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uiaic auu
Condensed Ii
?State News?
Marion. May -8.?C. Plttman of
Spruce Pine' said" today he suffered
only u few scratches and a 'shaking
up" last night when his airplane
crashed Intto the top of a grove of
Tine trees here. He had been cruls
ing over this vicinity and had started
to land at the airport here. The
plane was demolished.
Raleigh. May 8.?The sixth annuat
convention of the North Carolina
State Rurial Associations opened
here today.
Charleston. S C., May 8.?Work
commenced yesterday on clearing
the power house site for the SanteeCooper
project near Pinolopls. About
80 men are employed on the
frb. Thf ell* jrJU YLX.
i"i of a ground breaking ceremony
t which PWA Administrator liar*
old V. Icke* v'H speak.
/ "
Greenville. 8. C.. May .8 Funeral
services were held here today for
Laurence McLautin McOirt, 71, former
mayor of Max too, N. C.. who
died yesterday after an Illness of
four months. He moved to Greeovllle
twelve years ago end became a merchant
and fanner here.
Newton. May 8.?Eighty sealers ot
the Newton-Conover High School,,
the largest class In the school's history,
will receive their diplomas
Thursday night at 8 o'clock after Gov
("Clyde R. Hoey delivers the literary
p.<* , V ' , . , . . - . \
Manteo, Roanoke Island, May 8.?
I.xperts agreed today that the hulk
of an ancient ship found on the outer
banks of Cape Hateras waa very
old but were not ablle off-hand to
aav Just how old It might be.
Joseph T. Holzbach, superintendent
of the Maritime Museum at
Newport News, Va.. and three mem
bers of his staff arrived here yestee^
day to make a detailed examination
?f toe ship which waa bared to view
by h recent storm.
Alpheus W. Drlnkwater, who foond
, the ship, expressed the view that the
ship might be a 16th Century craft
and might have plied these waters
vrhen Sir Walter Raleigh established
hip ill-fated colony on Roanoke lbland.
Columbia. 8. C.. May S.?Administrator
R. Brtce Waters Informed the
strikers at the Columbia Duck mill
yesterday they were Ineligible for
benefits under the Unemployment
Compensation Act. Negotiations for
a settlement o|f the strike, now in
its fourth woek. are under way.
.. * ' \ \
Raleigh. May 8.?The annual convention
of the North Carolina DtoIeese
of the Protestant Episcopal
Church opened here today.
More than 200 delegates and vlslsloes
The diocese takes in the counl
ties In he central part of the state.
Guayaquil, Ecuador. May 8.? Eighteen
persons, including the- two
pilots were killed yesterday when a
military plane craehed, exploded and
set firs to a number of houses In
I downtown Guayaquil
H T . .. -*1
j Laughing Arou
i i??___?
Precisely the
COMETIMES a speaker, casting ab
^ on the wrong wort) and vet, pa
exactly to sum up the situation of
t " sought to describe. I think of a cat
i /L/ 0 r |Vn t\ -Jy 1 "
Some months ago. down in V)
Virginia not asany miles from Rie
first name was Lest, mot a violent ai
can patch when a thunder shower
a bolt of lightning struck the tree
and scarcely enough of 1dm was left
Neoertheleon, his family and i
funeral. A colored minister, with a
ported at considerable eost to preae
The preacher eery aeon got let
awayad sad moaaad and gave eeat
m under the sway of his language. Be
"Do call hr our pert brother
linger leug mesthe mm bedatft
|> *
Ik ' ' rr ? - ?
lational News
n Brief Form
?National New*?
Moscow, May 9.?The Kremlin today
studied the lales British proposal
for Scviet participation in the
firiltsh and French engineered coal:tion
and at the same time sustained
he niystery over 3oviet Itussian
fcrfetgtt policy.
J Beth British and Soviet sources
| Maintained silence on the nature of
j a note handed to Premier-Foreign
' commissar Vyacheslaff Molotoff
i yesterday by Sir William Seeds, the
j British Ambassador..
