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    I i
> 18?000. I
t &'"' / wmw'iuif .m WJJ 'F
. VI '*. I :
l|M ' f>
limmons Rej
Vt' 51* , 4 _
As Chief Of
i w *.- XV?; ,f, &* *
I Local News
The directors of the Kngs Moun- i
- tain Junior Chamber of Commerce
Will meet Friday night at, 7:30
o'clock' at the Kings Mountain '
drug store.
The Johnnie W. Blaekwell Post
2268 of the Veterans of Foreign
Wars will hold their regular meet- |
ing Tuesday, the 14th at the city !
hall, at/7:45 o'clock. All members I
are asked to be present and bring
some prospective member of the
Auxiliary. Plans for the Memorial '
Service to be held Sunday the
26th will be made and delegates to'
the department convention, to be 1
in Winston-8alem in June, will be
B. rC.-Gri?r,? president of
i ErsVlne MleW bue West, 8. C,
; will addrtoci ^members of the Kb
, wanis eHbtheir ragular meetClub
:uight at <7,
. i
b* held' ar 1h* City Hall Thursday '
? a ' wir!?j> ?a ' ? * ~ - - - *
v mgai, m?t: , vu, at i :*o, according
- to an- announcement from Piedmont
; . I Council headquarters. (
Ther ^'lliSi^eiab^U hold <
dlaner __ May 10th, at H- 1
tal Charles a**7vq'ciock. .Beserrattens
most be aidde by noon Frl1
day. duest speaker for the oeeae< '
Ion wi!1 Major Them. A. B. Dittes,
foratr Air .Corp# officer and
.\ flyas. and widely traveled adven
tvrar, Major Dltton'e talk, "Chan"i
'' u biU6d M *
t. The Beajor Claas of Kings Moontain
high school will pr-?ent ea
Priday night, May 10, in the high ,
aehool auditorium 4'Here Comes .
Charlie," a three aet comedy by ' .
Jaf Tobias. The performance will
begin at 8:00 o'clock and admiaaion
will be 30c and 60c. ,
Miss Virginia Plonk, who has re- eently
returned from the Europe- ^
an Theatre of Operations where aha
served with the American;. Bed ;
Cross, arrived borne last JTJhjunidey. j
She is the daughter ef Mr. 'and '
Mrs. B. L. Plonk. f '\y ' .
'"vV> 1AemaOM HEBB
Captain Howard Jaohfon, wall- ,
***** *UgS NOOBHUI m*B, ,**- !
rived is Kings Mountain Jast week, . 1
after Mttub| from Jape*.' Capt.
Jaekson is now on terminal leave.
^ i
Neiftler Elected ^
CI A/MkA^ M MM WltiAflk AOOi^MO
uecieiarjr-TreMwer ! .
DAVIDSON, May 6.?Henry P.- j
Neleler, aea of Mr. and Mn. Paul 21.
Nalnlar of Klggs MounUin, has been
1 ehosen secretary . treasurer of tha i
Davidson College student body, ac- ,
oordlsg to an 'announeamamt today by (
tbs student slobttoaa board.
" A member of the rising sophomore .
elass, Henry same to Davidson from
. ^13SS2?2Mr^
?*be?sMK ?D gfttflThefcaJPi,, jeefrl
, , i V r i i i
? Uons Ladle* Htaht
' ^'SppSMfaKsr ' *
*. V" * . .? 1 ' , "Amw , J m 1 .1
*iWiiy!iiP|y JncP1 flCii i
^5 P.. ?"^/ >. ^Tr"'11
- flMHr 7JMf, kmt im I
Kite m.
?Ai ^.'VMtoA te ^cji| j^u
>igns Position
Police Here
Chief of Police W. C. Timmons
who came to Kings Mountain, as heac
of the city policy department on Oc
tobcr 10, 1645, has submitted his res
ignation to accept a position as seert
tary-treaaurer 01 the Protective In
telligence Syndicate, of Chariotte, s
private detective agency.
Mr. Timmons submitted his resig
nation to H. L. Burdette, city mans
ger, /this week, effective at the earliest
convenience of the city."
Mr. Timmons said he regretted to
tcave Kings Mountain very much, but
that the offer of the -position wit'
the detective agency was too good
n refuse.
It is understood that the King:
Mountain police chief is to receive e
niL.'j larger stipend than be has re
coivcil here ? in fpite of a salary
in. lease tendered him.
Jn addition, Mr. Timorous pointer
out that he owns a home in Char
lotte, and that he has as yet been
unable to obtain a home here.
