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VOL'. 29 NO. '26
y State And Ni
Condensed In
* *?
...... ?NATIONAI
f Washington, June in.?The- marl
'tlmi; commission lias directed the
Southern Pacific Company Jto deliver
its entire fleet of 10 cargo vessels
"for national defense purposes.
The vessels, the commission said
\ toduy in announcing the order, are
feeing acquired pursuant to Presl- .
dent Koosevelts order culling for a
. .2,000.000 ton shipping pool.
Class Of '40 To
Meet Again
About thirty members of i he (."lass
of '40 were- present at the class
meeting innt Kriday afternoon. Com j
milieus were appointed to make (
plans for a class reunion and asked
to report at ? the next meeting, j
which Is to he held June It. at 6:30
P. M. on the high school steps. It is'
important that all members be present.
Little Theatre To Meet
The Ju\fl|r Theatre will
meet June 13. at 7-30 o'clock la the
"City Hall. Members ot both the Little
Theatre .and the Junior Little
S Theatre, and all other persons Interested
In .Drnmutisc are urged to
I be present at this first summer
I' meeting.
? ,
Revival Begins At
At Nazarene Church
Tuesday Night
*'A series . of evangelistic services
( will begin at the local Church of the
><aza^ene here, beginning Tuesday .
night, June 17th. with Rev. Harold
Gardner of Charlotte, doing tho j
preaching. The public Is cordially in I
vited to attend. Services begin ut
7:45 each eveuing.
The Church of the Nazarene was
organized here in August of last
year, by Rev. Raymond Browning.
.District Supt. of South East Allan-.
tic District, also Rev. C. E. Shu-]
YUflkn of Pharlnto. and W rilunohiirrl I
Honne of Kings Mountain.
During the teu months of its exlstonce
118 have been enrolled in
Sunday School, amd .It} additions ;
have been added to the church roll.
Plans are now being made for a
lage nice auditorium.,, which will
get under way'soon as a Suitable I
lot is obtained. - I
Kings Mountain National Recrea- i
tlon Park To Offer Activities ? i
Day Camp for Boys and Girls <
Started Monday.
The general recreation program at ]
' Kings Mountain State Park will be
gin Monday with a broad scope of
actfiviL^s (or child^pn from! khie
ages of six to sixteen year. A super i
vised prognam iwili be offered on
Mondays through Fridays from 9
until 12:00 a? m. ~ ' i
A spontaneous program will be
offered in the afternoons to groups i
coming out to the park for general
recreation or picnics. The park will ,
be equipped with news sport* .materials
and various popular games
v/filch appeal to all individuals.
The ddy camp program will be
open to girls aud boys from all see
ttohs~" around Kings Mountain. Mr
Laughing Aroun
With trven
^ There Should Be a
By IRV1N i
DEFORE the State legislation of a
u a member was advocating the j
prohibit the carrying, selling, baying
be Us theory, mk isghrtnHsn woald
ef homieMea, make fsr a Mere orderl
Having stated Us arguments, th<
then- Very few orator* em will in.
retairnd Ue points; he grew mere sa
?- ,j . . . a J a | .
tna r6pfUuoun.
Finally a fellow-member arose, a
lag the attention of the chair.
"The honorable gentleman may
this person, "hot for years the gmai
JL caHed the Sullivan anti-pistol law w
enacted. Now there have been abeu
|f since that time snd yet I never rea
srith a bow and arrow."
I (Aperies* Htm
-1" ?
ational News
i Brief Form
Salisbury, June it),?Fire of uu
undetermined orlglii practically destroyed
the two-story 'Monroe street
elementary school for neurons tie re
arty today. Tito $65,000 plant will
te rebuilt at immediate date, school
authorities said.
Insurance of $44,000 Wits carried
on building and equipment it waa
tj.ii* i < tit.. *n..u i. ??*
nun I m iv?* Vliy. UlitU. JUIll! 1U.
\Vrei'kage of the" army's missing
I win motored bomber which vanish
? (! Sunday with six man aboard was
reported sighted . west of Lyman,
Wyo.. this morning.
