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Greater Kings Mountain 10,320
City Limits 8,008
This figure tor Creator Kings Mountain ’s derived from
the 19SS Kings MouiMoio city directory census. The dty
limits figure Is from the United States census of 1980*
VOL 76 No. 50
Kings Mountain's Reliable Newspaper
bstablisSed 1889
Kings .Mountain, N. C., Thursday, December 16, 1965
* GS
cn city •
an'-‘s wcS voted liy tiie eity com
mission Tuujday night.
The city voted to rclaiin Mu
nicipal Code Corporation, Talla
hassee. FU., for the work which
is expected to require from lliree
to iitiie iiiontlis and will «./St a-
boiit S-3fc*0t). The cost would in
elude 100 copies of th(‘ estim itec
200pdge code, with binders. Ad
ditional copies would be availa
ble for $9.50.
When adopted, the new code
woilW include five swtions: ta-'
ble of contents, charier, ordin
ances, and indexes la charter
and ^ordinances. Reference to
North Carolina General Statutes
will be included.
The recodification will cover
the period 1913 to present date.
Mayor Moss said tlie firm would
also peruse city minute books
datin.; from the chartering of
the city in 18Td.
Rob(ut Urssey, i-epresenting
Municipal Code Corporation of
Sincox has been elected chief
of the hospital medicol stofi
for the coining year.
Dr. Sincox
Chiei Of Staff
Dr. Frank Sincox, Kings Moun
tain medical doctor, has been
elected Chief of the Kings Moun
tain Hospital Medical Staff for
3 allaliassoc, 1* la., suomilled thCj c'omiuj y*ear.
plan he said would be a model ; officers were named
set of ordinances for a city this ^ luncheon meeting Tuesday
size, covering administrative | the hospital,
through zoning aspects. ■ pj. gincox, who is associated
Florida firm, which en-j"*>*fi C. McGill and Dr.
exclusively recodifying > Charlea Adams at McGill Clinic
I Mi
¥ule Bonuses
I To Employees
I Christmas vacations for Kings .
liMountain industrial wo. kers w.ii I
liange Horn throe days to oii^
ivwek, a survey oi Kiiigs Mouii ,
i lam .ranufjciu; ..ig pianis le !
veaied Weclneriday. '
Mauncy ixosleiy Company, j
J civepun y.''.rn-., Jad,e (; t.oi*'
-x.i s i .Id idu ri.x Pit ni .\o. 1 oi
Jiul.agton iUviustr.e.s will p:iy , 10 enipioycca ebgiDie by
iC.ngth of seivire for % icai.on
pay. Ai s;.-verc;l rplanis, v:i
catto.i cluv'ks weie paid in July.
Al:;,grace* Plant oi :l:t.ssachu
setts Mohair Plush Company
, will give gifts Xo employees.
I AVaiter J Keeier, Jr., superin
tendent of Phonix Plant, said
Christmas holidays at the plant
would be vbsei ved from the end
of the .sreoind shift on Wednes
day until the b(*gir.ning of the
third shilt on December 2Gth.
Workers at .Sadie Cotton Mdls
will observe holidays from 10
p.m. on Wednesday and resume
opeiation at the beginning of the ,
third shift on Tuesday night, |
Dec. 2S. 1
Park Yarn Mills will shut down
for the h:)lidays on Wednesday
night at 11 p.m., Supt. John
S.Tiathers said, reopening at 7
a.m. December 27th.
Charles K. Harry, III, official j
of Alinetlc Mills, of Grover, said
the firm would close at 6 a.m. ]
on Christmas Eve, reopening on |
Tuesday morning at 6 a.m, i
At Margrace Plant of Massa-1
chusetts Mohair Plush Company
oomc tck*
Dinner 0*i Friday:
Gdilege To Honor
Its Siippoiteis
ll Ecnquct I
Gardner-Webb College wdl ex
tend Its appreciation Dec. 17 to
hundreds of leaders including
those from Kings Mountain who ;
have made its $1,125,01)0 cam- j
paign successful, thus far. Kings
Mountain area citizens contribut
ed over $1‘X>,000 in the off )rt. !