Mr. Timmons came to Kings Mour
tain following his discharge from
the navy in wluch he# served as a
chief petty offiear in charge ol
aavy shore patrol. Before entering
the service, he had for many yeart
been a member of the Charlotte police
department, and he was also s
veteran of World War I, serving in
the army.
In Kings Mountain, Mr. Timmoni
has been active in eivic work ami
the affaire of veterans organizations
Mr. Bnrdette could net be reached
for a statement eaVly Wednesday af
ternoon, but it ia? understood ' that
no replacement far office of chief ol
police has yet been obtained.
"I regret leaving Kings Mountain
very much," Mr. Timmons said
"and thtt ia from the bottom of my
heart. The eltizeUa of Kings Moun
tain have given me fine cooperation
ind I shall merer forget it."
McGill Rites
/ - '
Mrs. Mary Amanda Fulton McGill
r4:?*memBer rrf a.*>i??$*r Kings Moui
tain family, died Thursday morainf
at StSO o'elock at her home nagi
here after a short illness.
Funeral services were conducted
Pridnv mftarnAAw ai O OA ?? *
- j ? w.W V CIVCA Ml
:heA (First Baptist church with 1 the
pastor, the Stay. L. C. Pin nix, off lei
sting. Interment. ?u at the old Be
thel cemetery.
A life-long resident of Cleveland
- ountv, Mra. McGill was the widow
if .the late Isaac. A. McGill.
She is survived by * 10 children
(nines,. George, and Leland McGill of
Wallace, Nl, C.J Mrs Preesly Bumplc
of - Bnrgaw, N, C.j Raymond McGll
of Charlotto; Mrs. G. A. Spake oi
Shelby; W. A. and Isaac McGill, Jr,
of- stings Mountain; Mrs. JL L Plonk,
and s.Mrs Lsrura Wolfe, also of Kingt
s*. *? V;f *. *.
rrl. Attll Twini v r,s. t ,
sisters, Mra. W. A. Herndoi
and- for*- Harmon, and one
.Fulton, an of Kiagl
.^^^^esa^-w??mr>Byro* Hord, Bai
tar, Wright, Glenn White, HaroU
Crawfjfof-jl, CharUe Blalock, and Jot
QoBfedGi^te Memorial
BapHtarviee Planned
> The Kings Mountain chapter of ths
United Daughters of the Confederacy
innouneed a memorial service forth*
Confederate dead , to be held in
Mountain Beat cemetery on Sunday
afternoon, May 18th at 4 o'clock. .
A short commemorative program
is, scheduled as follows:
. Song:'"Nearer My God To Thee,*1
all sing, i- ' >
Invocationt Bev. J. G. Winkler.
tioSS wi! *" "M*
BrM Trlbuto to Confodorato D??4
86I01 "tkero Li No Dootk." Jam
tS* (Stile b Wlaf nrIB<1 >
,'v , >*.; <"' <-, ,f x?vor
I Interest Jn Ji
Politics Is v5
increasing R
Cleveland County politic* thowod 1
' slow but sure evdence of increasing aJ
interest this week, with the final day
for registration coming up Bat
1 urday.
With the May 25th Democratic prl- g
1 mary only slightly more than two I
weeks away, the average voter in
Kings Mountain was still more or J
less apathetic, but snatches of con
eraation could occasionally be picl:- , g>
ed up on the street corners about
.arieus candidates. . 01
Candidates, meantime, were beating ?'
' ,:he bushes for votes?with most in c-i
teres! being centered in the five- 01
sheriff's contest.
' IIo! Ward, Kings Mountain repre-'
1 -fcntetite in the five-man field, wav ' _
j spoiled to be gaining ground in ,
?arai itrccincts, with I). L. Willis1**!
t* i
,!ao reported gaming strenuto ">
1 cverat <evtioiis. Hugh A- Louni: i
. J hi
.va> in Kings Mountain several tim- j
1 es during the past week, as was:
Clyde Bridges. j'r
Also in Kings Mountain this weekly
i was James C Farthing, LeAir lawf
ver, who is a candidate for solicitor
' CI
of the 16th judicial district. He is op-, .
i Horace Kennedy of Shelby'
. and M. T. Leatherman of Liucolnton. ?
i Farthing was making capital of the
i fact that he is a World War, II ypt- 0
eran with 43 months service.
> Kings Mountain registrars Mrs. P. c0
' B. Herndon and Mrs J. H. Arthur
- reported an increase in registrations
i last Saturday, and tbey also visited
a number of textile plants early in tb
the week to give workers a better Wl
' opportunity to get their names on 1*
the books. Total new registrations at
i both precincts ire about 150.
