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City Limits 7.193
(Final Unofficial Census 195S)
Immediate Trading Area 15.000
(1945 Ration Board Figures)
VOL. 61 NO. 39
T oday
Sixty-First Year
Kings Mountain, N. C.. Friday. September 29. 1950
Established 1889
Organization Given
For 1950 Floral Fair
Local News
A hamburger supper will be
served at the Legion Building
Saturday night from 6:30 to. 5
p. m. for all members of Otis
D. Green Post 155 according to
announcement by James Ben
nett, Adjutant.
Mrs. M. A. Ware and Mrs. W. L.
Pressly were judges at the
Cleveland County Fair last
?week. They judged the
flowers, antiques, handcrafts,
and old China departments. .
Bill Foy, of Llncolnton, is
serving as substitute manager
at A & P Super Market while
Manager T. if. Davidson is on
a two-week vacation.
The annual reunion of the
late H. K. Roberts descendants
?will convene Sunday, Oct. 1,
at the old Antioch Baptist chur
ch, 1 1/2 miles east of Grover,
N. C. Picnic lunch will be ser
ved after which a business ses
sion will be held.
Rev. Joe Jasper Bridges will
preach at Temule Baptist chur
ch on Sunday morning accord
ing to announcement by Rev.
W. F. Monroe, pastor. A native
of Cleveland County and a
member of Ne wHope church at
Earl, Rev. Bridges is a senior
at Limestone College, Gaffney,
C. C. Whisnant was in Shel
by hospital Wednesday after
an accident which took place
on his farm on Shelby road on
Tuesday in which he suffered a
broken leg. Mr. Whisnant wa3
un hitching a trailer from a
tractor when the accident oc
First Lt. and Mrs. Fred E.
Finger arrived in Kings Moun
tain from New York City over
the weekend. Lt. Finger, who
was to have reported to Ft.
Jackson, S. C., on Wednesday
fo? a tour of duty in the Army
Reserve, has received a 30-day
.delay enroute. . .
Mrs. William Lawrence Mau
ney continues in a crhtlcal con
dition at Memorial hospital,
Charlotte. Members of her fam
ily said physicians detected
very * slight Improvement in
Wednesday, but that no change
in her condition had been re
ported Thursday.
Bill Merrltt, of Shelby, will
discuss the work of Alcoholics
Anonymous at teh regular
meeting; of the Junior Chamber
of Commerce next Tuesday
night at 7 o'clock at the Wo
man's Club, according to an
nouncement by President Fai
son Barnes.
Churches To loin
In World Communion
Ma)?ritr of Xingt Mountain
cbnicbM wilt Jola with other
Christian church** around tho
9 lob* Sunday la olissiilng
Wodd Communion Sunday.
Chushaw oaUdpato that
coaun union ?MTtcee will bo
bold at virtually *wy hour of
tho day on Sunday, beginning
with Maw Toalaad. first coun
try on. tho othor ildo of tb* la
tornatlonal data lino, where
church services cuatomcndty bo
fiia at 10:30 a. m. Whoa It U
10:90 & m. Suaday la Now
7nland. it will bo 0 o'clock
Saturday oTMiaf la King*
Ministers bar* or* urging full
attendance at Suaday morntag
actricM. and maay ban writ
ten spatial letters to thete ean
at tho communloa aii ilua.
Mrs. Griffin
Is Chairman;
Date Tentative
Mrs. E. W. Griffin, chairrian of
the 1950 Woman's Club Floral
Fair, which has been tentatively
scheduled for October 27, this
week named committees for the
annual event.
General plana for the event
are similar to those for former
years, with the Fair to feature a
number of compeitive events, and
j with dinner to be served at the
club both at noon and in the ev
Organization for the event an
nounced by Mrs. .Griffin follows:
Kitchen, general chairman, Mrs.
I. G. Patterson. Noon meal, kit
chen, Mrs. J. H. Arthur, Mrs. R.
