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    1L Y. Belk : ?
A. . 2 i. H. Beddlx from the
Navy is on shore leave, visiting
his mother and sister Eastend. t
George Belk and wife from
High Shoals and Hail Belk from
church street visited your report
er Sunday.
How long will hte war last is
a question being asked on the
streets. So long as they can find
Devils to run it ? is my answer. !
What you say Joe? I hope it
. snows the Russians under this
winter. ?, |
To ^rage a strike in times likes
thees is Uttle short of treason.
Looks like Harry could switch
IX off.
Man Is born free but he gets a
way from in as fast as his legs
will move him. About the only
> freedom you get is work, pay tax
ei and keep your mouth shut. (
In the horse and buggy days
scoffed at by so many, we taught
our children 1t was wrong to
stunt their bodies by the use of
cigarettes, snuff or tobacco in
any form. Children were taught
to go to church and Sunday
? school. Now they go fishing on
* Sunday
Had a very nice letter today
from my good fried Sgt. Wray
Stewart somewhere in- the Far
East. He says he's glad he has
always been able to get the Her
ald anywhere he's been yet. He
says if Uncle Sam keeps send ?
Ing him to new places hi* will
likely make an air field on the
moon. He is now on a little island
north of Japan. The way it is
torn up war has been here before.
The people are black what few
we have found, Wray says, and
It is very hot like Alaska ? snow
ing all the time. " ...
I never have any respect lor
any of. thosehigh ? browed low
scheming citizens who sneak a
round and pUe up all.klnws of
goods while tlw war is on. Hoard
ing war material, cement, nails,
lime. These dirty rascals are at
it again, offering cement at $2.00
per sack and .son on. We got plen
ty of Joes all about us ? worse
than Stalin. Not all hoarding su
gar. They may get by for a while
but when the Government gets
them ? 20 years In the pen may
?eem a long time just for oval
ing your Uncle Sam.
We commence
to wonder once
In a while if tt
does any good
to help thos? I
warring nations
who scorn the
hand that does
does the helping
after they get
all they can
from your Uncle
Sam? They don't give a hell
damn. If that ain't plain English
* Optometrist
Professional Bldg. ? Over Home Building & Loan
Eyes Examined Visual Care"
Glasses Fitted
Hours ? 9 to 5 p. m. daily
Wednesday and RvontngSby^AppoIritnient
Phone 492
Kings Mountain, N. C,
. tor the kiddies! OriKt
l.itl tlayor ... full of /.ip . .
thrilling to your taste! Next
time and every time, go . for
a frosty buttle of tasty, rner
*l/.ln* CHKERWlNK!
C.heerivine in in tune
with the 1 inert rait tunic!
Keep a supply at home.
Buy a ti- Hot lie carton or
a case today!
& i vi Mr " ? h. rf Ht mm 'TMfiwrS
ip 'dffl
EsMKAif*. .AL- Y\?
tell me what to say f you can. I I
care not if you 2 re a Republican ;
or a Demdamnorat, if you are
stealing from the nation those
things that is needed for the
war, you should be in RUssia
whore you can't steal. Weberter
said to filch is to steal. Better
quit filching from Uncle Sam
and fly Straight, Evil results from '
too close association with the
Devil. I heard a preacher say
one time ? evil corrupts good
morals. I say so too. Let me say
furthermore, if you take off in
your car and drive like the Devil
you may soon be with him.
Don't get mad at me for being
plain and telling the truth. I
was not talking about you We J
wouldn't do nothing like that but
some do. It's been proved many
The American way of life is
the only sound and sensible way
?Let's fightfof It.
?The tragedy of tragedies is
that America has become a soft
spintess, selfish money mad,
pleasure ? loving people. The
average person Is no longer in
terested in maintaining the prin
ciples that have made America
the greatest nation on the face of
the earth or any where else.
I don't object to the President
staying in bed as late as he Rlea- 1
ses. Lots of 'em officice holders
could do it and savethe country
money. You see too many Byrds
in Washington. We sleep late
when we feel iike it. I heard they
were going to tax a man if they
found him sleeping over a hours
and a woman over six. Six hours
is plenty of sleep for any woman.
About all the freedom a man gets
worth mentioning is when he's
sleeping orf ishing.
One thing we should like a
bout trouble is it teaches you how
many friends you got.
Joe Stalin boasts there are 7,
700 newspapers in Russia. We
wouldn't give the Herald for all '
of them. ?
Lying and deception are a ba
sic part of the Communistic
creed. They will wish they had
never met a Yank before their
_f[ght is over. Look out Joe:
May Cod nave sftthe inercy otf
those of us in this nation who
are too selfish, too cowardly, too
indifferent and too blind to take
an intelligent interest in the
issues of these fearful days we
face ? the flood gates of Commu
nism ? Socialism with Russia.
