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lamilrt* Trading Are* 10,000
VOL. 07 NO. 42
Local News
, ' V
Joseph B. Johnston, superintendent
of Presbyterian Orphan*
Borne at Barium Springs, will address
members of the Kiwan:* club
gt the regular meeting of the
Woman's Club Thursday night at
6:30. Mr. Johnston is a graduate
of Davidson college and has established
* reputation as an outstanding
leader in his field.
Members of the Kinge Mountain
.Lion* Club will hold their annual
Teacher's Night program on Nor
ember 21, it wa? announced this
week Invitations to teachers are
being issued through B. N. Barnes
$slty schools superintendent.
Bay UodsekaU, Gaffney, 8. C..
Jaayer, and governor of Lions district
S2cC sddreesed members of
the Kings Mountain Lions elub at
the high school cafeteria last
Thursday. Mr. Godschall commended
the club on its record and urg,
ed the club to plan a full sched-.
ale of activities for dormitory
Kings 'Mountain Fire Department
answered a call Monday at noon
to the Burgin Fulls residence at
lOd Wattersou street and according
to Chief Grady King a onioning
stove upon investigation re,
vealed no fire.
Police Chief N. M. Farr announced
this week that the City
Police Department has secured a
now 1940 Plymouth which will be
used aa a patrol car.
President Glee Bridget, preald_i
_a - al A a 1 /via
ug h me ox ins *>ieve.
, lend Aviation club hold last Tuesday
night at hla airport here, bam?d
a nominatlnb committee to list
a slate of candidates for the November"eleetion.
At the meeting
Hunter Neialer of Kings Mountain
-was accepted into membership!
Charter of the American Legion
i .Auxiliary here is on display in the
window of Griffin Drug company
; along with certificates received by
the Otis D. Green Post 155, members.
Goal for the 1M6 sale of Tuberculosis
Christmas seals is $6,000,
it was announced this week
by Mrs. C. Rush Hamrick, Jr., of
, Shelby, seal sale chairman for the
second consecutive year. Seals for
.the mail campaign are being readied
by the GHrl Scouts.
James B. Hemdos, BS C, has
been assigned to the U88 Mo>
Cord, a destroyer, operating out of
"' Cuba, it wear learned by his family
hla weed
jATon surra
Members of the Kinfs Moun<v
tela fire Department were hoaor
guests of the Jaaior Chaatber of
Ooasmsrce at a rapper held at the
Treat Club on York road laat
Jayceae project for the month, of
October ia Tire Prevention and
President Hoyle MeDaniel outlUs^
A. ifoaiMi #a? fVa maesKass
to carry oat, appointing a apoeial
committee to hoad tit drive. City
Maaager H. L. Bordette waa alto
aateag the Invited goeeta.
Men's Oronp In Charge
Of Lutheran Service
Tit Mta't Brotherhood of St. Mat
tbew'e Lutheran ohnreh will have
? charge 11 the Vttpet tefviee on Boaday
evening, Oct. 80, af 7 o 'clock, obterviag
the 88th anaivemry of ttt
BuBllMt* of the United Lutheran
Ohoreh o* America.
I, IThatheaat^the
Luther League
District Me.t
Here Sunday
The young people of the Luther
Leagues of tbe Southwestern District
of tlie North Carolina Stute League
will gather in Kings Mountain Sun
lay afternoon, Oct. 20, in the St
Matthew's Lutheran church, Hev. ,
Win. H. Stender, pastor, according to
an announcement by Miss Helen Barn
?ey, president of tbe local league
The Junior choir of the church will
sing and the welcome address will ba
given by Miss Essie Foster of Kings
The theme of this conference is
"Youth of Yesterday, Today and
Tomorrow." Appearing on the pro
grain are. Alvin Kuhn, vice prestdent'of
the Lather League of North
Carolina, who will apeak on "Youta
of Yesterday,"
"Youth of Today" will"TJe givea
by Miss Betty Scott Lest, treasurer
of the Luther League of North Carolina.
