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Kings Mountain's BE LI ABLE Newspaper
Kings Mountain N. C., Thursday, December 18, 1952
r ? - ?. * . .. .v ?
Sixty-Second Year
David D. Saunders
Buying Laundry
Local News
Driver's license bureau will
be closed on Thursday, Decem
ber 25 and Thursday, January ?
1, according to W. W. Wright, 11- ?
cense examines. The office
will again reopen January 8,
he eald. v
Jacob Mauney Memorial li
brary will be closed on Tues
day, December 23 through Fri
day, December 26, according to
announcement by Mrs. Charles
Dilling, librarian. The library
will again reopen on Saturday,
December 27, she said.
Sale of 1-953 "city tags total
ed 210 Wednesday morning ac
cording to a report from the
city clerk's office. Tags must '
?be purchased iby February 1,
1953 and price of the tag is
Qne dollar.
Bethlehem Baptist church
will present a special Christ
mas program in song. Scrip
ture and verse on Tuesday ev
ening at 7:30. Mrs. Juanita
Warren Is pianist and Max
Blacloburn is chorister.
' Jaycees Launch
Bnmperlite Sale
The Kings Mountain Junior
Chamber of Commerce has laun
ched a campaign to cut down on
the number of traffic accident*
In the city.
To do this, the Jaycees have
gope into business, selling "Red
line bumperlltee", a luminous
tape which is attached to rear
bumpers of automobiles.
The bumperllte is a strip of red
tape, five feet long and one and
one. half inches wide. It has little
use In daylight hours but glows
brightly at night as a warning to
vehicles which may be approach
Ing from the rear. Jaycees say it
will last for approximately two
Tile bumperllte is attached to
vehicles by means of a highly sen
sitized coating on the reverse side
of the tape. Jaycees recommend
that it be placed a little higher
than half way up the rear bump
er. This will prevent Its belpg I
scratched by cars or trucks dur
ing parking maneuvers.
The Jaycees have installed the
bumperlltes on police cars. Chief
S. R. Davidson said he considered
the bumperllte to be an outstand- J
ing measure to reduce accidents.
Red-line bumperlltes are sold
only by Jaycees and may be ob
tained from any member of the
Kings Mountain club, Chairman
K. E, Morrison has rnnottnced.
Jaycees employed at Plonk Motor
Company and Victory Chevrolet
Company have a .supply of the
tape and Mr. Morrison may be
contacted at his taxi stand near
the bus station.
Price of the tape for one vehi
cle Is one dollar.
Christmas Herald
To Appear Tuesday
The next edition of the Kings .
Mountain Herald, Its Christ
mas edition* will appear next
Tuesday rather than Thurs
day, as the Herald follows its
customary annual custom of
advancing the Christmas week
The edition will include
special Christmas - season fea
ture material, in addition com
. plete coverage of news and so
cial events. Merchants also
wlU use the edition to convey
i's greetings to their pa
Advertising deadline for tbe
advanced edition will be S p.
n. Saturday. With the news
aeadHns at 2 p. m. M?ndar.
AH society news should Le te
net later than 10 a- m<
Correspondents are
copy accordingly,
win Mi ? *? i .
xt evening, and
Sale Effective
End Of Week;
Plant To Move
Kings Mountain Laundry, laun
derers and cleaners, has been
sold to David D. Saunders, ac
cording to joint announcement
this week toy Mr. Saunders and
?by E. A; Harrill, owner of the es
The transaction includes the
laundry and cleaning business
along with equipment and fix
tures, but does not include the
large brick 'building where the
Kings Mountain Laundry haa
operated for the past several
Mr. Saunders said the firm
name would be changed to Sim
shine Laundry, and that the bus
iness would be moved to the Cle
veland Avenue building owned
by D. C. Mauney and which for
merly housed Kings Mountain
Laundry. The Maunev building
has been most recently used as
a warehouse by Sterchi's, local
furniture firm.
Mr. Saunders is the son of D.
