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City Limit* (1940 Census) 6.574
Immediate Trading Area 15,000
(1945 Ration Board Figures)
VOL. 60 NO. 33
Kings Mountain, N. C., Friday. August 19, 1949
9fl 5T*
LV Today
Local News
Oastonia Juniors defeated Cov
ington, Ky;. 16-9, in a 5 'p. m.
jjame at KannapoHa Thursday
'yesterday) to advance to the fi
nals of the Regional 4 touma
E N. Barnes, t superintendent of
city schools, is attending the su
perintendent's conference being
held at Mars Hill College this
Members of the Kings Moun
-? tail? Lions club will meet at Da- I
vidson Memorial Scout Camp 'or |
their regulajr meeting next Tues- j
day evening at 7 o'clock, it was ]
announced this week. C. C. Edens -j
and Boy Scouts will prepare the '
supper. The camp is located South ;
off the Yord road.
kelson Bridges, son of Mr. and i
JMre. G. E. Bridges and recent
graduate of Georgia Institute of
Technology, has accepted a posi
tion with Ideal Machine Shops, !
Inc., of Bessemer City, it was an
nounced by A. W. Kincaid.
William Miles Hord, son of Mr. j
and Mrs. Jake Hord, left Monday j
night for Perrin Air Force Base, j
Sherman, Texas, for basic train- j
Ii)g as an army air corps Cadet, j
Cadet Hord completed a hitch* in '
the navy several months ago.
A. T- Cilne, who is receiving
treatment at Charlotte Memorial ]
hospital for a leg infection, was j
reported \ somewhat, improved
Thursday. .
Three WngS Mountain students
were among the 24 Gardner-Webb
Junior College students who re- I
ceived diplomas at summer grad- }
tiation exerdses at the college last |
Friday. They were Walter Dur
ham- Harmon, William Erskine
Harmon and James Lesley Hul- j
lender. y
fhifeTirHead j
Mcfittb 01 Gaston i
Some 100 members of the McGills- j
of-Gatttm clan met for their annual
reunion at Beulah church arbor off i
the Cherryville Road Wednesday,!
heard an interesting program, con
ducted the annual business session, |
and ate a bountiful picnic dinner. [
llie group elected Marriott Phi
K:, oi Kings Mountain, president,
succeeding < Miss Virginia Plonk,
Miss Wilmont WhtteSides, of Gas
tonia, vice-president, and Miss Mary
Boyce MdGUI, of Kings Mountain,
secretary-treasurer. ? ?
Miss Nancy Plonk read the Scrip
ture selection and m*dx? a brief talk I
and Miss Nan Jean Gantt read a <
one- act play, "The Purple Door
knob." Miss Willie McGill gave the
vital statistics report of births,
deaths and marriages during the
paat two year*, and Mrs. Earl Car
penter gave the nominating com
mittee report, which was adopted |
Mrs. Prank Whltesldes, of Gas
tonla, oldest members of the clan
present, brought greetings to the
The annual reunion was not held |
last year, due to the polio epidemic.
To Check Credits ,
Members of the sanior of
Slags Mountain high school ore
being requested to ?islt the office
ol Principal Howell Lane for . a
credits check prior to the opening
of the m?-50 school t*?n. ached
'i'?- lot Thursdn
the lofe fssteiday
to cap at his doing the
hows Of ?i? a. as. to 4 ?? p. m.
Monday through Friday.
U to insure ??sry senior's
4 th? IM.tA Jettho
s^i M ***- Cb.
v ?. >, '? f *_7|
Merchan ts A re Ready
For Opportunity Days
Air Shew Cancelled;
CAA Refuged Permit
The August 28th Air Show
scheduled for presentation by the
King* Mountain Junior Chamber
of Commerce at Morrison Airport,
has boon cancelled due to ruling
of the Clrll Aeronautics Adminis
tration. It was announced Thurs
day fry Sam Collins, chairman of
the show.