J. M. Bertotii, .manager-educa- :
tional relations for the General!
Electric Co., will be guest speak-;
er at the 7 p.m. dinner in the j
Best Physical Education Build
ing in Boiling Springs. Over 500 |
persons are expected to attend.
I the holiday dinner,
i National General Chairman of ]
I the campaign. R. Patrick Spang- j
ler of Shelby, will express ap
preciation and recognize workers
{in the campaign. Spangler has I
' spearheaded eff.irts which have i
reaped something over $1 million |
since March of this year. The a-'
i mount of money raised, to date, j
' for expansion and development
I of the college, will probably be 1
j announced at this meeting. |
Lanny Smith, Moox'esville na- i The campaign continues after I
live, is the assistant manager of I Chnst.mas in Gaston County and j
S. c. ■
AT BELK'S — Lanny Smith is
the assistont manager oi Belk's
Department Store. He is a re*
cent graduate of Wake Forest
Lanny Smith
loins Belk s
TROPHY WINNERS — Pictured obove ore the four Mountoincer football players who received tro
phies at the annual Kings Mountoin Lions Club grid bonquet Tuesday night. Left to right are
Danny Kiser, Most Valuable Player, Chip Bridges, best blocker, Philip Bunch, most improved, and
Larry Patrick Scholastic Award winner. (Photo by Charles Ramsey)
Danny Kiser, Chip Bridges
T op Gridiron A war d W inners
Driver Gets
Term In Jail
A 24-ycar-old Gaffney, S. C.,
Negro, Fitzhugh McGill, Jr., was
also manage the i.nens’ and boys’! Expected to be on hand charged w*ith no operator’s b-
deparlment. this massive “thank you” are I run and leaving
A graduate of W’ake Forest in ' 10th District Congressman, Ba-! accident Sunday
January of 1965, he 'u evioiusly j sil L. Whilener and General Sec-! following an 8.30;it
spent two years at Wingaii^jcol retaiy-Tieasurer of the Baptist intersection of Kng .-t'cci
•itv and county (Ldinances would ‘succeed Dr. Craig Jones of 1 Charles Mauney said.
. .. . ‘sholhv- I .. tr ........
employees will get a holiday I Bdk’s Department Stoi*e. Me will j in Ji^herokee County
from 11 p.m. Thursday reopen
ing on Dece.T.ber 27th at 7 a.m.
Mauney Hosiery Company and
Carolina Throwing Company
will shut down at noon on Wed
nesday, reopening the morning
of Decern':er 29th. General Man-
codify the ordinance's from the
dale the city was cbarlcrcd to
the present time. .Municipal Code
Other new officers wdll include]
At Craftspun Yarns, workers
will enjoy a holiday from the
Thf'odore Barker, Grover i {h^ second shift at 10 p.
CorpJi'ation is currently working *'• ,‘1
in Sbef v, among 25 Nortli Caro tJr. bam Kob.
lipa municipalilies vvhich iiavc t’o^ry-treasur
^■npioyod the firm. Unssey raici.
Rather than going through and
aQ^-epling or discai'ding the old
ordinanc'cs, the editor wii: bt*
assigned the job of classifying
subject matter. lie will stailwith
a photostat copy of the city’s
present code. After classifica
tion. he wjuld cover gaps in le
gislation and present a suggest
ed form of ordinances in manu
script foim, as well as rocom-
mended rcscindums.
The co.rpleted manuscript j -''R ino<bst
\3^ild then be analyzed by the j was a member.
physician, vice-chairman; and | VVednesday, resuming opera-
nson, surgeon, sec-! tjons Monday, Dec. 27th, at 6 p.
easurer '
Dr. Sincox is the outgoing vice-j 'Mauney Mills employees wiU
cliairman. | g holidav from 2 p.m. Christ-
The officers assume their new'gvo until 6 p.m. January 3.
duties January 1.
