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VOL. M NO. 22
Condensed In
State And Ni
Btitc New??
Washington, Aug. t.?A special 3IT.^iiUffinmini'liriti'
roouio expedition through the SonUfwestern
states wilt be Issued Sept
7, i^rstmsster General Farley an- I
.nouHved today.
It will be sold first at . Albuquer 1
quo. N. M., The central motif will I
? be a reproduction of the painting
"Coronado and His Captains," by
GenUd Cassldy.
Wasliingtou. Aug. 6.?Senator ,
Taft, Rep.. Ohio, said today that a .
' strong effort" would be made by j
tbofce fnvorlug revision of the Na- ,
tlonnl l^bor Act to obtain igimedtale
commlUee action ou House-approved
amenSments. ,
________ i
Glacier Ranger Station, Wash. *
Aug'. 6.?Alnne Cednrquist, 22 year 1
old Shelton, Wash., mountain climb '
*01, was carried to civilization to-' I
day after her rescue from a narroy
ledge 8,000 feet up the precipitouB u
slope of Mount Shulksan, where bUo s
lay Injured nearly 24 hours. I
(Tlie young woman, u chemist, was v
taken by < ambulance to Bellingham
after rescue parties numbering 24
men brought her by stretcher down L
a Koeest Service road.
Canberra, Astralia. Aug. 6.?WU- <
liam M. Hughes, memAer of the d
Australian War Cabinet, declared to I
day in a prepared statement that ?
the situation in the Pacific 'a "del- ?
tcate and might easily become
grave."- f
Developments. Hughes said, would (
depend on whether the Germans at- (
tempted to Invade England or post t
poned the assault.
! ' \< i
Anderson, 8. C? Aug. 6.?The 1
South Carolina Department of the 1
, (Dlsudbled American Veterans elect- *
ed the Rev. James D. Guinea, pastor j
? of the Sacred Heart Church, Chariea ton,
as its commander yesterday 1
and selected Columbia tor the 1941.
1_ i
Conway, S. C.. Aug. Sheriff W. i
E. Sessions of Horry County said to t
day that Mrs. George W. Urwick of i
Gastonia, N. C., was being held pend (
ing an inquest into' the death of t
Charles Dement, Wilmington, N. C..
salesman, who died after beilng
being struck by an automobile at
' Myrtle Beach Sunday. Time of the
inquest has not been set.
Mrs. Urwlek. the Sheriff said had
suffered a nervous breakdown and
had been placed in a hospital here.
Dement had called a taxi and
had gone out to meet It when the ao
oldent took place. ,
t _____________ *
Cincinnati, Aug. 6.?Mrs. Ethel
8beeby, 48 year old nurse, was recovering
to day from a copperhead
anake'a bite received in a religions
ceremony, while fellow members of
the cult to wfelch she belonged rei
Trained from further use of the dead
ly reptiles.
Andrews, Aag. 6.?Construction
of Nantahala Dam over Nantahala
River in Mocon. County la under*
*?r- . ?{ , 4-..
I - -
Laughing Aroun
Tt Vptu Oftpfi 1
L; ' By 1RV1NS
I A LITERAL and simple-minded m
"* wife to the hospital for an operat
I . In the forenoon. In the afternoon, wh
tod to inquire hew the patient had <
I tidings ftona the skfc-rocm. and agai
atfll aeemed to be improving. Twice <
edhred dinilar reports.
| Bat one moraine he called he ah
B aeqoeintanee and the latter eaid:
B - "Well, how's yonr wife today?*
"She las deedC* answered the be
?Achr said the friend. "Pot's to
akmr first rate. Vot did She die of?"
I "Improve ments I"
.."s " . f
i Brief Form
itional News
?-Nat tonal News-?
Ntw Born. Auk. Boats (or the
,|in "1 w
The Barbour Host Work* hero,
whluh built up a thriving huslnasfc
u the manufacture of pleasure
.raft during the last few voara, has
jevn recommended for the construeiou
of-110-foot aubmarine chasers.
Forest City, Aug. 6.?Milton J.