Mr. Collins said that the CAA
had failed to approve the airport
for the show, due te the fact that
there appeared insufficient space
to meet CAA requirements. Ac*
-cording to Mr. Collins, the specta
tors are required to remain 500
feet behind the runway, and the
local airport did not meet the re
Local Jaycee officials were in. j
formed of the CAA ruling Thurs
day morning by Wilbur 1L Spra
gue. CAA aviation safety agent.
"We art indeed regretful, of this
development," Mr. Collins said.
"Our understanding was that CAA
approval would be given. But Mr.
Sprauge said the airport had been ;
checked for size and would not !
suffice as the location for an air
show, such as we had planned."
Wright Bites
To Be Friday
Funeral services for Thoirias Nr
Wriglut, 83, well-known Kings j
Mountain citizen for the past 47 1
years, will be held Friday afternoon. ;
Brief rites wiil be held here at the j
home on West Gold street at 2:30 j
and the funeral will be oonduqted at i
Pleasant Grove Baptist cfc'-rrhnear
Fall ton at 4 p. m.
services, which will be conducted by
Rev. A. M. Kiser, the pastor, assisted
by Rev. L. C. Pinnix, pastor of First
Baptist church here, and Rev. E. 8.
Elliott, of Cherry viliel Interment in the Pleasant Grove ceme
tery. ?:??
Mr. Wright, a native of the Plea*- !
am Grove community, died at 6:30 [
Thursday morning, following an ill
ness of several months. He was the
son of the late Effie Lackey and W.
H. Wright and was married to the
former Laura Vance, who suc
cumbed in 1944.
Mr. Wright was a retired farmer.
Surviving are five sons and three
daughters, Vance Wright, Jessup,
Mdl, Floyd bright, of Shelby, Boyce
Edward and Fletcher Wright, Mrs.
A. C. Hoyle, and Mrs. Effie Jones, ail
of Kings Mountain, and Mrs. R. J.
Woods, of SheJby. Six sisters, all res- ;
idents of the Pleasant Grove com- 1
munity also survive. They are Mrs. j
J. Y. Elliott, Miss Dovls Wright, Mrs.
Kim Williams. Mrs. Will Glaseoe, j
Mrs. Andrew Elliott, and Mrs. John
Also surviving are 24 grandchild
ren and 10 great-grandchildren.
Vacancies are still reported for
the last week in August 9* Camp
Cherokee day camp at Lake Craw
ford, it was announced this week
'by Mrs. Aubrey Mauney. Parents
wishing their children to attend
and able to pay the W50 should
makp reservations by calling Mrs.
Paul Mauney at 253 M, wiiile
those unable to defray costs of the
week's outing should contact Mrs.
J. N. Gamble at M7-M or 479j W.
Young DemoaifeRl
August 29; Barnes
Cleveland County's Young Demo
cratic Club will he hosts at a dis
trict-wide rally on August 29th at
a fwh fry and square dance to he
held at BrackaetfT Cedar Parte on
Highway 10 near Pslkville, it was
announced yesterday by W. Faison
Barnes, president of the county
YDC organization.
. *Vhile the speaking side of the
gaviwring will' be principally Infor
mal, Mr. Barnes said, invitations ate
going otft to ail eouiky and out-of
county political officiala and many
of i horn are expected to attend.
Price of the dinner and evening's
Local Merchants
j Offer Bargains
Over Weekend
Opportunity for savings will be
the theme In Kings Mountain Fri
day, Saturday, and Monday, as the
Kings Mountain Merchants associa
tion presents Kings Mountain Op
portunity Days ? second large city
wide trade promotion in the past
half year.
Some 23 firms, including dry
goods merchants, appliance dealers,
hardwares, furniture stores, variety
stores, jeweleries, and groceries, are
participating in the tr^de event, and
all are offering merchandise at
special savings. Many items bear
the marking "Opportunity Days
only," which means that the items
will be available at regular prices
aftef Monday.
