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| tn City Corporate Limits 8,574
Immediate Trading Area 154)00
VOL. 59 NO. 8
Local News
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i ". ' 'I
Three building permits were issued
by Cfty Clerk S. A. Crouse,
at City Ha^l during the past two
weeks. Clyde Hullender secured a
permit on Feb. 16 for construction
of a garage on Cansler street, Valuation
$3,000. Permits were issued
on Feb. 5, J. A. Fisher $700 for remodeling
on Mountain street and
on Feb. 10, R. Boothe TarkingtOn
. for $65 for construction of a chicken
house on Ganft street.
Dr. P. G. Padgett has been named
chairman of the Kiwanis club
Ladies' Night committee, according
to an announcement in the
current issue of the Sinawik. Other
members named by President
John L. McGill are B. S. Peeler,
H. Y. Ballard, G. A. Bridges, and
J. A. Neisler.
President Jacob Cooper, W.. B.
Logan, W. K. Mauney, Jr., Fred
Wright, Jr., Ned McGlli and C. F.
Thomasson represented the Kings
Mountain Junior Chamber of Commerce
at the fourth quarterly conference
of the state organization
held In Durham last week end.
Mias Helen Robb, formerly popular
fountain clerk at Kings Mountain
Drug Company, is again affiliated
with that firm in the same
capacity. Miss Robb. resigned last
year when her family moved to
Gaffney. They have since returned
to Kings Mountain.
, City fire department had two
fire alarms this week according to
Grady King, chief. On Monday at
10 a. m $50 damage was reported
when a truck caught fire at Sadie
mill, At 6 p. m. Tuesday a Small
roof Tire started by a spark did $10
damage to the home of Joe Walker
on Parker street.
Calendar Cross-Up;
Spring Hero. Tra-La
In spite of the calendar and the pre
vlous heavy-handed rule of King
Winter, .Sweet Spring threatened to
put in appearance this week, as the
mercury in local thermometers came
out off its lethargy and moved upward.
Birds were heard singing, and
some lew peopje even ieii ine neec
of sulphur and molasses treatment
for an advance - season case ol
spring fever. v ,f k
Everyone breathed easier.
Fuel dealers, with an "If the real
bad weather is over" statement, opined
that the city was over the
hump on.the fuel drought for the
current winter.
Coal, which had suddenly replaced
oil as the shortest fuel in stocK
was more plentiful again, as stoves
and fireplaces used less, and local
dealers anticipated Increased shipments
over the coming weekend.
For fuel oil users the danger was
also virtually over, following the receipt
of 70,000. gallons of emergency
oil, in addition to regular quotas.
But the calendar says spring does
not come until March 21.
Slant Gets Answer
Fourteen-year-old Timothy Gladden.
bod of John W. Gladden,
commander of Otis D, Green Post
155, American I oglon, should
qualify as a balloon aerlallst.
Mot that ho actually flew In
one. as Mm earlier experimenters
with aviation tried to do. and latar
did. hut young Gladden "flow
em m long distance.
Sometime before Christmas, in a
landlubber's version of the notein-tbe-bottle
stunt, he floated a
balloon into the air, to come down
he haew not whose. Bat he enclosed
a pencil-scrawled note with
his name and address on it
This week he hod a letter which
read as follows:
"Dear rrieadi Am returning
your note I found in a peach tree
attached to a balloon on the SB of
fanuory 1MB. ft woe found in a
peach orchard six miles north of
El lor be. K.C. If you wish to pur
pay ? ? V*?f w MwH.
.:; ,; ^ .m.
^ . '
.' v. ' ;; ' -' M;!< '
Jaycees Set Up |
Band-Aid Club;
Maunev Chairman!
I -?
I W. K. (Billy) Mauney, Jr., was
| named to head a Junior Chamber of
Commerce committee to secure
funds for the Kings Mountain school
i band at the regular meeting of the !
