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    :v . * i* ?. / . %y?.
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lq corpora tad Kln?a Mountain tfiM
lauaedUte Trading Ar?a 16,000
VOU 57 NO. 36
T-B Survey T
Tuesday; Pla
Local News
l.o.iul Camp No. 13 WooJmtu
'of the World will present a U.
ij. Flag to the high schol Friday. ,
Sept. 6, at 11 o'clock-*. m. All
woodmen members, an woodmen
circle members and Boy Scouts
and Oirl Scouts are urged to be
All veterans and others whs are
regis tor at the principal's office
at Central school Friday morning
lat 41 a. as. according to an anaeaemement
by J. E. Huneycatt,
principal of the higtt school.
Mrs. T. C. edasuey of Shelby,
wlio has rendered years of outstanding
work with young people
of the Presbvteriau church, will deliver
a message to the young peo- |
pla on Sunday night at 8 o'clock
rat the First Presbyterian church
here. . j r
Uogular monthly meeting of Ohis
D. Qreeu Post 155, American
Legion, will be held at the City
Hall at 7:o(> Tuesday night. Commander
W. J. Fulkerson said that
blHlikf> Voi application for furlough
pay will be available and
that anv ex-Gf needing helo with
bis application way obtain it aft<er
ttic- meeting. A full utteudance
is urged.
Rec. Walter B. Freed, pastor
Of Ht. Paulas Lutheran church,
Wilmington, will address members
of the Kiwanis club at their meet
ing at the Woman's elub Thursday
night at 7 o'clock. Rev. Mr.
Freed i* currently on the faculty {
of a school tor chnrch workers at
Lenoir Rhyne college, Hickory
? He is also secretary of the Wil.mington
Kiwanis ctob.
"$uwa?n McOill, George Tolleson
amd Donald Glass will leave
Suniiay for C'hnpel Hill where
they will represent Kings Mountain
at the annual Boys' State to
be held at the UniveWity or
North Carolina Sept. 1?8.
President C. D. Blanton and
Secretary Martin Harmon of the
Kings Mountain Lions club will
attend a Zone 8 meeting of the
organisation to be held Thursday
evening at 7 o'clock at Hotet
Charles, Shelby.
AH members of the Kings Mountain
Lions clnb are to meet at
the downtown T-B mobile station
Tuesday night at 8 o'clock to take
T-B tests as a group, it was announced
Wednpsday by Sam Weir
chairman of the club's health
committee. "The mobile unit Is
mailing a special *rtp for this
purpose,Mr. Weir mid. "and
we are expecting 100 percent attendance.
Vets Take First Of
Play-Off Series, 9?3
The Vets look the first game from
Rex in the play-offs here in eity stadium
yesterday t>y a score of 0 to ,t.
Boyce Stone was the winning pit
cher, tossing 5-bit ball and striking
out 8 Rex batters while walking 5.
Charles Ballard had 2 for 4, and
Don Parker mid Coley Ouyton, 2 for
The Vets toed-off for five runs in
the fifth to sew the game np. After'
Jack Harvey singled' and Parker was
safe on an error. Ballard was intentionally
passed to load the bases.
Harold Beal delivered with a hard
line aingle scoring the two rnnners.
Bill Throneburg doubled In two more (
eons "WIfh s smash on the hank.
The Vets meet Rex :today at 4 p. )
xn. in city stadium for the seeono
contest. . I
o Begin Here
ns Are Given
F.asl plana were virtually rem
UK V.. iiii>:.'?y far >uu!is X'tnyii;^
of Cio.itlai.u county cittxeii* to Jc
teririiii* ot tuberculosa
.vi 1 la i liv project to jitt u . Icrway here
j ext Tuesilay.
Miinritv of local iuilustrial 1.1a tit
ire cooperating in the project, as ard
all loiul civic clubs, and the hope it
to X-ruv every citizen 10 years ot
age and over.
Children under 10 will also be given
X-rays, but ouly if they are ac
eonipunied by their parents.
