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    Gridders Defeat Stanley Blue Devils 7-0
As Don Bumgardner Scores In Last Period
Kings Mountain high school's j
Mountaineers, fresh from a 14-0 j
licking administered by a strong
Charlotte Tech high team on Sep
tember 15th, found the going
rough at City Stadium last Fri
day night against an under-rated
Stanley Blue Devil squad but
capitalized on a break to push
over a touchdown for a 7 to 0 vic
tory. . . .
Fullback Don Bumgardner bull
ed over the goal from the one
yard line early in the fourth
quarter for the score and Guard
Robert Davis added the e;xtra
Bumgardner intercepted a Stan
ley pass to set up the tally, and
Tall Back Jim Kintmell closed
the gap toward the Blue Devil
goal with an off-tackle smash of
25 yards. ' |
The <3aston County "Little
Eight" conference Devils struck
back after stopping an opening
Kings Mountain drive on their
one-yard line and again, after a
very poor 13-yard punt, on their
ll'?yard line. ?
The Blue Devils, ccach^d by
Dick Thompson, and sparked by
| the powerful running of Fullback
Ralph Smith, who is deaf, struck
t? the Kings Mountain one-yard
line but a pair of 15 yard penal
ties for offensive holding set the
Blue Devils back. Smith picked
up 66 yards on the march- One of
his runs was for 56 yards and a
beautiful tackle by Bumgardner
Kings Mt.. 7 Stanley. 0
9 Flmt Down* 9
139 yds. gained rushing 157
6 yds. lost rushing 8
133 net rushing gain 149 .
7 No. passes attempted 10
3 No, passes completed 4
28 yds. gained passing 97
1 passes Intercepted by 0
17 yards gained runback 0
2 number of punts 3
1 ~ nts blocked by 0
38 ... nting average 17
0 opponents tumbles rec. 2
178 total gross gain 246
20 yds lost by penalty 70
158 total net gain 176
| and Kimmell on the 15 kept the
hard-running back from going all
the way.
Kings Mountain stopped A
Stanley drive in the third period
on the Mountaineer 3-yard line
after a' long Blue Devil pass com
pletion had set the hall up on the
7-yard line.
After the Kings Mountain
touchdown, the Mountaineers,
had to stiffen the defenses again
to stop a Blue Devil drive on the
15 before the game was iced.
Kings Mountain had to contain
another Stanley drive before the
game was over however. The
Mountaineers stopped the ' last
threat on their 15-yard line late '
in the game.
- By John WarUck
Mountaineer Sports Editor
Guard Robert Davis kicked off I
to the Stanley 10 yard line and |
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Tailback Joe Saunders returned
the kick 21 yards to the Blue Dev
ils' 31. Saunders gained eight
yards around right end to the 39.
Saunders went around right end
again and was stopped at the line
of scrimmage. Wing back Ted
i Garner lost two yards on an end
I run to make it 4th and 4 on the
^Stanley 37. Leftend Clyde Dellin
, ger punted to the Kings Moun
' tain 25 and Wingback Billy Shy
j tie returned the ball to the
' Mountaineers' 45.
! Shytle gained 6 yards ove*
? right tackle. Tailback Jimmy
Kimmel made it first and ten go
ing over right tackle for 9 yards
to the Stanley 42. Fullback Don
Bumgardner picked up 6 through
j the center o f the line. Shytle
! made is first and ten on a reverse
: by gaining 5 to the Stanley 21.
Kimmell over right tackle picked
up 12 and the third first and ten
for the Mountaineers on the Stan
1 ley 19. Shytle on a double reverse
1 picked up 11 for a first and ten
on the Blue Devils' 8. Kimmell
. added four-through the center of
j the line to the 4 yard line. Bum
gardner on the. next play went
over for a touchdown but the
Mountaineers received a 5 yard
penalty for offsides. Kimmell
picked up 4 yards at right tackle,
Bumgardner 4 yards through the
line and Bumgardne'' hit the cen
ter of line for no gain, with pen
alty on Kings Mountain refused.