' organization at the Woman's club j
Tuesday night. The club voted for- ;
' mation of a band-boosters organization,
the Band Aid Club, to enable j
every citizen to become a supporter'
of the band,
The membership campaign in the |
I new cluh was to get underway Thurs
1 day night at 8 p. m. at Central audi- j
j torium at a free concert to be given
! by the local group of musicians.
| The concert was scheduled by the
! Band Association as a part of Band
j Emphasis Week, set for this week.
Formulation of the Band Aid club
was approved by the executive committee
of the Band Association at a
meeting Wednesday, Mr. Mauney
said. Junior Chamber of Commerce
adopted the new club after Band Director
Joe Hedden, a member of the
[organization, had appealed for help
i in raising $4,000 needed by the band.
Three types of memberships have
been set tor the.Band Aid?club: reg!
ular, membership fee $1.00; corrtVi;
butir.g, more than $1.00; and life,
$50 or more.
"The band means much to the com
j munity and we feel that the Band
J Aid club will be a very effective way i
i for the citizens to support the musij
clans. Every Jaycee in our club is
i serving on the committee, and we
feel sure that the move will be highly
successful," Mr. Mauney said.
Board Approves
Aid Requests
L. Arnold Kiser, chairman of the
Paiinltf DAO?<I
w>w>t.iuiiu wuni/ watM u> mrapiiai l
trustees, said ..Thursday that the n
boa-d had approved at its Wednes- p
day nighi meeting an application to !1
the North Carolina Medical Care j
commission tor aid in expanding j,
oeunty hospital facilities,
The application includes both re- i
quests for the Shelby hospital and t
for the proposed unit at Kings Mountain,
Mr. Kiser did not divulge details of
the application but -aid "the situa- i
tlon looks very encouraging to us" '
, and he added that the application i
, was to be forwarded at a very early
J date.
> Under the state-wide hospital pro>
gram enacted by the 1947 General
Assembly, the state is providing aid j
for the expansion of medical facill'
ties in the state. 1
1 j Bank Employs Clover
' Man As New Teller \
The First National Bank announ[
ced this week that M E. Stanton,
now associated with the First Na- <
! tional Bank of Clover, S. C., will Join 1
i the Kings Mountain bank on March ! (
1, as a teller. j;
An army veteran during the recent i
war, Mr. Stanton served in both the j
' African and Pacific theaters. While
I his official capacity with the bank
here will be as teller, it was announced
that Mr. Stanton will later serve
as the bank's agricultural repre'
A native of Clover, he was reared i
on a farm and has been active in
farm management for the past sever
al years. He is married and has one j
child and expects to move here as j
quickly as accommodations can be .
obtained. (
' *>
_ %
4M. ? ? mofli ?
committee thairme
Red Cion Campai
Kings Mountain committee chair- 1
men for the annual Retf Cross drive I
which begins March 1, were an.noun - i
ced this week by Chairman J- G. <
' Darracott and Co-Chairman Carl F.
Mauney, following a meeting Tues- ]
day at City Half.
Tuesday's meeting, attended by i
local organization officials, and interested
citizens, featured reports on t
the past year's work, which showed
a large number of activities in 1
the social service field on the part
of the local chapter. 1
Quota for the forthcoming campaign
la 15,412, approximately $800
leas than the quota assigned ? and ]
raised ? In 1947. Of this amount
60% percent will be retained by the
chapter for local work, with 30%
percent going 10 tne national or- ,
"We are confident that thla year's
Suota will be met, as usual," Mr. c
arraoott said. "Kings Mountain .
people are aware. <rf the good work *!
being done by the Red Cross, not
only in distant places, but here at 1
- ' V
.. - r . \ :
* v. ' / "
Kings Mountain. N. C?
?.' . 2. . : *_' .
?'vV i'l A'< _* - v / ' ' v "
'fpj v>;'
I--- :
ed the Pro Deo et Patria ward
church services at St. Matthew*
# of daily Bible readiug, regular
the church, church altar, churc
give at least ISO hours of servici
Scout McGinnis is among the j
rank, highest in scouting, he v
picture above are, left to right, 1
W. H. Stender, and his parents. 1
One-Day Sc
Drive Has $
The annual Kings Mountain dis
irict Btoy Scout financial campaign
?with a goal of $2,000 ? will be
conducted Friday.
