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Condensed Ii
?National Newa?
, ' New York. Dc<^ 6 - Gas ended the
life of Mrs. (loletui Ryan Crestsmun
Oa?T, former Zlegfeld Follis beauty,
as her estranged husband, comedian
Aic-\under Cnrr, Rears bed for her. j
C.hlllU othe, Ohio. pee. 6.? Robert
H reedy. 29, pleaded Innocent today
to tlie slaying of bin - pastor-father,
I>r Russell H. Brendy of nearby
Bain bridge. and was bound over to
the Ross County annul Jury on a
dh&rge of first degree niurde-.
Washington. IW 6 ? l>r. Arthur
K. Morgan, ou*t?-d olxaHtnan of ibe,
" ? 'Hi III. If lUJ
proposed that n single administrator
bo substituted fpr the agency's three
He made the recommendation in a
lengthy memorandum to tlie Con?rea*lonal
Committee ln\c*!lgaiin<;
TVA. It was made available' today by
one of the members shortly before
Morgan resumed his testimony at
the inquiry.
Reading, l'a.. Dee. 6.?Ten year
old Chesetr Kozlowaki wax "brought
to lifo" yesterday ufter apparently |
drowning in an old canal.Despairing
of the boy's life after
finding no trace of breathing or
heart action for ten- minutes, hospital
physicians placed him in a mechanical
respirator. He was revived.
Postmaster Blakely Says
"Mail Early"
Postmaster \V. K. Ulakely asks oil
tzens of Kings Mountain to cooperabC
in the handling of local Christmas
"It wtfll ibe to your advantage, as
well as ours, to buy your Christmas
stamps early and avoid the rush,'
Postmaster Blakely pointed out.
"We would like to advise also that
fou send Chrtotmab cards first class,
stoce first class cards can be sent
cm to forwarding addressee, but second
class matter cannot.
"We are requesting particularly
than the public use the larger else
Ohrlstmao cards, since the small
cards cannot be run through. the
mailing machine on which we keep
out record, of Ohrlatimas business,
and tihere Is also much more danger
of loss when the small cards are
'Christmas packages should bo j
well wrapped and* securely tied, and
should by all means be properly addressed,
with the box or street number
Included, and the sender's return
address should be legibly written
to the upper left hand corner. Be
sure to Insure any packages, which
contains anything valuable.
"Do your Christmas mailing. as
well as your Christmas shopping,
The Men's Club will have their
regular. meeting turfs evening at the
Womb it's Club Building at 6:31 P. M
No program has been arranged as
- business is to be tmhsBlcted.
All members are urged to bo present.
' '
Laughing Aroui
/\ warning wc
A FRIEND of mine out in Clevela
According to him, two Irishmen,
in a small machine shop on the secor
on the lower West Side of New Yori
ing by the operatives was not pei
During their first morning in their
whose name was Donlan, craved a f<
He voiced his desire and a friendly f<
in such cases it was customary to as
washroom and there to steal a clanc
Thus advised, Donlan approache
about* of the washroom.
"Go down the hall," said the fo
the right and the second door you
the lavatory."
Donlan undertook to follow ini
In the darkness he took a turn to thi
opening the second door stepped i
with a Dump on the ground floor bel
Presently he came back upstai
when O'Day, his buddy, asked him wl
felt the need or the solace of tobaa
Donlan gave him the direction i
turned to go ne called out to him:
"But say, Larry, look out for th
g a ? at?
(Aintnc&Q niwi
_i: 1 xi
lauunai news
i Brief Form
| ?State News?
ltADKJGli, Doc. >6.?A state-sup,
ported four-year medical school.
| sneering every (/equlremciijt of a
' Grade-A iiiKiltutton. had <ne appro;I
Ml today,of a Special Study ComniisI
sion acihorlzed- by the 1937 General
Assembly, but there was a division
in sue six-nmnber group as to the lo
cation of the proposed school.
' % ' ' *4 -V v V f
GOLD8i:OKO. Dec. ??Mrs. Vtd
llavis Daniels, 30. stood acquitted today
of a charge of slaying her husband.,
Charlie Daniels.
A Jury returned a verdict of ac'UITWI1
la',-11 '*'! '
ting 30 minutes. ' ,
Mrs. Daniels testified she shot
-and killed Iter husband after he had
alaiscj Her and inieiwctieu i.i, ....
her and other numbers of i.'ic ftunfi.