Miss Evelyn Trrfflfthaa, the
A special offering wiU be reeeiveo !
to start a building fund for a project
at the Mountain Assembly Orounds. |
The-public 'a Invited to- this eon* I
ference and the young people are be- j
tng urged to attend.
Hudson Interests
Sold To Keeters |
Announcement was made last week j
of the purchase by Mr. and Mrs. J. j
Byron Keeter of the W. H. Hudson
interest in Keeter's Stores. Inc., here !
Mr. Hudson and Mr. Keeter feuve j
been associated in retail merchandising
for the past 16 years.
The sale included interest in both j
Keeter's Department Store and Dixia
Bargnin Store, which toe corporation |
It was announced that regular pol- '
icles of the two firms, as well as the j
names f* the two firms, will not be j
changed. Both firms have been nnder
the active management of Mr. Scoter.
Clyde Nolan, of 8helby, was eleeted
Tuesday to succeed Belton
Beason, of Boiling Springs, as
chairman of the Democratic executive
committee of Cleveland county
at a meeting. Mr. Nolan had
been serving at vice-chairman and
Sheriff J. B. Cline was chosen to
succeed him in that position. Mrs.
F. R. Summers of Kings Mountain
is second-vice' chairmaan.
Mountaineers S<
Win Vs. Ruther
Kings Mountain Central high school
Mountaineers, riding the victory waves
in non-conference tilts for the past J
two Friday nights, play host to coach
"Pop" Simmons', of Shelby Juniors
.baseball fame, Butherfordton Spindale
high Hill Toppers here in City
Stadium Friday night-at 7:30 o'clock.
It will be the third hems game oT
the seesoa for the Caaipe-men. marking
their third conference game as
they gun for a' victory over the visitors
to gst into the league win column
for the first time this year.
Coming through last Fridsy night's
13 to 0 win ever the strong Belmont
eleven without say Injuries and with
a good prospective end la Don Crew
ford and a flaefcy tailback la Bob
Early, eoaeh Clyde Caaipa {a baaklag
a hi? team defeating the Hill Tea
pete, who list to Charlotte Tech 39
to 6 last weak. TMe year marks the
firat appearance of a SntherfordtonSpin
dale football teas oa the gridiron.
Heading the liet la the ball carrying
department will be Iroamaa BUI
Ckehloa, reteraa performer arlth the
quad, la the epinniag fallback pooltioa,
eloeely followed by epeedy Bob
OeUxafiomaaataB a*
7 pja. toalght. The Idgh eeheel bead
wfll he (Meet ha aBft ha the ceremeaiea
and a fan atoeadaaoe of high
aebool Btadaata te hetag ttfged. Magut
for the meattag la "Beat the
am Tapper*"
Early, playing !% . the - triple-threat
tailback spot* Cafhton, baa Idee bring
expert at bucking' rile Una for eoaxla
teat galea, is a-' eagy and pewerfal
I * * f-1 J?ikhaAmak ? - U m!
Bchrcck, of SaUtbarr. will or?Ida or
mx sessions or tba annual meeting of
tk? Sooth Piedmont district, HOHA,
1b Charlotte rridtf. All Kings Mountain
teachers an scheduled to attend,
and pupils will get the day off.
In Charlotte
Kings fountain school pupils, along
with those all over the county,
will net h holiday Friday, as schools
close the week out a day early to allow
teachers to attend the annual
convention of teachers in the South
Piedmont district of the North Carolina
Education association.
The 24th annual gathering is sched
uleil to convene in Charlotte at the
Armory at 10 a. m.
Theme of the session is "A Chatlego
to Education." with Pity and
county teachers, principals and superintendents
from Id counties to attend.
J. E. Huneyeutt, Kings Mountain
high school principal and'president of
the Division of United Principals,
will preside over two sessions of this
group' scheduled Tor Friday afternoon.
