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    For the School children
School Books
For All Grades, including the High School. Special efforts have
been made to give you the best line of
that can be had, at very attractive prices.
Ball Brand Rubbers, Star Brand
Shoes, Sweaters, Caps, Hosiery
All bought on the low market, and you can have the benefit of these
early purchases. Buy while this stock lasts and you will save
And Will Pay The Top Market Price. See Me Before
Buying or Selling.
Miss Alice Reavis has been the
guest of Mrs. Will Warden since Sun
day week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Perry, of Win
gate, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Will
Mr. and Mrs. Booker Plummer and
family, and Mr. Hall, their pastor, of
West Virginia, have been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Will Pruitt.
Mr. Hall gave a very interesting
sermon at the Baptist church Sun
day morning.
The revival meeting at the Bap
tist church is going along fine and
will continue through the week. Day
services are at 1:00 o’clock.
Miss Eleanor Edwards is visiting
Mrs. R. L. Doughton.
Mr. R. L. Doughton was home
over the week-end. He and Mrs.
Doughton attended the srvices Sun
day night.
Mrs. Frank Reeves and Mary
Reeves, and Mr. Frank Doughto^ at- j
tended the Reeves reunion at Tran
sou Grove, Sparta, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Fender and
children, Mr. and Mrs. D H. Fender
| and children, and Mr. and Mrs. G.
W. Hoppers attended the services at
Antioch Sunday
Mys. Frank Richardson and son,
of Sparta, ar visiting Mrs. Wilmer
Fender this week.
A large crowd gathered for the
Pugh reunion at Blowing Rock Sun
day. Those who attended from here
were Mr. and Mrs. John Pugh and
Blanche, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pugh
and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pugh
and children, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Pugh and family, and Mrs. Sol Up
Mr. Flake Scott, a member of the
road force, killed a large rattlesnake
in Mr. U. S. Myer’s meadow last
Mr. and Mrs. Boyden Roberts, of
Columbus, O., visited Mr. Roberts’
parents for a few days recently.
The rain is holding up the high
way work to some extent.
Honors House Guest
Miss Margaret Chek entertained
Thursday evening at her home in
honor of her house guest, Miss Ida
Vivian Weaver, of Chapel Hill.
Contract was enjoyed during the
evening and prizes were awarded. Mr.
Jimmy Doughton received high score
prize. Miss Weaver received a box of
powder as honor guest. Miss Mary
Ellen Hardin, out-of-town guest, re
ceived a beautiful handkerchief.
At the conclusion of the game a
delicious salad course was served by
the hostess.
Mrs. Mary Crouse has moved to
Boone where her daughters are to
enter high school and college.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Boyles and
children, of Winston-Salem, Mrs.
Westmoreland, of King, Mr. and Mrs.
R. A. Moser and children and Miss
June Benbow, of East Bend, visited
at A. O. Joines" Sunday.
Mrs. F. W. Cheek visited in Boon
ville last week.
9 Don v postpone getting the tires
you need now. Enjoy your last summer
holiday on a new set of Goodyears.
Prices are still lower than they were
last fall. Play safe. Before you start
out, drive in and let us look over
your tires. j
• c
• • safety
- . value
~ « pl ica
r 9 'iood looks
. a lifetime guarantee
$5.00 To $15.00
The New
4.50- 20
4.50- 21
5.00- 19
5.00- 20
Otfcw $Um Mind pioporttomW; tow
• Prices are marching up.
But if you act in time you
can still buy Goodyears at
prices shown here—and most
of them are lower than they
were last fall . . . Look at this
new 1933 Goodyear Path
iinder. With FULL CENTER
TRACTION, 20% thicker non
skid tread, and stouter Su
pertwist Cord body, it turns
in more miles, more blowout
protection, more safety, than
you could get from any tire
costing four times as much
a few years ago . . . Now is
certainly the time to replace
worn, dangerous tires with
Pathfinders all around. No
one can guarantee how long
today’s still low prices can
last. We have your size. Be
sure to get Goodyear quality
tubes, too.
Phone 20
Sparta, N. C.
