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Christmas it a tree, with bright light i and timel and the Star stop. It it
a tumble of gifts, u rapped with pretty ribbon, beneath ill green bought.
It it the Hub! and faith in little children' t eye I on C^hrittmat morning. It it the
choking filling of joy in mother's heart at the package t are opened. It it the
tear. that wells in dad' s i ye and be tries to hide it with a grin. It it the remem
branret of many Olbet Chrittmaiet by grandmother and grandfather, un
dimmed by golden time .
It it' the sermon of the Story of Bethlehem. The hymns of the choir, the
? tandlelight service, the >r/ftnai of children's voices, the peace and goodwill
that can come into men' y hearts,
Christmas it the big tall tree in school, the only tree tome of the children
can call their own. It is the < friped candy cane.
It it the joyful mu\ic of chimes and church bells, the. carol i from the
record shop, the spirit of the teaton that maim strangers frietidt. .
It it the garland and the candle in theuindow, the cardi on the mantel,,
the wreath on the door, the mittleloe hung for Sit. It it fincerely in a band
i hake, the wishes of glad tidings, the vocal meaning in. the hello from neigh ?
bort, i : . ' (V. .
Christmas it a light. 4 light that vanquishes darkneis: the light of charily.
easoii's greetings
To alt our frionds and patrons, w*
axtand our warmest greetings for
^ a joyous Holiday Saa
AS * H V
i VI,
Condry & Rippy Jewelers
A Merry Christmas and
A Happy
. fi-ii?
Prosperity h jff <
It's *a pleasure to look
lorward to another
year among you.
Quality Sandwich Company
C. H. Hambright H. T. Spearman
'Lord of Misrule/
'Hodening Horse'
Make Noel Jollier
A DIFFERENT playtime ob
servance for your Christmas
festivities 'is the game "Lord of
When your guests have all ar
rived and have been greeted by the
music of the minstrels and the
song of the carolers, it is time for
the most honored guest of- the eve
ning to arrive. With much fan
fare the "Lord of Misrule" is an
nounced. He enters with great
pomp and ceremony and takes his
place as the master of ceremonies
for the evening.
The Lord of Misrule comes to
Us from the Tudor courts where he
was elected annually to reign over
the Christmas festivities. His
word, during the festivities, was
law, and the ridiculous commands
he laid upon the guests had to be
At your party, the Lord of Mis
rule will command each guest to'
do bis bidding. He may call for
singing, dancing, panomime, imi
tations and stunts of all Kinds.
Failure to do the bidding of the
Lord of Misrule results In the pay
ment of a forfeit. And here an
other unusual note may be inject
ed. The forfeit, instead of being
paid to the Lord of Misrule may
be paid to another Christ/Tias
character, the "hodening horse."
It was the custom in Kent. Eng
land, for young men to go from
house to house with the hodening
horse, an imitation , of a horse's
head attached to a long stick. Two
lads, forming the body of the horse,
were hidden from view by a cover
ing of cloth resembling horse's
skin. The' hodening' horse was ac
companied by paraders who rang
the bells throughout the town and
begged for money or food.
Not all little lioys who love
Sunta' ( laus this time of year
have a sublime trust in the old
Rent. This, ynuitg man obviously i
v\ lilies he were somewhere else. |
Chemical Solution
Protects Christmas
Trees From Flames
To fireproof your Christmas
tree, which is still a hazard- even
with electric lights, select your
tree (our to six day* before you
intend to decorate it tlien weigh
the tree and buy one-fourth as
many pounds of ammonium sul
fate as the tret weighs. This chem
ical is available in most stores
that sell seeds and fertilizers.
For each pound of ammonium
sulphate use 1% pints of water to
make the flreprooflng solution.
Mix the solution In something tall
and narrow that will hold the tree
upright. Then saw off the tree
diagonally so as to give a large
cut surface. Set the tree in the
solution in a cool place, away
from the direct sunlight, and
leave it there until most of the
solution is absorbed.
]j[ou Can Aiake a dB:g
CftriJtmaJ Candle
You can make a big, long-burn-1
ing candle to fit into your Christ
ma? decorations if you have a
number of odds and ends of part
ly burned candles . around the
house. Melt them and pour into
cardboard containers and r.emold.
Use ice cream cartons, oatmeal
containers or others. Use plain
cord for a wick. When the wax
is beginning to set, tie the Wick
to a pencil and suspend it in the
wax. Let set hard, remove car
ton and there is a nice candle
for your table.
1 B. C. and V A. D.
Were Not a Year Apart
According to our calendar, one
would naturally assume that be
tween the year 1 B. C. and the
year 1 A. D. there should be a
year, called zero. As a- matter of
(act. no such year exists, as far
as historians are concerned^ and'
the year 1 A. D. ? follows directly
after the year 1 B. C..
