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City Limits (1940 Cuimi) 6.574
laaudia <? Trading Asm 154)00
. (1945 Ration Board Piguiu)
VOL. 60 NO. 45
* % "? ;?
? ? : , ? . '
Kings Mountain. N. C. Friday. November 1 1. 1949
TTRST KINGS MOUNTAIN FOOTBALL 7XAM ?Shown abore are member, of ?ho lftt edition of
the Kings Mountain high school football team, first team in the hiiUtry of the schooL at J quit*
"informal." according to reports of tMB veterans. They are, ftont row. sitting: Joe Loo Woodward.
Mormon Kayos. Hoyt Matthews. Tom Fulton, and Jake Hordj Mfrsnd row. loft to rigU. Forrest Hou -
1 Off (standing). Howard Pursloy. Lloyd Ormcmd. Tom Saunders. Hoyto MeDcmieL Charlie Saunders
(standing); and hack row. loft to fight CI em on see Boone. J. M. McCinnis, Plato Gofocth, Odoll Mc
Clnnis. Frod Plonk. Noyce Croon ?m Xxtwroaeo LorolL Supt. J. T. Errin is tho 'plain clothes"
, gentleman at the back. . . ____
local Newt
* ?- v' ; ?
l I III 1
Joe Grlme^5B^*|itere<i Char
lotte Memorial hospital about two.
weeks ago, la reported In an im
proved condition tj?b week.
. . ** , T
1 Sank will be
y. The hank will not
the ctfctomsry Armistice
ly, it was enounced by
?. Weill, executive rlcepresi
? Charles Thomasson has accept
ed a position aa salesman with
Saunders" Men'a Shop, It was an
nounced this week by D, D. Saun
ders, manager. '
The Cleveland county mobile
X-Ray unit ta scheduled to fiqifh
out a week's stay at Bonnie Mill
Friday and Saturday. No further
schedule has been announced.
/ ^|iwCK MEETING ?
Members of the Kings Mountain
Junior Chamber of Comerce will
hold their regular meeting at the
VfomanVCkft Tuesday night at
7 O'clock. Program details hud not
been completed at press time
J. B. Weaver, son of Mrs. Carrie
Weawr, has been assigned a
Pacific fleet tanker, the USS Cal
ient ( AO-53). The Kings Mountain
?a41or's address is : J. B. Weaver,
WSS Calient (AO-53) FPO, San
Francisco, Calif. $1 %. * '*
? . V. .
Building permits were issued to
J. R. Cline, on Wednesday, for re
roofing of building on ' West
. Mountain street, $300, and to First
National Bank, on Monday, for
closing in stairway on West
Mountain street, $50.
to the Girl Scout
finance campaign in Kings Moun
tain totaled $700 Thursday. Goal
M the drive is $ljB00, and Chair
man tfohn L. McGUl is urging
campaign solicitors to complete
their WOftF. ' U
?ndg*?. CtNhlMk It Newton,
ordered a mistrial Monday in
^Cleveland Superior Court, in the
civil action brought by adminls
mm- Of the estate of Charles
illard against the City of
MouBtaiSL Dill and died ?ft
a tell on Battleground avenue
i summers ago, and the adtnin
atora charged that a defective
sidewalk caused the death of the
boy. The efty refused to admit
that the fall mwited in tKv boy*
death. City Attorney 0. R. Davis
and E. A. Harrill represented the
city, and C. C. Haw and J. L.
the plaintiffs.
Will Hold Reunion
Members of Kings Mountain's
first high school football team? *rin
tage of 1922 -r> harve received limi
tations -to gather for a reunion din
ner at the Kings Mountain Countijn
Club Friday night, November 18,
and subsequently to after* the 1919
edition's home-coming game ?with''
Lincoln ton on DUtt #veaing at City
Stadium. -?
tfoe L&f Woodward, one <rf the ori
ginal teams players, is making ar
rangements for . the gathering and is
expecting a good attendance.
AH ot the team members In the
picture of the group (shown above,)
are very much alive and the ma
jority of them live in Kings Moun
tain, or close proximity to It. I
In the team picture were Lee j
Woodward, Hoyt Matthews, Tom'
Fulton. Jake Hord. Howard Pursley, !
Lloyd Ormand, J. M. McGlnnfcs, Pla- ;
to Goforth, and Fred Plonk, who still
have a Kings Mountain address.
