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Senior Woman's Club
Resume Meetings
The initial fall meeting of the
Senior Woman's Club was held
Friday, September 15, at 7:30 p.
m., in the club lounge.
The entrance hall and lounge
were beautifully decorated with
fall flowers.
In the absence of the chaplain,
Mrs. L. L. Benson, Mrs. W. T.
Weir served as chaplain.
Mrs. Jacob Mauney, president
presided. Minutes of the last
meeting and, minutes of an ex
ecutive board meeting September
14 were read and approved. The
treasurer's report was given,
A letter from an Italian" lady
was read expressing her thanks
to the club for the clothing sent
her family.
Mrs. E. W. Griffin. Floral Fair
chairman, appointed committees
to assit with the fair. An an
I nouncement was made of the
District meeting to be held Oc
tober 11, in Cherryvllle. Mrs.
Mauney urged that all who could
attend please do so, and notify
Mrs. G. W. Mauney by October
5, so that reservations might be
made for the luncheon which will
be $1.25 a plate.
Mrs. Robert Miller, Mrs. C. A.
Butterworlh -and Mrs. E. B. Eller
be were appointed as a nominat
ing committee, their report to he
given at the February meeting.
Mrs. Mauney asked that per
I sons renting the club house be
reminded by a posted notice not
(o remove the club seal or pic
tures from the walls.
A committee. was appointed to
make plans for the Youth Con
servation projects.
After adjournment refresh
ments were served by the host
esses Mesdames H. C. Mayes, M.
H. Biser, Vernon Crosby, W. L.
Pressly and W. W. Tolleson.
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i Mrs. W. W. Tolleson
Fetes Bridge Club
Mixed garden flowers were us
ed in charming arrangements in
the home of Mrs. W. W. Tolleson
on Tuesday afternoon when she
entertained the members of the
Entre-Nous bridge club and on
additional guest guest Mrs. J. C.
McKlnney. . V
A dessert course was served be
tween progressions.
When scores were tallied it was
revealed Mrs. B. S. Neill held high
score and Mrs. H. C. Mayes sec
ond high each received lovely
Duplicate Club Meets
With Mrs. Peeler
Mrs. Drace M. Peele? was hos
tess on Monday afternoon to
members of the Duplicate Club,
her home for "the occasion was
charmingly decorated with zin
nias and marigolds.
During the progressions a des
sert course was served.
The hostess awarded score pri
zes to iMrs. L. E. Abbott and Mrs.
C. D. Blanton.
Mrs: Carl Mauney was invited
to play with the members.
Surprise Dinner
Given Betty Bonhara
A surprise dinner was given
Betty Bonham Sunday September
17, on her 18th birthday.
The dining table was overlaid
with a white linen cloth and
beautifully decorated with pink
fall flowers and a pink and white
birthday cake. The dinner was
served buffet style, after which
records weer played.
MS-* f
lowing went on a sight-seeing
trip: Misses 'Mackie" Carroll, Co
leen Brooks, Anais Green and
Betty Bonham.
Birth Announcements
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Whetstine
announce the birth of a son Wed
nesday, September 20, Shelby
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bowers an
nounce the birth of a daughter,
on Thursday, September 21, at the
Garrison General Hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cheshire an
nounce the birth of a son, Grady
Patterson, Friday September 22,
Memorial hospital, Charlotte.
Hens on U. S. farms laid 4.2 bil
lion eggs during August. This
was a new record for the month
both in total number and in av
erage production per layer.
Social Calendar
3.00 ? Fortnighters Club meets
with Mrs. C. D. Blanton.
I Monday
3:30 ? Circle No. 1 of Central Me
thodist church meets with
Mrs. H. T. Fulton with Mrs.
O.. O. Jackson, co-hostess.
. 3:30? Circle No. 5 of the Presby
terian church meets with
Mrs. C, P. Goforth.
7:30 ? Circle No. 1 meets with
Miss Oarlyle Ware.
7:30 ? Junior Woman's Club
meets at the club house.