Under present schedule announced
Wednesday by the U. 8 Public Health
Service, which la conducting th?
survey iu cooperation with the Cleveland
County Tuberculosis association
and the county health depart as at
mobile X-ray salts will visit Klagi
Mountain textile plants on a set
er mobile unit will be located la the
downtown business district from l'J
s. m. to 0 p. m. (until 8 p. m. on
Actual tahlng of the X ray requires
only abonh .10 seconds, and the
person undergoing the X-ray is not
required to disrobe. The X-ray is free
and u confidential report of the findings
will be mailed to the examinee
| within four or five duvs following
|lhe X-ray.
The Cleveland county project 11
i the second of its kind nductcd in
j the world, the recent project in C?:?ston
county ? when 51.474 underwent
j the texts ? having bwu the first.
Incidentally, 8 total of tases of
: T -B were found in the Gaston ku vev
' which was estimated to include 70.per
cent of that county V population be
- tweeu tlie ages of If?60.
Among Kings Mountain Industrie
: pi,tilts whi-.-h are inv ring families oi
! their employees to avail themselves
| of the free service are K'ug* Mouu
jtoin Manufacturing .'Oinpanv. Flie
! nix. Betty I'arn, Kntlie. MargrnTe
Pauline. Cora, and DuOourt.
"The mass .survey is the greatest
j effort tli'? county has ' evfcr made it
i slumping out tuherculosia," said
1 Mrs. W. C. Stalling*, executive see
rotary of the county association
"and we urge the full cooperation ol
all. No person is too olil to take
the test. It is free of charge and re
ports will he confidential."
Legionnaires Enjoy
Supper At Trout Club
! Sixty-six members of Otis D. Qreen
i Post 155, The American Legion, en
I joyed a ' chi^ken-in the-ruff' suppei
at the Trout Clut> on York highway
I last Wednesday night August 21.
The supply of chicken was aplenty
| with some of the members present re
porting that they had eaten two ehic
j ..ens. instead of the usual brag of so
j many pieces.
| Delicious corn bread balls were ?er\
ed along with potato salad and beer.
Commander W. J. Fulkerson an
nounced the regular monthly meetinii
to be held at city ball Sept. 3. at
Horse Show P!
Comnlete: Croi
Members Of the Kings Mountain
Lions club were hard at work Wednesday
completing arrangements for
Monday's Third Annual Labor Day
horseshow, most ambitious in the
history of the event, featuring bote
afternoon and evening performance*
| and 22 classes.
The afternoon show will get under
way at 3 p.m., with 12 events docketed,
and the night affair ? first
night event in Kings Mountain's
City .Stadium?will begin at R o'clock
Show officials reported this week
that the advance ticket ifile was going
at a satisfactory pace, and that
Hubert Davidson, LlOhs club
treasurer, announced yesterday that
approximately 20 ringside auto
parking spaces remain available at
five dollar* for both performances.
Persons desiring parking spaoe may
secure the tickets from Mr. Davidson.
recent entries include several fine
horses expected to wage hot contests
for the ribbons and prize money totaling
over $700.
Among recent entries received are
three from Holly-Oak Farm in 8hel(Cont'd
on page eight)
Silent Sla
; Moun
Schedule Announced
> For TB Survey Units
The following schedule, begin- j
I iuug Tue.l.r.y, Sept. 3, of the units j
| ot the TB survey were announced
^, J isteruay by iurs. Mary O. Btal- i
; U"gs:
Tusoday through Friday: Down- ,
tovrn area?10 a. in. to 6. p
Saturday: Downtown area ? 10
i a in. to 8 p.m.
Tuesday: Bonnie Mill ? 12 uoou
through second shirt; return lor |
, i third shift.
Mauney Mill: 11 a. m. through 1
(! secc.h. shift; return for th.rd shift. 1
Perk Yam: 11 a. m. through tec
onl shift; return tor third shift.
Wednesday: Kings Mountain Manufacturing
Co. ? 12 noon to 4 pun.
Phsnlx Mill: 1 p. m. to 4 p. m.
, Betty ?Tanr Mill: 11 a. nr. to 6 p.
nr., return for third shift.