Kluts, 46, of !taleijfi}i, superintendmt
for the Hohbs Home wood Con'f*t%
Af Phuwiil UIH mtad
nstantly killed when he was caught
in a conveyor belt in a gravel pit
near here yesterday.
Spartanburg S. C? Aug. 6.? Ship
ueuts or Klberta pouches Irom
ipartauburg County have reached a
>eak. ltailway officials said today
hut arouud 250 carloads were ship
ted to northern markets yesterday.
More than 70 Federal inspectors
ire on the job. Prices continued
iteady with much ot the fruit retorted
rather small because of dry
Wadosboro, Aug. 6.?An unusual
tit of work by Wadesboro poiicemeu
Sunday disclosed a robbery of tbe
V. C. Allen Jewelry Store here. The
2ity patrolman, cruising early Sunlay
morning found several packing
>oxes bearing the Allen Jewelry
Jtore address In an out of the way
ection of town.
Investigating further; the officers
ound that the store had been eutertd.,
the Bate opened, various piece*
if merchandise and Other valuables
icattered as If the thieves bad been
nterrupted while trying to assort
raluaJble loot, aud the door opened
'or escape by drilling holes near the
Elizabeth Neill Leads
hi Mueen Contest
Miss Elisabeth Neill U leading
he field of 12 young ladies tor the
itle of <'Mlss Kings Mountain'' to
ie crowned and honored during the
'eutounlal Celebration to be held
lugust 25th. Booths to deposit votes
or your choice for the "Quetns"
ire In The Herald Ottice aud the
Cings Mountain Drug Co. Votes may
ie secured Iby clipping coupon in the
rierald and by purchasing advance
lckets to the pageant from the
oung ladies or any member of the
itag .Club. Mr. Bill Fulton is chairnan
of the Queen Contest and Mr.
inooks MqDaniel is President of
he Stag Club which is in charge of
idvanced aale of tickets, and woodit
Interest is picking up in the conest
and everyone Is invited to work
or their choice to represent Kings
fountain in the mammoth cMebraIon.
List of queen% nominated and
heir standings follow:
Elisabeth Neill, 9,804; Dorothy
tlotae, 4,780; Helen Stewqrt. 1,208;
rackle Rawlee, 1202; the following
imve 1,000 votes each: Mary Evelyn
Joforth, Edna Hoffman, OtUe White
lachei Smith. Rachael MoClain, Hael
Falls, Sara Mae Falls, Patsy
d the World
Proves Fatal
an, by birth a German, sent his
Ion. The operation was performed
n he quit work, the husband was
itood the erdsol The aunt told
f'oo hand ashing for the latest
n he was informed that his wife
lailjr aO through the week he rets
met with the distressing news
ie the widower started down the
shmeat. On the war he met an
ireft one.
0 bad. I thought she vas gettinj
Wtsrw. Im.)
' - . . d . * ' . . ' V ' . . '
f.- , _ jc * * ? t
1 . . '
m m
i Moui
1 , ' t r ' ' .
i . !
Union Services At
Lutheran Church
The fourth in the series of Vnk
Services will bo held Sund?y nlgl
.In St. Matthews Lutheran Chare
with Dr. K. N. Ualrd, Pastor <
Do)ce Memorial A. it. P. Churt
bringing tlie message. The origin;
schedule has been changed uu a
humm who will shortly tu ;o Uu
itiietoii. N. C.
The largest attendance at any (
the services so far was present lai
Sunday evening at Central Meth
dial to hear Rev. L. J3. Hamrn. Tb
weather was coo let; and uu unusua
ly large number ;was present mhei
the Lutheran Minister -preach an e
c optionally fine sermon.
Kiwanis To Meet
In Grover
Members of the Kiwanis Clul
their Wives and invited guests wl
go to Oyover this evenlug at 0:30 I
have-an out-door supper at the ?h
loh Presbyterian Church. Meiubet
always look forward to the Grovt
supper and one of the largest attei
atice of the summer is expected.
