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VOL. 27 NO. t
icings Mountain Is joining In th?
' . Week with two evonts. the first li
vght with Rev. Herm. i G Fisher,
thsran Church, delivering the mi
and the second is the banquet to t
School Cafeteria, with Hon.* Clyde I
of tha evening.
Outstanding Speakers
At First Presbyterian
* The First Presbyterian Clmrcli ta
having special services at 7:30 ouch
\-t ' evening this week. Rev. J. \V. Hassell;
1). J)., will preach Thursday ev
ening. Mr. Hassell served as a missionary
in Jitimo for many years ami
is now serving as pastor of the Pros
byterian Church of Splndale.
" -On Friday niafet and Sunday morn
ittg, Rev. R. J). JBedlnger, 1). D? author.
evangelist, missionary to Africa
for many years and now Supt. of
Home Missions of Ashevillo Presbytery
will be the guest minister;
The song leader, Mr. Eugene Daels,
of Charlotte, has hud much experience
in his field, having been
- the one chosen to lead the singing
when Gypsy Smith was in Chariot :e.
All who love music. Who sing, or like
to try to sing should attend and enjoy
the music as led by" Mr. Davis.
The public..Is cordially invited to
attend these services.
\ V
Mrs. Betty Canipe
Dies Here
Mrs. Betty Canipe. 75, died at II
? o'clock Friday night ut the lioiive of
a grandson, Arthur Bell, at Kings
Mountain. She had been ill with
heart trouble.
She is survived by a daughter,
"Mrs. J. \V. Bell, of Oak drove; a
stepdaughter. Mrs. Willie Patterson
of Shelby; nine grandchildren and
10 great grandchildren.'.
The funeral was held at 3 o'clock
Sunday afternoon at Ook Grove Ban
.11st church, with the Rev. Luther
Hawkins and the Rev. Elam McSwain
Kiwanis Dist. Governor
To Visit Club Tonight
"iA. Governor Charles Erwin, of
Forest City will pay an official vlstt
tc the local club this evening at
their meeting to be held at 6:30 in
the Woman's Club building. All mem
hers are' asked to be present for the
I Wdl Rogers' J
| Humorous Story |
nrHE Worst Story I heard today
A in good one. I think it's a
bear. Couple of old fat fellows
wdre traveling in a little Public
Bus up. in the north of England
from one town to another. At another
atop four others got in and
very one of them happened to be
big, broad, strong fellow. Mow
the Bus was only supposed to hold
boot six or at the outside seven
normal persona, so further along in
rets little, slender, weaeled-up
' follow, but there is no. place to sit,
but he started to try and wedge
his way back onto the cushion ber
"? tween a couple of them. A big
fat fellow on his right didnt show
any inclination to nelp him with
a single inch of room. Finally the
little fellow lost his temper, and
turning to the fat Party said, "I
think you are occupying more than
your share of room. There la an
act of Parliament allows every individual
in England 80 inchea of
bus space, Sir.
"Well, listen, little fellow, do you
think T Was designed by an Act
American New* Fmiius* Im.
JMiitii i nfrtftifiiiiminn
-' ~^S
I ;v
jA R
| ii<
celebration of National Boy Scout ,,.,
the Union Church Service Sunday
(left). Pastor of &t. Matthew* Lu-J t ?
towage, in the First Baptist Church, ,.x
>e held next Thursday In the Central . .?.
Ft. Hoey. (right) of Shelby as speaker
> i
National Boy
Scout Week ?
j tin
I Begins Tomorrow i?,
I To Be Observed Hefe by Services
Demonstrations and &fwoe<?t. ?
Scouting in America observes itir
lug the week of February 7?It to" f*J
lis thirty-first anniversary. I J"1
In Kings .Mountain the occasion is '
going to be observed with special; "
Hoy Scout programs, services and 3
demonstrations. ('e
National Scout Sunday will be obj
served \vitb a- special union service'.
! in which tlie churches are joinfng on
| at the Kirst Taptlst Church hi 7:3<l V"
! P. M. The sermon will be delivered f,a
; by Itev. 11. G Kisher of the Luther !*'
1 an Church. Scouts and leaders of ' '
.j the eight local troops will attend in
- l.?J..
a imju>. '
A mobilization call ts planned for
sometime during the week. Scout
mobilization call is more than fivo (,.f
short blasts on the city fire siren.
