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    The Kings Mountain Herald
Established 1889
A weekly newspaper devoted to the promotion of the general welfare and published
for the enlightenment, entertainment and benefit of the citizen* of King* Mountain
and its vicinity, published every Friday by the Herald Publishing House.
Entered as second -*lasa matter at the postoffloe at Kinga Mountain, N. C-, under Act
ot Congress of March 3, 1873.
Editorial Department
Harmon * Editor- Publisher
Charles T. Carpenter, Jr Sports, Circulation, News
MlS. P. D, Hern don Society *
Mechanical Department
Eugene Matthews Horace Walker Ivan Weaver
Paul Jackson Charles Odema
TELEPHONES: Society. 167; Other. 283
Woe unto you. scribes and Pharisees, hypOcritesI For ye pay tithe of mint and
anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of law. judgment,
mercy, and faith; these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other un
done. St.Matthew 23:23.
School Discipline
The unfortunate and most regrettable
incident at Davidson school, whereby
young Jonny Wells was accidentally hit
in the eye and subsequently lost it has
caused much talk and criticism among
.parents af the community about the gen
eral subject of disciplining childen at
While the Wells accident was used as
a prime example, there appeared to bo
in the discussions an underlying com
plaint regarding corporal punishment' at ?
the white schools, usually accompanied
by exclamations againft} the practice. ?
The modern age is somewhat differ
ent from that of years ago, when the fe
rule and hickory switch were as much
a part of a teacher's equipment as the
blue-back speller. Today, it seems, par
ents feel that the exhuberance, deviltry
and general disposition of the young to
"cut up" can be contained by reasoning
with the children.
Older folk recall that the reasoning
powers ot a good switch was considera
ble and likely to last longer than mere '
talk. There are few, too, who can't re
member plenty of instances when they
escaped punishment at schooJ even
though deserving it.
Needless to say, there is such a tiling
as over-doing the matter. And. too, there
have been instances when a youngster
was punished in error, and when a tea
cher momentarily let his temper get the
best of him. Neither situations are to be
recommended. There is also currently
in the newspapers a story of a Brevard
principal being under fire following an
instance of slapping a pupil.
" Slapping is not to be condoned, and
use of a leather belt may not be the best
means, but complete elimination of the
peach tree or hickory switch wouldn't
be the best either.
Discipline is at least 80 per cent of the
problem of imparting knowledge at the
secondary level. And the Herald believes
that modern day parents would do much
to lessen the necessity for at-school dis
ciplining if they would adopt the old
rule of "a switching at school means an
other when you get home."
Tighter Credit
The Federal Reserve board has plac
ed further restriction on credit and. did
it without warning.
In turn, there have been wails from
some groups, not heard when the first
restrictions were invoked, indicating
that the new ones may have the desired
effect of cutting sales of consumer
g6ods, at least temporarily, and thereby
halting the inflationary trend that has
marked the economy since June 25.
Perhaps the restrictions arc a little
too drastic,' but time will tell, and, if
they are, they will be relaxed.
Meantime, it appears that. the. average
consumer should immediately open a
savings account at the nearest bank,
building and loan, or other savings in
stitution. Down payments will have to
be larger before purchases can be made,
and Just about everybody knows that
a wallet or purse is no place to accumu
late money. Somehow, money has a ha
bit of getting spent, if it is too available.
. Attend the concert of the Kings Moun
tain Choral society Tuesday night. The
group has been working hard for the
concert, and it will prove an enjoyable
one. It's quite hard to find better enter
tainment than singing.
Pageant Plans
Kings Mountain area citizens are
keenly interested in the plans of York
County citizens- to present a pageant at
Kings Mountain National Military Park,
commemorating the 170-year-old event
which did more than any other, perhaps,
in gaining freedom for this nation.
It has been remarked many times,
that New England or other parts of the
nation, with a prize in the area like
Kings Mountain park, would have long
ago been capitalizing on it as a tourist
Perhaps the pageant is the answer.
Obviously, the success of the dramas
at Manteo and at Cherokee, as well as
the pageant at Williamsburg, Va., has
been one of the motivating influences
on the York county group. It has alrea
dy caused some to remark that the pag
eant fad might be overdone.
However, that is to be doubted. Amer
icans have an abiding interest in his
tory and they like to travel. There is
little reason to believe that Kings Moun
tain, with its exciting background,
.could not be as attractive as the others,
and perhaps more attractive. '
Kings Mountain citizens are wishing
their South Caroline neighbors well in
this project and they are hoping, too,
that among the by-products of a suc
cessful venture would be the erection of
a hotel, inn, motor court, or other tra
veler's resting place in Kings Mountain.
Balance Sheet
The city's balance sheet at June 30
revealed in exact figures what most peo
ple already knew: that the city's finan
cial condition is strong, with a not-too
large debt and with assets considerably
in excess of money owed.
