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Loc?| News
Director* of. the King* Mountain
Country Club Association, Inc.,
-will meet at the City Hall Thursday
night at 8 o'clock, it wai announced
this week by J. A. Neisler, president.
Mr. Neisler urged a full attendance.
Rev. W. H. Stender, pastor of 8t.
Matthew's Lutheran church, addressed
the Stanley Lions clnb at
8tanley at its meeting Tuesday
Dr. Vernon Nash, author, journ
uliut and world affairs expert, will.,
speak to members of the Cleveland
County Executives club at a
dinner meeting at Hotel Charles, in
Shelby, Friday night at 7 o'clock.
Dinner reservations are required to
be held in the hands of Secretary
J. W. Osborne at the close of the
day Thursday.
Tho Kings Mountain Lions club
basketball team will play Stanley
Lions club at the high school gym
here Friday night at 7:30 in a benefit
game. Kings Mountain dropped
a 40-34 decision to Stanley last
ween, dux u. u. (?norty) eden*
aid he wee out for revenge and
-expected to get it in the return
game here.
B. A. Hartsoe, John Henry Mom,
Phillip Myers and Bill Blanton attended
the charter night banquet
of Sgt. Bob Boberts Poet, VPW, at
Bobbins Monday night. The poet
was named for the first casualty
of the community, Sgt. Roberts,
who was killed in action. Sgt. Roberts
Was a friend of Mr. Hartsoe.
J. H. Thomson, of Kings Mountain,
has been named to the boara
of directors of Barium Springs orphanage,
at Barium Springs. The
? orphanage is supported * by the
Presbyterian church.
The racing car owned by Tracy
McGlnnis of Kings Mountain copped
$60 in prize money at the races
held at Rutherfordton county
fair grounds last Saturday. The
McGinnis entry won severa^girires
in the heats, but did not compete
In the main event for lack' of a
driver. ,
Haywood Allen, former member of
the Kings Mountain polioe department,
assumed the duties of an officer
of the force Tuesday. Mr.
Allen's appointment as an officer
was announced last month.
Members of the Kings Mountain
Board of Aldermen held their regular
monthly meeting Tuesday
night, with action of the board
limited to acceptance of a deed for
a piece of property which the city
will use to extend Goforth street.
Tho conveyance was executed by
^ Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Ratterree and
"Mrs. Emma "Weir.
City police are seeking to find a
ChurfolAt ?A<kn
Mr?. Grady Montgomery of Grover
which she reported at stolen Monday
night. She said that the keya
were left in the ear and that it
was parked in front of Ware and
Bona. She said, police stated, that
the license number is N. C. 519448.
S. A. Orouee, city clerk who suffered
a broken leg when he fell at
the City Hall three weeks .ago, was
reported improving pn Wednesday.
Mr. Crouse, who was firet taken to
Bhelby hospital, waa moved to City.
..Hospital, Gaatonia, laat week, and
hia broken leg waa set on Sunday.
xrwAvxs IBOOUM
Members of th#. Kings Mouutatn
Kiwanla elub will fcear a 'program
'presented by the\>Kings Mountain
- schools at their regular meSting at
, the Woman 'a club Thursday night
' W S.M TV. ? I ?uh Silf
+**" ' IV wmw v,wv' ahv |/ivgi?m win on aw*'
Yotod to Ameriea*: Education week.
WT.AftW jg HOME >^4
, '? Flnt' Lieutenant? B*jr" Black,j ?oa
'W'M'ffinf Mr. **fl MA/Blaroaea L. BlaA,
. .5#'toll arrived home turn tlMr Paetftc
. ^ot Qj>er*tt>?#. Lt. Black to
? . . . I.,
""ii , 1 '
giving considerable attention thl
Education week. Prime objective o
Values of education to a nation am
been presented at all city schools.
Christmas Ope
Will Be Held C
Merchants To Be Open
11 Day Next Wednesday
Kings Mountain merchants wil
be open for bniine? mm Wednee
day afternoon, departing from th
customary half-holiday, but will b
closed ell day oa Thanksgiving, l
wee aanonnosd Wednesday by Mri
Lynwood Parton, secretary.