This mobilization has a practical
service value in case of an etner- .)t/
gency. More than a hundred Scouts
are on duty to answer the call and ^
be prepared to render first aid services,
or to be organized as searching
parties, etc. Jnf
The climax of t.he week here will ,
be tliu Annual Boy' Scout Banquet ,
| at the High School Cafeteria on j
Thursday. February 13th, at 7:on
P. M. Scout leaders, parents, Klwan- j
iatis and Lions are coooperating on ^
this occasion. Hoy Scouts are to at- jla
tend as guests of their sponsoring nj
Institutions and the men of the coin ' .
munity. l<
Hon. Clyde n. Hoey who was elec
ted this year t vice-president from
Cleveland '""otvty of the Piedmont del
Council will be the speaker at the to
banquet. "h
In the Piedmont Council coveting Fe
Gaston. Cleveland and nine other Pn
counties are over 3.000 Boy Scouts
The council has a very fine head- '
quarters building in Gaetouia and caj
one or the best equipped camps foi ihc
boys In the South at Lake Laniei WJ
near Tryon. A.
The theme being emphasized Ca
throughout America this year dur ^
Ing Scout Week Is that Scouting in- ^
vigorates and strengthens democra '
. nei
Boa-d Reports On
Airplane Crash Near Here
> The Civil Aeronautics board reported
recently that "failure of the
pilot to effect recovery from an unintentional
spin" was the probable
cause of an airplane accident near
Kings Mountain. N. C.. last June 28,
in which ttfo pe/sons were killed.
As a contributing factor the boarn
Hated "Inexperience of the pilot."*
The victims were James R.- McKln
ney. pilot of the plane. and Mildred
Harre'-m, a passenger.
On t1-" day of the accident, the
board said, McKlnney, accompanied
by his passenger, flew from the Shel.
by, N. C., airport on a pleasure
flight, landing at a small field near
Kings Mountain.
"A few minutes later he again
took off. circled Kings Mountain
and headed In the direction of Shel
by." the board said.
- "About two minutes later, the air
plane was observed to execute
loop and then to enter another. The
airplane stalled at an altltiide of
approximately 600 feel aa It neared
the top of the second loop, and fall
off to the right. In a spin which eon
ttnued until It struck the ground
and was demolished. Pilot McKlnney
had recorded seven hours of fly
Ing experience."
_ / . -/ - '.
s4 j v- jJ >* . *
- m
Condensed I
itate And I
?State News?
Italriph. Foil. i pa)
ills to unemployed workers I
irth ("rtrotlna In the three year
i<e payment* started amounted b
J,17?i.M7.?r. whleh in < hides S;t7t
i.V.i .Hint to residents of olhe
lies who had worked and esial
led ?a|i? credi's in tlii* KtaU
M.uHiu? Feb 4 (lovertio
tylmnk has notified- the .follow In
j 1 o'v"- 1 <>y??i1 th?? Wll
w Industrie*, Committee for Ma
in countyLawnun Jordan of Mi
s and Otto Mathl* .anil l.n'her B
f. of Marlon The purpose of tit
ill til i * 11 <> is lo fneliliilt.. Iiiflnsl ell
psmatoit within th?> state an<t t
nvide tor coi)|HTatloh- Ix'tttifii th
dusti'iu! organizations an<i the n:
>nal defense program
Newton. Fob. 4_'*V < ivadswc
of Aslcvllle. btukeinau on tn
ilievillo division of the Mouther
illway. has been receiving treal
ptil fit tiie Catawba General Hotfj
I for injuries received in a inint
tin wreck tin the line bet wee
wton and Coriuver last week,
spltnl report states that Wad;
irth suffered a broken oollarhoiu
broken hack, fractured ribs. at)
ssfble internal injuries.
The accident in -which lie was In
red occurred near the old Youtt
III', where-four cars were fleralle
Is thought Wadswortli* fell fror
ho* edr and landed 011 his shoul
r. .
Moreliead City. Fob. 4.?The sec
d annual potato demoi'atratioi
iin started a w'c-ek's' tour here it
y with farmers coming from Car
et and Craven Count fcs to inspec
The State and Federal Acrioultu
Departments and the N. C. stat<
liege Agriculture Extension Se
e are cooperating in the exhibit
improved potato production an
Newton. Feb. 4.?Glenn Iieinhard
of the Emanuel Church sectior
s killed . instantly yesterday afte
an by a discharge from a .1
into shotgun, and a coroner's jur;
rtdcd that the wound was sel
fhe shooting occurred on a roa>
ar the "home of Mrs. -Fitzhugh Se
.three miles east of Newtor
ere were 110 eyewitnesses to th
idetit but four boys' heard tli
it. They had just passed by Reii
rdt. who' was seated on the run
ig hoard of his automobije with 1
atgun in his hand.