Sadie: 11 a. a. to Bp. s; return I
'I tm ?hM ?hin. |
nm?i| Marine* ? 10 a. m. I
to 9 nftarm tm thUl stotn. I
Ooca 11 a. m. t* 4 p.r*twr?
i 1
Pa alia* Mm: 18 boos to < p.a 1
Mn tantngi *lso laxwiwrt that
tmtta ?m be available *poa reqaeet
for civic organisations at night*
'luring th* w**k.
Lions To Conduct
White Cane Sale
' ' 1
' A VYiiiu- Cade sale will be conduct,
ed in Kings Mountain Friday and Mat;
urday, August doth and dlst, under j
the sponsorship of the Kings Moun- ,
tuiu Lions club.
The North Caroliua Statu A-socia-1
tiou tor the Bliud, au organization
which wus created by the North Cur
ulina Lions club, is conducting its I
1 t'irst annual state-wide White Cant,
sale- this week, and the various clubs
1 in the towus and cities of the state '
arc responsible for t*e success uf tbo (
' . umpaigus.
J. U. Darrarott, chairman of the I
Bliud committee of the local eluLi,.
is directing the sale hero ana an '
1 tiouuccd. yesterday that young giris'
will canvass the downtown area ou
Saturday and the loeul mills on Frt;
day afternoon.
The White Cane buttons will be
exchanged for nominal contributions, ,
1 and there is no limit to the amount ,
interested button purchasers may contribute
? any sum from 10 cents upOne-third
of the funds derived from
the sale of the White Cane buttons I
here will be retained by the local
Lions club for use in the program of !
| its own blind aid and sight conserva
I tion committee, which is the major
' i project committee of all Lions clubs, i
The remaining two-thirds of the <
White Cane button sale funds will go
tc the state association towards meet
ing its goal of $18,000 for the 1046
| campaign.
j The association expends its funds
chiefly in providing funds for eye
operations and hospital care in sight ,
conservation .cases; for examinations j
, and eyeglasses far school children;
supplies for blind persons taking voca j (
t tional and home training; establishing I
! deserving blind persons in business'
enterprises, and otherwise.
ans Are Almost
vd Anticipated
j Some To Work, Others
I To Best On Labor Day
| With the Lions club Horse Show ;'
| topping the list of activities for I
local observance of Labor Day, a
survey conducted by the Herald
yeste.Lay showed the day would be I ,
a holiday for some, and just anoth- > |
i' er working day for others. [,
j Majority of tlfe city's retail i,
; firms will be closed all day, and (
| employees of the city, the postof- t
; flee, and other federal offices will
bene from the long weekeril. I
> | Only Industrial firms haying def- (
I lnitely decided to suspend opera- . ,
! tlons on Labor Day were Mar grace {,
| and Pauline plants of Nelsler Mills,
Ino. |
| The First National Bank will obI
serve the day as a legal banking j ,
| ho: i .ay. j,
:i ~~ I1
Callie W Cowlck, of Osstonia, 11
is now employed st the Imperial | i
Theatre as projectionist. He will ]
continue to live at his home in I <
Gastonla and will commute daily. I
yer - Take
7 o Featur
iiain (
T. AUGUST 29, 1946
Kings Mounl
To Open Wed
County School
Board Outlines
Building Needs
Wit i vul> one more Saturday re
inainw.c tor registration tor the special
eouiity -v.-ide n. hool bond elect iou.
the Cle\elnn<l county board ot educaI'.on
this, week listed fne ptlnripa!
reason* for the board * request thai
the bond issue ? which will meaa
(1.000,000 (or county school improvements
? befavored.
Projected building plan* for schoolr
in the Kings Mountain area include
the following:
Waco school, completion of voca"8W*
UU UL iyiL'
HHsiuf and lunch room.
Ucthwure school, building of gymnacum.
two classrooms. and installation
of a heating plant.
Piirk Grace school, construction of
rfii national building. '
Orover school, constructk>u of gym
iiasium and six class rooms.
(Of the total of gl.50O.0iHl, ?165.000
will go to Kings Mountain city
schools for physical improvements
All.>cations to the county, Shelby
nnil K'ngs Mountain districts arc
based on per capita student enrollment.)