This will be a dinner meet
ing honoring the new teach
ers and officers of the Sen
ion Woman's Club.
8:00? Circle No. 4 of the Presby
terian church meets with
Mrs. Haywood E. Lynch.
8:00 ? Circle Nc. 6 of the Presby
terian church meets with
Mrs. Maynard Snow.
\ Tuesday
>3:30 ? The Home Arts Club meets
with Mrs. Paul McGinnis.
7:30 ? The Girl Scout .workshop
will be held in the Educa
tional building of the First
Baptist church.
3:30? The Thursday Afternoon
Book Club meets with Mrs.
O. C. O'Farrell.
8:00 ? Queen of Clubs meets with
Mrs. Buddy Lackey at her
home in Fallston.
i Elizabeth Eshouse
Td Wed Mr. Anthony
Mr. and Mrs, Henry M Eshouse,
of Kalamazoo, Mich., announced
last week the engagement and
approaching marriage of their
daughter, Elizabeth Marie, to
William Crawford Anthony. of
Kalamazoo, son of Dr. and Mrs.
James Edward Anthony. Sr., of
Kings Mountain,
The wedding will take place on
November 18th at the Stetson
Chapel, at Kaiamazzoo College.
Miss Eshouse id a teacher in
the Galesburg, Mich., public
schools, having formerly held a
teaching position in the Kalama
zoo public schools. She was grad
uated from Western Michigan
college in 1946 with the degree of
Bachelor of Science. She is also
an accomplished pianist and or
ganist and directs <h"e choir of
Kalamazoo's Parchment Christian
Reformed church.
Mr. Anthony has resided in
Kalamazoo for the past two years
^vhere he is a research chemist
for Upjohn Company. He was
graduated from Wake Forest col
lege with a Bachelor of Science
degree, and later received the de
gree of Bachelor of Science in en
gineering at North Carolina State
college. He served almost five
years in the army during World
War II, in the coast artillery and
chemical warfare branches and
in the air force. Following the
war, Mr, Anthony attended the
University of Iowa, where he was
awarded the Master of Science
Mr. Anthony and Miss Eshouse
j have been guests this week at
l the home of Mr. Anthony's par
Joyce Falls attended the Erskine
Catawba game Saturday night.
R. W. Curfee left Friday for an
extended visit with relatives and
friends in North Wilkesboro.
Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Slender
were Kings Mountain visitors
Mrs. L. A. Hoke is a patient in
the Memorial hospital in Char
lotte for observation and treat
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Squires and
Mrs. Charies Morgar of Charlotte
were guests Sunday of Mr. and
Mrs. E. W. Griffin.
Mrs .Harold Bratton and three
children of Charlotte were week
end guests of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. L. L.- Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett of Ellen
boro were Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Willie Surber.
Mrs. E. W. Griffin and daugh
ter, Mrs. Robert Bargar of James
town, N. Y., were spend the day
guests last Thursday of Mrs. Nor
man Morrow and Miss Carolyn
Morrow of Gastonia.
Misses Anais Green, Coleen
Brooks, Martha Sue Carroll and
Betty Bonham were Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pur
man of CherTyvllle.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fulton,
Misses Winifred Fulton and Miss
Dorothy Hayes were guests Sun
day of Rev. and Mrs. E. W. Fox of
.Miles and Ernest Mauney were
at home Wednesday night en
route to Raleigh where they will
perform at the National Federa
tion of Music Club Convention.
They are to be guest artists with
the Charlotte Little Symphony
and will play Mozart's Concerto
for two pianos.
Mrs. J. N. Gamble accompani
ed her son, Jackie, to State Col
lege last week where he resumed
his studies. Mrs. Gamble spent
several days with her sister, Mrs.
Sam T. Anderson in Leak'sville
before returning home.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Be lk of
Orangeburg, S. C., were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Fulton, Jr. ov- j
er the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Ful
ton and guests attended the Ers
kine -Catawba game Saturday
Mimes Evelyn Cline, Betty
Hawkins and Bus Oates attended
the Carolina -State game Satur
j C-' ?_?