. ""*
Chief oT Police Jimmy Burns issu
cd a request yesterday afternoon to
Owners of bicycles To register them
at the Police Department" in the
City Hall. The registration of all
bicycles in Kings Mountain-will aid
the police in identifying stolen vehicles.
Bicycles v^ere registered about
One year ago, but in cleaning, the
vault at the City Hall the registration
book was lost, so Chief Burns
is asking that .every one who has a
bicycle to register at his office.
. * V . >
Luncheons Given To
Demonstrate Cooking
With Commodities
Luncheons -have been given at
the Esther Club house in Shelby
and at other clubs and centers recently,
the food for the luncheon
prepared by teachers of Adult
schools to demonstrate the fact that
nutritious, palatable foods and well
balanced meals can be prepared
from the commdCItles furnished the
government for those in need.
The instructors have been going
Lnfn I ha h a a whnsa f?a?lu
ntiu (uo IIUIIIC . i
are needed, giving demonstration:*
in cooking and have proven that
splendid meals can be prepared
from these commodities. The assist
wtce given by these teachers and
com'filuUtty workers has been of
invaluable help to the house keepers
in preparing attractive' dishes
and iu using foods furnished with
little or no waste.
Ravenel, SupTh said that he and his
assistants hoped that parents would
avail themselves of the opportunity
sf sending their children to this day
camp which is being sponsored by
the South Carolina Commission of
Mrs. J. L. Settlemyre. Jr., -physical
education director of the Kings
Mountain Jilgh School, is recreation
director tor the park (his summer.
Her assistants Will' he Mr. Calhoun
Singletary, a College of Charleston
student Mr. Singletary will have
charge of the natnre study groups
and hikes.
Others on the staff are Misses
Helen Miller and Martha Gaston,
teachers In the South Carolina
schools. MIsb Miller and Miss Gaston
will assist In directing folk danc
ing. interpretative and social dancing.
recreational sports. are and
crafts, and various other activities.
Z i
4 a mm 9m d ?
id the World
f s. COBB 1
Law Against Both
certain Corn Bolt commonwealth,
ias.sage of his pet bill?an act to
or owning of revolvers. According
reduce rrime, eat deem tk amber
ty^poyriatkn. ^ ^ ^ ^
g to atop whea done. Ho
id more eloqeeot m he grew more
droitty latwinptlim hfaa aad aecarbe
right la what he saw*," quoth
; state at New York bee had a law
hich is similar to the one he wants)
t 19,000 people kQled hi New VoHt
d pr heard of any one being killed
rftinWl, bn c./
Seventy Seniors
Are Graduated
//^The graduation exercise of Central
High School was held Friday
nigh; al 8 o'clock in the High
School auditorium where 70 seniors
were presented their diplomas by
Principal I). M. Bridges.j '
Former Governor Clyde R. Hoey
was. the speaker of the evening. He
lield tlu- attention of his hearers'
which packed the house to.capacity.
He told tlie seniors in a pleasing
manner ''How to Live"' then with
three almost extinct words. Thrift.
Kconomy. and Work, he tald them
"How to Make a Living."
Rev.-P. P. Patriek had the invocation
and Rev. It. N. Uutrd pronounced
the benediction.
^ Kings Mountain will receive a- big |
boost as a shopping center- Saturday
morning when Rose 5c and 10c '
Store opens for business here on
Battleground Avenue. V The large'
building located in tkv heart of the
business scetiou lias been complete
ly remodeled at.d is modern In every
respect. Beautiful modern fixture's
have' be'pn installed and every
thing 1^ in rcaeTHtess for file grand
opening Saturday ' morning at 9:00
The new firm for Kings Mountain
b- a Nortlc Carolina concern that
was- established in 191 f> in Henderson.
N. C. The fiusiness has grown
steadily until the,new number
114. P. H. Hose is the founder
ard present President of the firm
that operates stores' In several- southern
states. T. B. Rose. Jr.. is Sectetavy
uud Treasurer.
Mr. L. W. Barnes, district manager
and Miss.Muuue HineB. both of
l,umlii-rt<\, have been in Kings
Mountain for the past several days
making arrangements for the opening.
Mauagers Jacobs of Mt. Airy.
White of Moirgauton. and Kite, of
North Wilkesboro, have also been
here assisting with the opening.