Chicago. May 9.?A fugitive Jewish
woman physician from Vienna de
monstrated today for the first time
in America ah electrical model of
"tl.r human brain.
Bv operating sjritches to controt
the nerve Impulses received and
sent out by the bran. I>r. Edith Klein j
js-r?-r. ids iBTPBior, snoweu in n?r
nresentaton, of the model before
he American Psychiatric Assccia
Now York, May Crown Prince
F*ederlk and Crown Princess In grid
of ^Denmark returned today from a
lice-day visit to Philadelphia and
Washington. They planned a quiet
dhy of shopping and private visits
with friends. Tomorrow they will
sail for heme on the lines Queen '
Mary. Roumarfla. May $. ?
King Carol declared today Humanlas
Army needed to be strengthened for
defense both rf her border? and her
'ndppendence "In the present troubled
Washington. May 8.?Carl R. Gray
71. vice chairman of the Roard of
he Union Pacific. Railroad and its
former president, was found , dead
In bed today at his (Mayflower)
Hotel. Discovery cf Gray's death
v ag made when associates went to
his room to awaken him around 10
A. M.
Hardin. Mont.. May 8.?For 21
vesrs Mra. C. A. Wort carried the
mail over a Big Hern Valley rural
route, first In a carriage over bumpy
roads and later In an automobile.
When she retired May 1 friends
v. anted to give her something appro
ntlate. So 100 of them got together!
and cnose a roc kin* chair.
Kansas Oily, May 9.?United Meth [
fdlsu- s 900 delegt-ties Jamming 75
con mittee renorts Into 'he final
three days of their uniting conferenco,
today received recommendations
for setting up a 30-member financial
commission and uniting all missionary
work under one board.
Shanghai. May 8?The continuation
of air raids at numerous points
In China appeared today to bear out
a Japanaese spokesman's statement
that bombing would be without restraint
wherever Chinese military
personnel or materials were found.
Verdun, France, May 8.?The Duke
of Windsor received hearty congratu
Isttons from French officials today
for his plea ? broadcast "simply as
a soldier of the last war" ? tto 'save
humanity from another such devastating
nd the World
Right Word
out for exactly the right word, hits
radoxically, the wrong word seems
the condition which the orator has
le la question:
hltehall, which Is In the state of
kimond, a negro farm-hand, whose
>d sudden death. He was ploughing
came up. In the midst of the storm,
under which he had taken shelter
i for purposes of buriaL
Meads od give him aa elaborate
reputation for eloquence, eras Iraki
toe sermon.
? his swing while the congregation
to muffled hallelujahs sad amens
came to bis climax:
wufl swift aa' suddbi. He did not
i!n an' affliction. He did aot suffer
last teehed an electric batten in da
' # j
. . . . --
: - - ' >
1/ ikirn A a A Ilka ? > i ki a
n 1UO myuii I nlfi, IN. .
: -;. "
, -JM
' -3
.. V 'I
' ' '
J, K* ' ' fM
J. B. Thoi
Brother Of Local
Woman Drowns
Edward W. Green, 2.", farmer of
rear King* Mountain and former tex
tile worker here, drowned Tuesday
aftcrnocn when he, fell into the
water while fishing on a creek near
hif. home. Several children, were
nearby, but were not with him at
the time he fell into the stream. Upon
returning- to where they had left
liim. they found the body.
The drowning occurred Just across
the South Carolina line in
York county. The York county coroner
was quoted aa saying be saw no
evidence of foul play.
The funeral will be held at 2:00
P. M. Thursday at the home cn the
York road and Interment will follow
In Mountain Rest cemetery with
Rev. Turner . in charge.
Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Mabel
Srr'th Green. three children,
l? "by T.oo. Srnny Edward and No-,
l?r d; bis mother, a brother, and
nine sisters one .of whom Is Mrs.