The. merchants will resume thai
Wednesday half-holiday the follow
Ing week and will continue throng!
the year, It was also announced
This is a departure from customer
association policy but was set til
week following a check of nun
chants' opinions. Business firms wl
take a two-day Christmas vacatlor
closing on both Christmas day an
Wednesday, December 26.
Palmer Speaks
To Lions Club.
Roy Palmer, merchandising ar
advertising manager of Duke Pow
company, Charlotte, told members <
the Kings Mountain Lions club
their meeting at the Woman's ch
Tuesday night that citizens of tl
world must make sociological it
provemeut as well as technologic
-.1..-. a. : a ii is ? _
uovHuceiucui ix tue worm wig ro
void future wars and "total destro
Mr. Palmer, who spoke of the to
ie "Challenge of Scientific Pr
gress," had previously cited the a
vancements brought by scientific r
search during both the first and se
ond World Wars and had given i
interesting demonstration of what 1
"ailed "wireless lighting".
Holding flourescent bulbs in h
hand, he was able to make the
gk>w at will. He added that wirele
light is already present but as y
not economically practicable.
He stated that the great need <
the world is for honesty, adding "V
must put these principles ? eharaet
honesty, humanity ? on a pedesti
so that anyone who doesn't praetli
them shall be so much looked dos
upon that he cannot live in a cor
The speaker had previously cite
the cycle of nations of the past, wit
a history of bondage to freedor
freedom to luxury, luxury to ind
lence, indolence to fear, and fear t
"Science makes an easier life," 1
stated. "Are we going to be lit
the rieh man's son who tried to bu
his way into everythingf"
Mr. Palmer was introduced by V
L. Plonk, chairman of the prograi
Prior te Mr. Palmer '? addreea, O
oar MbCarter, Japn Logan, an
Pink War* were welcomed at ne
membere of the club by H. Tom Ft
ton. '
It wai .the firat regular meeting
the elob to be heMl at the Womai
club and the membeta voted to k<
future aaeattageat t*>, an he
? rlier than the previoua meet I
x**'* ' i . * . yt
. ; ^ ' a JS \>' * -
B VBD ? Kings Mountain schools arc
s week to the observance of National
f the observance Is to point out the
1 community. Special programs have
ning Celebratioi
)n December 11
J. G. Darracott, chairman 01 tl
Merchants' Association Christmas
r pening celebration committee, a
nounced Wednesday that the even
j complete with Santa Clatil, a para<
and prize contests will be held on tl
B Afternoon of Tuesday, December 11
e Mr. Darracott said that the cot
t mittee, including also W. L. "Plot
i, and Glee A. Bridges, were comple
ing details tot the event and antic
r pated a successful celebration ?fir
r. held here since 1941.
h The City of Kings Mountain is
L gain to erect Christmas lights in tl
y business section and the lights ai
g to be lighted for the first time c
.. the night of December 11. Thfv wj
jX burn nightly thereafter through ti
1( Christmas season.
_ a?_ t*V *? ?
,j .mt. i^arracoxi saia tnat prizes wi
be given to the boy ami girl wl
have the best decorated bicycles
the Christmas parade, and he urgi
children to begin making prepar
, tion for the event now.
Expected to enjoy the opening t
most as much as the younger foi
are returned servicemen, who spei
wartime Christmases on foreign so
Mr. Parraeott said that further a'
r.ouncements concerning the evei
er would be forthcoming as final plai
of are completed,
I Junior Bed Cross
"e Drive Successful
The Junior bed Cross Annual Ro
a. Call which began in the eity schoo
c. | Monday, Nov. 5, ended today.
An invitation to join the large;
youth organization in the world hi
P" been given to each boy and girl i
?' the Kings Mountain Chapter dl
district," said Mias Qusaie Huffste
e" ler, chairman.