Members were' entertained lat
Thursday evening in the club hous
here with , a moving picture show
elul the courtesy of the S'andar
OH Co. Grady Patterson, lolal agen
secured the picture for the prograt
which was greatly enjoyed by clu
members. The film was au interea
mg account of how news Is gt-frere
from all corners of the world an
quickly dispatched to newspapc
| nuu rn^v>
Town Taxes to Be
Advertised Next Week
As required by tuw all unpai
town taxes will be advertised uej
week, according to an announc<
inent from the city hall. Tax payer
are asked to pay immediately, am
save the additional cost.
The annual audit of the books c
I the Town of Kings Mountain Tt> no
I being made by the John-Belt Co. t
l Oastonia. This is the same firm the
j made the audit last year.
i ,
Local Man Nai
Of North Caro
P. p. Herndon, prominent King
Mountain business man was elects
President of the North Carolina Gli
nern' at their meeting which wa
held in Raleigh last week In cot
Junction with Farm and Home wee
at N. C. State College. Mr. Herndo
succeeds C. . Johnson, of Tarbori
who was President last year.
Mr. Herndon who is not only set
retary ? treasurer of the Victory Qt
Co., but is also a successful and sc
entitle cotton grower. Mr. Herndo
was unable to attend the meettni
but ginners throughout the stat
honored him by naming htm the!
mi tai_. ?? -?- * *
iu? wings mount am cuisen i
qualified from experience with co
ton to perform the duties in an ej
cellent manner. Mr. Herndon 1a all
a director on the National Cotto
Council of America with headqua:
ters In Memphis, Tenn. He follow
cotton from the time It la plante
until It la the finished produc
ready for home use.
Other officers elected were: Thou
as LJttle of Wadeaboro, Edwin Pat
of Laurel Hill and B. W. Evans o
| Eden ton were elected vice presl
president: C. A. Johnson. Leelt
Crawford of Plkeville, James Mllle
of Pinevllle, Blair Tucker of LouW
burg. and W. C. Everett of Sted
man, directors; and fred P. John
son. state gin tnspector. was rest
pointel secretary. . '
Laymen Begin
Parley Friday
Laymen from churches through
out the territory of the Southeri
Presbyterian church are arriving It
Montreat In advance of the ooaven
tlon to be held Friday, Saturday aa<
Sunday In the Intereat of the reoi
ganlaatlon of the Laymen's Mission
aigr movement which wss so sctlvi
factor In this and other religious d<
nominations s few years ago.
The Montreat convention will o
pen with an address of Dr. Rober
E. Speer of Lahevllle, Conn., Fri
day evening, and his message wil
be the keynote of the gathering.
- V|>...
itain I
" ?. '
_ - /
IUR8DAY, AUO. I, 1940
Rev, Ham
I Bur ling tor
0- , ;
>f i
i I
i ' i
. i I
Tonsil Clinic
; Ends Today
d ?1?
<1 The tonsil and aduoid clinic1 he*
r ing conducted by the County. Health
department iu the High School
building ends today. Dr. J. 3. Normap
has performed the operations
and Dr. 7. P. Mitchell. County Health
Doctor has charge of administer
itig the anaesthetics. Nurses from
d the Health Department have assist
(t (tl with the operatlous and after
> care of the patients.
8 The three day cllnle has been a
S success from every standpoint.
Nineteen children were operated on
Tuesday aud 18 tonsils were removed
Wednesday. Twenty nine opera
tolas are scheduled for today, which
?f will make a total of 66 for the three
w <!?>'
if The clinic was held for cblMrwa
it whose parents were unable to pay
the regular price for the operations.
med President
lina Ginners
d I
i- I
,s '
i- I
a I
a I
n I
S. M
* J
lf 1
la I
u I
Jj President State Ginners
a '
it i ?
Will Rogers9
f Humorous Story
i ,
'* 'I'HB first quarrel Is good for a
' joke ones la a while, tost boi
cause It alnf a bit funny. Did you
h ever see a young couple Just laoghlng
their head* off about their first
auarralf Nans, but van m? ** ?
1 lot of other poop la laughing oboot
i It.
p Anyway, they woro mad, and ho
. thought Wd taauH hor good.
That diamond hi your ring la ,
f> gloaa."