Along with the figure of $2,000
pletfon of the drive In one day, if
According to Aubrey Mauney, district
commissioner, the total amount
is slightly over $8.00 per Boy Scout
enrolled, and he pointed out this
was a small investment in support
of such a worthwhile program of citizenship
Feature of the Thursday night
nrnffrflm nf tha Wiu/anln nlnK a
r o"? ?? ?. viui/ ??ao a
program in the interest of Scouting,
featuring a skit by Eagle Scouts
Garland Still, Jr., and Charles Stanton,
a talk on "Benefits of Scouting
to Me," by Eagle Scout PauL McGlnnis,
nrsd a short address by Rev. J;
W. Phillips, pastor of First Wesleyan
chprch and new chairman of
the Kings Mountain scout district.
Following the Kiwanis meeting,
plans for the financial, drive were
mapped by district 'eaders and civic
club representatives participating
in the campaign,
crrr auto tags
Sale of city auto'tags jumped
to 860, according to a report through
Wednesday, to top the total
number pf 847 sold in 1947. The
city this week addressed cards to
motorists who have not yet purchased
the tags, informing them
that citations would be issued in
the near future, and urging them
to purchase the tags to avoid additional
penalties which are already
n Named To Lead
gn; Goal $5,412 |
tiome. They have, a habit of donating
liberally to this worthy cause,!
and this year should be no excep- ,
Committee chairmen named fol-1
Industrial Group?Howard Jackion.
. Industrial Employees?J. H. Paterson.
Business area (uptown) ? Joe
[*e Wbodwarid.
Outlying business area ? Gene
Public Employees?W. E. Bhtkeiy.
Professional Group?E. A. Harrlll,
lev. w. L. Press! y.
Insurance anmte?T P
Schools?J. E. Huneycutt.
Residential?Mrs. Aubrey Maun;y,
Mrs. Moffatt Ware.
Orover?Vaaaar Hardin, general
h airman.
Sural dlatrkrta ?Rev. T. W. Fog toped.
.. . ...
Negro district*?J. A. GHMoti, I. C.
- ,
i lain V
Friday. February 20,19^5
jm mg: ji^K ^ ML.
M B# ft( m?>
^KmmS mKlNk'
' ' '/> S - > 4
P v-*.'. <* I
H ' , w>
PK . :;.-'^H
&. s i?lf^
p P Bff'B
iagle Scout Paul McGinnis, Jr., sec<
v highest church onward for Boy Sco
0 Lutheran church. To receive the aw
attendance at Sundcqr School and chi
b year, and of the Word and Sacram<
> to the church over the regular attem
oungest Scouts to obtain the Eagle c
ras forced to woiit three months to m<
'roop 2 Scoutmaster Laney Dettnaar, S
Mrs. Paul McGinnis and Mr. McGinn
out Fund
12,000 Goal
V- - . .
1 Carl Goerch Lions
Farmer'* Night Speaker
i Carl Gosrch. of ftalstgh. editor
! of TbtSate^wmttak* the ad
! al FConor's Night banquet of the I
I Kings Mountain Lions dab, it was
announced yesterday by W. L. j
Plonk, ptoqium chairman.
The annual event has been
scheduled for Thursday night, I
March 2Mb..
Building & Loan !
Stockholders Met j
Stockholders of the Kings Moun!
