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    Mountaineer Gr
Has Practice T
. ~
ACTION. ' fc
By Harmon 4
Rounding out the first week .ofj vfootball
drills, Crowell Little's first W
Kings Mountain High School foot- j '
ball edition showed marked hnprovo,
Uieht, ?8 each and baekj'buckled
down to heavy work fori si
first conference game with Newtou'b
on the night of Sept. :t0, atid the
praetlcO tilt with Beasetner- Oit> Krl h
day Wk. ) l?
Some thirty-odd candidates havo'
reported for work, including letter-j m
man t'lemonsco "IJootie" McDunici.|
wht? has been out of action Since
/ 1M6.
Accord I lg to present prospects.
mi' mans ttns )wr will uave heavy)
Hi'I ********* ' UUWI '
field. built arouiul tripie-throut Taut1 Netsler.
It's the old story -ti fairly
good first tenia. I>ui too few 'capable
replacements. *
Those exported to set" considerable j(
niton art-; on Is, Harper and Falls. |(
tank In. McOuuiol, Bennett, ant ii
Crook: K.uards. Dickey, Finger, and i:
Subcr; centers Wright and I'atiick; I,
backs. Noisier, Womack. ltHmSey\ ni
Campbell. Vales. Xrnl and McAbee.
Harper, a reserve who say consider si
able action last year. has looked
good In the early drills, and Settlor y
Hud Falls has shown promise .7
In his first year out. * tj
McDonlel and Dennett should turn tj
' x'sh one of the best tackle combina- j,
tlons in' the conference, and Jimmy |
Dickey and Dob Suber are heavy K
and experienced at guard, while Dun u
Finger, lettcrman last year, has also
shown up well. B6th Fred Wright j?
and Lawrence Patrick were center r,
reserves last season.
Paul Neisler. who alternated' at
center and half-track last year deft- ^
nitely has been shifted to the backfield,
and so far, has been teaming jc
with Buddy Womnck <and Charley ^
Ramsey at the whigbacks, and Doxle ti
Campbell in the ball-handling tall- y
back slol. j.
Noisier runs and passes "veil, and
lately has been punting some high jp
spirals, a few for forty yards or
dj fP^}K.
t"Shimmy" causes loss of
control at critical periods ?
( mnd the resulting wrecks, ' f
, injuries, etc. Have us check J
and realign your car's wheels;
frame, axles now
Modest charges.
' I)
116 N. Morgan St. h
Shelby, N. C. \
. w
In Everything Good To E
complete stock of Quality
\ duce, and we are here to !
Blalock Groce
. Phone 58-R
. '
\ '. ' ' ; . . . * .
Golden C
. 1
1 Mi
Pi r -''
|| Will give that e
if* energy to pursu
studies with
frame of mind,
children Goldei
1 Milk. v
I Phone 18
id Team
ilt Sixteenth
.ore. anil Llttie lias been couching
:m in" the quick-kk-king art. one of
.It lie's ace accomplishments as on the 1937 Carolina
indmill. W'omuck is rugged and
tiling, and lie has shown Improvetent
in passing. while Charlie Rainy
Is consideied by teammates as
ne of the surest bucklers oil the
ti.jii. Campbell has never plpyed
i lore, but lias been running In the
ilibtlck position. It is his duty U>
audio tbe ball in the many fako
lays of the windmill system.
; ? . . > .
AVhun this yettr'a "Football Annie
1" denned Crowell Little 'easy go
is inirt> rive Mountaineer grid
spirants ;gave It. the merry ohi razz
i a big way. And we agree with the
>eal pigskin chasers. He's making
it- boys work The work isn't really
S hard as the boys would |?alni it,
lit "grass exercise" is new to ~tho
lajority. anil they take it hard. How
ver, its really' getting the boys in
The coming of Clcmonsoe I itoone.t
IcDaniel has. helped the line plenty.
Kvone." who hasn't been active 011
ie grid since lie was u soph, giVes
te line a pleasing equilibrium. With
im an 1 Bennett covering tuckel poItfons,
and Suber and Dickey on
uard'duty. the liiie is something to
3 sec "Triple threat" . Neisler lias
eeti getting off some' nice punts
itely, besides passing well and carring
the plghide.
