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la a sketch of Kings Mountain hospital as it will appear after con
templated additions are built. The sketch shows the present building
with new wing added to the front, new storage room at the hack,
added space ier heating plant and expanded kitchen facilities. In.
sit at left of picture Is. a small scale drawing showing in shaded
areas the proposed additions. Ormand & Vaughan, Shelby archi
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tacts, began work Monday on the working plans and detailed speci
fications, they reported. Under the plans approved by the hospital
trustees and State Medical Care commission, 14 beds will be added
to the plant, making a total of SO. The business office will be moved
to the new wing on the front, and the pediatric ward will also be
housed in the new wing.
Local News
The Kings Mountain Kiwan
is club will have its annual
<tuiz night program, conduct
ed by Kobert Aidrich, of Green*
wood, S. C., on Thursday night
at 6:45 at Masonic Dining Hall.
N. >E. Chapman was Issued a
building permit September 16
by Building Inspector J. W.
Webster to build a one story
permit to Charlie Blalodk to e
Alexander street, at an estima
ted cost of |5,000. On Septem
ber 20, Mr. Webster issued a
permit to Charlie Slalock eo e
rect a 3-4 room house on pro.
perty located on Lackey street,
at an estimated cost of $12,
Re\- Floyd Pinch, af Besse
mer City, Win conduct a morn
ing prayer service for the new
ly organized Kings Mountain
Episcopal mission Sunday
morning at 9 o'clock at . the
Woman's Club, it was announ
ced by Mrs, J. E. Castle.
? ii. i . .
J. E. Castle, manager of Foote
Mineral Company, is attending
a meeting of the American In
stitute of Mlrtlng Engineers at
San Francisco, Calif, .fie will
return this, weekend.
Regular meeting of the Kings
Mountain Optimist club will
be held at New South Restau
rant at 7 o'clock Thursday
night, It was announced by
Neal Grlssom, ^resldeiit.
? -
- Xi> lAlXT Mt
Boyce Meiriorlal ARP Sab
bath School will observe anna
?al Bally Day on Sunday morn
ln? at 10 o'clock. A special
program has been aranged by
Mrs. Lewis HcrvU, a large num
ber of children will partici
pate, and special emphaal?-vti
f>ping placed on attendance
on Sunday.
MM! Patterson
Takes School Pod
Miss Leone Patterson hat ac
cepted the position of secretary
to the Dean of Student* at the
Presbyterian Assembly** Train
ing School, Richmond , -Va., and
will assume he* new dutie* Fri
day. ' - 5 - ?
She Is the daughter of Mrs.
9. *. Patterson, of Kings Moun
tain, a nd has held a position In
the offices of Coca-Cola Bottling
Co., Gastocda.
Gold Mine Shaft
Is Being Pumped
At 192-Foot Maik
. ? ; '
Water continues in critically
short supply In Kings Mountain.
In spit* of curtailed consump
tion, the water level of the city
reservoir on "York Road continues
to decline at a rate of three
quarters per Inch per day, and
tiie city's main auxiliary source?
the Gold Mine ghaft supply ? is
delivering much less than its for-,
mer total of 400 gallons per
Mayor Glee A. Bridges said the
city was pumping the Gold Mine
shaft at the 192-foot deptn Wed
nesday, which Is only eight feet
from the bottom of the line. Ad
ditional plpte, on order, has not
yet been received, but the. Mayor
said he hoped It would arrive
However, there was some ques
tion as to the effectiveness of
lowering the pipe, since the flow
subsides with the increased load
of pulling the water to the top
of the shaft
Sunday and Monday showers
were of short duration and had
no (effect on. the city supply, and
sunny skies Wednesday offered
no ^aln prospects.
Both streams serving the York
Road reservoir are completely
dry, the Mayor said. He added that
the Davidson creek, whtere the
city is constructing an auxiliary
reservoir has a good flow but that
contractors building the new dam,
now 25-feet high, say tapping this
stream now would bring the dam
construction to a halt. The dam
specifications call for a height of
?0 feet, at a width of 300 leet at
the base, taplerlng to 40 feet at the
top. . ?...'W -.'-J ; ,-V.- W ;
Consumption of city water con
tinued at the totals beftig used
since restrictions were Imposed
Continued On Pope Bight
? - i ' ? ? i-. ? ? i i i to.
SEAL SALE CHAIRMEN HEBE ? Paul Walker, - left and Grady
Howard, right, will Mm as chairmen of the Kings Mountain Christ
mas seal sale campaign for 1954, it was announced Wednesday by
Dr. D. P. Hord, chairman of the Cleveland County Tuberculosis as
sociation. Funds derived from the seal sale are used to combat and
prevent tuberculosis.
Trustees Decline
Survey Discussion
Correct Addresses
Asked Of Guessers
Myjtery Farm guessers
should be sure they supply the
Herald with their correct mail
ing addresses. ?* ? ' , v
Two Joy-Dixie theatrfe passes
mailed to lucky guessers of last
week's Mystery Farm No. 3
were kicked back by the post
office with "not found" nota
tions. One haa been delivered in
person. ,
Woman's Club Will Be Hostess
T. BhUrt *"#?? Wedl"34aJ
: ? ...
