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Kings Mountain. N. C. Thursday, November 29, 1951
Established 188S
REuuuUi tfKMVlCES TO BEGIN AT NEW CHURCH SUNDAY? Members o! Resurrection Lutheran
church will begin holding regular services in the new, unfinished building on Crescent Circle Sunday
morning. Dr. J. L. Morgan will apeak at the morning service and, at 3 o'clock. Dr. F. L Conrad will
speak at the cornerstone laying service. The group has been holding services at West Elemen
tary school since shortly after the church was orga nixed about a year ago. (Photo by Carlisle Studio.)
ResurrectionLutherans To Hold
Regular Services In New Church
: ' A * -
Local News
Girl Scout Troop 6 of St.
Matthews Lutheran church will
have Investiture Service
Sunday night, December 2 at
"ft 36 p. m. All Girl Scouts of the
community and the public are
invited to attenfg.
The Kings Mountain Little
Theatre, Inc., will meet Tues
day at 8 p. m. at the Little
Theatre office on East King
street according to announce
ment toy B. S. Peeler, Jr., pres
ident All members are urged
to attend.
Jack A. Ledfoid, of the
Navy, was promoted to Boat
swain's Mate, 3rd class, on Oc
tober 15. His address is: Jack
A. Ledford, BM3, 263-34-91;
USS Kermit Roosevelt (ARG
1?); oo FPO; San Francisco,
Calif. X
Dr. W. P. Gerberding, pastor
of St.. Matthew's Lutheran
chord), and Aubrey Mauney,
members of the foreign mission
board of the United Lutheran
^ Church in America, will go to' j
New York Monday for a gener
* al meeting of beards of the 1
' ?
?4. -43 ?"*. ' t '
A total of *13045 was collec
ted from the city's parting me
ters for the week ending Wed
nesday, according to a report
tH City Clerk, Joe Hendrick.
Police To Check
Delinquent Firms . .
The city police department has
been furnished a list of local
business firms tagged as delin
quent on the payment of city
privilege licenr- taxes, City
Clerk Joe Hendrick said Wednes
In turn, the polk* department
has been asked to the
several delinquent firms arid to
secure payment -f the privilege
license fees. :hj*,
Mr. Hendrk^c urged firms
which have not naid the tsxes
to to matter at once,
in order to avoid further cost
due to assessment of penalties
and interest.
-A? i
Laying Set
Pot Sunday
Regular church services are
scheduled to begin Sunday at
Resurrection Lutheran church,
with the cornerstone of the un
completed building to be laid at
afternoon services at 3 o'clock.
Rev. Vance Daniel, pastor of
the new church, organized here
about a year ago, made the an
Opening Sunday school servic
es will begin at 9:45 Sunday
morning, with the morning ser
vice at 11 o'clock. Dr. J. L. Mor
San, president ? emeritus of the
nlted Evangelical Lutheran
Synod of North Carolina, will
speak at the morning service,
Dr. 'F. L. Conrad, of Salisbury,
president of the Synod, will
speak at the cornerstone laying
service Sunday at 3 p. m.
Petition to organise the new
church was approved here on De
cember 4, 1950, at a meeting of
the State Synod's missions board
after the 54 petitioners had been
granted mission status toy the
American Missions board of the
Lutheran Churches In America.
Rev. Daniel came to Kings
Mountain in February and. con
structlon on the building was
started in March.
The new group has been hold
ing services at West Elementary
school. The new church is locat
ed in Crescent Hill development
at the intersection of Crescent
Circle and Crescent Hill road.
? ? ,
Two Music Programs
Dates of two programs by
Kings Motmtaln school musicians
were announced this week.
On Deeember 17, the high
school mixed chorus, under the
direction of Howard Cfeble, will
present a 30-mlnute program ov
er Shelby Radio Station WHOS
beginning at 2:30 p. m*
On December 18, the chorus
and the :Cings Mountain schools
band will present a program of
Christmas music at Central
school auditorium beginning at
7:30 p.m. ? .^4
Herald Is Now
Published Thursdays
With today's edition, the Her
ald changes its regular publi
cation date to Thursday.
The advancing of the publi
cation date from Friday meant
a full day's advance on all
deadlines* including news, so
cial* and advertising.
Headers are again reminded
of the new deadlines with the
request that copy , end news
items of all kinds, be in the
Sands of the staif as wen i*
advance of these Sew ssi Is-'
pcesfNe. They ares
Advertising. 2 p. m. Tues
News. 2 p. m. Wednesdays.
Social news. l6 a. m. Wed
Pictures should be In the
Herald office by Saturday to
Insure publication in the forth
coming edition.
