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VOL. M NO. 49
State And N
Condensed Ii
?National News?
Batlln. Nov. 22.?British Prlnte
Minister Chamberlain's disclosure
tlinL Tanganyika. Germany's- former
Kasi African colony, might he used
for settling Jews fell like a bombshell
here today
The Na*l press for days has been
warning that "any such attentat
would meet with the sharpest protest
L-orSln. Ohio. Nov. 22. Police ef
<u-1?n.v I. ""t-..- ... >?.,
atini. on the seat of an officer's blue
eet*e trousers.
That d?-slr?ble shine comes from
adding In and out of squad cars, so
the best shine becomes a symbol of
most activity. As a result, police
* witched from double -soled shoes to
reinforced trousers
Only two members of Lorain's de
then died of a heart attack
Foreman Thomas Grady found his
body with ohe hand gripped tightly
on the receiver.
Martina Ferry, Ohio. Nov. 22.?
<Two traction cars crashed head-on
and burned In a fog north of here
today. Injuring 17 persons, two perhaps
fatally. ,
New York, Nov. 22.?The bodies
of Mrs. Lott'le Gardner. 43. of WUmlnpton,
N. C. and her brother, Rob
ert L. Turner 42. of Staten Island
who drowned Saturday night in Hud
son River, were prepared today for
tfblpment to "Wilmington.
Laughing Arou
-? mt m n m m w ? m* m m
And It Wasn't M
By IRVns
TN KENTUCKY in the old days,
highest court a gallant old Con
After his retirement from the
, of the world. He got on the train a
the next morning he set out for a
on Broadway.' After a while he e
one of the busiest cross-town arter
river street in lower Manhattan. H
on the edge of the curbing watehir
traffic that passed him east and w<
direction there was no end to the ii
and wagons and vans and delivery
At length he made his way 1
middle of the cross way directing tr
"Excuse me, suh,' inquired the
"but air you connected with the city
I "I'm a policeman, if that's whs
' ' "So I Judged from your oostui
able Kentuddan.
"Anything I can do for you?" i
affability by the courteous manners
"No, son, I reckin' not." said
V not too much trouble I would like k
* ? "G4 ahead with the question."
"Well, suh," prefaced the jud
lovely city here?111 aay that muet
. powfujly behind with your hauling,
(tmrtin Msu
tl'^lliiriid iii'il -'II itii^MfiffTiii-in - Isea.. ^' .
lational News
i> r n
Yvinment cling to the extra-thick
. sole? and the single-seat breeches.
Pittsburgh, Nov. 22.?The new Irvln
Works of the Cameglo^lltnois
Steel Corp. will be opened formally
Pec. 16 with an inspection trip by
corporation officials and Industrie!
.Construction work on the plant be
Ran May 22; 1937. at Us 653 acre site
in nearby Clalrton and the tin division
started operations early this
Fin:porta, Va.. Nor. 22.?An Oil
truck and1 a freight train crashed
near here yesterday and the two ococupants
of the former were cremated.
Police raid the men (were Identified
as Ernest Keene of Pair Oaks
N. <?.. and' Arthur M. Browp of Winntxm-SaJem,
N. 'C. Two cars of the
train were derailed.
London. Nov. '32.?Norway and
3 KrHala today mosraed the passing
of Norway's English-horn Queen
Maud, who died In a London nursing
home early Sunday of a heart
attack four day* after an abdominal
The Queen wha 68 yearn old.
Alt. Pocono, Pa., Nov. 22.?Richard
Tie Santo, 45 year old l^ackawanna
Railroad watchman saw 200 tons of
rock crash down on tracks at a tunnel
entrance yesterday.
He sprinted several hundred yards
to a telephone, warned a dispatcher,
n Brief form
I ?State Newg?
Marion. Nov 22.--The mystery o
he disappearance ol Mrs. KssI
Leonard, 46. of Clinchfleld, ten duyi
?KO was cleared up yesterday whet
a searcher found her body floailut
I on Lake James near here/- An 18 lb
rock waa found tied to the wonian'i
apron. An inquest, was nor deentct
nucessury. ^
Itali Igh. Nov. 22.- Officers discloc
ed today they uere continuing ni
investigation into the death of t
' I i-miJi l. ...I, 1,1 .UUI'I'UUIIe. ,i Mo'v
' *' '?*
Acting Coroner Roy M. Banks salt
he we* holding a man lie named ai
II. It. Weaver, Durham autumobih
salesman, until the Investigation |i
Cooper's bodv was found on a rut
toad track and ft was believed a
first he had been killed by a train
Hanks said; hut later, he added. I
wa? learned. Cooper was Injured It
a "free (Or all" tight.