Mr. ('. L. Phillips, a native of
Weal Virginia, will be manager of!
the local store, Mr. Phillips wus j
transferred here front Norfolk. He |
is marled uud has one child. Mr. <
and Mrs. Phillips have taken an apartment
iu the Cooper Apartments
On King Street.
The new store will have 95 local
sales girls ready to giTef visitors
on opening day according to Jdr.
Phillips. The store, which would do
justice to a city much larger than
! Kings Mountain will lie open for In-i
I spection Frlduy from 4 to .5 and!
from 8 to 9 P. M.
Moth Messrs Lin rues and Phillips
said in discussing plans for the I
openln. ''We are proud of the newstore
and we extend u cordial invitation'
to everyone in this community
to visit tin."
Five Colored Men Leave
For Army June 28th
The only June call received by
the Ijocal Draft Board for Selectees
is for five negroes to leave here for
Fort Bragg at 10:00 A. M. Saturday
June 28th. Four out of the five selected
men are volunteers.
Cotton Goods Are
Good Buy
Cotton farmers who will earn'
stamps for participating in tile Sup
plementary Cotton Program of the
U. S. Department of Agriculture |
this year will find that cotton goods
are a good "buy" in 1041. Bay Miss
Willie N. Hunter and Miss Julia M<
Ivor. Extension clothing specialists
of N. C. State College. The first of
tin? cotton stamps will be issued in
North Carolina about July 1.
'he stamps are being earned by
-.neifa. for voluntarily reducing
ir cotton acreage below their'j
i41 AAA allottments. Coutitv a-i
genta and AAA committeemen. Tfilvo
mil information on the Supplementary
Cotton Program.
"Cotton is smart this season.'
the Kxtensiou clothing specialist de
clared. It Is becoming to wear; eas
lly laundered, and doesn't pile up
drycleanlng bills. It is strong and
durable; is cheap and plentiful to
Miss Hunter pointed out that the
cotton stamps ' can be used all
a one time or one or two at a time
until they are gone. Farmers can
buy from any store or mall order
house selling cotton goods and will
ling to handle the stamps. Only
.now articles can be bought, and
t'hey must be made entirley of cot
grown and manufactured in tho
l'nited States.
ard cotton goods have not advanced
In price In proportion to
muir>ufactuAod garments, the clothing
specialist said. The stamps will
go much further in clothing the
family if yard goods are pufcased
pert garments made by -fhe homeor.
However ihb cotton stamps
- V.i be used to buy all kinds of cot-'
ton goods. i
itain h
HURSDAY, JUNE \2. 1941
: MfWs.
'VMfoHl>m.|r -;Jfc iff. J*/'/. /rQ/$
u, i -L^%aai llE/Z // - s !-vO o ,r
UttJ ?
j.i -asintf measure -to the defense pr
Ernest Mauney
Wins Award 1
For the second year Kings Moun i
tain I!IkIi School has claimed for a,
graduate one of the honorary ..subscriptions
offered by the Reader'*
Digest to the highest honor student.
Ernest Jacob Mauney. son of Mr. '
v-.-l Vrs. \V. K: Mauney. as the
highest ranking member of the sev
..y gruuuaies for the entire foui |
voars In high school, has' been nam
ed the recipient of the gift of a j
, vj i s subscription to the magazine.
His naino lias been submitted to the 1
department of the publication that
will make the award.
I.add Mamrick, Jr., was winner of
tlie coveted award last year:
Auto I,irensp Vnui
On Sale ' j
Members of the Town Council in
tlieir meeting last week tfpproved
the sale oC auto, tags , at the rate ot ,
SO cents each for the balance ol 1
the year. Hereafter the tags will be.
-old.for the calendar year and will 'j
lie the same' color ot the. state tag.
The price for the full year will be I
$1.00. Tags for the rest of this year <
may bo .purchased anytime now before
August 1st at which time a 10
percent penalty will be added.
The Town Fathers approved the
extension of the fire Until of the bus
Iness section which was recommend
ed by the State Fire Marshall. City
Manager II. L. Rurdette, presented
the matter to the board.
