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. City Limits 7.206
Trading Area 15,000
- "V * '
(1945 Ration Board Figure*)
VOL 63 NO. 2
Established 1 889
Kings Mountain, N. C., Thursday, January 8, 1953
Sixty-Third Year
Local News
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ollie Harris
will go to Raleigh Monday for
a meeting of the North Caroli
na Embalming Board, which
meets there for a two-day ses
City firemen answered an a
larm Monday afternoon and
quickly extinguished a grass
fire on Monte Vista drive. No
damage was reported.
A total of $147.60 was collec
ted in revenue from the city's
parking meters Wednesday
morning, according to a report
toy the city clerk's office.
Court of Honor for Kings
Mountain District Boy Scouts
will be held Thursday night at
7:45 at City Hall, according to
announcement from Piedmont
Council headquarters.
Rev. P. Dt Patrick and S. S.
Weir, Jr., will serve as dele
gates from First Prestoyterian
church and J. V. Stewart from
Dixon church to the January
13 meeting of Kings Mountain
Presbytery, to he at First Pres
byterian church, Gastonia.
? Annual meeting of stock
holders of Lake Montonia
Club, Inc., will be held at City
Hall courtroom Tuesday night
at 7:30 p. m. All menftjr* Lave
feeen urged to attend.
Capt Paul E. Hendricks, ar- '
my medical corps, has recently
(been transferred for duty to
the Charlotte examination
center from Fort Jackson, S; C
A total of 438 Kings (Moun
tain motorists have purchased
1953 city auto license tags, ac
cording to a report Wednesday
toy the city clerk's office. Tags
must be purchased by Febru
ary 1 and price of the tag is
one dollar.
Rev. H. Gordon Week ley,
pastor of First Baptist church,
will address members of the
Kings Mountain Lions club at
their regular meeting Tuesday
night at 7 o'clock at Masonic
pining Hell.
Frank Hoyle, Sr.
Dies Of Injuries
Funeral services for Frank L- j
? Hoyle, of Shelby, father of Frank
' L Hoyle, Jr., of Kings Mountain,
who died Tuesday of injuries sus:
tAihed when struck by an auto
mobile on December 72, will be
held Thursday at 3 o'clock from
Central Methodist church in Shel
The body will remain at the
residence of John A Hoyle, 317
South Thompson street, in Shelby
until taken to the church for the
Mr. Hoyle was 80 years of age
and was in good "health before
the accident. He was bom May
5, 3872, the son of the late Capt.
L. J. Hoyle and Emma Higgins
Hoyle of Belwood.
He was clerk of court for
Cleveland County from 1908 to
1118 and served as postmaster at
Sfevelby from 1935 to 1940. He was
, a?ttre in political, church and
civic affairs and was for many
years a member of the board of
stewards at Shelby Central Meth
w.-f y cnurcn.
At the time of his death, he
was a partner with his brbther*
p.v- - George A. Hoyle, in a Shelby in
surance agency.
He was married on October 8,
1804 to the farmer Miss Marietta
Walker of Rutherford County.
Hoyle died in April, 1946.
Street Assessment
Hearing Monday
To Be Heard
On Paving Fees
Monday's regular January ses
sion of the city board of com
missioners Is expected to "be a
busy one, with the commission
ers scheduled to hold a hearing
on street-paving assessments.
On December 18, the city pub
lished its notice of public hear
ing and listed street-paving as
sessments for 20 city street. In
the notice, the city set the hear
ing date for January IS, and In
vited owners of property assess
ed to appear before the board In
event dbjectlon to the particular
assessments. *
The assessments cover street
paving work done by the city
during the past three years.
Another public hearing is also
scheduled for Monday evening
and Involves a zoning law
change. The board is considering
a request to rezone a small por
tion A York Road, changing It
I from residential area to neigh
borhood trading area, at request
pf Warren Reynolds. 1
Other business will include
receiving of regular monthly re
The board will convene at 7:30.
Masonic Officers
To Be Installed
Officers forW cbnilttf year
will be installed at a regular com
munication of Fa'rview Lodge
No. 339, A. F. & A. M? Monday
evening at 7:30 at Masonic Lodge
Arnold W. Kincaid, grand lec
turer of North Carolina, will
serve as installing officer, and
John H. Floyd, 37th district depu
ty grand master, will serve as
marshal for the installation rites.