The membership goal for tb
t" drTve, to enroll every boy and gi
in each school in Number 4 Town
ship, was almost achieved.
I "Plans are being made to organti
school councils which, under the si
m , ?- - a , .
^ . iiiuu vi leacner-sponsors, wi
carry on the Junior Red Cross pri
0 gram for the year," said Miss Huf
of Teacher-sponeor have been appoin
re cd for the city schools. They hel
er their first meeting November 5, 1
il, discuss Junior Red Cross worfc.
" Church Filled
"For Service
o- Citizens of Kings Mountain fille
to the Central Methodist church 8ut
day night to hear a sermon by Re<
W. A. Kale, pastor of Shelby Meth<
,e dist church, at the special Aimrstie
to n.. - *
uiouivii?? service sponiorea d
T Johnny W. Blsckwell Poet No. 22ft
Veterans of Foreign Wart.
Members of the service organlzatio
n marched to the church and sat in
special section.
The program bulletin included
l(j list of Kings Mountain men who gar
w their Uvea in the recent war and
list of Cleveland county men wh
0 lost their lives in-service jn the fin
World War,
of Hhr. W. H. Stender read the ro
a'aof honored dead from World War
rid and Rev. P. D. Patrick read the ro
am vmm war n.
ng Music for the service was render*'
. by the ^hurch choir.
Ration Board
To Consolidate
; On December 1
Kings Mountain'? war price ami
rationing board will be cousoli'lated
with the Shelby board effective Dec
ceml>er 1, and the local board office
will be open only on Tuesdays ami
Thursdays at the regular liouA until
the consolidation is effected
Announcement of the consolidation
was made by W. K. Blaketv. chairman
who also announced that Mrs. Madge
P. IVarlick, local board price clerk,
will continue to .servo in that capacity
hero. She will be affiliated witn
the Shelby board, but will work in
Kings Mountain exclusively, maintain
in? an office in the city hall which
will be open two days each week am:
continuing her present work regardintr
p r**v%w*
Mr. Blukolv also said that the lo
cal board tire panel will continue to
serve here. Though tiro certificates
will be issucl through the Shelby
board, applications will be acteil upou
by the present panel, allocating from
I the customary quota given the Kings
, Mountain board. Since there will be
I no change in this policy, Mr. Blake,
ly stated there was no necessity for
, flooding the local board with applications.
Further announcements concerning
the uew arrangements will be made
? later.
I* Mrs. Warlick, in her new office,
| will give out apjWfation blanks and
accept applications.
>e School Heads Thank
0- Lion* For Spectacles
n- it,
J. C. Keller, chairman of the Kings
1* Mountain Lions club committee on
tin sight conservation, announced this
week receipt of letters from Mrs. J.
n- H. Thomson, principal of Cast school,
lit and J. E. Huneycutt, principal of
t- Kings Mountain high school thanking
1- the club for presentation of glasses
st to needy children.
Both school officials reported that
a- children who had received the glass- j
le es were not only appreciative but j
re were showing improvement in school!
in work.
ill Mrs. Thomson wrote:
le "These children are already showing
Improvement in their work, and
111 we can even see that they are not
10 as nervous as they were under such
in extreme visual strain.
>d "You are doing a really noble
a- work in helping these unfortunate
/youngsters, and I am sure that they
it- will appreciate your kindness more
la and more." >
ai Mr. Huneycutrt wrote:
II. "Teachers have already reported
n- that the children who received these
at glasses are doing better school work
as an#l that they are' taking n greater
interest in school activities."
Twelve pairs of glasses were given
by the club. Mr. Keller said his committee
was ready to recommend purchase
of additional glasses where
11 the need existed and parents were unIs
able to supply them.
I1, 1946 Chevrolet
" On Display Here
s- '
t- Victory Chevrolet company is now
showing the new 1946 Chevrolet in
1* their show rooms.
ra The mO'iel on hand is a Standard
i?- four-door sedan, which arrived Friday.