Dellinger punted very poorly j
from the end zone to the Stanley i
Bumgardner through the cen
ter of the line, picked up 2 to the j
12. Kimmell, over right tackle, ;
added one and passed on the
next play, incomplete. Shytle was
stopped for no gain on a reverse I
as Stanley took over -possession
of. the ball on their own 11. Tail
back Bill Graues picked up 7 ov
-et right-W'L'kl^- io the iilaii JXi vi
TBT fullback Ralph Smith,, on a
handoff from Saunders, picked
up 4 and a first and ten to the
Stanley 22. Saunders went around
end for a gain but the play was
called back and a five yard pen
alty to the Stanley 29 yas mark
ed off I or backfield in motion. R.
Smith on a handoff from Saund
ers picked up a first and ten on a
ling 56 yard run to the Moun
taineers 15. R. Smith over right
tackle picked up 6 to the Moun
tainers' 9. Tackle and Back Lewis
Armstrong on a handoff, gained
2 <o the 4. Armstrong's handoff
to Garner added 3 to the 1 but a j
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l>enuity 01 u yams lor oflensive I
I holding ptit the ball on t ho I
Mountaineers* 22. Saunders went I
1 through the line and Stanley a- j
gain drew a penalty of 13 yards (
to the 37 yard line of the Moun- 1
taineers for holding. K. Smith
picked up 17 around -end- to the
Mountaineers 20 and the bail
went over on downs.
Bumgardner, through the line,
gained two but fumbled and
Stanley recovered.
Garner on a handoff gained 3
to the 19. R. Smith added 7 for a
first and ten on the Mountaineers'
j 12. Smith picked up 2 to the
j 10 throUgh the center of the lirte i
and Garner added two but play
was nullified by a 15 yard penal
ty against the Blue Devils for
holding. R. Smith handed off ?o
Tailback Abernathy for a gain-of
one yard and A. Smith went ov
er right tackle for 2 yards to the
Mountaineers' 22. Aberanthy's
pass to Saunders was complete |
ifor two yards to the Mountain
jeers' 20 but the ball went over
on downs' to the Mountaineers. ,
Kimmell gained 4 yards a- ?
round right end to the 21, and
Bumgardner added one through
the line to the Mountaineers' 25.
Bumgardner ran "a first and ten
through the line, adding 1 yards
to the Mountaineers' 30. Kimmell
ran over leit tackle and gained
t> yards to the Mountaineers' 3fc
Kimmmel passed to End Johnny
Kiser for 13 yards to the Moun
taineers' 17. Kimmell's pass to
Blocking-back Jim ("obb was ,
i complete for no gain, and anoth
i er sharp pass to End Fred Tate
| was complete for 17 yards and
' a first, and ten on the Blue Dev
ils' 37. Kimmell passed again on
j the next play but it was knock!
down. Kimmell passed twice in- j
j complete, one intended for Tate- i
Kimmell gained 4 yards -around
right end on fourth down to the
Stanley 33, and the ball went ov
R. Smith's pass to Right End
Sidney Brandon was good for 6
yards to the Blue Devils' 39, and
Saunders passed to R. Smith for
18 yards to the Mountaineers' 43
as the half ended with the score,
Stanley- 0. Ki ngs. Mountain o.
Abernathy kicked off to the
Kings Mountain 13 and Bum
gardner returned the kick 16
yards to the Mountaineers' 29
but a penalty. called on the Moun
taineers for clipping put the bai!
back the 14. Kimmell gaine<l
2 yards to the 16 and Bumgard
ner added 5 but fumbled with
Stanley recovering on the Mouh
taineers' 19
R. Smith picked up 7 yards to
the 12 and added 2 more yards
but the Blue Devils received a 15
yard penalty for holding to put
the ball on the Mountaineers' 27.
