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    ?r;:~ v.; / '" '
^ V/juWlSJ?.- ' . v
Incorporated King* Mountain 8,547
ImmodUte Trading 4rta 15,000
VOU 57 NO. 40
Mauney I
Local News
Census report received this week
from T. C. Beam, social utfent.
show* that cotton giuninga for
1046 are considerably ahead of the
samo period last year, with 441
bales ginned in Cleveland countv
through September 1G> as compared
with only 294 bales through the
samo date in 1045.
Rev. Win. II. Stender, pastor of
8t. Matthew's Lutheran church ami
Mr. Aubrey Mauney left Wednesday
morning hy plane for Erie,
Pa., where they will attend the
National Lutheran Brothrrhood
Convention After this, they wilt
ennial convention of the Unitort
Lutheran Church in Ameriea. Mr.
and Mrs. W. K. "Mauney will also
attend these meetings.
Woodman Circle is giving a
weiner roast at Lake Montonia
Triday night at 7 p.m. with the
members of the Woodmen of the
World invited according to an announcement
bv Clarence Goforth
Members of the Kings Mountain
Kiwania club will bear an ad dresa
by Dr. Edgar Long, head of
the English department of Er^
Itine college, Due West, S. 0., at
the regular meeting of the organisation
Thursday night at 7:00
o'clock at the' Woman's club. Dr.
Long is a native of Gnstonia anil
has been a member of the EraVine
fae.nltv for 25 years.
Directors of the Kings Mountain
Lions club will hold their regular'
October director's meeting Monday
night at 7 o'clock nt Blnckiner and
Company. A full attendance is uryged.
Members of the Kings Mountain
Junior Chamber of Commerce will
meet at the City llall Friday
night nt 7:110, it was announced
this week. The meeting will be a
regular business session.
Bill Buddock Receives
Degree From Clemson
William O. (Biil) Ruddock, of Kingi
Mountain, graduated from Clemsoi
college on September 21, it was leari
ed this week, with a Bachelor o:
8cience degree in textile engineer?^
Mr Ruddock left Clemson in Sep
tcmber 1042 to join the Army i:
Forces and ro-ente"red the school las
He served overseas aa a pilot witt
tre 15th TJ. 8. Air Force for threi
and onc balf years and was releasee
to inactive duty with the rank o:
ytl a. t l a A.
x irst xjieuienuut.
Mr. Ruddocy stated he had no Im
mediate plana for the future but ?ai?
that he planned to enter his field n:
work In this section of the country
Legion Numbers
204 Members
John W. Oladdon, membership chai
man, reported 204 "renewals for thi
year 1947 In his membership drlvfc-re
port af the regular monthly meetini
of Otis ft. Oreen, Post 155, The A
merican Legion, held at city hall las
Tueaday night.
In his report, Mr. Gladden RTgft
every member present to drive har<
In order td reach the goal of 100 per
cent renewals by November 1.
Commander W. J. Fullcerson, pre
elding over the meeting, introduce'
Norman McGlll, jr., the host's repre
tentative at Boys Btate, held at Chi
pel Hill the flral week in Beptembe
end Tie Aide e abort talk on hia ae
{Tvities while atteading this America'
Legion rnoneored event, ending wit!
en expwdon gt gratitude to th
Poat for having been choaen to at
) John Bemetrtadea, chairman of th
, County Fair project, reported tha
, the undertaking waa a sncress an
thanked all members who helped pu
. * It,over.
S ..T*T. t T caatrata or the co
' . - * , ; '' - ?
I Kings
:amily Pun
Citizens Will
Kings Mouutuiu churches unci their
membership are collaborating again
this year in the' observance of the
seventh World Wide Communion ou
the forthcoming Sunday, October 6.
The Kings Mountain Ministerial as
socfation has endoised lo?al pnrticipa
tion in the service and a large number
of local churches will observe
the service this Sunday.
lu a story concerning the obaervan
ce. 'She Church Council liulictiti, .official
nuhlirat ion of the North Cam- i
I Una Council of Churches stated:
"In these post-war flays uTicii the'
world is filled with confusion and
suffering, there is a real need for
Christians everywhere to make touch i
I of this significant day. The com;ng to i
. e,tb?r of Chris" a t'W tt.e Lofd's
I Table on the same day will he an ex- j
j ^cession of Unity which all believcra
have in Christ, it will be a witness 1
in n broken world, to an unbroken
fellowship of Christians everywhere.