Eddie Arrowood of this city. ,
Til a lock Brothers Now
Blalock Brothers, the new firm located
on the Grcver Highway. Juat
below the underpass Is now open for
business with a complete itne of groceries
and produce. Gasoline and oils
will be also carried. Messrs Cjurlle
,.\nd Wyatt Blalock extend a cordial
invitation to everyone to vie'.' their
bow business where a friendly welcome
awaits tbem.
Mr. Charlie Blalock is also owner
of Blalock Grocery and Market located
on Mountain Street, aud with
liis ccnnectlon will he able to offer
real values in both businesses. The
Messrs Blalock are experienced grocerymen
and with the addition of
this new store will be better prepared
to serve housewives of Kings
Mountain and community. The opening
as appears in this issue and a
I'st of specials are offered for thrifty
U. D. C. Observes
Memorial Day
The local chapter United Daughters
of the Confederacy observed
Memorial Day, May 10th, by meeting
for the usual exercises at Mountain
Boat cemetery at 10, o'clock. with.
Rev. E. W. Kox. leadinar.
After flowers were placed on the
graves of Confederate veterans and
their wives the group repaired to
Central School auditorium where
Ttfth grade pupils under the direction
of their teacher. Miss Willie
McGill, presented an appropriate pro
gram. The stage with its lovely decorations
of red and white flowers,
arranged by members of the chapter
furnished an effective setting for
t'he exercises.
At the conclusion of the program
>lrs. J. G. Hofd, chapter president,
vm in charge of the presentation of
a book petralning to Confederate
History, to each of the three schools
Of ntral, West and Bast.
\ I I
The Operetta, "The Frog Prince",
wll) be presented this evening In the
Central School auditorium at S:00
P. If. Jackie mil, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Olllle Falle will play the
part of the prlnceaa and David Neill
son of Mr. and Mra. A. 8. Neilt will
play the part of the prince.
JCtsa Caroyn Cariyle haa charge
of the operetta and the paMU M
cordially Inrited to wttneea the product
Ion. Admlaalon will be charged.
"I . f
itam i
THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1930
Mt r
n l
ftk m
I' -'1
% *
^ PvT .
Jfl I yT
'' ' '^H
Bt -?^R1
v, fl
sjp& iF .&
$|j|f jf / _-yy
| H. Tom Fulton
? i r*' \
nana uiven i
Rating In Nat
Radio Booster Program j
For Kings Mtn. From
Station WGNC
A full hour of radio time from
Gestonia Station WtJXC sponsored >
ii>- the local merchants will be. devr.ted
to boosting Kings Mountain,
The Best Town In the State. The
program will be broadcast from 3:00
j to 4:00 P. M. Friday afternoon, May
"The Old Philosopher" who has
j been connected with the large broad
costing systems will have charge of
the program, and Kings Mountain
radio fans are invited to listen In on
(his booster program for Kings
t ~
Will Rogers'
Humorous Story
' * " >
fyfOST of the tourists are back
iV1 now. The snapshots have
been handed around until they are
getting a bit dirty already. The
romances that the staid old fellows
had on the ships have begun
to look kinds phoney, even to
But they still keep on telling
about their adventurea in foreign
fields to anybody that will listen.
There was a good-for-nothing ruy
from Michigan that was telling
how much he enjoyed Italy on such
a little hit of money. He was i
traveling with some mends of his
family, he said, and it was awful
easy to got along.
"Well, ?e jroa uw let et !
Rome?" says en ether returned
tourist at the Country Club to
him. "And did yeu get anything
out stf Florence T*
"No, 1 can't eay that I did. But
her eiater, Fannie, the blonde one,
came acreee with a hundred bucks
when 1 told her I'd have fee leave
the party aad go to work la a
s V. '
?r- : ' J.
B. Thomas
Mavnr Fnir T
V* ? V* ?.
Work Progressing On
Street Elevation Here
The building of gradual "slept.i.tiiys"
froili III.- new bridge and the
buildlne of appioxiiu,.! tel> a mile of!
concrete paving *Trom the bridge to I
the Sh.-lbi highway is ex p.-. red to'
be .completed ill utiout eight weelcs"'
in cording to \V. It. Jtliei, nupt-i iu '
II dent.