Stic said he frequently inisi.rated
anil threatened her.
Oliicr defense witnesses corroborated
parts ,ol" her testimony.
WILSON, Doc-. 6.?The- Wilson
( ounty Soliool Board , met today to
discuss ways aud means of replacing
the Hock ltidge High School, which
was destroyed by* fire yesterday at
a loss estimated at f125.000.' it was
one of the largest consolidated rural
schools in the state.
The school, <built iu 1922. bad an
enrollment of 500. A library of 2,000
volumes was destroyeu by the
School authorities expressed a be
lief defecting wiring may have caus
ed the blaze. The loss was covered
partly, by Insurance.
? . 1 '
Oue of the, biggest daylight robberies
ever to take place iu K ags
Mounutaln was accomplished S .inday
artentoon at Keeter's Depart
meat Store when four expensive fur
coats were stolen. The robbery occurred
during ithe afternoon rush ol
holiday shoppers. The four coals ai
original price would amount to |340.
Tho ccats were missed by the clerks
about 5:30 hi tJte aftei-noon.
It was thought that, four persons
came into the storer and tried the
coats on, and walked out with the
co'ri's on. ,
The local police department Is
making an exhaustive effort to trace
down the guilty party. Nearbytowns
have been notified, to be on
watch for persons trying to dispose
of the stolen goods.
itif.fV.ri on to sm \rnrnfrl itn tie
extra careful during the business
rush of the holiday season for shop'
lifters and petty thieves.
Members of Circle Number Two
of Central Methodist church, will
serve an oyster supper Saturday even
In# In the dining room of the church
and the public to given an invitation
to attend. Supper will be serv
ed from 6 to 8 o'clock. Mrs. Lester
HOke is circle leader.
id the World
>rd to a Friend
nd, has relayed this one to me:
newly landed, got jobs as laborers,
id story of a loft-building so-called,
;. Under the fire regulations smok mitted
while they were on duty,
new place one of the green hands,
sw comforting whiffs from his pipe,
sllow employee confided to him that
I- 1 ? Al M A A. Al
k leave 01 me ioreman mi go io me
testine smoke.
d his boss and inquired the whereremsn,
"and take the first turn to
come to after that it the door to
itrnctions but he made a mistake.
b left instead of the right hand and
n*o the elevator shaft and struck
>rt. He was sweeping up rubbish
here the washroom was. ODay also
ss he remembered it and as O'Day
e top stsip?it's a son-of-a-gunP
rwtuni Inr )
II Hp-).''
^Kj| fgjfa
^ Hkh^n
j Orphanage Supt. To
.To Speak At .vrst iiapi.'.->l )
l)r I. C. Gritr <j. Tiiomrnv:!' die i
of tin .1.. -1 i |i> 11: a; "g|?? .i::',"s_M_ljn_
; South will bring th-e morning m<-aaig?
ui -liu- ll:ui> b'viutli
.lour at the rSni! Baptist Church,
Sunday morning, lite. 11th..'IJie
l.ap.u Orphanage of North
Carolina of which Mr.. Orecr i? Su,v'-rlntenC.-nt,
has one of the highest'
a tings of any like Institution in .
j America.
Those who 'know him personally
and have heard him speak will welcome
the opportunity If sharing his!
fine Christian personality as he1
comes into our midst.
A hearty invitation is extended to
ill who will wane to hear him.
M~. Greer will speak iit the Second
Baptist Church at 10 A. M. Suu.'ay
Not Necessary . To Leave
Kings Mountain For Almost
Anyimng One Might
- -i
If ycur'e going to uo a lot of shopping
.for Christmas this year and
are already planning your budget,
you can safely leave off the Item
of gasoline and wear and tear on
,?our car as you make shopping visits
lo oilier lowns. For It won't be I
necessary to Kings Mountain
, to practically anything you wish
, tor. . .
Seldom, if ever before heve local
, merchants prepared their stores so
. .boroughly for (he Christinas buying
seadon. Unusually largo ship
, incuts of merchandise have been re,
Rings Mountain's business section
has been attractively decorated with
all colored lights. Merchants have
been busy for the past week decora
ting their stores with all kinds ot
gay trimming. -Kings Mountain gilt
J ters and glistens with the Christmas
The Men's Club has stimulated
Christmas decorations in both the
business and residential sections of
Kings Mountain by offering cash
prizes for the two best decorated
business firms and residents.
