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VOL. 34 NO. 39
| State And 1
i Condensed 1
?National News?
Ukndale. Calif.. Sept. 6?Police
day pondered the cane of a 17 ye;
old h|Kh school student who. th<
said, admitted he shot himself wi
a rifle Friday "to net In right" w|)
a girl.
Still suffering pslti from a bull
wound in his lett side, Warren
Mtiph.v told his story In a hospital
The officer said Walter disclosi courtship struck a snag tv
Weeks ago and he had been despu
.. dent
Washington. Sept. 6.?Mexico's
fura! to accept Secretary Hull's su
K' StioiiH for compensating for t
preprinted American-owned fat
lands led some high Government <
flclals to regard iiexsinitstically 1
day the future relations of the tti
They expressed the opinion th
the stalemate would unsettle trad
< financial and business relations.
Chester. S. C.. Sept. 6.?John V
flinty. 80. was burned to death y?
- terday when fire destroyed a bpi
Jng In which he lived.
McGlnty, partly crippled, w
found dead at the foot of a bed.
The building was used' for a gra
mill- and a blacksmith shop, but M
Glnty HVed In another part of tl
building. .
The cause of the fire was n
Alexandria. Egypt, 8ept. 6.?Je
Asfar. 21 year old law student, w
held today and bis father Gabriel /
far. noted Cairo lawyer, was order
arrested in connection with a pis!
shot fired yesterday near King I
The shot was fired as the boy ki
was leaving the bathing pool of t
s. Athletic Club, but police denied*
attempt was made to assassinate t
monarcto. Two bystanders were wo
Brussels, Sept.. 6.?The Interi
ttonal Olympic Committee has av
ded the 1940 Winter games to I
Moritz, Switzerland. The progrx
will include figure and speed skati
ice hockey, bob sledding and m
tary distance skiing. Ski-Jump;
slalom racing will be confined to <
San Francisco. Sept. t>.?Charles
Knowles. 45, and William Tul
Mere angling for striped bass.
Quickly, Knowles pulled In fc
fish. Out went his line again, a
lie pulled In the fifth- fish?ilie lei
, limit.
He. dropped dead of a heart atta
Liock Haven. Pa., Sept. 6.?Theri
be a no speeding train here if C
Council has anything to do with
Police have been ordered to arr
the engineer and conductor of a
trains that travel at an "excess
rate of speed."
ii ?.' l: A _.
With IR
Speaking of R
Br nr
FEW days before the Hoi id
known citizens of New Yor
the other, was equally, famous
of money?without security?on
Of course each knew the oth
Remarks, they separated.
That evening at his resident
by special delivery. It was fro
~"My dear old man:
Meeting you today so pleas
meetings. It stirred in my heart
of the season when there should
. men. Now, as it happens, the e<
the whole year Unas me ftnanc
is only transient, I assure you,
. bo repaid of course at the earlit
"So in order that I and so;
me may enjoy a merry Christ
j return mail your check for one 1
' "Thanking you in advance f
l1*- 1
The recipient sat right dow
name night. He said:
"'My dear Blank:
I have just read your com
answer to it. But you will sear
i bearing my signature.
"With you l share the hoi)
! -enjoying the day. But
i "If I sent you one thousam
-a merry Christmas but I'm dam
I ' V " **%':* y\ ' - ' * ' I
National News'
In Brief Form (
| ?State News?
to l^aurhkburg. Sept. 6.?Miss .Carolyn M
ar Cox. 17 year old Kllin- Acadcm
9> | Student. daughter of 1>. A. Cox. lo
thjcal hardware merchant., wus never"-1
tb ly Injured here lute Saturday alter|
iuton when she undertook to remove
et a. <an of soup froni boiling water. jt
J. The can exploded and Mr. Cox ':
to said tonight that physletius said it I
to both Mr. Cox detn riln-d tier 40111 1
11- 1 Ion as serious. ?
I; ' . v; 'si
11 : 1 .'it
f*j" It ilelgh. Sept 6 A final ohstaelr 1
1 In the path of successful completion ""
tit the Blue Ridge Parkway was re- '
1n moved yesterday when tht- State
)f* lllnliuuc iitwl llrr*s?lro / #? % I si t
i ? "*? uu<>1 if v?i i\n v uiiiiiiih
'?*| skill abandoned title to a section of v
v0 Route 107.