? Registrars will be at the precinct
polling place again Saturday for the ^
* final day of registration. Persons not
1 registered for a regular election
since 1938 must get their names on
(Cont'd on page six) gi
Legion Has 5
Busy Session . j!
The American Legion held Its bl- T<
> monthly meeting at the city hall
r last Tuesday night with the com- .
manner, John Floyd, presiding ana
ran through a heavy agenda.
Commander Floyd appointed a not* SD
1 mating committee to study the Le co
gioa roster and make their recommen
cations to the members at the next wi
meeting, Tuesday night May gist. an
; which will be election night. W. mi
L. Plonk was appointed chairman ot vc
this committee and others named
[ ware John Oladden, Carl Paysonr,
( Harold Coggins, and Gilbert Hord. 8U
I New officers must .be elected before Be
> the department convention which ''
will be held in June. .
Several delegates to the departi
meat eenvention were selected with
a .few vacancies' in. the delegate roe- t,
i tar left open until the next meeting. B
'The convention Is to be held in d
1 (Cont'd on page sin) j^s
[Merchants Men
Will Get Unilei
- y * n*
The Klags Mountain Merchants ss- . 0
soclatlon will conduct a drive for I]]
i new members beginning Thursday in | '
. an effort to arrsatlv d"1'
, membership in that organization, li j ?
! ?m announced this week by J. NV . ! E
> (Mike) Milam, chairman .of the ,
bership committee. fl
i Though the memoership in the es- t
eocUtlon ha? shown a considerable in- a
> creese- in Ike peat few weeks, Mr.
Milcxa pointed hot that many busi- .
nese firms are not yet affiliated and {
. (hat an active effort will be made B
to bring tkeaniato the organization.
a^s aasg e wa essw ssw^^^^ ^w n a
tion,, Byvon . Keetsqr and Martin Ear- *
men, >membtis';^4t the membemhip '
: rfWraaBiTl'tmT
! 53^^48^ *""** ft* ?
- IJ52LBSl*5i,lSiS 2
for eereral 1000000," Mr. Mi lam ;; Ota- JO
ted. "Ooljr thttfrjh Ml partlripatlkri si
r can tl^Z^iat^a^aececaplUh
|Rj& -Mjjpv '
OAT, MAT 9, 1940
Hoal Shorta
If Operatic
iound Over
)n Rape Count
Fred Johnson, Kings Mountain nt
ro preacher, was bound over to th
ipcrior Court on three ehrages, rap<
11 a child under 10, resisting arres
id assault with intent to kili, i
ty recorders court here Munda
Juiin-oi., self-styled minister, wli
as alio, rCii-lat ptiics .Ust .Male
:th by i'oJiee tjiticer Keil lisne,
hiie allege 11y in tlie a< t o: lapm,
is niueycar oid step-daughter an
sisting arrest utter police uuu bfee
immoncd, has just recently bee
leased ironi the hospital to tac
ial on the three charges.
Johnson is under $300 bond on tb
isrges of resisting arrest and a;
ult with intent to kill. Convictio
i the first charge could result ii
e death sentence.
Paul Jackson, jr., 15 year ol
ings Mountain colored youth, i
dged in the Cleveland County jai
raiting trial by Juvenile Court o
arges of assault aand carrying i
neealed weapon.
Jackson was picked up in fiont o
e Harlem grill while allegedly i
e act of assaulting a white kid am
M found to be in possession of i
rge knife.
Lawrence Howard Davia was give
3 months suspended sentence t
ly $50 and costs for driving drunl
jinn Stiles and Talmadge M. Pen
nd were given one months' sui
nded to pay $15 and $10 and cost)
In another vehicle ease Hubart ?
tips, Jr, was given 1 months' sui
inded sentence and was taxed th
sts for violation of the Motor Ve
cle Act. Snips permitted Hubart H
nggins to drive knowing Huggin
id no drivers permit. Hoggins wa
ven 1 months' suspended to pa;
0 and coats for not having a dri
re Sumise. <
Ella Mae Clerk, negro of Besseme
ty was picked np at the bns sts
sn for assault with a deadly wea
in and given a 3 months sentenct
X * -
spenueu on payment or 9JCU an
Martha C. Hartsoe was <ax?<
th costs for public drunkenues
id put on good behavior for 1
>nths and Floyd W. Dover was gi
n 1 month, suspended on paymen
costs for the same offense.
