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Incorporated Kings Mountain 8,647
Immediate Tr ling res 16,000
VOL. 67 NO, S3
Local News
Gus Hartsoe held the Pageiaud
niui to three hits til the ninth
inning when Van Muugo doubled
\to drive in two runa after his
mates had already scored one
run, and the Vets won handily
10 to 3, in westerday'? scrap at
city stadium.
Kings Mountain tjad another
big lucky seventh, scoring four
runs, as the large gathering of
fans took their seventh inning
a benefit oabd p^sty
^ The Junior Woman's club will'
sponsor a Benefit Card party on
; Tuesday, June 18th at 8 o'clock'
at t Woman's club. Bridge,
rook, set-back and rummy may be
played at 25e per person. Beservations
may be made by calling
Miss Ethel Boberts at 18 during
the day or Mr*. Lynwood Parton
at ft-J after six o'clock.
baptist bxhlb school
Vacation Bible school begins
next Monday morning at the I
First Baptist Church and continues
for two weeks. The superintendents
for departments are as
follows: Intermediate, Mrs. Harold
Coggins; Junior, Mrs. A. M.
Hicks; Primary, Miss Eoline
Keeter; and Beginner, Mrs. L.
C. Pinnix. Mrs. J. C. Bridges is
to be the principal of the school.
ALj children between toe agd?
of 4 and 17 are invited to attend.
The bourn daily are from
b:3U to 11;30 A. M.
King* Mountain Warv_l>ads or-,
a ganixation officially disbanded at
a meeting Friday night, attended
by only eight of the group. General
lack of internet and failure
on part of the members to attend
meetings seas given as the
reason for disbanding. The organization*
toted to give its
funds to th? Grace Methodist
church building fund and donated '
some chairs it owned to the
VFW post.
Holland Dixon and J. G.
will be boats to incoming
and out-going officers au3 directors
of the Kings Mountain
' Lions duo at a supper meeting
at Archdale Farms Thursday
night at 7:30.
Members of tbe Kings Mountain
Kiwanis club and their
wives will meet with Cub Scouts
: at Camp CheYbkee Thursday
night at 7 o'clock for supper.
The Kings ^fountain Cub Scouts
. are spending a weak at the
The Kings Mountain Lions
club will its ~rdgTllar meeting at
the Woman's Club Tuesday nlg??
at 8:30. Program for the meetlag
has not yet been announc-a.
There will be no second Democratic
primary in Cleveland
County. Deadline fo* filing request
for a second race passed
'' on Monday'without -any requests.
and M. T. Leatherman. who was
i second In tfif district solicitor's
ruea annoyed la*t Saturday he
< * i would not aak a aeeond voting.
V '
ftrtm OaltttaU?
Soil typa and ocndttlon, amount
f :' f
AT.W A VH A1IAU/ UUVn itm?tiB?i?*iH> i
i - ? ? ? n*vvns0<M/ roriprini " 4
(left) And MIm a via Warlick (right) wh
years perfect attendance At the high sc
Monday. ^ .
Two Girls Have
Perfect Attenda
At commeueeemeent exerciaea held ]
Monday night in the Kings Mountain J
high school auditorium, two members
of the graduating elaae, Hildreth
Bichardaon and Avla Warlick, were
awarled medals for having completed
twelve years of perfect attendance
at high school. The presentation
was made by Superintendent of
Schools, B. N. Barnes, for the Kings
Mountain Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Miss Bichardson, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Bichardson, said there
were many times when Bhe could have
stayed at home because of sickness or
bad weather, but that as her record
for perfect attendance grew so did
her determination to keep it perfect)
therefore many times sue came to
school when othor3 might have stayed
at home, llildrcth is u member of
the Student Council, the Scribblers
Club, the basketball team, the Home (
Economics Club, the cast of the seuior
play and "The Mountaineer" and
"Milestones" staffs. She has also
participated in piano recitals and
reading contests. (
Miss Warlick, daughter of Mr. ana *
Mrs. A. P. Warlick said she had i
reached school with just a few mln- '
utes to spare several times when the
weather was bad and the car would
not start, but the has never had any
real trouble getting to school. She e
is a member of the Student Council, *
the Glee Club, the band, the. Scrib- I
biers Club, the National Honor So- *
ciety, "The Mountaineer" and
"Milestones" staffs, and the cast *
of the junior and the senior plays. 1
Avis was marshal daring her sophomore
and junior years and has
sung in the vocal contests for several
This One Real
Claude Gregory was bound over to
the Superior Court nnder a $300 bona
for breaking and entering in action
taken at city recorders court here
last Monday.