G. Plonk, Mrs. D. G. Littlejohn,
Mrs. J. G. Darracott, Mrs. E. T.
Plott, Mrs. J. K. Willis, Mrs. L. L.
Benson. Noon meal, dining room,
Mrs. W. G. Grantham and Mrs.
L. E. Abbott, hostesses, Mrs. Hay*
ne Biackmer, Mrs, Robert Miller,
Mauney, Mrs. P. D. Patrick, Mrs.
J. N. Gamble, Mrs. George Hous
er, Mrs. Ben H. Goforth.
Evening meal, kitchen, Mrs. Kerns, Miss Marjorie Hord,
Mrs. W. T. Weir, Mrs. Eugene
Matthews, Miss Carlyle Ware,
Mrs. W, M. Moorhead, Mrs. Earle
Ledford, MrsvPaul Beam. Dining
room, Mrs. Bill Page, Mrs. Don
Blanton and Mrs. W. L. Ramseur,
hostesses, and high school home
economics department.
Table decorations contest, o
pen to high school girls, will
bring a five dollar prize for first
4>lace and three dollar prize for
second place.
Prize soliciting committee, Mrs.
Paul Mauney, Mrs. Milton Fryer
and Mrs. Ollle Harris.
Kitchen supplies solicitation ?
Mrs. B. N. Barnes and Mrs. Au
brey Maiiney, co-chairmen, Mrs.
M. H. Biser, Gold street, Mrs. Hal
bert Webb and Mrs. W. L. Ram
seur, Mountain street; Mrs. O. C.
O'Farrell and Mrs. M. L. Houser,
King street; Mrs. Barnes and Mrs.
Mauney, Gaston street; Mrs. W.
M. Gantt and Mrs. Hunter Allen,
Piedmont avenue; Mrs. H. N.
Moss, Mrs. J. E. Herndon and Mrs.
E. B. Ellerbe, Battleground aven
ue; Mrs. Bill Houser, Parker
street? Mrs. Byroh Keeter, Ridge
street; and Mrs. A. W. Kincald,
East Kings Mountain.
Cashiers, noon, Mrs. A. H. Pat
terson,. evening, Mrs. E. W. Neal.
Flower division, Mrs. J. E. Hern
don, general chairman. Mrs. By.
ron Keeter, roses, Mrs. P. M.
Neisler, arrangements (all class
es), Mrs. N. F. McGill, mixed
bowls, Mrs. Carl Mayes, chrysan
themums, Mrs. I. B: Goforth, mis
cellaneous, Mrs. M. A. Ware, hol
iday table and other special oc
casion arrangements. Miss Ava
Ware, dahlias, Mrs. O. W. Myers,
Reception committee, Mrs. E.
W. Griffin ahd Mrs. Jacob Maun
Floral department hostesses,
Mrs. J. L. McGill and Mrs. W. L.
Decorating committee, Mrs. Lu
ther Cansler, chairman, Mrs. Carl '
. (Cont'd on page eight)
lions Clnb Sponsoring Annual
White Cane Sale; Roth Chairman
' Members of the Kings Mourv
tain Lions club are actively par
ticipating this week in the an
nual state-wide White Cane Sale
ami membership enrollment
Campaign of the North Carolina
State Association for the Blind
in its efforts to raise $25,000 to
aid the blind and to prevent- un
necessary blinvliltM.
Members of the1 Lions club pur
chased memberships to launch
the drive here on Tuesday night,
and the White Cane button sale
will be conducted on tM streets
of the bvfslneM section in Satur
Hilton Ruth is chairman <tf the
project and urged full coopera
tion by the public in supporting
the -work of the Association for
th? blind.
