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    Whether you snack
Or whether you dine
Spark the occasion
With delicious CHEERWINE
The CHEERIeader
"In Tune
With Your Taste"
Santa's smiling countenance
light*, up the world on this
gay and festive Holiday. We
Santa In wishing one and all a
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yeat!
Kings Mountain ? Bessemer City
Tbe greatest gift k given agaip
et. Christmas Day;
may this new
Ydletide bring joy
and taith abundant.
1 9 > i
Harris Funeral Home
i ,
* fete
^Sccausc Christmas time is reserved for
very special greetings? we want
to take this opportunity to thank our many patrons
for their continued friendship apd
good-wilj . . . and add, too, in a great big measure?
our sincere wishes that the spirit of the
season may remain a lasting joy for you and yours
throughout the coming New Year.
Elmer Lumber (Jompany, Inc.
1 1
I &
? ? 'I,-' i-Ji&Mt- "????*
Lime Shortage
Caused Failures
0! Some Crops
The cause of vegetable crop
failures in the Southeastern sec
tion of Notth Carolina may be
caused by a lack of lime, tests
conducted by the North Carolina
Experiment Station show.
This is especially true on the
darker soils, according to J. M.
Jenkins, Jr., horticulture special
is who conducted the tests at the
Vegetable Research Laboratory
near Wilmington.
The tests showed that growers'
should put on enough doiomitic
limestone to bring the pH up to
6.0 or slightly higher, and that
additional lime should be appli
ed when the pH falls below 6.0
Jenkins suggests soil tests to de
termine and keep a check on the
acidity of the soil.
During the spring of 1951 beets
carrots, turnips, shallots, lettuce
and spinach were planted qn the
testing plots.
There was a marked difference
in the growth of these crops on
the different plots. In the case of
lettuce the plants turned yellow
'and died on pldts that received
less than one ton qf lime per acre.
On plots that received either two
tons of lime or one ton ol basic
slag per acre the lettuce grew nor
mally but made very small heads.
Where three tons of lime per acre
had been applied the lettuce grew
vigorously and produced large
heads of good quality. Similar re
sults were obtained with beets
and spinach.
Shallots and spinach made a ,
normal growth on plots that had
received two to three tons of lime |
per acre, A hard freeze Injured
the plants severely and following .
the freeze most of the s"pinach j
died except on the plots that re
ceived three tons of lime per acre.
There the plants recovered and
produced a satisfactory crop.
There was practically . no dif
ference in the growth of turnips ,
on the different plots. Carrots |
made satisfactory yields and nor
mal growth where either two or
three tons of lime per acre was
The State Department of Agri
culture conducts a free soil test
ing service to farmers. County
agents and other county agricul
tural workers assist farmers in
collecting soli samples to be test
Marketing of farm products so
far this year have been running
4 to 5 per cent higher than in
We Fill any Doctors' Pre
scriptions promptly and
accurately at reasonable
prices with the confidence
of your physician.
Kings Mountain
Drug Company
Phones 41 ? 81
We Call For and Deliver
.WW" r .~V .? ::
???- *?';> ; ;??% - * > ?? ' '??'.* '?'????'???
TIME FOK CAROLS . . . Men, women and children from 1'rot
estant churches blend their voices In carol singing before the
blatitig Ynle log. This Christmas Eve custom 1s becoming In
creasingly popular throughout the country.
Allegorical Parades
Mark Mexican Yule
1"*HE people In Mexico build
elaborate floats for' allegorical
.piirados during the holiday sea
son! r . v ' ? .. : .
i'or eight evenings before Christ
mas there is a religious procession
at the head of which the figures of
Joseph and Mary are borne.
On the "nii'ith evening entrance is
perirjif.ed and a religious cere
mony conducted about the straw
filled manlier of the Babe
Santa *Qegend
Should (Be Cxplained,
pAychologidt Says
??/?MULDREN ehjoy Santa Claus
^ more when they know what
he really is," Duke University psy
chologist Dr. Geiolo McHugh says.
"Ku one enjoys finding out that
ho has^ieon kept in the dark." savs
the specialist in child psychology,
.'"and children arc no exception."
The real meaning of Santa Claus is
the joy of giving, to make others
happy, says Dr. McHugh, and no
child should be deprived of this
Later parents have the difficult
Job of explaining that there is no
jolly old Christmas man. Dr. Mc
Hugh points out. When the truth
comes out the parent had placed
himself in the position of being re
sponsible for Santa's disappear
Santa should be a part of Christ
mas, however. Dr. McHugh be
lieves, but from the very begin
ning. he should be trAtcd as a
wonderful pretend game This
method has proved successful with
many children, the specialist suys,
iiduding his own two young boys.
Children, who love to make-be
lieve, are perfectly capable of en
joying Santa, rpindeer. chirr, neys
and all, while knowing in their'
hearts, when. they, stop t<> ask
Ihenjsclvos, that he is a pretend
pe.rso. he says.