L. Saunders, owner of Saunders
Dry Cleaning. He has been asso
ciated with hte father for the
past several years. He form
erly managed Saunders Men's
Shop, a men's store subsequent
ly sold to Clyde Hughes, of Un
ion, S. C. t
Mr. Harrill has been either
owner, or part-pwner, of the
Kings Mountain Laundry for the
past nine years, having purchas
ed it in 1943. Paul Mauney 'pur
chased a share of the business
and it was operated as a partner
ship until August 1948, when
<Mn. Harrill purchased Mr. Mau
ney's interest:
Mr. Harrill said his law office
would still be maintained in its
present location in the bulldlnc
on Childers street now occupied
toy the laundry.
The laundry will be closed af
ter Saturday and throughout the
week of December 22 for mov
ing and renovating, Mr. Saun
ders said. It will re-open Sun
shine Laundry at the Cleveland
Avenue location on Monday, De
cember 29, Mr. Saunders said.
Consideration in the transac
tion was not announced.
Stores Open Later
Beginning Monday
Later-than-usual closing hours
will be observed by majority of
Kings Mountain merchants be
ginning Monday, according to ac
tion of the Kings Mountain Mer
chants association.
The association has recom
mended that its members ob
serve Saturday hours beginning
Monday, December 22, which
means that department and va
riety stores will be open until
7 o'clock from Monday through
Christmas Eve. Furniture stores
will close at 6 p. m.? while gro
cers will be open slightly later
than department stores.
Majority of merchants will take
a two-day Christmas holiday,
closing on both Christmas Day
and on December 26, and re-open
ing for business on Saturday, De
cember 27. The following week,
merchants will take a one-and
one-half day holiday, resuming
the Wednesday afternoon closing
on December 31, and taking as a
holiday New Year's Day.
'Bay A Can, Leave A Can" laycee
Motto For Spreading Yale Cheer
Members of the Kings Moun
tain Junior. Chamber of Com
merce will meet at Plonk Motor
Company Tuesday night to pre
pare baskets of food gathered In
th? club's annual "Buy a Can,,
Leave a Can !" collection cam
paign for the city's needy fami
"We've gotten a late start on
the "Buy a Can" campaign this
Christmas and I wish to urge all
citizens *o remember to make a
contribution. When you're buying
your groceries, purchase some
staple item or Items and place
them In the baskets located In
the stores. You'll be helping some
needy family' to a merrier Christ
mas." J. T. McGlnnis, Jaycee vi re
president sakl yesterday.
Virtually ail Kings Mountain
grocer* arr participating.
Mr. McGlnnis urged members
to contribute to the campaign at
the regular meeting of the or
ganization held at Masonic din
ing hall Tuesday night
D. D. Saunders, Jaycee mins
trel show chairman, announced
at the meeting that the annual
show will be held on Thursday
and Friday nights, January 29
and 30 at Central school auditori
Bill Fulton welcomed Harold
Clonlnger as a new member of
the organization and Joe Hen
drick and F. R. McCurdy, a for
mer member, were guest) of the
club. President Joe Hedden pre
Lewis Falls, program jchair
man, presented Kiss Louise Glad
den and Miss Melba Tindall who
sang several Christmas numbers,
accompanied by Mrs. F. R, Mc
Curdy. The ladles also led the
group in the singing of numerous
carols and other songs.
' ja&v
. 'Id
CHOIR TO PRESENT CANTATA ? The 24-voice choir of Central Methodist church will present
"The Story of Christmas", a Christmas cantata written In a very modern musical style by H. Alex
ander Matthews on Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock. The choir is under the direction of Miss Bonnie
Mcintosh. B. S. Peeler, Jr., is assistant director.