A preview of Christmas stocks in
the various stores proves very Interesting.
All the old favorites are back
again. and there are hundreds of
others making their appearance for
the first time. It is a matter ot note
iha.t merchandise this year is of better
quality, and that-.words "made fn
America''' are found on far more
phases th'an is usually the case.
Manufacturers Help
"I feel that we are going to have
one of ihe best Christmas seasons
in several years." said a prominent
merchant yesterday. "The man Ufa c. j
4 Mrt I. J/v ^ tlf I S/U.l . Jtltll It ISO.
s 11.11 io iunr f? uii ? ?
in every way. giving us bettor merchandise
at lower prices. These far fors.
I believe, will result In greatly
increased sales."
From toys for children to automobiles
for the family, from jewelry
. to furniture, from clothing to hard
ware, the town Is ready to handle
all demands. It 1m stated that demands
for practical gifts ore expected
to be heavy this year.
"Wd have the goods," said one
business main yesterday, 'and 1 believe
the people are going to buy.
And any merchant in. Kings Mountain!
will teli you that the Christmas
dollar will buy more this year than
it has since 1929."
An operetta. "The Christmas Toys
Wake Up." will he given at East
School, Friday evening. Detc. 9, at
7 o'clock. The admission is 5 an J
15c. The public Is cordially invited.
THURSDAY, DEC. 8, 1938
C. W. Richardson
'* m %
is Burned
{ Mineral services for I'ltarles \V.
lUcli .i ua-n we fa ucia 'Jt *JO, V V AlC*
i mortal 'A. It. 1*. ChUtv.i. oHUDd.iy u>
iCtuoun ui vdtv.A ail'! i.Hf
i.imt Iliad* .a Mul. .11 llv.ii * i-iiiv
^.v Kev. \V. M liiiyi.. iia.tor o?
lie- ifrt'j j a tw.d lainily, wils la
c.itlige o; the m.rvUcs and was
lu-v. U. II Kirr of Winston
'Salem. a former pastor and close
i i*l* ixl of the family.
Ai. ivo p.tllbe:.<rera wore J. - ('. Laickey,
N. K. Alt i.III. ltoli. i t
Jo/.ii McOill. J. A. Lhium*KUii and
Knicst Hayes. .
Huii-hM>*-is included a j
'iv.lniii ,* of. the (lld'.T-? Ulsells *>l '
Iff,1,'-"-11 ".'.lU'lll' H.MM li'.^UWI'l.'-'fl
i'*ii lift- frl?-ii*la of tti* dec ens 1
- . I
Mr. . Richardson, who died s >hon I
liailv Im-iou- h.? 7Mil Iwnlituv h.*a j
e on in declining hoalili for . sonn- j
hat-. Although he had bet'U- Inactive
;.oi .vn/nKime, lie was oni> confined
o his lied lor a short while. For a
... . k hricr to his death, his" condition
a.s extremely critical.
lie hud many ' friends in King.Mountain
where he had spent the
tietitt r part of his lite. He was of a
relit ing, unassuming disposition df
character. He was looked ui>on by:
Iiis neighbors and friends as an up
right .christian man.'
Mr. Richardson was twi'" manT-'l
cd. Of the fir?? marriage, one daughter,
Mrs. Walter H. Carpenter. of'
Kings Mountain. sur\lcte. Another
daughter. Mrs. Ida Clark, died in
oung -womanhood. Others surviving
are his second wife, the former Mrs.
Mary Hicks Campbell; a daughter,
Mrs. R. B. Keeter of Grover; one
stater. Mrs. Emma Williams Pattersou,
of Patterson Springs; eighteen
grandchildren and thirteen greatgrandi
children. A daughter of the
second marriage died in babyhood.
Men's Bible Class
apons- : Supper
Tlit m'8 Bible Class of Central
Metho i Church sponsored a chick
en dim /r hi the dining room of the
church annex on last Friday evening
with a large crowd in attendance.
Mr. j. R. Davis, teacher of- tlio
class was -toastmaster.
Rev. S. W. Johnson, new pastor of
Grace Methodist church. was the
guest speaker of the evening and
was introduced by Rev. E. W. Fox.
Mr. Carradine Moss was 'Prof, j
The meal was served by one of
the circles -of the Missionary Society
of which Mrs. L. D. Shuford Is teach
er. .
George King. 45 years old. white
mnh was found dead about 9:00 A.