The privileges license schedule I i
was tentatively approved subject to,
revision later. The
Council members decided
not to make any special concession |
for water customers on dead end (
lines, as the hydrants are flushed
weekly to keep the water clour.
| WiO Rogers' j
j flumorous Story j
"pHERE was a merchant in Holly- '
-* wood that had his window all
cut out right while he was looking 1
through it He ran out and yelled <
for the police, and when the cop
cama he says, "It was one of them
four or five going along the street ?
i So the eop grabbed a tough-looktng
guy In the group that hap* 1
pened to be walling along, and waa < c
beating him good and plenty to
make him confess, when a aweat
girl came running up. a
"What you beating that poor bum .
for?" ahe says. .
"Why, he cut this man's window,
and he won't confess."
"No, yon poor prune, I cut the
window. I Just thought you'd be f
blaming somebody for that." 1
"But why did you do It, Miss?" s
"Ob I always teat my engage- i y
mcnt rings that way!" ,1
American Mews Urn tares, tea. ^ j
. *
? T ~.T~ " <*
"jp | ^ !
is contributing in ever inoducrion
oP tfie nation. v'
To Start Quarry 5
Operations Soon
The operation of the Kings Moun K
tain Quarry will he resumed short- j
ly according to H. I/, Burdette, City',.
Manager, who received a letter] j]
lrotn 1\TA oflicinls yesterday up-.
proving the justification of the project.
The quarry has bceti tempor-'
nrlly stopped pending approval of ^ -V
the justification. Conditions which; '
did not exist when the quarry was I n
first started arose and approval lias | <-*
to be- secured before "the project h
could continue. I
A gasoline'motor has been secur j
ed and overhauled to furnish power ^
for tlie operutiou of the new quar- j,
ry on the land purchased from Glee
Mr. Burdetto stated that every j
effort was gotng to bo made to get (
the streets already started in shape .for
surface li-Cattm-iit l?y late sum- j
nier. . : . I v
The Sfchool Stadium project '
which wau approved some time ?*
back by WPA is tslill on the profer '
led list, but tile Streets will be coin
pl??7Pir"tirst. . _
'211-YEAR-OLDS '
Officials of the Local Draft Board t
desire for every young man who ' 1
has become 21 years old since Octo j 1
ber 16th, 1940, notified that , f
they will be required to Register |
July 1st If any .person knows of a T
young man who is supposed to reg- j s
ister they are asked to please tell - him
of the new registration. I E
Registration will take place at (
the City Halt for all young men of j J
number tour and five townahlps, 't
who reached their 21st birthday j
since-last registration.
Governor Cites Value \
Of Mtilk c
UAbKKiH, ? Governor Brougb- ?
Ion. In an official proclamation, de.? tv
isrnnted June at "Dairy Month"; in ,,
North Carolina. terming milft and S(
tfaIry products the most valuable! y
fltur economical portion of the diet 11(
if flic average family. |_
The Ccvemw was joined in his |
ippeal l'.n- support of '"Hairy Month
>v Commissioner of Agriculture VV. J
Kerr Seott,, who also cited the tin* I
ritional value of milk and_ other!
lairy products and emphasized the
teed for support of the' livestock in
lustry "in the interest of balanced
"I urge upon our entire citizen- (
ihip more consideration rf the inilortanee
of the dairy industry and
)f the nutritional value of tnllk and
ts products as wholesome, healthul,
and strengthening foods for \\
luman consumption, and bring to ri
he attention of the people of the in
itatc the Immense economic bene?- m
its which would result from an
U9_r<g?sed consumption of milk and et
ts products." <lov. Rroughton do- at
dared. h<
Commissioner Scott asserted that tit
increasing the production of milk H
ind dairy products and expanding
he markets Offered at home constf w
utes a program of definite value to ui
he farmer and consumer alike." m
He added that "North Carolina's L.<
>er capita consumption of milk is la
ess than half a pint per person. p<
vhile requirements recognized ' by a
icalth officials are one quart per
lay per child and one pint per day la
ter adult." * >
Watch Label On Your Paper An*
Don't Let Your Subscription
i - 1 ' ' * ..' *<
Winners of tile . school medals.
till aw. nils which wot ! presented
tiring itic closing days (if school
iiTi' announced yesterday mnttiini;
i> Sttpi. l' NV- Jtaines The Herald
iisl>e?v*to ttongrtilululc every wittier
Tot llie|i otivstardhtR work it)
icing a?aitied one of the coveted
lonois. The following awards were
iresetucil last Friday night by Sup*
Ja' it the I'otninetu etncnl li\ . ' ' . . *. ,
-Hetty Patrick wTin the Plunk
?i inil.ttship .medal for the highest
r/hohiKlic reeoril of any igh school
i illicit' tint lug the past year.
