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    H. Y. Belk
Hi Ho! Everybody. Labor Day
gone toy OK, only swept away
665 they claim. Glad I wasn't
numbered in that bunch. \ The
State Highway Safety Council
told us how many would be
knocked off that day, but why
didn't they call out the names.
That's the biggest fool thing yet
toeing killed on the highways in
a trap. Tell us how many birds
will they kill off Thanksgiving.
Then comes dear old Christmas,
with a few more dead souls.
They done put out the news that
by Dee. 31 one thousand will be
slain on highways in these rat
tle-traps. What fools we mortals
toe, knowing that life is but a
span at best, s;ill we venture on
life's uncertain highway and
come toack in after the big time
-dead. That's the end on this ear
th, but we live on in another
country. Heaven, maybe hell. Lets
quit getting killed on the high
ways. Life is so sweet, short if
we live to the end. I love it. don't
A nation like an individual can
spend itself into bankruptcy and
that is what Harry is going to do
if not checked. Oh, let her roll,
always a stopping place.
if we are going
to fight Commu
nism over the i
pond. Why nOt
! begin first -here
at home and
fight it out of!
\ the Capitol and
It h e .Nation?
[What I wish to
J know-, come on
I explain .to me if
you can, whether you believe it
or not peace on earth is farther a
way than it was 2,000 year ago.
One of strangest stores in the
world today is in the little town of
Waller, Texas. It is called "God's
Mercy Store, " and is owned
toy A. D. Purvis In it is every
thing from a fish hook to a cof
fee pot, tout no clerks. The?custo
mer selects his purchase, shows
... . I
the owner the price marked on I
it. It is the price the storekeeper j
paid lor it. If the customer gives
a five dollar bill, he is asked
how much change he wants and
the amount is given without
question. Purvis has been con- !
ducting this 'store for 24 years.
The idea for his Unique store
came to him when he became ]
worried over his neighbors. They
were ail poor share croppers, con
stantly in debt to the large plan
tation owners. One night Purvis
dreamed that God told him to
sell his little farm and go to the
nearest town, and start a store
for these poor share croppers. He
went to Waller, where he built a
stocked shack. Thus began God's
Mercy Stone. The only successful
store on earth where the custor
mer divides the shop keeper's
profits. The mercy I show to oth
ers Lord, that'mercy show to me.
I sure don't know what will be
come of a lot ot our merchants
who are charging two prices just
?because of this war. On April the
first a man could buy a Model A
tractor for $1970 ? now they tell
me the price has jumped to S2,
400. Now the cost of living is
steadily going up, but its not on
ly as you merchants mark it up.
No two sell alike. Got your own
price. Well, skin 'em while you
can, but don't forget a war s on.
Today we think of the automo
bile -as the most wonderful ma
chine. It is true that the automo
bile has thousands of parts. And
it has to be greased and oiled
and watered and washed and air
ed and anti-freezed and worked
all over to make it useful. A
wonderful machine indeed. But
let's look at this created man that
handles this m xhine. His perspi
ration ducts or cubes as you
choose to call them, out classes
all 'parts of this benzine buggy
combined. Its claimed by good
authority that there aire two mil
lion three hundred and forty
eight of these ducts or vital tubes
in the human body. And placed
end to end would make a. tube
Dr. James S. Bailey
Examination, Diagnosis, Glasses Fitted
Office open each Friday 10 A. M, to 5 P. M.
214 Mountain St. Next Door To Imperial Theatre ^
?Ambulance Service ?
Phone 118 Kings Mountain, N. C.
Don't Be Satisfied With Symptomatic Relief!
Neuritis Pains, Stomach Disturbances, Indigestion, Gas, Constipation,
Certain Nervous Disorders and a General Run-down Condition
When due to lack of Vitamins B? B? Iron and Niacin in your systemS
Read How These Folks Benefited Who Had Such Deficiencies
Mr. Anthnmntten , 4731 Somth
32nd We?t At*., Tul* 4 7, Ok\a
homa, suffered from stomach
distress for quite some time.
He had spent much money
trying everything possible for
rehef and1 was in bad health
when he started taking HADA
COL. He says, "After taking
three bottles of the $3.50 size,
I've gained 27 pounds and now
eat anything I desire and pod
tlvely have no trouble." (HAD -
ACOL such wonderful
results because it actually re
lieves the ~wut CAtrsa of
stomach distress [gas pains,
heartburn, indigestion after
eattne] dM-M'?bch deficien
cies. And continued use of this
f/rcRi hadacoi. helps prevent
such distress from returning.)