'The observance of the Holy Com- I
munion ou October 6 will begin in
New Zealand. The worship services in J
the churches there begin at 10:30 in
the morning. When it is 10:30 in New
Zealand, it is 7:00 o'clock on 8atur- ;
i day evening in New York (K8T). It .
is 4:0u o'clock Saturday afternoon in '
Los Angeles. A time clock has beeu i
worked out which gives the time j
in about fifteen centers around the
world, when it is 10:30 on Sunday I
morning in New Zealand. By the aid j
of this clock, one is able to follow !
the World Wide Communion observ- ]
ancp during the entire 24 hours. This
time clock may be nscd a^*n aid to j
prayer since at every hour there are
groups ?f Christians about -the Lord's
Table in some part of tlie world.
" Ti:e World Wide Communion obserinncc
is being sponsored nv tht
t outiclls of Churches in many lands: I
' hv numerous denominations around I
tlie world; by national an.^ interna- j
tionnl missionary organizations ot' tbo :
churn ho*. There is no question hut i
that tho observance and the attendance
this year will he wider unit
greater than ever before, '
Mrs. Galloway's
Rites Conducted
IH*E WEST a. C. ? Mrs. Mary K
lennor Galloway. winow of Dr. II. S.
Galloway and mother of Mrs. Helen
) ! Seal of Kings Mountain, died hero
,, ] Saturday. She would have" been 87 on
j i October 11.
f oTr8. Galloway, a native of Jefferson
county, Georgia, had lived iu
. Due West 64 years from the time of
r her marriage to Dr. Galloway, who
t later became publisher of the Associate
Reformed Presbyterian church
paper, the AR Presbyterian, and an
> official of the Due West railroad.
J The funeral was held at 4 p. m.
' Sunday from the 'Due West ARP chur
f ch conducted by the pastor, Dr. J. P.
Surviving are the following ehild1
rent Mrs. Jennie Kirkpatrjck, ' Charf
lotte, Mrs. Helen Neal, Kings Moun.
tain; Mrs. Lena Mosley, Bluefield,
W. Va.. Mrs. Ansel Putnnm, OreenttUlo
TTs... ? n-11
luiao naitu tii vto nutv my, 1'UO
West, and Bobert 8. Galloway, Due
Basil Whitener
Heard By Lions
8 Basil Whitener, Gastonla lawyer
- and solicitor of the 14th district, 'in
S an address before members of the
Kings Mountain Lions elub last
t Thursday night, urged all organised
groups to attempt "to thwart fbe
1 lack of respect for duly constituted
1 authority.71
Mr. Whitener scored circumvention
of the taw, pointing out that many
i- persons and rtikny groups take liber
1 ties with the law beckuse of legal
i- loopholes.
i- "The lack 6t fSspect for manr
mads authority is carried over into
lack of featfect for the Almighty," he
n said. ?
h Stating that 55 peiceni of crime
e Tomes from TTlffs 15 year# and under,
t- Mr.' Whitensr said that rivle clubs
honld assume the parental 'role
e where children are underprivileged in
t the-matter of having parents to look
1 after them.
t "We hast dsdfceta ourselves to the
tank of seeing that* each young
n child has sn opportunity for trainhf;
chases Hor
Participate \
e Communion f
Kings Eountain Battle
Fought 166 Years Ago *'?
On Monday Kings Mountain will ! 11
celebrate in a quiet manner the i I'
166th anniversary of tbe Battle or J 1
of Kings Mountain, which firned
the tide of the Revolutionary War. | '
Except for a lew club program* V
and school notations, the day will j
be Just another work day In Kings P
Mountain. *<
On this day, 166 year* ago, a
band of not-to-well trained mountaineers
routed the red-coated Brl- P
tlah force* of Major Patrick Fer- d
guson, who was killed in the en- t
gagement, and tue defeat marked t:
the turning of the tide for victory u
Local Police j"
Get Big Haul
William Cole, of Oastouia, was ar- 0
rested here last Thursday by Officers !
Curry anil Petty for transporting 120 i
one-half gallon jars of white liquor p
and driving drunk and was sentenced fi
six months on each count in record- g
cr'a court here last Monday, the stn-j G
teuces to run consecutively. The seu- g
tence was suspended on puyraent of ' t
$200 and costs for transporting the I ti
whiskey and $73 for driving drunk, ' g
total fine $273 and costs. a
Cole lost his drivers license anil tlu |
lU.'lO Dodge coupe he was driving was
ordered advertised for sale in the
King* Mountain Herald for two week.*
and to l>e gold at the County t'ourt
house later in the month, accordine
to law.
The liquor was order*- 1 destroyed f
l-v the court.
Owner's name shown on the re^ *"
1st Till ii>u cuid was Mrs. Onic Ktlslor. .J
also of Gustonin.