<icorgc l.a'limot..It was award
it 'he |) A. II. llislofy* medal
Hen UftiorUt, .It., was presented
he Itcclainaiion nictlitl aiyatded by ,
ktloriicy .1 II. Ilavis "litis, award
ic been know a- t he I lord Medal
til will he giyeft eacli year In the
tit Jit'*.* -by Mr DavW V_
Potty !.? ? N't'isii r. tiradnaling
'lass President. rapt it rod her share
i Hit' awards b> being declared
I'iiiiKi' of three nii'iluh Prlilay night
nil one ineiial at Chanel Kxcrcises
a rlier hi the' week Her awards
veto: Tin Fulton Heading Medal,
'levelalul ' Cour/y .Schoolmasters
I ed a I, and Hie Kiwanls I'liiti'iisliip
Kloiso . Kuudatl won the America
.efcion Viitdal given for the. best enay
on "Selective SMviie,''
Virginia Summers.- Stli and nth
raile winner, and Ixmise Wright
Oth aud 11th grade winner were
ach presented with $5.00 given by .*
lie First National Rank for tiie best
ssay on "Our Priceless Heritage."
<\ (5. White. member of tin- Kings
lountaiu School Hoard. presented
he following awards .at the draintar
School Commenrement oxerises
last Thursday evening: N'cis,*r
.Declamation Medal to Charles
llniiton of West School.
The Or 1,. P. Raker . Heading
ledal was presented to Thelitis
tyuls of Central School.
Tin' Has* School p. T A: Heading
dotal- was presented to Martha Sun
'haney of Bast School.
The First National -Hank cash artird
ol $r>.0b was presented to
"ranees Summers winner of tin- 6th
,nd 7th essay contest ou "Our
'rlcoless Heritage."
The following awards were preenleil
during the filial days * of
citoOl ' at CJrapel exercises; ActiviICS
Medal to Hetty Noisier;
lit Medal to Vivian Prince: Hoy's
ahletie Medal to George Womack;
i!rl?* Athletic'Medal to Clnra Humihries:
Dramatic MPdal to Mary
'alter. Journalism* Medal to Vivian
rince; llaud Medal to Ben Bridges
nd I'lano Medal to Betty Pat rick.
'he tour debating medals were pre
ented to Murtha MeClain, JdaniU
dcSwain, Jantes 'Thornburg, |intl
hi gene Mafhis.
rlasonic District Meeting
n Shelby
A Masonic Meeting of the ;?7tb
Hstric will he held in Shelby next
londay. June 16th. til which ths
dost Worshipful Grand Master,
itarles P. Elrldge will be present
nd speak. Two meetings art* sched
lod*. one at four o'clock for officers
f all the lodges of the (Tlstrict and
ne nt 8 P. M. for all Master Manns.
Several members of the' Kings
lountain Isidge are planning to at nd.
(O^.aL 1 A*rkfir**
?Qnap shots
James PreStom_
opinions Expressed in This Column
Are Not Necessarily the Views of
This Newspaper.)
Hohind-Tliodland whispers iti
'ashlngton tell of new plans for a
'organization of the defense ateup
an effort to speed the rearmaent
The present machinery, as nearly
eryoqo admits is hodgepodge, hit
id miss, and particularly unwieldy
realise everything has to funnel
irough a bottleneck ?the While
For example. OPM cannot decide
lielher to build new steel plants
itil tHft President makes up his
ind whether they are needed;
eon Henderson and his prlee regution
Sis needed to strengthen their
iwors . until the President reaches
decision, and so on and on.
The President naturally spends a
irgc part of his tlmo worrying ov?
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