Dixie Will Present
Two Late Shows Weekly
Dixie Theatre begin offering
two late showings weekly, effective
next Monday, continuing this policy
as long as patronage justifies it, David
Cash announced this week.
Mr. Cash said a large number of
requests for the late showings had
been made by persons whT could hot
attend regular programs, and that the
showings are being presented on a
trial basis.
The two late showings will be presented
on Monday and Wednesday evenings
at 10:30 p. m? Mr. Cash said.
?ek Conference
f ordton Here
back Dwight Ware at the other half.
Ware is fast developing into a dan
geroua ball toter, taking the handoff
from Cashion's spin for gains
on off tackle slants and end runs.
Early plays the safety position.
Bob Ledbette'r, hard hitting hnsky
in the forgotten man role of blocking
back, starts the Mountaineer ball
earrieke on long gains with his terrific
blocks, opening the path for
the runners.
Heading tha great forward wall of
the Canipe-men is All-Conference Boo
Naill nt left taekle, -a standout all
season. Ha is ably assisted by men
stalwarts ag Bill Haimsir at left
guard. Boy Bottler at right guard,
RnnndiA OAAVM ?ssLia ?
? ? 0-? WW gw* IMVklV, BUU
ad Bill Dettmar, Don Crawford, an<l
Jim. Black.
8 tart lug tha offensive efforts of
the tquad U rough?and ready Bad
Medlln, a lettermaa of laet year, at
center. minia move* behind the for*
ward drall alongside Cashion in the
baekerup poeitieaa and la noted for
hie fine fighting spirit and tackling
With Jake Harry, Bill Clonlnger,
Bob Huffstiekler, and Bill Oault
oa hand to stand relief rolee fer the
starting backs and with a long Met of
reserve linemen en the bench, including
Don Crawford, Jack Bedford, Bry
an Ware, Saraest Jenkins, Boyee Huff
stetler, Johnny Plonk, Garland Still,
Herman ttanney, and Bob Patterson
the starting Una op for tke Mountaineers
reMb an follows:
<%:- po. ho.
Bill Dettmnr le 40
Roundte George It 80
BQ1 Harmon lg 88
Bad Mgdlln ' - c 37
Boy Boheler rg 28
BoB H?U|<: ' rt' 41
JiB BUjk ^ re 34
\ * % 4
ilain I
IDAY, OCT. 17, 1946
floral Fair
Prize List
Plans for the ho}it>? of the at
nual Woman'a ^ "* P?'r Wl'r
reported advauciy heilule thi
week, us prize lis^ rioua com
jtetitious were annt
The annual event v. told a
the clubhouse on Frith ^ 25, an
memberB in charge oi ^ ^ment
for the fair anticipate th
best in the long history < * 1 oi
ganization. v O "
Almost all business firms are mt
king prize contributions in the var
ous divisions, and Mrs. Haywoo
Lynch of the prize committee e?
pressed her appreciation to the firm
for their cooperation.
Complete prize list, including awir
and donor firm, follows:
1. Best vase of 6 blooms: 6 ponm
Jane Parker frnit ca'ke ? A and 1
Buttons combined: Farel Destm Cm
I metic set?Ansell Beaut y Shop.
3. Best Azalea chrysanthemums
Bastket groceries ? Baker Grocer]
1. Best collection of 6 blooms: Dis
Garden ? Allen Flower Shop.
I 2. Best collection of any kind es
I rept pompoms: set of 4 mixing bowl
?Eagle 5 and 10c 8tore.
3. Best collection Pompoms: 2 11
fruit cake,?McCarter Grocery.
4. Best unusual arrangement o
flowers: Basket groceries ? Gault'
5. Best arrangement, grasses, set
pods, etc: 1 dozen pairs men's hoseAiauney
Hosiery Mill.
1. Best vase of not less than
blooms: Rovall Hickman glazed poi
tery?Dellinger's Jewel 8hop.
2. Best collection red roses: one 8:
10 oil painting?Bundy Studio.
