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Cake Cutting
Miss Irene Allen and Mrs.
Charles Ramsey entertained at
the home of Miss Allen Saturday
night, with a beautiful cake cut
ting for Miss Helen Ramsey, pop
ular bride-elect, and her fiance,
Donald Blanton, following their
wedding rehearsal.
For the occasion Miss Ramsey
chose a Flamingo-red tissue fail
Je frock which she wort with
black accessories.
A lovely bouquet consisting of
Bayender asters, false dragon and
snap dragons centered the man
tel in the living room. Candles
?were used on either end of the
mantel. These were hand decora
ted. The soft shade of lavender
and pink was repeated in the
dining room where the refresh
ment table decorations were es
pecially pretty. The table was
covered with a Madeira cloth. A
three-tiered wedding cake with
a miniature bride and groom cen
tered the table. Ivy was used a
round the cake and at the base
of the candelabra. On another
table covered wfth a white linen
cloth a large punch bowl nestled
in ivy and asters from which lime
sherbet punch was served by Mrs.
After the traditional first piece
of cake had been cut by the bride
and groom Miss Diana Gamble
cut and served the cake. Others
assisting were Misses Margaret
Payseur, Joyce Foster and Betty
Hayes; Little Patsy and Rose Mai
Thursday Book Club
Meets With Mrs. Moss
The monthiy meeting of (the
Thursday afternoon Book Club
Mrs. was held Thursday afternoon
with Mrs. H. N". Moss. The rooms
for the meeting were especially
pretty with rojes, asters, and oth
er late summer blossoms.
Mrs. E. L. Campbell, progra -
chairman for the afternoon, pr?_
sented Mrs. Aubrey Mauney, who
introduced Mrs. Alexander
Grants, a Latvian, who told of
the customs, dress and festivals
of her native country, showing
dolls dressed in Latvian costu
mes and pictures of scenes from
Mrs. Moss served molded
cheese salad, chicken salad
sandwiches, fruit drink and date
A short business meeting of the
members was held after the so
cial period.
Invited guests included Mrs.
Fred Baker, Atlanta,- Ga., Mrs.
F. E. Finger. Mrs. Will Bird, Mrs.
Lona McGill, Mrs. Meek Or
manu, Mrs. C. T. Carpenter, Mrs.
E. W. Griffin, Mrs. Aubrey Mau
ney, Mrs. A. Grants, Mrs. M. K.
Fuller, Mrs. Elmer Spencer and
Mrs. Harvey Williams of Gasto
colm passed mints and nuts.
Guests were greeted by Mrs.
Charles Ramsey. Members of the
weding party, out-of-town guests
and a. few close friends attended
the lovely party.
On Each Tuesday and
Friday Afteltooons
Bonn 1 to 5 9. M.
Telephone 316- J
Monday. Wednesday and
8 A. M. to 5 V. M.
Tuesday and Friday
8 A. M. to 12 Noon
Royster Building
Dial 5981
Mrs. Aubrey Mauney
Is Party Hostess
'Mrs. Johnnie Kerns, Mrs. Jack j
Mauney. Mrs Herman Eagle of
Lartdis.recent brides, Misses Hel
en Ramsey and Avis Mae War
lick, brides-elect, were compli
mented Friday night with a pret
ty bridge and canasta party given
by Mrs. Aubrey Mauney at her
home on Gf?ston street.
The decorative theme utilized
summer flowers. The individual
tables appointed for refresh
ments were centered with pastel
colored candles tied with white
ribbon surrounded with dainty
flowers. The honorees' places
were marked with white nose
Following a dessert course of
i Cantaloupe Sundae with coffee
oridge and canasta were played
with Miss Avis Warllck winning
the high score in bridge.and Miss
Pauline Mauney winning in
canasta. I
Mrs. Mauney prfcsehted the 1
honorees with gifts.
The F. W. Plonks
Bridge Hosts
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Plonk en
tertained with a dessert bridge
party at their home on Wednes
day night, their guests were
members of the Couples Club.and
one addtional guest, Mrs. Amos
Late summer blossoms in artis
tic arangements were used
throughout the home.
When scores were compiled at
the close of the progressions high
score awards were presented Mrs.
George H. Mauney and D. M.
Peeler. ?? -V .
Mrs. H. R. Hunnicutt
Fetes Ace Of Clubs
A delightful meeting of the Ace
of Clubs was held Thursday aft
ernoon with Mrs. H.' R. Hunnicutt
at her home on Piedmont avenue. J
Roses, zinnias, White gladioli 1
pink and white coral viije were!
used as decorative features, the]
.tjpen fire casting a soft glow over '
the room added a cheery nfttfl.. 1
It was revealed at the count of j
scores that Mrs J. M. -Cooper held I
high score, wit!. Mrs. Carl, Mau
ney runner up for second high.
Mrs. Martin Harmon and Mrs.
J. H. Arthur were invited to play
with the members.
A salad and sweet course with
coffee was served after the pro
gressions. .