The acting coroner said the figh
occurred at Weaver's house, (lank
quoted Weaver as saying he hat
been in a "tussel" with Hooper, bu
that Cooper left his home and hi
| knew nothing of how he was killed
Columbia. S. C.. Nov. 22.?Thi
Highway Department announced t
day thai 14,926 new passenger mo
tor vehicles had been registered It
South Carolina for the year ended
Oct. 1, compared with 29.627 the pri
ceding year.
iNew truck registrations totaled 4
| 138 compared with 7,532 the preced
log year.
A statement by Ben M. Sawyer
thief highway commissioner. alt
the busness recession evidently cam
! er the sharp reduction.
Spartanburg, S. C.. Nov. 22.?Noti
death yesterday with his chest lai<
open by a knife wound so that tb<
heart.beat could be observed, a coui
ty Negro hoepita! patient today wai
complaining of the hospital servlo
and waking to go home.
Wilson. Nov. 22.?The State High
way Patrolman J. K. Banner man
stationed at Nshviile, suffered a se
rlous back in injury- yesterday whei
his motorcycle overturned. Physl
, clans feared he would not recover.
Chapel Hill. N'ov. 22.?The quest
Ion as to whether the United State
should establish an alliance witl
great Britain will be discussed b;
hundreds of North Carolina hlgl
school debators In their spring dt
bates of the present scholastic yeai
Newton, Nov. 22.?The defeuse cor
tinned to build tip its case today h
the trial of three men and one wo
man In connection with the slaylni
of R. O. Hawn. beaten to death th<
night of Feb. 17, 1936. at Rocg Hous
a Ink Hickory resort.
Raleigh. Nov. 22.?Recommends
tion that stands of timber be at
sessed for taxation at half their tru
value has been made by the classlfl
cation amendment commission in i
report on the state's tax structure.
Aid the World 1
n s. COBB t
loving Day Either
we had for the chief-justict of on.federate
bench he decided to see something
nd came to New York. Arising early
- "V," *
? _ II.. I
walk in the rent city, going south
ame to Canal Street, then, as ojw,
iee and likewise the widest river-toere,
for a space, the old Judge stood
ig the quadrupled lines of vehicular
wt. As far as he could see in either
iterweaving tangles of loaded trucks
to where a policeman* stood oi. the
visitor, in his rich Southern accent,
government fere?" t
you mean," answered the bluecoat.
no and depo'tment," said the venernquired
the officer, stirred to special
of the stranger.
the Judge benignsntly, "but if it's
? ask yon a question."
go, "you boys snttlnly have got a
?. Bat tell mo, son, haven't you got
fCtfwew^ImJ *
" '
i l-'or the hay and the corn and w
+ i'jr ili?> lalKir vu'll done, and fl
' ! or ihe'ftun ar.rt '.he dew and t
9 J tor the ph<* and ihe sotia. and
1 > TiianU'-rlv Iiik' Tliank.suiviiv!
? T l or the trade and the akill and
1 4 For 'h<? running and strenmh c
i-'or the good that, our urtljla a
^ J I i<r the frl*-unship that I'.opo at:
: 1
Another WP
Is Approved
?! J '
The Volunteer Fire Deportment it
keeping with their poliey for th?
?' poet eeveral years will again collect
>; toys and diatribute them to th(
K needy children at Christmas. At
.! persons who have toys regardless ?(
| condition are asked to give them u
a, the Firemen so they can repair then
i and then meke some child happy #*
. Christmas morning.
| Toys may be brought to the Tow?
| Hall or given to any member of Ihi
! Fire Department.
I .
j Th?* Men's Club entertained mem
n. i?T8 of the Kln*pg Mountain Lion
, t'.'lub at a turkey tup per Tuesdej
a night at the Club House. About see
c i nty were present for the occasion.
