sheriff of the county two terms and filled both offices with credit and honor. He served on the Town Council and has always been active in public matters. He was very loyal to the Methodist Sunday school and always attended when possible, but a few weeks ago he was stricken with cancer, and several major operations were made which weakened him and subjected him to pneumonia from which he died within a few hours. Funeral services were conducted from the New Hope church on Wed nesday by Rev. J. h. Underwood*and Rev. C.'W. Russell in the presence of a very , large crowd. The beauti ful floral profusion attested to the high esteem in which he was held. The burial services were con ducted by the Masonic order of Scottville, of which he had been a member for a number of years. The honorary pall bearers were: A. F. Reeves, C. W. Edwards, Dr. C. A. Reeves, John M. Cheek, Dr. T. R. Burgiss, S. C. Richardson, Van W. Reeves, Dr. J. L. Doughton, J. M. Doughton, C. A. Doughton, T. J. Carson, D. C. Bledsoe, W. F. Jones, Edwin Duncan, R. A. Doughton. The active pall bearers were J. R. ELKIN KIWANIANS SEND RESOLUTION Offer Helpfuf Hand In Rehabilitating Re cent Fire Loss The following resolution was adopted, by the Kiwanis Club of Elk in in session Friday, January 27th: That whereas the town of Sparta recently suffered a great loss by rea son of a devastating fire. This loss not only falling upon the town of Sparta, but upon the citizens of Alle ghany County as a whole by reason of the loss of the courthouse, and many valuable records. That whereas, this club is in sym pathy with the monetary loss as well as the loss of time and business, froip necessity, caused by this calamity, but realizing that Sparta and community have not lost that faith and spirit to carry on, in spite of adversity, we lend our rooting to your efforts to build back a bigger and better Sparta. It is resolved, by the members of the Elkin Kiwanis Club, that in view of their close associations with your community, and the neighborly feeling that exists between the towns that a helpful hand be extended in rehabilitating the loss. It is further resolved, that the services of the Elkin Kiwanis Club be fully extended to your fine coun ty. H. F. LAFFOON, President. C. G. ARMFIELD, Secretary. Entertain at Bridge Misses Marjorie and Marie Wag oner delightfully entertained the Ladies’ Bridge Club at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Wagoner last week, elicious it Delicious ■ !jm*| tada rerfeshments were n enjoyable evning was all. Hawthorne, D. C. Duncan, R. B. Mc Millan, Dalton Warren, Walter M. Irwin and C. C. Castevens. The flower girls were members of the tenth grade of' Sparta high school, and were as follows: Misses Madge McMillan, Mariennice Os borne, Annie Lee Cox, Edith Crouse, Mildred Shores, Nora Hellen Dough ton, Jean McMillan and Marie Perry. MRS PHOEBA THOMPSON Mrs. Phoeba Thompson, 77, passed away Monday night at her home near Sparta, following the se cond stroke of paralysis which she suffered last Friday and from which she never rallied. She had the first stroke about three years ago and had been a semi-invalid until the second. She was married in early woman hood to J. I. Thompson and has lived a useful life to the community and her neighbors since. She is survived by one son, W. P. Thompson, who left his home in Montana to come here to take care of her after the death of his father. Also two sisters living, Mrs. Kate Warden and Mrs. Mattie Joines. The funeral services were held at Union church at Whitehead Wed nesday by Elder C. B. Kilby and in terment was made in the church cemetery beside her husband. MRS. JOE BILLINGS Mrs. Joe Billings was buried near Laurel Springs Ws'dnesday at the family cemet'ery. • * • * She underwent a very^eriops op eration at a Statesville ’hospital Monday of last week and her condi tion was thought to be favorable when complications set up. She passed away quietly Monday night. She is survived by her husband. | MRS. DORA HAYES Mrs. Dora ikayes, a very promi- j nent and highly respected citizen of j the Hooker section died at her home Tuesday pight, following a short illness. \ ' Details olMfer illness and death have not been learned but the fun- j eral was held Wednesday at the family cemetery near her home. ASHE CIVIC BODY j EXPRESSES REGRETS Citizens Club Sends Resolutions In Re Regard to Fire North Carolina Ashe County. RESOLUTIONS ! Be it resolved by the Ashe County Citizens’ Club in regular session at Jefferson, North Carolina, on this the 19th day of January, 1933: 1. That our Club has heard with deep regret of the misfortune and loss sustained by the Citizens of our neighboring town of Sparta, the County Seat of our sister County of Alleghany, on account of the recent fire which swept its business section and destroyed the County Court house. 