- Elective and appointive officers
to be installed are:
D. E. Tate, master ; Boyce
Gault, senior warden; Emmett
Ross, Junior warden;, J. G. Keller,
treasurer; Joe H. McDaniel, Jr.,
secretary; F. A. McDaniel, Jr.,
senior Stewart; L. A. Harmon,
junior Stewart; James B. Simp
son and A. B. Chandler, stewarts,
and J. A. Walker, tyler.
Rites Conducted
For Mr. Gardner
Funeral services for John Jack
Gardner, 70, were conducted Mon
day afternoon at 4 o'clock from
the Mountain View Baptist
church. ' "
Rev. Floyd Hollar, pastor of
the church, officiated and burial
was in Mountain Rest cemetery.
- Mr. Gardner, a resident of the
Crowder's Mountain section, died
at 8 a. m. Sunday in a Concord
nursing home after an extended
illness. , .
The only survivor Lt his imme
diate family la >. brother, the
Rev. Lee Gardner of Greenville,
& C, , : '?
mbmmmb - mmmmmmmu
ELECTED ? J. C. Bridges has
b?in elected president of the
Kings Mountain Merchants- as
sociation (or the coming year. He
will take office on January 26.
succeeding Dan Huffstetler.
Bridges To Head
Merchants Body
J. G. Bridges, hardware mer
chant, win hea? the Kings
Mountain Merchants association
for the coming year, according
to results of association ballot*
ing announced yesterday.
Mr. Bridges has been elected
president of the association for
ihe year 1952-53 and will suc
ceed retiring president . Dan
Huffstetler on January 26.
vice-president of the association.
Elected directors for two year
terms were Fred W. Plonk, B. S.
Peeler, Jr., John Q. Plonk, and
Yates Harbison.
Holdover directors for the for
thcoming year are Hal Ward,
Haywood E. Lynch, Hilton Ruth,
O. W. Myers and John Lewis.
Dan Huffstetler will serve as an
ex officio director for the coming
Mr. Bridges is a partner in
Bridges Hardware.
Kiwanis Officers
To Be Installed
Dr. Rembert Burgess, president
of Spartanburg Junior college
and governor of the Carollnas Ki
wanis district, wfflbetTu* J>rlncl
pa! spcnker at the installation
night meeting of the Kings Moun
tain Kiwanis club Thursday even
The meeting, a ladles night af
fair, will be held at Masonic Din
ing Hall at 6:45.
Officers to be Installed are
Dr. D. F. Hord, president; Paul
Mauney, first vice-president; Dr.
W. P. Gerberding, second vice
president; Harold Cogglns, secre
tary; and John L. McGilL, trea
surer. _
Directors to be Installed are L,
A. Hoke, L. Arnold Klser, Dr. O
P. Lewis, David Nelll, Charles
Nelsler, B. S. Peeler, Sr? and J.
C. Smathers.
Retiring president of the or
ganization is Harold Hunnlcutt.
Funeral Hn^n; Simonton,
Betir ed Teacher. Conducted Monday
Funeral services for Miss
ale Slmonton, 78, widely - known i
retired teacher, were held (Mon
day afternoon ?t Boyce Memori
al Associate Reformed Presbyter
Ian "hurch, wllU interment fol
\l#*n ? at the nope
church cemetery In Fairfield
County, S.C. W, ? jk
Kiss /iknortton died at her
home n^jtt.tar^'-tunday
morning, following a stroke of
paralysis differed four days pre
viously. Bhe had been In ill
health tor the past five months.
funeral rites were conduc
ted by Rev. W L. Pressly, pastor
of Boyce Memorial church, of|
"Her name will live," he Mid,
'because of her devotion."
Mlm Simonton had been a cit
izen of Kings Mountain Cor 4tl
years. A native of White Oak,
Fairfield County, S. C, ahe was a
daughter of the late Samuel Ro
bert and Satdh Harris Simonton.
For 45 years she was a teacher
in the Kings Mountain schools
and for a similar period she was
a ter-cher In Uk children's de
partment of Boyce Memorial
A ftl' Sabbath school. ,? '
In 1949, Miss Simonton became
the first recipient of, the Kings
MounUin Kiwanis club's U*
selfish Service" award, a tribute
for her long years of service lb
the schools otf the community.
Surviving are a brother, R, ti
Slmoaton. of Atlanta, G*.. and
Ella Harmon
Funeral Rites
Held Tuesday
Funeral services for Miss Ella
Harmon, 7i, well-known Kings
Motintain woman, were held
Tuesday afternoon at Boyce Me
morial ARP Church.