M. C. Fairs'
Bites Conducted
Funeral rites for .Marion Chal
mers iHubi Falls, 6S. were held
.Saturday at 4 p.m. from Central
church of which he
He is a memi)er Of First Bap
tist church of .Mooresvilie.
Mr. Smith describes h'.msolf as
a hobby musician. Jie heving
played piano and guitar in rock-
‘n’-roll bands since he was in
high school.
He also enjoys playing ten.d.',
and bowling, as well as waici
skiing and other w'ater sport:.
He is unmarrie<l.
Kings Mountain Knitting Com-
I pany W'ill close from Wednesday : '
i until Monday. Dec. 27th. | ,
I Christmas operating scheduled i
for Lambeth Rope Corporation I
will be announced next week. illwW WlAIVvl®
Lodge To Install
city clerk, city attorney, and
. Following what Mr. Urssey cs-
tWnates will be a two-day con-
fcicncc. the code will bo ready to
be presented to the city commis
sion for adoption.
Supplements to the code are
published quarterly, Mr. Urssey
To Ward I Commissioner Ray
Cline’s question of svhether bids
of two or more would nectl to he
'received on “a job this size”,^Oity
MAltorncy J. Roan Davis said he
P“thouzld not”, hut would do ad-
’jktional checking.”
*^Mr. Urssey pointed out that
other municipalities were legally
correct in their method of em
ploying a firm for this type of
Ward 4 Comm. Norman King’s
qimment ended the discussion.
He said, ‘‘and this is just why
need our ordinances updat-
xl . .
Next Week's Herald
To Appear Earlier
The Kings Mountain Herald
will publish its annual pre-
Christmas edition one day earli
er next woek^
The edition w'ill appear under
dale of December 22 and will go
to press Tuesday night rather
than W'ednesday.
The edition will contain special
Christmas feature materials,
greetings from merchants and
other business tirms, as well as
customary content of' up-to-date
news coverage.
News' and advertising dead
lines will be advanced by one
day. Pictures for Tuesday’s edi
tion should be submitted not lat
er than Monday noon.
^ A film of the Masters Golf
I Tournament in Augu.sta. Ga.,
^ will be .shown as highlight of
Thursday’s Kiwanis club moot
ing at 6:45 p.m. at the Wo
man's club.
Mr. Flails, who retired in 1961
from the staff of Kings Moun
tain Postoffice, succumbed at
1:15 p.m. Thursday in the Kings
Mountain hospital. He had -heen
in ill health the past several
Son of the late Andrew K. and
Irene Rhodes F''alls of Cleveland
Cou-nty, he was a veteran of
World War I,
He is survived by his wife,
Airs'. Ruth Long Falls; thrc'C
sons, Clyde and M. C. Falls, Jr.,
both of Baltimore, Md.; and
Louis F'alls of Kings Mountain;
four daughters. Mrs. Tliomas
Bridges of Lexington, Mrs. Bob
by Bridges of Kings Mountain,
Mrs. Eugene Crawford and Miss
Pratt Falls, both of Charlotte;
one brother, Lawrence Fairs of
Durham; two sisters, Mrs. Ro-l-
noy Dagget of Down mg, Calif.,
and Mrs. Ralph Weaver of Kings
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Police Cats
City police cars soon will be a
family of lookalik(?s.
A Ford is on order for the
police department. It will be
painted olack - and - white, will
have on both front doors the
police emblem, and on the trunk
caver tlie word "POLICE” will
be painted in white. The do-tie
light will be blue.
Work on repainting depart
ment cars now in service is due
to begin Monday.
Mayor John Henry Mos.s said
the new policy is being adopted
for several reasons:
1) The easily recogniza’olc cars
willassist the city in i)Gtrol work.
2) The now dress will #'i.hance
effectiveness of the policemen in
traffic direction and accident in
3) The new dress will serve as
an indirect deterrent to violators,
traffic and otherwise
Knowing Actor Victor lory Voice
Worth $800-$1000 To WBT Winner
It was 6:40 a.m. last Thursday
when the announcer on the WBT
Charlotte radio program "Bo
nanza” read tlie number of Dd.)-
bie Plonk, ninth grade daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John Butler
Debbie was still abed.