It also reminded that the city Is in
need of some basic improvements, par
ticularly in the sewerage disposal and
water line extension departments.
At last week's board meeting, the
commissioners discussed again the se
werage problem ? a matter that has
been on the agenda of several successive
administrations. Twice the voters have
turned down bond issues aimed at cor
recting the situation, and both times,
hindsight reveals, they made a serious
mistake. Construction costs have advan
ced continously.
It Is old hash, but the Herald must
remind again that it is hardly fair to
collect city taxes from a citizen and
still force him to install a septic tank.
The city's balance sheet looks very
acceptable on paper, but, as is often the
case, figures do not tell the full story.
Register for the forthcoming general
election Saturday, if you have not pre
viously registered. The right to vote is
the cornerstone of the democratic pro
cess, for it is by this means that good
men are voted into office, and, perhaps
more important, the means by which
blackguards iire voted out. A ^ener in
terest. in government would result in the
election of better men.
The city school board has some mon
ey available for physical improvements
and it would seem that some of this mon
eq could be used to great advantage in
installing a heating plant at Davidson
school. The school is heated by eleven
stoves, which cannot supply the most
desirable heat in the world and which
in addition, create a fire hazard.
- - ' - I
YEARS AGO Items of news taken from the 1940 filet of the
THIS WEEK Kings Mountain Herald.
A total of about 1396 men bet
ween the ages of 21 and 36 mar
ched to the registration places
h?e yesterday as America star
ted- ganhering manpower to
build up national defense. This
?is the number that had registered
at 8:40 last night.
Mids Mitchell Williams was
hostess at a mast delightful
bridge party entertaining at her
home on Saturday evening.
Miss Sara Lee Haxili was hos
tess at a chop-suey supper at the
home of her parents on Kast
King $treet Saturday evening at
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Hill Put
man announce the marriage of
their daughter, Ruth Jane, to
Sergeant William Henry Jacobs,
on October the eleventh, nineteen
hundred and torty at Toledo,
Mrs. W. T. Weir assisted be her
mother, Mrs. Ellerbe, was hos
<eeu to the Study Club and invit- j
ed guestg Tuesday afternoon at
her homo. Colorful fall f lowers
were used throughout the house.
Mr. and Mr*. D. C. Mauney, Mr.
and Mrs Carl Mauney left Tues
dey night for a trip to New York.
Mrs. William Craig. Jr., is vi?lt
ing her mother this week in Sil
ver City. .
Misw Sara Long of Columbia, S.
C. was a guest of relatives in
King:) Mountain during the week
Wf Martin Harmon
(Containing bit* ol now* wis
dom, humor, and comment. To
bo taken onklr. Avoid
Hope Not Enough
Thoro is an old saying that
one must lire in hopo and there
Is no denying it. lor, without
an optimist*? look-see into the
future, then surely this old
world woulr'i be a black place
indeed. The bouse wife hopes
for a new home, the mother
hopes he? son will bo president
the high school girl hopes she
will marry a handsome, strong,
hard-working chap who'll buy
her a mink coat and Cadillac
convertible, and the world
hopes for peace.
Thus, as mentioned in this
place last week. 1 hoped (or a
continuance of Carolina victor
ies gver the good Baptists from
Wake Forest In my instance,
hop* ?as not enough, though,
conversely. It was for the Bap
tists. who had rather suspected
that this might be their year.
And it was.
? h-n-e
While I was somewhat sus
picious of the heavy scores van
up by Wake Forest, 1 8ttll felt
that a team which iiud lost by
only one score to mighty Notre
Dame would be Sufficiently
strong to parry the Baptist
thrusts. As the radio man and
countless newspapers were
quick to reveal, the Tar Heels
weren't. There is some tenden
cy on the part of Carolina root
ers to credit the loss to a hang
over from the voodooism of
Friday, the thirteenth, or the
fact that Peahead Walker, in
the blisfulness of a second
honeymoon (literal variety)
Just couldn't be denied, but I
have the feeling that ? Wake
Forest was Just as much better
than Carolina as the score re
Why I should pick this game
for the first venture of the sea
son into the state's football
stadium. I don't know. The bet
ter half had never seen a Car
olina loss, and now she's dis
" . *
But it was a good game, a
good trip, and well worth the
price of admission, in spite of
Messrs. Davis and Butler, and
a stout Wake Forest Line
which twice proved discourte
ous to Mr. Bunting, when he.
like the salesman, only wanted
<o get his foot inside the door.