Miss Davis Becomes Bride Of .
Mr. Ware In Pretty Ceremony
GASTON I A, S^pt. 9. ? Miss Stel- ]
la Mae Davis and James Buford
Ware exchanged marriage vows
before the altar of West End Me
thodist church on Saturday eve
ning at 8 o'clock.
Officiating in the double ring
cerehiony was the Rev. Thomas
F. Higgins, pastor of the bride.
Two large baskets of white glad
ioli, posed against a background
of palms and Oregon fern, were
used as altar decorations. Light
ed tapers burned in seven bran
ched candelabra.
Organ music was presented by
Mrs. Flora Sullivan and voice
numbers were given by Erhie
Wood. Mrs. Sullivan's program
vast, played during the ceremo
ny; "To a Wild Rose," by Mac
Dowell; "Liebestrauni," by Liszt,
and "Song to an Evening Star,".]
by Wagner. Traditional wedding
marches were used.
Mr. Wood sang '-Because," by']
d'.Hardelot, "Always,".' by Berlin,
and, as a benediction, "Seal Us j
0 Holy Spirit."
Given in marriage by her un
cle, William L. Pettus, the bride
wore an ankle length bridal sa
tin gown, designed with a snug
bodice, full skirt, and oval neck
line. Sell-covered buttons ended
at a point on the waistline and
were featured on the three quar
ter length sleeves. Her shoulder
tip veil fitted to a satin cap head
dress and was caught at either j
side by lilies of the valley. She j
carried a satin-bound prayer I
book under a purple throated I
white orchid which was showered j
with satin ribbons ' 'and lilies, j
Lace mitts completed her bridal
The matron of honor, Mrs. Wil
liam L. Pettus, wore a copy of the
bride's dress in Lido blue satin j
with matching mitts. She carried I
a nosegay of white flowers and I
malirie decorations. Her head ]
band was of white net and bios- ]
Bridesmaids were Miss Pat
Street and Miss Ruth Davis, the j
latter a cousin of the bride?They j
wore ankle length gowns of ice j
blue satin, similar in design to j
the matrons of honor's dress, with I
matching mitts and white net1
Walter Ware served as his bro
1 ther's best man. Ushers were Jack I
Ware, brother of the bridegroom,
Menzell Phifer, W. F. Stone,' Jr., <
and Harold D&vta, the bride's
The bride's stepmother wore
wine ctepe wiith black accessori
es and white carnations at her
I shoulder.
The mother of the bridegroom
was gowned in black crepe, worn
With black accessories and a
shoulder bouquet of white carna
The daughter of Ben Davis and
the late Mrs. Ollie Harrill Davis,
ihe bride is a graduate of Gas
tonia high school. She is employ
ed at F. W. Woolworth Company,
The bridegroom is the son of
Mr. and "Mrs. F. C. Ware of Kings
Mountain. He attended Bethware
high school in Cleveland county
land is connected with the Dixie
' Home Stores there.
After the ceremony the coupje
left for a trip to Virginia. For
traveling the bride wore a wine
| suit and navy accessories. At her
shoulder she. pinned the orchid
from her wedding bouquet.
Out-of-town gqests attending
the wedding were Mr. and Mrs;
F. C- Ware, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Ware, Mr., and Mrs. Menzell. Phi
fer. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Stone, Jr.,
Miss Annette Ware, Bobby, Mike,
and Jack Ware, and Mr and Mrs.
Monroe Lovelace of Kings Moun
tain; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Har
rill of Gaffney, S- C.; Mr. and Mrs.
Talmadge Harrill, Mrs. George
D. Harrill, Miss Mai Harrill, and
Mr. and Mrs. McClue Teague of
Charlotte; Mr. and Mrs. ' Frank
Ervin of Paw Creek; Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Ware of Washington, D. C.;
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ware of Fay
etteville, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. W.
G. Ware of Burlington; Mr. and
Mrs. James Stewart of Woodruff,
S. C. and Mrs. Carl White and
family of Cordova.
Mrs. W. L. Ramseur
Bridge Club Hostess
Mrs. W. L. Ramseur was bridge
hostess Friday afternoon, enter
taining members joL the For*.
Bowls of cut summer flowers
decorated the rooms and bridge
was played progressively throu
ghout the afternoon. During the
game the hostess served a salad
and sweet course, ? I
Mrs. Jim Smith was high scor- I
er for the afternoon.
Uncle Sain Savs
"X/" OIJ CAS SEE here how smart
?* ** is? don't have to he told
that it's the most quickly identi
fied car on the road today.
You probably know that the en
gine under that hroad honnet is
a Fireball straight-eight valve
in-head engine and a lively
% stepper its any company.
Yoh can check the abundance of
its room by the simple expedient
room- way ro?rr?owr-TM. rveo???
hon* end (1) ?'? ?h? ?tyl? not., (2) K.V.,
(Wpoir cojtj- WWMcal borv or* individually r?
p4o<?ofel?, (3) ovoidi "locking
periling and garogjng ooilcr.
of taking the family and trying
out its spaciousness at the nearest
Buick dealer's ? and a very few
minutes osi the open road will
satisfy you that all-coil spring
i**g> low-pressure tires and
Buick s torque-tube drive really
do produce a ride that is match
less for its soft comfort.