Her mother, the former Dor
cas Carpenter, and as the rules
permitted, quickly rang the "B>
nanza” phone number at WBT
and told the announced the
"secret Santa voice” was Victory
Jory, the veteran motion picture
Mrs. Plonk was correct.
Her bonanza: a washer-viryer
combination, hi-fi stereo, 90 i*nh
I sofa, reclining chair, $.50 loy liift
apply for a "Bonanza” club card
which bears a number. Periodic
ally during the day, from 6 a.m.
to midnight, voice of the "secret
Santa” is played and ocja?ionuI-
ly clues to his identity are gi'tn.
Meantime, card numbers are ec-
easionally called. The t>ersoi
who hears his numi cr called is
allowed eleven iminules In vvhich
to dial the special WBT number.
How did Mrs. Plonk w>n?
"The clues wern’t of t>arlicu-
lar help. I recognized Ih.? voice,’’
she relates.
Mrs. Plonk said her tclopiK>nc
has w very busy .sine » last
^’•Hlv^^'£-y as friends rail t j con
vey co; gratulations.
Wis Debbie Plonk li«dppoim-
certficate, $25 in long-pinyrng ' p:1 she l.adn’t handled t!u' rati of
records, and electric toothbru.ili. | her poHicular numbe ? Not at
and $11 in cash. WBT’s estimated I all, Alis Plonk leplied, the fam-
worlh of this bonanza is $800 to lily ban already agreeJ that if
$1000. any( T.e w on it wouM ’oe ‘wery-
Under the rules, a person must! body s' prize.
R. Howard Bridges will be in
stalled as Worshipful Master of
Fairview Lodge 3.39 AF'&AM in
installation services Monday
night at 7:30 afMasonic Hall.
The ceremony, to be conducted
by Master S. Houston Wolfe, is
open to the public.
Other officers to be installed
include: Bobby C. Bridges. Senior
Warden; Herman D. Falls, Junior
Warden; R. Black Leonard, treas
urer; Thomas D. Tindall, scctp-
tary; Alex D. Owens, Tyler; Wil
liam E. Sellers, Senior Deacon,
William C. Kelly, Junior Deacon;
John R. Bridges, Senior Steward;
John Hardin, Junior Steward;
Elbert L. Culp, Jr., Chaplain; and
B. Manley Hayes, Jr., three-year
irustee. Continuing tru.stees are
J. Ralph Harrison and J. Lee Rob
Committees for the new year
will include Masons:
Charity: R. Howard Bridges,
Bobby C. Bridges and Herman D.
Masonic Education: R. Black
Leonard, J. Ralph Harrison anu
Paul W. Owens.
Roierence: Norman Bumgard-
nor, S. Houston Wolfe and I. C.
Finance: Alex W. Owens, Carl
M. Logan and James B. Simpson.
Oxford Orphanage; Bobby C.
Bridges, Dorus L. Bennett and
Continued On Page iS
Yarbro To Raze
Derelict House
A. E. Yarbro, Piedmont avenue
grocer, uill raze soon the dere
lict frame dwelling he owns on
West King street, Mayor John
Henry Moss said Wednesday.
The Mayor said Mr. Yarbro is
first to honor what was termed
.several similar re(}uosts to own
ers of other unoccupied and dere
lict dwellings, including several
on FJast Ridge street.
“I appreciate Mr. Yarbro’s co
operation,” Mayor Moss said,
"as do many othei's.”
He said he had also addressed
letters to other citizens asking
removal of aged and out-of-date
signs as an aid to beautifying
the dty.
State Convention, Dr. W. Perry Piedmont Avenue.
Crouch along with other honored | McGill, driving a 1956 model
guests and college officials. -Chevrolet, apparently ran the
Lloyd C. Bost, chairman of the' at the intersection and
college board of trustees, will ■ struck a 1955 Chevrolet operated
preside and Rep. Whitener will, David Wayne Shipman, 18, of
introduce Bertotti. Bertotti was
lorii and educated in Michigan,
is a graduate of Eastern Mi -hi-
gan University and holds the
Masters Degree from the Univer
sity of Michigan.