Blakely Says
Thirteen Areas
Ash Service
A large number of Kings
Mountain citizens, residing with
in the city limits, but now re
ceiving city carrier postal servi
ce, have petitioned for this ser
vice, according to announcement
by Postmaster W. E. Blakely.,
The petitions were Hied before
last Saturday's deadline, after
invitation for them by the post
master. . ,
Citizens asked for city carrier
delivery on portions of Davidson
avenue, Deal street, Waco Road,
South - Cherokee street, City
street, Wells street, Wilson
street, Falls street, Monte Vista
drive, Parker street and W. King
street, in addition to many resi
dents of the Burlington Mill
community who now received
their mail addresses to rural
Postmaster Blakely said he
felt confident that some of the
areas, at least, would be approv
ed by the postoffice department
for adding to city carrier routes.
Postmaster Blakely invited the
petitions on instruction from the
assistant postmaster general, af
ter Mr. Blakely had requested
that an inspector be sent here to
Investigate the need for route
"I feel that the large number
of petitions received will result
in an inspector being sent here
noon, "Mr. Blakely said, "and I
feel that the more populous sec
tions will be approved for city
carrier delivery."
The Sunday school of Res
urrection Lutheran Church will
present a Christmas pageant,
"The Kingdom of the Christ
Child," Sunday night at 7:30
o'clock. Mrs. Eugene Mltcham
and Mrs. Sam Mltcham are
directors of the pageant and
the public is Invited to attend.
A candlelight service for the
Nativity will be conducted at
Resurrection Lutheran church
at 11 p. m. Wednesday, Decem
ber 24. The service will be con
cluded at 12 midnight and a
service of caroling will follow.
School Holidays
Begin On Friday
Kings Mountain area schools
will close alter classes Friday
for the annual Christmas holi
City students will have a
longer holiday than county
units, with the exception of
Park Grace school which will
open for classes again on Jan
uary 5 as will all Kings Moun
tain city
Grover school students will
go back to the classrooms on
December 29. Bethwax? school
will resume classes on Decern
ber 31.
Band And Choras
To Give Concert
The annual Christmas concert
of the Kings Mountain high
[school band and mixed chorus
will be presented Thursday night,
[at the high school auditorium.
Time of the concert is set for
8 o'clock. The public is invited
and no admission will be charged.
Among the varieties of selec
tions, including sacred, popular
classical, and religious numbers
are, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Reindeer", "Here Comes Santa
Claus", "Jingle Bells," "O Holy
Night", "Winter Wonderland",
"Half as Much", "Syncopated
Clock" and many others.
The girl's trio composed of
Misses Dolores Davidson, Shirley
Falls, and Nora Jane Deese will
sing several selections. They will
be accompanied at the piano by
Shirley Housev. Shirley Falls ac
companies the npixed chorus.
Among the numbers the chorus
will sing with band accompani
ment are "Noel" and "White
"This concert promises to be
one of the best," Joe Hedden,
band director, said In making the
announcement. "Everyone is urg
ed to attend".
Miss Margaret Cole directs the
First Baptist Plans
Yule Programs
The First Baptist church sche
dule of Christmas program plans
was announced this week by the
pastor, Rev. Gordon Weekley.
On Friday evening at the Ma
sonic Dining Hall, the annual all
church party will be held, with
Mrs. F. R. McCurdy in charge of
a soc(al program. The program
will include games, a Christmas
reading by Miss Marie Camp, and
group singing of Christmas songs
followed by distribution of gifts
and appearance of Santa Claus
with gifts for the children.
The pastor will deliver a Christ
mas sermon on Sunday morning
at 11 o'clock, and, on Sunday af
ternoon, at 5 o'clock, a pageant,
entitled "A King Is Born", will
be presented. It will be directed
by Mrs. F. A. McDanlel, Jr., with
music under the direction of Mrs.
J. C. Bridget, organist and choir
On Sunday evening, young
people of the church will carol
shut-ins of the church and com
munity, and on Wednesday even
ing (Chri?tma? Eve) the Carol
Choir, wider the direction of
MIm Melba Tindall, will sing ca
rols throughout the community.
Methodist Choir
To Sing Cantata
Sunday At 5 p. m.
The choir of Central Methodist
church will present H; Alexander
Matthews' cantata "The Story of
Christmas" Sunday afternoon at
5 o'clock.
