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House Favors Measure
Giving Roosevelt More
Power In Government
Y• ■
State and Nation
Shouldn’t Divert Taxes
Washington, Feb. 21.—At Ral
eigh there has been a stir over a
proposal to divert a proportion of
the funth, attdpnted to the state
highway tmmmissioh to general
state purposes. Federal highway
aid for the states will soon be
difficult to justify if the states
divert gas tax receipts to other
than highway purposes, Renick
W. Dunlap, acting secretary of
agriculture, declared today.
Cabinet Appointee
Washington, Feb. 21.—Persons
close to Senator Claude A. Swan
son, of Virginia, said tonight he
had been offered and definitely
accepted the post of secretary of
the navy in the Roosevelt cabinet.
The same authorities said
Swanson had communicated his
acceptance to President - elect
Roosevelt late today.
Cabinet Appointments
New York, Feb. 21.—Two tried
and successful veterans in the
fields of politics and business
were announced tonight by Piesi
dent-eleet Roosevelt for his pre
mier cabinet posts—Senator Hull,
of Tennessee, for secfttary of
state and W’illiam H. Woodin, of
New York, for secretary of treas
Lea Case in Muddle
Clarksville, Tenn., Feb. 21.—
The status of Col. I.uke Lea, and
Luke Lea, Jr., became more com
plicated today when a third judge
declined to hold a habeas corpus
hearing and one of North Caro
lina's extradition agents ignored
a telegram asking if he wanted
the sheriff here to arrest them.
Make Public Petition
Durham, Feb. 21.—Faculty
and students of the Duke Univer
sity school of religion, made pub
lic today a petition exhorting the
General Assembly not to interfere
with the North Carolina Turling
ton Act.
Appoint Committee
Geneva, Feb. 21.—A committee
of three was appointed today by
the League of Nations council to
attempt to settle the dispute be
tween Colombia and Peru over
the Leticia corridor in the upper
Amazon region.
Submitted to States
Washington, Feb. 21. — The
Blaine amendment to the U. S.
Constitution, ending the 13-year
regime of federal prohibition, was
submitted today to the 48 states
for ratification.
Sparta High
School News
The Sophomore class is planning
to give a play, “The Little Clodhop
per”, Saturday evening, March 12.
The proceeds will be used for the
benefit of the school.
As this goes to press, Johnson
Sanders is leaving for Emory, Va.,
to participate in the annual Decla
ration contest of Emory and Henry
College. He is accompanied by
Mr. Johnson.
Jay Hardin’s Store
Now Open After Fire
Jay Hardin has completed his
temporary store building and has his
stock of goods displayed for sale.
He expects to start a sale in a few
days offering real bargains in both
- new goods and of the merchandise
saved from the fire. All goods to
be sold will be in first class condi
tion and will be greatly sacrificed.
See his announcement in next week’s
Would Not Have Power
To Cut Pay or Vets’
Washington, Feb. 21.—Autocratic
power for President-elect Roosevelt
to reorganize the government was
.approved today by the house after
it had rejected $167,400,000 in sav
ings proposed by the senate in
amendments to the treasury-post of
fice department bill.
Ignoring the Bratton amendment
calling for a flat 5 per cent reduc
tion on all appropriations and esti
mated to save $143,000,000, the
house' substituted its own economy
amendment giving sweeping author
ity to the in-coming executive to
abolish and consolidate government
No effort was made to present
for action Speaker Garner's proposal
to give the incoming President pow
er to reduce salaries and cut veter
ans’ compensation. Chairman Byrns
of the appropriations committee
opened three hours of debate by say
ing the conferees did not want to
“include any matter suggested from
THe GiftsfdfeT,"~tha't might cause a
filibuster in the senate and prevent
passage of the apptopriation bills at
this session.
The, Tennessean said that if it
was desired to change the provisions
it could be done at the special ses
sion to be held in April.
In that connection, Byrns said
that Swager Sherley, former house
member and chairman of the ap
pro priations-com mi ttee, was investi
gating government agencies “with a
view to having a report on consoli
dations ready for the President very
soon after his inauguration”
The authority for Mr. Roosevelt
was assailed by Representative I
Wood, of Indiana, and LaGuardia, of1
New York, Republicans, as an abdi
cation of Congress to the executive j
branch. They were answered by!