Our Republic was built upon
the rock-ribbed foundation of
truth. Justice and Liberty. Our
forefathers were men of faith,
courage and conviction. Were of |
ft\G in H(4f
. I
Domestic Furnace
Let a* ?how you thi? compact
Kretky Oil Burning iptcc heater
that* i big enough in capacity to
heat a house - ye', caice* *o little
(pace (only 21" wide, 19" deep.
38" high). Can be connected to
fireplace or any flue. Easily light
ad aod regulated. Quick, clean,
dependable, aod ratremely eco
nomical . ) m
Thermostat Control
Automatic Heat
Cheshire & Patterson
City St Phone 22
Pinnacle Laying Mash
We also manufacture:
? Starting Mash
? Hi-Energy Broiler Mash
? 167. Dairy Feed
? Pig Starter & Grower
? Big Hog Feed
? Mix Feed
Your needs with regard to custom mixing will have our most careful
We can furnish most any protein concentrate such as Fish Meal and
Meat Meal.
Ask Your Dealer
Ware Sons
YOl cm l(Tf (a* Axarlnx oat Tmmr mrmmmm* Iraa ikt Orl?>t
kr aa? of tkla plraaaat llitl* lettrr aaaalr. II tka untfi at
k?tta la roar (m aamr la 5 ar l?u. aablrarl Iraai T. If
awn tkaa 8 IHtara la roar ant .aaaaa, aablrart froaa IS. Haw
tako tkla rtaalt ami Hod r?av kf; ItHtf la tka waH ORIENT at
tkc tat of tkla punlr. Tkra, atartlaai at tka apprr left rorarr.
'k'fk rack nar af ynar large ktr lattria aa It aptfan froaa left
?a rtakt. Brian Ikr key Irttrra la a (*<? araaagr far yaa.
By 4-H, Home Demonstration Clubs
A United Nations Flag in ev
ery community is the goal of a
new state-wide project to be star
ted soon by North Carolina's,
thousands of home demonstra
tion club members and 4-H club
This announcement is made by .
Miss Ruth Current, State home'
demonstration agent for- the
State College Extension Service,!
following he return from a con- I
ference in Washington. Extension
agents from throughout the coun j
try have been asked to lead in'
developing the program.
Club women and girls will do
the work free for interested
groups and organizations that a- {
gree to provide the material.
? The flaps- are true-Wite fii
or, With white figures. They are 1
to be three by five feet In size.
The material for one flag costs
approximately $3.
Poles for flying the flags will
be provided by 4-H Club 'boys un
sterling character who counted it
a privilege to suffer want, to en- '
dure to the end in order that 1
they could leave for us our price
less government in a Constitu- J
Republic. That w? could live the
Great American Way of Life and ,
not be molested by other powers
and Isms. If America succumbs
to tototaliarism. Communism, So
cialism or some other alien
ideology. It won't be enemy
bombefs or subversive propagan
das ? then who will be respon
The responsibility will rest on
you and me and our next door
neighbors who have been too
busy or too indifferent to take
an active interest in public af
fairs. Those whose opinions are j
based upon ignorance. Wash
ington, D. C.. ha.-? been the Na
tions Capitol for 138 years. Ie
has only been invaded once ? by
the Brltsh troops during the War
of 1812. We trust never again by
a foreign enemy. Old Hitler af
firmed he would eat dinner in |
the Presidential Kitchen. Christ
mas day 1945. Joe could be pack
ing up to spend Christmas in the j
Capitol. Is Joe married? I heard
he got married to Hitler's sister.
They say Mrs. Stalin does Joe's
fighting. I guess Uncle Harry
sees whata mess Dear Uncle Joe
got us into again. It won't do to.
mess up and get too thinck with
your neighbors if they do live a
cross the stream: We tickled Old
Joe's taste when we sent him a
head into Berlin and he. with out
gun.i. bombs and stuff made Mr.
Adolph simmy. Now we must
fight Russia while they fight us
hack with the war materials we
loaned them to whip Germany.
Did our folks act the fool? I
guess they known by now Harry, j
bBrother. Sister, when patriotism '
can be bought for a price the j
hope of human freedom has gone j
with the wind ? fled.
We claim to be riding on the '
Salvation Train, but many of us
are riding in the sleeper.
A quick way to lose friends la
to announce you are out of mo j
So many people today are like i
hogs under a tree eating acorns,
neverd looking up to see where
our blessings come from.
By all account^ the Truman'
Administration is getting ready
to fight it out if it takes all sum
Getting rid of bad habits ? like !
lequor and tobacco ? we keep put i
,tlng it off until tomorrow.