He joined General Electric in
11143 after serving as a high
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Hoard Delays
Ditcher Purchase
The city board of commission
ers voted Tuesday to hold open
until next Monday bids on pur
chase of a ditching machine for
the gas department.
The comimission opened four
bids but delayed authorizing pur
chase until specifications are
Bids received are from Con
tractors Service & Rentals, Char
lotte, $4,198; Southland Equip
ment Company, Charlotte, $8,-
683.; Charles C. Long & Co. of
Charlotte, $5,325; and Porter
Brothers, Shelby. $4,995.
In other actions, the board:
1) sot date of annual listing of
properties for taxes from Janu
ary ’4 through February 4, 1966.
21 heard annexation request
of Wesley Thomasson. Gerald
Thomasson and Robert Ford, all
East Kings Mountain citizens
who have petitioned the city for
annexation of three residences
a-nd five lots on Woodside Drive
into the city limits. F'ollowing
advertising and I’eccipt of maps
of the properties, a hearing will
be set, the board said.
Route 1. Kings Mountain.
McGill was traveling wes‘ on
King street and struck Shipman’s
vehicle in the left side as it came
through tlie intersection soulli
on Piedmont. The impact sent
Shipman’s car into the lawn cf
the Jacob Mauney Memorial Li
brary and spun McGill’s veli.rle
left, heading it south on Pi<*o-
Kings Mountain police officer
Wiliiarn Roper said that vIcGilI
did not stop and that he follow-
c t him to Mountain Rest ceme
tery, where he and two othei's,
abandoned the car and ran.
Roper, in turn, called the Pri
son Department for bloodhounds
and the three were found about
one hour later hiding in a wooit-
ed area across from the ceme
Shipman’s oar was estiriated
to be a total loss and Ah Gill’s
was damaged to the amount of
McGill was tried and convicted
in Monday’s session of City Re
corder’s Court and sentenced to
15 months.
Officers invostigatcxl two acci
dents over the past week which
Involved parked cars and were
called to the scene of one other
accident on Tuesday afternoon.
Ernest L. Misenheimer, assist
ant to the president of the
North Carolina Synod of the
Lutheran Church in America,
Philip Runch,
I Larry Patrick
Win Trophies
1 Two linemen and two backs
! copped the four awards at the
11965 Lions Club football banquet
Tues day night before an estimat
ed crowed of 100 gridders. Lions
Club members and guests.
Kings Mountain Head Coach
Bill Bates presented the awards,
given by local supportei's, honor
ing outstanding members of the
1965 Mountaineer football squad.
Coach Bates pri'sented the a-
wards, in this order to tlie fol
lowing: John Gamble Scholastic
Award. Larry Patrick; Most Im
proved Player Award, Philip
Bunch; Fred Plonk Blocking
(Trophy, Chip Bridges; and. Dr.
George Plonk Most Valuable
will install the new minister of I ^
Resurrection Lutheran church
at Sunday services.
Lutheran Pastor
To Be Installed
Love Valley Baptist church
will hold its annual Christmas
program Sunday night at 7
o’cl ock. The program is under
direction of Rev. and Mrs. Earl
M. Redding and will feature a
Christmas play and distribu
tion of treats and gifts.
Prior to presenting the four a-
wards, Coach Bates gave a
plaque to each of the 12 senior
members of the team.
Tile Scholastic Award is giv
en to the boy who carries the
highest scholastic average dur
ing football season. Patrick, a
junior, becomes the second guard
Rev. David L. Castor will be j in as many years to cop the a*
installed as minister of Rosurrec-(ward. Last Year's winner was
tion Lutheran church at Sunday j George Plonk, an all-conference
worship services at 11 o’clock. ’guard on the Southwestern Con-
Dr. Ernest L. Misenheiaie-, as- j feronce championship squad,
sistant to the President of | Senior fullback and defensive
North Carolina Synod of the i halfback Philip Bunch followed
Lutheran Church in America, | up '61 fullback Pat Hord as the
will conduct the installation |Most Improved Player. While
service. presenting the aw'ard. Coach
Mr. Castor comes to Kings ] brought out the fact that
Mountain from Philadelphia i-u- j Bunch was the one player that
theran church of Granite Kails, i bad shown the most improve-
He delivered his first sermon i in 3 year s time,
here D<>c. 5th. The Castors and i "Blocking is the thing that
three children. Christopher, Cyn
thia and Mark, occupied the par
sonage on Crescent Circle Dec. 1.