Local Company Now
Bottling Whistle "
Bob Abernnthy, of Bobs Cola Hot- ?
liny company bore, announced this , j,
work that bis firm is now bottling j
Whistle, a now orange drink famous I ,,
in the West and mid-West.
First bottles of the now drink were I
Seen in drink boxes in town lato Tuos |
day afternoon, first bottling of thc'c
new, vita-quality beverage beginning
Tuesday morning.
Mr. Abernathv stated that bis is tl
the second plant in North Carolina to a
bottle Whistle and thnt be experts I
the new drink to be appealing to ev- b
eryone'a taste. e
County Service C
Busy Year, First
Captain John Z. McBrayer, Cleve- \ S
land service officer, this week made ;?
a public report of activities >n his u
office for the year October 1, 1945, t
to September 80, 1946. f
The report Bhowed a large amount ^
of traffic in intervTWta and otner'8
servicemen's aids had been handled 1
through this office. f,
,i 4 ,, ._:_ ,i ii ... > t
111 tuo ropun, vftyiaui ail uiaj ci dv?
ted that national service life iusuran- ?
Co can be reinstated by payments ot
two months premiums and reported *
other changes in this particular subject
which are of interest to veterans
Captain McBrayer, a retired army J 8
captain who lost his leg in the Her I .
vice, is in Kings Mountain at the 1
City Mall each Tuesday morning and
Thursday afternoon.
He did. not breakdown the work
of his office in auch a way as to
show the amount of work done here,
but a goodly portion of ald-to veter ?
ans was handled for Kings Mountain ^
sr?t -veteran.
The office was set hp by the Cle- .
veland county board of commissioners
last year and Captain^ McBrayer became
the "first full-time county ser- \
Ice officer:
His report follows:
"11,246 Interviews and contacts in e
eluding Veterans of all wars from '
the Bpanish-'American up through the 1
recent war. Families of deceased ser- '
vleetnss, and many veterans return <
tof j* or fou(ytb visit seek'ng In '
jtemhiUijs.,>?d mssHtapgr about ? "
i - * ' * *
tiiii H
UKSDAY, OCT. 3, 1946
d Home F<
Annual County
'air Attracted
lecord Crowds
t'lex eland county * tided urnuul
tir closed up shop hist Saturday 1
ight After the customary fixe day
lu, but not until l!i<.u.">u per Mint- t.ail
asBi-u i mux" K"r.'S I" enjoy lilt" j
eStiv it iff.
r?ausnl?y's "gate" was the record-;
reuker. with visiting tin- lair j
rouii-is on I lie i'iiial day.
Ai <l "! lay K 'is Mountain pen j
le were included in the total which
i-t a record lei arrtviioiTTIf- at th>
uiiual event.
Merchants reported business ap
roxiinutely -a percent oil lroui or
niary autumn Saturdays, as citizens
ook tlu-r paychecks and wont to the!
cis or lite mi l way. and barbers, j
-unlly working on u rigorous inr sa j
aaionully were able to stop for a1
liuutc and pass the Tine of day a-J
out the weathor^Br a football game. I
Doing a thriving business were [
ixicabs. Tluses unii "CTiicr trausporta- |
ion vehicles which went back aud \
urth to t"he fair "ground's on more
i less regular schedule ? always
ell-packed aud Jammed.
The lair itself came in for some
raise, some criticism. Majority of j
air-goers reported delight at the |
randstaud events. incfuding the j
leorge Ilamid shows aiur~ihe races,
omc flsgust at the Midway attrac- !
ions. wTi'ch were vended to the cus- |
outers at "high yricOs. One weight ,
uesser whotn inflation hyt*i captured
sked 3u cents for telling how mui'h
is customers grossed. Sdtnchody evil
reported tiiat t. iuo v<us 'J" cents,
cr game.
Some were i-t mating the amount
f money that changed hands and. fi
nrii g *" per person, guessed that
,-f. K' '-(in ViO nas ?* ill "l'.i! mo
;et t? another In the course of the
ivi> day run.
Study Course; Planned
Central Methodist
The \Vi>i''nn'? > icbty of <'hristinn
iervice o" IVn'rat ?! ilui-list church
ill present the I rst of a series of
our pi .igrains on a church study
"Urse "In-lin at the Thiesholtp' ,
eyt We ilie-day night at 7 o'clocK
n the l>:isement of the church.
The forthcoming program will in.
iudc a general intm lief jon to the
heme and ashit. "The Missionary
'hallenge of India." in aTTition to
t:o lvstorUal background oF the
The prog'ani is church wide for
<en and women, and members of
Irace Methodist and K1 BotWd Mehodist
churches hate been invited to
ttend the programs.