Mrs. Sarah Todd and son, and Tal
madge Edwards, of Bel Air, Md., vi
sited Mr. and Mrs. John Choate last
Miss Mary Ellen Hardin, of Roa
noke, who has been visiting Miss
Doris Hackler, left Monday to at
tend the World Fair before return
nig hom.
Mrs. W. R. Robins has moved to
the home of her mother at Piney
Miss Ida Vivian Weaver of Chapel
Hill, who has been visiting Miss Mar
garet Cheek, returned home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Roe returned
from the World Fair at Chicago last
Mrs. S. J. Thomas and daughter,
Susie, left Monday for Bristol where
they will visit Mr. Thomas.
Mr. Ralph Cheek motored to Cha
pel Hill Monday.
Miss Jean Hawthorne ana James
Hawthorne went to Abingdon and
Chilhowie, Va., this week.
Judge and Mrs. J. C. Padgett, of
Independence, Va., were visitors in
town Sunday.
Mrs .Henry Spaugh, who has been
spending some time here, returned to
her home in Winston-Salem Monday,
accompanied by Mr. Spaugh, who
came up for the week-end.
Mrs. George Ed Carson and little
daughter, Ann, visited at Laurel
Springs last week.
Mrs. R. D. Gentry and children and
Miss Reba Gambill visited in Mt.
Airy and Rockford last week.
Miss Ella Caudil of High Point, and
Murriel Caudill of Whitehead, spent
Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs.
Cleve Nichols.
Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Moxley and
family of Maryland, returned home
Monday after an extended visit to
Mr. and Mrs. Reeves Douglas. It has
been nine years since they have been
Mr. F. M. Joines spent the week
end with his son, Mr. Alfred Joines,
at Thomasville.
Mr. and Mrs. Everette Thompson
of Jefferson, spent Saturday night
with Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Joines. They
attended the Communion services at
Antioch Sunday.
Miss Ella Caudill of High Point is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Cleve Caudill, this week.
Mr. Cecil Bumgarner of Waynes
ville, was a week-end visitor in town.
Mrs. E. F. McNeer, Mrs. R. B. Har
rell of Elkin, Mrs. Henry Spaugh, of
Winston-Salem, Mrs. C. A. Reeves,
Mrs. S. J. Thomas, Mrs. C. W. Hig
gins, and Mrs. Ellen Parks were din
ner guests of Mrs. R. H. Hackler
Miss Margaret Stephens of San
ford, has returned home after an ex
tended visit to Mr. and Mrs. Erwin
D. Stephens.
Mrs. Mattie Hardin, of Roanoke,
Va., visited Mrs. R. H. Hackler, last
; week.
Mr. Charlie Gilliam and daughter,
Mrs. Luther Stewart, of Elkin, left
for California Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Corpening, of
Fletcher, spent Friday with Mr. and
Mrs. Jay Hardin.
Miss Margaret Jane Cheek left for
California Tuesday where she will
visit her sister, Mrs. Joe Hayhurst.
Mrs. Charlie Gilliam and family
are moving to Elkin this week.
Mesdames J. E. Joines, Stevie Rob
erts and Elder Ed Davis attended
the Association at Indian Creek, W.
Va., last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin D. Stephen
and little daughter, Jean, spent the
week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Yates
Millsaps, of Hiddenite, N. C.
Miss Ruth McMillan entertained a
number of friends at a party aStur
day night.
Misses Mary Cecil Higins, Florence
Warren and Lorraine Reeves gave a
farewell dinner in honor of Margaret
Jane Cheek at Four Oaks Tavern
Mr. and Mrs. Carr Choate and chil
dren, of Mocksville, attended the
Reeves Reunion here Sunday.
Miss Clyde Higgins was a visitor
in town Monday.
Misses Alice and Hattie Brown and
Sam Brown visited in Booneville Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hardin and chil
dren, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hubbard
and son, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Hardin.
Mrs. Ellen Parks and Mrs. Henry
Spaugh were joint hostesses at a din
ner party in honor of the following:
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carson, Mr.
and Mrs. Jeff Carson, Mrs. Joe Fields,
Mrs. Frank Fields, and Dr. H. T.
Smith last week.