Gregory contessed to robbing the
Alexander Grocery store the first
part of last month. He confessed to
pblice in Woodruff, 8. C., and was
sent here under bond.
Everette Roberts had previously
pleaded guilty to the same offense
and is lodged in the county jail under
$260 bond. Roberts is also being
held for breaking and entering the
Blue -Moon and Harlem Grill, two
negro cafes.
The muddled situation will be clear
ed by jury verdict in the next SuDerior
Court trial.
Karl 0. Bailey and James H. Qnina
were found guilty of speeding and
eaeh gives thirty days, suspended on
payment of $10 and eosta. Dwight
Crane and James B. MriAjbee work
given thirty days, suspended on .-payment
of $10 and eosta for not having
a drivers license. E. M. Burton, Jr.,
was sentenced to sixty days, suspended
on payment of-$10 and eodts
for having improper license plates,
and ( Earnest Reecoe Oox with costs
for running a red light.
Dewey Falls was taxed with the
costs on as affray eharge and the
following were taxed with the costs
for public drunkennes: Frank Holland.
Everette Pearson, and Vance
Members of the Monogram >
Club jar? planning^ a^pi?uk or a
: > v^B'.x{> *,<-'. II
M?t? are Mlaa Hildreth Btchardson
lo were presented awards for twelve
hool commencement exercises last
Twelve - Year
nee Record
Big Truck Overturns;
driver Is Not Injured
p i
Considerable excitement was
created here Wednesday morning
when a large trailer track or
."hrernlte Transport company,
Richmond, Vs., overturned at the
oerttsr of King street and Battleground
arenas while rounding
the carve on Highway 29.
The accident occurred about
6:40, bat the driver and only occupant,
H. XL Peyton, of Toccoa,
Oa, climbed out of the cab wftb
only a knee scratch to show for
the accident.
It was thought the accident
was caused by a shifting of the
lrelght in the truck which was
laden with 25,000 pounds of
nails and hardware.
Peyton, a former Greyhound
bus driver, said it was his first
accident of any kind, and "it
scared me to death."
3 ^ C _1 1 I
jummer acnooi
Opens June 17
Following annual commencement ex
rcises at Kings Mountain high
chool this week, B. N Barnes, ?uterintendent,
announced that banl
urnmer school would begin on Honlay,
June 10, with regular summer
ehool in Kings Mountain high scLool
o bsgin on Monday, June 17.
Mr. Barnes alsi announced that
everal parents had expressed inters
st in a summer school for grammar
chool students, and said that gramnar
school instruction would be ofered
if there Is sufficient number
o justify arranging the schedule.
Mr. Barnes said that parents ineresting
in a summer school foe
[rammer grade students should -onaet
him or J. E. Huneycutt, igh
chool principal, in order that plans
nay be set up.
A similar situation exists regarding
iffering of typing classes in the sumner
school session. Miss Tennie Miter,
high school -commercial teacher,
sill conduct both first and second
'ear typing classes, to be held dally
or six weeks, provided sufficient per
tons enroll. 8he estimated that beween
10 and IS students, are requir;r
to conduct the course. Miss Miller
ilso said that persons who wished to
:ake the typing course and who are
lot interesting In school credits
ould arrange to take typing on a
>art-tlme basis.
Those interested in enrolling for
he typing course should contact Mr.
Barnes, Mr. Huneycutt r Miss Mill
it. ,
Issuance of Hunting,
FbUa| Licons? Increases
AnicHot>9 hunters tnd anglers]
spent mors titan 88 millkm dollars
for Mosnsss during the fiscal year
ending June 80, IMS. The amount,
wMch totaled *6,008,668, represents
the purchase at M80.901 hunting Uoensas
**"1 tJIOJtt fishing licensee
in the 48 states.
This does not necessarily mean
that .16,471,188 different Sportsmen
bought licenses ,00 hunt or fish, for
many ci these individttsls purchased
both. Nor ^does it mean that only
18,471488 sportsmen . frit,.fee*, at
fired gone* tor In someftatee ft Is
not motiisiy ior i lanaownsr to
procure e Boense to hunt or fish on
his own property. ,
It does mean, however, that a
rlous states thenpeat
dftHflnsl MVACiut nf S1JMB 100 WhlJ*
, 7 >'
to - + %
itain (
DAY, JUNE 6, 1949
Wilhaiu _ 'Iv > Laughter, son
of Mr. hiul'. / Laughter, i:;i
been soliii'l^il 9 Qnagt-r of the
Kings Mountain ieri-)iuht> association,
it was announce! this week iy
lulin L. Mctiiil. president.