? "I knowod It all tha time* aha
aava, "ao that waoat putting any*
thing oror on ma. Bat you norar
h knowod till right now that my right
? oya la mado out of tha aame land
of ginaa, did yooT Now, who*a
I fooled T"
Aaortaui Wawa totaiM. Ua.
I ' " ' ' '
? * "
m Accepts
i Call
i. .- I i
SfciM :
6^"' (
t. "
Rev. L. Bo>d liauiin, 1'asior of
St. Matthews 'Lutheran Church for
the past five years has resigned lo
accept the pastorate of Macedonia
Lutheran Church in lliirlington, t?.
C. Kev. IJatnm came to Kings Mountain
frotn Macon, Ua., September 1.
1035, and his resignation is effective
August 31; 19*0, which is ' exactly
five years. '<he Lutheran Minister
Will preach his final sermon in
Kings Mountain next Sunday, as he
will tak? a two-weeks vacation before
beginning bis new duties hi!
Rn rUn trtnn
Rev. Harom. during his five-year
period ru Kings Mountain. lias 'taken
a very active part in not only the
Religious affairs but also the civic
life of the commuuity. He was oue
of .the organizers of the Family Service
of the Red CVoes which has
meant a great deal in relieving suffering
atnong the underprivileged
citizens of Kings Mountain. H? has
given freely of his time to Boy
Scout work. Rev. Haram is a gifted
and talented speaker and he has
been greatly In demand as an afterdinner
speaker throughout this section
of the State.
He is a man that is held in highest
esteem by not only members of
Ills own congregation but by tile
entire citizenship of Kings . Monn
tain, and his .numerous friends here
rejoice with him that he is going
to a bigger- field of service.
Mr. Hamm'e leadership is reflect
ed in the growth of his church,
which has eeen approximately, 250
new members during his pastorate.
Rev. Ilamm was a member of tho
Business Men's Clufb and is now a
member of the Kiwanis Club.
In discussing his departure, Rev.
Hamra said, sincerely regret to
leave the good people of Kings
Mountain because my five years
here has been filled with Joy and
happiness in my association with
them. There ia onlv one teaeon why
I finally decided to go, and tbat in
because of the challenge offered by
the new field. I also want to say
that the latch-string In always open
to arty and everybody from Kings
Mountain, aril 1 want them to stop
by to see me If they are ever In
Burlington, because I sincerely appreciate
every friendship enjoyed
here." - .
The host of friends of Mr. Hamm
wish tor him happiness In his step
forward in his choaeu profession,
and The Herald adds its beat wish
es aud congratulations to the departing
minister, realizing that
Kings Mountain's loss is Burlington's
' r
ATS:30 P. M.
You "are welcome to the street ser
vice that 'is still going on over near
the Oaffney Barber Shop, better
known as the Western Front. Service
will begin Saturday at 6:30 P
M. Craig Wyautt of Bessemer City
will sonduct the Service. Come and
bring a friend.
i TI*a
Annual UMffhf ratinUn will
1b* held on Saturday Auk. 10. begin*
nlug at 10:30 at the FrlendAtp
Church In Kallston. Rev. Carl Wright
of Spartanburg will be principal
speaker and special music will
be furnished during the afternoon
by a number of quartet*. Everybody
1is most cordially tnvtted to attend
and bring baaketa of lunch.
< ; ,* '
1 vhhbpbhbbhhvphhihhbhbmihhhbb*
Wat oh Label Om Your Paper AM
Oorrt Cat Your 8ubaciiptla?
Teacher List
Announced For
City Schools
According to SupcrlUtviiUout li. N.
! I ' I ' 1 I ' - H
Mt.imttt.ti School System will . iuabiwl
of. .53! teachers be>Ides I'ttiiripcl
I). M Ui'iilges. Fou i uew tvucbei*
have boon elected to HU vueaifciuA
caused by t omKuattoiis, The new
tettcbWs ai|?: M):sa C'liaiJIotu* b.
Markham of Durham to replace Mm.
W. R. Ciatg. Jr... Mi Hoary Welt- *
mail. Jr.. of Marion, to sucvood
James I'. Moffclt; Miss Rosalie H.