3. Best white roses: Luncheoi
cloth ? Margrace Sales room
4. Best Pink roses: 2 pound Merit
Fruit cake?Blalock'a Grocery.
5. Best mixed vase: $2.00 cash ?
Home Building and Loan.
Mixed Bowls of Flowers?
l..,Be*t mixed bowl: . Evening I
Paris bath powder ? Piedmont Dru
2. Best bowls in tones of yellon
pink and white: Throw rug ? King
Mountain Furniture Co.
3. Best miniature arrangf nent
crystal vase by Duncan?Garland'
1. Best jar fruit, any kind: On
lady's dress dry cleaned ? Saunder
Dry Cleaning.
2. Best jar vegetables: Dustin;
powder ? Griffin Drug Store.
3. Best jar cucumber pickles: Con
gress bridge cards ? Kings Mour
tain Drug Co.
(Cont'd on page eight)
Election Nears
Activity Little
Except for some Democratic rallic
in the various districts, some can
paign releases from state headquarter
and a few other minor rumblings, pol
itics in Cleveland connty is of th
quiet variety In spite of the fact tha
the November 5 general election I
rapidly approaching and election re
titration books opened lert Saturday
In Kings Mountain, some six pel
sous registered at one precinct o
the initial day.
Books will be open this Saturday a
the polling places, again on Octobt
26. with November 2 ae challenge da
As Is the custom, interest la pol
tics la Cleveland county has not rei
chcd fever pitch in this "off-year'
election, and tha pri tclpal reason
the prepondfr? ,y D > -*?ie vol
which for y. i its cai
didatee to at1 \ ' ??.
Neverthc' .e u lblicana ha*
fielded a to.
C. Y. !* : /, of Union MUla, 1
oppoee Incur >ent? Olee A. Bridge
for hie conarooulonal poet, and
publican eauidldatea for county rot
miaeioner inelnde John L. WrtgV
who Urea between Shelby and Falli
ton, and C. A. Bfvttain of Caaar. The
oppoae Incumbent* Glte A. Bridge
Kiaga Mountain, Max WAhburn aa
D. D. Latthnore.
For the county board of edncatic
the OOP ia offering E. A. Hoyh
Pallet on, J. 8. Ware, former TCln|
Mountain poetmarter, 8. C. Dnaea
and J. B. Grow. Democratic incut
benta include B. I?. Plonk, Oa|
Mountain, B. Anatell, A. Ik Calto
W. H. Lota, and 0. D. Forney, wr.
In No. 4 townablp Ervin Ellftoi
Republican, ia oppoeiag W. Ik Blael
burn, Democrat, for townihip conat
Votera of Want, Kluge MBlThta
vote at Victory Chevrolet compon
and votera of Eaat Kinga Mdunta
13 Are "Reprieved"
From Draft Process
Nott? < ' li.ift hoard
to cease process. n? registrants throi
jh I'. -i-mi.. iiieant thut l.'i regi
tranta of the Kings Mountain boar
bad trips cancelled auddeuly.
' !
ej The order was received ou Mouda
>jih - out s In' 'ulod to tak
i- pre-induction examination* t lie fo
lowing day.
j Those who would hn\e revised ? ]
animation* ..were: Barley Edwar
0 Strickland. Henry Wilson Bennett, ,
, iLeroy Gene C hampion, Billy Kugen
Carpenter. J. B. JIackey, Charles Ai
^ drew Neialer, Henry Parks Neiale
Avery Ellis Morrison, Floyd Henr
^ Styers, Fred Lowrance. Ed Adam:
r_ Lionel Wilson Queen, and William A
f ; drew Moles. (The last'mentioned fou
had been ordered up for re exainini
j tion, aas they were veterans of let
than six montba service.
i Reason for tbe cancellation *u g
| ven a* 01.700 enlistment* end 25,00
' I inductions during September, pk
War Department budgetary limiu
E> L ' .TXTntr-S! ?1
Special Legion
? Meeting Tonight
* Officials of Otis D. Green Post 15
American Legion, are urging full at
' ; tendance of tbe membership at
I special called meeting Thursday nigb
' ; at tbe City Hall at 7:45 to conside
81 special matters of business.