The section, part of which will beil
t J
I | come a link of Hie' Parkway, runs
e'i front Newfound Gap through Havens
Ford to Cherokee. Title to the section
automatically passes to the Mjj
Ic- i-rnl Government, which owns., the
s- land on both sides of the road. f
id- . i
> I I
a8r /Greensboro. Sept. 6.?Police were U
asked today to search for a man. c
in lis wife and their three year old sou \
lc" nysterloualy missing from their i
,l" tome In the Guilford College com- a
nunlty for tlrree weeks. ?
0t Deputy Sheriff J. W. Donavant 1
said neighbors were at a loss to ex- 1
plain the dlsappearnce of the cou- f
an| pie, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Deckle. '
a" The front door of the house, h^ 1
l8" isald. was left open and food yu 1
p<* In the ice box. The only tKlng '
missing, the officer said, was /Heck- '
a* leniycar. 1
ng ;
he ' -' ;
a_ Raleigh, Sept. 6.?Members of the
jje Governor's school ootnralsaion study
un ing school needs for the state find
so much Interest in their survey and
other eastern meeting after the Ashe .
ln. the program baaed upon it that an- ,
ar. ville session a week hence probably
g, will be necessary.
im Divesting the public of many unng
derstandings may be the first step.
jlj. The sittings of the commission are '
ng. concerned principally with an addltlonal
year and an extended term. ^
In-its /present mood the commission (
has a strong leaning toward twleve
q years of eight months each, making
)er a school life of !16 months Instead
88 as at present.
?ul Ashdville. -Sept. 7.?The Associat '
ed Mnster Barbers of North Caroll
ck. na yesterday elected C. B. Barefoot
of Fuquay Springs as their prest
e'll dent. The Journeymen barbers re-eity
lected R. W. Garrison of Salisburk
It. president.
est After electing officers and select
my Ing Raleigh for their next conve?
ive t'.on the barbers adjourned their con
ound the World
' .1 I
tferry Christtnases
lays there met on Broadway two wellIt.
One was distinguished in business,
as being the most persistent borrower
the enure Eastern seaboard.
f-Metre ftlK'T*
er by reputation, and after a few casual
e, the business man found a letter sent
m the champion borrower. It read as
tantly, revived memories of our former
thoughts of the approaching Yule tide?
be peace on earth and goodwill amon^
iming of the most important festival of
(ally a bit embarrassed. This condition
but I need funds?in short, a loan to
tat opportunity.
me who have a sentimental claim upon
roaa I am asking yon to send me by
thousand dollars.
or the temporary favot, I am as ever,
fours, etc., etc."
m and wrote a reply and posted it that
munication of this date and this is my
ch these contents in vain for any check
day spirit Like you I look forward to
i) dollars of my money, you might have
incd if I would.
"Yours cordially."
Menu VhstssM Ins.*
Women Await The
Herald's Picture
Cooking School
Star in My Kitchan"' Home-Making
Kllm Coming To Dixie Theatre on
September 22. 23 and 24.
It'* the talk of the town?
Women throughout the coin mutt Iy
arc planning to attend the triend>
cliiHK tor hoitic-iiiakera, the Motion
h lure 'Cooking School, scheduled to
' - '
HT L'Jij.l at lo tto A >1
A welcome invitation to the wise
* sufficient. the only invitation
iwAwl f,,r l'*'" novel cooking School
? llial extended lo every woman by
riie Hi raid. There is no charge to
ee any ?>f th<? khuwltme of "Star in
i>| Kitchen "
llci juso this newspaper" stands
eady to sponsor all, pn/ii -ssly.
olopments, particularly-when they
effect. the homes of the 'community
t is presenting this motion picture
omance of hcine-making entirely
"If I cOuld only see exactly how
>lte mixes and' handles her ple-erust."
That comment has been heard
rout beginners and from more ex
terlertced cooks an many cooking
fhooj*. Craning necks and . anxious
!> ??, trained on the stage from tit*
iIdes and' back of the demonstration
tall, have failed to catch all of the
tnportunt steps in pastry-makmf
ltd dther culinary arts. Only the
krly birds In the very front row
ikve bad a close-up of the stage In
ne past, and even they couldn't peel
(lrectly Into the mixing bowl.