Mr*. Mm M Kitchen, 1650 Am
tlrrdmm, Cincinnati, Ohio. "Be
fore I Started taking HADA
COL I h*d aches and pair.1? of
neuritis in my shoulders, my
back and arms. I could hardly
nwe without having those
terrible pains. Then I heard
about HADACOL. After the
second botUe the pains and
aches were about gone. I'm
now starting my fourth bottle
and am on top of the world. I
eat well and, best of all the
aches and pains are complete
ly gone." (Mr a Kitchen is a
very smart woman because she
relieves the ual causs of her
neuritis pains due to such de
ficiencies. HADACOL often
brings a wonderful improve
ment within a few days' time.)
Mr*. J. SeimtninM, 514 Krngmr,
OtUtmwm, In ten, tcrileu "My
daughter, Marilyn 8ae, is 5
years old and for some time
lacked pep, had a poor appetite,
was generally run-down. Since
giving her HADACOL, we have
noticed wonderful results . , .
she has a much better appe
tite, eats everything on lhe
table and doesnt seem tiied
like she used to. Incidentally,
she likes to take HADACOL,
too." (HADACOL js a great
builder-um>er' for sick, nerv
ous, puny kids whose systems
lack precious Vitamins Bj, Bj,
Iron and Niacin. A big im
provement In their well-being
Is often noticed within a few
days' time after taking the
great new HADACOL.)
joy get fhat wonderful
HADACOL feeling everyone to talking
f 9 Tn fhla ?M/u<Avn s^.ii
Mr, Henry Angel, RD No f,
Springfield, Ohio. "I used to
suffer great pain from neu
ritis aches in all parts of my
body, especially in my legs,
arms and shoulders. I never
got any real relief until I tried
HADACOL. After taking sev
eral bottles, my pain is all
gone. And I'm working every
day." (Now there's a smart
man I Mr. Angel took HADA
COL and relieved the ual
caoss of his neuritis pains
because they were due to
such deficiencies HADACOL
Is helping thousands upon
thousands of grateful men
and women troubled this way.
Why don't you give HADA
COL a chance to help you?
Start taking it today! )
matte relief ?
deficiency sickness ..
HADACOL not only
3?5E,toa.S;" and" Niacin bat also helpful amounts of precious
i fr. un oag at
;? *?? w ? Mm aw
large family or hospital size. ?..v>
e ??*?. tv.
ttyree and one half mites long. |
Did Ford ever beat 'hat?
Yes, the South today with all
its advantages is a real home ol ,
the i>rave and fearless.
A Northern tourist while pass- 1
ing throught Georgia decked io
check up on how life went on in
these parts. It) coming to a farm ;
in the backwoods a man was
sprawled on the front porch of
the cabin smoking a corncob
pipe, while wife \<-as plowing an
old grey mule close by. He ap
proached the man and asked,
"Isn't that hard work for your
wife?" "Yep," replied the man.
"but we work in shifts." "In oth
er words, when she gets tired out
you take over." "Nope," he snort
ed, when -she gets tired our driv
ing the old mule behind that
plow she shifts to the kitchen for
a spell." Yes, we all love the
South and don't all live in the j
backwoods of Georgia. ?
Now they are forcing prices up i
until they almost reach the skies.
Look at sausage 62 cents. No pep
per, no sage. Just grind it out
and pell it- Foyr. times high. A
long came Hen Wallace%and took
off all the little pigs and killed
'em, saying it would make pork
cheaper than when the cow jump
ed over the bloody moon. Now
the housewife has no pork chops
and no credit at the store, but |
you can't blame it to Socialism.)
They never saw a swine. This, J
our beloved country is headed for j
chaos, confusion if America don t
face rightabout and fly straight.
If you can't realize and recognize
this simple truth, you wouldn't be
fit to shovel sand. into a rat hole.