t h-n-e
The Jim Anthonys joined us
for the trip, which proved to be
an easy one from the motor
ing standpoint aided and abet
t?d by the new by- pass around
Asheboro, which has been re
cently opened. This new strip
must cut at least 20 minutes
off the trip and makes it most
pleasant poet-Concord. If there
were any unpleasantness about
the weekend away, it was dif
ficulty m finding sleeping
quarters in the vicinity. A res
ervation request at Carolina
inn had been returned Friday
a. m. with a "full-up" nota
jlon. so the work began after
he game. It was much like
working on a hard-to-run-down
news tip. I called one lady and
',Ued Up' but 8he su9*
gested I call so-and-so. This
went on for an hour before we
on ?i r?? w"Xed Up at a hon>?
on the Durham Road. As we en
tered. the lady remarked, "I
suppose you're married." I re
plied that we should look mar
rjed enough, and she laughed
E "i!, d,dnt know "h?"*
that This tickled the women:
Itl ^ 9<>od. as they could
?ee themselves looking 20 a
gain instead of ?ome years old.
er. But I reminded them that
they could have had the at>
pearance of elder maids.
Game Notes: Though sitting
n the Carolina side, there
were several stray Baptists in
the vicinity, and, while thev
were reasonably quiet most of
th#T COuWn t con
tain themselves at the finale
* ordlnarily the end of a
game marks the start of a mad
rush for the gates, but folk in
our area stopped to see anoth
?t battle, the on* for tb? goal
Poets. The Wake Forest .??
Porters virtually had the ?to?l
22? ,aUin? before the de
Z hai>P*ning. and. white
drlrn>#r* ***** P"b"? ad
drees announcer with savina ?
?? Ca">Una students to
th* pottL
it didn t look that way to M
^?defender, didn't start
massfng very much until the
nnnouneer hemm his -?
r? e e o
ZZTZZ la **f *?m 'oa!
Poet fight and It's not tn* saf
est pastUme in the world . . .
?Ot within nodding di*.
the Frank
CROSS f? ORD ? ? ? By A. C. Hordon
I ? To perceive wrongly
11 ? Further. remoter
1 2 ? Compin diiertior*
14 ? Is situated
I S ? Latih connective
1 6 ? A itandard o(
17 ? Chemical symbol fot
1 Hi? Bone
IV- Erft>!ihg hofie
20 ? Language peculiar to
a'peupTe '
12? Part of jt t ridge/
2 J? Puft ot verb to V?ir'r.
2 4? A distinctive
2 6 Re'l.ncs
2 1 ? Be ho! J
29 ? Beaut ?<f burden
J0+-I>.in?.e step
J I? Spanish Affuinat:ve
3 V?Hurtior
35~rGhftnii a) symbol let
36 ? To icfjft
Cmcral Intercut
A fragrant oleore^trt
40? A kind of fruit dis
tilled into k drink
4 1 ? Like
- 4 > ? Feminine suffix
4 J ? Something that serves
as it symbol
4 % ? Indefinite Article
4 S; ? Bough
47 ? Comparative suffix
4 8 To declare openly
50 ? ?*.hing
5l~3t.?t* of \htn?ng '
trt )lli:infty *
I ? -A number
-'One ui Homer* gr.-a t
i-t'iv stone*
rcniiwrr n'-hreyia*
! ir.n for s?'nt" ?
- Va? i-ition ??! the prefix
,>?*; ; ? ?? ??-? .
t -vo thirtgs of a kind
%*tbbffV )
9 ? Suffe?s patiently
1 0? Want
1 3 ? That m?y be grouped
- or i^regated
18 ? -State ot ^bemg left out
11 ? Spamth affirmative
21 ?Pronoun
2 2 ? Abbreviated
2 1 -^iv >siye pronoi.ri
2b n?r! i abbrevf) ,
iR ! miheral '
J ?? A kit/ i ? .i ft? h ? i >
-i i . (?? : k - -i ??
.IV' -*! >i ; ? .-iji ii<i
<4 ? P.iri < ! vt?i,; 'u ^e"
? J7 -T?trt.?t ?
i?J TV??s'r
4 u lit. j i ? ?? n' ? *V
viiavi M y:<r.;.t
4 1 osi
*44" ? Thoruur* Irffe * *
, . i ??bbr^v* >. <
4 o ? T ivcr.n
4S ~M,in s n* knafrie
4V*??V?i Dei- "ti iet?t
fK v *.?s* }' "
See The Want Ad Section For This Week's Completed Puule
Other Editor's Viewpoints
(Christian Science Monitor)
Many Americans by now are
acquainted with the purpose of
the Crusade for Freedom being
conducted by the National Com
mittee for . a Free Europe. Large
numbers have signed the Free
dom Scrolls, which will be taken
to Berlin at the dedication of a
bell there which will ring for a
free Europe.
But there is another phase of
the Freedom Crusade which
needs backing .with more than
the stroke of a pen. This is fi
nancial support for the new
broadcasting station in West
Germany, Radio Free Europe,
and for expansion of its facilities
into a network whose broadcasts
will carry the story of freedom
through the Iron Curtain.
