North Carolina Newspapers

    H. Y. Belk
Good morning, every one. 1
hope you are feeling fine this au
tumn morning. The Fair over and
you are not In Jail. People put
fhis way are not rushiing to get
*heir cotton picked. The boll wee.
vil am done picked- most of it be
fore it got to 'be a boll. They sure
a. bad army. Sherman on his
to the Sea, couldn't of
beat the boll weevil. I feel for the
farmers. I've been through it all.
When I grew five-cent cotton the
merchant got it all. Now its the
weevil. You ask me Why that beef
steak I bought from you was so
<ougb?.Did it have horns, or was
it the price that stuck me?. Oh
for chewing hard, it made me
Mweat like a mule. What a fight I
had doing away with that old 85
<-ent steak. '
Mr John Stames informs me.
he's going down to Atlanta to
fish. Atlanta is no place to fish.
They are looking for suckers wluat
fiin already been caught.
A lot <?l our folks are going to
<tto wonders when they get strai
ghtened out, but when will they
get in that fix?
One fellow told me he was fix
ing to gel married, while anoth
er genticimjn was trying t<> get
nioney to get a divorce. No two
when COLD
- ? '0 EGGS
Her Pride /
\V<Ve proud too, to !>e able lo
tiring Y?>' wonderful-tasting
Every nuart you use, either in
i ooUnii or a;) a mealtime and
hotween-meal drink, has more i
onergy-value titan ten egg*l Im
tgine what that can mean to family nutrition program!
important food. energy in a.
pleasant, easv-to-take way . . .
XX Heavy Whipping
Cream, 1/2 Pt. ? 35c
Coffee or Cereal
Cream, Vst Pt- ? 20c
Archdale Farms
Phone 2405
want the same thing.
Lee Brown <tells me he's on a
hike to Codiac, Alaska, to fish
and hunt. What -an idea; All men
are not fools.
Obviously you ask me who's
been fighting the Communists
these past five years. Could tt
?have been Henry Wallace and our
friend John L. Lewis? Heniy only
had pig sent*. John L. had coal
By the way, If
High Tax 'Em
Harry takes an
other crack up at
the Marines, all
won't be quiet
and calm along
the Potomac. If
Mr. Truman
keeps turning j
down good men
like Byrnes and
Johnson^ he's going to, In my op- 1
ion, get things messed up in a j
hell of a mess.
All races of people worship ma
ny Gods not all by any, means
worship the only true and Living
God. Worship involves -two things
? -the internal belief and the ex
ternal act. We may transgress In
our hearts by having wrong con
ception of God and our fellow
When it comes to our courts it
is a shame men and women must
be put under oath and then more
often swear lies, I've heard men
j go up before the court and swear
| lies and everyone In the court
room knew it was a hideous He.
Bui what could they do about it?
All great men those I mention,
they had the natioji at heart- Six
of our Presidents were veterans
of the Civil War Grant, Hayes,
f v.* 1 cjl A r th u r ' Be n j fti 1 *fl
win, and McKinley. They run A
merica without fear or favor. Who
runs America today? You ask me
something. [ can't answer. John
Lewis runs thi' coal up. Truman
.runs the taxes up, so you can buy
the coal. That puts more -money
in circulation. j
The people, I believe of this
country have better sense than j
the officials who pretend to run
the Government. They thought
they would get socialized medl- j
cine off on the people, and cause
Dock to close up hrs shop. That
didn't work, so they decided to
draft the doctors. You Just can't
beat our present day Government j
when it comes to doing up things j
brown on time. Aren't I right?
Government costs money and the |
more Government we have the j
greater the cost. That's simple arl J
We Fill any Doctors' Pre
*ciipti<yu promptly and
accurately at reasonable
?JTlces with the confidence
>f your physician.
Kings Mountain
Drug Company
Phones 41 ? 81
We Call For and Deliver
It's cool now and It will soon be cold, so better get youi furn
ace in order and while you are doing that, think oi the extra
fire hazards to your home. See us for your insurance needa for
your home and furniture. Don't lose everything in a fire with
out having protection.
The Arthur Hay Agency
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Pinnacle Laying Mash
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I Starting Mash
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Y our needs with regard to custom mixing will have oar most careful
We can furnish most any protein concentrate such as Fish Meal and
Meat Meal.
* ? ......
Ask Your Dealer
: -i
' V/.
^ J
rhmetic. The happiest people are
those who are governed the
least. That's simple sense. Don't
take me to be a fool, 'til you
learn me better.
I have seen many a winter
come and go. Now, this coming
winter will me rough with lots ot
Ice and snow. So If you wish to
beat the cold, buy plenty of coal.
Take my word lor It. Don't wait
<o get.your feul In ? do It now. La
ter on tre price will go up and out
of sight. Remember, a stitch in
time save.* nine ? John L. will be
on hand.