Special feature of the event is a
$200 give-away by participating
firms. Certificates in $1.00 denomi
nations will be given away on the
streets and will be spendable at the j
firm whose name is signed thereon, j
The certificates can be used to pur- 1
chase a one dollar item, or may bej
applied to a larger purchase price. !
The certificates will be given away i
?by the individual firms at random, ]
and no specific hour has been set. |
However, the certificates will be gi- 1
^ven-away eatti of the three days, it j
was announced.
Majority of the firms are announ- I
cing their most special offerings in
today's edition of the Herald.
Commenting on the Opportunity
Days event, Hilton Ruth, chairman
,m y!T ",''<'inents
fjply goirrg all out to offer the buy.
ing public some v?ry exceptional
buys. Much is available In new
merchandise well under average ,
market prices."
- Participating firms include: A 1
& P.' Tea Company, Dixie-Home
Store, Crawford's Market, B. & B.
Food Stores, Inc., Bla lock's Grocery,
Keeter's, and Myers' Department
Stores, Saunders' and Woodward's
Men's Shops, Sterchi's, Kings Moun.
tain Furniture Company, Cooper's,
Inc., West re n Auto Store, City Home
and Auto Supply, Grayson's Jewel
ry, Dellinger's Jewel Shop, Phifer
Hardware, Bridges & Hamrick,
Kings Mountain Drug Company,
Rose's 510125c Store, Victory Chev
rolet Company, Center Service, and
Belk's Department Store.
L-M Drivers Urged
To Renew Licenses
Citizens Whose names begin with
"L" and "M" were reminded this
week not to wait until late Decem
ber to comply with the driver's li
cense renewal law.
Inspector W. W. Wright, who is
in Kings Mountain *t City Hall I
courtroom all day each Friday and 1
on Saturday mornings, urged the
group to plan to have their licences i
renewed as soon as possible.
l?st December many persons were 1
caught in the last-minute Jam 61,
Deadline for renewals for persons j
whose last names begir. with L and
M is December 31, 1949. New appll- :
cants may apply for licenses a' any ;
time. Mr. Wright said.
To Hold Bally
Gives Plans
entertainment Will be *1.25, and
ticket* will go on sale within the
next few days.
All local Young Democrats are be
ing urged to attend.
Prior to the flah fry, scheduled at
7 o'clock, e preliminary meeting for
out-of-town guest* will be held at
tile Cleveland Country Club near
Shelby, at .4 o'clock.
The meeting will also be in part
ia membership rally. l?? the local
group's effort* to broaden the scope
\ of membership and activities of tne
Cleveland County TDC.
Plonk, Patterson
Named To Boards
By City Fathers
The city, board of commissioners
met in special session Wednesday
afternoon, made two appointments
to boards, and completed a number
of routine matters.
The board named Hal S. Plonk to
succeed Otto Williams as a member
of the city planning board, and
named A. H, Patterson a member of
the Jacob S. Mauney Memorial "Li
brary board, succeeding Carl F.
Mauney. Mr. Plonk was appointed
for a three-year term, while Mr.
Patterson was named for two years.
Mr. Patterson will serve as the city
board representative on the library
board, which also includes a repre
sentative from the school board and
representative of the J. S. Mauney
Other principal actions included
acceptance of a bid of $1,351 from
Carolina Tractor and Equipment
Company, of Charlotte, on a tractor
and grass mower, and a resolution
setting the regular monthly board
meeting on the secoi.d Wednesday
afternoon of each month at 3:30 p.
m. The bid of the Charlotte compa
ny for the tractor-mower was low
among three. The city engineer was
also authorized to purchase bull
dozer and po9t-hole digger attach
ments for the tractor.
The board devoted much time to a
discussion of water service to the
Burlington Mills village, Including
installation of water meters to some
80 houses. The board tentatively a
greed to set up an Installment pay
ment method for payment of these
customers* tap fees, which is $25 per
tap. Meatime, the board deferred ac- j
ceptance of a deed from Burlington !
Mills, Inc., for the water and sewer
lines In this village.