The remaining three programs will
e held on conse.hitive Wednesday .
Officer Put In
: Report Shows
>o many changes have been ? aud
re being made in the laws and reft j
lations effecting veterans benefits ,
hat a steady flow of calls come >"
rom the approximate 1,300 veteran* j
ibi- n ? *- ?
u iuis v^oumy dow receiving telliesional
or Training benefits under
ome law.
"2,631 Applicntions, anil requests,
or general information on the Edoca ]
ional Provisions of the G. 1. Bill, j
nd Public Law 16.
"145 Applications for Hospitallzaion
nnd Local Out-Patient Care.
"143 Claims against the Govern
lent for back .pay, allowances, or
"2S Applications for Certificates
n lieu of Lost Discharges.
"284 Applications for pensions, and
tppeals to re-open pension cases;
>oth service, and non-service conneo
"287 Interviews concerning Re-in
itatement or Conversion of National
lervice Life Insurance and United
itates Government Life Insurance.
"330 Requests for information on
"050 Applications for Termtnal
veave pay have been made.
"In addition, numerous miscellanous
applicntions such as: application
'or permit from Federal Housing Adninistration
tw buy building materials
'or home construction; delayed birth
lertlficate; burial benefits; insurance
lenefltsj tree tombstones or markers;
information n? reluming JeCQM j
>r Memorii
Residence Wi
To CityHono
Woman's Club Meet
Scheduled Friday
An important meeting of tho Woman's
Club will be held at the club
house on Friday afternoon at 3:00
o'clock. Mrs. E. A. Shenk, president,
announced this week, and ?be
urged all members of the club to be I
present. I
Mrs Shenk said that several In- |
Fcrestuig natters pertaining to the |
ciub will be revealed and she said
that plans will be laid for the !
club's annual Floral Fair.
"We are Indeed hopeful that etery
member will be present Friday."
Mrs. Shenk said, "for the j
meeting will be very Important?"
Kiwanis Gives
Stadium Lights
In special half-time ccrdnTonics dui
ing the Hickory Kings Mountain
football game last Frhlay night, Glee
A. Bridges, president of the Kingi
Mountain Kiwanis club, officially pre
seated the stadium lights ? theti
lighting the field for a high school
athletic contest for the first time ?
to the Board of Kdncation of the
Kings Mountain cTtv schools. i
Dr. L. P. Baker, chairman of
school board, accepted for that body.
The ligtits were purchased by tlis i
Kings Mountaiu Kiwanis cluh at a
cost of, *.VKM.
In his presentation. Mr. ltriliges
"Fur a number of veins tin- in.-tu1
vis ,ii the Kiwunis < lab saw a'hictii.
ht'iiM, in i at" larger
low-:- tilreutihouT tin" Ciunity si1. I
longed t" sec the 111111' when we
niii.l in'..- :t lighted fi?*id here in
r. Muiiiilaiii.
"We it-it that such a Projiit u la si:0- it iu ileuto a filler colli
?; Itv -pni',. that it Would lit- tin
el >i:rat;t,ti'.i"it in the pii> net ion ot
athletic- and better sportsmanship,
'lint it wouhi ti-i-. to tin- morale of
our bo\ s and girls.
"Almost all ol tin- KiwaniailS have
) ad a part in this project and the entire
amount ot the investment was do *
noted bv Kiwanians and tiie firms
which thev represent.
"l>ue credit for putting over this
project should be giveu to a special
commifTec which was appointed for
the purpose of raising the funds and
pure.hasinff'the equipment. This coin
liMtfee was compose.I of H. S. l'ei ler,
Aubrey Mauney and II. Y. Ballard. I
wish to publicly thank these members j
and many others who have ma le sub- j
stantiul contributions.
" Due credit for the success of this
project should also lie given to the i
City Council and to City Manager H. j
L. BurdeMe and his staff. Without j
the backing of this group and tlio 1
technical details taken care of by
Mr. Burdette the project would have
been difficult indeed. The time that
they have spent has run into many
hours fieyoiid the call of duty and
the cost has not been small. They
have assumed the responsibility of e
r?cting the equipment, and furnishing
other items too numerous tfl mention.
"At this time it is my bappv privilege
?s President of the Kings
Mounto'e 'tiwanis Club to present |
this lighting syatem. without nnv
strings attached, to the Board of Education
of the Kings Mountain City
Three Men Added To
Victory Body Shop
W. O. flrnnthnm, mnnagor of Victory
Ohevrrff?t? company here, announ
eed this week the addition of three
men to the body repair department of
the firm.