Of the funds collected from the
White Cane button sale Saturday
(purchasable at 10 cents up),
one-third of the total will be re
tained by the local club for use
in blind -a id -work and the pre
vention of blindness in Kings
The annual campaign is the
fourth consecutive one to be con
ducted, with the 250 Lions clubs
of the state spearheading the
drive. ,
Mr. Ruth said memberships in
the association are being sought
at $1.00 Vach, and he expects both
the membership campaign and
the White Cane sale <o top lsst
year's record.
The funds collected are used by
both the state association and by
the local club to pay for eye ex
aminations, operations, hospital
ization and glasses for needy per
sons. Another function is the re
habilitation of persons already
blind to make them self-support
i ?! <t> tiff . I JKKt?^SK^Se!m '
PRESSLEYS RECEIVED AWARD ? James V. Pressley, Kings Mountain farmer, is shown above receiving
a SI, 000 check from the Cleveland County Fair association as a reward for his winning the 1949- SO Bet
tee Acres competition. Mrs. Pressley looks on as Rev. John W. Suttle makes the presentation. Stand
ing at right is Louis Aull, chairman of the Agricul turo Workers council.
Local Family Winner
Of Better Acres Prize
a <
Piessley Finds
$1,000 Check
Real Surprise
"You just can't say how you
James V. Pressley, was talking
about his winning the $1,000
grand prize from, the Cleveland
County Pair association, in the
Better Acres program guided by
' the Agriculture Workers council.
"I hadn't seen but one or two
of the other 10 farms entered In
I the Better Acres contest and hop
ed we'd place maybe as high as
fourth, but I had no idea we'd get
the grand prize." he continued.
. The award to Mr. and Mrs.
Pressley, who live at the farm
formerly known as the Herndon
place near Kings Mountain air
port, was a victory over adversi
ty, as well as over the elements
and other competitors.
The Pressleys began work last
autumn and by January had con
verted the rambling old house in
to a modern,' we 11 -furnished
home, completely refinlshed in
side and out. Lawn and shrub
bery were planted and work be
gun on the building of a new
barn and machimj shed.
Only a short time later, the
Pressleys awakened one night to
find the house in flames, and the
(Cont'd on page eight)
Bloodmobile Visit
Set For October 17
Next visit o! the Charlotte re
gional center bloodmobile to
Kings Mountain is scheduled
for October 17 at Margrace Mill
clubhouse according to an an
nouncement by Mrs. Paul Mau
Employees of the Margrace
and Park Yard mills, citizens of
the two communities, and all
citizens of the Kings Mountain
area are urged to support the
The Charlotte center hafe been
asked to supply blood for use
in the Korean war and shipped
200 pints to the war theatre
this week, Mrs. Mauney said.
Women To Meet
Central district Women of <the
Church of Kings Mountain Pres
bytery will meet at Shlloh Pres
byterian church In Grover for an
all-day session next Wednesday,,
according to announcement this
week by Mrs. Paul Mauney of
Kings Mountain, district chair
Theme of the meeting is "Let
Us Go Forth from Our Knees for
Registration begins at 9:30
Wednesday morning, with the
program beginning at 10 o'clock.
After a call to order by Mrs. Mau
ney, Rev. Park Moore, Shlloh pas
tor, will conduct a worship ser
vice and Mrs. W. B. Harry, of the
host caurch, will Welcome , the
guests. At 10:30, local presidents
will participate in a round-table
discussion, and at 10:45, Mrs.
George Riddle of C*wryville will
speak on the subject "Go Forth ?
At Home."
Featured speaker of the day
will be Miss Mable Hail, a Pres
byterian home mtaerloTvary from
Kentucky, who speaks on "Home
Missions" at 10:90.
At 11:30, a conference of pres
byterial chairmen 4s scheduled
wkh adjournment for dinner at
The afternoon session, begin
ning at 1:15, will be featured by
a series of speaker* including
Mrs. John K. Knight, O?*onia,
Mrs. E. V. Kiser, Grover* Mrs.
Hugh Query, GasMmia, Mrs. John
Cannon, Shelby, and Mrs. J. G.
Walker, Forest City.