Miss Miary Cable, Vvlto came to
: M. from Dobson to coach our
Iris In basketball, is doing a nice
?b with' would-be tenuis stars. The
ids are preen as .vet. but she's getng
the principles across to them,
s to formation of a tennis team,
tey're too green ,for a team this
ear, we believe, but they eager to
1am and doing fine. Miss Cable not
nly knows her tennis but also piays
swell game. She beat your corry[Kindent
? and that, my frans. is
The biggest football game of the
etar for local fans will be the Dukearolltia
game ? the South's clasic.
But smart gamblers are holding
ut on it?too many upsets in the
ast. And they're saying now that
<alanne isn't as good as he has
een painted. It's said that he'll nev
r fill Ldttle's shoes. All we can do
i wait and let time show us. Afti r
11. the sweetboy is only a soph thI- ?
ear....! _
leart Attack Is Fatal To
lauptmann Detective
New York. Sept. 5.?Deputy IV>
co Inspector Hichard Oliver, 54 who
roke more than 100 Important crint
tal cases in three decades of deterIve
work in New York City, died
,t his home today, apparently of a
earn attack.
Oliver worked for two years on the
.Indbergh baby kidnap murder and
btained evidence that helped conIct
Bruno Richard Hauptmann.
at, Call Us. We have a
Groceries?Meats, Pro
serve you. Call or Come
iry & Market
We Deliver
Ik j
ichool child
e his or her
a healthful
. Give your
n Guernsey
Kings Mountain, N. C.
n -*iWf AiYfiifrifriffiifriiYri nr'1 riMMM
Personals <
(Cont'd frotn Society page)
Lincolnton Hospital Saturday.
Mrs. Ldssle Heavener of Tampa,
Kla., was a guest of Mr.* and Mrs.
Claude Rhyne last week. Mrs. Heav- ,
oner Is a sister of Mrs. Rhyne and t
dv.ed in Kings" Mountain unttl recent |
vears. ,
-o- ,
Mr. Thomas Plonk of Macon, Ga., |
trapped' over here and spent Wedaes
lay night with his grandmother, Mrs
ft. S. Plonk and family. He was on ,
his way to Join the student body at ,
Davidson College. ,
?o t
Mr. 'and Mrs. Oliver Ituius'-ur and
i (hlhlreti. Donald and Nathalie, hive ,
] returned to their home in Fullertou.
Ph., after a visit to relatives here ,
I Mrs. Fleming Itamseur "went with .
; them for un extended visit. (
~0? ,
, Mesda m< * j'._ j_^. Full nil. H It Par
I ton. D. M Ortnanfl, J. U Settiemyre.
j and Miss Wlunlfred Fulton of Kings
Mciintaiu and Mrs, Hugh Hoke of |
I l.lncolnton went to Witist3n4la|em
' Monday to 'atjlend funddal services
j for Hilly Church, son of Rev. and
| Mrs J. U. Church '
Davis left during the week-end
lor Oak liidge where he enrolled at ,
Oak RMge Military School. His pur
ntsf Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Davis and
Miss Aldu Jean Davis accompanying
, ami.-su>pyiug en route ror a visit
I at the home of Dr. and Mrs. W. 0.
! GOqde in Spencer.
Mi*. W. F. Miotics spent' -Tuesday
in Charlotte where he attended a
gathering cf the Veterans of ih? Car
olinus branch of the Second. Divls.k>n
Association A. E. F. If- there
should be any former member of
'his division anywhere in Cleveland
I County, please get in touch with Mr.
| \V. F. Rhodes.
l.oulsp - lx?dford. nurse at a
hospital in Manhattan, N. Y., was a
guest of her uncle, D. F. Hord and
family during the week-end. Miss
Bedford's father, Farris Ledford,
and her brother. A. B. Bedford of
Shelby, were also six-h'clock dinner
guests at. the Hord home on Sunday
Ruth's Beauty Shop opens next
Tuesday, Sept. liith. in the building
formerly occupied by Grace Beauty
Salon. Miss Pauline Dickerson of Elkln.
N. C? manager of the new beauy
establishment extends a cordial
invitation to the ladles of Kings
Mountain and surrounding territory
'o visit her shop, whore they are
ilways assured of a cordial wel ome.'Miss
Dickerson is a graduate
i >f llinsliaw Beauty School and. has
; lad six years experience with boauj
> shop in Marion. Va.. and Winston
i -hllem.