Raleigh, Fob. 4.?State College'
hate squad will leave Weflnesda
participate in the annual Appala
ian .Debate Tournament In Boon
1). 6-8, Prof. Edwin H. Paget, fo
sic director* announced today.
Brice Ratchford of Qastonia. tear
jtatn, wll head the group, whicl
dudes David ^Harris of Newell
lbur S. Bryant of Wilmington, E
Bowditch of Toecane and E. A
mpbell of Wethersfleid, Conn.
Topic for debate wivt t>e "Resoiv
That the nations of the Westeri
misphere should form a pertnaa
at union.
Laughing Aroi
With IRV
+?. ? ? ?
No Treat t
YYfHEN William Slavens McNutl
" editor sent him out to get
who had just returned to the sta
far North.
"Be sure, Bill" said his ehiel
the new Smith building." An hou:
"I didn't get much of a story
"What did he hare to say al
disappointed city-editor.
"He allowed it was pretty taV
"Thunder, man, was that all
tall ? TO say ft is. Didn't you
building on tne Pacific coast? ?4
of the tower?"
"Yes," said McNutt. "I did teT
use. You see, tqr the last fourti
cabin against the foot of a cliff 6,
(American Ne
'?* 7
I ' V ? % '
? ' R > .
' V- ' .r s * . *
n Brief Formj
National News
?National NewfCr
Washington, Feb. 1 Kiiii-s Sco;t 9
n postmaster of i!??? 1 disclosed
s totkii that d"*plte ttii- inautiltiid- Li
atic) controversial aspects of the
(, kat.L |?ii(l bill, mail to rongrcss
r . <!i:.bfi s oil ill" subject felt below
i ihe volume produced. l>>* .oilier lot
?. port an t measure*-.
Scott wiitl the fiifmlF-r of let let s
til t nol. begin to compare with the '
r flood precipitated In tbe Supreme
? t'otirt. arms embargo repeal or rewi
m'i m* ?i ?i nn
tunnc l?-gl*latni? said tin ir mail H
" on tin- IniHl-lMiw' bil wa? lieavlbr ?
" twii w'i'V" ago than at present ami
^ 1 that tin- bulk of It canto from op0
' ponents of tin- measure a fart
'' Miey considered normal hi-cause op
? 1 position to nnv legislation is tntual 11
e I Iv the most vocal. ,1
" I - . '
London. I". t?, I, Tltr Ministry o'.
Home Security announced today it ^
" ..a- Ktiiiiig gas masks of a specln'
io typo for perspns .unable to wear the 1
n -tnnd.ard, t> p? Imehuse of breathing
t- difficulties 'or oilier physical all- ^
>i tnents. <
ir r
(i Tito press recently has been urg
\ ing tin- iniilisf-cjL_lti -compel all cltl ,
j. 7.<-ns to reatime the tarrying of
? masks, a practice which marten
,| shortly after Munich In Hi 3 8 but V
which since ;has been followed by 1
relatively few. _
?? ' f
n Wit'sb i net on. Erb. 4.-?Rear Adini'
iY j ral f'hrlstlan Joy peoples, 61. who as
-head of the procurement division of '
the Treasury handled purchases run 11
nine into the billions.' died today of
_ pneumonia ^
" tie was retired for ago last No- it!
vetnber and since hud been connec- j it
led with the Todd Shipbuilding Corn ' pi
r His last Government .assignment oi
was general inspector of the Navy's pi
r i supply corps on the West Coast. pi
e ^ .? _?_____ hi
r .Los Angeles. Kelt. 4.?Wind-mi C.i si
" thcdral, a 150-soat church, opened
6-. its door Sunday with the Rev. It. p
Anderson Jardlne. who married the (]
former English King. Edward, and j R'
Mrs W'allis WarficlU Simpson, as
i- pastor.
t' It is (f)r. Jardine's first pastorate Si
2 since he was ostracized hv tlie Ohio- e(
V eh of England, lie read a letter In b;
f which the Puke asked him to select
:t cold altar cross as a remembrance
, ?Dr. Jardlne said the cross' cost ^
. would approximate $5,000.