Lawrence Love 11 and Ode 11 McGln
nis live in Gastonia, Royce Green
and Supt. J. Y. lrvin live at Shelby,
and the more distant addresses are:
Herman Hayes, Cla/ksboro, J.,
Forrest Houser, Washington, O. C.,
Tom Saunders, South Boston, Va.,
Hoyle MtfDanlel, Charleston, S. C.,
Charlie Saunders, Newport News,
Va., and Clemonsee Boone, Rad
ford, Va. ; x ( [
The team had no formal coach
ing, until late in the season when
Fred Ormand took over, and It prfic- 1
ticed and played on the* old- Mar
grace field, which Is now the site of .
the Margraee finishing plant. 1
The team physician, also to at
tend the dinner, was Dr. J. S. Nor
man. Team members report that Dr.
<Norman would treat their injuries
and would refuse to charge any fee.
: ThL? was a big boon, as money was
f not very plentiful.
The team met with a modicum of i
success, though a complete record!
of the games has not be*n oompll- <
ed. In an early game, Gastonia wax '
played to a 0-0 tie. considered a
"moral" victory, and the Hist win
came on a Friday the 13th. as the .
Mountaineers trounced Mt Holly,;
19-0. Later In the season, Kings
Mountain, playing at home, defeat
ed Oowpens, <1-0. This was the for
feit score in those days. Cowpeits,
behind 7-0, walked off the field late
in the game when they 'became en- I
raged at the official for a 15-yard
penalty. The charge: personal foul.
Coincidental ly, the 1932 team
played Lincolnton, losing by 12-0. '
Most of the veterans can spin
most interesting yarns about the
games and particularly the trips
to other places, made in the old
open-style automobiles over roads
that the modern-day motorist would
oali cowpaths. Reportedly, a car was
mlr#i deep on one trip and the play
ers were out to push. Hoyt Math
thews was pulling at the radiator.
But Lloyd pulled too hard. The ra
diator fell of*. jfjS:
Chief intfortes of the season were
suffered by Lawrence Loveli, who
(Oont'd on page el^ht)
% A. Grantham
Mr. Grantham died Sunday at St.
Leo's Hospital in Greensboro. He
had 'been ill for the past three
weeks, suffering from a heart all
went: ?
He was a native of Wayne coun
ty, the son of William U. and Edith
Perry Gran '.nam. He had lived at
Guilford College for 90 years and for
25 years was superintendent of the
college power plant.
Surviving, in addition to his son,
here, are his wife, the former Gulie
Henley, another son, David, of New
port News, Va, a brother, George
Grantham, of Fremont, four slaters,
Mrs. Ethie 3asserf Mns. Lorn* 3a*
ser Mrs. Ella EdgettOn and Mrs.
John Weal,, all of Goldsboro, four
great- grandchildren, Barabara Ann
Grantham and Dorothy Smith, of
Kings Mountain, Mrs. Howard Kauf
man, Guilford College, and Walter
B. Smith, Lakeland, Fla., and 'a
great-granddaughter, Carol ; Ann
Kaufman, Guilford Collets. '
Mr. Grantham has visited here
many times and was known by ma
ny people of the community.
Model Plane Slow
Plans Progress
? Some 20 model flying enthusiasts
of the area are expected to compete
for a $100 In prizes at the Jaycee
Model Air Show on Thanksgiving
Day, according to announcement by
President Grady Howard.
The Air Show will be held at City
Stadium, and will feature Jet model
The competitors are expected to'
begin trial runs around 10 a; m.
Thanksgiving morning, Mr. Howard
said, with contest runs 'beginning
at 1 p. m.
Tickets for the event are on sale
by members of the Kings Mountain
Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Members of the congregation of
Central Methodist church will vis
it the Methodist Home at Char
lotte Sunday afternoon, with the .
pastor, ReV. J. H. Brendall, and
choir to ttteamt a pjogmm..
The members toe td carry a ple^"/
nic lunch, wfelch will be aerved,
rcl lowing the vesper service at 5
Merchants To Stage Christmas
Opening Parade Next Thursday
"Relief Voted j
To Over-Parking ;
Local Patients
The city board of commissioners
met in regular November session
Wednesday afternoon, but 'the major
part of the meeting was devoted to
routine matters.
Major action by the board was a
vote to install a new traffic light at j
the intersection of York Road and
E. King street. The ooard took cog
nizance of the accident Tuesday in- .
volving a heavy truck and auto, and !
it was mentioned at the meeting
that both drivers "claimed the green
light and had witnesses to prove
It." It was pointed out that the light ,
now operating at this correr doesj
not have a caution ?t2na? and that
the light shows both red and green
when changing. The new light is to]
be installed as quickly as it can be
In another action of Interest to
motorists here, the 'board altered!
slightly its policy regarding park
ing meter violations. A person who
niters a doctor's office and Is de
tained more than one , hour may
have his ticket voided in the fu
ture by getting his doctor's certifi
cation that he was detained for
longer than an hour (written on the ,
back of the ticket.) Commissioner]
Cart Mauney offered the motion.