Now the wizardry of the caanert
las solved the problem, making 11
yossible for every person in JMxk
heat re to share each fascinating
stage of the planning, measuring
Heading. and baking In practical, uf
.o the -minute kitahens.
Keeping pace wtth the baking
ousting and frying, a series of sal
lib; and frozen delicacies wilt pa
ado in and out of adaptable etectrU
refrigerator, which will reveal Itr
host of possibilities for adrapllfyni
labor and markellug, and contribut
'ng to good health and good food.
What to do with! left-overs? How
o take the glcnt out of laundry day
How to p ive time, energy and tent
per in meal preparation? How to l><
attractive In spite of the dally ruBh
How to make the piecrust that met
love to eat? How to give first-aid' t<
fallen cakes? ' .
It: won't be necessary to ask th<
cftrcsiions, for expert home specia:
Ists have anticipated these very pro!
lents. They know what bothers man:
an. experienced house-keeper, be
cause it is their job to know and ti
counsel helpfully.
Pun, novelty and entertalnmen
are joined throughout the feature pi
ture. for It Is always fair weathe
when neighborly cooks get togethei
Home-making has a universal upper
and every woman1 is eager tp lear
the newest news of her craft.
Cooking, romance, modern kltcl
ens. and clever actors and) actressc
do not tell the complete story <
this 1938-model cooking school. Th
plciture is a whole laboratory <
modern Ideas and wise counse
touching on latest developments 1
home equipment and accessories, li
cuning laun-ary meiuoas. ways t
prepare left-overs, beauty secret
hints on saving time and labor, an
fresh suggestions on how to entc
tain graciously, as well as how to 1
Surprises In store for readers <
The Herald will not be limited t
free entertainment and Instruction
since there will be dally gifts, man
cf which will bring pleasure and r
hewodl appreciation- of 'school dayi
long after the final graduation c
the closing day.
Participating firms and local me
chaarts are cO-opornting with Tl:
(Join the particle, of home-makei
Sept. 22, 23 and 24, tn the Dixie The
tre! '
New Registration Orderec
/' ' '
Tre County Board of Elections
' n tn Ant ln<r O QViollttr Mnnrloc svwstc-i
a iiicviaa'fS muuunjf ui uv
ed a pounty-wide registration of ?
voters. Frank Tt. Glass Is a memb
of the Board.
When voters register they will 1
classified as Republicans, Democra
or Independent. It will be neeessa
for everyone who desires to vote
the general election to be held No
?th, to register.
Registrars will be at their reepe
tlve polling places each Saturday
October. Voters may also register
the homes of the registrars any da
during the month.
Registrars for the two precincts
Kings Mountain are: West Klgi
Mountain, at the Cleveland Mot
Co., P. G Ratterree: and Bast Kini
Mountain, at the Town Hal), Arth
9 ... 4 id*
itain I
HUR8DAY, SEPT. 8. 1838
18 Graduates
Attend College
Moth era and father* Have been
buay for the past tew weexa Kottlui!
i heir sous and (lauKhterM ready tc
I ead> tfuii'r, while others will leave
his aeek It Is a (treat tiuie for botti
I jo lent and clitld.
t)ut uf 40 graduates of the class ol
, U?:iH. which was the la incut gradu
itltiv class fit the history of the
rhOnl, In hovs and girls a-iv aitenc
, ing college
f Ec)!< w ing "Is I he list of student;
and th? places they arc seoktnj
.tig her 'Mltifat Ion:
, iKtnil > Leo Ashe. Carolina Mushiest
. Vollege
\Jlarold Barber, St rnyc.r College
Washington. i), c.
r Chat lotto Bost. Limestone * College
Cluirles Carpenter. Clentson Col
1 loge.
Bill Davis, Oak Ridge Military
I Academy.
i Esker Ear p. Kings Business Col
! lege.
' Carl finger. N. C. State College,
i Virginia I<ogan, Appalachian Statt
f Teachers' College.