The chilli Who takes part in the
Santa gart>e doesn't have to .'won
der on- Chri in a.? ir.oniit-.g v? h\
Santa d:. in t hk?; him wi lt .-irtc.-gn
to bfing ' the e\ pensive ^ < ->? < ;i]ut
were' ordered troiji the North ?' >1e.
the psyiholi ::ist points out
The yoiuijj ?Ind.anapol:/- moll '''t
who reei;rTtl> w i > '??? a ChriMti .ts,
letter for her >.vi .'ir old soil jusf
before her death m a:i .i i| !.. <
. crash, had vvomK rful und> ?rstan'v
ing,. Dr. MeHt.;:h savs. She ended
her letter by k.;liing her little sou
that "anyone who loves and gives,
is real Sai-.ta "
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of stockholders
of the First National Bank will
be held in the lobby of the First
National Bank, Kings Mountain,
North Carolina, on Tuesday. Jan
uary 13, 1953, at 4 p. m.
This the 10th day of December
L. E. ABBOTT, Cashier
True Christmas Spirit
Is Found in Sharing
C*OR a really satisfying and
? meaningful Christmas, share
yours with the old and feeble, the
ill ami shut-in. the bereaved whose
? sorrows >*ou might lighten.
Unfortunately., all the (lurry and
preparation associated with Christ
mas are apt to ;riake parents as
well as children overlook the real
significance of the coming birth
day of Christ.
Upon request for a change of
the Zoning Ordinance on York
Road, a public hearing will be
had for all parties interested at
the regular meeting of the Board
of Commissioners for the City of
Kings Mountain on Monday
night, January 12,- 1953, at 7:30
p. m. to change from a residen
tial district to a neighborhood
trading area, the fallowing:
BEGINNING at a stake on the
West side of York Road, which
stake Is 400 feet South from the
intersection of King street and
York Road and runs thence Sou
th along York Road "05 feet;
thence West 150 feet; thence
North 105 feet; thence East 150
feet to the BEGINNING.
All persons opposed to this
change may appear before the
Board of Commissioners on the
above date.
This the 17th day of December
City Clerk.
. d- 18-25.
L'rtder and by \iriue of the po
wer of sale contained in a deed
of trust given by John J. Ray,
single, to the undersigned as
trustee for the Kings Mountain
Building and Loan. Association.
/>n the 21st day of September.
1948. recorded in Uie -Register of
Deeds Office for Cleveland. Couiv.
ty in Book 342 at page 181. t<> se
cure the payment <>t vhe. indebt
edness therein mentioned- and
default having be.en made in the
payment of same ami- art the 're
[quest of the Kings Mountain
Building and Loan Association;
? I will sell for cash at the court
1 house door in" Shelby, Cleveland
: County. NV>rt'h Carolina, on Mon<
day. January in. 1953. a: 10:00
| o'clock .a. m., 'or - within legal
i hours, the following desc ribed
' real estate:
Situated in the Town of K'"gs
Mountain, N. O., and BEGIN
NING at a stake at the intersec
tion of Parker and Dilling Mrcct.-.
i and runs thence with Parker
i streej East 115 feet to- a stake.
Tillman Pearson's corner;- then
j ce with his line South, 93' feet to
a stake; thence West 115 feet to
a stake in the edge of Dillir ?
Street; thence with Dilling si.
North 93 feet (o the BEGINNING
This the 17th day of Decern
ber, 1952.
B. S NEILL, Trustee.
Davis & White. Attorneys.
d-18 ? -Jan S.
eaAoriA V^riceXinoA
May this Holiday Season
blots your hoart with lovo,
your mln?l with potico, and
your life with happinocs.
324 N. Railroad Avenue
Five Spot Parlayed
Into Fine Farm
When William Smith, Negro
farmer of pitt.(\nihfy. \yas driven
from his- South Carolina cotton
farm by the hull weevil in
he came to .North t'a'rolin.i with
a little less than S5 in. his pbc;
Today the farmer hate an 8.1
acre farm, a 20-cow. dairy bam;
a tractor, pick-up truck, autcuno
bile. two mules. a tobacco trans
planter, and plows, 28 hogs. 20
shoals,. seven <? ?ws, three l\roml
sovvs and .a ?hoar.
.Dennis Dupmv Nejjro Pitt
County I.trm a^nt- for the' l?v
tension Service. -notes that Smith
worked an a 'tenant for -10 years
before he saved SIO.OOO to apply
to the purchase of -the. S3- acre
farm that he now owns. . .
Smith borrowed $5,000 from an
insurance Company in 1918 for 15
years and repaid the loan in four
years. Now, there is not so nuu;h
as a crop lien on the farm.
Last spring he srtld $300 worth
of calves. The sale of calves,
hogs, chickens and eggs gives
him operating capital. He plants
six acres of peanuts, five acres
of cotton, and has five acres of
permanent pasture.
The 33-year-old farmer has
seven children ranging in age
from 5 to 14 years.
? ' * '
We hope you are the
? very . imago of happiness
fv v
. &*??+ ? .
this Christmas
Your Kings Mtn. Optometrist
V- i < f nL
m ?
\ m ?*?
'^Hark! the herald angels sing..!'
"Onis Christmas .as uc
rejoice in the commemoration of the birth
of our Lord, let vs remember the g?>od 1m
teachings have brought to all mankind.
O > O
(Day our hi-: arts be open
this "Christmastime, to Mis message that
* ? ... f
by the jxnver of God's love alone can \vc
be inspired to great deeds and wise action.
J. M. McGinnis
Betty Hughes
. i
J. C. Caveny
Grady McCarter i Luther Morrison
Jimmy Caveny
Martin Frederick

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