M. Saturday morning in a pile of
sorn shucks at the rear of Wldit
Morris' in the northern section of
Kings Mountain. King was found by
a negro named Hamm Craig, an employee
of Morris.
fhe County Coroner investigated
the death and found that no foul
ploy 'Was connected with King's
King was a WPA worker.
Will Rogers' j
Humorous Story j
COME years ago in a small town
^ out West, the one and only
lintel was chocked full of guests,
when two salesmen arrived lookin
for accommodations for the night.
The proprietor couldn't squeeze em
in any place and was about to turn
4L. 1 I
viicm ?w?jr won no romoinneroo an
old church across the street which
he had bought intendin' to add it to
hie establishment. Since there was
no other place in town to sleep that
night he had a pretty easy Jod convincing
the new arrivals that they
ought to spend the night in this
All. was well In the auiet little
> town until about midnight when
the church bell began to ring out
clear and loud. After a while the
night clerk woke up and shakin'
the sleepy bell-hop, sent him out to
investigate. The clerk waited a
couple of minutes when the boy ran
in and chirped, "The man in pew
sixteen was ringing for gingerale.''
(AawUaa News FlwSWea Iae.1 1
. * 1 ~
' The Physical Education Bviitding In
: which will be dedicated Tuetday
New Gym To 1
Tuesday Eveni
If In lAtVii.r. nV... *
o^iNiaS AKlUNAi.
I ii'.- I?iisiii' -i; inn of Knii!*
.uuiin .11 was iiiif.d vita people, bot n .
.in.i.i; aim ulil last IihI.ii i-Vinih,;
a a..his* til. it 11 li ill ill Suiitu < lam
I lit* ihrtiiiH v. .., estimated al ...Una
l-COptf. 111... .1 tttla Ilt> I.lir-i-.-.' MlM.'U
;o u-ss<-:nlile in tin- business section
/...< < itiv .visit <>i President (fuovcr
in lt?;ju. . * i
iii<- parade formed in front oi' tlio
I'ilciald oilico on >m Avenue
and innielltd down Mountain street
to iin- ivtsi Blue 01 ituiiroail Avenue
where the first stop was .made. Aft<
r selections by the School Hand
';A<1 giving out fruits and candies
the paraue continued to the opposite'
dide of the street for the second
n>cp, then the tuial stop waH maue
on Mountain street in front of tho
Imper.iJ Theatre.
Santa. the-jolly old fellow, all'
dolled up in his handsome red suit,
rode on the big new Kite Truck,1
with tbc spot lights focused on1
bin, which made him visible to alli
the crowd.
Merchants an?d Interested citizens
who planned he event were extreme
ly weJl pleased and were elated over
the way the people of Kings Mouiv,
tain turned out to see Sumta. Plans'
are already underway for a bigger!
and better visit next year.
About $50.00 worth ot candles, apples,
oranges, bananas other
items to thrill the child's heart
were distributed from a big truck
which followed the. fire truck. A total
of 3.890 pieces were given away,
us follows: 60n hags of candy. 1,S0 >
I oranges. 880 -apples. 2n0 tangerines
360 bnuuttas, and 5o halloous. More |
than enough for every persrn pres-1
, ent was on bar 1 If each pvi .-.m iia ! |
received only their share.
Stores remained open until 8:00j
' P. M. after tlte parade ami mer i
i cih-.itots repotted bu*!m**8 wa? very |
I good.
I * 1
| Change Artist At
Work Here
, ?
Th. young grocery clerk at < tb<
I Homo StoivH will be more careful
the next time a stranger comes in
j and makes a small purchase, and
j then wants some money changed,
j Monday morning a man entered the
j Homes Stones, made a 25c purchase
and paid for it whh a $10.00 bill, but
tssfore the clork returned the change
decided he had ratheT pay with a
25c piece which he had found In his
pocket. vAfter changing ithe change
and bills several times the- stranger
ends up wiith $15.00 at the Homes
Stores' money.
Tho man was seen leaving Kings
Mountain In a Fottd Roadster imme(Hsteiy
after the Home Stores episode.
Merchants are. warned to be on
| the look-out for change Artists, and
notify the Police Department if one
Is detected.