The 24-volce choir is under the '
direction of Miss Bonnie Mcin
tosh, organist, with B. S. Peeler,
Jr., assistant director.
The Matthews cantata is writ- I
ten in a modern musical style
and U used for Chrlstmastido and
Featured as soloists will be
Mrs. Delbert Dixon, soprano,
Miss Margaret Cole, alto, William
Briggs, baritone, Earl Marlowe,
baritone, B. S. Peeler, Jr., bari
tone, Miss Joann Dixon, alto, and
Miss Shirley Falls, soprano.
Members of the choir are:
Sopranos ? Mrs. M. H. Blser, ,
Sue Dixon, Shirley Falls, Wlnfred ]
Fulton, Mary Alice McDanlel, Mil
dred McDanlel and Gall Pulllam.
Altos ? Margaret Cole, Joann
Dixon, Barbara Grantham, Caro
lyn Payseur, Rule Throneburg
and Joann Wright.
Tenors ? Jacob Dixon, Eddie
Goforth, Earl Marlowe, Bud
Mayes, Reginald Murray, Arthur
Walker, Johnny Warllck, and Jim
Basses ? William Briggs, Del
bert Dixon, I. B. Goforth, Jr., B.
S. Peeler, Jr., and Rev. Phil Shore.
Mailing Rush
Now Undeiway
The Christmas season rush is
definitely on at Kings Mountain I
postoffice. with Tuesday mark - 1
1 ? a heavy influx of mailings'
detinue. y x,..
postoffice, with Tuesday
ing a heavy influx of mailings
by Kings Mountain citizens.
Machine cancellations alone
(which does not Include parcel
post cancellations, nor pre-can
celled mail) totaled 17.844 pieces
on Tuesday, a gain of more than
6.000 pieces of mall over Mon
day's 11,027.. Normally cancella
*i/\nq average about 3,000 pieces
The Kings Mountain postof
flee will be open all day on
Saturday to accommodate
Christmas season mailer*. The
postoffice customarily closes
at noon on Satur<* xy.
Six "extra" employees are on
hand to aid both city carriers
and rural carriers. In addition,
there are two extra window
clerks, and two more "ex
tras" will be added for the fi
nal pre-Chrlstmas rush, accord
ing to Assistant Postmaster
George Hord.
Mr. Hord thinks that many
people are mailing greeting,
cards, gifts, and other Christmas
season mall earlier than usual
and that the effect has been to
make handling of the mall eas
ier, In spite of the growth in vol'
ume during the past few years.
Th?? Young Married Ladles
class of Patterson Grove Bap
tint church Sunday School will
conduct a gift sale Saturday
at the Home f^ervice and Frig
Idalre Store on W. Mountain
street. Items to be offered for
sale Include a pons, pillow
slip* , cakes articles suitable
for gifts.
Saturday Last
Day To Enter
Yule Contest
- Saturday is the deadline lor
entries in the city-wide Christ
mas decorated door contest, be
ing sponsored jointly by the city's
Garden Club council and the First
National Bank.
Mrs. M. A. Ware, chairman of
the Garden Club council, urged all
citizens to enter the contest,
pointing out again that only H oor
decorations will be judged in the
Prizes of five dollars each arc
being offered in thirteen different
residential divisions, with a grand
prize of a $25 savings bond to go
to the owner of the entry judged
best throughout the city.
The judging vCill be conducted
by out-of-town judges on the
evening of December 22. ?
PHzes for doorway decorations
will go to winners in these divi
sions: Non-garden club residen
ces, Burlington Mill residences,
Craftspun Mill residences, Loom-.
Tex Mill residences, Pauline Mill
residences, Kings Mountain Man
ufacturing company residences,"
Margrace Mill residences, Sadie
Mill residences, Mauncy Mill resi
dences, Park Yarn Mill residen
ces, Bonnie Mill residences, Gar
den club member residences and
Negro residences.