? ? - Need?
for the new construction, as
listed l<y til" eountv board, follow-:
1. Very little construction has been'
hue i" tlie cou' fy sin e 10:56 when
several news build'ngs and many addition*
were provided with the ail
of the Federal Works Administration.
Ibi'-ti: the ten years since, tin- only
-n-.strui tior. has l.e-.-n of a few voea
io-al huildings.
L' The crop of war time babies j.i
ji-"iinj to pour into one schools
ith tie largest fbs' yirV. enrol!
r. cut in many yenr*. Th s i -.crease in
...i!c oxpe. fe-t :u cretin
ue for at least seven yearn. produe
ir.g an nil time record srlHol enrol:
ment. Htntisti-inns estimate that in
1!>50. there will be four million more
pupils in the elementary schools of
the United States than at present,
rieveland County will hayc its share
of this number.
3. In recent years, the school lunch
rooms have become recognized as a
necessary part of the public school.
nome 01 our scnoois are now untune
to operate lunchrooms because of a
lack of space; others are using space
really needed for classrooms. Ppace
equivalent to at least two classrooms
is required for each lunchroom.
4. The addition of the 12th grade
retains pupil' one more year in
chool. Housing the pupils for this
grade calls for more building.
5. One of the most s'auifi ant de
elopments in modern education is in
the area of henlth and physhal odu
i ntion. There is definite need for
physical education buildings which
can he properly heated and used all
riav in all kinds of weather. The
"tin cans" now in use in the county
were built for basketball. and
cannot be properly heated for use in
cold weather, and are for the mosi
art in bail repair. These "tin cans"
were built at very little cost to the
taxpayers. All districts in the county
need physical education buildings.
Service Officer To Aid
Vets In Filing Claims
Captain John McBrnvcr, Cleveland
county service officer. announced
acre yesterday that he is able lo offer
veterans any service connected
ivith filing claims for unused leave
under the Armed Forces Leave Act
of 1946.
The Art provides, nmong other
things, for rompensnting all former
P .listed personnel of the armefl forepa
for unused leave. In no ease may
any individual he compensated for
more than 120 day's unused leave.
Claims must be postmarked not later
than Sept., T ,1947.
The unused leaTft will be settled
and compensated for on the base pay
plus longevity the individual was tn
receipt of it the time of last separation
from active duty as an enlisted
person. pTTis subsistence allowance at
the rate of 70 rents per day. Former
enlis'ed ?-?r?ons of the fi>*t three
par grades with dependents will be
entitled to an additional allowaneo
(Cont'd on page eight)
; Your T-B
^ ^ ' ' '*. ' . ' '
4- - ./ * " ' : ' ' ' " '
.??- * \
e LaborDc
tain, Fark (j]
Ines Ja/ For 1
> ti . - _ . :i -*t Hi
j . . K * ; I. .
j \\ ' . ttl
\ . - - ' I 1; * ? * T . *i i tl I
? : . .!? ?' *t-li,
v r.i
t< .'t r . : i if.i.i .ti r. It
i *[ !' i: It ttilinok if
*. - r J ;r:: t thi- \c?r ilu
in j'.irt t? tin* f'n that thi* i? the
f:r?c \enr tile twt*!\!h grade lia? been
Mr. ttutilu* i"! I.r rinjiloT
m^nt of Mi** Mary Frum-os Harri
noii* of GaMonia who w-11 ?rrie a* a
teai her at Kant * hnnl. thus filling
| all \a.-ain ie* in the city system.
Mr. BariuM nail that the critical
i rooming situation fo* tea her* ha J
j been greatly alio, iite l and that.
though five tea- her a have not vet
"llll'lE1 JI f.l l)fl .III V. 1UI UJll'l'llH. 'Itf'
| fii'ieut available room* have been
llHtBiI to ftfltlirO tholr a.> !ai.
, In this connection, Mr. Barnes stated
I considerable appreciation to those o t
zeus "who ba?e opeued their homes
I to teachers. and tiuia made poa-'bl;
scheduled u|'(<niiig of schools."