The board ' instructed City Engi
neer J. S. Evans to prepare a gar
bage ordinance, heard estimates
that surface-treatment of Cora street '
would cost $2,000 to $3,000, and a
gfttn diifcussed .the city'e sewaraga
disposal neeiW. City Engineer Evans
read a letter from J. M. Pease Com
pany, Charlotte engineering firm,
offering to make a survey of needs
for $1,000, the price deductible from
his fee in event the. city subsequent
ly contracted with him for a sewer
plant expansion program.
Mr. Evans was also Instructed to
Investigate the cost of curbing and
sidewalk for one side of North Cans
ler street, after Commissioner Hud
son Bridges had pointed out that
Cansler street, widely used by chit
dren attending West school, is h.'gh
ly dangerous to pedt?trian?.
Wright Clan Plans
Reunion Sunday
The Wright Clan will hoW its 74h
annual reunion at Friendship Me
thodist church, Fallston, N. C., Sun
day August 21st, beginning ?t 11
o'clock. Rev. Clarence P. Morris of
Troy, will make the principal ad
Dinner will be served on ' the
grounds at 12:30 o'clock. In the aft
ernoon, a delightful program of cdng
ing has been prepared. All families
are urged to attend and bring well
filled baskets.
City Mentioned
For Cement Plant
Kings Mountain was acknowl
edged as one of the several possi
ble locations of a state-owned and
operated cement plant Wednes
day by Ed H. Han ford, of Barling
ton. chairman of fe special com
mittee inndigatisg possibilities
, of such a plant.
In m news report appearing In
the Charlotte Observer, Mr. Ban
ford was quoted as jneattonlng
"Kings Mountain, Fletcher, An
dsowi and several ether places"
as locations ef the raw materials
required lev the nssmefaeture of
I wmMLt* :
fleaisw m m *? -* > ?. 1 1 n ?
UwTvidOf 9?Olt (Pwtq CTtOTlOB
ef the ooiHtKo to Investigate
the luOHl and It Is to meet
Net at State Cilhn in Xatolgh
Cost ef ooostrnettoa ef each a
plant would probably ma to a
million dollars, i* tree estimated.
Governor Scott feels the ooet wn
ment to the statoMd beast In)
halt ? ? f
Miles Maiiney To Give
Concert Friday Night
TO GIVE COHCEKT ? Mile* Holl- 1
man Mauney. talented Klngu Moun- ;
tain pianist, will play a benefit con
cert at the high school auditorium
Friday night. Full proceeds will go
to the local DAB chapter.
New Business
Site Underway
Progress was well underway this
week on a large new commercial '
building at the corner of Gold and
Cherokee streets being erected by
Dr. D. M. Morrison.
The building, a large brick two
tftory structure, will Include space
for four business buildings on the
street floor, while the top floor will
include a 30-foot by 60-foot meeting {
room for Fairview Lodge A. F. & A.
M., plus ? large kitchen and dining j
room, and ladies' and men's lounge. {
According to plans for the build
ing, the second -flra^lnlng room
will have a top^caparay oY pSfs..
sons ? leaving plenty of space for
serving personnel to work comforta
bly, and the kitchen will also be
large and well -equipped.
Entrance to the second floor will \
by staircase from the Gold street 1
*-?*?tor on the
C. T. Bennett is conu#v ? ?c :
Building permit is-1
"?'mated cost .
A meeting of the
Club has been scheduled for Tues
day at 8:15 p. m. at Ctty Hall lij the
courtroom ami a full attendance Is
being urged according to W. Falson
Barnes, pecret&Ty of the athletic
boosters club.
The meeting was called by the
board of directors in conjunction
with the current membership drive.
Every member of the club Is being
asked to bring a new member to
the meeting.
Trogram will include reports on j
club activities t6 tfsfe and a foot
ball movie.
The Mountaineer Club is sending :
the high school fotball team on a '
week- long training trip to Brevard :
college and Is currently organizing
a grammar athletic program. The !
high school group is scheduled to :
leave on Sunday.