Representative Ludlow, Democrat,1
Indiana, who said “the whole coun
try is demanding, not asking, that
the' federal government shall be re
If Had Exploded Prob
ably Would Have Re
sulted Fatally
A second apparent attempt on
the life of President-elect Roose
velt is under investigation follow
ing the discovery of a package
addressed to him containing a
crudely wrapped shotgun shell, it
was learned Wednesday.
The opinion that it was the
work of a crank was expressed by
William Satterfield, chief postal
inspector of the Washington dis
trict. He added that if it had
exploded it might have resulted
Building Permit Is
Granted Local Man
At a regular meeting of the Town
Council last Tuesday night, a per
mit was granted Glenn Edwards to
bull'd a concrete block store house
at the corner diagonally opposite the
residence of Fred Richardson. The
building is to be set thirty feet from
highway No. 18 and ten feet back
from the intersection street.
Mrs. Douglas Robinson, sister of
the late President Theodore Roose
velt, died at her home Friday night
of double pneumonia. She was 71
years old, the last surviving mem
ber of Theodore Roosevelt’s child
hood family.
Twenty thousand persons, most of
them former Japanese soldiers, at
tended two mass meetings in Tokio
Monday and adopted resolutions
urging Japan's immediate resigna
tion from the League of Nations.
Will Make Plans to Pro
duce Food For Needy
For Next Winter
There will be held at Sparta by
agreement with the Board of Coun
ty Commissioners and the farm
demonstration agent on Monday,
March 6th, from 11 to 12 o’clock
at the Sparta Baptist church, near!
the court house a mass meeting of
citizens including all people of the:
county who are interested in plan- j
ning for crop production, gardening <
and other activities necessary to
produce food and feed crops for the
county during the approaching year.
On this day it is hoped that land- j
lords and tenants will come togeth- I
er and help discuss and lay out J
plans by which Alleghany county
can produce food for its people and
feed for its livestock for the next
” It can not be hoped that funds
will be provided for relief of peo
ple in distress next winter as has
been done this winter. On the first
Monday in March, the day of the
meeting, all relief workers will take
a holiday and it is sincerely hoped
that all the road foremen will help
their men get to the meeting at
Sparta on that day. The conimis- j
sioners have agreed to adjourn their j
session promptly at 11 o’clock on:
Monday, and the people of the town,
the business and professional men
as well as the people of the county
are cordially invited to attend this I
conference. It is a matter of great j
importance to see that every family
in the county has sufficient food I
and feed , for livestock during the '
next year.
Asst. Director of Relief.
Was Final Meeting of |
Present School Year; |
Good Program
The Alleghany County unit of the |
Schoolmasters’ Club met with the
Sparta high school faculty on Fri
day evening of last week. Dinner
was served in the reading room of
the high school building. Decora
tions relative to the valentine sea
son were used.
At the conclusion of the dinner
hour, Mr. R. E. Black, president of1
the club, presided over the bnsiness
meeting. Due to the almost impos
sible condition of the roads, three
of the members from Piney Creek, .
including one speaker, were absent,
but Miss Edna Fletcher, teacher of
Home Economics at Piney Creek,
made an unusually entertaining
and instructive talk on “The Rela
tion of Home Economics to Com
munity Life.” Supt. J. M. Cheek, in
his usual felicitous, and capable
manner,' made a vei'y inspiring talk
on “Professional Reading.”
Due to the brevity of the remain
ing school terms, the club decided
to dispense with any further meet
ings this school year.
Glade Valley News
Rev. C. W. Ervin filled his regu
lar appointment at the Glade Valley
Presbyterian church on last Sunday.
At the close of the regular services
five young people presented them
selves for baptism and were united
with the' church.
Rev. C. W. Ervin, C. C. Thompson
and E. B. Eldridge attended an all
day rally of Winston-Salem Presby
tery which convened at Yadkinville
last Tuesday.
Rev. J. L. Underwood, pastor of
Sparta Baptist church, delived a
very interesting sermon to the young
people of C. E. Society on Sunday
night, February 12th.
Miss Ruth Bolling, Laurel Springs,
is guest of Miss Dowdle, at the G.