But right now, it may be that
the money angle is the thing
uppermost in your mind, and on
that we'd like to make two
All our records go to show
this is the most eco
Buick ever built. It
oil, on
it with
Dynaflow Drive,* it imme
diately eliminates all chance of
friction-clutch repair and re
placement ? not to mention
greatly reducing rear-axle and
transmission maintenance.
Best of all, your initial outlay is
a highly favorable one ? what
ever Buick you buy. For these
brawny straight-eights ? built
rugged and solid for durable
service ? are priced at a level
that makes them a standout buy
in any price class. ?
Yes, better buy a Buick. Your
dealer will be glad to demon
strate, glad to work out all the
arithmetic of a deal. See him
right away and get an order,
tr? nvmt m SUPER mmd BPS3C1AI. m-fito.
ttr n on Aif? vmim
There are tonics (Or each season
of (he year, but there in only one
which offer* a wonderful cure for
headaches, worry, or insomnia. Take
a Rood look at the label on the b.ot
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guaranteed to be safe and to pay
j you back $4 for every S3 you invest.
I after (en years. And the more of
this beneficial medicine yott take,
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your future financial standing. So,
invest regularly every pay day ?
I summer, fall, winter and spring ?
in V. 8. Savings Bonds.
II S Trrvurj Dtfufl aunt
1 ? *? ' - *?'
Milk come* only from carefully
?elected Guernsey cows, is al
ways kept separate. And . . .
' taste proves the difference in
there'* a half pint of nourishing
cream at the top of each quart
. . . with valuable milk aolid*
throughout I A tempting hevt*'
?ge , a healthful Ingredient.
Protect your family'* health
with this versatile energy -food I
2Z Hetrry Whipping
y% i pt 35c
Coffee or Corml
Cnaa. */f p*. 20c
Archdale Farms
Pb aaa 2405
Duplicate Club Met
With Mrs. F. W. Plonk1
Mrs. Fred Plonk delightfully
entertained the Duplicate Bridge
Club and two additional guesis;
Mrs. Hunter Neisler and Mrs W.
L. Ramseur at her home on Gold
street Monday afternoon.
The rooms used for the party
held pretty arrangements of
mixed flowers. Mrs. Plonk 'served
frozen ice box cake. Prize winners
were Mrs. Tolly Shuford and Mrs.
James B. Simpson.
Dr. lames S. Bailey
Examination, Diagnosis, Glasses Fitted
Office open each Friday 10 A. M. to 5 P. M.
214 Mountain St. Next Door To Imperial Theatre
The Herald - $2.00 Per Year
With. .
Dixie-Home Quality Se'f-Shining
For Kitchen Cleaning ? Dixie-Home P?rct-la.ii
:: 39c
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ivm? vwmitj ocr-on i rn
Floor Wax . .
For Kitchen Cleaning ? Dixie !
Cleaner ... .
Dixi;Home Quality Creme Furniture
Polish It 39c
Dixie-Home Quality Paste
Floor Wax . . . ? 49?
Fine /or Salad? StarJuM Solid Pack^
Tuna Fish . . " J 39
Freshly Made Deviled
Crabs . . . 2 39c
Economical Tasty Red
Perch Fillets ^ 33c
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Apple Jelly . . : 29c
Enjoy Dixie-Home Quality
Orange Juice 6r: 35c
Woodbury's ? 12c
Lption Mild Soap
Jergen's . . 2 1 7c
Parson's. Household
Ammonia . . 14c
Old Dutch . . ??? 12c
Johnson's Wax
Glo-Coat . . . p ? 59c
Paste Wax . "? ^ B9C
Dixie-Home Present* Bttter Values In Pork! Easy to Carve-r-Rich in Flavor
Boston Butt Pork Roast - 49?
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Fine For Braising Economical For a Healthful Meal? Tender Sliced
Pork Steaks . . .'?>'? 49c Pork Liver 43c
Freshly Ground Country Style Pinky Pig
Pure Pork Sausage . . . ? 57c
Seasunco Just Rignt ? Pinky Pig Small Sausages
Breakfast Links .... . - 67c
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Delicious Apples . . 3 1 31 c
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Carolina Sugary Freeh Tender
Sweet Yams . . . 4 ^ 29c Green Beans ... 2 29c
Sweet Yellow , Freeh California Valencia
Onions 3 15c Oranges 2 ^ 19c
More Suda
io* pko 28^*
For Tub or Shower
tartt Six* If 12c
Soap of the Star*
R*? Six* >a?i
Fine Shortening
33c ?91c
Caahmere Bouquet
2 Six# Sat) 17C
Laundry Soap
2 - 15c
Soap Powder
Giant Six*
2 - 13c
facial Six* , ,

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