The club now has around SO mem- [
?bers and is striving to reach the 200
mark before the first home toot
ball game. Membership fee is five
Kings Mour :ain
Artist To Play f
Benefit For DAR
MIlos Hoffmwn- Mauney, talented
young Kinfis Mountain pianist, will
play a full iour part program Fri
day night, when he presents a bene
fit concert at the high school audi
torium for the Colonel Frederic*
Hambright chapter, Daughters of
the American Revolution.
The concert will begin at 8 o'clock
and tickets will bo on sale at th?*
Another, feature of the concert
will be two groups o( solos by Misw
Frances Summers, Kings Mountain
mezzo-soprano, recent graduate in
music from Salem college who has
Just completed further study at the
University of Texas. She is the dau
ghter Of Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Sum
mere, and will 'be .accompanied by
her sister, Miss Virginia Summers
Mr. Mauney, son of Mr. and Mr*
W. K. Mauney is on vacation hen?
from New York, where he and hi*
brother, who form a duo -pi a no team,
are continuing their study.
Mr. Mauney will play two sonata?
by Scarlatti, in B fiat major and O
major, and Schubert's "Sonata in A
minor, opus 42," "YValdesrauchen1*
and "Sonetta 123 del Petrarca," by
Franz Liszt. .Leucuona's "Malague
na," Beethoven's" "Rondo in G Maj
or, opus 51, number 2," Debussy'?
''Clair de l.une,' and Schuman's
"Intermezzo." The closing selections
will be three Chopin works, "Im
promptu II In K sharp major, opus
36," "Etude in E Major, opus 10. no.
3," and 'Ballade in G Minor."
Mtes Summers will sing Duran
tes "Vergin, tutto amor," Brahma,
Vergebllche.s, Standchen,'' Straus*
German folk-song. 'Splnnlng
Officials of the DAR have report
ed a good advance sale of ticket*
and are anticipating a large at
tendance. both from Kings Moun
tain and from other cities. Admis
sion will be $1.00 for adults, 50 con*
for students.
Final Rites Held
For Mrs. Green
Funeral services were held Tues
day at 3 o'clock at Bethany Baft'ist
Church, near Forest City, for Mrs.
Mattle McArthur Green, 79, resident
of route 2, Kings Mountain; who
died Sunday afternoon at her hom??
after a serious illness of some two
Rev. T, W. Fogleman and Rev. C.
C. Crowe conducted the rites and
burial was In Bethany church cem
A native of Rutherford county,
she was a daughter of the late Julia
Goode and Glenn McArthur. He*
husband, James L. Green, died i?
She was a member of the Bethle
hem Baptist church and had been a
resident of that community for ths
past nine years.
She is survived by two sons, Char
les Green, of St. Petersburg, Fla*
and Howell L. Green, of Kings
Mountain; two daughters, Mrs. Ro
bert Swofforjl, of Kings Mountain,,
and Mrs. Blanch Towel, of Greoi.
Falls, S. C.; 26 grandchildren; and
16 great grandchildren.
Red Cross Bloodmobile To Return
To Kings Mountain September 8th
The Red Cross THoodmobfle is
scheduled to return to King* Moun
tain on September 8 according to
announcement by Harold Hunni
cutt, chairman of the Kings Moun
tain Chapter's blood program.
The Bloodmobile has made two
trips to &ing? Mountain and Kings
Mountain citizens have been very
generous, giving a total of 73 pint*
of blood oh the first trip on No
verrfber 5, 1948, and 83 pints on the
teat wrtp. May 3.
Blood program officials are Hop
ing for an even better turn-out of
donors this trip. .
Several. Kings Mountain area ci
tizens have received blood from th*?
regional 'bank in the past few mon
ths, Chairman Hunnicutt Mated.
Blood collected through the effort*
of Red Cross chapters in the Char
lotte area is processed at the . re
gional center and held for free usir
when needed.
"Make your plana now to be a
va liable on September 8 to glw
blood to this program," Mr. Hunni
cutt urged. ,
Merchants Offering Many Bargains During Opportunity Days

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