Large numbers of persons have
been visiting the showroom to sec
a- the new ear, according to W. Q.
ill Grantham, proprletcf.
f Sgt. Buck Gault
t. Back From Pacific
ln Cpl. Robert E. (Buck) Gault, son
o of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Oault. was to
arrive in Kings Mountain Wednesday
night from the West Coast following
his return from the Pacific Theatre
of Operations.
Cpl. Gault, who entered the air
corps in January 1943, received' train
ing at Keealer Field, Miss., and West
over Field, Now York, before going
overseas, and was a crew member on
'1 a 15 and one-half hour flight over
' Japan bjr B-29 in September.
t>- In a letter to his parents, he wrote
>* concerning the flight: "We first hit
? Iwo-Jlma about 750 miles (from Saty
pan,) then went into Tokyo, but it
? i was all Togged in except the harbor
then we flew around Mt. FuJIh
yama then went to find onr PW
f camp where we were euppoeed to
drop auppliee , but it was fogged in
* too we wtrt flying pretty low,
? around 400-POO feet We were
* flying in 'a new B-29, but had a
? green crew. Thia was their second
mission. We flew without landing for
15 and one-half hours and all enII
gines ran perfectly all the way. I
I wouldn't hgw missed it for anything,
II but I would apt like to go again. It
is too lodg in the air. One of the
d plane* cracked up when it landed,
bat only on* man was hart."
, ....... I
To Be Held Oi
bpi w $
I i
BUI ':55& >? >.
|yar:v\::' :
w ' jM'fl1
If^wJEj mtmBrm
McDowell Richards, president of Columbia
Theological Seminary, will deliver
the sermon at the annual union
yhanksgiving servici to be held at
First Presbyterian church next Wednesday
17 Face Trial
In City Court
Seventeen defendants were tried
before Judge O. C. O'Farrell in city
recorder's court Monday.
No jail sentences were given,
though a number of suspended sentences
were handed out.
Paul Hartsoe, found guilty of 1
drunken driving, was given the statutory
judgment of $50 fine and costs
and his driver's license was revoked
for a 12-month period. Elon W. Weaver,
who faced a similar charge,
plead not guilty, and the charge was
changed to reckless driving for which
he was fined $50 and costs and given
a two-year suspended sentence.
I^ruuaru Deenuett, WUBOn MOOre, |
Marshall P. Champion. Samuel Huffstetler,
and George Boberts were at {
jessed costs for public drunkenness.
Thomas Perry, Jr., and William W.
McDowell each were fined $10 and
costs for driving without driver's
license, and the same judgment was
given Marshall L. White for speeding.
.Tames Calvin Rogers was givgn a
three-month suspended sentence on
payment of a fine of $25 and costs
anil the condition that he pay certain
damages to James Hicks in an- !
other hit-and-run driving case.
Charles M. Jenkinson, charged
with speeding and running through
red lights, was fined $10 and costs. !
Florence Wade, negro, charged with J
violation of a city ordinance by play- 1
ing a piccolo after midnight at th?
Blug Moon cafe, was assessed with
the costs.
Prayer for iudTmont ngsi"st Rn?>.
ert L. Basingcr. charged with spec-?
ing. was 'continued, and an assault
charge against Carrol Terry was no?
prossed with leave. Charge of hit and
run driving against Ben Adams was
nol prossed.
Charlie Leathers was fined $5 and
costs on two counts of disorderly conduct
and resisting arrest.
Induction Group Off;
One Fails To Report
Four Kings Mountain men left for
Fort Bragg and induction into the
armed services last Friday.
The four leaving were Avery Ellis
Morrison. John Pinkney Dover*
Wpsley Blanton and William Walter
James Albert Martin, also scheduled
to leave, fai'ed to report and se".jctive
service officials are requesting
Information concerning his
Little To Fill
Baptist Pulpit
t\- T T ?a.? ? "* -
ur. <i. LiBiDer liime, or unariotte,
retired Baptist minister, who was for
25 years pastor of the First Baptist
church there, will- fill the pulpit at
the First Baptist church here until
the pastor, Rev. L. C. Pinnix, is a
gain able to assume his duties.