Robbie Roberts was found no
illty on an affray charge but wa
ntenead 1 month, suspended 01
lyment of $10 anl costs for publi
Junior. Legion practice will be
leld at 2 O'clock 8aturday afterloon
at the city stadium. All canidates
are asb?d to be present as
practice game will be held.
w: '
ibership Drivt
s?t - V -* ..
way frewtay
harle8 Carpenter
owOn Herald Staff
Cborloo T. Carpenter, Jr., son
t Mr. and Stxe. Troy Carpenter, Is
on a member of the Herald staff.
Mr. C*:per.tor will ts in ch-rgu
<t drcnlation and sporta, and he
rtll Mae asalst in nsrws writing end
Mr. ffcrp?&t?r 1b a gradoato ot
Mason ooUogo and was reoonttj
?noT?My discharged from the arvf.
H? nma annul for 38
months aa'"a' oomimt officer art*
hoist Infantry, la Morth Africa,
lldly, Bngland, rxanoo and Okrm
CPtoch 0ifta
o Aid F?od<kU?ction
The ,KUi?s Mouataia Miaiitark
societies thia aadoned tfc
pfaf'tt tfllHa* Pioak. rhainaa
food Oolleetloa. ,1
n* otsr. "ton designated eolleetWh
(Boiday, May 18, to thd'fkadTy
* ^ mfyt f
roataet all ekarefcte la tfc
ge May Force!
Ims At NeisleJ
r ?. ....-? I
>r^. ' .
?! ;v
? HEBE THIS WEEJt?Dr. F. Crossley j
e Morgan, well-known minister, will ' e
conduct a Bible conference at First
Presbyterian ch.rch beginning Sun- p
e day and continuing through May 17. i j
'o ' l1
Morgan Here
Coming Week
1 B
u ??
B Dr. Crossley Morgan will conduct j
a Bible Conference at the First Pre* 11
byterian church beginning Sunday 81
' morning and continuing through Fri- 1
" | day evening.
? I Dr. Morgan's'first message, at 11."
1 (o'clock Sunday, will be on "The'81
Central Call of the Christ to Man."|
u At 8 o'clock Sunday evening hisser- i11
mon will be "The Vocational Call ] 01
. of the Christ to Man." This will be r*
a message especially planned for'1
( young people. ?j
( Each week day, Monday through
t" Friday, at four In the afternoon. Dr. P
Morgan will bring messages from the 1
book of Habakkuk, the Prophet.
h "You will find much light in ma- [ 1
, ny world problems In hearing these J
afternoon messages," ^_.d Bev. P.
g D. Patrick, pastor of the church. j
v Dr. Morgan's subjects eaeh even- 4
Ing are to be:
Monday, May 13: The Snpreme
Triffs^r In Pl,?*.v Tii
r ?? ! w
' Tuesday, May 14: The Christian [ ^
Warfare, or, Fighting the Devil. j
1 Wednesday, May 15: The Pivotal w
j Fact of the Christian Faith. ai
Thursday, May 16: The Terms of ^
Christian Discipleship. a
Friday. May 17: The Second Com- -j
* ing of the Christ.
' Prices Stymie ;
: Hospital Plan
High prices of construction hit ! t<
Cleveland County's hospital board j g
of trustees in the face this week, %
with the result that construcion of -i *1
l ospithl here apd enlargement of tb?
Shelby hospital has been indefinitely *
delayed. D
Estimates of construction cost, tl
_ furnished by plans drawn by Walter st
W. Hook, architect, indicated that
? erection of a 50-bed hospital here .
would cost $500,000 ? considerably "
more than the $160,000 voted for
the hospital in last summer's special ^
bond election. Though an additional
$30,000 is available for the hospital ^
from the estate of the late Miss Lottie
Ooforth, the differential is still 01
over $250,000. 0
TL. a
aub trustee* nave stated their unwillingness
to pr-eel wi'h the hospital
pro- r?.mi ui.t'.l lui...r.g i-osts are
lett. I
Money from tale of county bond* a
for the hotpital it in the bank, and d
Arnold Kiser, .member of the board ei
of traatee*. said, poaaibllity of invert
ing the money Mtil the trustee* tee ?
fit to proceed wtyh the building pro- "
jeet it being invest Jgated.