A pefson born in 3 B. C. would
not be Ave years old at 2 A. O.
but would -be four years old when
one is calculating data in that
period. When adding B. C. and
A D. years, it is necessary to al
ways subtract one to compensate
for the year zero omitted between
1 B C. and 1 A. D.
Why Christmas Candles?
On Christmas Eve the Chrirt
Child wanders all over the earth
seeking deserving people ? people
who are kind and thoughtful of
others, and people who have loving
hearts'. Lighted candles arc placed
in the windows by such people so
that He may not stumble and fall
In the course of His search He
visits every castle and hut. no mat*
lor how rocky arid rough His path
may be.
Ti 10 very best ol Holiday
Wishes to all our friends,
extended in warm appre
ciation of your good
will and patronage.
Baineit & Tignor Garage
Guy Barnett
Gene Tignor
ADORATION OF Tine MAGI . . . This Nativity scene was painted
by Benvenoto dl Giovanni (1438-18181 of Siena, Italy, and hangs
tn the National Gallery of Art. Washington. I>.C. It Is one of many
famou* "adoration" seenes painted by artists of atl nationalities.
Violations On Truck
Woigbts Decreasing
RALEIGH. ? Operation of
North Carolina's permanent
truok weighing stations, author
izzed by the 1951 General As
sembly. has brought about a
material reduction in the fre
quency of axle overloads which
so greatly affect highway dam
This conclusion came today in
a report issued by James S. Bur
ch, head of the Division of Sta
tistics and Planning in the State
Highway and Public Works
Cimmlssion. Data on truck wei
ghts was gathered by his Divis
ion in cooperation with the U. S.
Bureau of Plftllc Roads.
. The survey on which the re
port is based gave, lor the first
time, a comparison of two full
years of truck ? weighing field
operations. Prior to August, 1950,
the truck ? weight survey was
made only in August each year.
Since August 1, 1950, however,
the work ha* been continuous.
absorbed. without being
The oldest stake race in the
United States Is the Traven
which first Was run at Saratoga
in 1864.
? 1^?? ? ? ? ?
A&P's Huge Variety, Low PrkM and Dependable Quality Help You Enjoy a
Wonderful Christmas.Feast 1
2 lbs. Johnson's Pure Sugar
Life Saver
Worthiriore, 12 oz.
Worthmore 1' lb. bag
...... 49c
... 39c
Worth more Assorted, 12 oz.
SPICE DROPS ....... 19c
Worthmore Christmas Stocking
CANDY and TOYS :.... 35c
Worthmore. 8 oz
Ocean Spray
lb. can 19c
Whole or Jelly
Simple Simon
1 lb, 12 oz. Jar
IS oz. Ctn.
Warwick Assorted
Chocolates _
Thin Mints: .
Worthmore Choc. Covered ? k *?.
Cream Drops ^ 29c
Christmas Mix 'k?* 19c
And .rnony other Chocolate ? Stick
and IHrd
Jane Parker
Over 2/J Nuts and Fruit*
Fruit Cakes
J.Lk.$249c.kb. $369
Jane Parker
Stuffing Bread - - -
-Jane Parker Attractively Decorated
Christmas Layer Cake ? u 65c
U? 20c|
Festive Foods
at A*P-Low Prices
Juicy Red' Emperor
39c 97c
) per or
Grapes " 15c
Crispy WinCsap
Apples - - - - - - - - s 59c
l' lump Red Ripe
Cranberries ------ ^ 33c
Cocoanuts -
New Crop For Roasting & Dressing
Chestnuts ------
Golden Ripe ' ? "
Bananas - - - - - - 2 25c
Juicy Size 54's & t>4's
Grapefruit ----- 4 23c
l.uscious Fall Russet ?
Pears "? 19c
U S. No 1 White . .
Tangerines "9c
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Potatoes - 10 >? 57c
? NUtS
BRAZIL ...... pgr 49c
" 45c
UL.b 39c
Vi5: 43c
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Sultana Small
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lona California Sliced or Halves
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Cocktail - - - -
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Cocoanut - - -
Delmonte Sliced
Pineapple * - - ?
V 8 Vegetable
Cocktail - - - -
Peter Pan
Peanut Butter -
Our Own
Tea Bags - - ?
Tomato Juice - *
A4P Crushed
Pineapple - - -
Aon Page Preserves
Strawberry - -
Ann Page
Mayonnaise - -
Mild - Mellow C.itiec
No. 303 <f ri
Can JL *7C
*?? 49c
No. 303 ? e
Can 1 3C
VI 39c
Can C>9C
No. 2'/i
No. 303
4 Oz
Can ?30C
*? 37c
" " 35c
No. 2
8 O'Clock - - - a 77c
Price* la this id effective Uir* D*c. 27th.
3 Lb. Bog 2.25

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