Approximately iioiddo .cubic yards
uf din will, hie-required to build up
rite five a.<p-out her. to the -bridge. .
t'ue arrival if t "'."XiLjUMf jt .'? ??" *?
?u<r hauluiK of dirt 1
I .1
at once Itoiliovai if MNIIU patlugi,
iiotn approaching street# Is " now!
,i | n jr[ .M. n r r - >... *.
' The project la dealgned to elltuiuuto
the da ng ere us -all mm I ct?>tsilg
on Mountain e ie<the turn ofl
L inn aim. .? ...?i l>.. .1 ^1.. J 1
x tfs MIII iu I
end the nun ai the crossing new
nec&Mary fur traffic travel,on to- i ;
ward and "'-ont Shelby. It ?* unoffl-' i
cially reported that the Mountain J<
atreet cro^sinu Is considered the sec j I
end inOat dangerous crossing lu j I
Mirth Co;olit?:i by the state ht#h-jj
way department. j1
Twenty-five or thirty men will be (
engaged In the work. . i
Open Air Revival Begins
Thursday Night i
Rev. T. J. Mortis. "The Village I (
Parson" will begin an open air re- j ,
vival this evening at 8:if? P. M. at |,
the Pheuix Mill Ball Park on the | ,
J'essemet City Road. The public is j
Invited to attend the meeting. The!,
Parson claims to be the only ntan in i.
the United States who attempts to I,
'.Mild old time revivals In the open 1 i
from tic same place each night on I
foith almio Tho miuvt Intru will Ion 1
UlkU ? ? < ll|\ Vllll^o " III lUtl I
forty-five minutes and a chpir and
?ong book may be.brought.
ional Contest
Kings. Mountain School Band was
adjudged the best in Class B bauds
it. the Eighth Region Music Festival
held in Charlotte last week. The
local band was the only cne given a
rating ot one, the highest possible,
in both marching aud music. The DeFuniak
Springs, Florida, band was
rated cne. In marching but tw;o In
music, and Morganton was rated one
in music but did not compete in!
inarching. Kings Mountain was thd
only band from the entire eight *
states competing to win the highest
rating in both contests. , '
The Festival will be held next ,
year In West Palm Beach, Florida, ,
May 9. 10. and 11th. <
Intricate drills, novelty steps and '
classy maneuvers were the feature
cf the marching event Friday night
In the American Legion Stadium before
a crowd, estimated at 10.000. A
large number of Kings Mountain
boosters were present to see their ,
band out step all the rest in their ]
class. The local band also marched ,
In the parade in ehe business sec- j
Con of Charlotte Friday afternoon In
which over 1,500 musicians took i
D. P. Hord. Jr., the only solo enirant
from Kings Mountain won a
rating of one, in the alto clarinet
rontest. The rating is the highest
possible to make.
According to the Charlotte Observer.
"The , Kings Mountain band 1
ilrew ovattion after ovation, with intricate
maneuvers, and presented a
veritable three-ring circus with two (
high-stepping drum majors, a hand
springing arum majorsue, ana m cmton-twirllng
mascot. The band brought
the audience to Its feet when it "
formed an "N. C." and then played 0
Dixie" in front of the West stadium/ (
Director Paul E. Hendricks has .
been receiving congratulations from
ihe entire cltiaenehip of Kings Moun t
lain for the 100 percent victories of
Ills entrants. Kings Mountain was in I
nn uproar when the news reached i
here of the accomplishments of the I
t>and. Words of praise was on every- <
one's Hps for the band members,
their director, and the loyal support- i
>rs of the band who have contrlbnt- I
d In a large measure to the sue- i
sees of the band. "Kings Mountain ^
oas received more advertising frort
he bead than any other eonrce' said t
>ne booster who followed the band I
bona the beginning.
- O' ' -V. * i
. r ?
sson Named
wo Years
J II. Tliomasson. Councilman tiom >.'