Quit being so ignorant, don't you
realize you got a war to fight
same as me? If we are forced in
to it, its not the first time- We've ;
been fooled into it- Too bad these j
damned scientists can't find some |
form of sulfa drugs or penicillin l
to put them devils to sleep that
are raring for us to come and
shoot 'em up. Old Joe Stalin, he
needs a five gallon- jug, for in
stance, of this penicillin, sulfa
stuff. I know why Joe's losing
weight, because he's moaning ,
over the uncomfortable circum- i
stances that confronts his dreams j
of success. Joe, we can tell you |
what your blight is, its a certain ,
nightmare that.s haunting . you^
when you realize you wtli-go nKe }
dear old Hitler it makes you very |
sore. I hope to your good luck
you get it in the neck.
Agriculture is not only a sci
ence and an art. but it is the old
est and highest calling on earth.
And the most neglected. Civiliza
tion begins with the plow and :
ends with the plow. We all eat. j
' Just put any Truman promise
in your pipe and smoke it if you
care to see the picture of Social
ism in every puff.
Truman's presidential oath
seems suggestive. It began by
saying "I do solemnly swear 1
will faithfully execute the of
fice, etc., etc.," and our idea is j
before he Is through with this:
meS-' overseas he'll have it perm- 1
anently executed. What would j
you say?
One thing they had back in
the Horse and Buggy Days would
come in handy now ? is a watch- J
day over the Treasury. Folks
have always been honest while ;
they couldn't get a better chance. j
Don't trust anyone too fa:. You '
may be sorry la tor
No inducement in offering to
pay a man whatever he is worth. |
Nobody nowadays wants to work :
that cheap. People who once j
worked for 50 cents a day and |
was glad to get work now want '
t/K ff/tape
fiRt tacts
Two Local Men |
At Lackland
SAN ANTONIO, Texas. ? Pvt.
Darvin Clyde Hardin, 22, son of
Mrs. Dennis Crawford, route 2,
Kings Mountain, N. C., and Pvt.
Geolrge William Blackwell, 20,
son of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Black -
well, 109 Cleveland Ave., Kings
Mountain, N. C., have begun
courses of indoctrination train
"The Gateway to the Air Force,"
In the basic training at Lack
and must have a dollar and 30
cents an hour, but I see just as i
many fools broke y>day as I ever !
did. A fool and his honey soon |
parts ? no, a fool and his money
soon drift apart. When a fool |
marries a fool they stay together
'til death do us part.
Let's close today's session by
rebuking this hell-born sordid in '
fernal Communism. The promo
ters of this sordid slush are the
anti-Christian civilization of our
free United States. They are
broadcasting in their booklets
and pamphlets in order to help
Communistic pagan crowd to]
come in and take control of
Christian America. They teach no
certainty that Jesus ever exited.
Now what did the world's great- !
est historian say when asked
what is the most thoroughly es
tablished incident in human his
tory promptly replied, "The birth,
crucifixion, burial and resurrec- i
tion of Jesus Christ." Preachers,
I'm tell you, if the Archangel Ga- 1
briel should come down to earth j
and mix in human affairs, I be- j
lieve his character would be as
sailed within forty-eight hours.
land, they will - receive a well i
rounded" military preparatory,
schooling for progress in a speci- ;
alizedAir Force career. During !
this initial course he will be
given complete vocational and
aptitude testing along personal
guidance counseling to determine
his entrance into a suitable tech-,
nlcal training assignment on lea
ving The Gateway Base.
Besides constituting the only
Air Force station for indoctrina
tion training of all new airmen, \
Lagkland is .a reassignment and 1
traming'center for ^errltstee^-r
home of USAF Officer Candidate
School and the Human Resources j
Research Center.
The architectural field uses
Monel lor roofing and for tie rods
that help. hold up masonry and
ceilings. '
4-H Members
Plant Trees
| North Carolina 4-H Club mem
bers set out nearly a million arid
| a quarter jree seedlings during
the 1949-50 winter arid spring
? planting season'. John E. Ford,
! forestry specialist for the State
j College Kxtension Serviw, nv:
ported this week.
According to! Ford's report. 1,
002 club' members planted 1,243
723: seedlings during the season.
| "The future of North Carolina's
woodlands appears to be in good
hands."; t he. ^peeialiSr ocrmmeht
' ed. '
In six different counties, more
j than 50.000 trees .were set out!
Montgomery was first in lotal
number of trees set, with 32 boys
and girls planting 97,000 seed- j
lings. Mitchell had the' largest
number of club members partici- 1
1 pa ting, with 103 4-H'ers setting!