Funeral Held
For W. 0. Falls
Funeral services were held at
Central Methodist <>hurch Thurs
day afternoon at 4 o'clock for
William 0. Falls, 78, lifelong res
ident of Kings Mountain who
died at Shelby hospital Wednes
day morning around 7 o'clock of
a heart attack.
Rev. J. H. Brendall, pastor, of
ficiated and burial was in Moun
tain Rest cemetery.
He had been in ill health for
three weeks.
A retired brick mason and far
mer, Mr. Falls was the son of the
late Robert and Regina Goforth
Falls. His wife, the former Wy ?
nona Sanders, died in April 1949.
He was a member of Central
Methodist church.
Survivors Include five sons, D.
G. Falls, of Winston -Salem, and
Herman, Otis C., Austin and Paul
Kirk Falls, of Kings Mountain,
three daughters, Mrs. Floyd Falls,
of Shelby, and Mrs. Sam Howell
and Mrs. George Blalock, of Kings
Mountain, one brother, Phillip
Falls, of Bessemer City, 15 grand
children and one great-grand
child. .
City io Note
Kings Mountain Joins with Nor
th Carolina and the other 47
states next week in observing ,
"National Employ the Physical
ly Handicapped Week," a special
effort to emphasize the benefits
of utilizing the skills and capa
bilities of those partially handi
capped by physical defects.
Constant efforts to place in pro
ductive employment physically
handicapped persons is the year
round Job of t ehseveral state
Employment Security commis
In North Carolina, 2,625 men
?and women with physical hando
cap-i have been placed on J Jobs
and have made good during the
curretn year.
In Kings Mountain, Mrs. Mary
B. Goforth, head of the local em
ployment security office, reports
12 physically handicapped per
sons for whom employment is
curremly bought. One is a women
and 11 are men, five of them ser
vice veterans.
Mrs Goforth emphasized that
the 12 are employable for a nun*
ber of specific tasks.
She and the special commltee
appointed to conduct the local
observance oi NEPH week are
urging employers to give consid
eration to the employment of j
Handicapped persons.
- r ? . 1 ' ' /?
Local Manual Telephone Service
m Good As Dial, Says Engineer
Fink To Give
Final Sermon
As Grace Pastor
Rev. W. Fink, assigned as
J pastor of the Llhcriy-Con^rd
i charge in Davie county by ihc
.Western Nor! It Carolina Metho
djst Conference, win complete
lour years of service ioGr;rco M,-.
thodisr .church Sunday morning,
? as he preaches his final sermon
at 11 o'clock services
tr ' J : ? ' ' ' ?' , . ' j
Mr. Hnk wi|J he succeeded here
by Rev. T. VV. llager. who. comes
'o Kings Mountain following his
service as pastor of Carawav Me
morial church a i Greensboro.
Mr. I jnk has enjoyed ? success
ful four years in Kings Mountain,
marked by the re building of the
church edifice following its de
struction by fire, a net increase
in membership of some GO mem
) bers. after correcting the church
roll for deaths and transfer*? of
membership, and an increase of
l1.l,^>ast0rW sa,ar> $1,900 to
Mr. and Mrs. Fink expect to
move to their new home next
v^eek, a new nine room brick
structure at the community of
Kpresus, near Moeksviliei The
Finks mailing address wilt' be
Route -I, MocksviHe. The Liber
ty-Concord charge is jn the
Thomasville district.
Mi;. Fink's change of assign
metn was the only one made in
the Kings Mountain aroa by the
annual conference. Rev. J, H.
Brendall has returned for hts
third year at Central Methodist
church, and Rev. R. F. Swlnk was
returned fo the EI Bethel - Con
cord charge. Mr. Brendall was a
gain named director of evange*
I lism for the Gastonia district. I
Bank Deposits'
Insurance Doubled
Deposits in the Fir.-?t National !
Bank are now insured up to $10,- !