Ward 2 was unanimously
Major -l Kiiiks MouUiaJi t?> tin*
Tuwii Council in tin- flrsj nicotine of
th. now buiud Thursday imitni.u
Cpmii iluiuii C K: Nslslttr, Jr . it nrrated
Mr. Tlioinasciou lor Mitor on.I
I. Tom .Pillion fir Mayor l'm-Ti-iii,_
tills iniiiihativii was sccoiuli u )>/
' uiii'iiiuin w k .Muitiii y Without
funtuT disruption these aciiiiii*
lions cxitM unanimously
I'ast Mayor J K Hcrndoii presidr .
it til thin |MI III Alp II III ,, ui Ull ?^
"i.-ljnc n&.tif*
rtSni /Attorney J II Ifctvia ? wore tb-?
> * ?,v officers in Town f'lerlc
ill II I l?l '
liini HayAO'.-d K Lynch of The Her.
. M Members of the School Board
% ' ' ?"J
mme in a( different .Intervals and
ovc div.-n the catb of office by Mr.
Kollouiuu the . elect ton Mayor Thorn
asm said. "I appreciate the confluence-ycu
have placed in me. and I
a tint to thank each one of you We
must work together for the irood ?f
the Town. We must use good Judgment
and co-cperate. In nil matters
[>t the Town we have got' to know
ft e are right, not Just think we ar*
riuht. We must encourage every
own enipoyle to do their best. We
mist study ways and means of Improving
our town and must co about
it in a business-like manner."
Mr. Fulton made the motion to
temporarily rehire all tewn employes
until tnore study could be mad*
if the different positions This molt
n carried
W. K Mvuuey said. "We have got
to do what Is the best for the Town
ts a whole. We must have harmony
tie must give and lake, in a family,
u a business, and in a town."
Former Mayor Hemdon pledget!
Ids support for a bigger and better
Kings Mountain.
W K Maunev said he was (coking
forward to the citf-tnanager form of
government for Kings Mountain.
"We need a bess." aald Mr. Matmey,
The bp9lness o Kings Mountain is
too big to be min without a head
We need to have cne experienced
justness man in charge of all the
iifferent departments of our town."
Jim Herndon said., "We need m.
. t A SIX-- ? - ? ~ -
wan jimi iiHf any omer nuccnsmt
Tusiness baa to have a boas, and ?
Mty manager for Kings Mountain Iff"
vadly needed."
Mr. Herndon asked Mr. Nelsler
rhnt he thought of a cltv manager
uid ho answered, "I think It Is m
tood Idea If you get the right man."
Mr. Fulton made the motion to
Itnve two meetings a month Instead
>f only me as heretofore. This moion
All five of the newly elected connrdlmen
were present. C K. Nelsler,.
Jr.. nnd <W. K. Mauney who were rejected
from the previous hoard, and
f. Tom Fulton and ,f B. Thomaason
vho have served on the beard In forner
years, and Iiidd Hamrlck. the
>nly member who has not had previous
experience on the Council.
The Berean Bible Class of tb?
?"irst Baptise Church will go to
riiomasvllle. Sunday, May 14, to
licet at Orphanage there. Member*
?re requested to keep this date In
n nd and make plans to attend.
by James Preston
[Opinions Expressed in This Column
Are Not Necessarily the Views ef
This Newspaper.)
A novel idea has been advanced at
be Capitol.
It Is that anyone who has anyhmg
to do with getting the United
States Involved in nar must do one
f tvdo thinge:
He must either serve in the front
ine trenches, or
. 1ms uzFe . fakdv nU ? ? ?
He must stay In bed for the danion
of the war.
A Congressman has introduced a
>111 to this effect. Of course, there is
10 likelihood M Its being enacteo
>ut it doee point up the seriouanese
it what war means ho a people.
Millions are still alive In America
rho remember the hist war ThoeV
tettleae, meatless, wheetlese days
ire nothing to the sacrtfce of what
ear today would mean.
Newapeper storiee tell of the steps
wo other greet Democracies are task
ng to prepare. Badly enough these
(Cont'd on Editorial page)
< '?f " i

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