These who left for school at Boone
Monday were: Misses Gussie Long
bottom, of Glade Valley; June Crouse
of Stratford; Evelyn Caudill, of
Whitehead, and Zelma Richardson, of
Mrs. E. F. McNeer entertained a
number of friends from Elkin at
Four Oaks Tavern Sunday.
The Epworth League left on a
camping trip to White Top Tues
day. They will return Thursday.
Mrs. Aris Perry was the dinner
guest of Mrs. F. N. Roup last Friday.
Messrs. Page McMillan, Worth Cox,
and Caly Cox left last Thursday for
Montrose, Colorado, where they have
Mr. Carey Estep of Bel Air, Md.,
has returned home after spending
a short time with relatives.
(Mrs. Harry Levick.)
He stood alone beside the gate.
How long, he wondered, must he
A little dog, forlorn and sad
Beside the home that once he’d had.
They’d moved away and left him
He’d loved them so, it did seem queer.
He’d tried to run and follow them
But they had gone too fast for him.
He wished he had a bone to chew—
That always helps when one is blue.
T’was getting cold and very dark—
Perhaps they’d hear him if he’d bark!
He waited all that livelong day.
They never came—they’d—moved—
away!—Our Dumb Animals.
BY W. B. COLLINS, County Agent.
The beef cattle outlook at present
is very discouraging. I would not ad
vise farmers to hold back too much
and wait for better prices. Any beef
cattle you have for sale should be
sold as fast as reasonable prices can
be had. Grain and feed prices will be
comparatively high and there is noth
ing in sight that will justify buying
feed to carry cattle over another
year with the expectation of getting
higher prices.
Every farmer should read carefully
and study the cattle outlook, publish
ed in The Alleghany Times this week
and next. This Outlook is released
by the United States Department of
Agriculture and is the most com
plete information to be had.
We had a very successful farm
tour on last Wednesday. About 35
interested farmers made the tour.
Visits were made to the following
Edd Hawthorne’s, where we looked
over his field of certified seed Irish
potatoes, which we estimated to yield
better than 200 bushels per acre.
At this field Mr. H. R. Niswonger,
Horticultural Specialist, made a talk
on seed selection and growing certi
fied seed potatoes. While on this farm
we saw a herd of well-bred beef cat
tle, Lespedeza being successfully
grown, a fine yield of soybeans being
grown to plow under in preparation
for- next year’s potato crop, a part of
the flock of over 300 turkeys which
were hatched in an incubator and
reared in a brooder.
Carl Hampton’s Farm, where we
looked over fields of Kobe Lespedeza,
Korean Lespedeza, and Common ^s
pedeza. Every one was impressed
with the fine growth of Lespedeza
found on Mr. Hampton’s farm. The
Common Lespedeza on his farm was
affording a large amount of fine graz
ing at that time.
W. B. Collins’ Farm, where we saw
the Trench Silo which had just been
completed. Mr. F. R. Farnham made
a talk on the value of silage in win
tering livestock and the advantages
of a Trench Silo. This Silo was con
structed at a cost of $15.00 and it is
estimated to hold 35 tons of silage.
The farmers present at this meeting
were impressed with the small cost
of this silo and the most of them
think that the Trench silo will prove
an economical means of wintering
beef cattle.
On this farm we also saw a good
growth of Common Lespedeza which
had been sown on an old pasture last
DeWitt Bryan’s Farm east of
Glade Valley, we saw the finest yield
of string beans I have ever seen
grow in this county. There is 4 acres
in the field of beans and they have
been averaging yields of 250 bushels
of beans per acre. Mr. Bryan had
about 40 people in the field picking
beans when we arrived and they had
picked about 300 bushels of beans
that day. High yields of beans are
being made on this farm by plowing
under a crop of soybeans and cow
peas, sowing the land in rye and
turning under the rye and beans.
About 800 pounds of high grade fer
tilizer and 65 pounds of beans are
used to seed an acre.
We have visited several merchants
in regard to making up our premi
um list for the Alleghany Agricul
tural Fair. At present it looks as
though our premium list will be
about the same as it was last year.
I would like for the farmers and their
wives to begin making preparations
for an exhibit at the Fair.