'i V. M
! 111:
el Holl.v*.owl. Feb. 4.---Movie pros-],,
e ' pei;ity note: I w
i j Effective today. RKO-Radio Stu 1
. ] dio restores pay cuts imposed In ^
i? i October, 1939. on aeto|<. directors ^
I and executives, which ranged from "f.
| lit1'percent on incomes of $5,000 ananally
to 50 i>er cent on $75,000 and ..
S '
j up.
y ,
New Policeman Arrives u
. St
r Melvin C. Hoover arrived Monday dt
from Raleigh to take his place as a tl
? member of the Kings Mountain Po et
t lice force. Officer Hoover will have
I to wear plain clothes for a few days
until Chief Jimmy Burns can have a IV
uniform made to fit the new police- J
man, who is not very large in stature'.
The new officer comes to Kings
Mountain highly recommended, and
: he has been busy this week getting
- acquainted with the Best Town In Si
The State. .It
? ly
" " M ?m ? i w .? ?*"Y St
jnd the World j fa
4 ? ?
0 the Visitor 2!
< ?
N S. COBB g.
1 was a reporter in Seattle, his city- M
an interview with an Alaska miner Sl
tes after twenty years spent in the
v ^ E
t, "to ask Mm what he thinks about d<
s later McNntt returned to the office. c,,
out of the old chap," he confessed. '
Jout the Smith bull ding?" asked tbe
ir. <i<
you could get out of him? Pretty e<
tell him that It's the tallest office- m
10 foot from the pavement to the top
I him all that, but it didn't seem much 0i
>en years he's been living in a little
000 feet hiprh." |v
ivt Fonlurw. Inc.)
v.'. - ' y * ; ' - ;
iv'Ai ' ?' ""n ' ?- > - i
? '-* J
I ; k K, Da Via pt?MntMf w
Represents u- j. with a walnut u;
I house near the Kings Mountain
Riade recmtly In Raleigh on behalf
I. U ' -
r^.srs r*v. K. 'viauncy* Mrnoia rviser
avis to the Capitol for the presenta
Four Membei
lo Local Dra
Jons Hear
lev. Fisher
"Ur a fiti'lid. uu.l ynu will have ) 1
lends" said llev. Herman O: Fish- |
\ Pastor of St. Matthews Lutheran '
hutch, to members of lite -Lions
lub at their meeting Tuesday even- I '
ig in the Woman's Club building 'J
ev. "Fisher said one of the niost '
tiful things in life is a man with-,
it. a friend. "Our. friendship do:mls
'in ourselves" 'continued the. '
istor. "'Friendship brings out the ( 1
:*st that is in us" the speaker
nte 1 in a very forceful manner. ,
Tin- speaker of the evening was'1'
resented by Rev. Henry Sprinkle LJ
r., who was in eltnrge of the pro am.
v . i '
Floyd Payne. Jot- Matiney, Frank i
(roupo. and Jack FortituP were wel <
uned into the "club as new members \
(' President Tout Fulton.
I,ion Ilus Oates reported that-Ray j
"olfe. hetpl football coaeh of I". X. I i
had accepted nfl invitation to|?
. .1. ... it. ......Oel I. J
m .1 ;\ ??' 11?v i ji"Ti. ? 1111 j r i"ii 1 ?
ill supper to be hold March 4tb. '
iclures of-the Duke-Carolina panic
ill he shown, hollers will be pro] \
nted to members of the . Hhth i
r-hool football team. who will be j f
tests of the Lions Club.' A commite.
lieiul by Charles Thomasson will. (
ake arrangements for the annual
rent. ' . .
Lion Hubert Miller made all an- 1
ouncemenl about the annual Boy V
?out supper to be held next Thursly.
The Lions Club is Joining wttn ]
io Kiwanis Club in ibis annual j
Irs. J. A. Wells Is [
Juried Saturday 1
, . j
Funeral services were held ai '
Btliany church in Gaston county ^
nturdav afternoon at 2:110 for Mrs. ^
din A. Wells. 71. who died sudden
Thursday at her home on Gasto-n
reet. She was a well-known resi?nt
having lived lmro for the past s
irty years. Before .marriage she ' 1
as Miss Martha. Anno Sellers.