I- j Cards send to the members by I
- i G. Hord, adjutant, list the fullowin
items on theagenda:
g (1) Adoption or rejection of cousti
. tution and by-law changes.
(2) Action on changing name o
1 post.
n (3) Discussion of special money
making project for the post builJln.
a i fund.
"We are particularly anxious t
have a full attendance at this meet
<ng," aaid W. J. Fulkerson. post cos
mauder, "for we want every menbe
n to have a voice in these possible *<
* tion* to be taken by'{Be post."
r. The meeting is scheduled to be lira
s ited to one hour, in line with the po<
icy of tbe post.
High School Handbook
e In Hands of Printer
The Black and Gold committee, a{
? pointed by the Student Council c
Kings Mountain High school has tal
t* en to press the first edition of th
i- school handbook, "Black and Gold,
which they are publishing as a guj
to the students, especially to those e
tering Kings Mountain High 8cho
for the first time.
The contents includes a welcome t
the new students; a picture of th
school; a list of the faculty member
the colleges they attended and tb
subjects they teach; the time sche<
ule; a list of the courses offered
l# the procedure for excusing absence
and tardies; information about var:
* ous clubs and the requirement for met
bership in each; the Constitution e
* the Student Participation Organlu
tion; requirements for aa honor set
1 on i diptoma; the school publication
? the school song and yells; and serei
al pages for memoranda.
r* This handbook will be on ?ale I
* the home-rooms the west of Oetobr
21-25 at 15c a copy. After that date
will be on sale at the Student' 8u]
lr ply store.
J The member* of the Black apd Go
Committee worked under the leade
ship of Jacqueline Tails, elasa of '4
during tte second semester. 1M5-41
Those members computing the woi
* in 1946-47 are Jean Darin, "Bet!
tt' Lynch, and Kenneth Oeergn.
* Methodist Famflj
n Night Program Given
Am the third in a aeries of Faml!
- Night programs presented b7 the W
h, man'a Society of Christian Serrlce <
I- Central Methodist ehnreh. A. J. Thoi
y hill, apeeial reproeentatire of Stan
?, ard Oil Company of New Jersey 1
d North Carolina, will show the famoi
Thaf Aalatlc expedition film* ne:
in Wedneaday night at 7 o'clock,
a, The film "Strange Ooda_ of T
fa dia" will tie in with a aeriea of pi
m grama now underway on India.
b- Rnnning time on the Aha ie 1
[8 miaatee and refreehmenta will be ee
a, red following the ahowiag.
The editors of National Oeograph
b, Magamine thought to highly of tl
k- Thaw trip that they epent apprei
a- mately $30,000 for color platen
feature the story la their Octob
la and December lesnee la 1M0. IA
y, Magaciae conaidered the story ai
la pictures woithyof aerea full pag
ta ita #?ovonvoer roth, 1M0 iacne. .
"I O Pages
* " Today
Meat De-Control
Praised Here;
: Most Optimistic
Almost uniformly. Kings Mountain
citizens, from buyers to sellers, bail
* ed the de-controlling of meat this
' week, as dealers ceased under the
couuter operations which they abhor
red anyway and looked for the early
s return of meat to their counters.
I Whether or not they arri\ed in
jr time to affect the dec'sion, an avae
l&uclie of postal cards went through
the Kings Mountain postoffire dur.
fi ing the weekend addressed to Hecre
v tary of Agriculture Clinton P. Ander3i
son urging that meat be de controlled
n The cards were made available to
ir mmvuicrs uy lurai marxei lilt*n artel*
,. two meetings last week in which ths
lg local meat problem was discussed
from head to hoof.
One grocer said he had 100 cards
t- at bis establishment and that they
0 were all used.
is In essence the card read. "I'd much
- Original
outlook for the post-de-cou
trol period indvated that customers
would pay n good amount more,
since the Chicago quotations jumped
i from SIC to Si'l.S'd.