I'ulk of Hockingliain to ti^ke lie
Iiluco oC Mrs. Dixon Losslie," nee
Miss Elizabeth Ware, and Mrs.
Cllno Earthing to replace Mrs. Albert
Davis. |
School begins Tuftsday September
:!ril .with a general teachers meeting
being called tor Monday, the day
before school opens. Supt. Barnes,
and Sehoolcofficials.are looking torward
to a successful year.
The complete list of teachers, ox
ocpt those already mentioned follow;.
High School ,
Mr C'litK Farthing, Itonne. N C ;
MIsb Mary M|itehell, BenhettsviUfV '
S. C.; Miss Louise Morris. Char- .
lotte. N. C.; Miss Janet- Scoggtns,
(Jreenville. S. C.; Mi. Krvin Smart,
Fllonboro. N. (!.; Miss Ora Suggs,
( astonin. X. C.; Mis. \V. J Fulkerson,
Mrs Paul E. HendrU,-ks. Mr.
Paul E Hendricks, Mrs. \V, t. Weir.
all of Kings Mountain.
Central Elementary
Mis* Sara Allison. Miss Gusnta
Huflfstetler, Miss Helen Logau, Mian
Willie Mod 111, Mrs. Hugh Orraafid',
Miss Doro'hy Patterson. Mrs. T. A.
Pollock, Miss Mjittihell, Williams,
Mrs. Stnyer Williams, all of Kings
Mountain; Miss Marie Llneberiser
of Ltncaluton, N. C.; Miss Daisy
Lovelace of Mooresvlile. N. 0.; Misa
Katherine Peele, Gibson, N. C.
East Elementary
Mrs. J; H. Thomson. Principal.
Mrs. John Gamble, Mrs. T.. NV.
Grayson, uee Miss Maxtue Boggs,
Miss Lucy Kiser. Miss Ozell Kiser,,
Miss Faye Mauney, Misa JettJe
Plonk. Mis* Besdle Simonton. all ot
Kings Mountain.
West Elementary
Mrs. C. Q. -Uhyue. Principal; Misa
Fanny Curpeuter, Miss Marjorla
Hord, Mrs. W. J. McGlll. Miss Oar.
iyle Ware, all of Kiugs Mountain.
Miss Carolyn Carlisle. Publto
School Music, BeunettsviHe, S. C.J;
Miss Dorothy Carson, Piano, Mxiorea
villa, N. ; Miss Mildred lx>wranco
Bible Moorosvllle, N. C.
Davidson School ? Colored
II. J. Davidson, Principal, Charlotte.
N. O. (Irazelle H. Rlppey, Gsatonia
N. C.; Margaret V. JDavidson,
.Charlotte, N. C.; James W. Lynch,
Winston-Salem, N. ('.; Clyde &
Fowlkes, Leaks vilte. N. C.; Ma'Jte
Gidney, Shelby' N. C.; Mattie B. Led.
better, Kutherfordtou. N. C.J
Dwlght A. Costner, Eliza T. Trtbblo,
Jessie Gldnev Costner. all of Kb*??
Mountain, N". S.
kf JamkS PMSTO*^
(Opinion* Expressed in Thi* Column
Are Not Nece**arlly the View* of
This Newspaper.)
Those in the Washington Mutual
Admiration Society utoit't burn nig
auy bridges behind them. They ar* .
leaving the way clear for a retreat
when, and if, it becomes necessary
to admit that the defense program
isn't moving fast enough to sooth*
public clamor for speed.
This statement is not meant to
cause any alarm of fear that Ui*
program has bogged down, but slcn.
ply to reveal the care with whlcb
this group has planned for it* t own
security at the public feed trough.
Nor does it r*fer to the President'*
National Defence Commission.
' t * - > . *!.
In brief, those who direct every*
thing in Washington bnt the weatV
er are already laying the foundation '
for a pedestal from which a large
finger of accusation will polht tn
the direction oC the manufacturing
nduelrle* ? It it becomes necessary
Already there have been Imdhin*
(Ions that Industry la "playing poUflea"
wfth le Cense orders; thai
(OotU'd oh hack page? j
'j&iiLiieafar.y ' ..

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