The Herald now appears on
newsstand* at B. & B. Soda
Shop, Griffin Drug Company,
Kings Mountain Drug Com
pany and Piedmont Drug Com
pany late Wednesday after
neons and gets full mail dls
?' tribution on Thursdays.
P-TA Clothing
Drive Success
The used clothing project,
sponsored by the Central Ele
mentary Parent-Teacher associa
tion was very successful, as an
nounced by Mrs. Holland Dixon,
chairman ol the project
Mrs. Dixon reported more than
100 garments were collected with
more to be brought to the P-TA
meeting Wednesday.
The clothes collected will be
distributed to needy children by
the teachers in ?ii the city
schools, Including Davidson
Xn behalf of the P-TA, Mrs.
Dixon wishes to express her ap
preciation to thoee who contri
buted clothing and other articles.
B. N. Barnes, superintendent
of cky schools, went to High
Pointy Wednesday where he is
AtttndJ"2 the annual meeting
of the North Carolina Superin
tendents association.
Modem School Methods Little Bin
IfSchools At Torn Of Century
(Ed. Hotel This U tho Mcood
of a Mriwti flrtkiM on tho hls
tap ft Kl??g? Mountain hlfffc
?Mm!1' iSuk
bnfd oA latorrlow* wltli 88ts, C>
X. Kolsiot ?a*d 8. A. Maoaoy. and
on m article ?ridw te 1994 by
D. C. SfawMT). '
King* Mountain high school,
around the yea* 1900, differed
greatly from the school of today.
The schedule ran from 8 a. in.
till ? p. m., with only three
months to ? school term Tit*
(Mm*** wore few and the cour
ses limited; but the students at
tliiM/tocintae they wanted to
iMML ' . , "'rM:V
music and art department was
available? taught toy private
teachers. T*?m? w?rv eight teach
ers, Including the principal and
private course teachers. Profw
dent; he Is now a lawyer In Spar
ser Langston was aupertaten
tanburg, S. C. Professor Monro#
and Protessor Barron preceded
Langston. In some homes private
a '...ill, m ?? m ? It i f n -S .A?* Mm* A ? - ? ?? ^
i^acDNBTS wew? nirro to instruct
the children.
Retoence books were not pro
vided, onjy privately owned
books were available. There was
not - a borrowing system for
books. Each student bought his
books which amounted to about
ten dollars per year. The school
was run on a tuition basis.
The class arrangement was dif
ferent nlfto. Wp|i
vided Into grades, tout
in one large group for"
?l V.- I* ?: L . .A.' - ? ...
Survey Reports
From Engineers
Are Due Soon
Two engineering . purveys and
recommendations in city facili
ties are expected to 'be received
in the near future, M. K. Fuller,
city administrator said Wednes
He said Olsen Engineering
Company, of Raleigh, had in
formed him that the report and
recommehdations on the water
and sewer system survey were
now toeing typed and should be
forwarded next week.
He also reported that maps of
the city's electrical system have
been received from !M. I. Miller,
Greensboro electrical engineer,
and that his recommendations
for improving the system are al
so' expected boon.
"Both should toe ready for con
sideration by the board of com
missioners at their December
meeting," Mr. Fuller remarked.
The board retained the servi
ces of the two engineering spec
ialists several months ago.
The Olsen survey is to provide,
cost estimates and recommenda
tions on revamping of the sew
age disposal system, while the
Miller survey is to make sugges
tions for Improving the electrical
distribution system to eliminate
low voltage difficulties in some
Speidels Moved
Here Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Speldel, new
manager# of the Kings Mountain
Country Club, arrived here Wed
Announcement concerning club
activities and arrangements will
be made in the near future.
George W. Mauney, recently
elected president of the club, al
so announced appointment of
director members of standing
They are:
Social: George House;, chair
man, and Drace Peeler.
House: Charles Nelsler, chair
man, and Dr. W. L. Ramseur.
Greens: Joe A. Neisler, chair
man, J. H. Patterson and W. K.
Membership: David Nelll,
chairman, C. D. Blanton and L.
A. Hoke.
' Other members of the stand
ing committees will he named
soon, it was announced.
Mr. and Mrs. Speldel come to
Rings Mountain from Jackson*
vllle, Fla. Mr. Speldel has been
a salesman for Eastman Kodak
Company and Mrs. Speldel is a
former manager of Jacksonville's
Ftanell Kitchen.
Phone Company
Asks Bateffikes
Southern Hen Telephone k
Telegraph Company filed a re
quest Tuesday with the North
Carolina Utilities commission for
a $1,780,000 increase in rates in
North ^ Carolina,
What effect the requested in
crease, almost as large as one
granted |>y the commissioner
last year, would have, on rates
for Kings Mountain area sub
scribers was not learned.