Rev. W. L. Pressly, pastor of
the church, conducted the rites
and was assisted by Rev. J. W. ,
Carson, pastor of Garrison Me
morial ARP churcH, of Bessemer
Miss Harmon died at 12:01
Monday morning at her home on
East King street. In declining
health for the past several years,
she had been more seriously ill
since Christmas Day, her condi
tion worsening ' gradually until
her death.
Born in the Beaulah community
of Cleveland county on August
27, 1881, Miss Harmon was a
daughter of Peter Beam and Mar
tha Lowrance Harmon. She came
to Kings Mountain as a girl of
14 in 1895 and, with the excep
tion of three years in the twen
ties, when she was employed in
Charlotte as a milliner and sales
lady, lived here every since, in
1926, she opened Kings Moun
tain's first beauty shop. She was
a loyal member of Boyce Memo
rial ARP church.
Rev. Mr. Pressly described Miss
Harmon as a woman who exhibit
ed friendliness, fortitude and
faith. He said she had shown
bravery in fighting her illness, by
continuing to seek health, and
added, "She had many friends.
Proving she was friendly, for
friendliness makes friends."
Interment was made in Moun
tain Rest cemetery. The body lay
in state at the church for a half
hour prior to the final rites.
Surviving are two sisters, Mrs.
T. P. McGlll and Mrs. Minnie H.
Crawford, and a brother, M. L.
Harmon, alt of Kings Mountain.
A large number of nieces and
iwphe&a ?so--*trt-rWe; ^
Active pallbearers were James
Anthony, Menzell Phifer, Otto
Ware, Lewis Hovis, Garrison Go
forth and W. S. Fulton, Jr. Hono
rary pallbearers were elders of
Boyce Memorial ARP church.
Cullen Speaker
For Merchants
' .Annual banquet of the Kings
Mountain Merchants association
will be held on Monday, January
26, with Charles E. Cullen, Char
lotte humorist scheduled to make
the principal address, according
to announcement this week by J.
C. Bridges, chairman of the pro
gram committee.
The annual banquet, which will
again be an employer-employee
affair, will be held at Masonic
Dining Hall.
In addition to the address of
Mr. Cullen, the program will In
clude reports on the past year's
work by officers of the associa
tion and Installation of officers
and directors for 1953-54.
Tickets for the banquet will go
on sale in the near future. Mer
chants should make ticket reser
vations with W. G. Grantham, |
chairman of the ticket committee, ;
or by calling the Merchants as
sociation office.
T. W. Grayson is chairman of
a committee arranging glfti for
the banquet .1
Pethel Named
Choir Director
Franklin bethel, formerly min
ister of music at St. Matthew's
Lutheran church, will become or
ganist and choir director of First
Presbyterian church, according
to recent announcement by the
church's music committee.
Mr. Pethel is to assume his 60
ties on February 1. '
Members of the music commit
tee are Mrs. P. M. Neisler, R. H.
Webb and Dr. W. L. Ramseur.
For the put several months *
chaplain's assistant at Fort
Bragg, Mr. Pejthel will soon be
released from active duty In the
army. He Is a graduate of Lenoir
Rhyne college. r ,
His^wife^ls^Uie former Miss |
Annual Polio Fund Campaign T o Begin
Monday; Howard, Reed Co-Chairmen
Cash of the Beth ware community, contracted polio four years ago and Is pictured at left above in a
whirlpool bath when he could more only his head. The picture was taken ctf Camp Sutton Polio hos
pital, where he stayed many months and had six operations. Boyce was first taken to Grace hospital,
Morganton, where he spent several weeks in an iron lung and was transferred to Asheville Ortho
pedic hospital before going to Camp Sutton.
ty Nelson, of Wilmington, has
boon appointed promotional di
rector of Pint Baptist church, ac
cording to announcement this
Miss Melton loins
Fiist Baptist
Miss Betty Lou Melton of Wil
mington Is joining the staff of
the First Baptist Church this
week as promotional director, ac
.cording tn an annonncement Mon
day by Rev. Gordon Weekley, pas
Miss Melton fills one of the two
newly created staff positions
which the Church Conference
voted into being In November. Be
side the position of promotional
director, the church plans to call
a secretary - treasurer ? music di
rector In the near future.