George Mauney. Lenoir Rhyne Co
' lege.
I Phyllis Patterson. Erskine Collegt
r Faye Penlatid. (Appalachian Statt
Teachers' College.
> Elizabeth Plonk. Virginia Inter
1 inonte.
? Harold Plonk. N. C. State College
f Nina Putnam, Hollingsworth Comj
'? tometer School.
? James Rrrtterree. University o
North Carolina.
? Marjoile Rhea. Meredith College.
Charles TliomasBon, Oak Ridge Mil
f tary Academy.
J Paul Stewart. Appalachian Stab
? Teachers' College.
I ;
: * i
] rormer Local
Minister's Son Dies
? ' *
, Billy Hyde Church, age 16. died a
9 the home of his parents. Rev. an
Mrs. J. R. Church, at VVinston-Saleii
' Saturday night. Hilly had been an it
p | valid for the greater portion of hi
life and in recent weeks had bee
^ | in a critical condition. He had bee'
1' totally blind for sometime.
!"i Puberal services were -held at M
0 j Olivet Methodist church near Wit
ston-Salein. in Monday afternooi
l*j and interment made in the churc
c j uemetery. Dr. W. A. l,ambeth. prt
r! siding eXder of Winston-Salem pi;
r- triot. Dr. O. A. Stamper and Re'
James McLart.v. had charge of th
n service?.
Billy is survived by his parent
k' and one brother, John Church, Jr.
v8 ills father was pastor of Centri
Methodist church In Kings Mout
e tain for three years, coming het
from Andrews, N. O.. when the chi
dren were quite young.
tl nm.^ _?is., i ? ? "
- imv iamuj- nave many nienas I
Kinps Mountain, who sympathlj
with them in their bereavement,
s. ____________
J f- i
* Will Rogers'
-o Humorous Story
iy| *?
' T RECKON doctors have a pretty
1,1 bad time with some of their
i patients that are nervous and mean.
>" } If it wasn't for the patients, docie.
"Dotf t
to ring would be about the best Job
a young man could look for, I
,n should think
r- There was an eye doctor that had
ii ?- ?_ ?
in it nervous oia man ior a patient
er one day. The patient wanted new
frlaases, and said he was having a
ot of trouble with his eyes. He
DO spent a half hour telling the doc
t* about his eyes and how in con very
nient they were to him. So finally
in the doc got him sat down in the
lV chair where they test them and got
his old glasses put away, and then
the occulist says to him:
,c "Now, Just read as much as you
in ean on that card over there on the
at wall, pleasa.H.
xy The man got awful mad. "1
thought I told you my eyos wmsnl
. very good J" he says. Maybe I
didn't make It elear to you. My eyeK
sight la bad. I dor.'t read only when
or 1 nave to. 1 got tye-trouhle. See?
<s Now, don't Josh me any more about
ur Hp or m bust you on the nose."
'Aswrtsa* Uses totem Ia*X
Jl 1
Wtmmmm*. mail
| " * ; .- _" n* '
" : '?r7~?* ;
; BUSY 5
Ta* Rate Set At $1.87
I T?h> To*vn* Council, in a I'-njsihv "<
t nifoUtin Monday iukIh truiiustoii ?< * "
I - ral important limits of tiueliivm, Yl
;inia'l.v:. ti'l ili?- tax- rate at $1 s". Hl
-j liopKnl ' liutMt't h?r tibi al :'ji- '
",'proxotj i*o . pi::;, mound project*. r<*- j **
1 t tiKl-d all previous act lot) on- tin hl
m fi i fiii I m?mmmmmt
St foot, adopted bull ting code, dln.l J
' < iiss- (I (>l:iid* f.?t tin- sidewalk. tiil'v : '
1 |. itig project.
1*. The' tax rale waa adaph'd at $1 K7 > "
:ih lucres*? of 3o cents over the rat? '
j|of $157 .which lifts prevailed for sev-' Sl
'feral ><nr? The lew' "is expected t<- i
1 *tals>- about l&j.mto no ot tin ?