Only requirement of persons
entering the contest is that they
fill out entry blank, noting name,
address and division of the con
test they are entering, and for
ward the blank to the contest
committee, either by mail to Post
office Box 764, Kings Mountain,
or by dropping It In entry boxes
at Grlffli. Drug Company, Kings
Mountain Drug Company, or the
First National Bank.
Entry deadline is December 20,
and out-of-town judges will de
termine the winners on the even
ing of December 22.
Judging of the contest will be
based on three major points as
follows: originality, 40 percent,
suitability of material, 30 per
cent, and general appearance, 30
Garden Club
Sale Is Friday
The Kings Mountain Garden
Club council will conduct a
Christmas sale of decorations,
gift items, arrangements, and hol
iday-season cakes, cookies and
other delicacies Friday afternoon,
beginning at lo'clock at the Wo
man's Club.
The sale will be similar to one
conducted last year, and Garden
Club council members are anti
cipating a repeat of last year's
The Garden Club council In
cludes three Kings Mountain gar
den clubs.
St. Matthew'sYule
Program Is Listed
Special Christmas services will
be held at St. Matthew's Lutheran
church beginning Sunday, accord
ing to announcement by the pas
tor, Dr. W. P. Gerberding.
Christmas worship will be ob
served at Sunday School and at
the morning worship on Sunday,
with a special "White Christmas"
program scheduled for 5 o'clock
Sunday afternoon by the youth
and children's department. Gifts
will be brought for the Lowman
home, Children's home and local
charity. The annual Christmas
paity wil! follow, with light re
freshments to bo served, and with
treats for the children.
The church's traditional mid
night musical will be held Wed
nesday evening at 11 o'clock, fea
turing anthems by two choirs, vo
cal solos, a violin offertory by
Mrs. Miles Mauney, carol-singing
and a short meditation by the
Pie-Christmas Baying Rush To Peak
This Weekend For "Five Saturdays"
Though many people have done
considerable Christmas shopping,
many have much yet to be done,
and Kings Mountain merchants
are girding themselves for what
they anticipate will be "five suc
cessive Saturdays!'.
They look for busy, pre-Chrlst
mas selling dayc on Friday, Sat
urday. Monday, ? Tuesday and
Wednesday, before* pulling their
shades at closing time on Christ
mas Eve.
Though pot as heavy as they
were two Kveeks ago, stocks of
Kings Mountain merchants are
itlll in good shape, and, wit't
many stores reporting receipt of
?pedal Christmas shipments this
week, it appears that almost any
one can obtain almost, any article
at Kings Mountain stores.
All stores of all kinds were of
fering some kind of wares for
Christmas, with big play being
given by apparel, furniture, Jewel
ry, drug and appliance stores.
Food stores were ready for their
busiest season of the year, as they
helped families stock larders for
bountiful Christmas ? season din
Toy merchant* were reporting
brisk sales, and It appeared that
youngsters would have plenty to
excite them on Christmas morn
Assessments Listed
For Street-Paving
Daniel, pastor of Resurrection
Lutheran church, has be?n nam
ed president oi the Kings Moun
tain Ministerial association for
the coming year.
Ministers Name
Daniel President
[" Rev. Vance M. Daniel was
named president of the Kings
Mountain Ministerial Associa
tion at the regular December
meeting of the organization held
at Central Methodist church last
Monday morning. ?
The new association head is
pastor of Resurrection Lutheran
church and served during the
past year as secretary and treas
urer of the group.
Rev.. B F. Austin, pastor of
Second Baptist church was nam
ed vice president and Rev. Phil
Shore, Jr., Central Methodist
pastor, was elected secretary
and treasurer.
Rev. Gordon Weekley, First
Baptist pastor, Rev. W. IV Ger
berding, St. Matthew's Lutheran
pastor, and Rev. W. L. Pressly,
Boyce Memorial A. R. P. pastor,
were named to the program com-,
Guest speakers at the meeting
were VV . G. Ahernathy, represen
tative of Southern Bell Tele
phone and Telegraph Co., and
Ollie Harris, Kings Mountain
funeral director.