Hook't f%wfa ,fwre fcW.OOO at
estimated c|*t ,/or .thaeonatTUction,
$27,500 for>plaatW?fc.$tW6 .>r eleet**l.
work, $57,500 1#* hpatta* U
and VrtrtWtl^tf.'atd $11,000 for ele "
vateft'yJThe architect'a 'Xbe -Hrta the- ?
total ({o 'wMth^,|^<;w* aoth- '
kl and otwffiftllMUe fl
* the iartitatioa into dpetitVlaf shape J
9 ?that,' the treateea estimate, will f* "
? quire another $100,000 to make the *
' project a $800,000 job
>r m
? Tk? Ytnt NatlOMl teak will b? ,
eifiMi -IWdv ,^-Ww^e ? ,
e ky. B. ft. tfeill, twertiw tW-ww^7^"
A- ,> - *1 loxc^ I * - ' #
id?wt. . -
Mills Soon
City Begins
To Feel Strike
5y Coal Miners
As new*; aj-er licui.:iiics carritM the
I isi-ou raging news t hat "informal"
u. i t anient efforts to bring about
seiMiini-ut of tie ri[>)ilihg coal
fillic. an uiiiii i of .Noisier .Mills,
, i. t fitl* li : : ii iicl, of their
. uri.nio l in h
veek to ten i'uv- il tin1 r.iimr- do
<it vet urn to woik
I :i ;i !. >. 1. ?; pi:mt? luacie
it wp? .cveuled that
wislo: iiioiii nffccsed by the
triko. while Claude Hnmbright, coal
oaler, said liis stocks were very
C. E. .Noisier said that the big Marrace
plant not more than 10
ays supply of coal, required in proucing
steam for warping and finish
ag operations.
Most other textile plants use coal
rincipallv for heating, as steam is
ot required in yarn spinning.
W. M. Moorhead, of the Southern
ailwav office here, said that the
Dal ahortage baa resulted in carailment
of second seetious of pas?nger
trains Nos. 33 and 34, and
hat freight service is completely
aspended except for priority goods,
tcluding perishable foo^s, drugs
ad other priority commodities.
Mr. Hambright said Monday that
would require 10 days to receive
Dal shipments here after the miners
Jturn to work, and he added that
ae strike would probably mean a
reater local shortage of coal during
ae forthcoming winter than was ekerieneed
during the winter of 19458.
(iwanis Held
Vnnual Banquet
More than 200 Kiwanians, their
ri\*s and other guests heard a hu
lorous and practical address by Rev.
ohn MoSween. Greenvillei 8. ,C.,
linster in the feature of the Sixth
nnVial Ladies Night banquet of tha
lings Mountain Kiwanis club helt'
t the high school cafeteria last
hursday night.
Mr Mc8ween, formerly president
f Presbyterian College, and now
nstor of Fourth Presbyterian chura
of Greenville, delighted the audinee
with a fund of humor and philsophy
as he spoke on the subject
Keeping Our Balance."
Rev. W. H. 8tender served as mas?r
of ceremonies, and J. R. Davis
ave the welcome to the ladies with
Irs. J. H. Patterson giving a reponse
of appreciation in rhyme.
After the opening of the banquet
rith group singing of "America,"
>r. P. G P.adgett gave the salute to
he flag, and the invocation was
aid by Bev. J. G. Winkler.
Rev. Li. C. Pinnix led the audience
1 an after-dinner songfest, including
le old favorites "Reuben and Bahel"
and "Let Me Call You 8weeteart"
and a club song, "The Mora
Pe Get Tnm'tt""' "
Perfect attendance awards to elub
ember* were presented by District
overnor Eugene Coltrane, president
f Brevard Junior college, end the
poaker was presented by Rev. P.
'. Patrick.
Mr. McSween preceded the princial
portion of his address by 15tinutea
of hnmorous anecdotes which
rew much' laughter from his audisee.
Moving into his address, the speakr
listed four principal ways of ?
Keeping Our Balance." They were:
0) Keeping alias a sense of hulor;
(8) Keeping a sense of proportion;
(8) Pn^tng problems against a
irge background; and ;'<4)^laUar<n#,iifrfepal
life aain.t
^ life.
'Ow*' ' *ta rvnttom. fph #r e^o re it is )laf11
V tl>oold k**P
'** J
He mrged alf to' cultivate a hfbbjr
? order tUl time Might be badget- ^
d for helping other*, and he flhyrd
elflehnee* an the underlying iiue f.
the, nation ' inability U solvd the ^
rebleta of prfee eenlwl Um( dlf : vj
Mettle* in Making the halted * Naoa*
workable. *'L . 1 -' > .458
MSettlahnean," he eaid, ?U ialse >'M
t the- botteM of any triable lai thfte j ({
iVT- (Ont'd ? page eix) | *
' . ' '-v: . -k; s

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