Abernathy lost and passed, in
complete. Saunders passed to
Garner for 23 yards to the
Mountaineers' 7. R. Smith hit the
The lineups:
Pos. Kings Mt. Stanley
LE? Flowers Dellingcr
LT ? -Mauney * . . ; . ..Stephenson
LG ? M'cGinnis ..... Skidmore
C ? Hullender Moore
RG ? R. Davis Ottingor
RT? Fisher ......... Abernathy
RE? Tate Brandon
QB? Cobb ........ Armsrrong
RH ? Shy tie . . - Garner
LH ? Kimmell ...... Saunders
FB ? Bumgardner .... R. Smith
Kings Mountain scoring: Tou
chdown ? Bumgardner. Point af
ter touchdown ? R. Davis (Place
Substitutions: Kings Mountain
? Ends: Kiser; Tackle: Crouch;
Guards: McMackin, Welch;
Backs: Ruth, McCartor. Stanley
? Ends: Puckett, Dunn, c! Smith;
Tackle: Tallent; Guard: Hestor,
B. Smith; Center: Mauney;
Backs: Cannon, Graues.
Officials ? Rat Austin, Char
lotte, Referee; Dave Odom, Char
lotte, Umpire; R. E. Shoup, Char
lotte, Head Linesman; and Geor
ge Hooker, Belmont, Field Judge.
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j line for no Rain, Abernafhy gain
jed 3 yards around end Abernathy
took a handoff from Saunders
'and hit Tackle but Kings Moun
tain held. Abernathy hit the line
j for one yard and the Mountain
jeers took the bail on downs on
j their 3 yard line. t
Hn meers^i^an rruu n " 'rT
(turned the ball 8 yards to the
| Mountaineers' 35. Abernathy lost
ia yard around end; gained 3
yards and threw a pass which
was interceped by Bumgardner
on the 30 and run back to the
Mountaineers' 47.
Kimmell hit right tackle for
5 yards to the Blue Devils' 48.
Kimmell's pass to Tate fell in
complete. Shytle on a reverse
went for 7 yards and a first and
ten on the Bine Devils' 35. Bum
gardner picked up 6 yards throu- ;
gh the line. Kimmell hit left tac
kle for 25 yards and a firsrt and
?tori on the Stanley 4. Kimmell
lost a yard but Bumgardner hit
the line for 3 yards to the 2, Shy
tle on a reverse picked up a yard
and Bumgardner went through
I the line for the tduchdown. Davis
I placekicked the point after. .Score
Stanley 0, Kings Mountain 7.
R. Daviskicked off io the Stan
ley 32 and Tailback Dean Dunn
was thrown for a lost? by Cobb to
the 3(1. Saunders added 2 yards to
the 32. Fullb'ack Tommy Cannon
was thrown for a 2-yard loss by
the center of line. Garner was
held -for no gain around eud ami
17if )iu n t nn tin- fit'.vt play w:w
blocked by a Stanley player and'
rolled dead . on the Stanley 42.
Kimmell was held for no gain
and Bumgardner, through the
line, gained 3 yards to the Stan
ley 3t? Bumgardner added 1 yards
to the.35, a penalty on play being
refused by the Blue Povils, Kim
mell's punt rolled dead a foot ov
er the goal line for a touchback
with Stanley taking over on iheir
own 20 yard line. .
Abernathy passed io K. Smith
for 26 yards and a first and ten
on the Blue Devils' 16. Abernathy
passed incomplete' and on a
sleeper pass to Dunn picked up
21 yards and a first nnd ten on
the Mountaineers' 30.
R. Smith picked 8 yards Io the
Mountaineers' 22 and Abernathy
added 4 for a first arid ten to the
Mountaineers' 18. Abernathy hit
the line for 1, picked up 2 around
end and passed Incomplete. Aber
nathy backed up to pass but ran
with the ball and gained 1 to the
Mountaineers' 13 as Kings Moun
tain took over.
KimmeJl ran around end and
was thrown for a one yai-d loss:
7HtrmrTmfm*T~ f^mrra? n? Tn. -tiw
Mountaineers' 22. Klmmell's
Jjuickkick was blocked but he re
covered for a 3 yard loss. Kim
mell punted out of bounds on the
Mountaineers' 49 but a penalty
brought the ball back to the 24
yard line, Stanley offside* The
game ended after the next play.
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