Mis. Myrtle McOaniel, mana
ger of the Kings Mountain office,
had not been informed o t the
rate request, and Ned A. Huff
man, Gastonia, district manager
was out of his office.
The last rate Increase was ef
fective here on January 1* 1991.
Mis. Monk's Brother
Succumbs at Concord
Funeral services for Baseumb
Leonard Umberger, Jr., 48, of
near Concord, brother of Mrs.
Hal S. Plonk, of Kings Mountain,
wen* held Wednesday afternoon
at 4 o'clock st Mount Olivet
Methodist church near Concord.
Mr. Umberger was found dead
in bed Monday around 1:30 p. m.
He had been in ill health for sev
eral months. ? ? ,
Other survivors Include his
mother, Mrs. B. L Umberger, of
Concord, two brothers, Wiley and
PABADE? Shown obm. atop hU white atalllon, li LA. Lon, gen
Kh Company- Mx. Um will rido his bor?o la tho ChrUtamas opoalng
Tho parad* bogUu at 5x90. It wUl alio foatur# 14to float* awl throo
mar china bands. In
man Woodxaw W. Jones, of Ruth
erfordton, will spook at a Joint
masting of tbo Kin?* Mountain
lions and Kiwanis dabs Thurs
day night
lones To
The Kings Mountain Kiwanis
and Lions club will hold a Joint
meeting Thursday night to hear
sn address by Congressman
Wood row W. lones, of Ruther
The Joint session will he held I
st 7 o'clock st Mssonlc Dining
Congressman lones succeeded
the late A. L. Bulwinkle, of Qas
tonla, as a member o t the House
of Representatives from the elev
enth district of North Carolina
late in 1900. He is a sophomore
Congressman, by virtue of filling
the unexpired portion of Mr.
Bulwlnkle'r term and by serving
in the current Congress. He is a
member ot the House Judiciary
Prior to his election to the
United States Congress, he was a
member of the North Carolina
House of Representatives from
Rutherford county. He is a Bap
tist and -navy veteran of World I
War H. % ? 'TV
The Joint session of the two
Kings Mountain ctvla clubs was
arranged by Ollle Harris, of the
Lions club, and Dr. O. P. Lewis,
of the Kiwsnls club. :
Though the Kiwanis club cus
tomarily meets at 6:45 snd is
nominal boat for the meeting, the
hour has been advanced to seven
o'clock to avoid conflict with the
city's Christmas opening parade.
in iHi
Blakely Urges
Early Mailing
For Christmas
v "First class friends deserve
first class mail!" Postmaster W.
E. Blakely said yesterday, as the
arrival of Christmas cards and
gift packages indicated that the
Yuletlde Season has officially
By way of explanation, the
Postmaster said, "Most of our
grief is caused each year by has
tily scribbled addresses that we
can't read, or Christmas cards
being sent as third class mail
which can't toe forwarded or re
turned if the addressee has mov
ed. Loosely wrapped gift pack
ages are other trouble-makers
that can be avoided."
To offset these perennial pro
blems, Pas tm aster Blakely rec
ommends that citizens begin now
to correct and bring your address
book up-to-date. "And by all
mean*," lie continued, "mall
those precious packages and
Christmas cards early ? next
week, tf possible!"
"Wrap your shipping cartons
carefully, with a good cord pull
ed over and under several times
around. Stuff your packages pro
perly to cushion any fragile
kerns they may contain. Use
heavy wrapping paper to help
Insure safe and sound delivery.
"And remember, packages are
limited to 70 pounds in weight
and must not exceed 100 inches
in length snd girth combined."
Special care Should be given
to writing or printing all names
Snd addresses clearly. No hen
scratching, please, Christmas
Continued From Front Page
CashwaU, Jr. pastor o< Pint Bap
tist church, has bson namMl
chairman of tho Kings Mountain
Bod Cross chapter's blood pro
gran, nuccoeding H. E Hunnlcutt.
CashweU Named
Blood Chauman
Hev. T. L. Cash well, Jr., pastor
of First Baptist church, has been
named chairman of the Kings
Mountain Rod Cross chapter's
blood program.
The appointment was made by
Rev. W. L. Pressly, chapter chair
man and the announcement
made by Mrs. J. N. Gamble, exec
utive secretary ctf the organiza
tion. .
Tfie new chairman succeeds H:
R. Hunnlcutt who resigned sever
al months ago after serving as
head of blood procurement here
since the Charlotte blood center
was organized.