Air. Laughter. who :i.??ume.l tin iutics
ot full-time manager on Sntur,
lay, w ill be the organization 'a first
full-tinic official ami his appointment
is in line with a previously announce!
intention of the association
to further increase the services anil
activities of the organization.
lie succeeds Mrs. Pauline Pnrton,
recently resigned, who hf>s been pure
time secretary of l>" irpnniration,
and who will terminu>e L.i .u; .c;
with the association on June ?.
The association has rented office
pace in the Professional building
nnd Mr. Laughter said office equipment
is being obtained to outfit the
office and that a telephone is to ba
installed in the near future.
The new association official was
recently discharged from the Army
Air Corns, in which he served from
July 1042 until May 1046. He was
first a Flying Fortress pilot with the
Eighth Air Force in Europe and later
served in both the Atlantic an 1
Pacific theaters of operation as ' a
pilot with Air Transport command.
He was graduated from> Kings
Mountain high school in 1938.
"We are happy to announce the
employment of Mr. I^aughter.said
Mr. McGill. "We feel that he will
make the association a capable
Ireland Thanks
Bed Cross Chapter
Rev. P. I) Patrick, chairman of
the Kings Mountain chapter of the
American Red Cross, has received a
certificate of "appreciation by Lady
Htella Reading-, chairman of the Woman'?
Voluntary. Services of the
BrlAsh Civil Defense, 'thanking the
local Chapter for its aid during" the
The certificate reads: "Dh behali
of the war-distressed people of Great
Britain and Northern Treland the Woman's
Voluntary Services tender
thanks to you for your generous help
given during the long years of battle
against Nazi tyrnanny."
Lady Rending will address the National
Convention . of the American
Red Cross, to be held in Philadelphia
beginning June 18th. Mr. Patrick will
attend the convenTTon as "S delegate
from the Kings Mountain chapter.
McCurdy Cleaners
Announces New Policy
D. C. McCurdy, proprietor of D. C.
McCurdy Cleaners, announced a new
pottcy this week in which this establishment
will not accept cleaning
for week end delivery after 1 p. n..
Friday. Garments for pressing only
will be accepted up to noon Saturday.
Mr. McCurdy said that the new
plan would enable production per
sonnel to be free on Saturday afternoon
and" would also stagger the
work of the establishment so as io
avoid week- end tie-ups. The estaDlishment
wffl be open all day on SaL
urday in order ThaJ ^patrons may ob
tain cleaning, however, and will continue
its WedneiTlav afternoon etna
ing, thouglfpTTjuuetion personnel will
he working.
Wife Of Accidi
Three Def endai
In a civil^ action filed in Gastoa
Superior court two months ago, Mrs.
Annie Wilson Bridges, administratrix
of the estate of James Harry Bridges,
who was killed in an accident
here June 16, 1046, in front of First
National bank, has sued Bee . Construction
company, Charlotte, Burlington
Trucking company, of
Greensboro, and J. V Melton, Fairfax
Valla, Vs., leasee of Che truck,
for #76,000 damages.
The complaint, filed on March 26.
allegea the defendants, were Jointly
responsible for the death of Bridges.
Tbt plaintiff, who .is represented
l>y Krneat Warren. Gaston is, attorney
took-a pauper's oath, accorting to
papers filed in the"office of the Gas
ton Clerk of court.
Bridget died Aortly after a marble
slab, Which fell fgem a scaffold,
hit him.
Summer Uni<
Begin Sunda
I syiliSfaftK
x v
* fcW ,
% <
fss^flBk^: SSr-^1. ^ >
- {' ?
nie Scctch .ass, above, is shown just {
after she stepped from the train Saturday
on arriving in Kings Mountain
to join h3r h.uband, Oeo'rgc
Wilson, whom she married in Scot
land last year.?Photo by Yates Connor.
Scotch War
Bride Arrives
\ ______
Southern Railway Southbound No.
29 pulled into the Southern Depot
just seven minutes overdue last Satnrrlav
mnrninir anil whon it rnllad to
la #top, homebound Kings Mountain
soldier helped off a baggage-laden
,young Scotch lassie also homebound?
jto her new home.
The pretty young new citizen was
j Mrs. George Wilson, wife of George
Wilson of Orowdcrs Mountain section,
who, before the United States Army
moved into Glasgow, Scotland, was
Miss Agnes Johnstone Lyon, of that
[beautiful Scotch city.