Dr. and Mrs. Harrell Entertain
Bridge Club at Summer Home
Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Harrell enter
tained the members of the Fort
nightly Bridge Club at dinner at their
summer home near Sparta Thursday
evening. Following a dlightful din
ner, bridge was playyed at two ta
bles. Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Schaff
received the club award for making
the highest score during the games.
Those playing were: Mr. and Mrs.
Walter R. Schaff, Mr. and Mrs. Mar
ion Allen, Dr. and Mrs. Harry L.
Johnson, Mrs. C. H. Brewer and Dr.
and Mrs. Harrell.
In The Superior Court, Before The
Frank J. Ball, Plaintiff,
A. V. Choate, Alex Ball, Kyle Ball,
Lucy Ball, and Dan Ball, Defen
The non-residents of the defendants
above named will take notice that an
action entitled as above has been
commenced in the Superior Court of
Alleghany County, North Carolina,
being an action to declare the plain
tiff the sole owner of certain funds
in the hands of A. V. Choate, Guard
ian of Frank J. Ball, Alex Ball, Kyle
Ball, Lucy Ball and Dan Ball; and
the said defendants will further take
notice that they are required to ap
pear at the offige of the Clerk of the
Superior Court of said County on or
before the 24th day of September,
1933, and answer or demur to the
complaint filed herein, or the relief
demanded will be granted.
This August 23, 1933.
Clerk of the Superior Court.
IN Urtiri UAKULiiJN A,
Pauline Wright, Plantiff,
Charles G. Wright, Defendant.
The above named defendant will
take notice that an action entitled
as above has been commenced in the
Superior Court of Alleghany County,
to secure form the estate of he de
fendant a reasonable subsistence and
support for the plaintiff; and the said
defendant will further take notice
that he is required to appear at the
office of the Clerk of the Superior
Court on the 25 day of September
or within thirty days thereafter and
answer or demur to complaint in said
action, or the plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded
in the complaint.
This 21 day of August, 1933.
Clerk of Superior Court.
In the Superior Court—Before the
J. T. Cox, Administrator of I. B. Cox,
deceased, Plaintiff
Alice Toliver and others, Defendants
Under and by virtue of judgment
in th above entitled matter, I will
offer for sale to the highest biddei
for cash, on the premises, near Ble
vins Cross Roads on the 9th day ol
September, 1933, at 11 o’clock A. M.,
the following described real estate:
Beginning on a cucumber by River,
Thomas Andrews corner, running
thence S. 2 W. with Andrews line 101
poles to a chestnut oak, thence E. 28
% poles to a stake, thence N. 52 E.
53 poles to a stake at River, then
down and with the River to begin
ning. Containing 25 10-16 acres, more
or less.
This 8th day of August, 1933.
J. T. COX,
Administrator and Commissioner
Under and by virtue of power vest
ed in us as Executors in the last will
and testament of W. P. Fender, de
ceased, we will offer for sale at public
auction to the highest bidder at the
Courthouse door in Sparta, North
Carolina on September 8th, 1933, at
11 o’clock A. M., the following des
cribed real estate, situate in Piney
Creek Township, said County and
State, adjoining lands of Belle Cox,
J. W. Phipps land, C. S. Walls, Mrs.
Nan Spencer and others^ being all
the land in the homeplace of~the said
W. P. Fender, except a part of said
land devised to Mrs. Myrtie Fender.
Terms: one-third cash on day of
sale and balance in six and twelve
This August 8th, 1933.
Executors of W. P. Fender, deceased
In the Superior Court—Before the
B. F. Wagoner, Administrator of
Fields Wagoner, deceased, plaintiff,
Flora McMillan and husband, Sam
McMillan, Fields Harris, Raymond
Harris, Mattie McMillan and Mary
McMillan, defendants.
Under and by virtue of judgment
in the above entitled matter, I will
offer for sale at public auction at the
Court House door in Sparta on the
11th day of September, 1933, at 11
o’clock, A, M., the following described
Situate in Piney Creek Township,
said county and state, bounded and
surrounded by the lands of Bennie
Maxwell, Boyden Maxwell, J. M.
Miles, Everett Wyatt and Fannie
Barr, being the lands owned by
Fields McMillan. Terms one-half cash
on day of sale and balance on six
months time.
This August 10th, 1933.