J out 57,500 white pines and tulip!
t poplars. i
Aiding in the program were the
j North Carolina Pulp Company of
i Plymouth thd the Champion Ea
1 per arid Fiber Company of <?an- j
ton, which purchased 901.300 pine
; seedlings for 594 club members
during the year. The trees were
obtained from State nurseries, !
. I .
Government Needs
Radar Instructors
?A notice has. been received from
the United States t'hil Service
Commission that an examination
for Radar Instructor and Kadar
Instructor i Trainee ) is being an
bounced today for filling posi
tions at K cosier Air Force Base,
BilOxi, Mississippi. The salaries
are and' $3,100 a year, /e
spect jvciy.
To. qualify for the $3il00 posi
tions., api? Wants must have had
at least 4 years of professional
or responsible sub- professional
experience in radar repair and
maintenance or in instructing jn
such activities, or experience in
electronics research or.'clnsvly af
lied fields Appfoprite college
study may be substituted for this
experience. Kor the $3,^25 posi
tions, they must have bad *n ad
ditional year of experience as a
resident instructor in electrical
engineering or physics, or must
have completed all requirements
for the Master's degree in either
of these fields. No written test, is
required. Applicants for the
Trainee jobs must not have pass
ed their Thirty-fifth birthday; for
the $3,825 jobs, their sixty second
birthday. Age limits are waived
for persons entitled to veteran
Full information and applica
tion forms may be obtained from
the Commission's local secretary.
M. C. Falls located at Kings
Mountain postoffiee, from civil
service regional office.-*, or from
the U. S- Civil Service Commis
sion. Washington, f). V. Applica
tions tnust be tiled wirti thp Ex
ecutive Secretary,' Board of .1). S.
Civil Kxa miners for Keesler Air
Force Base, peparlment of the. Air
Force. Biloxi, Mi.v?. Applications
will he accepted umil further no
"'*>*3 Wash..,
, ?-J
- rt>s Pumps
?gaii Su
"?? ""PP'y Co.
^,ev?l<?n< |
VI v
Time to travel - time ip -\avcf.
Year * Krcacot selection of trips
and tours over gloriom Autumn
higliwjvt, including.
in oour rtirs
llavc more fun on ( liurter 1 1 ip?
io big itamet, fairs, festivals,
convention*, reunions . . .
Save an extra 10*',' or more
rath uay on Round Trips tr>
hi* cities, small towns, resorts,
everywhere . .
Secraorcoo"Am*iin|g America"
iTfTttrrrr ipot st vara
rarnrmn P+ar*
grounds all over the conniry?
You've probably heard a lot
of talk about comfort in
1950 cars.
But we'd like to offer one sug
gestion, which is ? let a llnick
speak for itself.
We'd like to have you settle
yourself (your family too. if you
Thi? rugged front end (1) ?*t> the *iyt? rot*. (3)
?OVM on repair cott?? vertkal bo'l ore Individttolly
fepioceobt*. (3) ovoid* "locking horn?," (4) moket
porklng ond garaging aoiler. I
have one) on a Buick's soft,
deep, comfort-angled cushions,
and see how restful they are.
More than this, we'd like you
to sample that comfort in mo
tion. Slip you r fingers around
that slender steering wheel,
touch toe to treadle and take off
in the smooth, unbroken surge
of power that Dynaflow Drive *
We'd like to have you hunt out
some of the less-smooth streets
or back roads that never seem to
get fixed? and put Buick's soft
coil springing and solid under
pinning to tough and practical
* Standard o* R*>APMlA&TKk. npti"nnl at eott
tm Sort* and Sr**:tAt. moHrl*.
All the while, be thinking about
what such ritling and driving
case can mean on long, all-day
trips, and compare it with
you've been used to.
This whole e xperience is bourd
to make you w ant a Buick? and
when you ask "how much"
you'll get a second pleasant sur
prise in the low delivered prices
your dealer is quoting ? prices
that start at a level that is ac
tually lower than you'd pay for
some sixes.
Your Buick dealer is the man to
see and this is the best of all
times to see him. Drop in, won't
you, to see about getting an
order signed?
Tuna to HFNKV ). 7AYLD* ABC Nefwort. twaTy Monday *v??fng.
YOU* Kit 1C 0*1 Allt VMM
Dean Buick Co.
i whin iittm a utomobiies am ?uut ?uick wnt boiid thsm -

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