? Pittsburgh Interlock
? Wilton Lookback
Mo lost than 28 color* to
chooao froml
Venetian Blind Co*
York Bd.
?4K v. ?
der the supervision of farm a
Along with the flag -making,
home demonstrations and 4-H
groups will conduct an educa
tional campaign concerning the I
purposes, organizations, and
functioning of the United Na
tions. This will be a phase of the
home demonstration citizeznship
An effort will be made to have
a flag available in every commu
nity for flying on United Nations
Day, October 24. In many cases
flags will be made and presented
to city and county officials for
lbcal use. \
The Extension Service was ask
ed to lead the program with all
because it has agenu iaj
every county experienced in
spreading and demonstrating
?better farming, homemaking, -j
clothing, and other information.
The agents are educational work
ers employed jointly by the coun
ty, the State College Extension
Service and the U. S. Department
Take Samples Now
For Small Grains
Farmers planting small grain
this /all are urged to take a soil
sample immediately from each
field where small grain is to be
seeded, according to Dr. F. J. Bell,
seed and small grain specialist
for the State College Extension
Service. The soil itself should
help planters decide the grade of
fertilizer and rate of application
to be used, he added.
Dr. Bell suggests that samples ?
of soil be sent to the Soil Testing 1
Division, North Carolina Depart- 1
ment of Agriculture, Raleigh, j
which will analyze the soil and
make recommendations for lim- j
ing and fertilizing. At present,
recommendations are being mail
ed out one week after the sam
ples are received in the la bora]
To receive maximum returns
from money spent on fertilizer
for small grain, it is essential
that the fertilizer .fit the soil,
says Dr. Bell, for example, soil
low in potash needs a fertlizer j
fairly high in this element, such
as 5-10-10 or 2-12-12. A soil test
will help to show what is n^eded.
Proper liming of the soil is im
portant at small grain seeding
time, particularly because of the
legumes such as lespedeza or
other crops to be seeded in the
small grain next spring, the State
Collerje specialist points out. Les
pedeza responds to lime and
cannot produce its best growth
on acid soils. A soil test will show
how much lime is needed.
No charge is made for testing
soil samples for North Carolina
of Agriculture.
Commenting on the flag-mak-'
ing effort, Federal Extension Di
rector J(f. L. Wilson said: "The
war in Korea is a United Nations
war. The United Nations flag
is flying beside our flag and the
flags of other countries. It stands
for a great hope ay our flag did
in Betsy Ross' time. People who
help make and fly United Na^
lions flags will -he doing pa ?
triotic service as well as widen
ing their understanding of the
present march of events."
Tall fescue is well adapted to
alL sections of No.^h Carolina as
a companion grass for Ladino
that in a coast-to-coast test of
hundreds of men and women
who smoked Camels? and only
Camels ? for 30 days, noted
throat specialists, making
weekly examinations, reported
Not one single case of throat irritation due to smoking CAMELS
farmera. Containers for samples,
together with instructions for ta
king samples, may be obtained
from county agents, vocational
agriculture teayhgrs, the Soil
Conservation Service.
JOB PRINTING ? Phones 283-167
The Hou&ing Act recently sign
ed by President Truman will au
thorize, during a four-year period
government loans to help farm
ers construct or repair existing
houses and other farm buildings,
according to Secretary of Agricul
ture Charles F. Brannari.
On Each Tuesday and Monday. Wednesday and
Friday Afternoons SATURDAY
Hoars 1 to 5 P. M. 8 A . M . to 5 P . M .
MORRISON BUILDING Tuesday and Friday
Telephone 316-J 8 A. M. to 12 Noon
EVENINGS BY Royster Building
? Rubber Tile & VINYL
? Inlaid Linoleum
? Plariic Tile ? Congowall
? For any room in the house
Kings Mtn. Floor Covering Co.
W. F. (Bill) Osborne, Special Representative
V Phone 287-W
Those cfeeery. white-clad men who deliver your milk
every day ... do you ever consider the part that
they play in your family life? Dependable as the
rosy morning, at your door daily 365 times a year,
eager to please you . . . does ANYONE give you more
important service? Next time you see YOUR Milk
man. give him a friendly slap on the back and tell
him what a grand job he's doing. Hell beam with
happiness and tell his boss what swell folks you are.
And. incidentally, on Christmas morning, you
COULD put out a nice gift forh im. You always do?
We Salate The Milkmen!
^ W-W///' \
v *xmw-S<
cost of ownership, operation, and vpkoop
?Of for high ratal* valuo. Chovrda* truck*
Chevrolet' i Voivo*in-Mood onginet eon do
work por gallon of gotolino eon
tumtd thou any other make of thoir ca
pacity. Yoo con'* boot Chevrolet for low
" - -
&MB& .'???? ?.v

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