1 000 b>' 'ho Federal Deposit In !
; syrance Corporation, .it was an
i nounced this week by Frank R
Summers, president.
Maximum amount previously,
covered was $5,000.
I "This increase Is made possi- 1
| ole largely by the excellent safe-'
| ty record of banks since the Fed
eral Deposit Insurance Corpora
tion was formed in 1933," Mr
Summers said.
He pointed out that the insur- !
ance is purchased by the bank for
added protection to Its depositors
| and that more than 98 percent of
the bank's depositors are current
ly covered.
Macedonia Revival
Services Underway
Revival, services are currently
?underway at Macedonia Baptist
church, with preaching by the
pastor, Rev. Robert L. Hardin, and
! special singing under the dircc
| tion of Carl Allen, of Spindale.
The special services, which be
gan Sunday, are being conduct-,
fed each evening at 7 o'clock.
To fMkACH HERE ? Rev. W. P.
Grler, Jr.. of Rock Hill, S. C., will
conduct a series ol services at
Boyc? Memorial ARP church bo
ginning October 8;
Grier To Conduct
ARP Services
the ' Associate Reformed Presby
terian church at Rock Hill, S. C.,
will speak at a series of evange
listic services at Boyce Memorial
ARP church here beginning Oc
tober 8 and ecintinufng through
October 13.
Announcement was made by
I Rev. W. L. Pressly, pastor of the
| local church.
i Services will be held each ev
ening at 7:30 p. m.
! "Rev. Mr, Qrier Is one of our
most able ministers," Mr. Press
ly said, "and we extend a cordial
welcome to the citizen# of the
community to- hear him."
First Wesleyan . ?
Rally Day Sunday
Members of the First "Wesley an
Methodist Sunday School will ob
serve their annual Rally Day
Sunday beginning at 9:45. Enoch
Welch, Cherokee Indian, who liv
es on the Cherokee Reservation
in Western North Carolina will
be present1 to j;;eak, and a ladies'
trio from Wesleyan Methodist
college, Central, S. C., will render
special music throughout the
service, according to announce
ment by Rev. J. W. Phillips, pas
tor of the church.
The goal for attendance has
been set at 500, a gain of 100 ov
er the number present last year.
N. II. Kelly is superintendent of
the Sunday school.
Jackson Mauney
Frosh Group Leader
AMES, Iowa. ? Jackson Maun
ey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mau
ney, of Kings Mountain, N. C? is
one of 150 Iowa State College
students who will act as group
leaders for jncofning freshmen.
Group leaders also aTe availa
ble to tseshmen students in the
capacity of advisors. Fresh men
discuss problems or questions
whieh arise with the group lead
er. The plan has been in opera*
tion at Iowa State College during
Freshman Days to make the new
student feel more at home throu
gh his first days at college.
Utilities Body
Engineer Replies
To Complaints
K is I he opinion, <>{ V. W. Chase,
telephone engager (or the North
Carolina I'UUties commission.
that ih?' Southern Bell telephone
exchange here has facilities "for
providing a good class of tele
phone service" and. he doubts
that Kiiigs Mountain would find
dial service much better than the
manual service, now- in operation.
These opinions Mr. -Chase ex ?
pressed in a letter to W. Fatson
Barnes, secretary of the Kirlgtt
Mountain Merchants association,
and made public by Mr. Barnes.
The Merchants Association, in op
posing a request by Southern Bell
for rate increases here, has com
plained of deficient service and,
in turn, asked lor installation of
dial equipment.
It was the feeling of the iner
chants' group that, cer'afn fea
tures of the manually - operated
equipment prevent an improve
men t ifluh (^sctv icc
Mallcnl p'UHIJ Ill (tto ! ( ? 1 1 e f !?>!? ?=
tow: .