2. That our Club extend to the Citizens of the town of Sparta and the County of Alleghany our friend ly sympathy along with an expres sion of our faith that they, with that indomitable spirit which character izes true sons of the mountains, will rebuild a town even better than they had before. 3. That Ashe County has had no part in the circulation of rumors as to a possible uniting of the two Counties; but that we invite our neighbors to let us know if there is any aid our County can extend, made necessary by their temporary disas ter. 4. That copies of these resolutions be mailed to the Chairman of the Alleghany County Board of County Commissioners, the Mayor of Spar ta, and given to the Press. W. H. WORTH, President, E. D. BARR, Secretary. Don’t overlook the fact that there is a “noc" in technocracy, just as there is a “moc” in democracy.— Dunbar’s Weekly (Phoenix). Held in Cannon Extortion Plot —Courtesy Charlotte Observer The above photograph was made of Mr. and Mrs. Odell C. Boyles j shortly after they were arrested in Atlanta a few weeks ago on a cHJhute of attempting to extort money from Joseph F. Cannon, wealthy Coneortfs towel manufacturer. A elieek-up has disclosed that Boyles is the same Odell Boyles who lived in Klkin as a boy and who is remembered there by many of the older citizens. Odell C. Boyles, Held In Cannon Extortion Plot, Is j Remembered In Elkin! SPECIAL NOTICE New machinery and equipment calls for cash and since the fire we are forced to buy some ma chinery and equipment and we kindly ask all who are due The Alleghany Times an account eith er for legal notice, advertisement or subscription make a special ef ort to settle this account by next Monday. We have waited patiently on our friends due to the depression but now we are compelled to ask that you come to our rescue. Our office is located in the basement of the Warren Hard ware store. Sincerely yours, THE ALLEGHANY TIMES. BANK ROBBERY LOSS IS NEARLY $900.00 Thieves In Their Haste At Dobson Leave Gold Watch Said to have been robbed of amounts ranging from fl 0,000 down, the loss by the Surry County Loan and Trust company’s branch bank at Dobson, which was broken into early last Thursday morning, has been set at approximately $900, it was learned here Saturday from Sheriff John D. Thompson. The robbery was discovered about 7 o’clock Thursday morning when Worth Folger, janitor, entered to clean up. He immediately sum moned Cashier R. C. Lewellyn, who found the scene a litter of valuable papers and bank records. It first appeared that the robbers had taken every cent of cash con tained in the vaults, which was said to have been around $10,000, but a later check disclosed a far smaller figure. The loss did not in any way affect the operation of the bank, as it was fully covered by insurance. Investigation of the robbery by county officials disclosed that en (Continued on Lost Page). WAS BUT A YOUTH Father Was Official of Elkin Furniture Company IN ATLANTA JAIL Elkin, Feb. 2.— (Special) — Odell C. Boyles, arrested in At- j lanta, Ga., the second week in Jan-1 uary in connection with the threat- j ened. kidnaping of the son and granddaughter of Joseph Cannon, Sr., millionaire textile magnate of Concord, is the same Odell Boyles who used to live in Elkin, and is probably remembered by many El kin citizens, a checkup has revealed. According to information secured by The Tribune, Boyles’ father was an official of the old Cook Furni ture company, which at that time occupied the present site of Hotel' Elkin. I As a youngster, Boyles attended j I grammar school here, and a number j of local citizens remember attend ing school with him. He was said to have left Elkin