Mm. Roosevelt, the good mixer
in her column says she has dis
covered a new hearing aid. What
we want right now la a device to
eliminate hearing unnecessary
things such as mixing Social E-.
quality with social rights at her
get-together parties with the Ne
groes and the whites. I hope
Grtfndma Eleanor don't get so ex
cited in this new war but what
she can stay home In a time like;
this and help o.ur President with*
balancing the budget. Lets made
no mistake. It is Socialism which
lies at the end of the rainbow and
the promising predominating col
ors in the spectum before our vis
ion is not the alluring colors. Its
not that we are looking for but
a sack of gold that every rainbow
throws off at the end of the ev
ening. When her shadows fall
millions of people have been pro
mised at the end of the rainbow.
Nothing to do but hasten to the
end and pick up this precious
gold. But, alas, those who have
ventured through fog and storm,
find np end, or gold. This may
.sound obvious to grown-ups. I
was taught from a child that my
fortune lay at the end of the rain
bow, but I've never been able to
reach that mighty gold. What
we are mostly looking for is
peaco and highest prosperity. ^
What In the name of common
rteamaiilty are those JjUma. un .at
Washington doirig'to speed peace
and goodwill before all man
kind? Why they fight each other
Just to wo who will be boss of the
bone yard. They got no boss. Oh.
if we in a time like this only had
rulers. Where, oh. where are we
drifting today?
Just the other day a friend of
mine, a police chief, saw a 15
year old girl coming out of'a beer
Joint. She had obviously been
drunk. The Chief knew her peo
ple. They were respected. He took
th girl home. Just another exam
ple how the homes are being ruin
ed. But the rest of the story to me
was even more significant. He
expected the girl's mother to be
upset, and she was but not in the
way he had expected the mother
to be. She was only upset because
of the indignity he had inflicted
on the girl. She told the Chief she
was quite sure her daughter was
able to take cafe of herself. That
her girl never had done anything j
wrong. Furthermore, she should
have been allowed to look after
her self. That helps lay the foun
dation work for our present surge
of teen-age trouble that is'filling:
the court rooms of our nation to
day* - ....
Before we close todays session
lets repeat what the Lord said?
"If my people, who are called by
my name, shall humble themsel
ves. and pray and seek my face,
and turn from ?their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and
will heal their land. 2nd Chron. 7
The best proposition we could
at this time be offered. We don't
believe in the Bible or we would
turn from our evil, ways and seek
the Lord while He may be fOUnd,
and save our young manhood
from being kllle#all over, the
world by this hell -demon called
WAR. But we, you and me, _ will
not accept the Divine Call. We
rather see our sons and fathers
killed. Unbelief i9 what's damn
ing the world. If we believed
I've quoted, we would seek His
face and turn from^our evil ways,
but we will never accept as a
whole, as the Devil teaches us to
do evil. We like It best because
we .seek to do evil. I wish the Dev.
Colorful Carnival
Is Beginning
In Mountains
ASHEVILLE. ? Rangers patrol
ling the Blue ' Ridge Parkway,
mountain ? top scenic boulevard i
connecting the Shenandoah and
(the Great Smoky Mountain Na
tional. Parks, report that fall col
ors have already begun a fine
show on the mountainsides at el
evations of 4,000 feet and over.
I Already the Sourwood, Dogwood,
.Wild Cherry, and Red Maples
'have started to color vividly in
'the area between Balsam Gap
and Mount Mitchell. Mountain
Ash trees between Craven Gap
and Mount Mitchell are now hea
vy with clusters of brilliant red
berries, and" Viburnum, a, low
| shrub, has put on deep red leav
es. . . ? ' ,
The color in this Asheville - Mt. j
Mitchell district ofcthe Parkway |
is expected to be at Its peak a- ,
round October 12.
By October 5 the Maples, Black
Gums, Dogwoods and some Oak
trees will be rapidly reaching
their height of color along a sec
tion of the Parkway referred to
as the Bluffs district, Just south ,
of the North Carolina - Virginia
State line ? and especially where
the .Parkway intersects with U. S.
highway 21 near Sparta, N. C. and
runs south to N. C-.' highway 18
at Laurel Springs. The Black
Gums and Dogwoods in this area
already are attractive and should
hold their color for the next two
weeks. ? '
Fall coloration along the entire
opened portion of he Parkway
should be good from about the
first of October through the first
week in November, and possibly^
a little later.
In the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park the height of the
color season is usually from five
days to a week behind most of
the mountain area east of Ashe
ville. Park Naturalist Arthur Stu
pka has reported colors just be
ginning to show and predicts a
good color season, provided the
weather remains reasonably dry.
11 woul*l die, but he's Immortal.