1 1.- ?
The Kings Mountain Woman's
Club Will be boat* to the annual
fitting of District TV, North
Carolina Federation of Woman's
Cluba, Wednesday In the newly
renovated and expanded Wo
man's club building. ?
Theme of the program, which
begins at 10 a. m? la "Tour Saw
Discipline, Understanding, and
Faith Will Light the Worldf?
After the morning fession and
luncheon, *eporta from commit'
tees will be heard and presenta
tion of honor awards to clubs will
be made.
Mr*. P, KL Hendricks, publicity
chairman of the Kings Mountain
dub, Mild Tuesday that persons
desiring tickets for the lurx-heon
should contact Mrs. Jn<ob Cooper,
phone 316. Registration is re
quested by Friday, Mrt. Han
d ricks eJpl jfV;? ? /
State officers expected to at
tend the meeting here are Mrs.
Edwin P. Brown, of Murfretes
boro, president of the federation,
Mrs. Ray Dent, of Spruce Pine,
second vice-president, Mrs. 3. M.
Jenrette, Jr., of Raleigh, third
vice-president and Mrs. D. R.
Matintey, Jr, of Cherryville, dis
trict chairman.
District IV lnaludes 17 senior
clubs with 964 members and six
junior clubs with 364 members.,
The group will be welcomed by
Mayor Olee A. Bridges, D;*. W. L.
Pressly will say the Invocation,
and Kings Mountain Girl Scouts
will form a color guard. '
Mrs. George Houser Is presi
dent of thte Kings Mountain club.
Mrs. Luther Cansler to chairman
of the committee oa arrange
ments for the meeting.
Possible Sites
For New School
The Kings Mountain city dis
trict board of school trustees de
clined to discuss a state school
house planning board survey
team report in the presence of a
Herald reporter at the regular
meeting of the group Monday
'night at Central school.
v The survey report recommends
the construction of an elemen
tary school building In the north
section of town, it is understood,
and specifically locates two sug
gested areas. The local board al
so has an area or two in mind,
it is also understood.
Officially, School Board Chair
man A- W. Kincald said the re
port was ?<ot discussed at the
regular meeting because of ab
sence of one trustee. During dis
cussion of the matter of whether
Co take up the report at the
meeting, the group agreed not to
release the text of the recom
mendation until options on the
lands Involved are obtained.
A three-man survey team, ap
pointed by the state board, made
a survey of the Kings Mountain
schools on July t and the report
was received fcore around'v'iUf*
gust 15.
:: Chairman Kincald said on re
ceipt of the report he had ap
pointed Superintendent B. 1*.
Continued On Pa 00 JNftt
Employee Vote
Will Determine
Union Issue
The election waa ordered fni
lowing an NLRB hearlnl last
J. E. Castle,' Foote manager said
union representatives and '-ian
agement failed to aeiw fln fJl'
question of whether
Pany employees are eligible^Tr
union membership. Specifically
the anion representatives object
to participation of FooSe em-'
P?oyees classified as technicians
f^hn0|?7lPany contended that the
employees8 a" hour,yrated
yees- , are non-supervisorv
and are therefore eligible for
union membership.
"SI Tnt a11 at*rnoon dis
cussing the matter," Mr Castle
said, "and when i, finally apS
M nc . aereeme?, cou]d
settle the matter finally."
sFCr &
?*NUIB con4J2'.
fed Goter, Foote minincr en?ri
neer and acting managed, n the
absence Wednesday pf Mr Castio
said the NLRB efection vS?j ?
Ti ?ur,nff the ho"? o5
2*30 anrt 4^A" m" and
?2^-2^ ?*??
seiuentlvHt^.8. FrIday' and sut*
IS? fc!l y ?,.ted In a Saturday let
Mhif^erxa gal restrictions pro
5"' 'titldlmatlon ?r ei?ta
2* person Involved in the
forthcoming election.
eesnMr rw?y letter to employ
Mineral SSS 8ald' H*1* Foote
*rr2d to tMPany voluntarIly a
fA?0 to this procedure sine*
do 8oWTLnVegal comPuisibn to,
? Foote Mineral Pom
Sjenyunk>neVeS the cla,m of
2??" organizers that they
SS) n T majority of the
Company to *?,nferal
fantasy ' . a" ,ma?'native
M^nrfl? of last Saturday.
ii oESb? SffiTSr elect'on is
lnV M' fr,ghten you^cTri yolI'
intimidate yop. staAd up a? a
yoTthl^rtT ?'tlzen- v?te as
NIrr not 'ear the
mL?mi r CI? or th* Foote I
ehaZl Company. Talk'-and ex- 1
change view. With everybody.;
Is no law against that "
List Now 142
Addition of nine students to
thle area's off-to-sehool list lor
the 1954-55 term brings to 142
the number of students now at
tending or leaving soon for col
leges, universities, prep schools,
nursing, trade, and speciality
Total listings of off-to-schbol
students last year was 109, less
by 33 than the figure for this
year. &
. Norma Lfce Slpes has enrolled
at Oreenvillc General Hospital
School of Medical Technology, at
Greenville, S. C., for the coming
term, and Darrell Austin, Gene
Welch, and Cleveland Yawn are
attending Western Carolina col
lego, at Cullowhee. ,
Joan Cranford, Lois Ann Spakfe
and Helen Greene are students at
Kings Business College, Charlotte
and Herman Greene and Boyce
Wells are attending Howard's
Business college, at Shelby.