I School will open at !?:3" Wvdaes
day morning. following a general tea
vborai mooting on' Tuesday morning at
In o'clock. Otfi'dal opening who',
parents are especially iviud to atend
will l>e Friday n orniug. tsept. IIPark
(it-toe sliooi w II also open at
I <:'.' >> Wednesday nt
.\Irs. J. C. Nickel-, riin-ipal. aii
noun: Cd yesterday that lite lone new
(acuity inemte.s will ie Mrs. Aua
y - 4 v. iio roplsi. = Mis. Aul-i';
Clay, resigned.
ij; ;.? i.c.-'ii't-i> ?f t!i? fa ulty In
lude Mrs. Carl lla\iil-uu. Mrs. James
Mot'i ill. Mi- Pauline Wctivei. auO
"lis. Nevot,.* Hughe.
Mr. Born (.-it pnit.U-.l oat that child
.en turning school fur rlio first tiuio
, n r..-. I o ? \ , i a i Vi. r. .0 n- or lie
O tal oi 1. I'.cii. h>- rvi|ues
'< ? par . 'i -co th f r-t gia'le
j -I- i ii .:i ipve !?irrh .-on li.- to- with
I ilis'tr.. lie n!.-o pointed out that Not
I tit I .if 111 a law requires tbut child
rin entering school lo vaecinated for
small pox and immunized against
Parents ate invited to accompany
children entering the first grade.
Half rlav schedules will lie observed
j op. Wednesday. _
Heard By Lions
Listiug from ttic record. Congress
man A. L. Bulwinhle. of (iustouia, pra
> >?> ! the work of the recent Cougivsn
for accomplishing mu.'li in the fiel't
ot legislation, in mi address la-fort
;.\cml>ers ot the Kings Mountain
i.ion- club last Thursday niglit at tiegli
? tiool cafeteria.
Mr. Bulwinhle pointed to the formation
ot the United Nations, tho
atomic liomli legislation, continuance
of efforts to halt inflation, and the
hospital and airport construction bills
as legislation with far-reaching effects.
In commenting on world struggle--,
I he said. " Kveryone now prays for
sii-eess at Paris."
Citing a sample of the difficulties
being eucountcud there. Mr. BuiI
winkle discussed the International
'.Air conierem-e liclu it: l'h;.::-.t> which
I he ntten le-'. pointing out all
I these delegates wen interested io
peace, yet were hnmpeivn ... attain
iiiji i uii ruufnTui iMif nut* t n piwaiv
jealousies and suspicions.
Hi* praised tin- hospital n:>j<:-os-"it
tion hill, which. lie sai?l. will in
crease hn-pital building in Ninth i.'nr
olina and the South and will result
in bringing more doctors to small
I'OllltUUUIt es.
Touching only lightly on the labor
situation, the Congressman -aid that
he drew the bill designed to eurb
.lames Ceasar I'etrillo, the musicians
labor ohiof. and the statement drew
applause from tho audienee.
Wars always cause distraught
minds in the people generally, he
said. and history shows that many
years are required for a general returning
to normal. He pointed out
that reconstruetion required 20 years
in the South after the Civil War,
1") years in the North.
In his intrOduetion. .he spoke of the
Battle of Kings Mountain. stating
(Cont'd from front page)
FX-Ray N
I' s iu>- N' '
<rr&y.""" 'V ' ^
?y Holiday
II O Pages
A ~ Today
race Schools
946-47 ierm
< ~~m ~ - School
Work Is Free
Says Edwards
New dtti uit>|>U/Ci.l? 11: 1 ... .
etivcm crs .(I ! lit I . ; \ l>ar
a?*oci;,tiuii and ( uutiii A'tori'sy lion'
ry U Edward* onceriti.i3 too* pud
Mr. Edwar i? ?fr? I mi;< : t? employment
l>\' tin' l>ar association of
.lobu Eck. Git'vuii ai'iountunt,, to
! audit tiie rouuty'a payments to ita
.attorney, and (?) another statement
from Mr. Edwards, that ha
would make no charge* for bin work
I in connection with the forthcoming
school bond election.