"Miss Melton comes to us to do
an Important Job. She will be in
charge of the development of a
far-reaching program of enlist
ment and promotion, dealing with
the activities of every department
of the church," said Rev. Week
"I know of no one more dedi
cated to the Cause for which we
are striving nor one who Is bet
ter acquainted with the function
ing of Baptist work than Miss
Melton, v <
"She has grown up In the
church and haa npanlfested an
unusual ability to be creative and
original In carrying out a pro
gressive program. Aside from
this she haa a splendid, winsome
personality which enhances her
work, ? _ ?*
"We are highly pleased to have
her become a part of our staff,"
he concluded, ?
A suite of three offices is being
remodeled on itie &cu?teas( cor
ner of the second floor of the
church. These offices adjoin *
large room Which was formerly
used aa the Young Peoples' as
sembly. It will be used henceforth
as a watting room for the offices
and as a Conference room for
Board meetings. \j>. ,
^ TO muuriMRRsoir
Dr-B. J. Patterson. Jr., acting
t of adult work and Mc
qt men's $wk In the
~ 70. 8**111
Next Month's
Induction Call
Only 25 Men
j In spite of a heavy draft call
for February by the Army, the
Cleveland County selective serv
i Ice board's quota Is the smallest
it has been since November, ac
cording to Mrs. Clara Newman,
clerk to the board.
Mrs. Newman paid the .board
-has neon ordered *> furnlah 36
j men for induction into the arm
j ed services on February 5.
The board induction quotas
for both December and Janary
was 50 men.
Mrs. Newman said that virtu
ally all registered 20-year-old
men would have received pre
induction physical examinations
by the end of this month.
The board is to fill pre -induc
tion quotas of 60 men on Janu
ary 12 and again on January 2&.
Jaycees Hear
J. L Willrie
Members of the Kings Moun
tain Junior Chamber of Com
merce heard a talk on current
projects of other clu?s by J. L.
Wilkle. of Shelby, at the regular
meeting of the orfnnizatlon
Tuesday night at Masonic din
ing hall.
Mr. Wilkie is vice-president of
the North Carolina third dis
trict. Me was accompanied by
Continued On Page Eight
E. H. Crouch entered the
Presbyterian Hospital in Char
lotte last Wednesday for ob
servation and treatment,
Padgett, of Kings Mountain, was
recently elected president of the
Cleveland County Medical so
ciety for 1953. Other officers
named were Dr. John Hamrick,
Shelby, vice-president and Dr.
H. C. Thompson, Shelby, secre
Casting Starts
For New Diama
Casting Is underway on the
forthcoming Kings Mountain
"Ten Little Indians," a mystery
drama, and Dr. P. G. Padgett,
who is directing the show, has
issued an invitation to all inter
ested persons to ? try out lor
Dr. Padgett said that the show
has 11 roles, including eight
male and three female parts.
Any person interested in a
tryout should contact Dr. Pad
Tax Listing Pace Keeps Officials
Busy; Eaily Listing Being Uiged
Tax listing, which got under
way last Friday, began at a fair
ly brisk pace and was keeping
the city and county listing offl
"era reasonably busy this week.
However, bpth Conrad Hughes,
county lister, and Clarence E.
Carpenter, city lister, doubted
_ . _ i n
Cole ? Layer-Tremble Compa
re appealenl (inn
a revaluation
ties, will net be
board of
E B. lassfsfd
*9*. District 3 commissioner,
said Wedaeetaf.
Pfilewteg receipt of Um fig
otes, all property owners will
be notified of the new valua
tions end will be invited to
list objections to the valua
tions at a subsequent
Mr. Imgslftiiet said a
ecurae. -That li
thet the pace was fast enough to
avoid a- test minute Jam-up.
' ???: been pretty
ughes Mid, "but many people
yei to itet theif pwperites
(for taxes."
Arms have yet
he *4*4. and urged tbeir
owners or officers to attend to
the matter as early as possible.
All persona are required to list
their property for taxes during
the month of January, with the
law providing penalities for those
who fall to list. All males be
tween the ages of 21 and 90 are
required to list for poll taxes,
and any owner of personal or
real property Is required to list
' For some, listing for taxes Is
more simple this year. Due to the
forthcoming property revaluation
(igures, expected to be received
by the county board of commis
sioners in time for use on 1953
tax bills, business firms will need
figures for listing oniy Inven
tories and removable personal
property (such as cash registers
ahd similar Items). Heavy equip
ment fcnd fixtures are being ap
praised, as Is realty, by a special
tax appraisal flrni.