Clarence Kueester, Executive Vic
President of Die Charlotte Chaptbei
of Coromeroe of Charlotte gave i
u wry insph-ing address on the King:
Mour. tain Battleground in referenci
a of Kings Mountain. He also stresses
[. the importance of Kings Mountaii
citizens waking up to the fact tha
a valuable asset is to be found ii
. the Battleground. He said, "King
g Mountain has been asleep at th<
j! switch." He also brought out tha
^ Kings Mountain should aid in rout
4 lng traffic through here. " that i
j. would mean cash dollars in the poc
. [ kets of local bustness.
A local colored quartet sang dut
lng the serving of the supper.
11 Rev. W. M. Boyee intrduoed Mi
w Hues tor.
e> The Men's Club defeated the I.loiv
e in a question and answer contest ti
the tune of 8 to 11. Haywood E
Lynch, assisted by Harold Hunnl
outt, had charge of the contest,
9 Former Resident of Kingi
Mountain Dies In
Funeral services were held Sur
day at fcrent, Ala., for Rev. Rlchan
G. Ramsey. 72. MethodSati minis* e
formerly of Kings Mountain.
Surviving are two brothers Jame
Ramsey of Gray mill community o
Gaston county, and Pierce Ratnsc
of Alabama, where he was visitlm
when be died last Friday.
He formerly served a church li
Kings Mountain and other charge
elsewhere in this section. He hai
been active In the Methodist minis
try for 32 year*.
Rev. Mr. Ramsey wns a native o
York, S. C.. Interment was In Ad
Chapel cemetery near Brent.
Mr. J. L. Ramsey of Kings Motui
'ain and Messrs Brnesw Rantsej
Clyde Ramsey and J. J. Ramsey <1
Oastonia. Were among thoste attenc
ing the funeral.
The Pheuix Mill Store Market 1
the first market in Cleveland Coui
ty to be given the best rating posts
bio which is Grade A. Manage
Prank Glass Is very proud of the rs
ttng his market made.
Other markets will be graded Is
ter end the complete Bet sill be put
Iished in The Herald. The marke
inspector with the County Healtl
Department stated that when h
made his tour of Kings Mouniali
list week, the Phsulx w?^ the oul;
one that had made the fteceesar
changes, but the other | market
would be graded to a few days am
the grades announced.
itain h
HUR8DAY, NOV. 24. 1938
3E i
. .
.. ?
'beat that is reaped. " < j
* l-t
?<?..barns <bu! are heaped. * !
he swmh hiioeycoinU. - > j .
?h?? harvest brought ho:ii? '
* i
'he wealth in m:r land
I the -workitue-tnan'a hand +
Jtd poet* have taUKht. 41 ,
id tiBecti?.?? have brough'.- , J;'
Anonym''-> X
a n. .
a rroject
' '"V . ?
i 2
' Ar: ">rtlMLK to an Ogrial an no unit- j
ment front Con press mail A. L. Buiwikle
anotiter \VPA project has f
been approved for Kings Mountain.
It is understood that the actual work'.
will begin right away. The project'
t Includes water and sewer Hues on g
he new street opened up from the^
corner of the I tall road Avenue and ,
King Street, the aite of the overuead
bridge now under construction 12
I to where the new street enters the'
Shelby highway near the western
city limits.
The project calls for an expenditure
of $24,460 with the biggest part!1
of this being a grant from WPA. ?
The official notice follows:
Cleveland County, Kings Moun-; j
*i tain, frown-wide. Extend and im?i g
j prove the sewerage and water sys-' >
f j terns throughout the town of Kings j T
Mountain. Cleveland County. Includ-, (
1 ing constructing sewer outfall, main' (
9 and branch lines, with necessary't
r manholes and, pumping stations; ln->
I ! stalling; water mains, with necessary f
II hydrants and valves; and perform- v
?: lng appurtenant and incidental work.
1 Tiown and privately owned property.
1 Proper rights-of-way have been ob- |
!;tained for all work on private prop!,
1 erty, and no improvements will be' '
s mad* thereto. In addition to pro-!
} Jects specifically-approved. No taxes;
t ur assessments will be levied to eov- i '
er the amount of'Federal funds ex- 1
t pended on this proje<*t. Sponsor: :
: Town of Kings Mountain-.
I ' . ' -I !