V. school this week.
Former graduates of Glade Val
ley visiting over the week-end were
Robt. and Bryan Taylor and Miss
June Crouse. *
New Store Going Up
Work for the foundation of a new
and up-to-date store has already
been started on the George Edwards
lot on Ennice street. This new home
will be used by Glenn Edwards, who
is moving his stock of goods from
his old store three miles out. He
expects to carry a full and complete
line of groceries, feeds, dry goods
and notions.
Two “Most Beautifuls”
Lots rtf folks appear to he winning bounty contests these (lays. Left
is Dorothy Wilcox, recently adjudged the most beautiful mane<|uin of
New York City, while to the right Miss Yvette Baker, American girl,
beams forth as queen of the festival at San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Senate Working To Make
Out - of - State Marriages
Unpopular; Pass Measure
• Dies Friday
The conqueror of the mighty John
L. Sullivan, I’ompadore Jim Corbett,
former heavyweight champion of the
world, died Friday from cancer.
Great throngs attended his funeral,
held in New York City.
Claims Consolidation of
Health Departments
Would Upset Budget
The proposed consolidation of the
health departments of Surry, Wilkes
and Alleghany counties was taken
up at a meeting of the Wilkes coun
ty commissioners in Wilkesboro last
week with the result that it was de
cided that Wilkes would not agree
to such a consolidation at this time,
Surry county commissioners de
cided in favor of the proposal at
their meeting the first Monday in
February provided the other coun
ties concerned agreed, pointing out
that several economies would Be
effected by such a consolidation.
However, it appears that Wilkes
county had already set their budget
up until July and a change at this
time of the year would disarrange
their financial program. It is ex
pected that the consolidation may
again come before the Wilkes board
again in a few months.
Senator Carter Glass Monday
night formally notified President
elect Roosevelt that he will not ac
cept appointment as secretary of the
treasury. A senator who is regarded
as Glass’ closest friend in the senate
stated that the Virginia senator
reached his decision on, the face of
a nation-wide avalanche of appeals
from business leaders to consider
and accept the post.
Chinese troops concentrated below
Jehol province under the leadership
of Marshall Chang Hsueh-Liang,
clashed with Japanese Saturday and
another major conflict appeared im
minent. Japanese officials in Man
churia demanded Chinese forces
withdraw from Jehol on threat of
Couples Marrying Out
of State Must Regis
ter on Return
Raleigh, Feb. 21.—With an
amendment designed to discourage
out of state marrying by requiring
North Carolina couples to register
when they get back home from their
honeymoon, the senate today passed
its substitute for the house mar
riage, law bill and sent it back for
concurrence. It killed the drivers’
license law bill 21 to 28 on second
reading and continued debate on the
consolidation of the state prison and
highway commission that was
brought to a halt at 2 o'clock for a
rest until 12 o’clock tomorrow.
The marriage law as it was writ
ten by the senate, which refused to
accept the house bill providing for
repeal of the health examination
features, makes it obligatory upon
applicants for. license to marry, to
take either the physical examination
as now required by law or file af
fidavits that they are not affected
with tuberculosis in infectious
stages and with venereal diseases.
The Hinsdale amendment makes it
mandatory upon North Carolina
couples going out of the state to
marry to register upon their return
and file the same affidavits that they
would have filed had they applied
for license in this state.
Honor Roll For
Fifth Month
First Grade: John Higgins, Coy
Chambers, Charles Doughton, Clar
ence Boger, Charles Franklin War
den, Mary Ross, Jessie Gwyn Wood
ruff, Annie Rose Reeves, Ray Smith.
Jr., Janies D. McKnight, Jack Sex
ton, James Hardin, Theodore Cum
mings and Billy Carrol Choate.
Second Grade: Viola Carpenter,
Claudine Edwards, Virginia Gentry,
Iris Poole, Ethel Poole, Doris Rich
ardson, Paul Ayers, George Edd Ir
win. Ted Reed, Dan Thompson and
John Underwood.
Third Grade: Amon Choate, R.
C. Mitchell, Nannie Andrews, Wan
da Choate, Emogene Choate, Francis
Gilliam and Elsie Wagoner.
Fourtr Grade: Ruby Atwood.