Minor Zoning
Change Proposed
Hearing on a proposed minor
change In the city's zoning ordi
nance has been set for the board
of commissioners reguler meet
ing on Monday, January 12, ac
cording to legal notice first-pub
lished in today's issue o t the
The proposal, on request of
Warren Reynolds, Is to change a
small area of York Road from
residential area to neighborhood
trading area.
Mr. Reynolds, who has sought
the change at a recent board
meeting, indicated the lot would
be used to erect a self-service gro
The proposal would change a
lot 105 feet by 150 feet from resi
dential zone to neighborhood
trading zone.
All persons interested In the
proposed change are Invited to
attend the hearing, according to
the published notice.
Hearing Called
For January 12
For Objections
The city- is publishing In to
day's issue of the Herald notice
of public hearing on adoption of
assessments for street improve
ments made during the past two
years. The assessment roll to
tals about $16,000.
According to the notice, which
lists proposed assessments for
street paying on portions of 20
city streets, the city board of
commissioners will hold a hear
ing on the proposed assessments
at its next regular meeting, sche
duled for Monday, January 12,
Property ? owners objecting to
the proposed assessments should
appear at the hearing to list
their objections, according to the
The notice appears on Page 6. '
Section II, of today's issue.
The .assessment roll includes
charges for paving all or por
tions of the following streets
City street, Cherokee street, First
street. Third street, McGinnis
street, Wilson street. Deal street,
Sims street, M e a d oo w brook .road,
Rosewood iane. Gofotlh. street,
Cold street, Grace street, Myers
street, WeHs street, Dilling street,
and Monte Vista drive.
Phenix Bonuses
Total $1335
Christmas bonuses totaling
$4,335 ar-e being paid this year to
employees ot Phenlx Plant, a unit
of Burlington Mills, it was an
nounced today by Superintendent ?
J. T. Lathem, who also released
plans for the plant's annual
Christmas party to be held De
cember 21.
"Despite the. poor year experi
enced by the textile industry gen
erally, the company is happy to
be able to pay Christmas bonuses
again this year," Mr. Lathem
On a company-wide basis, Bur
lington Mills will pay out approxl
mately $504,000 to its production
employees it has been announced.
The annual Christmas party
for children of employees at Phe
njx Plant will be held at 2 p. mi.
Sunday, December 21 at. the Joy
Theater. Gifts will be given to
children 10 years of age and
younger, following a brief Christ
mas program of movie cartoons.
The program will include prayer
by Rev. C. F. Grant, pastor of
Grace Methodist church, address
of welcome by Superintendent
Lathem and introduction of
guests by Paul Howard. Hams
and fruit cakes will be given as
door prizes.
Annual supervisors banquet
and pftrty will be held Saturday
night at 6:30 p. m. at the Masonic
dining hall. The Phenlx square
dance team will give a demonstra.
tion at the party. %
Plant holidays Will be 'observed
beginning at the end of the third
shift at 6 a. m. on Wednesday,
December 24 and ending with
operations being resumed at the
beginning of the third shift on
December 29.
Crosby's Antiques
'Opened Monday
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Crosby
opened on Monday at their home
at 409 South Battleground avenue
a new business enterprize, Cros
by's Antiques.
Mrs." Crosby wil\ manage the
establishment and said the firm
will specialize In early American
antiques, including furniture, cop
per and brass works of the per
iod, lamps, chests, chafin dishes,
and many other items.
The firm will also be agents
for wall paper and decorator fa
brics, Mrs. Crosby said. Among
special Christmas items now hi
stock are candellers.
Regular meeting of the Kings
Mountain Kiwanls clu& will be
held Thursday evening at 6:45
, at Masonic Dining Hall. Pro
gram Is being arranged by
the committee on Boys and
Girls work, of which Burt
Chandler i#? chairman. It will
be the final meeting of the
year, since no meetings are
scheduled for Christmas nor
New Year's Days.

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