;New Jefferson Nickel
Is Received Here
The new Jefferson tckel is avail- '
' able hene now at the IIrat National 1
5 >snk. The new coin made tts first j i
! appearance throughout the nation: '
I- .ast week and bears che likeness of
i Jefferson on one side and his Vlr- I
| pin la home, Montloello on the other. 1
5 The coin Is to replace the Buffalo j
Indian head, design, used for the past i j
25 years and soon this coin may be ]
as uncommon in the exchange clr- ,
sles as the cild IJberty head five*
i.'cent now- is. ^
1 ' ,
I Will Rogers' .1
Humorous Story
I t
'*i X know whether brides can '
cook nowadays or not. Probably i
f they can. They got so much eooking
in the schools now that you'd
think a gfr! couldn't hardly get
through the a he's without knowI
ing how to make a pie. But they
till tell the stories about the bryie's
I grub. TP'
<, One guy come home without buy.
! ing himself any fortifications at the
, lunch counter down town, he was in
H audi a hurry to see how his new
rj. wife was jretting along with Her
i- cooking. Well, ne was sorry hs
corns so soon or so late when he
, tasted the pork chops. They were
h "I doUt' quite understand these
* pork ebons,'' he says.
Ii "Well, she says, "neither Jo I.
. they taste mighty funny. 1 burned
, tbeas a tiny bit, nut then I rubbed
some of mat ointment on them
' that's guaranteed to curs bums if
f you put it on right away. It only
took rap a minute to do it, but may1
be it wasat soon enough."
LJ Ill I IfII i,"l. I- !
; *
Scouts Attend I
Court Of Honor
<- ' f
"l'y atUiidanre at Coutr of Honor
he Ooj.s c. tills fltv keep out of the
ourt of tlishcuor" dnlartd Boy;
U-out Km ci. lye It. M. Schicle us
it* opined the regular monthly meetiik
of the liry stmit t'ourt of Honor
li the t'ourt Koum of the City Hall
hsi Voursilaj iiUlit . ,
The. meeting was attended by a
urge number of men and boys.
Kxecutlye Si hu It- led in the Smut
tatii In conducting the court he
yes a<4dMedt by J It lJuvis, *ho act-;
d a-v Clt simian
The awardtt ahd recognitions of
I mmmmmm,
r?nd?rfoot Rank
TJios Dee llark-r. Cjrl FirrilX
I I* Hawkins. ?
i rst Class Rank
Cnyt Pajseur, ft; Doris Ir?-nnt'tt.2.
.lent Badges?Bugling
Miles Mauney. 2.
.ife Saving
Herbert Piminh re\ l l-* t-???t.
no re. jr. 1.*
Ml! s Muuney. 2; Krneit Mauney,
David M< Daniel. A. ? M . 4: Thus,
tarrett, 4.
Ia*ori Wolfe.. .3.
'oultry Keeping
David McDantel. a a M . 4.
leading .Robert
I>*ttmar. 2.
Ruddy Walker. 2.
icbolarship . ,
Methert Punrphrey, 2.
: oology
Jades Amos. G.
.ife Scout Rank
Cecrge U^ttlmore. Jr. 3.
After awards were made the meet
ng closed with the repeating of the
tcout t'enedirtlon.
Troop 10. Kings Mountain, is tltoj
legro Troop. They "have just re-reg-'
atered all but two, of their former
icoirta, but there were replaced by)
ive new Scouts, three of which ap/'
>eared before the Court of Honor!
or She Tenderfoot Rank, they ar4^
Jrady Rrown. Melvln Jackson, and
yank Mltchem.
Troop lf? promises to be s rery
;ood troop and do some outstanding
tor It this year.
Kings Mountain hunters hi two
ire-ThanksgHing deer hunts, one oil
lie eastern. and one In the western
mrt of the state killed four fine
ttucks. Tlie supply of venison for
Kings Mountain residents for
rhankagivitiK dinner will be very!
Pi D. Herndon and Dr. W. L. Ram?ur
killed deer at the N'eialet* pre>erve
at l/ake Waceamaw in the easern
part of the State, and Mike Miain
and 0. O. Jack-sen bagged deer
n Pisgah National Forest in thej
IVostern part of the State.
Others making the ? hunt were: |
l^ake Waceamaw: Joe Neisler, Jim
Page. Joe Lee Woodward. Hunter!
Keisler. Fred Finger, George Maun-1
W. E. Blakely. W. A. Rldenhour
loe Thomson and Howard Jackson;!