Meeting Closes At First
Presbyterian Tonight
| The meeting at the First T'tasby!
terian Church comes, to a close ti>
night (Thursday I. Jir. J. >j. All..rdyce
of San Antonio. Texas. litis
been bringing most ttnusual and
i most practical messages during the
week. 1 he Thursday evening m?
sages 7:30. will be tespeclally for
Youth, but all ages are urged to
hear hitn. It. Is most fitting that one
who has come to the four-score veat
should bring to the young people a
message out of the fu-llhess of his
ovnartatt en
To Set Memorial Tree
The women of Rl ij?ttIml Club will
set ft Memorial Tree In merrjory of
Mlfts Violet Goforth, Saturday evening,
December Htch at the clubhouse
at 5:00 o'clock. The women of the
church wHl put oti an oyater and
chicken supper; atoo a bazaar at
7:00 o'clock. Many homo-made items
will be In display. The public is cordially
InvMed to atten.
. , n
. V-. .
l,. ; 'i
>?. rx <?. i.airi SchCol Systert <
evening at :30.
3e Dedicated
i ini mil niiiMHii il m e?Mh?j
t? ii?J ?l a conlial. invitation In Supt.
: -? N I" Ml* A ,IO III- piCSell' at Up.' *
> 1* ' \ i . > 111 the ii' .v I.'b> ;J
ileal KU'iia'nui Building which Will
i?K> i.iwii text rip "lay evening ai
:3b in the t'pntril Scluiil. Auditorium.
I??' Oliver < oijuvell. head ut the
Physical KJtiiattoii Depurtmcut of
'hi I'tiiii i- tj- of Xiiinh Carolina has " - A
ii 11 hienveil 's the main speaker. . ' J
ur .?."*? in well u .1 i ill > responsible
tor tlm e\peri men ial work in Physl1
nl <aucalii>ti in Kings Mountain.
Crow ell Dittle. Physical Education
O.u ?f tlie. Kings .Mountain
Schools will intioluce itr. Cornwelt. 3
Charles Thotnasson. member of
tlie Kings Mountain School Hoard,
will explain the building program
that has taken place in the local
system. . \ .
l)r. D. 1'. lJaker, Chairman of the
lloaid has been Invited <to dedicate
the building. . ,.j
Co .lies iVom nearby schools
have been invited to be 011 the stage
for the exercises.
Immediately following the ' program
in the Auditorium, an inspeotion
of the new building will follow.
Iihe Kings Mountain School Band
will render a concert during the
dedication. ' J .
' .-'M
Service Held At
Ratterree Home On
ouiiua) m leniuun
v. j
A fitting and impressive religious
service was held at the home of Mr.
und Mrs. S. Ha'tprn-c oil Sunday
iflernoon, the service. held tat recognition-of
tlte approaching date of the
". 'tit wedding am: Uersary of Mr. and
Mrs. Kattcrvee.
: . . ' ? m , ^ ' i*.
Hev. \V. M 1 Joyce, pastor of Boyco
\l< :not,!r.! ( ' .n*c,t c.f which the Hat'
t *
i rec .family sro tne.ntbers. conduc- ,
led the service.
" J
Those attending the service other
. han the Katterree lauiltv were eldrs.
de irons und Sunday school
cachers of the church.
'' .1
Tank's Jewelry Opens
II Tankersley, of SheH\y, has
opened a credit Jewelry store in the
| building occupied by Ruth's Beauty
I Shoppe. Mr. Tankersley. formerly
wit.h Roy's (r well known, to Kings
Mountain citizens.
A complete line of quality Jewelry
will be carried which will be sold
on easy payments. ,
Mt. Tankersley tnvited his friends
and former customers to visit his
new place of business.
"Special prices will prevail from
now until Christmas." says Mr.
| Tankersley.
i " ~ ' . " .'I I
ty JameS PreSton ':j
' (Opinions Expressed In This Column
Are Not Necessarily the Views of >
This Newspaoer.l
: Strategist*. In I ho Capital City are
I quietly maneuvering toward a scrap
| to decide the future of Federal re:
liof It will 1m? nil ta
sue In the New Congress that own- -"J
venes January 3.
On the offensive will be legislators
who want to return relief admlnUrtra
tlon to Slate governments to make <
It more efficient at less cos:. On the
defensive will bo the spenders. They
are going to fight to retain control
of this potent portion of the public
purse by seeking to divert relief
upending to a new channel which
they con control ? a prograan of
National defense.
Not even the spenders deny that
a change of relief spending technique
must be made. Public opinion ngalnat
the present method has ap(Cont'd
on Editorial pace)

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