tain Building & Loan association, in
' in their 41s( annual meeting Thuro- '
day night, February 12, re-elected all j
| officers and directors and heard re- j
: ports showing an active year during
The association showed net income
from loans for the year of $13,- j
1753.78, with $13,578.78 of this a- \
| mount being paid to shareholders as
follows; to full-paid shareholders, I
$5,019.42; to holders of optional
shares, $1,782.80; payments to hold-1
ers ol Matured shares, $5,436.50; pay
menu to holders of withdrawn j
shares, $914.24; and payments to j
holders of nreDsirf shares 1113 5(1
The additional $175, plus Interest
j received on federal government
bonds, totaled $2,500 and this amount
was added to the association's
reserve fund, which now totals
The report of Secretary - Treasurer
J. C. Lackey also showed that
ithe association loaned a total of
| $195,650 during 1947 in 167 separate '
loans. They included: $109,950 In i
72 construction loans; $43,100 in 28
ilbans for the purchase of homes;'
,200 in two re-financing loans; j
land $36,400 in 65 loans lor other i
| Stockholders numbered 1,032 at
| the close of year, including 912 white
I Dersons and 120 colored nersons
Officers re-elected were: W. K
Mauney, president; J. C. Keller, vice'
president; J. C. Lackey, secretary- i
treasurer; and J. R. Davis, attorney, j
Directors include the officers and
C. W. Hullender, Dr. L. P. Baker, W.
M. Gantt, B. H. Bridges, R. L. Mauney,
and C. F. Thomasson.
A HP Vesper Service
Series Sob|ects Given
Rev. Wm. L.lPressly, pastor of
Boyce Memorial A. R. P. church, will
continue his special services at the
Vesper hour Sabbath afternoon at 5
This series Is en the fife of Christ,
using the following subjects: "Journeying
with Jesus to thi, Wilderness"
"Journeying with Jesus to SamarJs,"
"Journeying with Jesus to the TrSnsflgurattori*,
"Journeying with Jesus
to the Cross", "Journeying with 3esis
to the Upper Room."
The Vesper hour Is 5 p. m.
-'jV' Mr- v
' '" < V.
' -v -?i :' '' ' * / ' '. '
. .
- 7
?:v^: I
m__ mh p
>nd from left above, was award- j
ats, on February 8, at morning
ard, a Scout must give evidence
irch, must have a knowledge of
?nts, and, in addition, h^ must
lance at church services. Eagle
[ward. After qualifying for that
set the age requirements. In the
cout McGinnis, bis pastor. Rev.
is.?Photo by Bundy.
Boys And Gills'
Work Group Meet
j Harry Page was elected chairman
; of a joint divic club committee on I
i boys and girls' work at its first meet j
ing, held at the Country Club TuesI
day night.
| The 13,man group, which includes :
j representatives from the Klwants;
I and Lions clubs and the Junior
! Chamber of Commerce, has as its '
*Jt? -the-fowftuJation of boys' and
i girls' program, lboklng to the full utilization
of all facilities of the
J community.
Mr. Page said no definite policies
were formally ooneluded at the |
Tuesday night organization meeting,
but that definite plans would be advanced
in the near future.
Members of the committee are:
Lions ? Howard Jackson, Hilton
Ruth, Carl F. Mauney, John Henry
Moss, Charies E. Warllck. Kiwanis?
H. L. Campbell, L. Arnold Klser, Harry
Page, Rev. J. G. Winkler, Paul
Mauney. Jaycees ? Ra'nh tFrosty)
Spearman, J. B. Falls, Grady Howard.
nw*r Boosters
Meet Wednesday
Cleveland and Rutherford county
Woodmen of the World BoostersClub
will hold the regular monthly meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. m. in the hall
here with Kings Mountain Camp 15
as hosts, according to an announce- |
mem this week by Denver King, lo- i
cal WOW official.
Refreshments will be served at I
the meeting, Mr. King said. The i
group is composed of members from j
all WOW camps in the two counties. |
Nine camps will be represented at
the meeting, including Kings Moun- 1
tain, Shelby, Spindale, Ellenboro, i
Grover, Cliffside, Caroleen, Lawn- j
dale, and Union Mills.
State Senator Lee B. Weathers,
of Shelby, publisher of the Shelby
Dajiy Star and for the past three !
terms representative o? the 27th !
distrie' in the North Carolina Senate,
Wednesday announced that |
he Would be a candidate for re- i
Tickets Going Fast
Merchants' Banque
Ned McGill. seeret'arv of tho KIocb I
? *.? ??