This is not mere duplication of
the "Voice of America!" programs,
since there is need for a type of
active propaganda programs
which come more properly and
more convincingly from a pri
vately financed organization of
citizens than from a government
organ. Led by Gen. Lucius D.
Clay and including a foster of
family coming out of the game,
and passed Dare HeilL Charlie
Neisler, Dick Webb and John
ny Klser driving in . . also spot
ted Dr. Bob Baker with a pretty
girl at a distance In the stands
and chatted going in with
Mayor and Mrs. Carlysle Isley,
of Burlington . . . visited
briefly with Mr. and Mrs. Jones
Pharr in Charlotte on the re
turn trip and stopped for sup
per at the new Howard John
son restaurant on Wilkinson
Boulevard . . . it was packed
and Jammed, but the wait was
worth it . . . the place is spark
ling clean and the food excel
lent . . . Mayor Victor Shaw of
Charlotte heads a local corpo
ration which operates the place
under the famous Johnson
name . . . this place shouldn't
hurt the mayor's vote-getting
ability . . .
I don't know whether it had
any connection with the Satur
day afternoon business or not
but the Baptist church In Cha
pel Hill was filled to ever
flowing Sunday morning. And
ray spies report that Baptists
here turned out in force (or
Sunday morning services, tee.
distinguished Americans, with
regional and state Committees
throughout the nation, the Na
tional Committee for a Free Eu
rope offer", a very tangible op
portunity to crusade for freedom.
i< Bladen Journal)
One does not necessarily have
to possess the qualifications for
writing poetry to have poetry in
the. heart at this' delightful mon
th of the year, when the blue of
the sky is reflected in the blue of
the weather. .
To us October is the best mon
th of the year, the queen of mon
ths, as it were, a season like a
benediction said in the calm of
the evening, after the heat and
press of the day, and a blazing
sunset lights the western horizon.
Every leaf in the forest . has
donned its most becoming Jiue,
and forms a veritable array of
scarlet and gold against the pur
ple haze of the evening. -
It Is the season of harvest.
Corn hangs heavy from the yel
low stalks, peanut stacks fill
many a field, surret apples hang
heavy, ready to fall, goldenrod
bedecks the highway.*- I
The first fires of the fall are
lighted in October, and families
gather around the cheering
warmth and glow, and there is
calm reflection and Joyful fel
October is the month of mem
ories ? of appreciation for the
fine harvest garnered ? a time
of revaluation of things done and
good accomplished.
During this month, October,
1950, men from the nations of the
world are working hard to form a
tapestry. of world-wide peace ?
such a perfect tapestry as that
which October has laid over the
fields and woods. May succcess
crown their efforts, so that men
everywhere may learn to appre
ciate the beauties of nature, the
glories of God's firmament, and
the "peace that passeth all un
Dr. L. T. Anderson*
; Chiropraclor j
'Xi-.-' . '.1'"
Bulletin Issued On
Growing Lawns
Up-to-date information on
lawns is contained in a new
State College Extension Service
bulletin issued this week. Writ
ten by John H. Harris, extension
horticultural specialist, and Dou
glas S. Chamblee, research agro
nomist, the 16-page pamphlet
gives advice on fertilizing, seed
ing and managing lawns.
Single copies of the publica
tion ? Circular No. 292, "Carolina
Lawns" ? are free on request, and
can be had from either the coun
ty farm agent or the home de
monstration agent. Copies may
also be obtained *by writing to
tho Agricultural Editor, State
College Station, Raleigh.
Harris and Chamblee give a
list of lawn grasses recommend*
ed for various zones in North Car
olina. The grasses, all of which
are described, include common
Bermuda, and manlla grass.
The authors also offer detailed
suggestions on preparation of
land, fertilization, seeding, wa
tering and mowing. They give
? Pittsburgh Interlock
? Wilson Lockback
No less than 28 colors to
choose froml
Venetian Blind Co.
York Rd.
special Instructions on overfeed
ing with Italian ryegrass for win
ter lawn. *
# Maytag Washers
# Westinghouse Products
# Electric Ranges f Refrigerators
9 Myers Pumps
# Plumbing Installations
Logan Supply Co.
Phone 317- W Cleveland Ave.
At 2HW P. M.
Located 11/4 miles North from Kings
Mountain, on Waco Paved Highway. A
bout 30 acres in line lots, fronting about
1200 feet on highway. Drive out and see
some of the finest home sites in Cleve
land County. This will be a great gath
r ering of home seekers, investors and
speculators. Don't fail to attend this
Auction. $Sill In Cash to be given a
way. Don't forget the date
Free? S50.00 IN CASH-FREE
^ !/t;' .? \ , i * ?< ' -*v ?vV.'/v'' ? vj&frv8 -.W ' r ? ? ' ''
Auction Company
faHihwry, North Carolina

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