The Lord will chain the old Devil
one day soon. Then we will have
peace on earth for a thousand
years. I don't know where you
and I will be when all that takes ;
place, but Its sure because God
said so. We can't lay all the
blame on these warring nations
We claim to be the most cultured
nation on the earth. Why then,
; don't we teach our neighbors its
i wrong to fight. They look to us
I for bread, "clothes, and all kinds
I of material thlnga Why don't we j
1 give them the bread of life. I
| fear we haven't any to spare, t
Pardon me If I'm wrong.
Under and by virtue of the po
wer of sale contained in a deed of
trust given by George C. Hender- j
son and wife, Bryte Henderson, to !
the undersigned as trustee for
W. M. Gantt on the 6th day of
January, 1948; now oh record in
the Register of Deeds Office for
Cleveland County in book 336 at
page 149 to secure the payment
of the indebtedness therein men
tioned and default having been
made in the payment of same
and at the request of W. M. Gantt,
I will sell for cash at the court
house door In Sh:4by, Cleveland
[County, North Carolina, on Mon
day, October 23, 1950, at 10:00
o'clock, a- m., or wkhin legal
hours, the following described
real estate: #
, BEGINNING at a stake on the
West side ol Piedmont Street in
the Town of Kings Mountain, N.
i C., at the southeast corner of the
Barber Shop building and run* I
thence S. 88 1/4 approximately 81
feet, more or lea* to a stake on
the east aide of Railroad Street;
ttience along the East margin of
Railroad Street N. 38 E. 16.9 feet
to a staker thence a straight line
In an Eastern direction 71 feet,
more or kn> to a stake In West
edge of Piedmont street; thence
S. 2 1/2 E. 14 feet to the BEGIN
NING corner, said lot Including
the brick building located there
on and known as ' the Barber
This the 21st day of Septem
ber. 1950.
B. S. NEILL, Trustee. -
J. R. Davis, Atty. s-22 o-13 .
In the past the best displays in
the Park has been between the
middle to the last of October.
Present day industrial concen
tration is causing premature roof
destruction by discharge of ex
cess quantities of corrosive fumes
and acids into the atmosphere*
Monel roofing -installations are
giving a high standard of per
formance as a replacement for
the other types of roof construc
Don't delay. Bring your watch
in now for a good cleaning and
oiling ... and FREE INSPEC
TION. Necessary adjustments
or minor repairs made now may
save you costly repairs later.
Our work is done by experts
with finest materials . . . and
DuraPower Mainsprings*
here for ELGINS
Only mainspriug in the world
guaranteed nerer to break in serv
ice. Available for most Elgin*.
of "bUitoy' omUI. Patent pcoJinc
Kings Mountain's Leading
Did you know that today there
are over 3,000 alloys containing
Nickel, when alloyed with other
metals, produces
. .alloys to stand white heat that
would melt many other metals;
alloys to resist the embrittling ac
tion of sub-zero cold.
? alloys that make the most po
werful magnets known; alloys no
more magnetic than wood.
? alloys for thermostats that
stretch with heat or shrink with
cold; alloys to make fine watch
parts that never change a mil
lionth of an inch.
? alloys to handle destructive
caustics and acids that dissolve
rocks as if they were lumps of
sugar; alloys to protect the deli
cate purity of sensitive drugs.
? alloys with low electrical re
sistance; alloys with high resis
tance thta make electrical cook
ing and heating practical.
Ni-Hard is a nickel - chronium t
white iron used in the m]nirig, I
processing and pulverizing of in- ]
dustrial minerals. Under severe
conditions Ni-Hard outlast ordi
nary cast ion 2 1/2 to 5 times.
You save an extra 10% or
more each' way on every
Greyhound Round-Trip
ticket ! Ask about the big Fall
Round-Up of alii kinds of
trips, tours, special features!
There art hundreds mere
One- Round -
Way Trip
Charlotte S .70 S 1.30
Win.-Salem 2.45 4,45
Rich., Va. 8.65 12.00
Norfolk. Va. 7.35 13.25
Wash.. D. C.. 8.90 16.05
New York 12.95 23.35
Spartanb'q 1.00 1.80
Green., S. C. 1.70 3.10
Athens. Ga. 3.70 6.70
Gaines.. Ga. S3.95 7.15
Atlauta, Ga. 5.05 9.10
Bircr., Ala. 845 14.85
New Or- La. 12.85 23.15
Talla., Fla. 8.65 15.60
(Plus U. S. Tax)
Dial 5521, Shelby. N. C.
?-*??- ?W?U-*B?Ujr-O0 for CHEER
WINE . . . and so will the
kiddies. Stay on . the beam.
Drink delicious, energising
CHEERWI1SE is in tun ?
tcith the American taste
yif drink ? ^
Keep a supply at home.
Buy a 6-Bottle carton or
^ a case today I
*'? J.-'?*" -T*'?a ?: .*'** Vv>:. ' !
This cool weather makes it ideal for driving
Dode Ranch for Kids
Pony Rides . . Riding Instructions
Located one mils from Kings Mountain on Gastonla Road
Job Printing # Phones 167 and 283

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