I Mrs. Wilson was met at the station
'by her mother-in-law, Mrs. Pearl Wii
son, of the Crowders Mountain section,
i Mr. Wilson was in Durham playing
baseball for the Carolina league entry
from that city and was unable to
| be present to greet his wife, who he
! has not seen since he left Europe
[late last November.
The couple was married September
25th. 1045, in Glasgow while both
were in service of their country.
Mrs. Wilson serving in the Woman's
Auxiliary Air Forces for four years.
Mr. Wilson served 27 months over
The couple will make their home
.in Durham.
;nt Victim Sues
rits For $75,000
Yesterday no answer to the complaint
had yet been filed by ftie de
The complaint abebess
"That the defendant, Lee Construe
tion Co., through its agents and servants,
in the scope of their employment
and in the futherance of their
master's business, negligently and
carelessly built or canted to be built
a walkway aronnd the First National
bank building in Kings Mountain, 8.
C., said walkway being nnstructe-i
in the street without any cover over
said walkway.
"That on the 16th day of Jnne,
'; 1M5, while raising a slab of marMe
! by means of on old, worn, dilapidated
| wench' or block and tackle, the dej
fendant : ? negligently and
t carelessly tied or attached a. rope to
a telephone or telegraph pole aeroes
j the street from said bank building,
' thereby blocking said srteet.
1 "That on the 10th day of June,
g. th? , XtarUnf
1 O Pages
* ^ Today
[>n Services
y Night
' I'aul Irvin. wol. known Charlotte
l.,nvi r uiiti p: eminent layman of Dilv.'Diij
.Methodist church, will speaK
;ii: First I'lvshyteiian church Suni
.'.av night at > o'clock as churches of
I Kings .Mountain hegin the aunual
.itnmer series of union services,
i Mi. I r\ in. who spoke several months
ago to members oT the Kiwanis
dull, is rcgantfnl us an outstanding
speaker, and ehurch leaders here
-anticipate an excellent opening sermon.
The services will he held each Sun
| day uiglit, rotating fibm church to
Complete schedule of the lunmtr
services follows:
June 16. ARP church, sermon by
Rev. W. II. Stender, pastor of 8t.
Matthew's Lutheran; June 23. St.
Matthew's Lutheran, sermon by
'Rev. L. C. Pinnix; June 30. Central
Methoilist church, cantata by Central
Methodist choir.
July 7, Glrat Baptist church, sermon
by ARP supply pastor; July 14,
Presbyterian, sermon by Rev. J. O.
Winkier; July 21. Central- Methodist
sermon by Rev. P. I). Patrick; July
28. ARP, sermon by Jack Bogle.
August 4. Lutheran, sermon by
ARP supply pastor: August 11. Bapti.-t.
sermon by Mr. Winkler; (August
18. Presbyterian, sermon by Mr.
Pinnix, August Methodist. sermon
by Mr. Steiffler.
Padgett Given
Italian Award
Dr. Plittip Padgett has been awarded
the Italian Military Valor Cross,
a decoration that ranks with the
fluted State1- Distinguished Service
| Medal, according to au order from
| the War Department.
| Captain Padgett served in ltaiy
I siid was award oi? the Legion of
j Merit and the Silver Star.
I The eitation, translated, reads:
j Humbert of Savoy, Prince of Pied'
mont. Lieutenant General of the
' Realm, by His I'ecrer under date of
September 15, 1945, :n view of Royal
Decree No. 142" of , November
1932 and successive modifications;
upon suggestion of the Secretary of
State for War, has conferred, on h,?
own motion, the
upon Captain Philip G. Padgett
In the Italian Campaign he die|
tinguished himself by valor and a
I splendid spirit of self-sacrifice.
The Secretary of State for War
therefore issues the present document
as proof of the homOrlfic insignia
Rome, October 5, 1945,
The Secretary.
! Free Movie To Launch
Recreation Program
; Earl Ruth, city recreation director,
announced this week that the sum,
mer recreation program will be offi.
cially launched Friday morning at
10 o'clock with a free movie for
1jyoung people at the Dixie Theatre.
I The movie will be "Miss Susie
iSlagel," starring Sonny Tufts and
Veronica Lake.
Mr. Ruth said the summer program
will be centered around swimming,
! baseball and group picnics. All young
i people of the city are invited to participate.
Uncle Sam Says
. VttL^-nx M,

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