Pisgah Forest: Byron Koeter, t Elmo
bridges. Jack Keller and Red Ware.
Another party will leave Thursday
'or Waceamaw for another hunt this
Dixie Theatre To
Celebrate Anniversary
.Manager D. E. Cash, of the Dixie
Thitatre is going to celebrate the
third anniversary of The Dixie Theatre.
by giving away absolutely free
rive turkeys and a big assortment of
groceries The celebration will be
ield this evening. Thanksgiving
light, at 0:0(1 p. M.
Manager fash has been well pleased
with the way theatre-goers of
Kings Mountlan have patronized the
Dixie. and In this way he '"sires to
ihdw his appreciation.
Rev. Perry Crouch of Raleigh, N
will be the special speaker at a
'ellowshlp Revival fo be hold at the
Mrst Baptist Church, beginning Mon
fay night, 7;30 o'clock, ^ohtinuln*
>aeh evening through Sunday momng,
Dec- 4. This meeting Is especially
designed to reach every memtor
of the church.
Thanksgiving Morning at 10:00
here will be a Service of Thanks
riving at the Lutheran Church. The
pastor will give a Mvort meditation
impropriate tor the day. Friends and
rfsttorr are Invited.
?????^? I
fl I
-f ' '
H/B rl
I ^A;l
Aubrey Mauney, newly . elected
Preeident of the Lutheran Brotherhood
of North Carolina. Mr. Mauney
was already serving as district pre*- jl
ident of the Brotherhood when eleoted
to the State Presidency. Mr.
Mauney is very active irt the civic
life of Kings Mountain. Mr. W. K. I
Mauney is a past president of the
State Lutheran Brothel-hood.
Aubrey Mauney J
Elected President 1
State Brotherhood 1
Brotherhood of Luthern Synod of N. I
. C. Holds Convention at Mt. Plea*
ant near Concord ? Gastonia Get*
Next Meeting.
/' Aubrey Mauney was elected prea/ident
of the Brotherhood U the
I'nited Bvangellcal L/utberan 8ynod |
of- North Carolina, at the sixteenth I
annual convention of the brotherhood.
which was held last week at
!the Holy Trinity Hutherfen church.
uoju- Concord./
It was decided, that the convention
next year will be held in Gastonia at
the .Holy Trinity ohurch. J. L,. Fieber
of Salisbury, retiring president of
the brotherhood. Dresided at the see
sfciis.. Rev. John \V,' Link Is pastor
of the host church.
Other officers elected are Fred
Fomkett. of Salisbury, vice president
Luther Bnllo of Hickory, secretary;
i\ K. Gwyn of Hickory, assistant seo
vfrr.v: W. K Mauney of Kings
Moiitisiain. treasurer; Dr. S. J, Ma- ]
rion of Hickory, statistical secretary " -I
Grady J. shepherd of (Ireensboro,
extension secetary; J I*. Fisher of
Se'.isbury. retiring president, member
of the executive board for three
year term.
Would Buy Tract
Considerable portion, of the aftemnoon
session was devoted to the pro
posal that Lake Tahoma, near Marion.
be purchased as an assembly
ground A committee was finally
named and It will report its finding
to the executive board of the N. C.
Synod. ?
| Unusual Interest was centered in
I t he report by W. K. Mauney, Treasurer
of the loan and gift committee
which has a 1100.000 fund as its goal
It* was reported that approximately
$27,000 has been collected to date
of which $21,000 has been loaned to
young congregations and missions
for church structures.
by JameS Preston
' (Opinions Expressed In This Column
Are Not Necessarily the Views of
This Newspaper.)
Washington has an ample slipply
of food for thought this week.
Aii though analyzing election re- J.
suits was not sufficient exercise tor
the menUU giants of the capital, the
results of a public poll on questions
dealing with business reform has
cropped up for them to think about.
The poll, conducted by Fortune
Magazine evidences a public attitude
on the reform question that ha*
both surprised and alarmed some of
those In the Brain Busting war coua
ell chambers. And It comes just aa
the Brain Busters are ready to descend
in flying squadrons on the
monopoly investigating committee
with requests for more reforms and .
government control of business.
First and most Important among
the attitudes revealed by the poll |
was this: The Nation believes over- . I
wftelmlngty that profit la the mala
.spring of recovery. In other words,
the public believes recovery can bo
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