"While in Kings Mountain, I
looked into the telephone situa
tion and found that Kings Moun- ?
| tain has telephone facilities for
I providing a good class of tele
phone service, in my opinion. In
J my opinion, the equipment, as
equipment goes, is practically
new ? all "f it has been install*
ed since 1011 ? and it is of the
latest type manuel equipment
and should provide very good tel
ephone service.
"It is my understanding that
your group is particularly inter
ested in dial service. You no
doubt have your reason for want
ing dial service but I doubt seri
j ously tf you would find it much
I better than the manue! service
you have. It has certain advanta- ? .
I ges over manuel service, but then
[on tlie other hand, manuel ser
'vice lias certain advantages over
dial service. For one thing, if dial
service was provided at Kings
Mountain, it would mean that
this reasonably new equipment
would haTe to be abandoned and
it would also mean that a num
ber of people now employed at
Kings Mountain would not be
needed after the dial conversion,
for no doubt, the Bell Company
will eliminate all operators at
Kings Mountain and provide In
formation service, etc., at one of
its nearby larger exchanges.
"For your further information, ,
(Cont'd on page eight) ?
Fourteen Kings Mountain Azea
Men In County Induction Group
Fourteen Kings Mountain area
men, including four from Graver,
were among the 66 Cleveland
County men to be inducted into
the army on Wednesday at the
Charlotte induction center.
It was the first group sent for
induction since the Korean fight
ing began.
Carl Richard (Dickie) McGin
nta, of Kings Mountain, was
named group leader. He had been
registered with the Catawba
The Cleveland County selec
tive ????lce beard has been or.
doted to furnish 114 men for
pro-induction physical exami
nations at the Charlotte station
on October 6.
county board and was transfer
J red to the Cleveland board.
The group from Kings Moun
1 fain included, in addition to Mr.
Ralph Adams, Jr., Ernest Ever
ett Ramseur, Elbert Hendersop,
Robert Gerald Wilson, Albert Vic
tor Ray Yarboro, Martin Andrew
Ethers, Christopher C. Edens, Jr.,
Lawrence Eugene Bennett, Char
les Frartklin Arrowood.
The four men from Grover sent
for induction were Charles Ed
wark Roark, Clyde Lamar Owens
by, Curlee Ross and Ralph Allen
Parker. ...
I' Nine men ordered up for In
duction failed to Teport, and their
names are to be turned over to
the United States district attorney
for prosecutloh, They are Judge
Junior Borders, William Bownc,
Albert J. C. Martin, John Frank
lin Varner, Boyce Moises, Cliff
Moses, George Perry McAllister,
Wilbert Jean Gillespie, Orvell
W. K. Mauney
At Ghuich Meet
Kemp Maurtey, 115 Piedmont
Avenue, Kings Mountain, textile
executive and president of Mau
ney Mills. Inc., will be an offi
cially elocted delegate to the 17th
beiennfnl convention of the UnL
ted Luthcrah Church jn Americ
That body will meet in the
KRNT Radio Theatre, Des Moinea,
Iowa, October 412, a' which time
time the Rev. brj Franklin Clark
Fry, will conduct the business
Mr. Mauney, a native of Kings
Mountaih, has for years taken an
active part in the affairs of the
He 1s currently a member of
the? Board of Trustees of Lenoir
Rhyne College at Hickory, N. C.
For three years he has been a
member of the Mission commit
tee of the North Carolina Synod,
and is a member of the council
of St. Matthew's Lutheran church
in Kings Mountain.
Tn 1932 and 1933 he was the
mayor of his. horr.c city. He 1s the
past president of the Kiwanis
Club, currently the treasurer of
the Cleveland County Hospital,
and a director of the Southern
Combed Yarn Association.
Mr. Mauney was educated In
the Kings Mountain public
schools, and was graduated from
Lenoir- Rhyne college. Last year
he received an honorary doctor
of letters degree. He did post
graduate wArk at the .University
of South Carolina.
This delegate is married to the
former M1ft? Sarah Hoffman, arid
Is the father of five sons.

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