King* (Mountain retail sctie*;
?talis have been working w. <
time this week, getting reuUy for'
Christmas shoppers and the off
cial opening Thursday or t'.ie
Kings Mountain holiday shop
ping season.
Window and Interior decora
tions came In lor considerable
attention, in addition to the nec
essary work of unpacking and
preparing for display specially
purchased Christmas ? season
goods. .
Almost all firms have made
large purchase* for the ap
proaching season, with the view
to satisfying demand for almost
any kind of Christmas gift item
for all persons, regardless of age,
or disposition.
The toy stock is In good supply
and is being shown In bulk for
the first time beginning Thurs
day, though heavier wheel goods
havs been featured previously.
, - > "''i "c : * ? : >
Merchants Report Bulging Stocks,
Lower Prices On Christmas Goods
App f<rmr also report large
sti / Christmas-season
?>? e* |v* children, men and
'-r .? .?* V ? '<
Jt ^nd furniture dealers
also report they're ready for the
Early shoppers already are
busy attending to shopping lists,
and dealers in higher priced lines
report a good volume of pre
Christmas I ay a way business.
Many Items >aip available at
lower -than- usual prices.
Kings Mountain merchants
suspended their mid-week half
holiday schedule last week with
the Thanksgiving shut-down.
They will be open for fuH ?bt-day
weeks through Christmas, in or
der to better accommodate
Christmas - season shoppers.
Today's edition of the Herald
featuraajVadvortlslng copy on
Christmas merchandise from the
city's major retail firms.
Event Launches
Yale Holiday
Season Here
Record crowds are expected to
Invade Kings Mountain Thurs
day afternoon for the annual
Christmas parade officially op
ening the holiday shopping sea
son here.
The parade ."will begin at 5:30
As customai^, the feature at
traction will be the annual pro
Christmas tpur of the city by
Santa Claus himself, giving the
youngsters a glimpse of their
dearest friend. (
The parade is being arranged
and sponsored by the King Moun
tain Merchants association, and
final details were being complet
ed Wednesday by the associa
tion's Christmas opening commit
tee, which includes Dan Huff
stetler ,Glee E. Bridges, John H.
Parade Route
The Kings Mountain Christ
mas parade will form on W.
Cold street and parade along
the following route: Gold street
to Railroad avenue, north on
Railroad to King street, ecut on
King to Piedmont avenue,
routh on Piedmont to Moun
tain street, west on Mountain
to Battleground avenue, south
on Battleground to Gold street,
thence east to Cherokee street,
the dispersal point.
Lewis, Drace M. Peeler, T. W.
Grayson, association president,
and W. Falson Barnes, associa
tion secretary.
The parade Is to include five
floats. Entries include floats by
Burlington Mills Corporation's
Phenix Plant, by City Auto and
Home Supply, by the Kings
Mountain Ministerial association,
by the Kings Mountain District
Boy Scouts and a religious theme
float which won second place
Tuesday In the Forest City
Christmas parade. Bands . of
Kings Mountain, Shelby and Gas
tonia high schools will partici
The Kings Mountain Minister
ial association announced that its
float would again develop the
theme "Christ in Christmas". It
will include two scenes, one de
picting the family altar and the
need for and value In Christian
training. The second scene will
bring into focus various fields
of Christian service.
The Boy Scout float will depict
a camping scene.
In addition, Queen City Coach
Company Is entering its six-mule
hitch and one of the new-type
deck- and- one- half sightseeing
busses. L. A. Love, general mana
ger of the company will ride a
white stallion in the parade. A
number of local horsemen also
will ride In the parade.
Continued On Page Eight
Savings Club
To Open Monday
The First National Bank's 1952
Christmas Savings club will open
Monday, it was announced this
week by L. E. Abbott, cashier.
Under the Christmas Savings
club plan, partlcipanta may hold
a membership by paying regular
weekly amounts into the fund in
the following denominations, 90
cents, one dollar, two dollars and
five dollars.
Bank officials expect a con
siderable increase this year in
number of Christmas Savings
Club members, Mr. Abbott said.
Checks to several hundred
members of the 1951 club were
being mailed Wednesday.
Korea Cease-Fiie
Reported, Denied
A "practical" cease-fire to
Korea was reported Wednes
day by an American war cor
respondent v
The oorreepoadent repoited
that he had sees the cease-lire
order from Eighth Army head
quarters, which instructed Uni
ted Nations troops not to fix*
unless fired upon.
. One radio correspondent to
ported that Communist troope
were playing volley-ball with
in sight of UK troops.
Eighth Amy Keadqaartem.
however, denied that such an
order hod been given.
: i.i' ' r.ffe. -s-V w' , . Kv!&i fcAt** j&iV

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