N. 000.(io- needed to opcpili' tin1 Tiiwi: '
' \or tli?- rOAiiiia >c!ii. The b.tlanc '
1' Will be derived from water and light i ''
leveuue a:id 'Qtllvl sources KUrll SIS It ^
'/reuses, penalties, etc. The Increase *
Mti rate was due io two reasons, first. '
loss In assessed valuation. and the
[large amount due on 'Jel>t service,j s
Thp Town lost $6p.000;i)0 In assessed '
I valuation And tlie debt service due s
i this year is -JlU.tWHr.OO compared with 1
i $'J7,fM)O.0ti due last year. The assess- '
j ed valuation of Kings Mouhtain us-It!
: now stands is $3,519,000.00. ' '*
"Aubrey Mauney appeared before a
the Council with two playground pro ?
- jeots, one to be placed thfoueli NYA
and one through WPA. Mr. Mauney V
' explained to the board members the >'
two projects could he had with very 1
s little outlay of money on the part of
' the Town. The Council approved the ''
two projects. A more complete detailed
report of the two projects np J
peaf elsewhere in this issue of The l
' 'Herald.
The Board repealed all former aef
tion taken on the ope-ning artd widen v
ing of Cherokee Street. At the last *
official meeting of the Council. Att
torucy J. R. Havis wns instructed to j
I I n l/rv f ho nunoocufi loonl atonn ??x
mv ?ivvi onui ,< iv "it>? oir|/a iu
p. open and widen the street, but the ^
action Monday night did away with ^
all previous action.
The Board adopted the Building (
Cede of the National Kire Under
writers. Tre main difference In this
Code and the one which had been. In
| effect in Kings Mountain is the new
ordinance does not allow wood shingles
on any building within the city
I ! limits. It Is understood with the ne.v 1
a rode being enforced the fire insur (
II attee rate will he reduced on all (
, bulUings within the city limits.
81 The side-walk paving -, projeo'!
11 which , is scheduled to get undcrwav j
n next Monday was discussed by th"'.
Boatll- .members. It was decided to '
1- secure a concrete inlying machine. \
> The Board adjourned about 11:30 .
' P. M. after one of-the busiest resh
sions in several months. ,
e- J j
I' Boys Organize Club
ie * '
Kings Mountain now has a "Boy's
p Club" that could run the one in Our
Gang Comedies a close race. Most
jj of the boys live on Piedmont Avenue
a. and they have their meetings in thei.
e itarn at the home of Police Chief
ij. Jimmy Burns. The youthful members
call themselves the Black Bat
in Club, with dues of 3c per week. Most
,e oi me money is savea until enougn
Is In the treasury to buy each member
a banana-spilt.
Officers, and members of the . Club
are as follows: Captain. Miles Maun
ey, Secretary and Treasurer. Jimmy 1
Burns. Jr., Vice President. Sonny '
Smith, David Nelll. Robert Nolll.
Karl Myers. Oavld Mauney. and Er- '
! nest Mauney.
P. S.?A note to the editor snyst
"Bobby Royce must be sorry. He
quit the club the morning we had
Revival Closes
I ?-?
A three weeks revival closed over
across the mountain at the Brush
j Arbor recently. Had 32 professions
| We have organized a Baptist church
| to lie ordained. Sunday. Sept. 11. The
meeting was conducted ' by 0. B.
Turner of Kings Mountain with most
of the pastors of Kings Mountain assisting
in the preaching.
This meeting was made possible
through the courtesy of U B. Turner
and George Leigh, and Rev. W. A.
Parsons and Rev. Carl Wea-vler. Doc
and Buelah Mauncy furnishing the
expenses. This meeting was not financed
nor assisted by the brother
hood, or anv other organization.
L. B. Turner.
Firemen were called out a little
before Midnight Sunday to extinguish
a small blaze nt " the home of
John Jordan, eoloied. at the corner
of King and Tracy streets. Very- little
damage was done. The fire started
from a box of trash in the kttchOB.
fclft' ffrfrif rf r'i 1'aVi'hr'i l-,- * .