Mrs. J. S. Norman, Mrs. 9? M. j
But'u?r of Cherryville and Mrs.
Yates Spake of Morjanton have
returned from a visit with 1 Mr.
and Mrs. Major Payne at 'AtlanPs.
While there they were accorded
many courtesies. v
It 8. Bargar arrived Friday to
accompany Mrs. Bargar and lit
tle raughter, Nancy Gay, to their
home ta Jamestown, N. Y, Mm.
Bargar and daughter have spent
several weeks with her parents,
Mr ami Mrs. E. W. Grfffin.
Ife -MfKWfc'. J. Sgjg^y wtw. un^r-^
went an operat ion -in Gaston Me
morial hospital in Gastonia this
week is reported as recovering
? o ?
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Matthews
and daughter, Martha, spent Sun
day with their daughter, Miss
Barbara Matthews, at Mars Hill
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Beam, Miss
Margaret Harmon and Mary Ann >
Beam, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Har- J
rill and children, Mr. and Mrs. E. j
A. Harrill and daughter, Demeris. !
of Rock Hill, motored to Little
Switzerland and Mt. Pisgah Sun
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Mauney
and Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Mauney
leave Friday for Dip Moines, Iowa,
to attend a meeting of the United
Lutheran . .Church . .convention.
While away they will also attend
a National Brotherhood Gonven
| don in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Lieut, and Mrs. J. D. Mercer
and daughter, Peggy, of Colum
bia, S. "C., were guests o. Mrs.
Mercer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.
G. Plonk during the weekend. Mr.
and Mrs. Austin Lackey, Jr., of
Fallston were 1 spend the day
guests of the Plonks on Sunday.
District Meeting DAR
Friday, October 6
A District meeting of tin* Son
i ior Woman's club will be lieTd in
fherryviile Wednesday, Oetobei
Mrs. Jacob Mauney, president
onts. They returned to Kalamazoo
on Thursday.
of tlio UkmI vi.ub iirgrs ai) tru'ifi
bers to ill lon?l arid to please ma !<??
reservation.-: \vj'iv Mrs. <>. * VV.
Mavinoy, ph?>no l-l2v by < >et. 5. .
The Rroup Wilf least' the club
house at 0 : 30 a- rti. Tfa import h: ?
tion 1 1 bo provided". 1
.iN?rj>. Charier. K. Wilson, soii
of Mr. and Mrs. Mart in 'Wilson,
has lxH>n called to actlvo duty
in tho Marino t'orpit Kesorve. A
26- months vetoran of. World
War II, Corp. Wilson .loft Sun
<t ay for Camp Lojounc, N.
Ho had boon <<m p!o> od at U n
ion National Bank in Charlotte
a Certificate of
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Moth Damage
L zJl
or lasting beauty, -warmth and
service, select these new pastel shades of
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Canyon Red, Cactus Green, Yellow Sun,
Terracotta and Green Gold.
Dept. Location
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rhe mil) thrilling lut! fuhionj
IV fi'V to gun fashion Umt with
thn RiveiSule Diamond Check
?nd tolid combination tbift a
English is Chirm jt Crow The )?cke?.
? nettly highlighted it the coIUr,
'% cuffs trtd pockets with the solid
? of the skirt So vunning in bUck
Of bto? ? <t?mbin?tion?
Jumot iiitt J to IV
: charm
Important Fall ?
Fashion JVcws
M? r< ?; rtf >n*.fh riiirulfi)
?mi ih?l wul riir *hr num .
ev< itirMimji flattery ihts Fail,
JunMH Jewgncd muh a
r.fw 41 coat fullnei* f hit s .
v> gay arwi li^h(hrxn/-tl.
The idf-fahrk ivm high
lighting ?he Mug]) >rr.4ff
(nllat line, rah Kc Worn rinsed
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green, wine, taupe, copper
Junto* sue* 7 to IV

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