The men, D. P. BohcTts, of Shelby,
and Harry Kistler and Guy W. Harrell,"
of Lincolnton, are all expert
body men and, aceording to Mr.
Grantham, -will be able to give exifdlent
Tiody repair service.
Fire Causes Minor
Damage On Sunday
A fire at the home of Crowder
Ware, on Wilnon street, caused minor
damage Runday afternoon around 4
p. m. Recording to Fire Chief Grady
Kings Mountain Fire eepartment
answered the eall and ertinjushed
the small blate, when an oil stove
caught fire.
*1 O Pages
* ^ Today
il Library
ill Be Given
ring Parents
'Hii- children Mini grandchildren of
the Into Jacob S. and Margaret .lulotta
Maunev have purchased tlie
property of the late l>r. J. G. Hord
at tlie corner of Kill}* street and
Piedmont uienut, ami. after tha
house has b"C*r. renovated and other
changes made, will present it to the
City of Kings "Mountain as a memorial
library the purchasers announced
on Tuesday.
-Tilt property was purchased on
Monday from II. K. Parftin, who.
only two weeks ago, purchased the
property from the llord heirs in what
was described as "a straight cash
t ransa. t ion.' *
Purchase prce by neither Mr. Parton.
nor the JSTaunfy family, was >
hut the figures most promb
111II1 iHWlif.lldl.l1 III flfU'llld IMBTflf-' 1
sation concerning the-- property baa
lot II t-ieStm.
The Mauney family thus executed
a ild-dny option on the property held
i y \V. K. Mauney.
At the time information was made
public concerning the option. Mr.
(W. K.) Mauney said it was possible
that the large two story residence
would be renovated in or It r to provide
accommodations tor leactlers oa
the second floor, with the first floor
to lie usTd for a library.
In the announcement from tho
Mauney famify, only the library was
The present city iibrnry ra located
in two rooms in the basement of the
city hall. It was begun in llNStl and
has been largely dependent for suppott
upon "interested citizens. In nddi
tion to furnishing uuarters. the ritv
has Teen appropr at ing .*600 per year
lor operation of the library. Th}
county also supplies a small sifpPTeinent,
ami circulation " increased /
For many year-, a larger library
with more volume? and t .ore space
li.-.s l.een placed h.yli ?ii the list of
the c'tv's nOci-v !.v n .n\ i,>.i,r. >
- ?i/ci *.
The n.t nmr.i.l !ii-<:ir\ wilt honor
two of K iij:- Mountain pioneer el- s
t7u;<. Mr. Mr<. .Intnl. S. Maun
v. \? I i> wi re among the fir.M to
elionSc Kings Mnurtstn for n home.
Mr. M:;ui;fv. a t'o-'*-Tera'e veteran,
nns one ..I 1 '.e founder* <>f the first
t.-vtile phit.r hero and became prominent
th-i'uvhoiit this a ton in the tex- '
1 i'i? roll. r,
Mr. Maiiti- v sue umbmT at the ngS
of lit in I'.blti. six years a?it
r r!i?' death of Mrs. Mauiiey.
I in i ii were highlv interested in the
* <-}
welfare of ili" community and were
! a.iiws in St. Matthew's Lutheran
The statement from the library do(t'ontM
on page eight)
Health Officer
Hudgins Resigns
Cleveland county will again be with )
out a public health officer after
Saturday, with the announcement trut
week that Dr Herbert A. Hudgins is ]
resigning effective that date.
Dr. lludgms is accepting a position X
with the federal government's public
health service in Haiti. '
Announcement concerning Dr. Hudgins'
plant was made several weeks
ago. but his resignation, tendered to
tllee A. Bridges, chairman of tha
county board of health, came earlier
than anticipated and was due, Dr.
Hudgins said, to demands of the U.
s. Civil 8ervlce.
Other Kings Mountain member of
the seven-mat county "health board
is Dr. L. P. Baker. 9
The local health board will attempt
to arrange by the end of the week a ,9
temporary set-up for continuing the 9
work of the health department until
a new connty health officer can be
Dr. Hudgins came to Cleveland
County last May upon his release
from the U. 8. Army as a lieutenant
colonel. He has been in public health
work both prior to entering military s':j
service and while away with the .>9
Army oversens. He studied health
work at tha University of North Car
Dr. Hudgins succeeded by six mon- '?]H
ths, Dr. Z. P. Mitchell, who resigned
a* county health officer in the Fall [9
of 1945 to accept' 1T similar post in
Tredcll county.
It was understood from members of -*roSH
the "health board yesterday that so
fsi en w. s kiioa>i i re no pro?poets
for immediately filling th*
health department vacaney.

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