. ? - ? * ??1
Vj . "
ichool Enrollment
iains 20 Over 1
?ast Year 1
Acioriilnx to figures p ! ! 'Iiv
uporintcndent B. N. Barnes tbo- ?,!?
jlliuetit fot tlie utw i"rm sallied
sent) students over lust year The
KUi'os are for the tilth day of
r-htiol for lK??h > ear* A total of
,*>7* pn|hIh wen', present yesterday,
epl ember Tilt the fifth day of
ihool compared with 1 ti.'.K children
cut' Five nut of the six schools tit
n- Ktnus Metintuih system showed
ii iu'cft-uso. This school. Wifst Klt?
lftn itv. 1111# c/iii'- made h'&s than
ihi \ car. jinmllment figures for all
ihoots for both this year and last
car a if as follows
chool 1937 1938
Viiii a I lltfili School 357 3 SO
i nt'ral KV-ini'iii ii- 451 49 1
last' Klein en! 11 y 34.7 350 t
V m Kletii'Ciilat j Sf I ii 173
'oloK'd Klfliiflilai") 324 229
'olorcd School 02 07
Pool hall practice has already
larif'J under the Mrevtlon of'C'iach
Ittle, star athlete from the Univer-'
Ity. of North f'arolini. Hand pracice.
has ulready begun with Director
aul llemlrlx auain at the head. .
Classes are now running on reguir
schedule and the hoys and' girls
re hard at work after three months
f vacation.
Supt. Itarues and School officials
iredicted one of the best school
ears ill. the, history' of Kings Mouna
in. and from the wat plans are
akliig shape it looks as though their .
orecast will become a reality. 1
^ield Supervisor of State
EJlind To Address Lions
"Mrs, Madline P. McC'rary, Field
Supervisor of the State Blind Cotnnission.
will speak concerning the.
vork this State is doing to aid the
llind, especially in this locality, tolight
at the regular meeting of the
dons Club' at the Mountain View
lot el.
This program should be of special
merest to all members since their
rhief International Project deal#
vith aiding the Blind-and the Preser
ration of sight.
) uu pruvciuiy nuucea. me <*oin
nit tee failed to Ret items to the pa>er
last week foneernltiR the Chlckin
Supper held at Lion Tom Fulon's
I'ahin at Lake Montonia. How*
?ver. we feel that It's not too late j
o say that a 'Rood number of new
avmbers and prusiei-iive member*
were there and also that the Shelby J
aid (lastouin Clubs were well repro
Rented. Kvery one seemed to have
ill enjoyable evening. ? thanks aitaln
to Lion Fulton.?Reported.
Native Of Kings Mountain
Buried In Kershaw
. ,
Kershaw, S. C., Sept. 5.?Funeral
services for Mrs. Beckman H. Clyburn.
wife of former State Senator
Clyburn of Lancaste. was condlucted
jt her home here yesterday afternoon
Interment was In the Kershaw
reinetery, Her health had been tall*
Ing for several momha but her cornlit
Ion was not considered serious tm
til about 10 days before her dteath.
Se died in a Columbia hospital.
Mrs. Clyburn was born in Kings , |
Mountain, N. C.. Survivors are her
husband, one daughter. Mrs. T. J.
Gregory, Jr.. two brothers. W. H. Jen J
kins of Spencer, N. C. and J. C. Jonkins
of Kershaw; one sister. Mrs.
C. B. Mobley of Columbia; and two
grit nd child ret). . <.1
Economic Highlights |
Happenings That Affect The Dinner
Pails, Dividend Checks and Tax
Bills of Every Individual. National
and International Problems Insep- 3
arable From Local Welfare. ' 1
The business cloture ha? been
marred by some unfavorable factors
lately. But. taking It by and large,
the outlook for Btendy If slow Improvement
seems to remain good.
One bad element has been renewed
weakening in the commodity
price structure. The.values of wheat
and other farm futures have tended
to decline. In spite of efforts to bold
tbein at stable levels. There have
been no sharp breaks, however, and
general opinion believes that prices
will soon trengthen.
Also bad has been the chaotic situation
abrcad. Ftltler seems to be
playing the old game of "bluff Czech
oslovakia" again. Foreign currencies
notably the franc and the pound. - 4
have lost ground in their rotation to
the dollar. Bui most authorities re- . '2
gard all this a? being of little Importance.
They thlr.k a general war
In the Immediate future is unlikely. '
largely due to the economic weakea(
Cont'd oa Editorial page)
t ,i.j /

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