when about 14 years old. Boyles is being held in jail at At lanta. His wife, the former “Sudie” Zachery, of Morganton, is at liberty under $2,500 bond. It is said after leaving Elkin Boyles lived in Win ston-Salem for a while and that he has served a prison sentence prior to the latest trouble in which he is now involved. It is expected that the federal law passed after the Lindbergh tragedy ag&Tnst using the mails for kidnaping threats may be used in the preparation of charges against Boyles and his wife. The former Elkin youth and his wife are alleged to have written Mr. Cannon a letter warning him to pay them $20,000 under threat of having his son, Joe, or his grand daughter, Ann Cannon Smith, aged two, kidnaped. In the delivery of the money according to instructions containdd in the letter, Boyles and his wife were trapped by police. Boyles was employed as a para-, chute rigger at Candler field, At lanta, when arrested. He confessed Ms guilt, bat denied that his wife was in on the plot. LET ARCHITECTURAL CONTRACT FOR NEW COURT HOUSE HERE Goes TV Harry Barton, Greensboro; 3 New Buildings Started WORK UNDER WAY The Board of County Commis sioners let the cbntract for the archi tectural designs for the new court house last week to Harry Barton, of Greensboro. . ' , The plans are to be submitted in the near future to the Board and if they prove satisfactory, immediate steps will be taken by the Board to let the contract for the construction of the new building. U. C. Duncan has started work on a larger and better building to re place the one that was dstroyed by fire recently, lie expects to build a spacious home for the Cash & Carry Stores and also a larger building for the Irwin Brothers Barber Shop. Joines and Nichols are pushing to completion their new garage build ing which they expect to have ready to occupy within the next thirty days. Jay Hardin >s erecting a new storage building to use for his stock of goods and building material until he can make plans to build a new brick structure. He expects to use this temporary building until about July 1st. FATHER AND SON BANQUET SUCCESS W - Doughton And Cheek Principal Speakers Of Occasion The agriculture students of Spar ta high school were hosts to their dads at , a father and son banquet held in the agricultural class room recently. Covers were laid for 70 and the ladies of the town served the meal in three courses. Johnson Sanders acted as toast master and Charlie Irwin gave the welcome admens A toast to the dads was given by Leo Irwin and Page Higgir ga e tl*e chapter ob jectives for*the year. Governed Lou: hton and Supt. John M. Cheek were the chief speakers of the evening. Other talks were made by "• >f. C. R. Roe, R. E. Black, W. B. Collins, W. C. Irwin, Eugene Transou, Walter Irwin and F. H. Jackson. This very successful banquet was sponsored by the local chapter of the Young Tar Heel Farmers of North Carolina, a State organization of students taking vocational agricul ture. Approximately one hundred of these banquets will be held in the State this year. Town Council Meets In Special Session The Board of Aldermen of Sparta met in special session last Monday night for the purpose of appointing a Chief of Fire Department and oth er business. Walter M. Irwin was appointed to I this position and his duties are laid lout by a recent o dinance which was published last week. A permit was issued to Jay Hardin to erect a temporary building which is to be removed not later than July 1st. New Store To Be Used By Smithey The new store recently built in the Alleghany Motor Sales building will be occupied by N. B. Smithey of North WilkeabQro. The interior of the new store is almost complete and Mr. Smithey i8 expected to move his stock of goods into it at once. THREE GET PARODES Governor Ehringhaus Monday pa roled three prisoners serving short terms, two for violation of the pro hibition laws and the other for se duction. They were Claude Green, Mitchell county; Waytha Pryor, Wa^e county, and Hardee Presnell, Avery county. WINNIE WINS REPRIEVE Winnie Ruth Judd, condemned slayer, won her first battle to es cape the gallows Friday when the state pardons and paroles board recommended a 68-day reprieve.

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