Joanita Lovelace has entered
Memorial Hospital School of Nur
sing in Charlotte, said Ray Cline
has enrolled at the Univeislty of
[ FAIR SCENES ? Shown here axe
scenes from the Cleveland Coun
? "? . 'k*
ty Fair, which continues through
Saturday In its 3 1st annual run.
The pictures show the crowds,
prize farm crops, household arts,
and a midway entertainment
feature ? all among the featur
es of the annual Cleveland Coun.
ty Fair.
.iU:a *?'
?T? Jr\->
Five Axe Named
To City Zoning
Adjustment Body
The city board of commission
ers in special session Tuesday
night, appointed a new 7-oning ad
justment board, bought a truck,
and contracted to rent two major
pieces of equipment on an option
to-purchase basis.
Appointed to the adjustment
board were Ben H. Bridges, nam
ed chairman, Coleman Stroupe,
John B. Maunfey, Mrs. George
Houser, and BUI Jonas.
The appointments occurred af
ter J, W. Webster, city building
inspector, had infbrmed the Ma
yor earlier In the week of a zon
ing violation involving Mr.
The board accepted low bid on
a half-ton truck for Cemtstery Su
perintendent Sam Suber from
Smith Chevrolet Company, Gas
tonia, at $1,178.29. The bid was
low among three. Sullivan Mo
tors Cherryvllle, offered a truck
at 91,285, and Plonk Motor Com- ]
pany, Kin^s Mountain, offered a'
truck at $1,295.
The board entered into a ren
tal ? purchase agreement with
North Carolina Equipment Com
pany for use of a Quickway ditch
digging machine and a paving
spreader. The city is to pay a ren
tal fee of $500<per month for the
two piecfes of machinery, with the
rentals to apply to the purchase
price of the equipment should the
city decide to buy. The purchase
price of the ditch-digger is $15,
458.50, while the paving spreader
lists at $16(CiSL25. Public Works
Superintendent E. C. Nicholson
said Wednesday the city antici
pates buying the equipment in the
Continued On Pafft Bight
Mail Sack Contained
Parcel That lumped
Kings Mountain postofflde
uncovered an unusual piece of
mail Wednesday morning when
emptying one of the mall sacks.
It jumped.
Examination showed a hand
some bullfrog had made the
trip along with several articles
of parcel post. ,
Assistant Postmaster George
Hord was displaying the tra
veler, which had a 4.5-lnch-long
leg., Had there been a dozen
frogs, there would have been
a tasty frog legs entrete on the
dinner table, but Mr. Hord rea
soned one pair was Insufficient
and ? freed the frog near the
, Herald office, guessing Mr.
Frog would head for the near
est water at the Bonnie Mill
There was no bill for postage
To Build Manse
Ground - breaking ceremonies
beginning a parsonage for Resur
rection Cuttoeran church will be
Conducted after morning services
Sunday, It was announced this
week by Rev. Douglas Fritz, the
Church members will form a
processional to the site ? Cre
scent Circle southvest of the
church building ? and officers
and organization leaders will par
ticipate In the ground-breaking
| The church plans to buijd a
seven-room brick veneer parson
age at estimated cost of $15,000.
yV>. ,y.? --jVv *v ?
Three Days Left ?
For 31st Annual
County Feature
Cleveland County's 31st annual
lair opened Tuesday with largfe
crowds thronging the gates on
opening day, and with the fair
pace gaining in momentum for
the remainder of the five-day bill
ing erfding Saturday night.
Friday will be Kings Mountain
school day, when all Kings Moun
tain school children will be ad
mitted fnee. The schools will sus
pend at noon, as is customary.
More space is provided this
year for cultural, agricultural and
industrial exhibits, and many
Kings Mountain Jaycees are
manning the Cleveland County
Fair's grandstand concession
booth this year, with proceeds :
to be devoted to expanding
Kings Mountain's city recrea
tion plant. All the customary
inventory ? sandwiches, cold
drinks, smokes, and sundries
is being offered for sate, and
the Jaycees also have avail
able for rental 425 pillows,
made by Jaycee wives from
material furnished free by J.
E. Herndon Company.
new features have beer added to
all departments, Dr. J. S. Dorton,
fair manager, said. In addition,
the fair layout had been re-deslgn
ed to make access to all features
James E. Strates shows fill the
huge midway while one of the
main attractions at the exposition
has been th* World Champion- .
ship Rodeo, staged for the first
time in the Carolines. The first
rodeo performance was a sellout
when on Tuesday afternoon Burr
Andrews of Clarksvllle, Texas
Continued On Page Sight

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