Dr. Little will preach his first sermon
at the morning worship hour
Sunday, according to E. C. McClaln,
chairman of the chureh pulpit supply
Mr. Pinnix received severe luxuries
in an automobile accident sometime
ago. His condition is described as
'n/.jV'i , '....i':< . j-k
1 OPatfM
^ Today
a Wednesday
Seminary [Head
ro Give Sermon
\t Church Here
Dr. J. McDowell Hi-hards, prestlent
of Columbia Theological Sem!aary.
Decatur, Oa., will deliver a se?
tnon here at the F:rst Presbyterian
church on Wednesday night, November
21, as Kings Mountain's annual
Union Thanksgiving Service.
Announcement of the service was
made this week by Rev. P. I). Patrick
president of the Ministerial association.
All citizens of the communitv arc
being urged to attend this service.
"When we think of how goo-1 Got
has tieen to us. we should make this
Thanksgiving service one of the great
est of the year." said Mr. Patrick.
"The Ministerial association eonsitlers
itself fortunate in being able
to secure Dr. Richards to bring the
' ' F?r. R ichards is not only a leader
in the Presbyterian church, but his
ability is recognised and appreciated
by the church at large. He has recent
V served as vice-president of the
Federal Council of Churches in Amer
ica and is president of the Board of
Trustees of Davidson college.
"We trust that the whole comma
nity will- avail itself of the opportnnity
to bear this gifted servant of
the l?ord."
Bchool Pupil Sustains
Broken Leg in Accident
Mary Beth Hord, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Bryan Hord. sustained it
fractured leg la?t Thursday afternoon
when she was struck by an automobile
driven by Harry Gosey.
The accident occurred in front of
Central school at 12:40. It was state!
that a number of school pupils wore
in the street and a group of hoy?
were throVing leaves on Gosey's car
as he was parking the vehicle. "The
leaves obscured hie vision anil resulted
in his striking the Hord girl
and Lnuann Hern-ion. daughter of
Mr. an-i Mrs. P. 1). Ilorndon, who
was not injured.
.miss mom was taken to City TTo*pital
in Gastouia. and it is understood
tbat her condition is satisfaotorv.
Gridmen To Play
Shelby Friday
Kings Mountain's hardduck ridden
Mountaineers will complete the'r
home season Friday afternoon at 3:00
oV'ii !: when they tr.T.'" on the strong
t?hell?y Lions in the annual jrenewal
of the gridiron tussle that' always
means a suceessful season for the
winner, in addition to the county
Shelby will be highly favored to
win this year's contest, by virtue of
their second-place conference position
and their victory over Lenoir,
who defeated the Mountaineers here
last week by 46-0.
Shelby lost its first game last week
to Lincolnton ami the Mountaineers
are hopeful that Shelby will again
be in a losing frame of mind.
Playing last week with a number
of mainstays nursing colds anft otherwise
out of shape, TTiir "Mountaineer
were no match for LenoitT"Vho scored
almost at will. It is hoped that the
team will be in better physical condition
this Friday.
"Following the Shelby game, the
Mountaineers rest until November
30 when they journey to Hickory for
the season's finale.
List Of Discharged
Servicemen Growing
Kings Mountain's fast-crowing
list of honorably discharged service
men continued to grow by
leapt Ad bounds this week, as
more and more men arrived home
and began to search for civilian
Among tn? men home with discharges
m Hal Olive, m of Krt
B. B. Olive, who arrived SrffCJay
night, following his return from tht
Pacific Theatre, Pfc. William P.
Stone, Jr., husband of Mrs. .Vlr inla
Stone, Jack Kennedy and
JamM Logan, home from the Bnropean
Theatre, Jake Early, discharged
at Fort Bragg, Paul Dover,
mad Nary veterans Baxter J. Paysear,
Everett Cloninger, Panl Curtis
Cash, and James Oart^Hnffstickler.

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