Miss Dickerson will be assisted in
j !i" operation of the shop by her sis
' -*r. Mrs. Ruth Hanes also of Elkln.
Mists Dickerson says the most rtloi
dern equipment has been installod,
^ |ii ii
. jt
L^| i,
1wfi *1
V/ ?*
I ?m ' I
I iff : ' iB i^^B/II
I * < a?lW
IBJ . n P. 1 fl
te^Tl p 'JV^^
VRSDAY. SEPT. 8. 1938
In The Superior Cour?.
lacquelyn King. Plaintiff.
Phillip B. King, Defendant.
The defendant, Phillip D. King. I
>v111 take notice that an action en- I
itlud' as above has been commenced I
n the Superior Court of Cleveland I
,'ounty. North Carolina, in which I
he plaintiff, Jacquelyn King, is ask- I
ng the Court for a divorce ubsolute I
roni the defendant on the ground of I
idultery and for the custody of hot I
hlld; and the suid Phillip 11. King I
rill further take notice that he Is I
equired to appear at the office cf I
he.Clerk of the Superior Court of I
-aid County at Shelby. North Carol!- I
la. within thirty days after the 29th ]
iuy of September. 19:58, and answer I
ir demur to the Ceinpiaint in said I
utIon, or the plaintiff will apfily ti. I
ihe Court for the relief therein <le-|l
T'"., '- h. Stv B
. A. M. Hamrlck.
Clerk of the Superior Court
Peyton McSwaln. Ally, for PlainiifT. |l
?adv?Sept 22
in) only the lntost scientific nieth I
Cds will be used. The telephone nuni l
>er of the new firm is 73.
I'll Give A Million
Wavner lVtxtt??v
Marjouie Weaver I
?Double Feature?
Cassidy At Bar 20
William Boyd I
Battle Of Broadway
Victor McClogen
Louise llovick
Keep Smiling
Jane Withers
?Double Feature?
10c and 15c
Island In The Sky
Gloria Stuart
Michael Whalen
The Chaser
Douald O'Keete
Ann Morris
"Snow 'White And The Seven ]
V . ;,?i! >, ,.
|L La
Is Better Pi
I your new F
now fully s
you to visit
I You are alv
are ready tc
V They are pri
|4H Pr; styles and
H^r I. CO
lx>th spoi
and beautifi
11 * * ' ' ? ' ^
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Try dtp** op yoor liiddiot. /A&' Mod*
of all Mot, iMy wooi
^^1^^ longof ond nMt* >/
tKoif simp*. ^<V \ ^ jS*T
Sci*nli(i<ally d?- '
ligntd ?p?- |vciol
jnvwiiU l?(H "* ^ X- >' \
? wltfc omplt . ^>1
loolroon lot r CZZ-df$'\ /??/
growing ! ?. Hi . JH
AH Itatlitr In- ^Ljjj
?ol?t, oataoUt,
uppoaondcount- 'y
wt Man Jtwittr j^t^'4"''' xj'
K * (natural, I W?*d?*r-Bird?
jijf ^
ceil bat llttl* jl A*7
mor. tfcon ordln- St' MW^
97c to 2.98 C^i
our Window Display of JO- #1 fin
New Fall Silks and Woolens *tOC 10 fl?Qj
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Spun Rayon, printed, plain and pencil J I JIX
stripe Crepes, $3.00 values * - tt ;
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Fast Color regular $1 values tflfC
100 Ladies' and Children's Print and Sheer
Dresses. Regular 50c values 9Ci?
Belk's Dept. Store
The Home of Better Values
idles' Shoppe
repared than ever before to furnish completely
'all Wardrobe. Our big Separate Ladies' Shoppe is
t jcked with the latest Fall Creations. We invite
t our Shoppe for 'Tomorrow's Styles Today",
'ays assured of a cordial welcome whether you
i buy or not.
Iresses $3.00-$ 17.95 I
ettier this year than ever before. All the desired
shades for Fall Wear.
ATS $10.00--$39.50 I
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il. A large selection to choose from.
ENPIECE SUITS $10.00~$39.50 I
nd three piece models that are ideal for this seaear.
A large assortment of colors and materials.
$2-$4 "BAGS $1 to $3 I
tat new outfit, in Just the style you desire to
II Colors. enhance that new Fall enKem
ble. ,'|j I
slk's Ladies' Shoppe I '
The Friendly Store I

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