Edith Caudill, Rose Irwin, Marjorie
McMillan, Lois Mitchell Reeves,
Juanita Ross, Donese Russell, Jua
nita Smith, Myrtle Truitt, Rose
Wagoner, Evon Fender and Vern
Fifth Grade: Bernice Andrews,
Shirley McMillan, Emoryette Reeves,
Mary Warren and Francis Wrench.
Sixth Grade: Mary Underwood,
Alma York, Pauline Sexton, Virgin
ia Joines and Verna Weaver.
Seventh Grade: Ialene Kilby,
Stella Billings and Ernest Edwards.
Eighth Grade: Lorraine Reeves,
Mary Cecil Higgins, Grace York and
Ralph Evans.
Ninth Grade: Leo Irwin, Jennie
Hines, Gladys McKnight, Madeline
Smith, Virginia Osborne and Mat
tte Lou Edwards.
Tenth Grade: Johnson Sanders
and Tom Black.
Eleventh Grade: Ruby Richard
son, Charlie Irwin, Jimmy Wagoner
and Carrye Hamm.
Justice Moves Quicky
After Attemot To
Kill Roosevelt
Guiseepe Zangara was sentenced
Monday to 80 years in prison for
his attack February 15 on President
elect Roosevelt, Miss Margaret
Kruis. of Newark. N. J., Russel
Caldwell, of Coconut -Grove. Fla.,
and William Sinnott, New York
He was sentenced to 20 years on
each of the four charges which were
attempts to murder, getting the
maximum sentence in each case.
Zangara may yet be tried for mur
der. His pleas did not cover the
cases of Mayor Anton Cermak, of
Chicago, and Mrs. Joe H. Gill. of
Miami, who a;e fighting for their
lives in a Miami hospital..
After the sentence was pro
nounced Zangara said. “Judge, how
much you give me?” He held up
his fingers, eight of them.
“Yes”, said the judge.
“Oh. Judge, don’t be stingy. Four
times 20 is 80. Give me a hundred
He laughed as he was hastih led
from the Miami court by two depu
By W. II. roijLIXS, County
Th>- County Agricultural Advisory
Board, composed of the County
Commissioners and twelve represen
tative farmers of the county, met in
the County Agent’s office on Satur
day, February 18th, and approved
the following plan of county agent
work for Alleghany county for the
year 1933:
1. To place 10 purebred bulls in
the county.
2. To place 15 purebred rams in
the county.
3. To place 10 purebred ewes in
the county.
4. To have one hundred per cent
of the lambs docked and castrated.
5. To have as many farmers as
possible to drench their sheep for
stomach worms at least three times
a year.
6. To assist farmers in vaccinat
ing calves against Blackleg, and in
giving medical care to sick animals.
7. To have more farmers growing
more legume hay for live stock.
8. To have ten farmers follow a
definite crop rotation.
9. Get 25 new farmers to grow
ing soybean hay for sheep and
10. To have two farmers growing
certified seed Highland King corn.
11. Increase the acreage to certi
fied seed potatoes.
12. Increase the acreage sown to
13. Get 50 farmers to sow com
mon lespedeza on old pastures.
14. Get 20 farmers to sow Korean
lespedeza for soil improvement.
15. To have more farmers sow
ing certified seed wheat.
16. Increase the acreage sown to
abiuzzi rye for winter grazing.
17. Get the Alleghany Farmers
Mutual Exchange in active opera
IS. Get 90 per cent of the wool
and 50 per- cent of the lambs sold
through the Township pools.
19. Make up a list of Stocker and
feeder cattle and assist the farmers
in selling.
20. Pool orders for fertilizers and
assist farmers in buying.
21. Place five cars of lime in the
22. Pool orders for all seeds and
assist farmers in buying good seeds
at wholesale prices.
23. Assist farmers in selling po
tatoes co-operatively.
24. Assist farmers in selling
truck crops.
25. To form co-operative turkey
pool and assist farmers in selling.
26. Get two farmers to keep farm
account records.
27. To hold a County Agricultural
Fair. ,
28. Assist farmers in securing
necessary credit.
One hundred and fifty fertilizer
and variety demonstrations will he
conducted to determine the fertili
zers and seeds which will pay the
farmers of the county best.
Aroused public opinion threw one
of the strongest guards ever put
about any man around President
elect Roosevelt as 'he returned home
Friday after the sensational at
tempted assaaetnatlon at Miami,

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