Dr. Misenheimer receive<l his ' City BOOTG FIX6S
early education in the Albemarle 1
city schools. A graduate of Le- MOllClay dCfieaUle
really makes the offense
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City To Get Sewage Improvement
Plans For January IS Forwarding
F'inal plans for improvements
to the Kings Mountain sewage
disposal system will be in the
hands of the city board of com
missioners at its January 11th
meeting, Mayor John Moss told
the board Tuesday.
Making a progres.s report of
the project, the mayor said a
complete proposal of plans for
development of sewage disposal
systems on both Reason’s Crwk
and Pilot Creek serving western
Kings Mountain and plans for
doOdlng the capacity of the dis
posal plant on McGill Creek,
which serves eastern Kings
Mountain, would be pre.sented by
Consulting Engineer W. K. Dick
F'inal plans and specifications
are to be filed Januarj" J5tH with
the state stream sanitatioa com
mittee and the mayor said the!
city engineer would present the!
detailed plans to the commission |
for their approval at the regular ;
monthly meeting. 1
At its January meeting the!
commission will also hear rocom- [
mendations from a m?*voral c';m
noir Rhyne college and Lutheran
Southern Seminary, he was or
dained in 1940. He was awarded
the degree of Doctor of Divinity
conferred by Lenoir Rhyne col
lege in 1959 in recognition of his
leadership in the church and
Before 1955. wlicn he bex'ame
assistant to the president, Dr.
Misenheimer served churclies in
Salisbury, Rockwell, Mooresvilie
land Kannapolis. Dr. and Mrs.
j Misenheimer are parents of four
{ sons.
Legion To Fete
300 Children
American Legion Post 1.55 will
hold its annual Uhristmas party
City employees will get two
long wekends during
mas-.New Year’s holidays, the
city board of commissioners
voted 'Fuesday night
The city staff will take a
holiday Christmas Eve and
Christmas Day and the offices
will also be closed January 1
and 3 for the New Year’s holi
Same policy will apply on
bonuses paid o.mployees. City
employees with six month’s or
more service will receive a
week’s pay and those with less
than six months* service will
receive a half week’s wages.
Stores Will Open
On New Year's Day
Kings Mountain stores will be
up recom- underprivileged children Sun- j open Saturda\% New Year’s Day
mittee on drawin-i
mendaUon€ for a purchasing gt 1 p.m. at the Legion Hall
and inventory control system for 1 yovk road,
the city. In addition to Mayor -
Moss. City Clerk Joe McDaniol. I Over 300 children will he troiu
and Commissioners O. O Wnlkor.t'^l Id hotdogs and hamburgers
and T. J. Ellison arc committee and will be visited by Santa
members. Claus who will distribute stoc'k-
The mayor reported the com* ings filled with candy and toys,
mittee is conferring with profes- ! Cliildren will he picked up at
slonals who serve local industries the various schools they attend
and their rocommondation.s will | by Legionnaires beginning at
be forthcoming at the Jan: 11 12:30. The youngsters will be re
meeting. turned to their schools after
i lunch and the party.
January 1. and close Monday,
January 3. members of the mer
chants association board of dir-
eclor.s voted Tuesday.
Majority of retailers indicated
they favor remaining open on
the holiday.
Meantime, stores are rcr.aiiv
ing open on Friday nignts until
9 p.m to accommodate Christ
mas shoppers and som:^ retail
ers have announce<i th'v will ie
open Monday througii Thursday
next week until 9 pau.

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