?M the suggestion of Fire Chlel|
Grady King,, the board voted a ten
dollar service charge be made to the
Southern' Railway for supplying wa- j
iter to train engines. Nearest water
stations are Blacksburg, S. C., and
Gastonla, and it has been the cus
tom <xt the fiie Chief to use fire de
partment equipment In supplying
water to the engines when the ser
vice Is requested. The service charge
will be in addition to the regular
billing for water. _
%, T. Plott asked the board to share
half the 9M0 cost of improvement to
Mauney avenue to make it passable
in toad weather and the board
agreed to the proposal.
The board also officially adopted
(Cont'd on page eight) v
Ware To Head
CBOP Group
J. S. Ware, prominent farmer, was
named chairman of the steering
committee of the Kings Mountain
area CROP organization at a meet
ing held at -First Baptist church
Monday night. ?
Other members of the steering
committee are Clyde Randall, Way
ne L. Ware and Glee A. Bridges. i
The notion - wide CROP program
(Christian Rural Overseas Program)
Is an effort to obtain gifts of com
? modities for needy overseas persons.
It is being sponsored -by church or
ganlz*uihs throughout the country.
In Kings Mountain the drive be
gins on Sunday artd will continue
through November 27. Members of
county churches are asked to take
their gifts to their particular chur
ch, which the First Baptist church
Scout Hut a,nd Bridges and Hamrlck
have been designated as receiving
stations for the city. j
' Articles desired are wheat, corn,|
cotton, dried fruit, canned meats,
peanuts, soybeans and wool.
Represented at the organizational
meeting Monday n*?ht were the
host church, Bethlehem, Patterson;
Grove. Oak Grove, Allen's Memorial
David's and Sacond Baptist church
es, First Presbyterian church and ,
Boyce Memorial ARP churoh.
Wednesday To Be
Last Hall-Holiday
Wednesday will bo the last dory
prior to Christmas that Kings
Mountain merchants talce an aft
ernoon half-holiday ' as they fol- j
low customary practice of sus- I
pending the closings for the
Christmas shopping season.
They will b? open ail day for
the first time on Wednesday, No
vember 23. tho day before Thanks -
giving, and will not rosum* tho
closings until after Christmas.
They will, however, be closed
* all day Thanksgiving. November
24, according to announcement by
th? Kings Mounttkta' Merchants
Association. Thanksgiving is one j
of several regularly observed hol
Club Stockholders
Meeting Tuesday
Annual stockholder's meeting of
the Kings Mountain Country Club,
Inc., will be held Tuesday night at
7 o'clock at the club dining room. |
The meeting will be a Dutch Sup- 1
per- I
Following the dinner, the business
session will include election of 12
directors for the coming year, re- 1
ports of officers and committee
chairmen on the past year's activl- !
ties. Directors elect the officer*. ' j
President Paul M. Neisler has ap-1
pointed Joe H. Thomson, B. S. Neill,
and C. D. Blanton to serve as mem
bers of the nominating committee.
? Members are being urged to make
reservations for dinner Ijy calling
the club secretary Gfeorgo House?. . I
Dom H aiu*
Rites Confuted
Funeral services for Dorus H. Al
len, 38, of 108 City street, wets held
Sunday afternoon at 2:30 at First
Presbyterian church, with interment '
following in Memorial (Park of
Mountain Rest cemetery.
Mr. Alien, a veteran of the 30tK
Infantry division in World War I,
died Friday night at Moore General
hospital at Biack Mountain. Death
was Attributed to a cerebral hem
orrhage suffered two days previ
He was a native of Cleveland!
county and a member of the local
VFW and American Legioa posts.
Surviving axe his wife, Bthel Ma
mie Thomas Allen, a son, Carol l Al
len, Kings Mounsin, a daughter,'
Mrs. Odell Barber, of Gaston i a, a
brother, Arthur Allen, Kings Moun
tain, a lister, Mrs. Grier Payne, of
Kings Mountain, and one grand
The rites were conducted by ReRv.
P. D- Patrick and <Rev. W. H. Stender.
Full military rites were performed
at the graveside by members of the
Kings Mountain and Shelby Na-,|
tional Guard units. Members of the
VFW were active palbearers, and
members of the American Legion
post were honorary pallbearers.