) However, most meat dealers opined
I that it wouldn't In long until the
! price would l>eg:n receding, much as
it did during the period when nil ceil
"> ing- were off.
Healers and meat eater- were not
3 the only ones happy over t'e end of
it this piece of price en? f. I. hut men
r chants generally were li: ;>t-v Shoo
dealers think that the leather supply
will be greatly increased onee the
* meat-packers get going. They point
"? out that a man killing an auimal for
the black market undoubtedly buried
t. the hide to avoid "getting caught."
Other waste materials are used for
soap manufacture and they feel the
f soap supply will also he increased.
The dealers say that it will be
two of three weeks before packing
houses get to shipping meats in quan
tit.v. but that the removal of ceilings
will step up the flow of locally grown
o meats immediately.
' Cranford Rites
Held On Friday
Funeral services for Dr. Jama*
Frank Cranforil, 62. of Gastonia and
Kings Mountain, prominent physician,
were held at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. 8. R. Suber last Friday afternoon.
Rev. P. D. Patrick, pastor of Firat
) Presbyterian church, conducted the
if rites and interment followed in Hoi*
c. tywood cemetery, Gastonia.
e Dr. Cranford succumbed last Thure
" day in Memorial hospital. Charlotte.
!e following an illness of three weeks,
in Born in Davidson, Dr. Cranford
ol i was a graduate of Davidson Crilega
and the North Carolina 'Medical Colo
lege. Following his graduation he
e was associated with the Crowell Ure8i
logical Clinic in Charlotte for two
ie years. Leaving the Crowell Clinla, he
was located in general practice la
Hendersonville until 1914. In 1915 he
!g was a member of the Finellas County
Medical Society and Florida State
? Medical Society wh?a he returned te
,f orological work in that state.
A veteran of World War I, he serred
with the U. 8. Army Medical De*
, partment, specializing ia urology eh
r. Fort Oglethorpe.
Dr. Cranford entered practice , ' ?
B Gastonia in 1933. He wet a meehMt
ir of thf North Carolina and QeWNW
it Medical Societies, and an ex-preetihot
of the Gaston County Medical Sfitfaty.
A member of the Tint Presby,4
terian church in Kings Mssstits he
f. was also president of the tnke Mh
tonia Club where he had summer
l' home.
Y A member of the committee apy
pointed by the Chamber of Oese*
merce to eocuro a veoeral clinic for
Gaston is, he appeared before maay ;
civic elube and other group* trsedag
the need of the eiiaic which was a*.
eared Mid la atlll In operation there.
Twio# married ha la snrvtved by
Ij hla wife, tha foraar Miaa Nail Caaeo
lar, and a eon, J. Prank Cranford, Jr
?f of Klagn Mountain. Ha wan formerly
pj married to Mian Queeale Mobley of
<! Columbia. S. C., who died Ia IMS.
la By hla flrat marriage ho la aerrived
it by three daughter*, Mr*. Jaaaaa ft.
rt Roper, of AahaviUa, Mm. W. R.
Woeaora of Florence, ft. C., and Mlaa
n- Dorothy Cranford, nelgn, U. B. Navy*
ro Portsmouth, Va. Aloe orvifing an 4
alatara, Mia* Miriam Cranford Char55
lotto, Mr*. O. C. Herrick, Previa eaea.
f B. I., Mr*. 0 C. Osborne, Charlotte,
and Mrs. Claridu* Dockery, Greenale
boro; three brothers, E. M. Cranford.
ho Baltimore, Md., W. H. Cranford. of
tl- Shelby and ftpeneer B. Cranford ef
to Chnrlotte. ">
er Active pallbaarera ware Dr. Everfe
ett Meier. Dr. John Qolckl*, Dr. Dan
ad Fronabarfei, Dr. H. a Proneberger.
es Dr. W. A.

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