As has been customary for a
number of years, automobiles and
trucks are being listed according
to wholesale value* Appearing in
current trade association "blue
books". ;1
Farmers have an additional
listing Job, with Charlie Ware,
tun census taker1. K* ;?
Both dty and county Us ting of.
finals are at City Hall courtroom
dally except Mondays, what the
County's Quota
For this Year
Set At 525,000
Annual March of Dimes drive
for funds to combat polio will
begin in Cleveland County on
Monday according to announce
ment by Dr. N. H. Reed and Gra
dy Howard, co-chairmen of the
Kings Mountain drive. Quota for
the county is $25,000.
The co-chairmen also announc
ed the organization for the Kings
Mountain drive.
Jacob Cooper and G. C. Kelly
will head the industrial division,
A. F. Dean and G. A. Bridges will
be in charge of the merchants di
vision and the Junior Woman s
club will conduct the "Mother's
March" house-to-house collection.
Other community chairmen in
clude a former polio patient,
Boyce Cash, acjive young Ben.
ware school student, his father,
H. M. Cash, and Willard Boyles
in the Bethware, El Bethel and
Patterson Grove section and Mrs.
D. L. Harry and Mrs. W. B. Har
ry at Grover.
Funds collected in the annual
appeal are used for treatment of
infantile paralysis patients and
for research in combatting the
According to a report hy Car
los Young, of Shelby, treasurer of
the county polio unit, 16 new oa
ses of polio developed in the
county during 1952 requiring
653 days of hospitalization and
treatment amounting to $9,930.
54 along with 28 carry-over cas
es from 1951 requiring 451 days
and costing $8,609.32.
A total of $18,539.86 was thus
spent for care of polio victims of
the county during the past year,
Mr. Young reports. Of the 44 pa
tients treated last year, only two
remain hospitalized, he said.
Mr. Young reported a cash bal
ance of $119.38 aga'nst out
standing unpaid bills amount
ing to ?2,217.11 for the year.
Rites Conducted
For Mis. Hubbaid
Funeral services lor Mrs. Sam
B. Hubbard, 62, mother of Mrs.T.
M. Hord of Kings Mountain were
conducted Monday afternoon at 3
o'clock from New Hope Baptist'
church of Earl.
assisted by Rev. H. Gordon Week
ley of Kings Mountain. Burial
was in the church cemetery.
Mrs. Hubbard died at Shelby
hospital Sunday morning. She
had lived in Earl for 33 years, and
was the widow of the late Sam
B. Hubbard, who died in 1939.
She Is survived by two sons,
Kenneth B. Hubbard of V&,i'ite-'
vllle, and Samuel B. Hubbar.' of
Charlotte; two daughters, Mrs.
T. M. Hord of Kings Mountain
and Mrs. J. B. Champion of Earl;
a sister, Mrs. Estelle Cottlngham
of Latta, S. C.; two brothers, J. O.
Brlgman and Charlie Brigman of
Latta, ? C.; and four grand
Chapman Rites
Held Sunday
Funeral rites for Mrs. Martha
R. Chapman, 79, of route five
Shelby, grandmother of Mr*. Ed
Bridget of Kings Mountain, were
conducted Sunday at 2 o'clock p.
m. from Pleasant Grove Baptist
church near Fallaton.
Rev, C. C. Crowe and Re*, D.
G. Moose officiated and burial
was In the church cemetery. -M
Mrs. Chapman died Friday at
1:30 p. m. She wa? the widow of
the late Kelly Chapman and was
the daughter of the late Mr. and
Mrs. Love Lank ford.
She Is survived by one son, W.
J. Chapman of East New Market,
Md., two daughter*, Mrs. J. W.
Wright of Shelby and Mrs. James
C. Glllls of Charlotte: two sisters,
Mrs. Charles McSwaln of Waco
and Mrs. Shenck Spangler of
Shelby, 14 grandchildren and 25
great-granrichl Idren.
? ......
l?95tltt WtTIHO
Regular January meeting of
Otis D. Gre- i Post 155. the A
m eric an Legion, will be held
Monday night at 8 p. m. ?t the
Legion Hall. Commander Satn
Collins has asked that all
meirtbers te prsssnt for the

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