1" Mr uuwuui juiu1 dt ink iiui wnu
to jeoj*ardize in auy way the welfare
I of the children, adding th#t ha did
j not wish any person to use bis fee aa
'an e*'.u?e for voliug against tha
t School l/ouus. - " * ? swi
j The statement of Mr. TTdwar.t* folI
I ''In an O'litoruii lust Hsturdny the
I Hhelby Ihiily star a-hed mc ami the
| County Commissioners to make a clef.
iiiite -tHteuient with refcreuec to the
ft. was to be |iaici n.e for the
1 (School Hon.I Election win. li will be
hob- ['ember 14tl.. This j.:i|ier staI
ted tue future welft'.re ami o .'u -rt on!
r?! .1 ,u'| i!"-r.t of the children of Olavi
alti ul.i no' oe jeopard*
j Ill t!:*l heartily ogre?.
' ; ..'?i uiii? iii.i uu i-ti the ?-Viit
'.r.-.i j! cut county to be hurt by any
| ssue relative to me. lhave thought
about this at length ami in older that
j i'\* nu-a- li;i i-*i'u?< for voting aI
u: t It;- tie too I now onto that
I I si.ali make no charge whatsoever
j for my l*4al .services in oiiiiection
I with . le t'or ar t b url issue. I
. ?lo '.I ha: ciie the same to the best of
' r.-.v airiity I nave -'.ate.I an ' I now
again -t.'i'.o. ttiat I fee! my fee in
I tlie hospital election wa? fair and
| reasonable, consider ng the tiuie and
j efforts put into same by ine. 1 ant
handling this election fo: nothing
ONLY because ' sincerely do not
| wish our children hurt and in this
I way no one can say 1 did not do my
] part to help. Mnsslich and Mitchell,
bond a'toraeys. were written by me
for the amount of their fee *nd I
showed the'r letter, dated February
11. 1!?46. to the Commissioners some
time bach. I have their letter setting
their fee iu my file. 1 hope this will
clnr'fv tlie ele-tiiui and that the pubi
!">' generally will also back our chil*
j dren. ?. ? ?
"In my recent statement 1 had so
. tv.u H to discus* tlutt I overlooked
something I think the public should
understand. Ill the tax eases in court
lia::<ileil i.y inc* the court i> -ds were
paid to t:.'.: and in tiirn disbursed hy
me. exactly as lawyers do in each
case handled Liy tbem. The costs com
vsttd of lee due t .'il Cie:k of t'ourt,
the deputy Sheriff, the newspaper,
(if advertising had), the fee of $5.00
to me for suit handled, this latter be
ing provided by law, and in some instances,
as provided by law. u fee of
, i-o.iHl to tae attorney filing an ansj
wer. In a few cases in which laud
was sold, and I was appointed a ComI
missiouer of Court, commissioner's fee
j tvi.s in hided in costs for me as is
provided by law. In each instaiKO
tnese costs were itemized by tne and
orrei tlv disbursed bv me. paying to
the < leek l is part and that due the
fl-pu' it.rift, to the Star, Times,
and l.erald its part, to the other attorney
hi- pari, it any. and retaining
t:.\ fee My records show exactly
wi.i?; \\;i- receive.! I.y me. psiil out
ne! I da ' l?t me. I shall be glad ti
eooperat iit every possible way in
the ainr.t to be made and as entirely
o.f'dcvt that the same will clear
this matter up."
uuui iioi oaiui uuy XXOUrS
To Be Effective Sept. 7
Kings Mountain department stores,
hardwares and furniture stores
will close an hoar earlier on Satu?lays,
effective September 7, it was
announced this week by W. P. 1
Laughter, secretary of the Kings
Mountain Merchants association.
The new closing hour will be 7
p. m. Mr. Laughter said that all
i ft rifts In the three groups had ai
srreed to the shortened schedule of
Saturday hours, atfl he pointed out
i that this policy had been gaining t
1 In favor througfiBat the state.
ext Week J
.1 ?"v > - v>- - ' -ryjfl

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