Commissioner and Administrator
of Fields McMillan.
Miss Ida Poteat, of the faculty of
Meridith College, has returned to
Raleigh after an extended visit with
Mrs. J. F. Fender. She was accom
panied to Yanceyville by Mrs. Fen
Under and by virtue of the power
and authorityr contained in that cer
tain deed of trust executed by H. M.
Brooks and wife, Ennice M. Brooks
to The Raleigh Savings Bank and
Trust Company, Trustee, which said
deed of trust is dated August 1, 1927,
and recorded in Book 15, page 155, of
the Alleghany County Registry, de
fault having been made in the pay
ment of the indebtedness thereby se
cured and in the conditions therein
secured, the undersigned substituted
trustee by instrument recorded in
Book 6, Page 331, Alleghany County
Registry, will on Tuesday, September
5, 1933, at or about twelve o’clock
noon, at the court house door at
Sparta, North Carolina, offer for
sale and sell to the highest bidder
for cash the following described pro
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land, containing two hun
dred and fifty (250) acres, more or
less, situate, lying and being op the
Waters of Little River about three
miles East of the town of Sparta, in
Gap Civil Township, Alleghany Coun
ty, State of North Carolina, having
such shapes, metes, courses and dis
tances as will more fully appear by
reference to a plat thereof, made by
L. E. Edwards, Surveyor, on the 6th
day of July, 1927, and attached to
the abstract now on file with the At
lantic Joint Stock Land Bank of Ra
leigh, the same being bounded on the
North by the lands of Monroe Wolfe,
on the East by Little River and the
lands of Charley Rector, on the South
by the lands of S. L. Berry, on the
West by the lands of R. E. Brooks,
and being the identical tract of land
conveyed by deed from C. J. Ed
wards, Administrator, De bonus non
of Richard Choate, deceased, to H.
M. Brooks, of date, May 8, 1878, said
deed being recorded in Deed Book
“D”, at pages 385 and 386, in the of
fice of Register of Deeds for Alle
ghany County, State of North Caro
lina, and by deed from S.' A. Choate
and wife, Laura A. Choate, to Hugh
M. Brooks, of date, September 12,
1910, said deed being duly recorded
in Deed Book No. “Y”, atpag es 332
and 333, in the office of Register of
Deeds for Alleghany County, State
of North Carolina, and by a certain
bond, contract or paper writing exe
cuted by Calvin Wolfe, Commission
er, to H. M. Brooks, of date, Septem
ber 7, 1882, and recorded in Deed
Book “J”, at page 311, in the office
>f Register of Deeds for Alleghany
County, State of North Carolina, to
which deeds and paper writing refer
ence is made for more complete des
cription of the same.
Terms of sale cash and trustee will
require deposit of 10% of the amount
of the bid as his evidence of good
This the 5th day of August, 1933.
Substituted Trustee.
Robert Weinstein and Victor W.
Thompson, Attorneys, Raleigh, N.
Under and by virtue of a judgment
and order of the Superior Court of
Allghany County in a Special Pro
ceeding entitled P. L. Choate, Ad
ministrator of J. T. Lynch, vs Cleo
patria Lynch et al., I’ the undersigned
Commissioner, will on Saturday, j$|p|
tember 23rd, 1933, at one o’clocfc 3?.^
M., sell at public auction at the dpHEi£|
house door at Sparta, for cash* aUi
the lands of the said J. T. Lynch,
ceased, except that tract containing:'
about 10% acres allotted to Cf#^
patria Lynch as her dower.
First tract: Known as the Dovjgfe*>l
ton place, adjoining the lands of
Lynch, Alex Gambill, Lon Me Reeves,
Anders heirs and others, containing
about 16 acres.
Second tract: Containing about
three acres, lying on the east side of
the J. T. Lynch home place, adjoining
the lands of John Havner, the dower
and, and others.
Third tract: Containing about six
acres, being the remainder of the
?aid J. T. Lynch land, lying on the
vest side of the place, and adjoining
;he lands of Jim Reeves, Bert Shu
nate, the dower land, and the Dough
ion place.
This the 23rd day of August, 1933.
' $4.50 to 5.90
Alleghany Motor Sales,
N. C,

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