Mountain Merchants association,
said yesterday that tickets for the
annual employee-employer banquet
set for Tuesday night, are going fast,
and he urged members of the organl
ration to place orders at once.
Accommodations are limited to 200
Feature of the annual event will
be an entertainment program by the
Gay Nineties Quartet of Charlotte,
one of the favorite entertainment
groups In the Piedmont area. Hilton
Ruth, chairman of the arrangements
committee, will serve as master of
of ceremonies, end J. W. Milam, retiring
president, will welcome the
group and recognise special guests
Glee A. Bridges, first president of the
association on Ks reorganization In
1 A Pages I I
| *f Today
- - I ... ^
Kiwanis Bequest
For Auto Test
Lane Granted
O A. Bridges, Chairman of the Kiwanis
club public affairs committee,
was notified this week than an
auto inspection lane would be
in ample time for all people
In ,the Kings Mountain area to get
The information was received from
Colonel H. J. Hatcher, cammamling
officer of the state highway patrol
and director of the highway safety
division, in response to a .request,
from the Kiwanis club committee
that Kings Mountain ? which had
not been previously scheduled for a
vehicle inspection lane ? be put on
the schedule.
Chairman Bridges, in a letter to
Col. Hatcher, pointed out the inconvenience
to motorists which would
be caused, should an inspection lane
not be established here, and urged
that Kings Mountain he added to
the schedule.
According to the highway safety
act, passed by the 1947 General Assembly,
all motor vehicles arc re- '
quired inspected once during
1948 and twice yearly thereafter. If
found defective .the owner "is required
to have them repaired before '
driving them on the highway. Motor
vehicles are defined by the act
to include cars, trucks, trailers, semitrailers,
motorcycles, and motor bikes.
A total of 25 items are checked
during an inspection, including everything
from brakes to stickers on
the windshield.
Col. Hatcher did not. say on what
date the inspection lane would be
set up. His tetter stated:
. "I have made an investigation as
to the possibility of having a checking
station for the inspection of
motor vehicles located in Kings
Mountain for the convenience of the
people who live in this vicinity. I
have been assured by Mr. Moore,
who is director of the Mechanical Inspection
Department, that tills Inspection
Lane will be located fn
Kings Mountain for the convenience
of your peojfle in ample time
for all to take advantage of the opportunity."
tion to Mr. Bridges, are O. H. Mauney,
director, Joe A. Nelsler, F. R.
Summers, J. B. Keeter, and Hugh Y.
Lions Heard
Mrs. Goforth
Members ot the Kings Mountain
Lions club, in regular meeting at
the high school cafeteria February
12, heard an address by Mrs. Mary
B. Goforth, manager of the Kings
Mountain branch of the state employment
The program was arranged by
Don Blanlon.
In her address, Mrs. Goforth outlined
the six-point program of the
employment service, and described
her office as a local clearing house
between employers and employees.
The six-point program of the employment
service includes; (1) placement
of the job-seeker, (2) special
services to veterans: t-3) employ-"
ment counseling and selective placement;
(4) labor market information;
(5) industrial services; and (6)
cooperation with the community
Mrs. Goforth urged employers to
place job orders with her office in
order that their demands may be
filled more quickly and with more :
suitable personnel, in addition to \
keeping unemployment at a minimum.
She stafed that present extrapressing
needs in the local labor
market are for weavers, loom fixers, >
masons and carpenters.
New members welcomed into the
club included Atdhie Clark, transferred
from the Clinton, S. C., club,
Harold Plonk, Pete Barkely, and
Denver King.
t For Annual
A Tuesday Night
1939, and several times a director in
the organization, will install new
officers and directors for the coming
The invocation will be given by
Rev. W. L. Pressly, president of the
Kings Mountain Ministerial associatlon.
'A prize drawing of gifts from the
merchants will be held for the la*
In addition to "back-when" songs
and novelty numbers by the quartet,
the group wtll lead audienceparticipation
songs reminsoent of
the Gay Nineties. ,
Tickets are available from member*
df the arrangements committee . ; ?
or from Secretary MdClll at fl-50

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