The men of the Church organi
zation off iioyce Memorial ARP
church wiil hold a supper meeting
at the church on iFriday evening at i
7 o'clock. No program has been
arranged, it was announced, in
order to avoid a conflict with the
high school football game be
tween Shelby and Kings Moun
Union-Mined Coal Ma; Be 10 Days
Fran Kings Mountain, Dealers Say
Ltoeal coal dealers, as Wall as con
srumers, were happy Thursday over
the return of the ooal miners to the .
pita, but It was expected to be 10
days yet before union-mined coal is
l*m?m It King* Mountain, y|
Both local dealers, W. Ted WHr
and Claude Hambrtght, had talked
mine presents tives Thursday j
" i*ir.g, but dale of first shipments
not too definite due to ?xhaus- ,
of stockpiles and big demand,
p. Vfeir said his supply is "out," |
as did Mr. Hambrlght, but the latter
who ha* been joining in the bidding
for non-union coal, Mid a ear
was expected Friday and other*
through next week. . i
He mU4 th? price of coal would
be fl9 per ton until the first union
mirted coal i* reoeived, which he e*.
timated would he November 31 or 22.
Both reported the mine operator*
were dtitlou m to John L. Uwtf
next move and felt it po*rit>ie that
the miner* would be called out a
gain on November 90, baring an ear
Uer *etUement <M the dispute
* 1 '
Record Crowd
Is Expected >
For Yule Event
' Plans "were shaping up yesterday
for next Thursday afternoon'-*
j Christmas opening celebration in
| Kings Mountain and the annual pre
Christmas visit of Santa Claus.
Feature of the celebration will be
a large-scale parade through the
busines area, featuring a number o*
I fast-stepping bands, floats, and oth
er features.
| The parade will get under way
( from the Central school building at
] 5:30 sharp, according to announce
ment by W. Faison Barnes, secre
tary of the Kings Mountain Mer
chants Association w4if?h sponsors
the Christmas opening celebration,
j Line of march had not been defi
nitely set on Thursday, i>ut from the
high school the parade would pro
ceed South on Piedmont avenue and
follow a circuitous route through the
principal business district.
It- was announced that stores
I would close at the customary 5*30
I hour.
. Bands to appear in the parade
I will include the Kings Mountain
school baad and school bands from
Shelby, Llncolnton, and Gastonla.
It Is also possible that the Gaffney
school band will appear In the pa
rade. .
I five floats will be in the parade.
Including a Santa Claus float, and
the Queen City Coach- Company
float. --
Other units in the parade will *e
the Bantam football teams, Boy an*
Girl Scout troops ot the qity, an*
several klaidssgarten classes.
Record attendance has been pre
dicted for the event.
In -charge ot arrange meats W a
committee including Hilton Butlk*
chairman. T. W. Grayson, J. C. Brid
ges, Mr. Haithcock, Sam Weir, W. C.
Grantham and John L. McGlll.
The parade will mark the offlelai
opening of the Christmas season in
Kings Mountain, and the city elee
' trlcal department has been kuy
this week installing Chrlstma?~
I Rights in the business area.
Book Fnnd Gills
Now Total $357
to the Jacob
HNwitol library
of Mm i Minna Inn la
all of which titob* uaad In
chasing now books for tbo lILint
Donations reported this wwk
included :
Plonk Motor Company S SJI
Wostorn Auto 1IM
Joe Lee Woodward Ul
rings Mt. B. A U ISM
Grayson Jewelry SJ9
Center Barber Shop Ul
Baker's Grocory 2j00
Dean Butck Company 5jBB
J. C. Lacker SM
Home Building & Loan IMI
Griffin Drag IOjBB
Ward's Teed & Seed Store 111
Blalock's Grocery tlJB
Ted Gamble UM
Center Service SUM
Friendly Billiard Parlor Ul
Panther Shoe Shop IJI
De lunger's Jewelry SjBB
McGlnnls Puraiture SJBB
Otis Palls UN
Myers Department Store KJI
Dr. Paul B. Hendricks 1BJI
Dr. L. P. and Dr. Bobt. Baker SJI
I. B. Davis SjBI
Dr. O. P. Lewis SB!
Dr. D. r.
eat St
Hop nihil sill Store
II. L. Bond, of route 3,
Mountain, assumed the dutie* a t
mall messenger at the King*
Mountain pootoffice November 1.
Re succeeds Charlie Bis lock* who
resigned. Mr. Bond was the Ml*
cesftf"! blddet among el?ht whs
?ought the pott which is awards*
on a contact basis.
Christmas Visit November 17th

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