She is survived by the following
lildren: Vntio.e. Michael, and GeorC.1I
_f t/tn?n mm i
? OI'IHM'H f?l r\in?^? .Tiwuit V<* III, IIIIU
rs Ethel' ltookout of (Renn Alpine
t grandchildren; eight great-grand
lildren: two sisters. Mrs. John I?in
unci Mrs. L. A. Love of Kings,
fountain, and one brother, \V. II. }
sllers of Kings Mountain.
donates $50 To Church <
,Mr. K. II. Smith, native of f'levnnd
County, now a resident of Ft.
auderdale. Fla.. donated $50 00 to '
le building fund of the A. M. E. '
Ion Colored Church of near Tleth- *
are School, according to W M. Oor 8
>n. Treasurer. The check from Mr.
mith was received last week and 1
hen the announcement was made I
Church Sunday by Treasurer (lor
m, the congregation was "overjoy- i
I." Mr. Smith Is the son of Mr. aud
rs. North Smith. *
Extensive repairs are to he madn |
t the church, and Mr. Smith's si*e>10
contribution will bo a great i
"ip according to members of the t
liurch. ^
> .*>j A/. 'v cj;_V
! ".*;t"^.-. " ? >: . 1 ' . i-? I
f 7 * * / *'
' .vJ
.,. % -* . ... % ... /;?
* S. ' " , ' ' . *
, - f.
Watch Label On Your Paier And
Don't Let Your Subscription
1 Exp:r?l 1 | .
. i '
' - liTI*f3v ws
IHL i| ^
t " . i*. .
uus (ViUlt. wpvuivcr of Mi( nuwi o' '
ivcl made from wood taken fron' - '
%AA cground. Tne presentation ww
of the citizens of Kings Mountain. end
Glee Bridges accompanied Mr.
*s Added
ft Board
Four additional mt-'nibcrs havo
bee addcf to tlic, Kings Mountain
\ \ i.-ory Draft Hoard.. according toi
lialiman K. A,.Man-ill.'-' M? mbers -of
Hie Advinry Hoard assist withouc
charge, in filling out and signing.'
ifucst ionuirc blanks for registrants
It takes from 2d to tin minutes to
fill-out the lengthy blank, and Draft
Hoard officials are deeply grateful
Lo Advisory Hoard Members for the
liairioiie manner they have shown
n giving their time. Tile Medical
l-lvamlner. ',I)r. W, . 1. Itnmsnur, a*
veil as the three . members of the
Draft Hoard, also give ltietr services,
to the cause of their fountry. *
I- has beep brought to the at ten
Lion of the Dj-tvft Hoard that a notary
public has been < barging for
igning the uuestionaires. The'Hoard
A-'i.dirs to notify nil registrants inav
I' is not neeessarv to pay anyone
inviting-for signing or assistance in'
illing out the blanks. If was brought
nit that the purpose behind fho
vliole selective service program. f<t
i patriotic call to servo . America.
Tins jk\\v members of ilia Advisory
-tonrtr nre: (). <>. Jackson. of the
-iesetnnd Motor t'o. I). It 11 am ri ok,
if Hvidee* a-d HsmtU-.k. t' H, Me
i-ii' 1. of Kiilnni'ti Mortuary. and
[ V\ Keeter of KoctrV's Dept. Store' #
s be will ho glad to a-si-t any rept-'rapt
in filling out the iiuesiion
lire .
K'? ven in ell will be sent from (lit
oral board to Fort Hragg on Feb*
nilfy 21st. Kighr of the number is .
he February quota and throe ar<>
eploceme:.ts. The total quota* for
Vhruary for Cleveland County is 21.
Rufus Plonk Named To
County School Board
Kufus I..- Plonk, prominent farmer
>f near Kings Mountain, Jtas been
mined to the Cleveland Coluity
School Hon id to ssoceed the late W.
t. llidenliour. The County Democraie
Executive Comntittee met Mon
lay niaht in Shelby and appointed
dr. Plonk; whose father, the late
,V. L. Plpnk. was a member of the
loard for many years. < . * ,
Mr. Plontf Is not only an ontiHfndlng
farmer but also a business'
nan of ability, and His appointment
rill meet with Wide approval thrurhtout
all of Cleveland County.
Opinions Expressed an This Column
A .. at.. Ai ? ?.. e?- - til - m
iicu?M?riiy ino views OT
This Newspaper.)
In the view of many sober Washngton
thinkers, there isn't going,
o be any defense to speak of unless
loms of those who produce it start
icting like they talk.
The question unfortunately Isn't
tut together as a whole In the news
tapers so the people can see Ur
rbey have to piece many Items together
to see the whole picture.
It is: Are labor disputes, strikes
dowdowns, boycotts, and the like,
toing to be allowed to continue Itntcding
President Oreen of the AFT# has
reported publicly that his organizaIon
has "enlisted for tlin duration.
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